Transcript for 105 - The Spirit of Competition
The Spirit of Competition
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko
Directed By: Joaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu
Storyboard By: Ian B Graham, Lee Dae Woo, Kim Sung Hoon, Kang Sung Dae, Alan Wan, Hyun Joo Song, Adam Lucas, Colin Heck,
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribers: Katara5, Psycho Silver

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "A Leaf in the Wind" and "The Voice in the Night."]

Radio Broadcaster: (voiceover) Love is in the air. Since Avatar Korra arrived in Republic City, she's only had eyes for one fellow, Mako. The feelings seemed mutual until a fateful accident intervened. Now Mako's affections have fallen right into the arms of beautiful Asami. Will love prove to be Korra's most formidable foe yet?

Act I

(Fade in to a bird's eye view of the pro bending arena. Snow is falling and fog covers the surrounding water. Cut to a close up of Korra in her training gear inside the training room. Jazz background music is playing. The camera zooms out as Korra bends two large balls of water and flings both of them forward. Cut to a shot of Bolin from the side and zoom out as he bends an earth disc in front of him to block one of Korra's attacks. Cut to Mako as he turns his body and firebends with a spinning back kick to block Korra's other water ball. He follows up with two quick fire blasts at Bolin. Cut to an overhead shot of the three of them. Bolin blocks Mako's attacks with an earth disc while Korra extracts more water from a water tank and flings it at Mako, who dodges it. Bolin throws an earth disc at Korra and Mako throws two simultaneous fireblasts at Korra and Bolin. Korra and Bolin block the fire blasts, but Mako follows up with another blast at Mako. Bolin is knocked down by Mako's fire blast, but throws an earth disc at Korra. Korra throws a water ball at Mako and it hit by Bolin's disc in the stomach, knocking her down. Mako is hit in the face by Korra's attack, and is knock on his back. All three sit up and share a laugh. Mako stands to his feet and takes off his head gear.)

Mako: It's been great having you in so many back to back practices Korra.
Korra: Feels good to be back. Although Tarrlok isn't too happy about my leave of absence.
Bolin: Hey, you joined the fire ferrets before you joined his task force.
Mako: Okay, come on, team huddle time. (cut to a floor level view looking straight up as the three of them huddle together, heads touching. Bolin smirks at Korra flirtatiously, and the camera pans to her as she smiles back awkwardly. Korra looks to Mako and grins at him, and the camera pans to Mako, who looks at Korra a bit uncomfortably) Uhm, it's our first match of the tournament tonight. I know the three of us haven't been a team for very long, but even so, the fire ferrets have never been this good. Are we ready?
Korra and Bolin: (in unison) We're ready!
Asami: (off screen) Not quite. (cut to Asami holding up a pro bending uniform) You'll need these.
Mako: (walking to Asami) Hey Asami.
Asami: Good morning sweetie.
Mako: These new uniforms look great.
Asami: You look great champ.

(Mako and Asami chuckle softly and rub their noses together. The camera pans to Korra and Bolin as Korra acts disgusted by their affection, but acts natural when Mako speaks to them again.)

Mako: Well teammates, I'll see you before the match tonight. Asami and I have a lunch date.

(Mako puts his arm around Asami and they both leave.)

Bolin: Albright, okay, we'll chat with you guys later, you know, see you when we see you. (Korra goes to pick up her bag. Bolin slides next to Korra) Sooo, Korra, there they go, here we are, all alone in the gym. Just you and me, two alone people. Together. Alone.
Korra: Uh, I gotta head back to the air temple to train with Tenzin. See ya!

(Bolin looks away and sulks sadly as Korra brushes him off. Cut to a close up of a skillet over a burner cooking some hot steaming noodles as Mako tosses them a bit. Cut to a shot of the room above the bending arena, with Mako at the makeshift stove and Bolin sitting behind him. Bolin is holding Pabu over a basin of water.)

Bolin: Work with me here Pabu! You wanna look spic and span in your new uniform, don't you? (Bolin lowers Pabu down to the water, but Pabu resists, pushes his legs against the edges of the basin. Pabu struggles a bit more before Bolin manages to get him in the water. Pabu is soaked, shaking the water from his head and sneezing. Bolin speaks To Mako as he washes Pabu) So, what do you think of Korra in a girlfriend sort of way?
Mako: She's great, but I think it makes more sense for me to go for Asami.
Bolin: (annoyed) I was talking about a girlfriend for me. Leave some ladies for the rest of us.
Mako: I know, that's what I thought you meant.
Bolin: Well?
Mako: I dunno Bo, it doesn't seem like a good idea for you to date Korra.
Bolin: You just said she was great two seconds ago.
Mako: Yeah, Korra's a great athlete, an Avatar and stuff. But I dunno if she's really girlfriend material. She's more like a pal.
Bolin: Bro, you're nuts. Korra and I are perfect for each other. She's strong, I'm strong. She's fun, I'm fun. She's beautiful, I'm gorgeous! (Pabu tries to sneak away, but Bolin picks him up) Okay, I don't care what you think, I'm gonna ask Korra out.
Mako: Look, it just isn't smart to date a teammate, especially during the tournament. Keep your head out of the clouds and your priorities straight, okay?
Bolin: (sighing) Yeah, yeah I know. Guh. You know what I'm talking about Pabu. I'm talkin' about real love.

(Cut to a close up of Pabu looking at Bolin, his fur dripping wet. Pabu chirps and tilts his head to the side. The scene changes to Airbender Island. The sun is setting over the water, and the ground is covered in snow. The camera pans right to show Korra, Ikki, and Jinora by a small lit up pagoda. Cut to a shot of Korra on top of a ladder filling a cage with food. Jinora is holding the ladder steady. Three flying lemurs climb down from above to eat the food as Korra climbs down.)

Jinora: So, how's it going with the tall, dreamy firebender boy? You've been spending a lot of time together lately.
Ikki: Oooh, yeah! Tell us all about the magical romance.
Korra: What? Listen to you two. I'm not interested in Mako or any romantic stuff. Besides, he's all into that prissy, beautiful elegant rich girl...But let's just pretend for a second that I am interested in him, what would I do?
Jinora: Oooh! I just read a historical saga where the heroine fell in love with the enemy general son who's supposed to marry the princess. You should do what she did.
Korra: (excited) Tell me!
Jinora: She rode a dragon into battle and burned down the entire country. Then she jumped into a volcano. (clasps hands together) It was so romantic.
Korra: Uhh...
Ikki: No, no, no! The best way to win a boy's heart is to brew a love potion of rainbows and sunsets that makes true lovers sprout wings and fly to a magical castle in the sky where they get married and eat clouds with spoons and use stars as ice cubes in their moonlight punch, (spins into the air) forever and ever and ever!

(Ikki slowly floats back down.)

Korra: The volcano is starting to make more sense to me now.

(Laughing is heard off screen, and the camera pans right to show Pema standing behind them.)

Korra: Oh, hey Pema... Uh, how long where you standing there?
Pema: Long enough. But trust me, I know what you're going through. Years ago I was in the exact same situation with Tenzin.
Ikki: (surprised)Daddy was in love with someone else before you?
Pema: That's right.
Korra: So what did you do?
Pema: Well, for the longest time I did nothing. I was so shy and scared of rejection, but watching my soul mate spend his life with the wrong woman became too painful. So I hung my chin out there and I confessed my love to Tenzin. And the rest is history.

(Jinora, Ikki and Korra sigh wistfully in unison. Korra pauses to think a moment. Cut to a close up of Korra and zooms in as she smiles. The scene cuts to a shot of the pro bending arena, all lit up at night.)

Radio Broadcaster: (off screen) Folks, after a year of waiting the pro-bending championship tournament is finally here. (cut to the inside of the arena, where spotlights hit the arena platform) Tonight is the first set of matches our single elimination 16-team bracket. (cut to the Radio Commentator) And I gotta tell you these are the most tenacious and talented bending trios this arena has ever seen.

(Cut to a shot of Korra, Mako, and Bolin as they ride a platform to the edge of the arena floor. They are all wearing the Future Industries uniforms and the spotlight is illuminating them.)

Ring Announcer: Introducing our first team; the Future Industry's Fire Ferrets! (cut to closer shot of the Fire Ferrets as they wave to the crowd. Cut to a shot of the crowd cheering, then cut to a tilting up shot of the opposing team) And their opponents; the Red Sand's Rabaroos!

(Cut to Mako, Bolin, and Korra staring back at the other team. Mako looks determined as he adjusts his arm guard. Cut to the Rabaroos getting ready. Cut to a close up of the Fire Ferrets' feet as they get into their stances. The bell rings and the camera quickly zooms out to show the teams facing each other before they all throw their attacks. The elements collide and explode, pushing all of them away from the middle. Cut to two of the Rabaroos as they recover. The earthbender Rabaroo stomps her foot and picks up two earth discs before flinging them past the camera.)

Radio Broadcaster: What an explosive opening volley. Both teams quickly recover and unleash a barrage of bending. (the camera pans left to show the firebender and waterbender Rabaroos attacking as well. Cut to a floor level shot of Korra as she throws a ball of water to extinguish a fireball, then somersaults out of the way of the incoming earth discs and a second fireball. Korra lands near Mako, who destroys a disc that was about to hit Korra with a fireball. Korra picks up some water and sends it to the other side while Mako dodges a fire blast. The camera pans left to show Bolin popping up a disc and launching it to the other side) I am astonished by the level of improvement displayed here by the Fire Ferrets. (cut to a close up of the firebender Rabaroo as she looks worried, then zoom out to show her blocking Korra's attack before getting hit in the stomach by Bolin's disc and sent across the line. The buzzer sounds, then cut to a shot of the crowd cheering) No wonder the Avatar has been absent from the papers lately. She's obviously had her nose to the grindstone in the gym. (cut to the Fire Ferrets advancing into the next zone when the line turns green. Cut to an overhead shot of the two teams exchanging attacks. Cut to Korra as she throws out another water ball) The Ferrets advance in Rabaroo territory and are holding nothing back. (cut to Mako shooting three fire blasts before dropping to the ground to avoid a water blast) Nice sprawl there by Mako. (cut to a shot of Bolin's feet as he stomps hard and pops up a disc. The camera follows the disc up as Bolin swings his arm and flings it) Bolin strikes. (cut to a panning right shot of the Rabaroos as they are hit by the Fire Ferrets barrage. The firebender is knocked down by Korra, then the Earthbender hops out of the way of Bolin's disc which hits the floor) Oola dodges. (the waterbender catches the earthbender as she is pushed back into her, then they are hit by Mako's fire blast, followed by another earth disc from Bolin which knocks the two of them down) And all three Rabaroos are down. The Fire Ferrets easily take round one.

(Cut to an overhead shot of the arena as the bell rings. Cut to a shot of the game announcer holding a microphone as he announces the second round and throws his hand out to the side with two fingers pointed.)

Ring Announcer: Round two!

(The bell rings and we cut to a shot of one of the grates on the floor and tilt up as the waterbender Rabaroo pulls up some water and throws it, while the firebender kicks out a fire blast and is almost hit by an attack from Korra.)

Radio Broadcaster: The Rabaroos are looking for payback and they go straight after Bolin. (the waterbender's attack collides with Bolin, who is pushed back. He pops up a disc and uses it to block another water blast. Korra jumps in front of Bolin) Korra comes to his defense. (Korra throws a glob of water past the screen. Cut to Rabaroos as the waterbender is knocked back by Korra, tumbling past the line. The firebender throws out more blasts) And she wholla-whacks Uma back into zone two. (cut to Mako as he kicks an incoming disc into dust and jumps out of the way of another as he kicks out a fire ball. As soon as he lands Mako ducks under a water blast and follows up with two spinning fire kicks. Meanwhile, Bolin throws out an earth disc, rolls out of the way of a fire blast, and throw another disc) The Ferrets are on fire tonight and they win round two.

(Cut to a shot of the crowd cheering, then to the announcer as he spins around and holds up three fingers and the bell rings.)

Ring Announcer: Round three!

(Cut to the waterbender Rabaroo with the earthbender in the background. The waterbender throws out two water blasts, and the earthbender does a spinning jump only to be knocked down over the line in mid air by a disc.)

Radio Broadcaster: With the Rabaroos down two rounds, they'll need a knockout to win. (Bolin dodges a water blast and Mako throws out a fire blast. Bolin flings an earth disc and ducks as Mako does a jumping, spinning heel kick over his head and flings an arc of fire) And with the way the Fire Ferrets are playing, I don't see that happening. (cut to the earthbender Rabaroo tumbling back across the line after being hit by the fire blast, landing on her hands and knees. The firebender Rabaroo is also pushed back. Cut to a close up of the earthbender as she pants, then looks up and glares, determined and angry before getting back up. Cut to a shot of Korra s she throws out a combination of water jabs and an uppercut followed by a spinning back kick. Transition to Bolin as he does his own combination of punches, grunting and throwing out earth discs) These Ferrets are working together like a well oiled bending machine. (the disc smashes into the firebender Rabaroo and she is knocked over the line. The Fire Ferrets advance to the next zone) Bolin bashes Ottie into zone two and the Ferrets get the green light to advance. (cut to the crowd cheering, then cut to the earthbender Rabaroo getting hit by a water blast, then cut to the waterbender as she is pushed back by an earth disc, then hit with a fire ball in the side causing her to stumble, and then knocked back a zone by water blast) The Rabaroos are just fighting to stay on their feet at this point. Down goes Ottie, Oola and Uma. (cut to an overhead shot as the firebender Rabaroo is knocked back a zone by a water blast, followed by the earthbender from a fire blast, and finally the waterbender by an earth disc. Cut to a wide shot of the arena floor and zoom out as the bell rings.)
Ring Announcer: All three rounds go to the Future Industry's Fire Ferrets, who win their opening match of the tournament!
Korra: (jumping) Woohooo!
Mako: Yes!
Bolin: That's what I'm talking about. (the three share a group hug. Cut to the Rabaroos sulking after their defeat, then to Mako and Korra as they walk away from the arena floor to the lockers, with Bolin staying to wave to the crowd in the background) Thank you! Thank you!
Mako: Wow, we were really connecting out there in that ring.
Korra: Yeah! You know, I feel like the two of us have been connecting really well out of the ring too.
Mako: (putting his helmet away) Uh, sure.
Korra: So I was thinking we should spend some time together.
Mako: We've been spending lots of time together.
Korra: I mean outside of the gym, and not while searching for kidnapped family members or fighting chi-blockers.
Mako: I don't know. Asami and I are...
Korra: (interrupting, rushing in close and speaking quickly) Look, I really like you and I think we were meant for each other.

(Mako turns away, and Korra hides her face in embarrassment.)

Mako: Korra, I'm really sorry but I just don't feel the same way about you.
Korra: Forget I ever said anything.

(Korra walks towards the nearby table as Bolin walks into the locker area and Asami enters through the door with Pabu on her shoulder, who jumps to the floor with a chirp.)

Asami: Congratulations guys! You were so amazing out there.

(Asami walks up to Mako to give him a kiss on the cheek. Mako and Korra share a glance, with Korra looking on sadly and turning away. Mako frowns a moment before turning his attention back to Asami and walking away with her. Cut to Bolin leaning on the table and looking at Korra.)

Bolin: So, Korra, I was thinkin'; you and me, we could go get some dinner together. Sort of a date situation.
Korra: Oh, that's really sweet but I don't think so. I don't feel very date-worthy.
Bolin: Are you kidding me? You're the smartest, funniest, toughest, buffest, talentedest, incrediblest girl in the world!
Korra: (giggles and smiles) You really feel that way about me?
Bolin: I felt that way since the moment I saw you! Trust me, I know we're going to have so much fun together.

(Cut to a close up of Mako's face as he smiles at Asami in front of him, then pan left and focus on Korra and Bolin in the background. Mako turns his head to listen and frowns.)

Korra: You know what? I could use some fun. Okay, sure.
Bolin: Yes! Who's the luckiest guy in the world? Right here, Bolin!

(The camera focuses back on Mako. He turns his head a bit more to watch as Korra and Bolin leave through the door, with Bolinís hand on Korra's shoulder. Asami takes Mako's chin and gently turns his head back towards her. Cut to a side view of Mako and Asami staring into each other's eyes. Asami smiles and rests her head on Mako's shoulder, and the camera zooms in on Mako as he turns his head and frowns again. Cut to commercial.)

Act II

(The scene fades into a shot of the outside of a restaurant at night. Cut to Naga resting outside the door and yawning. Cut to a shot of Bolin slurping up some green noodles inside. Cut to a shot of him and Korra sitting at a table, also eating noodles.)

Bolin: (mouth full) So, how do ya like it?
Korra: Mmm. It's delicious! And totally authentic. Man, I didn't realize how much I missed Watertribe grub.
Bolin: That's great, 'cause this is my favorite joint. See? You love Watertribe food, I love Watertribe food. Just another reason we are so great together.
Korra: (slurps up noodles) They are good noodles. (looks behind Bolin) Hey, who's that creepy guy over there that keeps glaring at us.

(Cut to a shot of Tahno, his teammates, and three girls sitting in a booth and pan right slowly. Tahno has his arms around two of the girls, and they are all staring in Korra's direction.)

Bolin: That's Tahno and the Wolfbats. The reigning champs three years running. Don't make eye contact. (Korra looks up at Tahno and glares at him. Cut to Tahno smirking as one girl whispers something to him. He stands up and the girls giggle, then signals his group to follow him to Korra and Bolin's table) Uh-oh, here he comes. Now don't mess with this guy. He's a nasty dude.

(Bolin looks back to see Tahno approaching. He gasps and tries to calmly eat his noodles. Cut to a shot from the side as Tahno walks up to Korra.)

Tahno: Well, well, well, if it isn't the Fire Ferrets, probending's saddest excuse for a team. Tell me, how do a couple of armatures like you luck your way into the tournament? Especially you, Avatar. (Korra huffs in annoyance and Tahno leans in very close to her) You know, if you'd like to learn how a real pro bends, I could give you some private lessons.
Korra: (standing up and glaring) You want to go toe to toe with me, pretty boy?
Tahno: Go for it. I'll give you the first shot.

(The camera zooms out to show Bolin hunched over below them.)

Bolin: (whispering) Korra, don't. He's just trying to bait you. You hit him, we're out of the tournament.

(Cut to a close up of Tahno smirking and pan left slowly, with the back of Korra's head on the foreground. Cut to a close up of Korra and pan right slowly with Tahno's head in the foreground. Korra squints. Cut to a close up of Korra's hand as she raises it, then cut to a side view of the two of them as Korra brings her hand to her mouth and whistles, blowing Tahno's bangs and making him flinch. Cut to a close up of the window behind Korra as Naga's head bursts the shutters open and zoom out when she roars, shaking the screen. Tahno stumbles back, he and his group frightened. One of his teammates holds him steady while he composes himself and fixes his hair. He raises his hands up and smirks before turning and leaving with his group. Cut back to Korra and Bolin as they laugh.)

Bolin: I've never seen someone harass Tahno like that. You are one of a kind Korra.

(Korra smiles back at Bolin, with Naga still in the window. Romantic music plays and the scene cuts to Korra and Bolin in a soda bar, drinking glasses of soda through straws. Bolin burps, then blushes and covers his mouth in embarrassment. Korra lets out a burp too and Bolin smiles in delight. He burps loudly and crosses his arms and smiles proudly. Korra smiles before her cheeks puff out a moment and she lets out a very loud burp which makes the screen shake. There's a moment's pause before Korra and Bolin hold their sides laughing. The camera pans right to show a couple sitting next to them, leaning away and looking both frightened and disgusted.

Cut to an establishing shot of a brightly lit up tower resembling the Eiffel Tower and tilts up towards the top. Cut to an overhead shot of the people at the top of the tower looking down over lit up Republic City. Cut to a shot from the front of Korra leaning over the rails and staring in wonder while Bolin smiles and points down below. Korra smiles and points down as well. Cut to a close up of Korra as she raises a hand to cover her brow and scans the area. She squints and turns towards the camera before her eyes go wide and her mouth comically hangs agape. The camera tilts up, pans, and focuses on Bolin as he smiles and watches her, his hair gently blowing in the breeze.

Cut to a shot of Mako sitting on the steps outside of the pro-bending arena. Korra enters the shot from the foreground as she approaches, and Mako stands up, hands in his pockets. Cut to Korra's profile and follow her as she walks up the steps and almost passes Mako in the foreground before he speaks.)

Mako: What kind of game are you playing?
Korra: Uh, probending. We've got a quarter-final match.
Mako: No, I mean with Bolin. You got him all in a tizzy and I know you're only using him to get back at me.
Korra: I am not. We're just having fun together. What do you care anyway?
Mako: I'm looking out for my little brother. I don't want to see his heart get broken.
Korra: Wait a second. You're not worried about him, you're jealous. You do have feelings for me.
Mako: What? Jealous? Pfft, don't be ridiculous.
Korra: Admit it, you like me.
Mako: No, I'm with Asami.
Korra: Yeah, but when you're with her you're thinking about me aren't you?
Mako: Get over yourself!
Korra: I'm just being honest.
Mako: You're crazy!
Korra: (shouting) You're a liar!

(The camera zooms out to show the two of them glaring at each other. Both turn and storm off towards separate doors to the arena. A random man walks up to Mako and waves in greeting, but is ignored as Mako and Korra enter the arena and slam the doors shut.)

Guy: Hey Makoo-ooo, oh.

(Cut to the radio commentator in his booth with his microphone, with the sound of the crowd cheering in the background.)

Radio Broadcaster: Eight teams have been eliminated and eight advance into the quarter-finals which get underway tonight. (cut to the Fire Ferrets facing off with their opponents in the middle of the arena floor, panning right from one team to the other) The rookies are about to take on the former and longest reigning champs the Borqupines. Youth clashes against experience in a battle for the ages, or rather of the ages.

(Cut to a close up of the bell being rung. The Borqupines get ready, and they and the Fire Ferrets exchange blows, their elements collide in the air. Korra does a cartwheel to avoid an earth disc and collides into Mako by accident, the scene going into slow motion as they fall, fire and water surrounding them.)

Radio Broadcaster: Korra dodges and ooh! Slams right into her teammate. (an earth disc flies and curves through the air. Cut to an overhead shot of Mako getting hit and sent over the line, followed by his teammates) Down goes Mako, and Bolin and Korra.

(Cut to the ring announcer.)

Ring Announcer: Round one goes to the Borqupines!

(Cut to the Borqupines stretching and posing in victory. Cut to the Fire Ferrets. Bolin quietly watches as Korra and Mako argue.)

Mako: You were supposed to defend while I attacked!
Korra: I had an opening so I took it!
Bolin: What is up with you two? Alright, whatever, just pull it together guys.

(Cut to a close up of the bell as it rings again. Cut to Mako and Bolin throwing fire and earth discs.)

Radio Broadcaster: The Ferrets looking to mount some offense here in round two.

(The camera quickly pans right as an earth disc strikes the firebender Borqupine, and the scene goes into slow motion as he reels and is knocked back. Pan right to the waterbender as he flings a stream of water, then pan left to see the water hitting Mako and knocking him down. Quickly pan right again to see the earthbender Borqupine being hit by a disc. Cut to Bolin as he goes on the attack, throwing out several discs with punches and kicks and dodging incoming attacks.)

Radio Broadcaster: Bolin lets fly a flurry of attacks. He's a one man bending battalion. (Bolin grunts and flings a disc, which strikes the opposing firebender. The opponent is knocked in the air and sent over the line) The Ferrets having a tough time finding their rhythm tonight but thanks to Bolin they narrowly notch round two.

(Bolin catches his breath a moment before smirking triumphantly. Cut to the bell being rung and then to Korra as she swings her arm in a wide arc, throwing a stream of water, then to a close up of the firebender Borqupine as he throws a fire blast, then to a close up of Mako as he deflects some water and throws his own fire blast. There is a flash cut to a freeze frame of the waterbender Borqupine doing a roundhouse kick, then zoom out to show Mako getting hit by the water.)

Radio Broadcaster: Not sure what's eaten them but this is not the same team that took out the Rabaroos.

(Flash cut to a freeze frame of Bolin hit by an earth disc, then another flash cut to a shot of Korra also hit by a disc. The buzzer sounds and we cut to the announcer.)

Ring Announcer: Round three is a tie. We go to a tie-breaker to decide the match!

(Cut to a close up of a coin being held up to the light by the referee. He turns it to show it has a red side and a blue side. Cut to a shot of the two teams facing each other in the center, with the referee between them. He throws it in the air, and the camera cut to a close up of the coin and follows it as it spins and falls back down. The referee catches it and opens his hands to show the red side facing up.)

Referee: The Fire Ferrets win the coin toss. Which element do you choose?
Mako: I got this.
Bolin: I know you usually handle these but frankly your head's not in the game. I'm gonna take this one. (steps forward) We choose earth.

(Everyone except the earthbenders step away from the center ring, which rises up, creating a platform.)

Radio Broadcaster: Looks like the earthbenders will collide in the tie breaker face-off.

(Cut to a close up of Bolin as he readies himself, then to the Borqupine earthbender who does the same. The bell rings, and the two approach each other. Each stomps and summons three discs. Bolin throws two while the Borqupine blocks them with one. The Borqupine throws another and Bolin blocks it with his third. The scene goes into slow motion. The Borqupine attempts to use the dust cloud to mask his movement as he jumps forward and does a flying knee to send his last disc out. Bolin rolls underneath him and they switch sides. The face each other again and Bolin lunges, grabbing the Borqupine around the waist, but he sprawls his legs back.)

Radio Broadcaster: Bolin goes in for the grapple. (the earthbender locks his hands under Bolin's stomach and throws his into the air behind him) Chang reverses. (while in the air, Bolin summons a disc and throws it at the earthbender Borqupine, pushing him back) Bolin strikes from mid-air knocking Chang to the edge of the circle. (the earthbender is stunned a moment. Bolin lands on his feet, summons two discs, and sends flings them both with a spinning hook kick. Cut to a shot of the earthbender and zoom in as he is struck, sending him flying back and into the water below) Another strike from Bolin and Chang's in the drink.

(The bell rings the end of the match. Bolin cheers, jumps up and down and waves as the crowd roars and throws streamers.)

Ring Announcer: The Future Industry's Fire Ferrets win their quarter-final match.

(Cut to Mako and Korra and they sigh in relief. They glance at each other a moment before looking away angrily and pouting.)

Radio Broadcaster: Oh, that was a close one folks. Youth trumps experience tonight.

(Dissolve to a shot of Korra standing under a gazebo outside the arena, leaning against a pillar and looking out across the water. Mako walks on camera and into the foreground, approaching Korra. Cut to in front of them.)

Mako: We need to talk. Look, sometimes you can be so infuriating.
Korra: (interrupting) Save your breath. You've already made it clear how you feel about me.
Mako: No, I haven't. What I'm trying to say is, as much as you drive me crazy, I also think you're pretty amazing.
Korra: (turning to face Mako) So, you do like me?
Mako: Yes, but- (sigh) I like Asami too. I dunno, things are complicated. Been feeling really confused and I-

(Mako is interrupted as Korra quickly leans in and kisses him on the lips. He's shocked for a moment before kissing back and making Korra blush. They break the kiss and stare into each other's eyes, then Korra looks past Mako and her eyes and mouth go wide in shock. She turns and looks away shamefully as Mako turns around and the camera pans right to see Bolin standing behind him. Cut to a close up of Bolin holding a bouquet of pink roses for Korra, with Pabu on his shoulder and zoom in. Bolin is shocked, and a passing breeze blows his hair and some petals off the roses. Pabu chirps and looks at Bolin. There's silence for a moment before Bolin's face contorts and he lets out a mournful yet humorous wail, tears and mucous forming around his eyes and nose.)

Mako: Bolin, this isn't what you think! (Bolin turns and runs away crying, dropping the flowers. Mako turns to Korra) Great, look what you did!
Korra: You're blaming me?
Mako: You kissed me
Korra: You kissed me back!
Mako: (frustrated) Ugh!

(Korra pouts angrily as Mako runs off to catch up with Bolin. Korra looks down and frowns sadly after seeing him go.)

Korra: Well played, Korra.

(Cut to commercial.)


(Fade in to the interior of a Water Tribe restaurant as Mako enters and greets a man at the front desk.)

Mako: 'Morning Narook. My brother here? (the man gestures to behind Mako and he turns to look, seeing Bolin slumped over a table) Thanks. (Mako walks over to Bolin and puts a hand on his back. Pabu is lying back in a bowl, his belly swollen and full of noodles) Come on, wake up. Takin' you home bro.

(Bolin looks up to Mako, his face still forlorn, dark bags under his eyes and a green noodle sticking out of his nose. He sniffs the noodle back up.)

Bolin: (delirious with sadness) Don't call me that. You're not my brother. You're a brother betrayer. The only one I can trust anymore is Pabu. Pabu loves me.

(Pabu turns to look at Bolin and acts disinterested.)

Mako: You're a mess and we've got the biggest match of our lives tonight. Let's go.

(Mako touches Bolin's shoulder, but he pushes Mako's hand away.)

Bolin: No! I'm not going anywhere with you, you traitor.
Mako: Guess we'll have to do this the hard way.

(Mako grabs Bolin by the arm and slings his whole body over his shoulder before carrying him out. Pabu slips out of the bowl.)

Bolin: (sobbing) Why?
Mako: I told you dating a teammate what a bad idea.
Bolin: You're a bad idea. Put me down! Put me down.

(Mako carries Bolin out of the restaurant. Pabu flops down to the floor and scurries after them, his full belly dragging over the floor. Cut to an establishing shot of the pro-bending area at night, with the skylights sweepings back and forth and the crowd entering through the front. Cut to the locker room as Korra enters. She sees Bolin sitting on the bench, turned away from her and hunched over sadly. Korra looks away a moment before walking to her locker. She passes Mako, who ignores her, and she grabs her hear. Cut to an overhead shot of the three of them as they stay silent and avoid looking at each other. Cut to a shot from the arena floor as the Fire Ferrets and their opposing team face each other at the center. Cut to a close shot of the Buzzard Wasps and pan left as the three of them stare down the Fire Ferrets.)

Radio Broadcaster: You can't find two teams more matched in age, size and strength than the Fire Ferrets and the Buzzard Wasps. Believe me, I've looked. This should be a pulse-pounding semi-final folks.

(Cut to a far shot as the teams take their positions. The bell rings, and we cut to the Buzzard Wasps jumping backward and all attacking in unison. The Fire Ferrets try to dodge and deflect the incoming elements, but end up getting hit.)

Radio Broadcaster: The Buzzard Wasps open with a flawlessly executed combo. (Korra, Mako, and Bolin are all pushed into the next zone) All three Ferrets take an early visit to zone two. (Mako deflects a water glob but is struck by another and knocked back again) And Mako is knocked all the way to zone three! The Fire Ferrets have been struggling to stay alive since the opening bell. (Korra and Bolin go on the attack. Bolin dodges a fire blast, then summons two discs and throwing them, deflecting another earth disc with his second) All three players are totally out of sync tonight. (Bolin is hit hard in the stomach with a disc) Oooh. That has got to sting. (Bolin clutches his stomach and his eyes go wide. He staggers over to the ropes, throws his helmet off, and leans over the side. Cut to Korra as we hear Bolin retch. She turns to look and winces in disgust) And Bolin loses his noodles. Literally. (cut to the commentator in his booth) Which reminds me this match is brought to you by our sponsor, Flame-o Instant Noodles. Noodliest noodles in the United Republic.

(Cut back to the match as the teams keep fighting. Korra does a jumping spinning crescent kick to dodge a water blast, but is hit in mid air by a disc and sent over the line. Cut to an overhead shot of the zone two line lighting up, with the Fire Ferrets all in zone three. The Buzzard wasps move into zone two.)

Radio Broadcaster: The Buzzard Wasps fly deeper into Ferret territory. (the Fire Ferrets get ready and attack. The Buzzard Wasps all defend and strike back. Mako dodges a fire blast and deflects some water, dodges a disc and another fire blast, then is hit by another disc, getting knocked over the edge and into the water) And Mako plunges into the pool. Can the Fire Ferrets hold on? (Korra and Bolin dodge and deflect more attacks. Korra's foot comes very close to the edge) The Wasps have the Ferrets backed up to the edge now. (the bell rings) And the Ferrets are bailed out by the bell. (the Buzzard Wasps turns and leave, each dropping their element and looking confident) They had better pull themselves together for round two, otherwise they can kiss the finals goodbye.

(Korra and Bolin catch their breath, then sigh in relief. They turn around and the camera focuses on Mako riding the platform back up from below. Cut to a close up of the bell being rung, then to a shot of the Fire ferrets all attacking. The Buzzard Wasps all defend and strike back. Mako deflects an earth disc, but is struck by a second one and knocked over the line. He lands on his feet and shoots a strong blast of fire only to hit Bolin in the back, knocking him on his face. Bolin sits up and turns to Mako.)

Bolin: Hey! Watch it!

(When Bolin isn't looking, he's hit by the waterbender Buzzard Wasp and sent over the edge of the arena.)

Radio Broadcaster: The Wasps take advantage of Mako's unforced error and Bolin's in the pool. (cut to Korra deflecting streams of water. She pulls out a stream of her own from the grates, first to attack, and then sends it towards the firebender Wasp. Korra wraps it around her leg and trips her before sending the firebender into the air with a geyser of water from the grate below) Ooh, and a blatant hold by the Avatar.

(A whistle blows, and we cut to a different referee up above blowing it.)

Referee 2: Unnecessary roughness! Move back one Zone.

(Cut to Korra and the crowd boos.)

Korra: (angry) I'll unnecessary rough you up!

(Korra pulls some water out and throws it at the referee. The referee shields himself from the splash and pulls out a yellow fan.)

Radio Broadcaster: And the Avatar is slapped with the yellow fan. The Ferrets are their own worst enemy right now. (Korra shrugs her shoulder as she walks back a zone. Mako watches her, and in the background one Buzzard Wasp is helping his teammate back up.) It's just sad to watch. With the Buzzard Wasps leading two rounds to zilch, the Ferret's only hope of winning is with a knockout.

(Cut to an overhead shot of the arena, with all players back on the field. Cut to Mako and Bolin as they face Korra, looking defeated.)

Mako: Well, I guess there's always next year.
Korra: Come on, we still have a chance, even if it is a slim one.
Bolin: The way we're playing, we don't even deserve to be in the finals.
Korra: Look, if we don't pull together and work as a team we'll never forgive ourselves.
Mako: (dejected) Lets just get this over with, the sooner the better.

(Mako and Bolin hang their heads as they walk to the center. Korra soon does the same. The three of them take their positions and their stances. The camera pans around to Korra's front as the looks at the two brothers, and the bell rings. Korra narrowly dodges an earth disc. Cut to the Buzzard Wasps attacking with a lot of pressure. Cut to Mako getting hit and pushed back by a stream of water, then dodging another stream and a disc and attack back before getting hit in the side by a blast of fire. Cut to a shot of Mako stumbling behind Bolin. Bolin stomps and uses a disc to block a torrent of water, but is hit by a disc, followed by another torrent of water. He is knocked back across the line and past Mako, who deflects a fire blast. Mako is distracted by Bolin, and is hit by a disc, pushing him back and making his foot skid over the line.)

Radio Broadcaster: Bolin's knocked into zone two followed quickly by his brother. (Mako and Bolin compose themselves, and we cut to the earthbender Buzzard Wasp popping up two discs and sending them flying with a hook punch and spinning hook kick. Bolin dodges one, but is struck in the shoulder by the other. Cut to a close up of Bolin as the action replays and goes into slow motion) And Bolin takes a zinger to the shoulder. Looks like it's a clean hit.

(Bolin is knocked against the ropes and falls to his knees. He puts his hand to his shoulder and grimaces.)

Bolin: Ow!

(Mako dodges a stream of water and turns to Bolin.)

Mako: Bolin!

(Mako is hit by a blast of fire while distracted, and sent over the edge of the arena again.)

Radio Broadcaster: Mako's in the drink and out of the match. (Bolin pulls himself up by the ropes and summons a disc to fling back) And Bolin keeps playing with one good arm. I gotta hand it to him, this kid's got grit. (Korra dodges a fore blast while Bolin kicks a disc past her head. She glances back. Cut to the Buzzard Wasps' water and earthbenders on the attack, throwing a disc and torrent of water. Bolin's discs miss them, then cut back to Korra and Bolin) But how long can he keep it up? (Korra dodges a disc, which curves around and knock Bolin's feet out from under him before he's hit with the torrent of water and sent flying over the edge. Korra looks back before barely dodging a disc and deflecting some water. She throws a stream of water back.) Apparently not very long. (Korra proceeds to dodge several attacks with Airbending style movements and footwork, leaping back towards the edge of the zone) The Ferretís dream of making it to the final now rests in the Avatar's hands. But with three on one I don't like her odds.

(Cut to a close up of Bolin's hand as he climbs the ladder up from the pool. Cut to a shot of him from the front as he reaches the top, groaning and stopping to catch his breath. Mako walks into view and kneels down, offering Bolin his hand and smiling. Bolin takes his hand, and we cut to a close up of their hands grasping. Mako pulls Bolin up to the ground, and Bolin rubs his shoulder.)

Mako: Are you okay? How's your shoulder?
Bolin: Aagh, it's messed up pretty bad. But I think I'll be alright. Bolin and Mako walk over to the lift and ride it up. There's a short moment of silence) Are we...gonna be alright?
Mako: Of course we are. We're brothers. We'll get through this mess. I'm sorry.
Bolin: Me too. Girls.
Mako: Seriously.

(Cut to behind Mako and Bolin as they reach the top, and we see Korra still on the platform dodging the Buzzard Wasps' attacks.)

Radio Broadcaster: What an unbelievable effort here by Korra. She's dodging every element the Wasps throw at her. (Korra does a jumping tornado kick and throws a large glob of water with it. It strikes the firebender Wasp and knocks her into zone three. The earthbender watches his teammate fly past him before popping up a disc and doing a jumping roundhouse kick to fling it at Korra. He's quickly followed up by the waterbender throwing a stream of water with a hook punch. Korra jumps and spins in the air to dodge the attacks, and uses her momentum to do another tornado kick and hit the waterbender, knocking him to the side) The Avatar finally gains some ground but with only ten second remaining it might be too little too late. (cut to an overhead shot of the arena floor. The Buzzard Wasps are each in a different zone and all lined up. Cut to Korra as she creates a ring of water around her. Korra spins and crouches down, making the water spin around her. Korra charges her attack, then redirects the spinning ring of water, shooting it as a torrent towards the Buzzard Wasps. The camera follows the torrent as it approaches, then cut to a side shot as the torrent hits the waterbender, knocking him back into the earthbender, then knocking them into the firebender and sending them all over the edge) It's the big kabash! What a knockout! (the bell rings, and we cut to a wide angle shot of the arena as the crowd goes wild. Camera lights flicker and people whistle. Cut to Bolin and Mako in the locker room cheering triumphantly, then to a Korra. The camera pans around her as she smiles and waves to the crowd) It didn't seem possible folks, but the Fire Ferrets are headed to the finals!

(Mako and Bolin cheer, and Mako gives his brother a hug, causing him to wince in pain.)

Bolin: Shoulder, shoulder!
Mako: Sorry.

(Mako lets Bolin down, and Korra approaches them, taking off her helmet.

Bolin: That was pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen.
Mako: Thanks for not giving up on us. We never would've made it this far without you. I owe you, big time.
Korra: You're welcome. So, I know things are confusing right now, but I hope we can still be friends.
Mako: Definitely.

(Cut to a shot of Tahno and the Wolfbats entering the locker room, wearing their gear. Tahno holds his helmet over his shoulder. Tahno sniffs the air, then stops, his face crunching in disgust as he waves his hand over his nose.)

Tahno: Oh. Ooh. You boys smell something in here? (pinches his nose and continues walking) Wait, I know what that is and that's the scent of losers.
Korra: I hope we see you in the finals. Then we'll see who the losers really are.
Tahno: Yeah, I'm peein' my pants over here.

(Tahno puts on his head gear. He and the Wolfbats stand on the platform and are introduced.)

Ring Announcer: And now the defending champs the White Falls' Wolfbats.
Korra: (gripping her fist and frowning angrily) Grrrr

(The camera pans left to show Asami running up to Mako and giving him a hug. Bolin winces and touches his shoulder before going to sit on the bench.)

Asami: Great job! What a comeback Korra. I've never seen a hat trick like that.
Korra: Thanks. But if it hadn't been for you and your father we wouldn't have had the chance to play. So thank you.
Bolin: Uh, if everyone's done with the thank you party, need some medical attention over here.

(Bolin has his sleeve off and is gently rubbing the bruise on his shoulder.)

Korra: Ooh, let me help.

(Korra walks over to Bolin and touches his bruise, making him shout in pain.)

Bolin: Ow! Gah, haven't you hurt me enough woman?
Korra: Relax! I'm a healer. I learned from Katara, the best there is.

(Korra bends the water from a nearby bucket of ice water and brings it to Bolin's shoulder. It begins to glow before she brings it to the bruise and starts healing. Bolin protests, but soon finds it soothing.)

Bolin: No no no no, oh. That's the stuff.
Korra: Bolin, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. I didn't mean to let things get so out of hand.
Bolin: Aah, I'll be alright. We had fun together, didn't we?
Korra: I had a great time, honestly. You are one of a kind Bolin.
Bolin: (smirking)Please, go on. I enjoy praise.

(In the background, the sound of bells and buzzers is heard from the Wolfbats' match. The final bell signaling the end of the match rings, and Korra and Bolin look up in surprise. Korra drops the water to the floor.)

Ring Announcer: Your winners, the Wolfbats!
Korra: What? How is it over already?

(Korra and Bolin get up to go see the arena floor. The Wolfbats all hold their arms up in victory and wave to the crowd.)

Radio Broadcaster: With a brutal round one knockout the defending champs secure their spot in the finals. (cut to a shot of the opposing team being pulled from the water. Two are on stretchers. Cut to a closer shot of the waterbender unconscious, and next to his head is his helmet with its visor cracked) I hope the Ferrets know a good doctor because they're gonna need one.

(Cut to and zoom in or Korra, Bolin, and Mako as they look on in shock and fear.)

[End Credits]

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