Transcript for 109 - Out of the Past
Out of the Past
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko
Directed By: Joaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu
Storyboard By: Ian B Graham, Colin Heck, Kim Sung Hoon, Lee Dae Woo, Bae Ki Yong, Choi In Seung, Park So Young, Alan Wan, Hyun Joo Song, Adam Lucas
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribers: Lavanya Six, Icy_Ashford

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, using clips from "When Extremes Meet".]

Radio Broadcaster: (voice over) The Avatar has been abducted. After Tarrlok arrested her friends, Korra confronted the councilman in his chambers, but the heated argument quickly turned into an all-out bending battle. Desperate to save himself, Tarrlok revealed his ability to bloodbend and took Korra far from Republic City. Will the Avatar's friends find her before it's too late?

Act I

(The episode opens up to a basement showing a metal box and the lights above the box keeps flickering. The camera pans to the right to show more of the flight of stairs in the basement. The door opens and light streams through the doorway, illuminating the stairs. Korra's silhouette slowly floats through the doorway. Cut to the top of the stairs as we see Korra's shadow and her feet are slowly levitated into screen. Camera angle changes to a frontal shot of Korra who is struggling, spasming and appears to be in a lot of pain. As she levitates past the camera, Tarrlok is revealed to be behind her, deep in concentration and his arms are in front of him, controlling Korra in a puppet-like fashion with his bloodbending.

Camera angle cuts to an overhead view of the basement as Tarrlok walks down the stairs and levitates Korra towards the metal box. He levitates Korra into the box and turns her around to face him. Tarrlok still has an intense look of concentration on his face. Cut to a close up of Korra's face.)

Korra: (fearful) What are you doing? (Cut to the bottom of the box as we see her feet land on the floor. The camera quickly switches back to the outside of the box as Tarrlok quickly slams the door shut.) TARRLOK! (We return back to the inside of the box as Korra pounds on the door with all her might) You can't keep me in here forever!

(Outside the box, we see Tarrlok ignoring her threats as he casually walks up the stairs. Korra keeps pounding on the box. Cut to the outside of the house as Tarrlok walks towards a blue Satomobile and enters it. The engine starts and he drives the Satomobile off screen. Camera pulls out to show a house out in the snowy wilderness and the Satomobile drives down the track. Cut to another scene of the snowy mountains and it is apparent that the place is deserted.

Cut to a building on Air Temple Island at sunrise and we hear a telephone ringing. We are shown a bedroom where Meelo is sleeping in between his parents. All of them are in their pajamas. As the phone rings, Meelo wakes up with a yawn, rubbing his eyes sleepily. He looks towards the phone and crawls over his father's face to pick him up. Tenzin gets rudely awakened by that. Meelo can be heard picking up the phone. Cut to the front of Meelo's face as he has a candlestick phone in his hand. He holds the receiver up in his ear and the speaker near his mouth.)

Meelo: (Tenzin can be seen sitting up behind Meelo) Who is this? It's six in the morning. This better be important.

(Tenzin takes the phone from his son and the camera changes angle and we can now see Pema waking up in the background.)

Tenzin: Councilman Tenzin here. (Camera pans to show Tenzin only as his eyebrows raise up with surprise) What?

(Cut to a photographer taking pictures inside City Hall. Camera angle changes to an overhead view of the scene to show the mess Korra and Tarrlok did the night before. A few metalbender cops are on the scene and Chief Saikhan is standing near Tarrlok who is being healed. We can see Tenzin walking through the doors. Cut to a close up of Tenzin walking in and we immediately change to the photographer's point of view through the camera lens as he focuses on an Equalist glove and takes a picture of it. After the flash, the view changes to the broken balcony and the photographer slowly pans his camera down to a bola wrapped around a pillar. Another picture is taken. After the flash, we see Tenzin walking towards Tarrlok as a waterbending healer heals Tarrlok's arm. Saikhan is taking notes.)

Tenzin: What happened? (Tarrlok and Saikhan turn their heads to look at Tenzin) What was Korra doing at City Hall?

(Tarrlok stands up and pull his sleeve down as the healer walk away.)

Tarrlok: (calmly) As I told Chief Saikhan, Korra came to my office late last night. She was upset that I arrested her friends. She asked me to release them and... (Tarrlok pauses and the camera quickly cuts to a close up of his face.) that's when the Equalists attacked. (We are shown a sepia toned flashback of Tarrlok placing an Equalist glove on the crater in the ground) I tried to protect Korra. (Tarrlok throws a bola towards the pillar) We were outnumbered. (Tarrlok puts on an electric glove and he activates it, making it spark in his hand) Then I was electrocuted. (He puts the glove to his arm and electrocutes him as he groans in pain. The flashback ends and it fades back to the present time.) When I came to, the police had arrived but Korra was gone. I'm so sorry. (turns his head towards Saikhan) Chief Saikhan, mobilize the entire police force. We have to find the Avatar.

(Scene changes to Lin lying in a hospital bed and the camera slowly pans across the road. The radio buzzes to life off screen.)

Radio Broadcaster: We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast (Cut to a close up of Lin with her eyes closed as she rests) to bring you this special report. (Lin opens her eyes and turns her head towards the radio) Late last night Equalists attacked City Hall, (Lin sits up with her eyes wide open in shock and she immediately turns up the volume of the radio) subduing Councilman Tarrlok and capturing Avatar Korra. Details are still coming in but--

(Lin turns off the radio abruptly and gets out of bed but it is apparent that she is still injured as she winces and grabs her arm. She stands up and walks off screen. Cut to the inside of a cupboard containing Lin's metal armor as Lin opens it. Cut to a back view of Lin as she looks at her leg and arm guards as well as her main body armor. Camera changes to another angle as Lin walks into screen with a singlet on, she has removed her pajamas. She moves her arms forward and her armor is metalbent onto her body. Cut to the front view of Lin's body as the armor slides down her neck, waist and a belt is fastened around it. Cut to Lin's bare arm as her arm guard flies onto it. Lin is now fully suited and she looks down at the badge. Without hesitation, she rips the badge off her armor. She puts on a cloak as it covers the entire screen.

When the cloak is gone, the scene has changes to Toph's statue outside the police station. It is glinting in the sun. The scene changes again to Asami lying on the bed in her jail cell with her arms behind her head. The door opens and she lifts her head towards it. She sits up and we see Lin's silhouette. Cut to Asami's back view looking at the door as Lin throws the door aside.)

Lin: Hope you got enough beauty rest. (Camera cuts to a close up of Lin's face as she beckons Asami with her head) Come on, I'm busting you out.
Asami: (Cut to a happy and smiling Asami) Thanks. (she stands up and walks off screen) I owe you.

(Scene changes once more to Bolin facing the camera and Mako with his back facing his brother. We hear drops of water. Cut to Mako's front view and we can see Bolin standing in front of an urinal.)

Mako: Are you done yet?
Bolin: Cover your ears! I can't go with you listening.

(Mako sighs and cover his ears. The door opens loudly and Mako is startled by the loud noise. A look of relief floods his face.)

Mako: Asami!

(Cut to a front view of Bolin as the top half of his face reddens with embarrassment. We can see Asami and Mako embracing.)

Bolin: Aaaagh! (turns his head towards his brother as Mako and Asami kiss) A little privacy please?

(Cut to a close up of the kiss as Asami pulls away and puts a hand on Mako's cheek.)

Mako: Are you all right?
Asami: I'm fine. It's so good to see you.
Lin: (off screen) Hate to break up your lovers' reunion, (Cut to Lin looking concerned) but Korra's in trouble. Amon captured her.

(Camera angle changes to a frontal view of a shocked Mako with his eyes and brows raised. The camera zooms in slowly on him.)

Mako: No. No, she can't be gone.
Lin: (Cut back to Lin as she turns her head outwards) Come on. We have an Avatar to rescue.

(Cut back to the inside of the cell as Mako and Asami run out. Bolin turns around to join them. Cut to Lin moving her fingers up as we hear a zipper being pulled up. We immediately cut to Bolin making a noise of shock and embarrassment as his hands go down.)

Lin: (Cut back to Lin as she turns away) Your fly was down. (walk off screen)
Bolin: (his cheeks are red) Thanks for catching that.

(Bolin walks off screen and the scene changes to the house back in the snowy mountains. Cut to the box in the basement as we hear pounding against the metal. Cut to the inside of the box as Korra throws her body onto the box, attempting to make the door budge. She grunts and groans.)

Korra: Somebody! (pounds on the door with her arm) Help! (her poundings soften) Please! (Cut to a close up of Korra's chin as she pants and sweats drip down her cheek. Camera changes to another angle and it is now facing the door. Korra slides down to the floor against the door and she look tired.) Please.
Tenzin: (Camera slowly zooms in onto Korra and Tenzin's voice is heard as a voice over) I urge you to meditate on these visions. (Korra opens her eyes) I believe Aang's spirit is trying to tell you something.

(Camera zooms out on Korra already seated in a lotus position and she brings her fists together to meditate. She takes in a deep breath and closes her eyes. Soft music changes in the background as the camera angle changes from the top of the box looking in to a close up of Korra's face. The camera slowly zooms in on her and we are taken to a flashback.

We see the back of an adult Aang's head. He hears some foot steps behind him and turns his head.)

Toph: (off screen) What are you doing here, Aang? (Cut to Toph in her metalbender cop armor and she has metalbender cops behind her) I told you I have this under control.
Aang: (Cut to a concerned Aang) Under normal circumstances I wouldn't get involved, but if what those victims said is true we're not dealing with a normal criminal.
Toph: (Cut to a view above Aang's shoulder looking at Toph) Fine. (turns to the side and waves at Aang to follow) Follow me, Twinkletoes.

(Cut to a frontal view of Toph as Aang turns towards her)

Aang: Toph, I'm forty years old. (Toph continues to walk as her cops follow) You think you could stop with the nicknames?
Toph: (walking nearly off screen) 'fraid not.

(Aang shakes his head and follows Toph. Scene changes to what looks like a fancy restaurant. We see Yakone sitting at a table while a couple of bodyguards stand in front of it. Aang, Toph and the rest of the cops walk into screen.)

Toph: It's over. (Cut to a frontal shot of Toph as she points a finger at Yakone) You're under arrest, Yakone.
Yakone: (Cut to a close up of Yakone with his eyes closed and head down) What is Republic City coming to? (opens his eyes and lifts his head up) Used to be a man could enjoy his lunch in peace.

(Cut to the side of Toph as she metalbends a spool of wire out and it catches Yakone's wrist, making him slightly lose his hold on his chopsticks. Cut to a front view of the scene as Toph yanks him up, turning the table over. A cop subdues Yakone and turns him around to cuff him.)

Yakone: What's the big idea?
Aang: (Cut to a front view of Toph and Aang as they lower their guard) We have dozens of witnesses, Yakone. We know what you are. (Cut to a side view shot of the scene as we see the other cops have subdued the bodyguards as well.)
Toph: Take him away.
Yakone: I've beaten every trumped-up charge you yahoos have brought against me, (Yakone smiles and the camera angle changes to Aang) and I'll beat this one too.

(Fade back to a close up of Korra's face as she opens her eyes and gasps in surprise.)

Korra: Whoa. (looks upwards) I finally connected with you, Aang. But (confused) what are you trying to tell me? A way out of this box would be nice.

(Korra takes in another deep breath and returns to meditate. Cut to Tenzin on the phone in his office as Lin and company walk into screen. Tenzin looks up in surprise.)

Tenzin: I have to go. (Cut to a close up of Tenzin as he looks weirded out) Call me back the minute you hear anything. (puts the phone down and stands up) Lin, what're you-- you-- (he gestures around lamely) you should be in the hospital. (points towards Mako) And you three! You should be in prison.

(Cut to a close up of Lin and the teens as Bolin waves sheepishly while Asami smiles smugly. Mako looks worried.)

Lin: I figured you could use our help finding Korra.
Mako: (walks towards the desk) Do you have any leads?
Tenzin: I've been on the phone all morning (walks out from behind his desk) but nothing yet.
Mako: We need Naga. She can track Korra.
Tenzin: (closes his eyes and lowers his head down sadly) I'm afraid her polar bear-dog is missing as well.
Bolin: Then where do we start?
Lin: My guess is that the Equalists are hiding underground, (places her arms akimbo) in the maze of tunnels beneath the city.
Asami: (off screen) Underground. (Tenzin, Mako and Lin look towards her) Just like my father's secret factory. (Cut to Asami with her arms crossed and looking angry) Figures.
Bolin: Yeah, yeah. (places a hand on his chin) That makes sense. When those chi-blockers had me in their truck, in sounded like we drove into a tunnel.
Mako: (has a realization and looks a little happy) I know where to start looking. Come on. (The teens run off screen and the camera pans right to Lin and Tenzin)
Lin: Wherever Amon is keeping Korra, I bet that's where my officers are too.
Tenzin: Let's bring them all home, Lin.

(Scene changes to an overhead view of the city. The camera pans down to an empty yard Oogi flies into screen with the rest on its saddle. The sky bison lands and everyone disembarks. Cut to a back view shot of Mako as he look around and walk down an alley.)

Mako: The truck with Bolin took off down this alley.

(Mako turns his head back towards the group and points. They run down the alley and camera angle changes to the front of the group as they reach an intersection and stop as they walk around.)

Asami: Which way?
Bolin: Hmm. (places a hand on his chin and points forward) This way kinda smells familiar.

(Lin stops and stomps her barefoot on the ground as the background turns into black and shockwaves are seen travelling up her body. The colour change back to normal and she stands up.)

Lin: There's a tunnel nearby.

(She points to her right and everyone runs towards it. Cut to a canal as the group slides down the slope into it while Tenzin jumps off and cushions the landing with airbending)

Mako: There!

(Cut to an overhead view of the canal as the group run towards the tunnel but it is blocked off by metal grates. The group runs towards it and Lin bends down. Cut to a close up of the tracks on the floor leading into the tunnel.)

Lin: (off screen) Motorcycle tracks.

(Cut to a view of Lin inspecting the tracks as the rest of the group look at her. She stands up.)

Mako: Korra has to be in there. (Cut to the inside of the tunnel looking outwards as Lin gets into a stance.) Somewhere.

(As he finishes his sentence, Lin raises her arms upwards and the metal grates slide up. Fade to a commercial break.)

Act II

(The episode returns to the group having entered the tunnel and stumbling across four different tunnels heading in various directions. Cut to a close up of Mako who has firebent a small flame in his hand and he is holding it up high to illuminate the area.)

Mako: Let's try this way.
Asami: (steps forward and extends her hand out) And what if Korra's not down there?
Mako: (a little harsh) Then we pick another tunnel until we find her.

(Mako clenches his fist with determination and proceeds to walk off screen as the rest follow. Cut to a close up of Asami who looks a little hurt. Cut to a curve of a tunnel as Mako and the others walk into view. The view changes to profile shots of Asami and Bolin as they walk.)

Asami: (turns her head towards Bolin) Hey, is Mako all right? He seems really worried about Korra.
Bolin: Yeah, we all are.
Asami: (turns her head forward quickly) I know, but he's your brother. (turns her head back to Bolin and brings the back of her hand in front of her mouth to whisper) Do you think he likes Korra as more than just a friend? (Cut to a front shot of the pair as Bolin chuckles)
Bolin: What? (swipes his hands in a 'no' gesture and both of them stop walking) No! That's just gossip. Where did you hear that? (points a finger towards Asami) Crazy talk is coming out of your mouth right now. Heh.
(Bolin puts his hands behind his back and stands suspiciously)
Asami: (puts a hand on Bolin's shoulder) What do you know, Bolin? Come on. Spill it. (Bolin tugs his collar nervously and the camera angle changes to a view above Asami's left shoulder looking towards Bolin)
Bolin: Nothing. I mean... (places a finger to his forehead) there was this one (sticks one finger up) during the tournament when Mako and Korra kissed, but-- (Cut to a close up of Asami looking shocked as the camera zooms in on her)
Asami: They kissed?

(She looks toward Mako sadly and the camera cuts to a back view shot of the pair as we can see the rest of the group walking a little ahead of them.)

Bolin: Believe me, I was upset over it too, but I'm (places a hand on his chest) over it. I don't think it meant anything. (He places a hand on his waist and looks to the side. Camera cuts to a back view shot behind Bolin looking towards a hurt Asami.)
Asami: (voice breaking slightly) I doubt that.

(Cut to a back view shot of the pair as they walk but Asami turns her head backwards after a couple of steps and we hear the engine of a motorcycle. Cut to a front view overhead shot of the group in the tunnel as we see the headlights of the motorcycle illuminating the back of the tunnel.)

Lin: Hide.

(Mako extinguishes his flame and everyone runs towards a pillar. Cut to a close up of the back of the tunnel as two Equalists drive their motorcycles into view and cycle off screen. Cut to a close up of the dashboard of the motorcycle and a hand comes into screen as the Equalist flips the switch in the middle with his thumb. Cut to group hiding behind the pillar looking out at a wall as it flips inwards, revealing a hidden passage and both of them drive in. The wall flips back into place. Cut to a close up of Lin looking shocked at first and then determined as she runs out from behind the pillar and the rest follow. Camera angle changes to a profile shot of the wall as the group stops in front of it.

Cut to a close up frontal shot of Lin as she closes her eyes and reaches her hand upwards to touch the wall off screen. We are then shown Lin's hand as it rubs the wall. She then pauses in the middle and she rotates her hand to the right. Cut to the back of the wall as we can see a red wheel valve turning and two metal columns sliding out from the side. We return back to a back view shot of the group as Lin pushes her palm upwards and the wall flips upwards. Lin then gestures into the passage and the group runs in as the wall flips shut.

Scene changes to the inside of the secret Equalist base and we can see three motorcycles and two metal trucks in the foreground and a group of Equalists in the background loading things into a tram. Camera slowly pulls backwards as Lin and Tenzin walk into screen and take cover from behind a wall. Cut to a close up of the group with their backs again the wall. Cut to a close up of the Equalists loading their wares. Three of them are on the tram while one is standing beside the tram and holding a clipboard.)

Equalist #1: That tram goes to the training camp. (He points to the right as the tram moves off and he turns to his right as another tram drives in as an Equalist steps off.)
Equalist #2: (the voice is female) Everything was delivered to the prison, sir. (Both Equalists walk off screen and we cut to a close up of Tenzin with Mako and Asami in the background)
Tenzin: That's where they must be keeping Korra.

(Camera zooms out to reveal the entire group)

Lin: We need to get down that tunnel.

(Waves her hand and runs off screen as everyone backs away from the wall one by one and follows Lin. Cut to the inside of one of the tram tunnels looking outwards as the group get into a tram and it begins to move shortly afterwards. Cut to a profile shot of the tram to show Asami driving it while the rest of the group are out front. Cut to the end of the tunnel as two Equalists stand guard. An alarm sounds and blinks red at the end of the tunnel and the two Equalists look towards the inside of the tunnel as the tram rolls out. Cut to the inside of the tram looking out at one Equalist. The camera angle changes to an overhead shot of the scene as it is revealed that the tram is empty. The tram comes to a stop and the front lights turn off. Both Equalist walk towards the tram. Cut to a frontal shot of one Equalist while the other walks on screen.)

Equalist #3: It's empty.
Equalist #4: (turns toward his partner and replies snarkily) Yeah. I can see that.

(Metal cables shoot out from the tunnel behind them and wrap around their chests as they are pulled into the tunnel screaming. We can hear clangs and bangs. Cut to a close up of the Equalists already tied up and propped against a door. It is clear from the position of their heads that they are unconscious. Camera pulls out to show Bolin and Asami standing in front of them while Lin walks up the stairs and Mako is already waiting at the top of the stairs.)

Lin: You two. (turns towards Mako and Asami and points to them) Keep an eye on them.

(Cut to a close up of Lin's shoe as it retracts to reveal her bare foot as she stomps hard into the ground. The camera flashes white and we are shown an overhead view of the room in black and white. Shockwaves roll out from Lin's foot throughout the room. Cut to a corridor with jail cells as the shockwaves move through it. Cut back to Lin in her earthbending stance with her eyes closed)

Lin: My officers are inside. (gets out of her stance and looks upward)
Mako: What about Korra?
Lin: I don't see her yet.

(Lin continues walking up another flight of stairs while Mako and Tenzin follow after her. Cut to the inside of a jail cell looking out as Lin and Mako walk down the trio walk down the corridor. Cut to another corridor as the trio make a turn around it. The camera quickly zooms out to show two Equalists being alerted to their presence and getting into attack positions as they swing their bolas above their heads. Cut to a profile shot of the Equalists as they throw their bolas off screen. Cut to a profile shot of Tenzin as he airbends a powerful blast of air, knocking the Equalists backwards against the wall. Cut to a shot above an Equalist's shoulder looking at the trio as Lin continues to walk down the corridor. Mako runs forward grabs the Equalist against the shoulders and props him up against the wall. Cut to a close up of Mako and the Equalist as Mako removes the Equalist's mask.)

Mako: Avatar Korra, where are you keeping her?!

(Cut to the inside of a jail cell looking outwards as Lin walk on screen and looks at the camera in shock. She walks closer to the bars and the camera zooms out to reveal the metalbender cops all seated despondently on their beds. Lin metalbends the bars aside loudly and the cops turn towards her as she walks into the cell. Cut to a close up of a tired looking cop.)

Cop #1: Chief Bei Fong? (Cut to a view behind the cop looking at a sympathetic and sad Lin)
Lin: I'm too late. That monsters already took you bending, didn't he? (Cut back to the cop as he nods silently. Cut back to a close up of Lin.) I'm so sorry. (Shakes her head sadly and camera angle changes to an entire view of the cell) Come on, let's get you out of here.

(Lin walks out as the cops get off the beds and follow. We return back to Mako with his hands on the Equalist's collar as he pushes the Equalist up against the wall forcefully.)

Mako: I'll ask you one more time. (pulls his hand back and a flame appears above his fist) Where is she? (the Equalist closes his eyes from the sudden brightness)
Unmasked Equalist: (in a strained voice) We don't (puts his right hand on Mako's arm) have the Avatar, (gestures his left hand out) and the Equalists didn't attack City Hall. (puts both hands down) Tarrlok's lying. (Mako puts the Equalist back on the ground)
Mako: What? (Cut to the end of the corridor looking at everyone as Lin walks towards Mako)
Lin: I scanned the entire prison. Korra's not here.(Cut to an area behind Lin's shoulder looking at Mako as he extinguishes his flame and lets go of the Equalist, letting him slump to the floor)
Mako: Why would Tarrlok make up a story about getting attacked?
Tenzin: (Cut to a furious Tenzin) Because he has Korra. (camera zooms in) He fooled us all!

(Cut to an area behind Tenzin looking at Lin and Mako as the alarm sounds through the prison and everyone runs off screen. The camera focuses on the red alarm which keeps blinking. Cut back to the room where they left Bolin and Asami. Bolin is standing in front of an empty tram as he hollers.)

Bolin: Let's go, people!

(Cut to Asami looking at the group and we cut back to a frontal shot of the tram as everyone gets on. The tram moves off screen while we see another tram coming in from the tunnel behind them. Cut to the back view of the escape tram as Mako turns around and notices a tram catching up to them. The camera zooms in on the tram full of Equalists and we cut back to the brothers. Bolin places a hand on Mako's shoulder and steps in front of his brother. He brings his hands out to the sides, clenches his fingers and brings them down. Cut to an overhead shot of the escaping tram as it moves off screen and the walls of the tunnel collapse. We can hear the Equalist tram colliding into the rubble. Cut back to the brothers with a smiling cop behind them.)

Bolin: Try to chi-block that, fools!

(We cut to the front of the tram as Lin looks even more determined while the rest of the cops hang on for dear life. Cut to the back of Lin's head looking at the end of the tunnel. The camera moves forward rapidly to the end of the tunnel to show the Lieutenant, a massive group of chi blockers and a couple of mecha tanks waiting in position for them. The Lieutenant's kali stick sparks with electricity.)

Lin: (voice over) We got more company.

(Cut back to Lin looking at the ceiling and we see her make elaborate movements with her arms towards the ceiling. Cut to a rail on the ceiling as it snaps down.)

Lin: Hang on!

(Cut to a profile shot of the tram as it moves up the make shift rail. Cut to a back view of Lin as she earthbends a hole in the ceiling and the camera cuts to the top of the hole as the tram appears. We cut to a shot of an empty tunnel as the tram sail through the air and lands roughly on the ground. Cut to a close up of the tram as everyone groans but they are all alright. Lin gets out of the tram and earthbends a hole in the ceiling and sunlight shines in.

Scene changes to the snowy mountains at night and we cut to Korra who is still meditating in the box. Camera zooms in on Korra's face and it flashes white. We are shown another sepia toned flashback again and we have an overhead view of what appears to be a court room.)

Prosecutor: (off screen) Yakone has ruled Republic City's criminal empire for years, (Cut to Yakone who is grinning evilly as Aang sits behind him) yet he has always managed (camera zooms in on Aang) to stay out of the law's reach. Until now. (Cut to the back of the council's table looking to the court room as the prosecutor walks into their view) You will hear testimony from dozens of his victims (she stops walking and points towards Yakone) and they will tell you Yakone has maintain his grip on the underworld (Cut to a view behind the prosecutor looking towards the council's table. We see an adult Sokka seated in the middle and he is flanked by a Fire Nation woman on his right and an Air Nomad man on his left) by using an ability (the prosecutor turns towards the audience) that has been illegal for decades. (Cut to a frontal shot of the prosecutor as she turns her head towards the council) Bloodbending.

(Cut to a close up of Sokka as he frowns with suspicion. Cut to Yakone and his attorney as the attorney stands up.)

Defense Attorney: The prosecution's entire case (walks out from behind his table towards the council) is built upon the make-believe notion that my client is able to bloodbend at will, at any time on any day. (He walks off screen and we are shown a frontal shot of the council as the attorney paces in front of them) I remind the council that bloodbending is an incredibly rare skill and it can only be performed during a Full Moon. (Cut to Yakone who still wears a smug, evil smile on his face. It is noted that his wrists are handcuffed to the table) Yet the witnesses will claim that my client used bloodbending (Cut to a frontal shot of the attorney) at every other time except during a Full Moon. It would be a mockery of justice to convict (turns backwards and gestures his hand towards Yakone) a man for a crime that is impossible (smacks a scroll into his palm to emphasize his point) to commit.

(Cut to Aang who is looking serious. The scene fades back to present day Korra who is still meditating. The camera slowly zooms in on her face and we are brought back to the flashback once more. Again, it's an overhead view of the court room but this time, the council are walking towards their seats.)

Bailiff: (off screen) Councilman Sokka will now deliver the verdict.

(Cut to a close up of Sokka)

Sokka: In my years, I have encountered people born with rare and unique bending abilities. (smiles slightly) I once bested a man with my trusty boomerang who was able to firebend with his mind. Why, even metalbending was considered impossible for all of history until (gestures his hand towards his right) our esteemed Chief of Police, (Cut to Toph standing at attention beside her metalbending cops) Toph Bei Fong, single-handedly developed the skill. (Cut to the back of Sokka's head as he looks back towards the audience) The overwhelming amount of testimony and evidence (Cut to a frontal shot of the council as they all look at him) has convinced this council that Yakone is one of these unique benders, (Camera cuts to Yakone and his attorney as ominous music plays in the background) and he exploited his ability to commit these heinous crimes. (Cut to a close up of a serious Sokka) We find Yakone guilty of all charges and sentence him to life in prison.

(Cut to a gavel hitting the block. We cut back to Yakone and his attorney who balls up the scroll in his hand, throws it off screen and bangs his hand against the table angrily. Yakone stands up and the attorney looks towards him. Cut to a close up of Yakone's eyes as it dilates unnaturally. Cut to Sokka who yells in pain as his arm is bent slightly backwards. He begins to close his eyes and spasm. Camera shows a full view of the council as they too, begin to spasm in the seats. Cut to Toph as she metalbends a cable from her side. Cut to back to Yakone's eyes as he look to the side and cocks his head. Cut to a back view of Toph as she drops the cable and she begins to spasm and groan in pain. Cut to a frontal shot of Toph as the camera pans across her and the council all in pain. Camera stops on Yakone as he laughs and looks backwards. The camera zooms out to show an arrowed hand reaching out towards Yakone and spasming as well. Cut to a frontal shot of Aang as he struggles. The rest of the audience are spasming in pain as well. Yakone has managed to bloodbend everyone without using his hands.

Flashback ends and we are brought back to the present day as we see Korra with a pained expression on her face and she breathes rapidly. Scene changes to City Hall at sun down. Cut to the rest of the council standing inside City Hall as Tenzin walks on screen.)

Tenzin: Thank you all for meeting us on such short notice.
Lin: Chief.
Saikhan: Lin. (Cut to a frontal shot of Tenzin and Lin)
Tarrlok: (off screen) Have you news (Lin and Tenzin move apart and turn backwards to reveal Tarrlok walking towards them) of Avatar Korra?
Tenzin: (Cut to a frontal shot of everyone) We do. (Tenzin points a finger at Tarrlok) You kidnapped her, Tarrlok.
Tarrlok: (Cut to an angry looking Tarrlok) I am shocked (takes a step back in surprise) you would accuse me (places a hand on his chest) of such an evil act. I already explained. Equalists attacked and took her.
Tenzin: (Cut back to Tenzin) But there were no chi-blockers here last night. (points to Tarrlok again) You planted the evidence, didn't you?
Tarrlok: (Cut back to Tarrlok in a defensive pose) That is a ridiculous accusation. (He takes a step back to reveal the council page standing on the second floor, clutching a pillar listening to their conversation)
Council Page: It's true! (Tarrlok turns around and the camera zooms in on the page) He took her. (Camera pans across and overhead shot of everyone on the ground floor) I was here when Avatar Korra arrived last night but Councilman Tarrlok ordered me to leave. (Cut back to the page) I was on my way out when I saw Tarrlok bring her down to the garage.

(A flashback begins and we are shown the page's point of view. He has hidden behind a pillar and we see Tarrlok standing at the back of a Satomobile.)

Tarrlok: Say goodbye to Republic City, Avatar Korra. You'll never see it again.

(Korra screams in rage and Tarrlok immediately closes the doors as a puff of flame comes out of the doors. Tarrlok slams a fist against the doors and walks to the driver's seat. Cut to a frontal shot of the page clutching the pillar, looking a little shocked. Fade back to the page in present day in the same position.)

Tarrlok: (off screen) That is nonsense! (The page shrinks down a little and we cut back to an overhead shot of the people on the ground floor. Tarrlok has his finger pointed up to the page) Everyone knows you're nothing but a squeaky-voiced liar.
Lin: (crosses her arms) Why did you wait until now to fess up?
Council Page: (Cut back to the page looking worriedly to the side) I was terrified to tell because... (turns his head towards everyone) because Tarrlok is a bloodbender! (Camera rapidly zooms out to the ground floor to show Tarrlok) He bloodbent Avatar Korra!
All: (gasp)
Tenzin: (Cut to a frontal shot of Tenzin as everyone is surprised) Don't make this worse for yourself. (gets into a defensive stance) Tell us where you have Korra.

(Cut to Lin as she gets to a defensive stance as well. Cut to the back view of Tenzin and Lin looking towards Tarrlok as suspicious, exciting music plays in the background. Cut to a close up of Tarrlok's face with his eyes wide open with anger. He moves forward rapidly. Cut to profile shots of Tenzin as he airbends a puff of air and Lin who metalbends a cable from her wrist. They are quickly shut down by Tarrlok's bloodbending as they spasm in pain. Cut to a back view of Tarrlok with his arms open and everyone who is present are being bloodbent by Tarrlok. They are all spasming and groaning in agony and are brought to their knees. Cut to a close up of Tarrlok deep in concentration as he brings his arms in. Cut to a close up of the people being bloodbent as they slowly drop unconscious one by one. Cut back to Tarrlok looking a little shocked as he walk backwards. Cut to an overhead view of the ground floor as Tarrlok looks at the group and he runs off camera. Fade to commercial break.)


(The scene returns to an unconscious Tenzin on the floor. Footsteps are heard and Lin's metal shoes walk on screen. )

Lin: Wake up.

(Lin's hand enters the screen and slaps Tenzin across the cheek and he awakens with a gasp. Cut to Mako helping Asami up and she has a hand on her head. Bolin sits up on screen and flails his arms around)

Bolin: (disoriented) Uuugghhh, man. I had this awful dream that Korra was taken by this evil bloodbender. So weird.
Asami: (Bolin turns his head back towards Asami) Bolin, that really happened. (Cut to a close up of Asami) He knocked us out.
Bolin: (Cut to a close up of Bolin looking shocked) Are you serious?! Where is he? (looks around) Is he here right now?
Saikhan: (Cut to a frontal shot of Saikhan facing Lin and Tenzin as the Earth Kingdom councilman stands behind him ) Tarrlok is long gone. I'll alert the whole force.

(Saikhan and the councilman turn away and walk off and we cut back to the group as Bolin places a hand on his shoulder and attempts to rotate it to loosen the sore muscles on his shoulder.)

Lin: We've only been out for a little while. Maybe we can still pick up Tarrlok's trail.
Tenzin: It could lead us to Korra. Let's go.

(The group runs off screen. The scene changes to Korra who is still meditating really hard and beads of perspiration collects on her chin.

The camera flashes white to Aang's flashback again and we are shown a frontal shot of Aang struggling against Yakone's bloodbending as he reaches his hand out in an attempt to grab Yakone. Cut to Yakone smiling maniacally as he has his palms upward and he flexes his fingers. We cut to Sokka who is still trembling from Yakone's grip and he looks off screen as the camera zooms out to reveal that he is looking towards a struggling Toph. Cut back to Yakone as he stares at Toph with deep concentration. We return back to Toph as her hands move backwards involuntarily to grab the keys from the cop beside her as she gasps in pain. We cut back to a wide shot of Yakone as Toph levitates into screen towards Yakone. Her hand is outstretched with the key as she unlocks Yakone's cuffs. Cut to his feet as the handcuffs fall to the floor.

Cut back to Yakone as he massages his wrists and moves them around. He then moves his arms upwards, clenches his hand and Toph and a cop fall unconscious. Cut to an overhead shot of the court room as everyone drops unconscious. We cut to Yakone's back view and we see Sokka and the rest of the council fall unconscious. Aang's hand is still outstretched towards Yakone and he gasps in pain. Yakone turns towards him and brings his hand up, levitating Aang upwards.)

Aang: (struggles to speak) Yakone, you won't get away with this. (his arms move to the back of his body)
Yakone:(Cut to Yakone smiling evilly and the camera slowly zooms in on him) Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Republic City is mine, Avatar. I'll be back on day to claim it.

(Cut to a side vie shot of the scene as Yakone brings his hand back and Aang is tossed forward against the steps and he is knocked unconscious. Yakone runs to the exit and we cut to a close up of Yakone's face as he runs towards the camera. We cut to the outside of the court room and Yakone is already seated in a carriage and slaps the reins of an ostrichhorse and the animal runs off screen. We return back to Aang as wind blows his robes around. Camera cuts to a close up of Aang's face as he wakes up glowing with the Avatar State. The glow fades and Aang looks furious. Cut to the front door of the court room as it bursts open to reveal an angry Aang standing on top of a huge swirling air ball and moves closer towards the camera.

Cut to the back of Yakone's carriage as it makes its way down an empty street and Aang is hot on his tail. Aang proceeds to move his air ball across the buildings. Cut to a frontal shot of Yakone as he looks to the side in shock. The camera pans upwards to reveal Aang chasing him closely. Aang makes elaborate movements with his arms and sends a blast of air towards the camera. Cut to a top view of the carriage as the air severes the reins and the carriage spins off balance. Cut to a frontal shot of the ostrichhorse as it keeps running but the carriage falls on its side toward the ground and skids a distance. Aang nears the carriage and we cut to an over head shot of Aang circling the fallen carriage.

We cut to a close up of the carriage looking towards Aang as the door opens suddenly. Cut to a Yakone as he extends his arms upwards and brings them in. Cut to Aang as he gasps and his body lurches forward and collides with the ground. Yakone jumps out of the carriage and walk towards Aang. Cut to a close up of Aang on the ground looking up at Yakone and we cut to Yakone with his hair in a slight mess. He loosens his collar.)

Yakone: This time I'm going to put you (moves his arms around rapidly) to sleep for good.

(Cut to Aang as he spasms once more and a sickening crunch can be heard. His arms contort in an unnatural position. Cut to Yakone as he levitates Aang's body upwards and Aang continues to groan in pain. Cut to a view of Yakone's hand looking up at Aang as Aang's body slowly spins around and his arms and knees are bent in very awkward angles. Cut to Aang's wrist as it bends backwards and Aang screams in pain. Cut to a close up of a deranged Yakone as perspiration pours down his face. Cut to Aang's face as he is being handled like a ragdoll. His neck begins to twist in a weird angle and his eyes flashes into the Avatar State and the camera zooms out to reveal that he has broken free of Yakone's bloodbending and air is swirling fiercely around him. Yakone is surprised and puts his arms in front of his face to shield him from the wind.

Cut to a back view of Aang as he earthbends a cone around Yakone and contains him. Cut to a front view of Yakone as he struggles and Aang's arms enter the screen. His right hand is placed on the middle of Yakone's forehead while his left hand is placed on the middle of his chest just under the collarbone.)

Aang: (Cut to a close up of a serious Aang) I'm taking away your bending for good.

(Cut to a close up of Yakone as he gasps in shock. Cut to profile shot of the scene as Aang's arrows and eyes flash. Cut to an overhead view of Yakone and Aang as Yakone gasps with his eyes wide open. Aang's arrows and eyes stop glowing and he steps away from Yakone. Cut to a close up shot of the pair as Aang pants slightly.)

Aang: It's over.

(The flashback ends and we return back to a close up of Korra's face in present day. She opens her eyes with disbelief and the camera zooms out.)

Korra: Aang, this whole time you were trying to warn me (rubs her face and eyes) about Tarrlok.

(Korra hears a door opening and camera angle changes to an overhead view of the box and Korra stands up. We hear footsteps walking down a flight of stairs. Cut to a full view of the basement as Tarrlok descends and walks towards the box.)

Tarrlok: My life is a disaster now, thanks to you.
Korra: (Cut to Korra smiling smugly) So your little bloodbending secret's out? (Cut back to Tarrlok as he lets out an angry sigh and he walks away from the box) And I know how you bloodbent me without a Full Moon. (Tarrlok pauses and we return back to Korra in the box) You're Yakone's son. (Cut to Tarrlok's back view)
Tarrlok: I was his son, but in order to win Republic City I had to become someone else. (Camera angle changes to an overhead shot of the room) My father failed because he tried to rule the city from its rotten underbelly. (Cut to Tarrlok's profile shot) My plan was perfect. I was to be the city's savior. But you, (turns towards Korra's box) you ruined EVERYTHING. (swipes his hand aside angrily)
Korra: (Cut to Korra looking serious) Tarrlok, the jig is up and you have nowhere to go.
Tarrlok: (Cut back to a smug Tarrlok) Oh no. (steps away and heads towards the stairs) No, I'll escape (walks up the stairs) and start a new life, and (pauses and turns towards the box) you're coming as my hostage. (Cut to a top view of the stairs)
Korra: (yells off screen and pounds on the metal door) You'll never get away with this.

(Cut to a close up frontal shot of Tarrlok as he looks away and closes his eyes. Moonlight illuminates more of his face as he heads upstairs. He opens his eyes in shock. Cut to his point of view to reveal Amon, the Lieutenant and three Equalists waiting for Tarrlok. Cut to a close up of Amon.)

Tarrlok: (off screen) Amon!

(Cut to Korra looking upwards and gasping. Cut to a back view of Tarrlok looking towards the Equalists as the chi blockers swing their bolas and the Lieutenant whips out his kali sticks.)

Amon: It is time for you to be equalized.
Tarrlok: (Cut to a profile shot of Tarrlok as he smiles smugly and gets into a stance) You fools. (He raises his arms upwards and camera angle changes to a profile shot of the scene. The chi blockers move towards Tarrlok and they attempt to swing their bolas but their bodies are bloodbent and the bolas swing off course) You've never faced bending like mine.

(Everyone except Amon crumples to the floor. Amon walks towards Tarrlok easily. Cut to a close up of a surprised Tarrlok.)

Tarrlok: Huh?

(He re-positions his stance and lets out a shout. Cut to a profile shot of Amon who keeps walking and he slows down slightly, struggling against Tarrlok's hold. Cut to Amon's legs as the Lieutenant falls down face first to the floor. Amon's legs spasm a little but he shrugs it off and walk forward without hesitation. Cut to a back view shot of Tarrlok looking at Amon as Amon walks towards Tarrlok. Cut to a profile shot of Tarrlok as he looks fearful and steps backwards.)

Tarrlok: (fearful whisper) What? (stops walking backwards as he has reached the top of the stairs) What are you?
Amon: (We cut back to Amon as he keeps walking towards Tarrlok) I am the solution.

(Amon lunges towards Tarrlok and grabs him by the arm, twisting it and bringing Tarrlok to his knees. Cut to a profile shot of Tarrlok as Amon grabs the back of his neck. Cut to Amon's hand being raised in the air as it descends. Cut to a top view of Tarrlok with his eyes wide open. Cut back to Korra in the box who looks upwards as we hear Tarrlok scream off screen. Camera pans through the floorboards to the first floor as Tarrlok falls forward with his eyes wide open. Camera pans upwards to reveal Amon getting out of his stance. Cut to the Lieutenant and the Equalists as they groan and get off the floor. Cut to them looking towards Amon as they stand up and Amon carries Tarrlok on his shoulders.)

Amon: I'll take care of him. You four retrieve the Avatar. Don't underestimate her. (Cut to a close up of Korra's blinking eyes.) Electrocute the box to knock her out before you open it.(Korra's eyes move to the side and her expression changes to fear.)
Lieutenant: (off screen) My pleasure.

(Cut to the top view of the box as Korra look up with desperation. Cut back to the inside of the box as we hear footsteps walking down the stairs. Korra looks at her arm band and touches it. Cut to a shot of the basement as the Equalists stop in front of the box and wait for the Lieutenant who is still walking down the stairs. As he steps off the last step, he takes out his kali sticks.)

Lieutenant: It's payback time.

(Cut to the bottom of the box as he jabs his kali sticks sharply on the box and proceeds to electrocute the box. Korra is heard screaming off screen. We cut to a shot inside the box as it glos with electricity. Korra's knees are bent and not touching the floor of the box. The camera pans upwards to show that Korra has looped her arm band on the top part of the box and she is hanging all her weight on the band. She continues to feign groaning in pain. Cut to a close up of Korra as she looks up and the camera pans upwards to her arm band acts as an insulator against the electrical current. The lamp above the box begins to move and swing around from the nearby current. Cut to the outside of the box as the lamp bulb blows and the Lieutenant stops electrocuting. Korra can be heard falling to the floor of the box. The Lieutenant steps away from the box.)

Lieutenant: Open the box. (Two Equalists walk towards the box. Cut to the back view of the Equalist as he opens the door. The camera pans downwards to Korra who is faking unconsciousness.) Tie her up.

(As soon as he finishes his sentence, Korra aims her foot towards the camera and firebends. Cut to a full view of the basement as flames fill up the basement, knocking an Equalist backwards. Cut to a profile shot of Korra as she swipes the flames aside. Camera angle changes to the back of Korra looking over her shoulder towards the Equalists. An Equalist gets back on his feet and throws a bola towards Korra. Camera angle changes to a frontal shot of Korra as she drops and rolls, dodging the bola as it hits the box behind her. She slams her fist into the floor and the floor begins to quake and roll. The Equalists are thrown off balance. Cut to a close up of a scared Korra as she runs off screen.

Scene changes to the outside of the house as Amon loads an unconscious Tarrlok into the back of a truck. Cut to the inside of the truck looking out at Amon as he is about to close the doors. He hears a sound and look back towards the house. Cut to front door as Korra bursts open the door and time slows down. Korra opens her eyes and she is clearly frightened. Cut to Amon staring back at Korra. Cut to a back view shot of Korra's legs as she lands on the snow. Cut to a profile shot of Amon as he begins to make his move. Cut to a close up frontal shot of a frightened Korra and camera angle changes to her profile shot. She moves her hands backwards and bends the snow over her head into spikes towards Amon. Cut to the ground in front of Amon as the spikes land in front of him. Cut to a close up of Amon as he dodges the spikes and makes a run towards Korra. The impact of the spikes stirs up the snow and Korra immediately makes a run for it. Amon pops up from behind the snow cloud and chases after Korra.

Cut to Korra's back view as she jumps down a slope and Amon runs into screen. Cut to the top of the slope looking upwards as Amon slides into view. Cut to an overhead view of Amon looking down the slope as Korra slides down the slope, leaving a snow cloud behind her. Cut to a frontal shot of Amon as the Lieutenant and the Equalists reach Amon.)

Amon: I thought I told you not to underestimate her.

(The Lieutenant moves back slightly and we cut back to a profile shot of Korra as she looks backwards. She look to the front and the camera zooms out to show her snowboarding down the slope. Cut to a frontal shot of Korra as she dodges a couple of rocks in the snow. However, she trips over a tree root and she gasps as she is throw onto her back and continues sliding down the slope. She comes to a stop and hits a tree trunk as snow falls onto her face. Cut to an overhead shot of an unconscious Korra and the camea zooms out slowly as the snow keeps falling heavily.

Cut to the snowy ground as a white paw steps into screen. Naga's head enters the screen as she bends down to sniff the ground. Camera cuts to the back of Korra's head looking towards Naga and the polar bear dog runs towards her master. Naga makes a small whine and licks Korra's face. Cut to a close up of Korra as she stirs.

Korra: Naga, (Camera zooms out to a profile shot of them as Korra sits up) you came looking for me. (Korra pets Naga and her mount licks her in return.) Good girl.

(Korra pets Naga some more and nuzzles her pet. Cut to a shot of the snowy hills as Naga slowly treks her way across the snow. Korra lays down on the saddle. Camera pans upwards to reveal Republic City in the background quite a distance away.

Scene changes back to Republic City as the camera looks up at Oogi's underbelly as it flies through the sky. Cut to a close up of Tenzin as the group survey the ground below them. Naga howls off screen)

Mako: That sounds like Naga. (Tenzin steers Oogi towards the howl and the sky bison flies off screen. We cut to Naga walking down the streets as Oogi flies out from behind a building.) Down there.

(Naga senses Oogi and turns around as the sky bison touches down. Cut to Korra on the saddle as she stirs.)

Tenzin: (off screen) Korra! (Cut to a back view of Korra as Tenzin and Lin walk run towards her) Oh, thank goodness.
Lin: Where's Tarrlok? (Mako runs towards them) How did you get away? (Mako pushes Tenzin and Lin aside)
Mako: Give her some space.

(Cut to a profile shot of the entire scene as Mako carries Korra in his arms as everyone look at her sadly. Cut to a close up of Asami looking at Mako a little hurt and confused. Cut to a slightly overhead shot of Mako and Korra.)

Mako: I was so worried. Are you all right?
Korra: I'm fine. I'm glad you're here.

(Korra closes her eyes and rests her head against Mako's shoulder. Cut to the saddle as Mako carries Korra onto Oogi and lays her gently on the saddle. Cut to a frontal shot of Mako as he smooths Korra's hair. )

Mako: You're safe now.

(Cut to a close up of Korra's face as she closes her eyes as she can finally take a rest. Cut to an overhead shot of the whole scene as the camera slowly zooms out.)

[End Credits]

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