Transcript for 110 - Turning the Tides
Turning the Tides
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko
Directed By: Joaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu
Storyboard By: Colin Heck, Han Kwang Il, Kim Young Chan, Lesean Thomas, Bae Ki Yong, Lee Dae Woo, Alan Wan, Hyun Joo Song, Adam Lucas
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribers: Lavanya Six, dragonofthewest

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "And the Winner Is...", "The Voice in the Night", "The Aftermath", and "Out of the Past".]

Radio Broadcaster: (voice over) Amon's revolution grows stronger by the day. First he attacked the bending arena, then it was discovered that Hiroshi Sato was the mastermind behind the Equalist gloves and mecha tanks, and most recently Amon ambushed Councilman Tarrlok, took his bending and nearly captured the Avatar as well. Everyone is on edge, wondering where will Amon strike next.

Act I

(Air Temple Island. Korra lies sleeping in bed, recuperating from her recent ordeal. Mako sits by her bedside, keeping vigil. He takes hold of her hand. Asami, in the doorway watching, unseen by Mako, turns glumly away.

Tenzin enters a different bedroom, where Pema and the children lie sleeping together. He sits down by the bed, placing a hand on Pema's pregnant stomach. First she, then Jinora, then the other children, gradually wake up.)

Jinora: Daddy, you're home. We waited up for you. Is Korra okay?
Tenzin: Yes, she's fine, sweetie. (He picks Ikki up and holds her close.)
Ikki: I was scared. I thought she wasn't coming back.
Tenzin: I'm sorry you were scared, but everything is going to be fine now. I promise.

(The family dining area. Korra is wolfing down a meal. Tenzin, Pema, Lin, Mako, Bolin and Asami are sitting at the table with her.)

Korra: The food tastes amazing, Pema. I'm finally starting to feel like myself again.
Pema: We're so thankful that you're home safe.

(She rises and begins taking care of the dishes. Asami gets up as well.)

Asami: Let me help.
Tenzin: Korra, I realize that you've been through a lot, but I need to know everything that happened.
Korra: Well, first off, Tarrlok isn't who he says he is. He's Yakone's son.
Lin: It all makes sense now. That's how Tarrlok was able to bloodbend us without a Full Moon.
Tenzin: But how did you escape? And where's Tarrlok?
Korra: Amon captured him... and took his bending.
Tenzin: (shocked) What?
Korra: Yeah. He showed up outta nowhere. He almost got me, too.
Tenzin: This is very disturbing news. Amon is becoming emboldened. Taking out a councilman, almost capturing the Avatar. I fear Amon is entering his endgame.

(The kitchen. Pema and Asami are washing dishes. Pema suddenly hunches over, crying in pain.)

Asami: Pema, are you all right?
Pema: The baby is... just kicking really hard is all. I'm fine.
Asami: Should I get Tenzin?
Pema: No reason to worry him. It's nothing.

(Mako enters with a teapot in hand, a man on a mission.)

Mako: (demandingly) Can I get some hot water? Korra needs more tea.
Asami: (in no mood) You're a firebender. Boil it yourself.

(Mako is nonplussed. Awkward silence ensues.)

Pema: (tactfully) I'm gonna step out in case you two wanna talk.

(She exits screen right, making a "yikes" face.)

Mako: Is there something we need to talk about?
Asami: I've noticed how you treat Korra, how you acted when she was missing. You have feelings for her, don't you?
Mako: What? No! She was taken by a crazy bloodbender. How did you expect me to act?
Asami: I like Korra, but you've been keeping the truth from me this whole time.
Mako: The truth? About what?
Asami: You're really going to make me say it.
Mako: Yes! Because I don't know what you're talking about.
Asami: The kiss, Mako. I know.
Mako: (caught off guard) I -- well, I -- mph. (angrily) Bolin told you, didn't he?
Asami: Don't blame your brother for what you did. Do you have feelings for Korra or not?
Mako: Look, things are crazy right now. Can we deal with our relationship problems later? (He tries to take her hand soothingly, but she wrenches it away.)
Asami: Well, there might not be any relationship to worry about later. (exits)
Mako: Asami!

(Lin and Tenzin step out into the Air Temple's courtyard.)

Tenzin: Lin, I, uh, need to ask you a favor. It would mean the world to me, but I know it could be, uh, a potentially awkward situation. Furthermore, I--
Lin: Spit it out already.
Tenzin: Will you stay here and watch over Pema and the children while I meet with the Council? With everything that's happened lately I want to be sure my family is in safe hands.
Lin: (touching his shoulder) Of course I'll help, old friend.

(Pema comes around the corner, holding Meelo.)

Pema: I didn't realize you two were out here.
Tenzin: (guiltily) Pema! Yes, yes, Lin has agreed to help out around here and keep an eye on things while I'm away.
Pema: Thank you. I could use the extra pair of hands. (She deposits a chortling Meelo in Lin's relunctant grasp.) Would you mind giving him a bath? He's filthy.
Lin: (confronting the reality of a squirming toddler) This is not what I signed on for!
Tenzin: (safely atop sky bison) Thank you, Lin! Oogi, yip yip. (He disappears into the sky, Pema vanishes into the house, and Lin is left alone with her charge.)
Meelo: (picking his nose) I gotta poo. Really bad.

(His contortions prove it. Horrified, Lin metalbends one of her tethers around him and dangles him at a safe length, rushing into the house.

A posh neighborhood in Republic City. The interior of the Fire Naton Councilwoman's home.)

Fire Nation Councilwoman: Do you know where my keys are? I can't find them anywhere.
Councilwoman's Husband: (reading the paper) No, dear.
Fire Nation Councilwoman: Ooooh! Found them.
Councilwoman's Husband: Good, dear.
Fire Nation Councilwoman: Don't wait up for me. This council session will probably go late into the night. (a knock at the door)
Councilwoman's Husband: The door, dear.

(She opens the door to a suspicious-looking pair of exterminators. The moustache and voice of one reveal him to be Amon's Lieutenant.)

The Lieutenant: We're here to fix the spider-rat problem.
Fire Nation Councilwoman: I didn't call an exterminator.

(The Lieutenant electrocutes her and the pair enter the house.)

Councilwoman's Husband: (heard from offscreen) Dear?

(The roof of City Hall. Tenzin, flying on Oogi, lands and begins walking across the roof. A trio of workmen cleaning the glass dome on the roof reveal themselves to be Equalists and attack Tenzin. They are little match for his airbending and he quickly defeats them. The Council Page from previous episodes opens a door onto the roof just as the last gusts of wind from Tenzin's assault are dissipating. He cries out in alarm and shields himself before realizing who it is.)

Council Page: I'm so relieved to see you.
Tenzin: The other council members. Are they all right?
Council Page: I'm afraid not. I just received a call from Chief Saikhan. They've all been captured!
Tenzin: This can't be happening.
Council Page: The leadership of Republic City is in your hands now.

(An explosion is heard offscreen. The two rush to the edge of the roof to see what it is. Bombs are exploding in the street. They look up to see a fleet of Equalist airships attacking the city.)

Council Page: It is a tragic day indeed!

(Air Temple Island. The assault on the city is visible from the courtyard, where Lin and the airbender kids stand aghast.)

Lin: All right, kids. Time to go inside!
Korra: (running outside with Mako, Bolin and Asami) We heard explosions. What's going on?
Lin: Republic City is under attack.

(The interior of one of the airships. Hiroshi gazes sadly at a portrait of his family from many years ago: his wife is still alive and Asami is just a child. He tucks the picture away in his waistcoat and a look of determination appears on his face. He walks up to stand beside Amon, whose airship this is.)

Hiroshi: I've dreamed of this day for so long.
Amon: Yes. The time has come for the Equalists to claim Republic City as their own.

(Fade to commercial break.)

Act II

(Republic City, under attack. A ferry lands in the harbor. Team Avatar disembark.)

Asami: Where did you say you parked the car?
Korra: It's right around here somewhere. There it is!

(They run towards the car. Korra seems to have used a lamppost in lieu of the brakes.)

Asami: (sarcastically) Wow. Nice parking job.
Korra: Hey, you guys got arrested and left me alone with the car. I made it very clear that I don't know how to drive.
Bolin: All things considered, you did a great job. But how are we going to pay for all these parking tickets?

(He pulls a sheaf of them from the windshield. Mako, impatiently, snatches them and destroys them in a burst of flame. Bolin gasps at the illegality.)

Mako: Relax. The city's under attack. The police have more important things to worry about. (Bolin is crestfallen)
Asami: (pulling her electroglove out of the trunk) This'll come in handy.

(They get in the car. Mako is about to get in the front passenger seat next to Asami.)

Asami: (spitefully) Why don't you sit in back... with Korra.
Mako: (miffed) I think I will. (He does.)
Korra: (to Mako, with concern in her voice) Everything all right?
Mako: (sarcastically) Yeah. Everything's terrific.

(Asami careers into the road, nearly hitting another car. Bolin calls out a warning.)

Bolin: CAR! Oh, we're good.

(Police headquarters. A command center.)

Police Clerk #1: Chief, Air Unit Seven was just taken out by an Equalist airship. They've crashed into the harbor.
Saikhan: Send a river rescue unit.
Police Clerk #2: Chief, all river rescue ships have been sabotaged.
Saikhan: What?
Tenzin: (entering) Chief Saikhan.
Saikhan: Tenzin! Am I glad to see you. I was afraid you'd been captured too.
Tenzin: I'm the only council member left. What's the status?
Saikhan: Amon has launched simultaneous attacks across the boroughs. The police are trying to regain control but we're spread too thin.
Tenzin: I need to send a wire.
Police Clerk #1: To whom, Councilman?
Tenzin: The General of the United Forces.

(A corridor outside. Gas begins pouring from air vents in the walls, causing people to collapse. The scene returns to the command center.)

Police Clerk #1: Councilman, your wire has been sent.
Police Clerk #2: Chief, the phone lines just went dead!

(Alarms go off. The lights go out. Saikhan pulls out two flashlights and tosses one to Tenzin.)

Saikhan: Catch!

(Gas begins pouring from the vents.)

Tenzin: Saikhan, the vents! (Saikhan metalbends them shut.) We need to evacuate immediately. Everyone, stay close to me.

(Tenzin and the police staff walk down the hall, shielded from the gas by Tenzin's airbending. They emerge into the street, only to be confronted by a squadron of Hiroshi's mecha tanks.)

Tenzin: Not these mecha tanks again!

(The mecha tanks activate magnetic arms, attracting the metalbenders' armor and making them easy captives. Tenzin tries to rescue Saikhan with airbending, but air is no match for electromagnetism. The mecha tanks deposit the police in the back of a waiting truck. They return to attack Tenzin and the police clerks. Tenzin holds them off with airbending as the clerks try to flee. The mecha tanks overcome Tenzin and as he sinks to the ground, he sees the truck begin to pull away.)

Tenzin: Saikhan, no.

(Looking up, he sees a police airship in flames, falling out of the sky. Another truck filled with Equalist agents has arrived. Using their bolas, they capture the police clerks. Tenzin's vision fades and he begins to lose consciousness. The mecha tanks close in on him.

At that moment, Team Avatar come racing around the corner in the Avatarmobile. As the car heads straight toward the mecha tanks, Korra and Bolin earthbend a ramp in its path.)

Asami: Jump!

(The kids leap from the car as it hits the ramp and goes flying through the air, crashing into two of the mecha tanks and destroying them. Team Avatar run to the attack. Caught by one mecha tank's grapple hook, Mako redirects its electric charge into the machine itself, shorting it out. Korra disables another by bending water into its exhaust pipes, while Bolin knocks it over with earthbending. A group of Equalists are loading an unconscious Tenzin into a truck to be taken away. Asami confronts them and, using her glove and martial arts skills, defeats them. Tenzin recovers consciousness.)

Tenzin: (to Asami) Thank you.

(He joins the fight, airbending a mecha tank into the sky and atop a building. From above, in the safety of Amon's airship, Hiroshi views the conflict through a telescope.)

Hiroshi: (to Amon) Tenzin has escaped once again. I can't stand to see Asami fighting alongside those benders.
Amon: We will capture them before long. And you will have your daughter back.

(Below, the mecha tanks have been vanquished.)

Korra: Are you all right?
Tenzin: I'm fine. Thank you, kids. Another moment later and I would have been on my way to Amon.
Mako: Uhhh, guys? Look.

(Mako points. Air Temple Island is visible from here, and as the group looks, they can see an Equalist airship hovering over the island.)

Tenzin: Oh no.

(A hatch opens in the bottom of the ship, and Equalists descend on a zip line towards the island. The White Lotus sentries rush to defend against them. In the courtyard, Lin and Tenzin's family watch their home being invaded.)

Lin: Everyone, hide inside and remain calm. (Pema cries out in pain.) Pull it together, Pema. Didn't I just say remain calm?
Ikki: Mommy? What's wrong?
Pema: The baby's coming!
Jinora: Oh no!
Meelo: Not now, baby!

(Air Acolytes escort Pema away. Fade to commercial break.)


(A second Equalist airship has joined the attack on the island. The White Lotus sentries fight the Equalists using bending. The Lieutenant is the last to descend the zip line. He leads a group of Equalists into the heart of the island, where they encounter Lin, waiting for them. She uses metalbending and earthbending to defeat several of them. The scene switches to a bedroom where Pema lies in labor. Two female Air Acolytes are attending her.)

Pema: The children, where are they?
Elderly Air Acolyte: Don't worry. They're in the other room, totally safe.

(In the courtyard, Lin attempts to subdue the Lieutenant with her metal cords, but he simply electrifies them with his kali sticks, giving her a shock that throws her to the ground. The Lieutenant approaches to deliver the decisive blow. Suddenly, Jinora swoops out of the sky on her glider.)

Jinora: Stay away from my Dad's ex-girlfriend. (She airbends the Lieutenant onto a nearby roof.)
Lin: Jinora, you shouldn't be out here!

(Ikki joins the fray, riding on an air scooter.)

Ikki: Get off our island! (She knocks over Equalists using the scooter like a pinball.)
Lin: Girls, you need to go back inside this instant!
Meelo: (jumping off a roof into a group of Equalists) Taste my fury! (He farts in the face of one of them.)
Lin: Meelo, be careful!

(The warning is unnecessary, as Meelo handles the Equalists in his own spastic way.)

Lin: Never mind.

(The conflict is over. Lin, the kids, and the Lotus sentries survey their captives.)

Lin: (to the sentries) Take these Equalists and lock them in the temple's basement. (to the kids) Nice work, kids.

(Oogi lands in the courtyard, piloted by Tenzin and bearing Team Avatar on his back. The children run to their father.)

Jinora: Dad!
Tenzin: Oh thank goodness you're all right.
Meelo: We caught the bad guys.
Tenzin: (to Lin, outraged) You let them fight? Do you realize what could have happened?
Lin: I would have been toast if not for your kids. You should be proud. You taught them well. (Tenzin gazes proudly at his martial offspring.) Go on, be with your wife.

(In the hallway, Tenzin can hear a baby crying. He runs to the bedroom.)

Tenzin: Pema!

(Pema is lying in bed, holding their newborn.)

Pema: Tenzin.
Tenzin: (sitting beside her) I'm here, Pema.
Pema: Our new son.
Tenzin (taking the infant in his arms and gazing down fondly) Well hello. (to his children, who have followed him) Come, meet your new brother.
Meelo: A brother? Well it's about time.
Ikki: Welcome! I'm Ikki and this is Jinora and Meelo. We have a super-great family and we're so happy that you're a part of it.
Jinora: What're you going to name him? Can I pick?
Pema: We already chose a name.
Tenzin: Rohan.

(Korra, Team Avatar, and Lin have entered the room.)

Korra: I'm so sorry to interrupt but more airships are coming.
Ikki: Everything's not going to be fine, is it, Daddy?

(Tenzin looks apprehensively at his family. The scene switches to the courtyard. Tenzin, Lin, and Team Avatar watch two Equalist airships flying in to renew the attack on the island.)

Korra: What do you want to do, Tenzin?
Tenzin: I need to protect my family and get them as far away from this conflict as possible. If Amon got his hands on my children... I hate to even think of it.
Lin: If you're leaving, then I'm going with you.
Tenzin: But--
Lin: No arguments. You and your family are the last airbenders. There's no way in the world I'm letting Amon take your bending away.
Tenzin: Thank you, Lin. Korra, I want you to leave this island and hide for the time being.
Korra: (indignantly) I'm not giving up.
Tenzin: I'm not asking you to. I sent word to the United Forces. They will be here soon. And once my family is safe, I will return. With the reinforcements, we can turn the tide in this war.
Korra: What you're saying is... we need to be patient.
Tenzin: (kindly) You're learning well.

(The courtyard. Three sky bison bearing airbenders, air acolytes, and Lin, wait to take off. Team Avatar, Naga, and two Lotus sentries are bidding them farewell. Tenzin hugs Korra.)

Tenzin: Stay safe, Korra.
Korra: You too.
Lin: Tenzin, if we're leaving, we better do it now.
Tenzin: Oogi, yip yip.

(The sky bison take off. Two Equalist airships break away and begin following them. Another airship joins the attack on the island. Equalists descend on a zip line and confront the group. The sentries assume defensive postures.)

White Lotus Guard: (to the kids) Go. We'll hold them off.
Korra: Everyone, climb on! (the kids mount Naga) Let's go girl.

(Naga gallops off across the island. The Equalists and the sentries begin battling.

The kids seem to be getting away when the Lieutenant suddenly emerges nearby, sliding down a cliff towards them.)

Bolin: (calling out in warning) Moustache guy!

(Naga leaps into the air to meet him in his descent, and with one swipe of her paw sends him flailing down onto the beach far below.)

Korra: Nice one, Naga.

(Naga continues on, plunging off a pier into the bay. Korra waterbends a protective bubble around them and they begin swimming towards Republic City. The scene shifts to Lin and the airbenders, who are desperately trying to flee from the airships, to no avail.)

Lin: They're gaining on us!
Tenzin: (flicking the reins) Faster, Oogi!

(One airship shoots out a line with a net at the end, trying to capture the group. Lin destroys it with one of her own metal lines. As she sees their flight is hopeless, she tethers herself to a second line shot out from the airship and casts a wistful glance back at the airbender family. Her face hardens with determination.)

Lin: Whatever happens to me, don't turn back.
Tenzin: (turning towards her) Lin, what are you doing?!

(Running down the length of Oogi's tail, Lin leaps into the air. Retracting her metal line, she pulls herself up onto the roof of the airship. She metalbends a hole in the roof and pulls a large section free. An explosion occurs and the airship begins to sink out of the sky. As it does, Lin runs across the roof, propelling herself with metalbending onto the roof of the second airship. As she begins a similar demolition, Equalists emerge from a hatch in the roof and fling bolas around her, trapping her. She falls to the ground and is electrocuted. The airship veers away with its captive as the airbenders look on, stunned.)

Meelo: That lady is my hero.
Tenzin: Yes, she is.

(They fly on, safe for now. The scene shifts to the mouth of a sewer giving onto the bay, where the kids stand, about to flee into hiding. Air Temple Island is visible, and Korra stands, sadly gazing at the besieged temple. Mako comes up to her.)

Mako: Korra, we should get moving.

(They head into the sewers, Mako's arm around Korra. Asami, with a sour look at them, follows. Later that night, it is raining on a conquered Air Temple Island. Lin is forced to her knees before Amon, surrounded by his forces. She glares up at him defiantly.)

Amon: Tell me where the Avatar is and I'll let you keep your bending.
Lin: I won't tell you anything, you monster.
Amon: Very well.

(With no further ceremony, he unbends her. She slumps to the ground.

The scene shifts to the deck of a ship, on the open ocean. Daytime. A young officer in a red coat stands, looking out to sea. Another officer, bearded, dressed in gray with an Earth Kingdom insignia on his cap, comes up to him.)

Bearded Naval Officer: General, I just received a wire from the Avatar. She says Amon and his forces have gained control of the city. How do you want to respond?
Young General: (voiced by Dante Basco) Tell her we will be arriving in three days time and that I look forward to winning back Republic City, together.
Bearded Naval Officer: As you wish, General Iroh.

(Avatar fans everywhere swoon. The bearded officer heads off to relay this order. The camera pans back to reveal General Iroh's ship to be but one of a United Forces naval flotilla, steaming towards Republic City.)

[End Credits]

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