Transcript for 112 - Endgame
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko
Directed By: Joaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu
Storyboard By: Lee Dae Woo, Bae Ki Yong, Choi In Seung, Kim Sung Hoon, Park So Young, Alan Wan, Hyun Joo Song, Adam Lucas
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribed By: drhorrible61, Exiled Prince

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Skeletons in the Closet".]

Radio Broadcaster: Korra and Mako have discovered the truth about Amon's identity. He's a waterbender, a bloodbender, and brother to Tarrlok! Now, Korra and Mako plan to infiltrate the Equalist victory rally and expose Amon as a fraud. Meanwhile, Asami, Bolin, and General Iroh head toward Hiroshi's secret air field where Asami intends to take out her father.

Act I

(Bolin, Asami, Pabu, and General Iroh are riding on Naga in the mountains outside Republic City while Equalist airplanes zoom over their heads. The gang stops at a cliff overlooking the secret Equalist Airfield.)

Iroh: I think we found our secret airfield. Bolin, once we get down there I need you to tear up those runways. We can't let those aircraft take off.
Bolin: Aye aye, Captain. Ooh. General, general. (Bolin hears Naga whimper with Pabu on her head and glances at them) All right, you guys wait here until we get back. Okay? (Naga tries to follow Bolin) Uh uh. Stay.

(Asami, Bolin, and Iroh walk up towards what they believe are just fence posts with no fence wires.)

Asami: Why would there be fence posts, but no fence? (They soon get electrocuted by the invisible electric fence and are knocked out.)

(The scene transitions to Republic City arena where Amon is having another rally. Mecha-tanks are guarding the front doors of the arena and the camera moves inside the arena showing a large crowd awaiting the rally. While still in Equalist disguise, Mako and Korra are standing in the referee's box awaiting Amon to appear. They nod at each other and soon enough Amon rises to the stage while the crowd cheers him on.)

Amon: (Camera circles around him as he raises his left arm) Thank you all for joining me on this historic occasion. When I was a boy, a firebender struck down my entire family and left me scarred. That tragic event began my quest to equalize the world.
Korra: (Interrutpting Amon) That's a lie. Amon. (Camera zooms to Mako and Korra as they reveal themselves) Or should I call you Noatak? (Camera closes up to Amon's left eye as he squints it)
Lieutenant: You want her taken out?
Amon: No. (As he halts the Lieutenant and speaks to the crowd) Everyone calm down. We have nothing to fear from the Avatar. Let's hear what she has to say.
Korra: Amon has been lying to you. The spirits didn't give him the power to take people's bending away; he uses bloodbending to do it. Amon is a waterbender! (The crowd goes into shock and awe)
Lieutenant: What is this nonsense?
Amon: You're desperate, Avatar. Making up stories about me is a pathetic last resort.
Korra: Your family wasn't killed by a firebender. His father was Yakone, and his brother is Councilman Tarrlok.
Amon: An amusing tale, but I will show you the truth. (Amon starts to take off his mask and reveal his true self slowly and there is dramatic music playing with suspension leading to this moment. Amon is revealed to what is to be believed as a very bad burn scar across his entire face. Far worse than Zuko's. The whole crowd is in deep shock and disgust. Amon then points to himself.) This is what a firebender did to me.
Korra: What? (An audience member yells out, "The Avatar is lying!") I'm telling you he's a waterbender! (Mako starts creeping back to Korra) They don't believe me. It didn't work.
Mako: We said what we had to. Let's get out of here. (Equalists arrive to stop Mako and Korra)
Amon: I wouldn't leave yet, Avatar. You'll miss the main event. (The stage raises Tenzin, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo chained to posts ready to be equalized by Amon)
Korra: No. They got away. We saw them get away.

(Next scene takes place at a prison cell in which Bolin, Asami, and General Iroh are being held up. As everyone tries to wake up, Hiroshi approaches the cell and starts to speak to Asami.)

Hiroshi: Asami. Asami, I know I have hurt you, and I am sorry. But I believe that one day you will come to your senses, and we can be a family again.
Asami: Are you insane? How can we be a family after everything you've done? Mom would hate you for what you've become.
Hiroshi: (furiously) How dare you?! I am avenging her death!
Equalist: The airplanes are ready for takeoff, sir.
Hiroshi: Good. Annihilate the fleet. (General Iroh and Bolin gasp) That's right, General. I intercepted your message to Commander Bumi. I know exactly where they're hiding.
Asami: How are we going to get out of here?
Iroh: I don't suppose you know how to metalbend?
Bolin: (Leaning back to General Iroh) That is a negative, sir. (General Iroh then leans out of the way and looks rather annoyed)

(The screen fades to a bigger view of where Asami, General Iroh, and Bolin are being kept. They can hear an airplane's iginition turning on and almost immediately, they see Naga and Pabu tearing down doors to get in to rescue them.)

Bolin: Naga! Over here! (Pabu goes into the cell and starts chewing off the rope that are held onto the gang while Naga demolishes the prison cell to free them) Who needs a metalbender? (Bolin starts moving around in excitement) We got Naga yeah!

(Camera moves to an arieal view of the airfield. The three start running out of the cell and into the main part of the airfield.)

Iroh: I'm going after those airplanes!
Bolin: No, Naga! (Screaming while Naga tosses him onto her)
Asami: (Asami looks at a mecha-tank and jumps into one and starts it up) What do you know? Just like a Future Industries forklift.

(Camera moves to General Iroh chasing after and airplane. He then uses his firebending to fly himself to the cockpit of the plane and throws out the pilot as he takes over the plane. He struggles a bit on flying, but eventually gets the hang of it.

The next scene takes back to the Equalist rally in the Pro-Bending Arena.

Amon: Tonight I rid the world of airbending, forever.
Korra: Amon, let them go!
Amon: You're welcome to come down here and try to stop me.
Mako: He's trying to bait you. (As he tries to get a hold of Korra)
Korra: I don't care! We have to save them.
Amon: The Avatar needs to be reminded of the power I possess.

(Amon starts walking towards Tenzin and the airbending children. He is cut short by Mako as he lightningbends the stage to stop Amon. Mako and Korra then start racing towards the stage by wall running. As the two battled a couple of Equalists on stage, the whole crowd ran out of the arena in fear. Korra then rushes in to free the airbenders.)

Korra: Where are Pema and the baby?
Tenzin: In prison.
Korra: Beifong?
Tenzin: I don't know. (Korra frees Tenzin and he immediately joins the fight while Korra frees the kids)
Korra: Follow me, kids.

(They escape to a hallway in the arena)

Korra: Get them out of here. We'll create a diversion.
Tenzin: Let's go get your mother and the baby.
Meelo: (Hyperactive) Prison break!

(Korra and Mako make a run for it hoping to push back Amon. Korra tries to set the hallways on fire so it would be harder for Amon to catch them. Soon enough, Amon would jump through the flames unharmed. Korra and Mako decide to hide in a storage room. Amon walks in while Korra is hiding under a table hoping that he would not find her. As she sees Amon pass her, she takes a little sigh of relief. However, she is then bloodbended out of her hiding. Mako then comes almost out of nowhere and tries to save her.)

Mako: Let her go! (Amon dodges all of Mako's fire strikes and is bloodbended. Amon throws them down to the ground and brings Korra to her knees to prepare her to be equalized while bloodbending Mako.)
Korra: No!
Mako: Korra! (Amon reaches in and takes Korra's bending and drops her to the ground)
Amon: I told you I would destroy you.

(Camera fades to black for commercial break.)

Act II

(Scene opens with five Equalist airplanes flying towards Republic City. General Iroh follows behind with the same airplane he took earlier and lightning bends one airplane from the cockpit. The airplane Iroh shoots with lightning crashes into two other airplanes leaving two unharmed. One of the unharmed pilots shoots out a wire from behind his plane and it gets caught in the propeller and stalls the plane in which Iroh is in. This forces Iroh to abandon the plane and go Irohman uses his firebending to fly himself to another plane to hijack. As he kicks the pilot out of the cockpit, a bomb falls on the tail of the recently-hijacked plane and has no control of it.

The last Equalist airplane that is yet to be taken deploys a few bombs from above Iroh. Luckily enough, Iroh shoots a few fireballs and blows up the bombs causing the airplane to blow up. Little did Iroh know that his plane was on a crash course to the the Avatar Aang statue (specifically towards the face). Right at the last second, he manages to bail out and grab hold of the Eqaulist flag as it teared apart. The large mask falls off and surprisigly left the statue undamaged.

Iroh: Thanks for looking out for me, Aang.

(Scene moves back to the Equalist Airfield in which Bolin is still damaging the runways. A few mecha-tanks try to lasso up Bolin, but Naga jumps into action and grab the wires and throwing them. One tank was inches away from hitting Bolin.)

Bolin: (Startled) Whoa! Thanks, Naga.

(Asami still tries to destroy airplanes in the hangar. She is then interrupted by her father.)

Hirohsi: Asami! What do you think you're doing? You are aiding the very people who took your mother away!
Asami: You don't feel love for Mom anymore. You're too filled with hatred.
Hiroshi: (infuriated) You ungrateful, insolent child.

(In the mecha-tanks, they charge after each other and engage in combat. Hisroshi pummels Asami down and he destroys the windshield of Asami's mecha-tank.)

Hiroshi: I now see there is no chance to save you! (Right when he tries to strike another blow, Bolin throws a boulder to Hiroshi.)
Bolin: (Chucking boulders at Hirsohi while riding on Naga) Mr. Sato, you are a horrible father! (Asmai regains stregnth and tosses her father back. She then tears open the mecha-tank and takes a big look at her father. All of a sudden, Hiroshi tries to counter and flee)
Asami: (In tears) You really are a horrible father.

(She then releases a shock rope to her father and captures him.

Scene goes back to the storage room in the arena where Amon took Korra's bending.

Amon: Finally, you are powerless. (Korra tries to bend at Amon, but no luck.)
Lieutenant: Amon, everything the Avatar said is true, isn't it? I just saw you bloodbend her! (Lieutenant throws his Equalist mask on the floor and smashesit) You traitor! I dedicated my life to you! (He charges towards Amon with his Equalist shock batons, but is bloodbended just inches away from Amon)
Amon: (Bloodbending the Lieutenant) You've served me well, Lieutenant. (Tosses the Lieutenant aside)

(Mako is still in the clutches of Amon, but as Amon walks towards him, he manages to lightningbend him. Mako then grabs Korra and try to make a run for it.)

Korra: (incapacitated) Mako, my bending.
Mako: Everything'll be all right! We just need to get out of here! (Amon bloodbends him from behind)
Amon: I'm impressed. No one has ever gotten the better of me like that. (Positioning Mako to take his bending) It is almost a shame to take the bending of someone so talented. Almost.
Korra: (Slow motion) No! (Korra gave all of her might to bend at Amon for the very last time and finally shoots a blast of air from her fists knocking both Amon and Mako down)
Amon: (Flabbergasted) Impossible!
Korra: I-I can airbend? I can airbend! (With confidence, she starts blasting air at Amon. Amon tries to bloodbend her, but Korra resists and gave Amon one final blow) No... you... don't!

(Amon is blasted out of a window from the Arena and into the sea while his mask falls off of his face. A crowd of people gasped and rushed to see what happened.)

Man: Did you see what happened? Who was that?
Protestor: Evil Avatar!

(While in the water, Amon's fake scar is washes away and he starts gasping for air. He then whirlpools his way to the surface surprising a lot of the spectators that attended the Equalist rally.)

Woman: He's waterbending?
Man #2: He is a bender!
Man #3: The scar's fake.
Man #4: The Avatar was telling the truth!

(Amon, or Noatak, glances at Korra and Mako and immediately makes run for it (or perhaps a swim for it). Mako tries to stop him, but Noatak swam too fast. Mako stopped trying and looked at Korra and gave her a big hug.

The next scene moves to where Noatak imprisoned Tarrlok in Air Temple Island.

Tarrlok: Noatak.
Amon: (Takes off his hood and mask) It's over, brother. I'm sorry for what I had to do to you.
Tarrlok: Our father set us on this path. Fate caused us to collide. I should have left with you when we were boys.
Amon: (Unlocking the prison cell) Leave with me now. We have a second chance. We can start over together. Please, you're all I have left in the world.

(Next scene takes place at the docks of Air Temple Island in which Korra and Mako are reunited with the whole gang including Lin, Tenzin, Pema, and the Airbending kids.)

Lin: (In grief) I can't believe Amon got you too.
Bolin: Hey, at least you unlocked your airbending. (Lin turns around to Bolin with a serious face)
Mako: Bro, not the time.
Bolin: Right, right. (Starts walking back, awkwardly) I'll just stand over here. Quietly. In silence.

(The gang sees a ship arriving from the distance.)

Tenzin: You saved Republic City.
Korra: (Feeling guilty) But Amon got away. (Tenzin reaches over to place his hand on Korra's shoulder and she grabs onto his. The ship then starts to get closer)
Ikki: (Excited)Yay! Uncle Bumi's here!
Bumi: (Energetic to the max) Waaaaaaahoooooooooo! (he then claps)
Tenzin: (Sighs) Great, now I have to entertain my brother.

(Final scene of the act shows Noatak and Tarrlok riding on a boat and sailing off at a distance.(Amon a boat lol).)

Amon: The two of us, together again. There's nothing we can't do!
Tarrlok: Yes, Noatak.
Amon: Noatak. (chuckles) I'd almost forgotten the sound of my own name.
Tarrlok: (Staring at a pair of Equalist shock gloves, Tarrlok puts one on and removes the fuel tank cap of the boat and hovers the glove over the fuel tank) It will be just like the good old days.

(Noatak sheds a tear and soon enough a large explosion occurs. Camera zooms out to show a mushroom cloud over the boat. Fade to black for commercial break)


(A view of the White Lotus compound at the Southern Water Tribe in which we saw Korra in the first episode before she took off to Republic City. The camera moves to what is believed to be a medicine house, clinic, or a hospital of some sort with Oogy outside. The whole gang, including Korra's parents, are anxiously waiting to see if Katara could restore her bending.)

Katara: (As she opens the door, everyone stands up to hear the news) I've tried everything in my power, but I cannot restore Korra's bending.
Lin: But you're the best healer in the world! You have to keep trying.
Katara: I'm sorry there's nothing else I can do. Korra can still airbend, but her connection to the other element's has been severed. (Korra comes out looking rather depressed and looks at everyone)
Tenzin: It's going to be all right, Korra.
Korra: No, it's not. (She exits the building passing Bolin and Mako. Mako tries to reach out for her, but no chance. He thinks for a second and decides to go after her)
Mako: Korra, wait!
Korra: (Frustrated) Go away.
Mako: I will, but I just want you to know I'm here for you.
Korra: No, I mean go away. Back to Republic City. Get on with your life.
Mako: What are you talking about?
Korra: I'm not the Avatar anymore. You don't need to do me any favors.
Mako: (Stops Korra) I don't care if you're the Avatar or not. Listen. When Tarrlok took you I was losing my mind at the thought of never seeing you again. I realized... (places palm on Korra's cheek) I love you, Korra.
Korra: I can't. (She let Mako's hand go and jumps on Naga and rides away)
Mako: Korra!
Tenzin: We need to be patient with her. It will take time for her to accept what has happened.

(Korra stops by the edge of a cliff and looks out to the horizon. She starts to shed tears and falls down and cry. As she curls herself in, she senses Tenzin coming up behind her.)

Korra: (In tears) Not now, Tenzin. I just want to be left alone.
Aang: (Walking up to Korra) But you called me here.
Korra: (Startled and astonished) Aang.
Aang: You have finally connected with your spiritual self.
Korra: How?
Aang: When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.

(All of the Avatars are being revealed including Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk, and Yangchen. Aang then reaches his hand toward Korra's forehead reviving Korra's bending. All of the Avatars disappear and, with dramatic music playing, the camera starts circling around Korra as she opens her eyes revealing that she is in the Avatar state. She is then able to bend all of the elements and a great power and then goes back to her normal state.

Korra turns around and sees Mako and he starts smiling. Korra rushes towards Mako and they give each other a big hug.

Korra: I love you too. (They both start to kiss passionatley)

(Final scene moves to the Avatar Temple in the Southern Water Tribe where Korra restores Lin's bending. Tenzin is astonished. When Korra finishes, Lin tries to bend the rocks surrounding the temple and is successful. Bolin's jaw drops and and everyone is happy.)

Lin: Thank you.
Tenzin: I am so proud of you, Avatar Korra.

(Camera starts zooming out.)

[End Credits]

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