Transcript for 111 - Skeletons in the Closet
Skeletons in the Closet
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko
Directed By: Joaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu
Storyboard By: Colin Heck, Lee Dae Woo, Bae Ki Yong, Choi In Seung, Kim Sung Hoon, Park So Young, Alan Wan, Hyun Joo Song, Adam Lucas
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, using clips from "Turning the Tides".]

Radio Broadcaster: The Equalists are on the attack. The Lieutenant and his chi blockers invaded Air Temple Island, and forced Tenzin and his family to flee. In the daring escape, Lin Beifong sacrificed herself and saved the airbenders. But, she was captured and Amon took her bending away. Now, Team Avatar is in hiding as they await help from General Iroh and The United Forces.

Act I

(The episode opens up to multiple Equalist airships patrolling the sky just above City Hall and the camera slowly pans to reveal numerous mecha tanks on the city square and on the pathways.)

Hiroshi: It is a glorious day, my Equalist brothers and sisters. Amon has torn down the tyrannical bending government. (The camera cuts to the probending arena where construction cranes can be seen re-building the glass roof. Multiple Equalist banners adorn the outside of the building.) He has declared bending illegal (The scene changes to a side view shot of Avatar Aang's statue a large Amon mask has been put on top of Aang's face. An Equalist banner hangs from his airbending staff. The camera swiftly pans to the front of Aang's statue and slowly pulls away from it to show the bay shrouded in thick fog.) and he has the Avatar on the run. (Scene changes once again to Hiroshi where he is seen giving a speech. The Lieutenant and a chi blocker are standing behind him.) Our great leader has a vision for the future, (Camera switched to the back of Hiroshi's head and we can see a crowd listening to his speech. Several chi blockers line up as a perimeter around the crowd) one day soon bending will no longer exist and we will live in a world everyone is finally equal! (Hiroshi punches his fist into the air and the camera cuts again into the crowd looking up at Hiroshi.)The United Forces are on their way right now to try and stop that dream (The camera slowly pans down to two chi blockers standing behind the crowd) but we will prevail!

(Hiroshi opens both his arms out with confidence and the crowd cheers and raises their arms up in support. The female chi blocker turns towards her partner and nods as they both turn their backs on the crowd and walk away. The camera changes to some shrubs and bushes as the chi blockers make their way through the foliage. They walk towards a giant rock and the female chi blocker earthbends the rock as both she and her partner run and jump into the hole. As they descend, the rock moves back into position.

The camera cuts to Mako and Korra in chi blocker outfits but without their masks. It was the two chi blockers we saw earlier. They are walking down a metal and somewhat rusty corridor.)

Korra:: Can you believe Hiroshi? "The Avatar is on the run". I'm not running from anyone. (Korra rolls her eyes) Let's go back up there (Korra pauses in her tracks and Mako stops as well) and knock some heads, (Korra punches her fist into her palm) they'll never know what hit 'em. (She turns around as the camera cuts to the opposite side of the corridor.)
Mako: Relax, (Korra continues to walk away but slowly as she listens to Mako) General Iroh's coming with an entire fleet of battleships. (Korra stops walking and raises her eyebrows.) Then Amon (Korra pulls back in defeat and frowns as his words make sense) will be the one who's running.
Korra: I hate this being patient stuff.

(Korra rolls her eyes and turns back to continue their journey down the corridor and Mako follows.

Cut to Bolin and Asami sitting on crates as they watch Pabu look at a sprig of leaves in Bolin's hand. He moves it up and down as Pabu performs a backflip. Pabu then crawls up Bolin's leg and onto his shoulder as Bolin and Asami turn their heads towards the left of the screen. The camera cuts to Asami and Bolin walking towards Korra and Mako and there are shabby tents set up in the background.)

Asami: You two were gone a while. (She crosses her arms)
Mako: (Camera cuts to the front of Korra and Mako as Mako replies defensively) We were doing reconnaissance.
Asami: (Camera cuts to the front of Asami and Bolin) Whatever. (Asami glances away angrily as Bolin looks at her with concern.)
Hobo: (The park hobo from the first episode suddenly zooms into view) Welcome back! (Cut to the front of Korra and Mako as the hobo happily makes his way in between them and he clutches his jacket happily as he dances) Hope you worked up an appetite 'cos dinner is served.

(He extends his arms out and pull Mako and Korra closer to him. Cut to a pot of orange-brown gruel as the hobo stirs it and ladles the contents into a bowl.)

Korra: (voice over) Thanks so much for letting us (Camera pans out to the group sitting around a log that is used as a makeshift table. The hobo offers the bowl to Korra and she accepts it.) hide out with you the past few days.
Hobo: Honoured to oblige. (He picks up an empty bowl on the table and offers it to Bolin as he ladles the gruel into the bowl.) My associates and I heartily oppose (Bolin supports the bowl with both hands) Amon's so called "Equalist policies". (The hobo is done ladling and Bolin brings the bowl towards himself. The hobo extends his arms outwards.)We got benders and non-benders living together (The camera cuts through the living space of the hideout and various make shift tents are seen.) down here, but do you see us fightin'? No siree. (Cut back to the hobo as he hugs himself) We figured out how to harmoniously co-exist.
Bolin: (Cut to the front of Bolin and Asami who gives Bolin a weird look) You are a wise (Bolin bows to the hobo) and noble hobo. (He spoons up the gruel into his mouth) Mmm... This is (He brings the bowl up towards the hobo. Asami stirs the contents of the bowl.) the best tasting street gruel I've ever had! (Asami lifts the spoon up from the bowl and stares at it) Seriously.
Hobo: (Cut to the front of the hobo as he replies enthusiastically) I culled it from the finest dumpers the city has to offer.
Asami: (The camera cuts back rapidly to Asami who already has the spoon in her mouth. Her eyes close and opens back comically with small beady eyes as the top half of her face turns green.) Blergh.

(She spits the gruel back into the bowl and coughs. Cut to the back of Asami's crate as she puts the bowl down on the floor. Pabu runs towards the bowl and squeaks he licks the gruel like a cat.

Scene changes to what is presumed to be night and Bolin and Asami are asleep on the floor in their sleeping bags. Pabu is sleeping above Bolin's head. Camera pans to the left to show Korra resting on a sleeping Naga's side. Cut to a close up of Korra to reveal that she is wide awake. She is back in her usual outfit.)

Mako: (off screen) Can't sleep (Korra turns her head towards Mako) either?
Korra: (Camera angle changes to show Mako walking towards Korra) No, I have this (Camera angle changes to the front of Korra as Mako takes a seat beside Korra) awful pit in my stomach.
Mako: Me too.
Korra: (Cut to a close up of Korra again) It's so crazy. (She shrugs) A few months ago I was in the South Pole practicing for my firebending test, and now I'm in the middle (turns to Mako) of an all out war.
Mako: (Cut to Mako as he looks to the side) I know. We didn't even know each other then. And now, I can't imagine (smiles) my life without you (Cut to Korra as the camera slowly zooms in on her face as her mouth is slightly agape.) in it. (Cut back to Mako as the camera slowly zooms in on him) You're the most loyal, brave and selfless person I've ever known.
Korra: (Cut back to Korra as she gives him a soft smile) I think you're pretty incredible too but (her head bends down) you already knew that. (Her eyes glances to the side towards Mako, Soft music plays in the background as the camera cuts back to the front of the couple looking at each other fondly for a few seconds. Korra interrupts the moment by turning her head away right as Mako leans in.) I should probably try to get some sleep.
Mako: (Cut to the front of Mako as he glances to the side, a little bit disappointed)Me too. Good night. (He stands up and walks away from Korra)
Korra: Good night.

(Korra leans against Naga with her eyes wide open as she has a worried expression on her face.

Cut to a tower on Air Temple Island at night as a couple of Equalist airships patrol with their searchlights on. The camera slowly pans down to Amon standing still as The Lieutenant brings a blindfolded metalbender cop towards Amon. The Lieutenant roughly shoves the cop down on his knees and the cop groans. Cut to a close up of the cop's face as The Lieutenant slides the blindfold off his head. The cop appears disoriented.)

Amon: (Cut to the side of the cop as Amon walks towards him) You will now be cleansed of your impurity. (Amon walks behind the cop and the camera cuts to the front of the cop who begins to breathe in a panicked manner. The music changes to a rushed one and the camera angle changes to the cop's point of view as Amon's palm slowly descends towards him. Cut to the front of the cop as Amon's thumb descends on the cop's forehead. A split second later, the cop gasps and collapses on the floor, weakened.) Next.

(Amon turns towards the Lieutenant and the camera cuts to the front of the Lieutenant as he nods and walks off screen. The camera follows him as he grabs another cop by the shoulder. There is a long line of blindfolded cops and White Lotus guards. The cop gasps in fear as he is lead off screen.

Cut to the shrouded bay. The camera pulls back to show Mako standing at the entrance of the tunnel leading to the hide out. Korra, Bolin and Asami walk into view. Cut to the outside of the tunnel as Mako leans against the side and looks out carefully.)

Mako: Coast is clear.

(He waves a hand and beckons the team to follow him. Cut to the front of the entrance as the team slowly climbs up a flight of stairs beside the entrance. Cut to the top of a platform overlooking the bay as the team kneels down behind the railings to get into position. Cut to Bolin's point of view as looks through the telescope. The bay is thick with fog and Air Temple Island can barely be seen. The point of view pans to the right and a flock of crows fly by.)

Korra: (voice over) Once The United Forces arrive, (Cut to Korra's side view showing Bolin lying down on his stomach beside her and looking through the telescope) we need to be ready to help in any way we can. (Bolin and Asami turn to look at her)
Mako: (off screen)They're here. (Korra, Bolin and Asami turn their heads towards the water. Bolin gasps and turns the telescope around and he through it the wrong way.)
Bolin: Whoops.

(He flips the telescope the right way around and cut back to his point of view. He pans to the left and there is a silhouette of The United Forces fleet behind the dense fog.

Cut to the back of the fleet as it sails its way into the bay. Cut to General Iroh looking at the sea suspiciously.)

Iroh: Hmm... Amon had to know we were coming, (Cut to the back of Iroh's head as the camera pans to the left to show a relatively empty bay) so why aren't we meeting any resistance?
Korra: (Camera cuts rapidly to Korra) Wait a second. Where are the Equalist (Korra stands up and the camera follows her as she stares at the sky behind the factory) airships? (Mako takes Bolin's telescope and runs further down the platform to scout. He looks through the telescope. Cut to his point of view as he surveys the warehouses at the side of the water.)

Mako: (voice over) I don't see any mecha tanks either.

(Cut to the back of Mako's head as he turns towards the camera worriedly. Korra looks very confused. Cut to the top of the platform as the team watches the fleet slowly make their way in. Camera slowly zooms in on the fleet. Cut to the water waves near the bottom of the boat. The camera dives under the surface of the water. The bubbles clear up to reveal an naval mine. The camera zooms in on the mine and runs into it. Cut back to Iroh on the boat as he frowns.)

Iroh: Something's not right.

(An explosion is heard off screen and the boat shakes. Camera pans to the side to show a gush of water rising up at the side of one of the ships. Cut to the bottom of a ship as a couple of naval mines float on the surface and detonates. Camera cuts to the side of the ship to show water gushing upwards. The camera pulls backwards to reveal Iroh watching the chaos.)

Iroh: It's a trick!

(He grimaces as another explosion goes off behind him and he runs off screen. Cut back to the top of the platform as the team watches fleet of ships get bombed. Cut to Korra as she runs off screen. The camera angle changes to the water to show Korra jumping over the railings and diving into the water. She waterbends a spout to cushion her dive. Cut to underwater as Korra swims towards the ships. Cut to Iroh in the control room, standing in front of a microphone.)

Iroh: Water and earthbenders, detonate those mines. (Camera angle changes to the back of the control room and the rumble of motors is heard) What is that sound?

(Iroh runs off screen and camera angle changes to back of the fleet. One ships is billowing black smoke. Cut to the top of Iroh's ship as Iroh runs forward to look at the source of the motor noise. He has a look of shock on his face. Cut to the top of the water as Korra surfaces for air and she looks back to land. Camera changes to the remaining of the team standing on the platform and looking towards the city. The motor engines sound stronger. Cut to the front of Mako as he puts the telescope up to his eye.)

Mako: (voice over) What now?

(The camera cuts up close to a building and zooms in on a figure in the sky at the back of another building in the foreground. More figures join in as they fly behind a building. The camera pans to the left to show a group of airplanes flying out from behind the building and makes its way toards the camera. Another group flies in. Cut back to the team on the platform looking at the airplanes with disbelief. Mako continues to survey the airplanes with the telescope.

Bolin: Where does Hiroshi find the time to keep inventing new evil machines?

(The scene changes to the top of one of the planes flying towards the smoking United Forces fleet. The planes are all adorned with Equalist symbols on their wings. More planes fly into view. The camera pans to the side to show how vast the Equalist forces are. The camera zooms in on nearby airplane to show Hiroshi piloting it. He look down and the camera cuts to the control panel of the plane. His fingers pull a knob and the camera cuts to the bottom of the airplane where a hatch opens to reveal a bomb strapped inside. The straps are released and the camera pans back to showcase the entire plane as the bomb drops with a 'whew' sound. It hurtles towards the camera and it is followed closely by a second bomb.

Cut back to the fleet as more bombs drop into the water. Cut to Korra who dives underwater to escape as more planes fly back. Cut to the top of a ship as a bomb is dropped squarely on it and it explodes into flames. More planes fly by and they drop more bombs on the ship. Cut to the side of the ship as it is on fire and a bomb drops into view.

The scene changes to the back of a plane as it drops two torpedoes into the water and they rapidly rocket towards a ship. Cut to Korra underwater as she duck and narrowly avoids the torpedoes. Cut back to the top of the water as two United Forces soldiers stand on a platform and see the silhouettes of the torpedoes heading towards the bottom of the ship. They jump off the platform and the torpedo makes impact, exploding the ship and sending torrents of water everywhere. Cut back to underwater as Korra is blown away by the force of the explosion. As her body heads towards the camera, the screen fades black to a commercial break.)

Act II

(Scene returns back underwater as the camera points towards two ships. Bombs keep dropping into the water. Korra swims into screen and heads toward one of the ships. Cut back to the surface where a plane flies by and drops a torpedo. The camera follows the torpedo down into the water and flies off screen. Cut back up to the battleground as soldiers on the ship see the silhouette of the torpedo rushing towards their ship.)

United Forces soldier: Incoming!

(We see two soldiers get thrown off into the water by the force of the explosion and they yell. The scene returns back to the sky as one of the Equalist airplanes rotates itself to the side slightly and fly down to the ships. Cut to one of the turrets on the ship. Two soldiers firebend flames into the turret while the third soldier firebends point blank towards the Equalist plane which easily dodges the fire. As the plane flies away, it releases a bomb and it explodes, knocking the soldiers off their feet.

Cut back to the water as Korra surfaces for air and she looks at the carnage. Her eyes follow a plane as it drops another bomb which strikes the ship behind her. The scene to a group of smoking ships and one of them is partially sunken into the water. The planes fly by, ignoring the fallen ships. Cut to an earthbender inside the ship as he earthbends an earth disc with a grunt towards a passing plane. He is immediately knocked off his feet by a wave of water caused by an explosion. Cut to the front of the ship as the plane flies away towards the camera. As it nears the camera, we see two earth discs trailing behind and it smashes the plane. The scene changes to the back of the plane as we see that the plane is cut cleanly in half and the pilot of the plane ejects safely in his parachute.

Cut to General Iroh and two firebenders in a firebending stance. As they release their fire, the camera cuts to the front of the fire turret that is adorned with the Fire Nation symbol. The scene changes to an Equalist plane in the sky and we see the fire from the ship shooting outwards and hitting the plane. The pilot of the plane sees the damage and immediately abandons his vehicle. Cut back to General Iroh as they watch the plane explode and the pilot floats down to the water safely in his parachute.

Cut back to Korra as she takes a deep breath and dives back underwater. She then spins herself, causing a whirlpool to swirl around her. The scene cuts back to the top of the water as we see a spout of water containing Korra leave the water. After she reaches a certain height, Korra moves her hands around in a circular motion. Cut to an Equalist plane flying in the direction of the spout and an ice spike suddenly materializes out of the water in front of it. The plane crashes into it and one of its wings break off. The plane skids along the surface of the water and slams into Korra's water spout. The spout immediately disintegrates and Korra lets out a groan and plunges into the water.

As she lands in the water, a torpedo is seen hurtling towards her and Korra waterbends the water around the torpedo and sends it rocketing towards the surface. The torpedo makes contact with an Equalist plane and it explodes. As the plane crashes into the water, the pilot is heard screaming as he falls into the sea. Korra surfaces for air and looks around. She begins to swim towards one of the ships.

Cut to Iroh opening a hatch and climbing a ladder to one of the lookout posts on the mast. The camera zooms out as he firebends and destroys two planes out of the air. The range of his flames are long and powerful. He continues firing as one plane dodges. The camera keeps zooming out to show more planes flying around the chaos and the ship next to Iroh's has sunk. Cut back to Iroh in the lookout post as he sees three planes flying towards him. With a look of determination on his face, he firebends a series of shots by punching and kicking. Cut back to the trio of planes as they dodge the flames. However, one of the planes gets hit and it drops out of screen. The other two planes keep on flying and another firebending blast knocks another plane off course. The remaining plane keeps flying towards Iroh's ship as it keeps dodging the flames. As it nears the mast, it drops a bomb. Time begins to slow down as the camera zooms into towards Iroh as he firebends at the rocket. Time picks up again as the camera cuts to a side view of the ship where the bomb explodes, taking out the mast and the plane flies by unharmed. Cut to the side of the ship as we see Iroh being thrown off by the explosion. The left sleeve of his uniform has been burnt off and we can see a nasty wound on his arm.

Cut to underwater as Iroh's body slams into the water, unconscious. His body begins to sink gradually and Korra swims towards Iroh. She grabs his body with one arm and uses the other to paddle back to the surface. Cut to the surface of the water as both of them cough and gasp for air. There is debris floating around them.)

Korra: It's alright, I've got you.
Iroh: (coughs and look back towards Korra) Avatar Korra, (smiles) you saved my life. Thank you.

(Korra pushes her arm out and waterbends them rapidly out of the chaos. Cut to an overhead shot of the battle and all the ships are smoking as the Equalist planes fly around. We return back to the hide out and we see a couple of refuges are seated in front of a fire. The camera pans to the left to show Iroh seated down as Korra heals him with her waterbending. Asami, Bolin and Mako stand around them.)

Iroh: I was prepared to deal with Sato's mecha tanks (Camera cuts to a front view of a weary looking Iroh) but not these new high speed aircraft.
Korra: (Cut to Iroh's back view as Korra continues to move her hands around to heal) I know. Every time we think we have an advantage, Amon outsmarts us.
Bolin: (Camera pans to the right as Bolin speaks and Iroh and Asami turns their heads towards Bolin) No matter what our plan is, he always has a better one.
Iroh:(Cut to a front view of Iroh has he concentrates) Amon is winning so far. We're not out of the fight yet.
Bolin: I like this man's confidence! (clenches his fists proudly) So, how (puts a hand to his chin) are we not out of the fight?
Iroh: (Iroh stands up and Korra stops healing. He puts a hand over his wound.)A second wave of reinforcements is on the way, but I need to warn them. (turns his head towards Korra) Do you still have a way to get a message out?
Korra: (Cut to a smiling Korra) I know just the man for the job.

(Camera pans rapidly and we are shown a close up of the hobo as he holds up a wire in each hand and plugs it in. The camera zooms out to show everyone standing behind him.)

Hobo: And who is the recipient of this top secret message?
Iroh: Commander Bumi, Second Division of The United Forces. (The hobo cracks his fingers, massages his wrists and waves his right hand around)
Korra: Tenzin's brother?
Iroh: Yes. Bit of a wild man, (the hobo leaves his hand raised in the air) but the bravest commander you'll ever meet.
Hobo: Ready, sir.
Iroh: (The hobo begins to press the keys of the telegraph device repeatedly as Iroh delivers his message. We can hear the beeps sent) Fleet ambushed and destroyed by Equalist aircraft. Retreat to Red Sand Island until my signal. Do not approach city until you receive the all clear.

(Cut to a close up of the telegraph device as the hobo keeps tapping. The scene changes to a map of Republic City as Iroh's hand moves along the map and stops in the upper left corner of the map.)

Iroh:Now comes the hard part, we need to ground those aircraft. (The camera slowly zooms out to show everyone around the map, paying attention to Iroh's instructions.) Otherwise, Bumi's fleet will never be able to re-take the city.
Mako: (Walks towards the table and points to the upper left part of the map) They flew in from this direction. The airfield (Cut to a close up of Mako's finger as it slides to the mountains)must be somewhere over this mountain range.
Iroh: (Cut to a front view of Iroh) Everyone get ready. (turns towards Mako)We leave at dawn. (Mako nods and everyone is dismissed as they walk away from the map. Cut to a close up of Asami who is deep in thought. Her facial expression changes to a look of determination.)
Asami: It's time to take down my father.

(Asami walks off screen and we cut to a shot of a doorway as Korra walks through it with a sad expression on her face. She looks up at her friends and the camera cuts to the back of Korra's shoulder.)

Korra: Wait. (Everyone turns around to face Korra and the camera cuts to a close up of Korra's face as she look down solemnly) I'm sorry but (frowns and looks back up to her friends) I'm not going with you tomorrow.
Mako: What?
Asami: Why not?
Korra: (Cut to Korra's profile as she looks on angrily) I'm sick and tired of hiding from Amon. (turns her head to the side) It's time I face him.
Iroh: (Cut to a front view of Iroh as he steps forward) That's not a good plan, we need to stick together.(Asami, Bolin and Korra look at him)
Korra: (Cut back to a front view of Korra as she throws her arm to the side angrily.)I'm not waiting for him to hunt me down. My guts tell me it's time (points her finger to the ground)to end this, on my terms. (moves her arm to exaggerate her point)
Iroh: (Cut to a front view of Iroh looking worried)Korra, this is not (Mako turns his head towards Iroh) a mission you should be handling alone.
Mako: (looks back to Korra) She won't be, (Mako walk towards Korra and Asami has a look of surprise on her face)I'm going with you.
Korra: (worried) You don't have to do that.
Mako: Yes, I do.

(Cut to Asami looking on with shock and sadness as she look down. The camera pans to the right to show Iroh with a hand on his chin, deep in thought.)

Iroh: Hmm... My grandfather would respect the Avatar's instinct. (moves his hand down and looks to Korra) So will I.

(The scene changes to the buildings of Republic City as the sun rises in the horizon. Cut back into the hide out as we see Mako in chi blocker uniform. Bolin walks towards him and both brothers graps each other's hands and embrace each other.)

Mako: Love you, little bro.
Bolin: (Cut to a back view of Mako as we see the hobo crying in the background)Love you back, big bro. (Camera cuts to show Asami with her back towards Mako as Bolin walks towards Korra who is in her chi blocker uniform.)Korra, (Bolin raises his finger for emphasis)Amon is a nasty dude. (Bolin spreads his arms open) Be careful.
Korra: (steps into Bolin's arms and they hug) I will. Good luck. (Korra breaks the hug and pets Naga) If you're going into the mountains, you should bring Naga. (Naga raises her head up and Korra nuzzles her companion as the polar bear dog grunts) Take good care of Bolin for me.

(Naga licks Bolin as he looks on unamused while Korra gives him a sheepish smile. Cut to Asami's back view.)

Mako: Asami. (she turns to face Mako) I'm sorry (Cut to a front view of Mako as he looks at her apologetically) things got so messed up between us but whatever happens today, (Camera pans to Asami as she looks on with a sad expression on her face)I want you to know how much I care about you.
Asami: (Cut to a side view of the couple as Asami takes a step towards Mako) I care about you too.

(She look up as him, tips her toes and kisses Mako on the cheek as he closes his eyes. Asami still has a sad expression on her face and she runs off screen. The camera cuts to Asami's back view as she runs towards Naga, Bolin and Iroh. Cut back to a front view of Mako's face as he looks on sadly. Korra lays a hand on his shoulder reassuringly and Mako walks off screen as Korra looks on worriedly. Cut to Asami climbing onto Naga's back as she is seated behind Bolin and Iroh. Pabu is on Naga's neck. Both teams go their separate ways.

Hobo: (Cut to the hobo and the farewell party) Good fortune (raises arms up) and success to you (brings arms down and clutches hands into fists) valiant heroes.

(The hobo brings his arms back up again. Cut to the entrance of the hideout as Mako and Korra exit. They walk into the water as Korra waterbends a bubble of air around them. The camera fades to rocks along the shore as the pair surface and Korra breaks the bubble. Both of them clamber onto a rock and they put on their chi blocker masks.

Cut to a view of Air Temple Island and the pair climb up the slope. The camera pans upwards to an Equalist airship hovering above a tower. Cut to Amon being brought up to the ship by a line and he boards the ship.)

Korra: (voice over) There's Amon.

(The line locks back into position and the entrance and we return back to the back view of Mako and Korra spying on the airship.)

Mako: We need to get into the temple. (The airship flies off) Then, when he returns -
Korra: We ambush him.

(Cut to an overhead view of the couple walking down the path towards the tower. The camera jumps to the pair's back view.)

Lieutenant: (off screen) What are you two doing here?

((They look to the side as the camera swings around to reveal the Lieutenant staring sternly at them.)

Mako: Uhh... (look towards Korra) we were just transferred.
Lieutenant: Well, you're getting transferred again. Amon wants extra security at the arena today.
Mako: (Cut to the front view of Mako and Korra)The arena? For what?
Lieutenant:(Cut to a close up of the Lieutenant's face as he frowns) The rally. You should have been briefed about this.
Korra: We'll be there, (Korra gives the Lieutenant a bow and Mako nods) sir. (The Lieutenant walks away and the camera swiftly cuts to the back view of the pair as Korra gives Mako a nudge and whispers) I know another way in.

(The pair slowly and comically shuffle sideways off screen. Cut to a wall within the air temple and the pair are seen beside a small secret wooden door built into the wall. Korra lifts the door up and they both crawl inside the hole in the wall as the door shuts behind them.

Cut to the inside of one of the rooms in the tower as the pair ascend the stairs and walk across the room.)

Korra: (points towards a ladder) Let's hide in the attic.

(They both climb up and the camera cuts to a shot within the attic as the pair climb up. Mako look towards the inside of the attic.)

Mako: Uhh... we're not alone up here.

(Korra looks at where Mako has his gaze and we are shown a lone figure clad in blue being held behind bars in the attic.)

Korra: Tarrlok?

(Korra and Mako remove their masks and we cut to a close up of a dishevelled looking Tarrlok.)

Tarrlok: I don't suppose you're here to rescue me.
Korra: (Cut to a side view of Korra as she approaches Tarrlok)We had no idea you were here. (Mako walks forward and joins Korra)Are there other prisoners on the island?
Tarrlok: No. (looks down) I'm the only one.
Korra: (Cut to a close up of Korra looking perplexed) And what makes you so special?
Tarrlok: (Cut to a close up of Tarrlok with his eyes closed) I'm Amon's brother.

(He opens his eyes and looks up at the pair. Cut to the inside of Tarrlok's cell as it looks outwards to the attic. Korra gasps as both she and Mako are shocked by the revelation. Camera fades black to a commercial break.)


(Episode returns to the camera panning across the bay of Republic City. We can see Avatar Aang's statue and the bay is still shrouded by fog.)

Tarrlok: (voice over) Amon is from the Northern Water Tribe. (Cut to the inside of Tarrlok's jail cell looking outwards at Mako and Korra) He's a waterbender and a bloodbender, (Camera rapidly cuts to the front of Tarrlok as he lifts his head up) just like I was.
Korra: (surprised) What?! (Korra and Mako turn their heads to look at each other)
Mako: (takes a step forward to Tarrlok's cell) Did you know this all along?
Tarrlok: (Cut to Tarrlok) No. (bends his head down) Not until after he captured me. (Camera cuts to a side view shot of the entire scene)
Korra: How did your brother end up becoming Amon?
Tarrlok: (Cut to Tarrlok's profile) It all began with my father, Yakone. (Camera fades to show Yakone's profile. A surgeon is standing in the background and he walks towards Yakone as he lies down on a pillow.) With the help of his former gang, (Switch to Yakone's point of view as a nurse and the surgeon looms over him with a scalpel.) he escaped prison and underwent surgery to change his appearance. (Camera fades to show the surgeon's point of view as he snips off the bandages on Yakone's head.) He assumed a new identity (All the bandages fall off and Yakone now looks younger and has darker hair) and settled down in the Northern Water Tribe. (Cut to some snowy hills as Tarrlok pulls his belongings on a sled towards a nearby village) That's where he met my mother. (Cut to a Water Tribe woman sewing in a front of a tent) A warm, caring woman. (Tarrlok's mother looks up at Yakone and blushes. Yakone is a little surprised at her reaction but smiles.) Before long, they started a family together. (Camera fades to Yakone and his wife standing in front of a tent. We hear laugher and a boy runs into screen.) Amon was the first born, (a younger boy runs into screen and attempts to tackle the older boy but the latter dodges) under the name Noatak. (The brothers smile at each other and the young Tarrlok attempts to tackle his brother again but falls into the snow) I was born three years later. Noatak was a good natured kid, always looking out for me. (Noatak looks at the snow worriedly and pulls his younger brother out as Tarrlok's face is flushed and has tears in his eyes. Noatak brushes the snow off the top of his head and the brothers laugh happily.) Those were the good years before my brother and I discovered we were waterbenders. (Camera fades to the village at night and there are auroras in the sky. Camera slowly pans down to the brothers practicing near a lamp light under Yakone's guidance.) At first we were excited by our new abilities (The boys are shown bending the orb of water continuously in a circle) but our training (The boys are deep in concentration but Tarrlok visibly shows some difficult bending the water and he loses his focus on the water) brought out a different side of my father.
Yakone: (Camera pans to the right to show Yakone snapping at his son sternly with his arms crossed) Tarrlok! You better shape up (points his finger) or you'll be out here in the cold all night until you get it right.
Tarrlok: (Cut to the boys who are still bending the orbs of water) I'm trying but...
Yakone: (interrupts by snapping at his son) Try harder! (Tarrlok winces from the scolding and the water splashes down to the ground) Your brother was never this sloppy.
Noatak: Dad, he'll get it. (lowers his water orb down as Tarrlok begins to cry and sniffle) He just needs time.
Yakone: (Cut to Yakone looking really furious) Don't talk back to me son, ever!

(The boys look dejected as they continue practicing their form.)

Tarrlok: (voice over) Even back then, my brother wanted everyone to be treated fairly and equally. When I was seven, (Camera fades to Yakone and his sons trekking up a path in heavy snow and they all put on the hood son their parkas. The brothers are pulling a heavy looking sled.) my father took me and Noatak on a hunting trip. Far away from our home. (Cut to the front shot of the trio and Yakone looks determined while the boys appear to be struggling with pulling the sled under harsh weather. Cut to a fire being set in the middle of an open cave as black smoke billows out of it.) He told us his true identity was Yakone. Republic City's (Cut to an overhead shot of the conversation as the boys listen to their father intently) most notorious crime boss, and that he was once a bloodbender of rare skill. (Cut to a close up of the brothers as the young Tarrlok asks a question) What's bloodbending?
Yakone: (Camera cuts to Yakone and it slowly zooms in on him as he speaks) The most powerful and feared form of bending in the world. It was declared illegal thanks to that coward, Katara. Our family has the strongest line of bloodbenders in history. You boys have this power inside of you (Cut to Noatak looking rather shocked) and I will teach you to master it.
Noatak: (looks to side uncertainly and looks back to his father) What happened to your bending, dad?
Yakone: (Cut to the camera behind the fire looking up at Tarrlok) The Avatar stole it from me. (He stands up and the camera follows him) That's why I brought you out here, to learn your destiny. (Cut to the brothers looking a little worried) You two will become bloodbenders of the highest order! When the time is right, you will claim Republic City, (Cut back to the profile of Yakone as he looks a little deranged) and you will destroy the Avatar. You must avenge me. (Cut to a close up of Yakone's eyes as he narrows them sinisterly) That is your purpose in life.

(Cut to the brothers looking at each other uncertainly)

Tarrlok: (voice over) The good days were behind us. (Cut to a herd of buffalo yaks grazing at night and the camera slowly zooms out to show the trio hiding behind a snow bank and watching the herd carefully) Every full moon, our father took us on another supposed hunting trip where (Cut to a close up of the trio. Yakone and Noatak look on seriously while Tarrlok looks on in awe.) he secretly trained us in bloodbending. (Yakone and Noatak look at each other as Yakone nods at his son) We kept the truth from our mother.

(Noatak crawls up the bank and stands up. Cut to a frontal shot of him moving his hands outwards into position as the camera zooms out rapidly to show a buffalo yak. It is suddenly brought up to stand on its hind legs. Cut back to Noatak looking focused as he brings his hands down. Cut back to the buffalo yak as its neck gets brought backwards and it lets out a growl. It spasms as it struggles against Noatak's control.)

Tarrlok: (Cut to Tarrlok looking shocked) Stop, you're hurting it!
Yakone: (Yakone turns towards Tarrlok and lectures him) Toughen up, Tarrlok. You'll need a thicker skin for this.

(He stands up and the camera goes back to the buffalo yak as Noatak releases his hold on it and it returns back down to the ground on four legs. It sinks partially into the ground and immediately gets up and runs away. Cut back to the bank as the herd runs off. Yakone has his hand on Noatak's shoulder.)

Yakone: Very good son, very good.

(Cut to the front view of the trio as Noatak looks pleased with himself but Tarrlok still looks shocked. The camera fades to show a slightly older Tarrlok looking reluctant)

Tarrlok: (voice over) A few years later, (Camera cuts to an overhead view of another bank. Yakone and Noatak are surveying a pack of six wolves while Tarrlok has his back towards them.) my father taught us to bloodbender any time without the need of the full moon. (Cut to Tarrlok clasping and unclasping his hands as Yakone gestures at him to go out and bloodbend) We practiced constantly and (young Tarrlok sighs as he stand sup) I hated every minute of it.

(Cut to the front of the snow bank as Tarrlok jumps over it and reveals himself to the wolves. The pack begins to growl at him and some bark. The pack begins its advance towards Tarrlok and the camera cuts to an overhead view of the scene as Tarrlok brings his hands up and the wolves are brought to stand up on their hind legs. The pack makes a helpless whine. Tarrlok moves his hands left and right and the wolves follow. Cut back to a close up of the wolves looking frightened as they whine some more. They are trembling and the camera cuts back to Tarrlok looking rather sad and he puts his hands down with a sigh, releasing his grip on the pack.)

Tarrlok: I had no stomach for manipulating helpless animals. (Noatak walks forward and the camera cuts to an overhead view of the scene as the wolves run away.) My brother however, seemed to revel in his newfound power. (Noatak stand beside Tarrlok, looking a little focused and he takes in a deep breath. Cut to the wolves as they make their escape but they're suddenly brought to a stop and they whine again. The wolves struggle but they are dragged backwards.) He was a prodigy, (Cut to a front shot of Noatak with his eyes wide open in concentration) mastering my father's psychic bloodbending technique by the time he was fourteen.

(Cut to a back shot of the wolves standing on their hind legs as they are turned on the spot to face Noatak. They continue to spasm and the camera returns to Noatak as he raises his head upwards. The camera cuts back to the dogs as they are levitated into the air and continue to let out helpless whines. Noatak gasps while Yakone smiles insanely. The wolves are slowly set back on the ground and they bow down to Noatak one by one. Camera zooms out to the trio.)

Yakone: (Cut to Yakone and Tarrlok who is looking rather shocked.) That's the way it's done. (turns his body and continues to chide his son) That's what you need to strive for. (Yakone walks off followed by Noatak)
Tarrlok: Even though Noatak was my father's favorite, (Noatak pauses in his steps and camera cuts to Tarrlok looking in awe at his brother) it wasn't any easier for him. (Cut to a profile of Noatak looking rather darkly at the ground and casting a glance at his brother) He carried the burden of all Yakone's expectations and demands. (He turns his head back forward and continues to walk on. Cut to a snowy cliff at sun set as Noatak sits on the edge of it.) Something changed (Tarrlok walks into screen and looks out at his brother) in Noatak over the years. (Cut to a front view of Noatak looking rather stony.) The loving brother I once knew became cold and detached. (Cut to Noatak's profile as lightning strikes in the background. Camera fades to a snowy tundra in the middle of a blizzard. We can see Tarrlok standing on one side and Yakone and Noatak standing on the other.) Our father pushed us to extremes and one day, (Cut to a close up of the scene as the wind blows their ponytails around) he made us bloodbend each other.
Yakone: (Cut to Yakone looking at Tarrlok and then looking to Noatak) Noatak, go.

(Cut to Noatak as he takes in a deep breath and his eyes expand with concentration. Camera zooms out to Tarrlok's back view as he starts to spasm and he makes groans of pain. Cut to Tarrlok's front view as he looks frightened at his brother. He is brought down to his knees and his body is forced to straighten up as he continues to cry out in pain. Cut to Noatak looking at his brother coldly and narrowing his eyes. Cut back to Tarrlok as his upper body is bent further backwards and Tarrlok continues to moan in agony. The camera pans out to show the entire scene.)

Yakone: (Cut to a close up of Yakone smiling with approval as he looks at Tarrlok.) Excellent. (His eyes glance towards Noatak and he exhales, releasing his hold on his brother. Cut to Tarrlok's back view as he drops forward. Cut to a close up of him looking at his brother with disbelief as he gasps to catch his breath. We are brought to his point of view and his vision is blurry.) Tarrlok, (he turns his head towards his father) your turn.
Tarrlok: (Cut to show the entire scene) No, (stands up) I won't do it.
Yakone: (Camera cuts to Yakone looking furious) Bloodbend your brother, Tarrlok!
Tarrlok: (Cut to Tarrlok as he clutches his stomach) That felt awful, I don't want (shakes his head) to do that to anyone! I never want to bloodbend again.
Yakone: (Cut to a close up of Yakone as he still looks furious) You're a disgrace, a weakling! (takes a step forward to his son and the camera zooms) I'll teach you a lesson you insubodinate...

(Yakone pauses in his steps and lets out a cry of pain as his head is brought slightly backwards. Cut to Tarrlok looking shocked as Noatak steps angrily into screen and stands protectively in front of his brother. )

Noatak: Stay away from him. (Cut to an overhead shot of the scene as Yakone's upper body is bent backwards and he continues to spasm)
Yakone: (struggles to talk) How dare you bloodbend me!
Noatak: (Cut to a close up of Noatak looking nonchalant) What are you going to do about it? (He brings his head up and down) You're the weak one. (We cut to Yakone being brought on his knees. His upper body then bends backwards, as he continues to yell in pain. Cut to a wide shot of the scene as Noatak takes a step towards his father.) You always say bloodbending is the most powerful thing in the world but it isn't. The Avatar is. He took your bending away. (Cut to a front shot of Noatak as he makes a realization) What could be more powerful than that?
Yakone: (Cut to a close up of Yakone as he looks furious. His body continues to spasm uncontrollably.) I made you what you are. You're mine.
Noatak: (Cut to a view behind Yakone's shoulder as Noatak looks on angrily while Tarrlok is in shock) We're your sons, not your tools of revenge. (swipes his arm to the side) Let's go. We can run away from him. Forever.
Tarrlok: (Cut to Tarrlok as he looks sad and shocked) Run away? But what about mum? We can't (shakes his head) just leave her.
Noatak: (Cut to a close up of Noatak as he looks darkly at his brother) I was right about you. You are a weakling.

(Cut to Tarrlok as he looks hurt by his brother's words. Cut to a side view shot of the scene as Noatak spins around and swipes his hand out, sending his father flying backwards. Cut to Yakone rolling on the ground and the camera cuts to an overhead view of his fall he is pushed along by the snow. He comes to a stop but he is unconscious. Camera pans out to the brothers looking at their father and Noatak takes a step backward and runs away)

Tarrlok: Noatak! (Cut to a close up of Tarrlok pleading with despair as his hand is stretched outwards) Don't leave, please! (Cut to a slightly overhead view as Noatak runs further away.) Noatak! (Cut back to the village as Yakone's wife collects the laundry from the front of the tent. Cut to a view over her shoulder as she takes down another garment to reveal only Tarrlok and Yakone walking towards their house) My father and I searched for days but (Cut to a front shot of Tarrlok's mother as she smiles and steps under the laundry line to wave to her family) we never found a sign of Noatak. (Cut to Yakone and Tarrlok looking rather dejected) We thought he perished in that storm. (Cut to Tarrlok's mother again as she looks puzzled) My mother was never the same (Her eyes widen with realization that Noatak is gone and her facial expression changes into despair) after the loss of my brother. (Cut to a bowl of soup with Tarrlok's reflection in it. The camera pans up to reveal more dishes of food on the table. Tarrlok looks a little sad and he look up.) My father stopped training me. (Cut to Tarrlok's point of view as he looks at his parents) With Noatak gone, (Yakone stands up and walks away, leaving his food untouched as his wife looks on) his hopes for revenge with it and (Cut to a shot of the tent looking at the dining table) he passed away (Yakone walks off screen while his wife look down sadly) a few years later.

(Cut to Tarrlok's profile as he looks at his mother and then looks down sadly. Camera fades to present day with Tarrlok's head in the same position. Cut to Mako and Korra as they look shocked.)

Korra: (look down sadly) That's one of the saddest stories I've ever heard.
Tarrlok: (off screen) Avatar Korra, (Cut to Tarrlok sitting dejected in his cell as the camera zooms in slowly) I am truly sorry for all that I did to you. I thought I was better than my father, but his ghost still shaped me. I became a soldier of revenge, (places his hands on his head and camera cuts to a close up of him) just like he wanted me to be. And so did my brother. The revolution may be built on a lie, but I think Amon truly believes (Cut to Mako and Korra) bending is the source of all evil in the world.
Mako: How did you figure out Amon is your brother?
Tarrlok: (Cut to a side view shot of the scene) When he took my bending, the sensation was somehow familiar. (clutches his knees to his body) I later recognized it as my brother's bloodbending grip.
Korra: (Cut to Korra and Mako as Korra look down) So, he somehow uses bloodbending (looks up) to take people's bending.
Tarrlok: (Cut to the outside of the cell looking inwards at Tarrlok) I don't know how he does it but then again, I've never encountered a bender as strong as Noatak.
Korra: (Cut to the inside of the cell looking outwards at Mako and Korra) How (Korra turns her head to the side) in the world (Mako turns to look at Korra) do we beat him?
Mako: We can't. (Korra turns to look at Mako) Any attack we throw at him, he'll re-direct with his mind. That's how he has been able to challenge any bender. (Cut to the couple's back view)
Korra: (walks to the right) So much for our ambush. If we stay here, we're toast. (Cut to a close up of Korra's back as she stops and turns around with a smile on her face) But there's another way to beat him!
Mako: (Cut to Mako looking surprised) How? (Cut to a side view shot of the couple as Korra walks towards Mako)
Korra: This whole time, Amon has been one step ahead of us but finally, we (places a fist on her chest) have the advantage. We know the truth about him. If we expose him as a bender in front of all his supporters...
Mako: (Cut to a close up of Mako having a realization) At the rally.
Korra: (Cut to Korra look in triumph) We could take away his true power! (Cut back to a side view shot of them again)
Mako: And undermine this whole revolution.
Korra: (Cut to a close up of Korra as she turns her head towards Tarrlok) Thank you, (Cut to the inside of the cell looking out) for your help. (Cut to Tarrlok as he nods and look to the side. Cut back to Mako and Korra as Mako begins to walk off) We can't (Mako turns to look at Korra) just leave him here.
Tarrlok: Go. (They turn towards the cell with surprise. Cut to a side view shot of the scene as Tarrlok stands up.) Amon can't know (walks towards the cell bars) anyone spoke with me. (Cut to a close up frontal shot of Tarrlok) Defeat him. (He grabs the bars with both hands and the camera zooms in slowly) Put an end to this sad story.

(Cut back to Korra and Mako as Korra looks a little sad but nods and her expression changes to resolve. Cut to a side view shot of the scene as the pair runs off screen. Cut to the hatch to the attic as Korra and Mako descends while Tarrlok watches them. The door shuts and dust flies around. Tarrlok remains standing still, looking at hatch.)

[End Credits]

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