Transcript for 106 - And The Winner Is...
And The Winner Is...
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko
Directed By: Joaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu
Storyboard By: Ian B Graham, Han Kwang Il, Kim Young Chan, Lesean Thomas, Alan Wan, Hyun Joo Song, Adam Lucas, Colin Heck
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Psycho Silver

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "The Voice in the Night" and "The Spirit of Competition."]

Radio Broadcaster: After a close encounter with Amon, Korra took a leave of absence from Tarrlok's task force; but the Avatar has still been hard at work, leading the underdog Fire Ferrets to the probending championship finals. Only one team stands in their way, the Wolfbats. Led by team captain Tahno, the brutal Wolfbats look to repeat as champs. Have the Fire Ferrets finally met their match?

Act I

(Fade in to a bird's eye view of the pre-bending arena and zoom in. Cut to a shot of a net as two earth discs fly into it. Jazz music on a radio can be heard. Cut to Bolin in training gear as he bends two more discs and throws them towards the camera. Quickly pan to Mako as he throws out three fireballs with a punch-punch-kick combo, then pan to Korra as she bends a glob of water and throws it at the camera. Cut to a shot of three photos of Tahno hanging on a clothesline as each different element hits each one, destroying them. Cut to Korra as she fist pumps in victory.)

Radio Host: You're listening to The Music Hour...
Korra: Yes! Whoo-hoo!

(Cut to a shot of the radio on a table, with Pabu sleeping next to it, his ears twitching.)

Radio Host: ...brought to you by Cabbage Corp. Republic City's trusted name in technology for over fifty years.

(Cut to an overhead shot of the room as Korra goes to a nearby chair to grab a towel.)

Korra: Man, I got a good feeling about tonight. I don't care if we are the underdogs, we can take those pompous Wolfbats.
Mako: (taking off his head gear) It's gonna be our toughest match ever, but I think you're right.
Bolin: (putting his arm around Mako and imitating a probending announcer) Introducing your new champs, the fantastic Fireee Ferrets!

(Bolin points in the air for emphasis. Cut to Korra's profile as she smiles at the brothers. There's static on the radio, and Amon's voice is heard. Korra turns to the camera with a surprised expression. Cut to the radio and zoom in as Pabu squeaks and jumps away from it in fright.)

Amon: Good morning, citizens of Republic City. This is Amon. I hope you all enjoyed last night's probending match, because it will be the last. It's time for this city to stop worshipping bending athletes as if they were heroes. I am calling on the council to shut down the bending arena and cancel the finals. (the three benders look at each other worriedly) Or else, there will be severe consequences.

(There is static, and the transmission goes out.)

Bolin: That guy's got some nerve.
Mako: You think the council will give in?
Korra: I'm not waiting to find out. We need to get to City Hall.

(Korra turns and leaves. Cut to an establishing shot of City Hall as Korra, Mako, and Bolin ride Naga towards it. Cut to a POV shot of the City Hall doors and quickly zoom in as Korra pushes them open. We see all council members sitting at the table inside. Tenzin stands up and we cut to a shot of him.)

Tenzin: Korra, you shouldn't be here. This is a closed meeting.
Korra: (approaching along with Mako and Bolin) As the Avatar and a probending player, I have a right to be heard. You can't cancel the finals.
Tenzin: I know winning the championship means a lot to you but as far as I'm concerned, we need to shut the arena down.
Korra: What about the rest of you? Tarrlok, there's no way you're backing down from Amon, right?
Tarrlok: (standing up) Actually, Tenzin and I agree for once.
Tenzin: The council is unanimous. We're closing the arena.
Mako: No!
Bolin: You can't!
Korra: I... I don't understand. I thought you of all people, would take a stand against Amon.
Tarrlok: While I am still committed to bringing that lunatic to justice, I will not put innocent lives at stake just so you and your friends can play. A game.
Mako: (passionately) Probending might only be a game to you, but think of what it means to the city. Right now the arena is the one place where benders and non-benders gather together in... in peace. To watch benders-
Bolin: (gesturing dramatically) Beat each other up! In peace! It's an inspiration to everyone!
Tarrlok: I appreciate your naÔve idealism, but you're ignoring the reality of the situation.
Korra: The reality is, if you close the arena, you let Amon win.
Bolin: Yes! Exactly what she said. Yes.
Tarrlok: I'm sorry but our decision has been made. This meeting is adjourned.

(Tarrlok picks up his gavel to strike it down. Cut to a far shot of the table and quickly zoom in as a metal cable flies towards it. Cut to a close up of the gavel being broken by the cable just as Tarrlok swings it down. Tilt up to Tarrlok looking shocked. Cut to shot of the area and pan up towards to doors, and we see Lin retracting the cable. Cut to a close shot of Lin as the cable finishes retracting with a small spark back into her armor.)

Lin: I can't believe I'm saying this but I agree with the Avatar.
Tarrlok: You do?
Korra: (confused) Yeah... you do?
Lin: I expected this kind of cut and run response from Tenzin, (cut to a close up of Tenzin looking bemused) but the rest of you? Come on, show a little more backbone. It's time that the benders of this city displayed some strength and unity against these Equalists.
Tenzin: We must prevent the conflict between benders and non-benders from escalating into all out war! (cut to a close up of Tarrlok as he thinks for a second) The council is not changing its position.
Tarrlok: Now, just a moment, Tenzin. Let us hear what our esteemed Chief of Police has in mind.

(Tenzin huffs, crossing his arms and turning away grumpily)

Lin: If you keep the arena open, my metalbenders and I will provide extra security during the championship match. There's no matter force to deal with the chi blockers. Our armor is impervious to their attacks.
Tarrlok: (smirking) Are you saying that you will personally take responsibility for the safety of the spectators in the arena?
Lin: I guarantee it.
Tarrlok: It is hard to argue with Chief Beifong's track record. If she is confident, her elite officers can protect the arena, then she has my support. I am changing my vote. (raises his hand) Who else is with me? (the other three council members raise their hands as well. Tenzin turns away and shakes his head sadly) The arena stays open. Good luck in the finals!
Bolin: Alright!
Mako: Yeah!
Korra: Thank you!
Tarrlok: (smirking) And... good luck to you, Chief Beifong.

(Cut to a profile shot of Lin. Tenzin walks up to her.)

Tenzin: (whispering) A word please, Lin. (Tenzin walks past Lin. Dissolve to a shot of Lin and Tenzin standing in a hallway.) Tarrlok's playing you and I don't want to see you get hurt.
Lin: I know what I'm doing and the risks that come with it.
Tenzin: In that case, I'm going to be by your side during the match.
Lin: You don't need to babysit me.
Tenzin: It's for Korra. I want to make sure she's safe.
Lin: (angry) Do what you want. It's not like I've never been able to stop you before.

(Lin walks past Tenzin to leave. Just then, Korra approaches her with a hand raised in greeting.)

Korra: E...excuse me Chief Beifong, I wanted to thank you for your help. (Lin walks by without even acknowledging Korra) It... really... means a lot... Ugh! What is her deal? Even when she's on my side, she's against me.
Tenzin: I have known Lin since we were children. She's always been... challenging.
Korra: What did your father do to make her hate the Avatar so much?
Tenzin: My father and Lin got along famously. I'm afraid her issues are with me.
Korra: gasp Wait a second, it all makes sense now! You and Beifong, Beifong and you! You two were a couple!
Tenzin: What?! How... (nervous and checking to see if anyone else is around) Where did you get that idea?!
Korra: Hah! (smirking) Your wife!
Tenzin: Criminy. I'll have to have a word with her.
Korra: (smug) So... Pema stole you from Beifong. I'm surprised our esteemed Chief of Police didn't throw her in jail.
Tenzin: Well, she tried. Anyway, Pema didn't steal me, Lin and I have been growing apart for some time. We both had different goals in life- (incredulous) Why am I even telling you this?! It all happened a long time ago and we've moved past it.
Korra: Hmm... Apparently Beifong hasn't.
Tenzin: What do you m- Of course she has! Anyway, this is none of your business! (turns and leaves briskly)
Korra: See you at home, Mr. Heartbreaker.

(Korra chuckles as a frowning and embarrassed Tenzin walks away. Cut to a shot of Republic City at day time. Cut to a shot of several trucks being loaded with crates, then tilt down to Amon looking down from a balcony, the music turning from light hearted to dark. Cut to a shot of the Lieutenant approaching from behind Amon.)

Lieutenant: We just got word. The council defied your threat. They're keeping the arena open.
Amon: Perfect. Everything is going according to plan.

(Cut to a shot of Amon looking down and zoom in. Cut to commercial.)

Act II

(Fade into a shot of the probending arena at night and lit up. Several police boats patrol the surrounding bay, and a few zeppelins fly over the arena. Cut to the inside of the arena as the police search the stands with flashlights. One metalbender cop nods and gives a signal.)

Metalbender Cop: All clear, Chief.

(The camera tilts up to Lin standing at the top of the stairs where Lin is overseeing the sweep. Tenzin approaches from behind her. Cut to a closer shot as Lin points and directs her men.)

Tenzin: How is the security sweep going?
Lin: Fine.
Tenzin: They've checked underneath the stands?
Lin: Yes.
Tenzin: And you have enough officers to cover all points of entry?
Lin: (annoyed) I have the skies, the bay and every nook and cranny of this place covered. Now leave me alone and let me do my job.
Tenzin: Lin, with so much on the line, it would be nice if we could help each other out. At least for one night.

(Lin's face softens as she turns to Tenzin.)

Lin: Like old times?
Tenzin: Like old times.
Lin: Okay. I'll try to be less abrasive than usual.
Tenzin: I would appreciate that.

(The scene cuts to four zeppelins with spotlights circling in the sky, and the camera tilts down to the probending arena. Spotlights shine from below, and patrol boats circle around the building in the bay.)

Radio Broadcaster: The anticipation is palpable as we are just moments away from the championship match. (cut to an overhead shot inside the arena and pan around) Will the Wolfbat's ferocity help them repeat as champs? (cut to the radio broadcaster in his booth) Or will the underdog Fire Ferrets serve up a surprising bowl of smack down soup?

(The broadcaster raises his eyebrow questioningly. Cut to a floor-level shot of Bolin in his uniform as he looks down at the camera.)

Bolin: Now I know there's a big crowd but don't be nervous. You're gonna do great, I believe in you.

(Cut to reveal Pabu wearing a matching uniform and looking up. He gives a squeak, tilting his head and twitching his ears at Bolin. Cut to a wider shot of the Fire Ferrets adjusting their gear in the locker area. Pabu is sitting on the bench. Cut to a shot of the arena floor as spotlights sweep over it. The middle platform rises up, and on it is the announcer with arms raised and microphone in hand. The spotlights all converge on him.)

Ring Announcer: (gesturing with a pamphlet in hand) Introducing the challengers; The Future Industries Fire Ferrets!

(Cut to three young fans dressed as Mako, Korra, and Bolin cheering and giving thumbs up. Cut to the Fire Ferrets as they approach the floor on the platform with a spotlight on them. Korra and Mako wave and Bolin poses with Pabu on his shoulder. Cut to a shot of Asami and Hiroshi Sato sitting in balcony seats. They sit up and wave to the team. Asami blows a kiss to Mako and winks. Cut to a close up of Mako as he winks and blows her a kiss back. The camera pans to Korra who sighs in disgust and frowns. The platform reaches the floor and the Fire Ferrets step off. Bolin waves to the crowd and turns to Pabu.)

Bolin: You're on, Pabu.

(Pabu stiffens his body for a moment before he jumps to the floor and does a hand stand while chirping. Bolin bows and Pabu does a flip. Bolin then pulls an earth disc from the floor with bending and makes a larger hole in the middle. Pabu does two back flips and jumps through the disc, then jumps back through and lands on his front paw. Bolin raises his arms in triumph.)

Bolin: Yes! Nailed it! (to Mako) He's so talented.

(Bolin gives Pabu a thumbs up. Then the spotlight on them turns off. Cut back to the announcer.)

Ring Announcer: And their opponents, the three time defending champions, The Whitefalls Wolfbats!

(Cut to a close up of the Wolfbats, who are wearing wolfbat masks and long black capes with high collars pulled around them. Cut to a wider shot of them on their platform as they spread their capes like bat wings and howl like wolves while the spotlight shines on them. Bright pyrotechnics fire a display of sparks behind them. Cut to a wide shot of the arena as pyrotechnics and fireworks fire off all around the arena. Cut to a shot of the Wolfbat's girlfriends in the audience. One of them spreads her arms and howls while the other one is smiling, hands clasps and tears running down her cheeks and ruining her eye liner. Cut to the Fire Ferret fans yelling is disapproval and giving thumbs down. Cut to Bolin with Pabu back on his shoulder.)

Bolin: Pfft. They've got nothing on us, buddy. (scratches Pabu's head with a finger while the ferret chirps) Anybody can howl. Whoo. Hmph, whatever.

(Cut to the Wolfbats, lined in a single row and more evenly lit. Tahno lowers his arms and throws his mask off dramatically before taking the cape off. Cut to Korra.)

Korra: (grinding her fist into her palm) I'm gonna knock Tahno's stupid hair off his stupid head.

(Cut to a shot of the Wolfbats lined up and ready to fight, and pan right. Cut to the Fire Ferrets, also ready, and pan left.)

Radio Broadcaster: The champs and challengers face off at the center line and here we go! (the bell rings and we cut to Tahno before the camera zooms out and the Wolfbats move. Tahno rushes towards Korra, who pulls back in surprise as he comes at her with an uppercut covered in water, going into slow motion) Tahno tries to clean the Avatar's clock with some dirty water boxing. (Korra back flips out of the way as the water shoot into the air. Tahno follows it up with a spinning kick sending an arc of water at her, hitting her. Mako shoots a fire blast at the opposing earthbender, who jumps to avoid it, then pops up two discs when he lands and sends them at Mako with a double spinning kick) Ming shakes off Mako's attack and returns the favor. (Mako blocks the disc and it shatters against him. The earthbender pushes Mako back with more discs and pushes him over the line. Cut to an overhead shot of the floor as everyone attacks. The Wolfbat firebender back flips at Bolin, avoiding the earth disc Bolin kicks at him. The disc bounces off the ropes and collides with the firebender before he can react in time, sending him tumbling back into the ropes) Shaozu gets fancy but Bolin ricochets a disc off the ropes and says 'No, thank you sir!'

Mako: Nice shot!

(Tahno looks to his teammate as he gets up, then glares at the Fire Ferrets before rushing forward. Tahno blocks an attack by Korra and sends a counter attack with one spinning movement. Korra dodges out of the way.)

Radio Broadcaster: The waterbenders slug it out, looking evenly matched. (Tahno grins as he spins around, summoning a lot of water before hosing Bolin with it, knocking him back to the last territory) Tahno gets a little too worked up and unleashes a deluge on Bolin that would certainly elicit a foul. (the bell rings and the Wolfbats advance into the next territory) Or apparently not.

Mako: (incredulous) What's the big idea, ref? That was a hosing foul!

(The referee signals for them to keep playing. Mako glares before getting into his stance, and the teams start battling again.)

Radio Broadcaster: And the Wolfbats advance despite Tahno exceeding the waterbending time limit. A questionable call by the officials. (the scene goes into slow motion as the Wolfbat earthbender raises a disc up from under Mako's foot, making him stumble. The earthbender follows it up by kicking a disc at Mako while he's caught off guard, hitting him square in the chest and sending him over the line) Ming trips up Mako with another dirty trick.

(Cut to Tenzin and Lin watching from the stands.)

Tenzin: (angry) Oh come on, refs! There was some funny business in that last play.
Lin: (coyly) Wouldn't have guessed that you knew the rules of probending.
Tenzin: Ahem, I've been brushing up. That Wolfbat blatantly bent a disc outside of his zone.

(Cut back to the arena floor.)

Radio Broadcaster: The Ferret brothers are backed up to zone three and the Wolfbats smell blood. (Tahno and the firebender Wolfbat rush forward. Tahno throws his arm low and sends a sheet of water over the floor while the firebender kicks low and shoots a fire blast. Bolin jumps over the sheet of water as the scene goes into slow motion, but the water freezes beneath him, causing him to slip when he lands. The fire blast hits Bolin and he is sent over the edge and into the water) Looks like Tahno snuck in an illegal icing move but once again, there's no call. I don't know what match the refs are watching but it's obviously not this one. (Korra and Mako are left. The earthbender and Tahno both attack Korra and push her over the line, letting them advance) Ooo, a splash-and-clash sends the Avatar to zone three as well. (all three Wolfbats attack at once. Mako steps in front of Korra to defend her, attempting to block with a burst of fire, but the attack is too strong, and Korra and Mako are knocked over the edge) It's a knockout! (Tahno and the Wolfbats begin to wave to the cheering crowd and turn away) The Wolfbats win the championship for the fourth year in a- (cut to a close up of the broadcaster) Hold on a second folks! (cut to a shot of Korra hanging onto the edge of the arena floor with one hand and holding onto Mako by the shirt with the other) Scratch that, the Ferrets are still alive but just barely.

(Cut to a close up of Korra as she grunts and struggles to pull Mako up. She begins to swing them side to side, until she's able to toss Mako back onto the arena floor. Mako lands on his feet and immediately kicks, sending a fire ball at Tahno while his back is turns and knocking him over the line. The other Wolfbats turn around in shock. Tahno stands back up, looking furious. Mako smirks at Tahno while getting into his battle stance.)

Radio Broadcaster: What an unbelievable move! These Ferrets aren't just bending the elements, they're bending my mind! (zoom in on Tahno's face as he glares at Mako, seething with rage) The underdogs survive to see round two.

(Cut to a shot of the referees standing on their balcony, and tilt down to the Fire Ferrets huddled. The Wolfbats wait on their side of the floor.)

Korra: What's wrong with these refs?!
Mako: They've been paid off. It's the only explanation. Someone wants us to lose.
Korra: If the Wolfbats are gonna fight dirty, then so should we.
Mako: No, we can't! The refs have it out for us. If we're gonna win this thing, it has to be fair and square.
Korra: Ugh, that's no fun but alright.

(Cut to the announcer as he dramatically raises two fingers into the air.)

Ring Announcer: Round two!

(The bell rings and we cut to an overhead shot of the teams facing each other. The camera zooms out as they begin to fight, and we see the referee watching from the balcony.)

Radio Broadcaster: The opening salvo is a brutal call as both sides give it their all, (Korra and Tahno exchange blows. Korra blocks his attack and goes to strike him back, but the sound of ice forming is heard. Korra stops in her tracks and looks down to see her foot now frozen to the floor) but once again, Tahno sneaks in a little ice to get the upper hand. (with Korra distracted, Tahno does a whirlwind kick and hits Korra with a large glob of water, knocking her back. Cut to Bolin as he pops a disc up and throws it at the firebender Wolfbat, knocking him back. The earthbender wolfbat uses a disc to block a blast from Mako, but the attack shatters the disc and knocks him back as well. Cut to Mako as he weaves and dodges a few fire blasts aimed at his head, throwing one back) Wowza! Those look like illegal head shots to me.

(The scene goes into slow motion as Mako leans backward, barely avoiding a fire blast that passes over his face plate. The bell rings and we cut to a shot of the arena floor, showing players in each zone and making the round a tie.)

Ring Announcer: Round two will be decided with a tie-breaker!

(Cut to a close up of a coin held by the referee as he tosses and catches it. The camera zooms out as he holds it in the air and we see the teams standing across from each other. Cut to a profile shot of the referee.)

Referee: The Fire Ferrets win the coin toss! Which element do you choose?

(The camera pans right and zooms in on Korra as she steps up.)

Korra: I'm taking this one. Let's go! You and me pretty boy.

(Cut to Tahno as he smirks and steps up.)

Tahno: Thought you'd never asked.

(The referee bows and steps away from the middle platform along with the rest of the players before it rises up, Korra and Tahno taking their stances as the spotlight hits them. Korra and Tahno gauge their distance and size each other up. Cut to a close shot of Tahno.)

Tahno: (taunting) Come on little girl, give me your best shot.

(Korra squints, then jabs at Tahno, sending a water ball at his head. Cut back to Tahno as he easily leans to avoid the attack and goes to counter attack, but the scene goes into slow motion as a blast of water catches him under the chin, knocking his head gear off. The scene quickly reverses and we cut to a shot from the side of the platform to see a replay of what happened, from a different angle. Korra jabs and Tahno avoids, but Korra follows up by kicking water at Tahno just as he is about to attack. Tahno's own attack loses momentum and falls short of Korra as he falls off the platform and to the floor, making the bell ring. Korra taunts Tahno back and smirks like he did.)

Korra: Hmph. Chump.

(Cut to the Wolfbat fan girls as they frown in disbelief mid cheer. Cut to the Fire Ferret fans in utter shock. The Korra cosplayer is holding her hands out and unwittingly catches Tahno's head gear as it falls back down. Cut to the announcer.)

Ring Announcer: Round two goes to the Fire Ferrets!

(Cut to a shot of the score board lights as they display the Fire Ferrets' win. Cut back to Korra, Mako, and Bolin as Korra jumps down from the lowering platform and gives Mako a double high five.)

Mako: Nice one!
Bolin: That's the stuff, you are my herooo! Whoah!
Mako: We might actually win this thing!

(Cut to Tahno as he is helped up by his teammates. He grunts and pulls his arms away from them, then pushes his hair back. Cut to a close up of Tahno.)

Tahno: (furious) Let's send them to a watery grave!

(Cut to Lin and Tenzin.)

Lin: I can't believe your sweet tempered father was reincarnated into that girl. She's tough as nails.
Tenzin: Reminds me of someone else I knew at that age. You two might get along if you only gave her a chance.
Lin: Hmph.

(Cut to Tahno and Korra facing each other, with the back of Korra' head in the foreground. Cut to a close up of Korra glaring back.)

Radio Broadcaster: One round a piece, who wants it more? (the bell rings and Tahno throws a glob of water. Both teams begin to battle, throwing their elements and defending attacks) The Wolfbats fly out of the gate, swinging with bad intentions. The challengers are showing a lot of heart but that champs are really starting to find their rhythm now. (the wolfbat earthbender kicks a disc before the firebender does a barrel roll over his back and sends an arc of fire out with a spinning downward kick. Tahno does a back flip off one of the ring posts to avoid one of Bolin's discs and counters by swinging his arm down and throwing an arc of water when he lands. The earthbender does a somersault, popping a disc up when he lands on his feet and then sending it flying with a spinning crescent kick) Can the Ferrets hang in there with the best? Especially when the best are frankly getting a little help from the refs? (Korra blocks the earth disc with her body, then follows up by turning around and bending some water at Tahno, who smirks and blocks it with his shoulder as the scene goes into slow motion for a moment) It's all down to this final round! (cut to Mako as he does a punch combo, sending out several fireballs) Mako is giving it all in the ring but it looks like Tahno and Ming are up to more shenanigans! (cut to Tahno and the earthbender Wolfbat as the earthbender does a spinning kick to send a disc flying. He stands in front of Tahno as he pops up another disc and holds it behind him. Cut to a close up of the disc being held behind the earthbender as he crushes it into several large pieces. Tahno envelops the rocks in water, and proceeds to spin around to the front, swinging his arms and throwing three streams of water filled with rocks. The attacks hit Mako and Bolin, knocking them over the edge of the ring. The camera zooms in on Korra as the third stream of water hits her in the face. The scene goes into slow motion, and we see the chunks of the shattered earth disc travel up the stream and collide with Korra's head, knocking her back and sending her rolling over the edge. Cut to a shot from below the water's surface as each Fire Ferret plunges into it) Oh this has gone too far! That water had rocks in it!

(Cut to the referee as he signals the end of the round. The bell rings and the crowd cheers.)

Referee: Knockout!

(Cut to Tenzin and Lin as wind blows their cloak and hair.)

Tenzin: Oh, come on! Those were illegal head shots! Open your eyes, ref!

(Cut to the broadcaster in his booth.)

Radio Broadcaster: Well folks, it's a controversial call but the Wolfbats notched a nasty knockout to win the match. For the fourth year in a row, they'll be crowned tournament champions!

(Cut to the Wolfbats waving to the cheering crowd. Cut to a close up of Tahno as he takes off his head gear.)

Tahno: I barely broke a sweat. Anybody else want to scrap with the champs?

(Cut to a man sitting in the stands as the scene goes into slow motion. He pulls a bandana with the Equalists' symbol on it over his face. Cut to a shot of a woman sitting behind two cheering fans as she also pulls a bandana over her face with a serious expression. Cut to a profile shot of yet another man pulling a bandana over his face. Cut to a close up of a man's hand reaching into a bucket of popcorn and pulling it out, now with a large mechanical glove on it. Cut to a similar shot from a different angle, but on another person's hand, then again to someone else. The camera follows the gloved hand as the person pulls it up to his bandana covered face. Cut to a shot of Lin and Tenzin as Tenzin is still motioning in disbelief at the outcome of the match in slow motion. He turns to Lin for a moment, and looks back at the arena floor as she looks to him. Tenzin spots something in the corner of his eye, and turns back to Lin with a look of worry. Cut to a shot from Tenzin's point of view as he sees a hooded Equalist with a glove stand up from behind Lin. The scene suddenly returns to normal speed as the Equalist electrocutes Lin with his glove.)

Tenzin: Look out!

(Lin cries out in shock, and Tenzin blasts the Equalist away with a gust of wind as she falls down, but Tenzin lets out a grunt of pain as he is shocked from behind by an Equalist woman. He falls next to Lin. Cut to a shot of a metalbender cop standing at the top of the stairs as he is shocked from behind by another Equalist. Cut to another cop as he sees his comrade fall. He is about to go see what's wrong when he's also shocked from behind. We cut to another metalbender cop being shocked from behind, then cut to a shot of Korra resurfacing from the water and gasping for air. She takes her head gear off as Mako and Bolin resurface and do the same. They look up to the stands, and the camera tilts up to show sparks flying as the security is taken out by the Equalists. Cut to a close up of Korra and zoom in as she looks shocked.)

Korra: What?!

(Cut to a shot of the Lieutenant landing on the lower platform near the water. Mako, Bolin, and Korra look to him. Cut to a shot of Korra as she gasps, then cut to the Lieutenant as he raises his electrified kali sticks, charging them up. The camera zooms out as he plunges them into the water just as Korra throws a stream of water at him. She is too late, and the three benders are electrified before the attack reaches, crying out in pain before passing out. Cut to the broadcaster in his booth. The sounds of people screaming and sparks flying are heard.)

Radio Broadcaster: Folks, there is some sort of electrical disturbance in the stands. Metalbender cops are dropping like bumbleflies. There appear to be masked members of the audience wielding strange devices on their hands. (the door behind him opens and the camera zooms out to show an Equalist entering the booth) One of them is in the booth with me right now, folks. (the Equalist raises his gloved hand, and the center circle glows blue as it charges) He is leveling one of those gloved devices at me now and I believe he is about to electrocute me. I am currently wetting my pants!

(Cut to a close up of the Equalist's gloved palm as he flexes his fingers and electricity flies from the center. Cut to the Wolfbats looking on with fright at the ensuing attack. Cut to a shot from behind them as we see the center platform rise up with Amon and six chi blockers. Cut to a close up of Tahno as he turns around to look at Amon, frightened. Cut to a close up of Amon and zoom in. Cut to commercial.)


(Fade in to a close up of Korra, unconscious and lying face up in the water. Cut to a shot of Makoís head gear floating in the water and tilt the camera up to show Mako also unconscious and Korra nearby. Korra is pulled across the water by a rope tied to her ankle. Cut to a shot of Tenzin on the floor while Equalists stand nearby, holding the spectators hostage with their taser gloves. Cut to a shot of the arena's ring, with Amon and the chi blockers in the foreground and Tahno and the Wolfbats standing in front of them. Cut to a shot from the side of Tahno as he looks up to the referee and backs away slowly.)

Tahno: What's going on here, ref?
Referee: I don't know!

(Cut to an overhead shot as Amon and the chi blockers approach and the Wolfbats back away. Cut to Tahno who seems hesitant at first before standing his ground.)

Tahno: Alright, you want a piece of the Wolfbats? Here it comes!

(Tahno takes his stance and bends a stream of water at Amon. The camera cuts to and quickly zooms in on Amon as he easily leans out of the way of the water whip. Amon moves side to side and lunges forward. Cut to Tahno and the earthbender as they throw out attacks. Tahno swings his arms in a circular motion downward, creating a circular arc of water as Amon gets close, but Amon spins to the side. The firebender punches at Amon and shoots a blast of fire at him, but Amon weaves to the side to avoid. The firebender readies another attack, but Amon closes the distance and pushes his arm to the side, gets behind him and puts him in an arm lock. The firebender yells in fright as Amon spins him around and throws him. Cut to Tahno as he bends two streams of water. He is about to attack with them when his wrists are caught and bound by a bolo thrown by a chi blocker. The camera tilts up to show the earthbender Wolfbat stumbling back as his wrists are also caught by a bolo. A chi blocker flings a bolo at the earthbenders legs, catching them and making him fall down. Cut to a wider shot of the Wolfbats incapacitated, and Amon and his chi blockers standing over them. Tahno is on his knees in front of Amon, his arms held by two chi blockers. Cut to a close up of a terrified Tahno.)

Tahno: Wait, please don't do this! I'll give you the championship pot, I... I'll give you everything just please don't take my bending!

(Cut to a shot from Tahno's point of view as Amon raises his hand above him, the spot light shining behind Amon, and brings his hand towards the camera. Cut to a close up of Tahno's horrified face, Amon's thumb placed against his forehead, and zoom in while Tahno's eyes quiver. Cut to a close up of Amon as he looks back up, having taken away Tahno's bending. Cut to a shot of the edge of the ring as the chi blockers drag the now powerless Wolfbats to it and throw them over. The camera follows them as they fall and hit the water. Cut to a shot from below of the upper stands as two Equalists hang a large Equalist banner over the side. Cut to a wide shot of the arena as several more banners are hung. Cut to below the ring as the Lieutenant pulls Korra out of the water and up onto the middle platform, Mako and Bolin still unconscious and set against a nearby post.

Cut to Korra's perspective as she looks up at the Lieutenant dragging her by the arm, then cut to a shot of her as she groans, too hurt to fight back. She closes her eyes, and suddenly we shift to Korra's vision. We see Aang and Toph in a flash back. Toph is pointing and saying something. There is a flash transition to a close up of Yakone smirking with Aang sitting behind him in City Hall. Transition to a shot from below of Yakone standing up, then transition to Aang in the Avatar State floating above Yakone. Transition to a close up of Aang as his eyes and arrow return back to normal, and his expression determined.

There is a slower flash, and we return to a shot of the Lieutenant tying the Fire Ferrets to the post with a long bolo. Cut to a close up of a microphone being held by Amon, and tilt up to Amon's face.)

Amon: I believe I have your attention, benders of Republic City. So once again, the Wolfbats are your probending champions. It seems fitting that you celebrate three bullies who cheated their way to victory. (points to the audience) Because every day you threaten and abuse your fellow non-bending citizens, just like the Wolfbats did to their opponents tonight. (cut to a shot of Tahno and the Wolfbats climbing out of the water below, exhausted) Those men were supposedly the best in the bending world and yet it only took a few moments for me to cleanse them of their impurity. Let this be a warning to all of you benders out there, if any of you stand in my way, you will meet the same fate. (cut to members of the audience as they gasp. Cut back to Amon, and we see the Lieutenant now standing behind him) Now, to my followers, for years the Equalists have been forced to hide in the shadows but now, we have the numbers and the strength to create a new Republic City! I'm happy to tell you the time for change has finally come.

(Cut to the platform below where Korra, Mako, and Bolin are tied up. Each of them wakes up while Amon is speaking, and we cut to a closer shot of them.)

Mako: How are we gonna get out of here?

(Korra and Mako look unsure, while Bolin smiles as he looks to the water. Cut to a shot from behind the three of them to see Pabu swimming towards the platform. Cut to a close up of Pabu as he chirps, still wearing his Fire Ferret uniform.)

Amon: Very soon the current tyrannical bending regime...

(Cut Mako, Korra, and Bolin as Pabu runs up to Bolin and sits on his knee.)

Bolin: Pabu! Listen up, buddy.

(Bolin begins to click his teeth while Pabu chirps at him)

Amon:...will be replaced by fair minded Equalist government. You and your children...

(Mako grows impatient while Korra looks on in confusion.)

Mako: Stop fooling around!
Bolin: I'm not, I'm trying to save us!

(Cut to a close up of Pabu as he nibbles through the ropes.)

Amon: ...will no longer need to walk afraid...

(Cut back to the medium shot of Bolin, Korra, and Mako as Bolin turns and smiles at his friends.)

Bolin: See? Pabu is not a one trick poodlepony.

(Mako and Korra smile back at Bolin. Cut to a close up of Amon's profile.)

Amon: ...It's time to take back our city. For centuries, benders possessed an unnatural advantaged over ordinary people. (cut to a shot from the stands and we see the Equalists standing in front of the spectators with their taser gloves glowing, ready to shock anyone who might attempt to escape) But thankfully, modern technology has provided us with a way to even out the playing field. (Cut to a close up of an Equalist, and zoom out and focus on the glowing palm of their taser glove) Now anyone can hold the power of a chi blocker in their hand. My followers and I will not rest until the entire city achieves equality. And once that goal is achieved, we will equalize the rest of the world. The revolution has begun!

(Amon raises his fist into the air. Cut to a shot of Amon from below, and tilt up to see a zeppelin flying over the arena roof. The glass above shatters as several ropes fall down through it. Cut to a shot of the outside of the arena to see the zeppelin floating above, with the Equalist insignia on it. Cut back to the inside as the ropes lower down to Amon and his Equalists. They each walk to the ropes, which have a mechanism at the end that turns into a platform. The each stand on a platform and are pulled up. Cut to a shot from the stands as the Equalists with the taser gloves run away. Cut Tenzin and Lin lying on the ground as they groan and get back up. Lin crouches next to a still delirious Tenzin.).

Lin: Tenzin!

(Lin looks up and sees Amon escaping. Lin and Tenzin get to their feet and look worried a moment before an explosion rocks the building. Cut to a shot of the arena ring and zoom out as a large fiery explosion erupts. The explosion replays from two different angles and ends on a shot with Lin shielding her eyes. Cut to Bolin and Pabu below the floor as they see debris fall around them.)

Bolin: It's okay Pabu, just a little explosion. (clicks his teeth) Keep chewing, you're almost through it. (Pabu chews through more rope and gets the benders loose) Yes! Great job, buddy!

(Korra immediately runs to the water upon being freed. She creates ice over the surface and slides across before looking up to see what is going on.)

Korra: I'm going after Amon!
Mako: Be careful!

(Korra jumps into the water. Cut to a shot below the surface as Korra begins to spin around. Cut to a shot from above the surface as Korra bursts from the water and rises up on a water spout, heading for the hole in the roof. Korra looks determined, but becomes worried when her spout begins to lose power. Eventually, Korra goes too high and the water spout gives out. Korra begins to fall back down.)

Korra: Ughhh!!!

(Korra reaches upward, and we cut to her perspective as Amon quickly grows more distant. Cut to a close up of a metal cable flying through the air. it wraps around Korra's waist and catches her.)

Korra: (gasp) Ahhh!!!

(Cut to a shot of Lin swinging through the air on one cable as she holds Korra with the other. Korra rights herself up and grabs on. Lin swings around to get into position before flinging Korra back up to the roof. Cut to a shot from above as Korra rockets upward. Cut to the outside of the roof where Amon and his followers are still being pulled up to the zeppelin, now with Korra gaining on them. Cut to a shot of the Lieutenant and a chi blocker standing on the platform and hanging on to the rope. Korra rises up from behind them and delivers a fire blast from a flying roundhouse kick, knocking him off before grabbing onto the rope before kicking the chi blocker off with another fiery kick. Korra steadies herself and looks up. Cut to a shot of Amon looking down at Korra as he continues to be pulled up. Cut back to Korra, who glares and punches up at Amon, shooting a very powerful ball of fire at him. Cut to the inside of the zeppelin as Amon steps off the platform just before the fire reaches inside, just avoiding the attack. Amon is unfazed as the blast knocks back the surrounding chi blockers. Korra continues to shoot fire up into the zeppelin while Amon merely looks down, fire flying all around him before turning away.

Cut back to Korra frowning and looking up, her hair blowing in the wind. She looks back down and takes an expression of shock and worry. The camera zooms very far back to show the arena and the surrounding bay. The patrol boats and police zeppelins are all on fire. Cut to the hole in the roof as Lin jumps up through it, landing and retracting her cables before shooting one up at a chi blocker that was swinging towards Korra, snaring him. Lin swings the cable down and slams the chi blocker into the roof below. Two more chi blockers slide down Korra's rope and knock her off. Cut to a shot from below as Korra lands, cracking the glass. The rope and platform are pulled back up, and Lin grapple it with a cable. Before she can pull herself up, the Lieutenant rushes towards her, striking her with his electrified rods and knocking her down, causing her to let go of the rope and platform.

The three chi blockers rush towards the fallen Lin, but a fire blast knocks one down as Korra chases after them. The chi blocker that was hit rolls and gets on his hands and knees, but Korra steps on him and knocks him out as she jumps off of him. Korra shoots two more blasts of fire at the remaining chi blockers with a punch and spinning axe kick while in the air, she does another spin in the air and fire envelops her foot. Cut to the Lieutenant as he is about to strike Lin, spinning towards her and ready to swing his electrified rods down. He is struck by a fire blast from Korra from the side just before he can land his attack. The Lieutenant rolls and gets back on his feet as Korra does a side kick, sending a stream of flame at him. The Lieutenant jumps and rolls out of the way, and runs to the side when Korra shoots more fire at him. Korra chases after him, and he turns around once she's close to strike her. Korra does a back flip to avoid the Lieutenant's attack. She lands in a hand stand, pulls her legs back, then swings them down heel first as the Lieutenant rushes in for another strike, sending out a wave of fire, but the Lieutenant jumps over it.

Korra and the Lieutenant continue to battle each other, dodging and striking back with fire and electricity. Two chi blockers regain consciousness and run past Lin to join the Lieutenant, but Lin gets up and fire her cables, wrapping them around the chi blockers and then flinging them to either side. Lin gets back on her feet, spinning around on her hands and whipping her cables around her as she does so before retracting them. She looks back up to the zeppelin as it starts floating away. Lin flings a cable at it one more time and catches one of the hanging platforms. She starts reeling the cable in, pulling herself up to the zeppelin.

There's a flash of electricity and we cut to Korra fighting the Lieutenant. She jumps back and the Lieutenant rushes at her, attacking with a downward swing with both sticks before stabbing at Korra. Korra dodges the attacks, grabs his arm and hits the Lieutenant in the chest with her knee, using the momentum to throw him down, cracking the roof. Korra follows up with a fiery axe kick, but the Lieutenant rolls to a crouch and deflects Korra's foot with his stick. He follows up with a reverse hook kick, Korra avoids it and counters with a punch-punch-kick combo, shooting out more fire. The Lieutenant dodges all of them, ducking under the roundhouse kick. The scene goes into slow motion as the Lieutenant's stick charges for an attack, and we cut to a close up of him as he swings his stick down. Cut to Korra as she ducks and spins out of the way, turning around and striking with her elbow. She hits the Lieutenant, knocking him back and forcing him to his knee. The Lieutenant gets back up, but Korra runs at him. She jumps and spins in the air, delivering two waves of fire from a whirlwind kick followed by an aerial axe kick. The camera zoom out as the Lieutenant is knocked over the side of the roof and goes rolling down.

Korra lands, but there's a cracking sound. She gasps when the glass beneath her breaks, and we cut to an overhead shot as she goes plummeting. The camera zooms out to show Lin looking down from above. Cut to Lin with a worried expression. She looks back up at the zeppelin, and then bends her cables to let go of it. Lin begins to fall, and shoots her cables down at the hole Korra fell through, attaching four cables to the edges and then reeling them in to make herself fall faster. Cut to Korra falling through the air and into the smoke cloud from the explosion, then to Lin as she shoots a cable to the side, latching it to an Equalist banner. Lin shoots another cable down at Korra, and we cut to Korra and zoom in through the smoke as the cable reaches her and she catches it with her hand. Lin swings out of the smoke along with Korra towards the stands, tearing the banner. Lin lands on her feet and retracts her cables while Korra rolls to her hands and knees. Lin runs over and helps Korra back up.)

Lin: You alright?
Korra: I'm fine, thanks to you.
Lin: Don't mention it, kid. (they look up at the hole in the roof and see the zeppelin flying away) Looks like we lost this one.

(Cut to a shot of Mako and Bolin with Pabu jogging up to Korra. Mako gives Korra a hug.)

Mako: I'm so glad you're okay!
Bolin: (giving them both a hug) Me too!

(The camera pans left as Tenzin walks up to Lin and puts a hand on her shoulder.)

Lin: I can't believe Amon did this. I played right into his hand.
Tenzin: He played us all. Republic City is at war.

(Cut to a shot from behind the group and then tilt up towards the smoking ring in the center of the arena, then up to the hole in the glass roof as the moon shines through it.)

[End Credits]

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