Transcript for 202 - The Southern Lights
The Southern Lights
Written By: Joshua Hamilton
Directed By: Ian Graham
Storyboard By: Joaquim Dos Santos, Lauren Montgomery, Ki Hyun Ryu, Ian Graham, Jay Oliva, Melchior Zwyer, Elsa Garagarza
Animation By: Pierrot Co. LTD, Moi Animation
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Psycho Silver

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Rebel Spirit."]

Shiro Shinobi: The Southern Water Tribe is under siege! When Avatar Korra was attacked by a dark spirit, Chief Unalaq was the only one able to stop it. So Korra turned her back on Tenzin and chose Unalaq as her new spiritual mentor. Tenzin and his family left for a vacation in the Southern Air Temple while Korra remained in the Water Tribe. Will she be able to restore balance between humans and spirits?

Act I

(The scene begins with a long, wide establishing shot of the Southern Water Tribe and pans down until the tip of a mountain comes into the foreground. A small dark spirit materializes, looking at the town below. Cut to Korra riding Naga towards Unalaq as he exits a large archway. There are supplies on the ground and men tending to arctic camels. Korra dismounts Naga and approached Unalaq.)

Unalaq: You're early.
Korra: What can I say? I'm pumped up to learn that Unalaq spirit fighting.
Unalaq: I'm not here to teach you to fight spirits. I'm here to help you begin your spiritual training. We're going to one of the most remote places in the world, the long neglected spiritual center of your tribe: The South Pole.
Korra: You're gonna train me at the South Pole?
Unalaq: We will do more than just train. By neglecting the spirits, the people of the South have brought darkness upon themselves and now it threatens to destroy our tribe. We must set things right. The Southern Water Tribe depends on you.
Korra: A dangerous trip to the South Pole? Count me in.

(The scene cuts to a view blocked by clouds. The clouds begin to dissolve and we see an aerial, establishing shot of the Southern Air Temple. Oogi with Tenzin and his family fly into frame.)

Tenzin: There it is, The Southern Air Temple. Isn't it magnificent?

(Cut to a shot from the courtyard of the temple. Air acolytes are sweeping and feeding lemurs as Oogi flies towards them. They notice Oogi, and the camera pans left as the flying bison lands. Someone enters the frame from behind the camera, and we cut to Abbot Shung followed by two other air acolytes carrying boxes. The camera zooms out to show Tenzin helping his children down in the foreground.)

Abbot Shung: Master Tenzin, welcome.
Tenzin: Good to see you again, Abbot Shung.
Abbot Shung: Is there anything you need? Water? Dandelion greens? Ah, perhaps you'd like to re-center yourself by meditating in the gardens.
Tenzin: No, thank you. I'm fine.
Abbot Shung: And you must be the honorable Pema. Please, accept these gifts. This is an ancient airbender head shaver we've refurbished just for you (hands Tenzin an odd looking device resembling metal blades attached to a wire dome with a propeller on top).
Tenzin: Oh... Okay.
Abbot Shung: And Pema, these flowers once filled the mountainside. Now they can brighten up your room (gives Pema an enormous bouquet).
Pema: (straining to hold the flowers) That's... sweet? You- you didn't have to.
Abbot Shung: Nonsense, whatever you need is yours. Anything for the mother of the next generation of airbenders.

(The camera zooms out to show an acolyte handing Jinora a book, which Ikki snatches away.)

Ikki: No! That gift is mine.
Jinora: You don't even like to read.
Ikki: (Sticks out her tongue) Naah.
Pema: Yep, those are the world's next generation of airbenders.

(Meelo jumps up from behind Shung holding a flying lemur and lands on his shoulders.)

Meelo Mommy, Daddy, look. I finally got a lemur. I'm gonna name him Poki. Poki, come back!

(Poki struggles out of Meelo's grasp and flies away. Meelo jumps off of Shung and chases after Poki on an air scooter. The camera pans left and we see Bumi and Kya getting off of Oogi and getting the luggage while a female acolyte sweeps in the foreground. Bumi catches two large sacks and wheezes while Kya slides down.)

Bumi: Ugh. Phew. Excuse me, a little help here?
Air Acolyte woman: Sorry, I thought you were the servants.
Bumi: We're Tenzin's brother and sister.
Air Acolyte woman: (excited) Avatar Aang had other children? The world is filled with more airbenders?
Kya: We're not airbenders.
Air Acolyte woman: Oh. I'm so sorry.

(Kya and Bumi glance at each other, looking annoyed. Cut to Korra, Mako, Unalaq, Desna, and Eska on the outskirts of town preparing Naga and their arctic camels for travel. Cut to a closer shot of Mako and Korra as Mako loads a sack onto Naga's saddle.)

Korra: I thought you said Bolin was coming.
Mako: He said he'd be here, but I can't worry about it, I have to make sure you have everything you need for a safe trip.
Korra: Thanks Captain Expedition, but I'll be fine.

(Korra hears the sound of an engine and turns to see Tonraq ride up on a snowmobile. Unalaq turns and approaches Tonraq.)

Unalaq: Tonraq, what do you want?
Tonraq: I heard you're taking Korra to the South Pole. I'm coming.
Unalaq: Absolutely not. You're a distraction to Korra and a hindrance to what needs to be done.
Tonraq: My daughter is not going without me. She needs someone to watch after her.
Korra: (riding on Naga with Mako) Dad, why do you always think you know what's best for me?
Unalaq: Because he's misguided. The sad truth is it's men like your father who have put the Spirit World out of balance. He's ignored my warnings in the past and hasn't learned since.
Korra: What happened in the past?
Tonraq: It doesn't matter. What matters is The Everstorm.
Mako: The Everstorm?
Tonraq: It's a massive blizzard that's battered the South Pole for decades. (turns to Unalaq) I'm coming, unless you think you can stop me.

(The camera cuts to a close up of Unalaq, then Tonraq as they glare at each other. The moment is interrupted by Bolin riding up to the group on a snowmobile with a sidecar.)

Bolin: Guys! Hey, wait for meee! Check it out, I'm traveling in style. (rests his elbow on the throttle and accidentally makes it lurch forward) Whoa! Okay, I'm sorry... Still getting used to that throttle.
Mako: Uh, where'd you get the ride?
Bolin: Varrick. He's awesome. He also gave me this fancy snowsuit. It's inflatable with an internal heater, emergency beacon, and food ration pouch. I mean, if I get lost, I can survive in this thing for like... like a month. (reaches into his snow suit and pulls out some cucumber-quat slices) Who wants some freeze-dried cucumber-quats? Nobody? Did I interrupt a conversation? (Pabu emerges from the snow suit and snatches the cucumber-quats)
Korra: No, the conversation is over. Dad, come if you want. Just don't interfere with my training.

(Korra and Mako ride out of frame. Eska approaches Bolin.)

Eska: Does this sidecar have the capacity for two passengers?
Bolin: Sure does. But uh, who's gonna drive?

(The scene jump cuts to Bolin driving the snowmobile, looking disgruntled with dark eyes. The camera zooms out to show Desna and Eska riding together in the sidecar. Cut to a shot from the side showing Mako riding a camel beside them.)

Mako: Well, what do you know? Looks like-
Bolin: Go away, Mako.

(Cut to a wide shot of the group. Korra and Unalaq reach the top of a small hill. Cut to a closer shot of the two.)

Korra: So once we get to the South Pole, then what happens?
Unalaq: You will open an ancient spirit portal.
Korra: I'm sorry, what now?
Unalaq: At the South Pole, there is a portal that connects our world to the Spirit World but it has long been closed.
Korra: And that's why the evil spirits are attacking?
Unalaq: There are no "evil spirits". There is light and dark in them all. (cut to a shot behind them as we see the Everstorm ahead) But when they're unbalanced, the darkness takes over. If you can open the portal in time, balance will be restored.
Korra: What do you mean "in time"?
Unalaq: There's a reason the Glacier Spirits Festival ends on the Winter Solstice. That's when the Spirit World and the physical world are close together. Only then can the Avatar open the portal.
Korra: The Winter Solstice is tomorrow.
Unalaq: Exactly. And we can't afford to wait another year.

(Cut to a shot from behind some large icicles hanging from a rocky outcropping, with the group in the distance. A dark spirit materializes. Cut to a close up of Naga as she turns to look behind and growls.)

Korra: Easy, Naga.

(Korra looks up. Cut to a shot from behind Naga as spirits emerge from the fog. Cut to a shot of Bolin, Mako, Eska and Desna.)

Bolin: What are those?
Korra: Dark spirits.

(Cut to the shot of the spirits as they disappear back into the fog. Cut to Tonraq.)

Tonraq: Let's keep moving, we have to find a safe place to set up camp.

(Cut to a wide shot as Tonraq rides head of the group. Cut to a close up of a campfire as two logs are thrown into it and a wolf howl is heard. Cut to a wide long shot of the group having set up camp in a cave. Cut to a closer shot of them and pan left across the group as they eat.)

Korra: Uncle, why do you think the dark spirits are following us?
Bolin: Can we not talk about dark spirits, please? (scoots closer to Eska and clings to her arm)
Mako: My brother doesn't like ghost stories.
Eska: Don't worry. I will protect you, my feeble turtle-duck.
Bolin: Thank you.
Unalaq: Sadly, this isn't a ghost story. This is real.

(Cut to a close up of Bolin as he gasps, pulls up his hood and pulls it tight around his face.)

Unalaq: The spirits are angry because he's here. (cut to a close up of Tonraq) Haven't you ever wondered how your father ended up in the South Pole? Why he's never taken you to visit his homeland in the North?
Tonraq: Unalaq, this is not the time.
Unalaq: You're right. You should have told her a long time ago.
Korra: Told me what?
Tonraq: I left the North Pole because... I was banished.

(Cut to a close up of Korra looking shocked and zoom in slowly. Cut to commercial.)

Act II

(Fade into an establishing shot of the cave. Cut to Korra.)

Korra: You were banished from the North? Why?
Tonraq: Because I almost destroyed the entire tribe. (dissolve to a flashback and to a close up to Tonraq matching the shot into the present) 20 years ago, I was a general in the Northern Water Tribe, sworn to protect my people.

(Cut to behind Tonraq and pan right as he faces a platoon of water tribe soldiers with spears. He turns around, and the camera cuts to and pans left to a younger Unalaq as he rides towards the camera on a buffalo deer. Cut to a closer shot of Unalaq.)

Young Unalaq: Brother, we're being attacked.

(Cut to a close up of Tonraq looking shocked, then determined as he walks out of frame. Cut to a bird's eye view of the Northern water tribe city as smoke rises from a few places outside the main wall. Cut to someone's point of view as they shakily look around at the fighting, the camera going in and out of focus. People are running as barbarians attack, one of them tossing a person into a canal. The barbarian begins to raise his hammer when he is knocked down from behind by a torrent of water. Cut to a shot of the barbarian rolling away from the camera, then getting back up. Cut to Unalaq and two soldiers riding on buffalo deer as Tonraq bends water from the canal and throws it towards the camera. Jump cut to a long, wide, high angle shot of the barbarians being chased out of the city by Tonraq and the soldiers.)

Tonraq: (narrating) I drove them out of the city and deep into the frozen tundra.

(Cut to a close shot of Tonraq riding with his soldiers, raising his sword and giving battle cry as they charge forward. Cut to a shot of the soldiers at the gate, with some barbarians captured, watching the rest riding into the distance. The camera zooms back and Unalaq walks into frame. Cut to Unalaq's front as he watches, then dissolve into an overhead shot of Tonrqa and a soldier coming to the edge of a mountain and looking down at a green forest nestled in the valley below as the camera pans up towards it. Cut to a wide shot of Tonraq and the soldiers walking down a path through the forest, with trees cluttering the foreground.)

Tonraq: (narrating) We tracked them deep into an ancient forest. (Tonraq stops his men as they come across the sled tracks and hoof prints the barbarians left, and the camera follows the tracks up a hill) Many believed this forest was the home to spirits. And the barbarians retreated there because they thought we wouldn't attack on such hallowed grounds. (cut to a close shot of the top of the hill as Tonraq peers over it. He turns to his men and gives them a hand signal. The soldiers split up to flank the barbarians. Cut to an extreme close up of Tonraq as he squints) They thought wrong.

(Cut to the barbarians hiding behind the trees and waiting. Behind the edge of the hill, three waterbenders stand up and bend a huge wave of water at the barbarians. The barbarians yell and run, but are swept way as the water rushes at the camera. Cut to a close up of Tonraq as he waterbends at barbarians that are out of frame, the water filling the frame before a jump cut to a low angle shot of a barbarian falling to the ground, his hands tied behind him, before being picked up. Cut to an overhead shot of the soldiers escorting the captured barbarians. The camera tilts up to the forest, now heavily flooded.)

Tonraq: (narrating) We captured the barbarians, but in the process we destroyed the forest. (cut to shot of many trees broken and mangled, and the ground dug up and flooded. Cut to a shot of Tonraq lying in bed shirtless at night in his room, asleep) I didn't realize the consequences of what I had done.

(A snarl is heard, and Tonraq gets out of bed, concerned. He runs towards the balcony of his room and we cut to an overhead shot and pan up towards the dark spirits attacking the city below.)

Tonraq: (narrating) By destroying the forest, I unknowingly let loose angry spirits.

(Cut to a shot within the city. A man is running away as a huge fishlike spirit walks from around the corner of a building. It is hit with a blast of water and turns to see Tonraq attacking it. Tonraq throws another stream of water at the spirit before dodging out of the way as it strikes at him.)

Tonraq: (narrating) They threatened to destroy everything. The entire city.

(Tonraq faces the spirit as it prepares to strike again, but it is stopped by a twisting helix of water being bent around it. The camera pans right to Unalaq bending the water, and it begins to glow. Cut to a wide shot of other spirits being calmed by other waterbenders in the same fashion as they too begin to glow. Dissolve to a shot of the glowing spirits walking back into the forest and dissolving into glowing dust. Cut to a shot of Unalaq bending and then ending his movements.)

Tonraq: (narrating) Unalaq was able to guide the spirits back to the forest. But by then, the damage had been done. (cut to a shot of the Northern Water Tribe palace and pan right past buildings in the foreground, smoke rising from the windows. The camera pans past a building that fills the frame, and the shot transitions into the throne room where the chief is sitting on the throne, with Unalaq by his side, while Tonraq faces them) For being the cause of so much devastation, my father banished me from the Northern Water Tribe in shame. (the chief points and Tonraq bows his head. Head to a close up of Unalaq, then cut to a wide shot of Tonraq sailing away from the Northern Water Tribe on a small boat) That's when I came to the South and started a new life.

(Cut to a close up of Tonraq as he looks back at the Northern Water Tribe, then looks ahead. The scene dissolves back to Tonraq in the present, matching the same close up. Tonraq closes his eyes and tilts his head down. Cut to behind Tonraq and slowly zoom out as he turns to Unalaq and Korra, who are in the foreground. Cut to a shot of the whole group and slowly pan right.)

Bolin: Whoaaa. So you were supposed to be chief, then he became chief. No wonder you guys don't like each other. (Mako hits Bolin in the side) Ow! What? Isn't that what happened?
Korra: (stand up) I can't believe you kept this from me.
Tonraq: I was protecting you from the shame I brought on the family.
Korra: Why do you keep hiding things from me and then telling me it's for my own protection? I'm tired of you protecting me! (turns around and walks away)
Tonraq: Korra.

(Korra continues walking away. Tonraq tilts his head down in shame and the rest of the group looks from Korra to him. The scene cuts to an establishing shot of the Southern Air Temple at dusk. Cut to an overhead shot of Tenzin and Jinora walking into a room filled with statues of the past Avatar's arranged in a spiral.)

Jinora: Wow. The statue room.
Tenzin: That's right, Jinora. The most sacred place in the entire Southern Air Temple. Here you will find statues of every Avatar who ever lived. (Tenzin looks behind him, then to Jinora) Where are your brother and sister?

(Meelo, then Ikki, ride behind Tenzin and Jinora on air scooters, shouting loudly and playfully. The wind they whip up blows Tenzinís robe over his head. Cut to a close up of Meelo.)

Meelo: You can't catch me. I'm the greatest air-scooter-er of all time. Oof!

(Meelo falls off his scooter, and it cuts back to Tenzin just as Meelo collides with a statue. The sound of the statue crumbling is heard.)

Tenzin: Meelo!

(Tenzin looks shocked and runs out of frame to get Meelo. The camera tilts down as Jinora walks forward and exits frame. Cut to a shot from the side as Jinora approaches the statue of Aang in the center. Cut to a shot looking down at Jinora staring up in awe at the statue. Cut to behind the Jinora and the camera tilts up to see a better look at the statue of Aang. Cut to a close up of the statue's profile, then to a close up of Jinora, then to a close up of the statue's front. There is an extreme close up of Jinora's eye as it widens and she hears an echoing whisper. She turns around and the camera quickly pans around her and pulls back with motion blur, statues in the foreground. The scene cuts to a wide, long, high angle shot of Korra's group approaching an enormous rocky archway. Cut to Korra as Tonraq rides up next to her.)

Tonraq: Korra, you have every right to be mad at me but I don't want you to make the same mistake I made. I should have never gone into that forest. And we shouldn't be going to the South Pole now. Spirits and the physical world should remain separate.
Korra: (rides ahead and stops) Dad, it's my job to be the bridge between the spirits and the physical world and I finally have a chance to live up to my potential.
Tonraq: You don't even know if what Unalaq says is true.
Unalaq: (pan to him as he rides up next to Tonraq) You want proof? Look to the sky. Where I'm from, the spirits are at peace and they light up the dark.
Korra: The Northern Lights.
Unalaq: Yes. There used to be lights in the South as well but during the hundred year war, the South was thrown out of balance and the lights disappeared. When the war ended, the North helped to rebuild you physically as a nation but we have not rebuilt you spiritually. Now the spirits no longer dance in your skies. Instead, they rampage in the Everstorm.

(Cut to a low angle shot of Mako on his camel at the edge of a cliff, with Bolin, Eska, and Desna behind.)

Mako: I think we're here.

(Korra and Unalaq ride to the edge of the cliff. Cut to a close up of Korra looking up as the wind and snow blow past her. Cut to a shot from behind the group. The camera pulls back and we see the Everstorm ahead of them, lightning thundering in the huge storm clouds. Cut to the front of the group as they continue riding onward. Cut to ground level as the feet of Naga and Unalaq's camel walk over the ground. Naga stops and the camera tilts up to Korra as she looks behind her after hearing a soft, whispering wail of a spirit. Cut to a wide overhead shot as everyone else stops and we hear it again. Cut to Bolin, Eska, and Desna.)

Bolin: Is that what I think it is?
Unalaq: We must keep moving.

(A louder, more menacing growl is heard.)

Bolin: Oh man. I really don't like this.
Mako: Bolin, just stay calm. There's no reason to- Panic!

(A small, gremlin like dark spirit bursts from the snow below Mako and leaps at his camel, snatching away some of his supplies. The camera quickly zooms out as more gremlin spirits leap from the snow at the others. One grabs onto Naga's ears while another steals some of Unalaq's supplies. Another steals supplies from Korra and causes Naga to real back and fall to the ground.)

Korra: Aah!

(Korra looks up and sees another spirit emerge, creating wings and flying. It is about to come at Korra when Tonraq bends a wall of ice in front of it. The spirit flies around the wall, but is hit with a stream of water by Tonraq. Korra looks behind her and sees a short dinosaur like spirit running at her. Tonraq turns around.)

Tonraq: Korra, look out!

(Tonraq uses waterbending to creating a pillar of ice to shove Korra out of the way. He throws a downward wave of water at the spirit, but it dodges to the side and knocks Tonraq down towards Bolinís snowmobile with a head butt. A gremlin sized spirit jumps at the snowmobile and phases into the engine.)

Bolin: Oh, it's in the engine!

(The engine bursts into a cloud of smoke and the spirit pops out from the top. With a burst of fire from the exhaust, the snowmobile speeds out of control, with Bolin yelling in panic and Eska and Desna still calmly sitting in the passenger car. Cut to Korra jumping in front of a spirit. She shoots a blast of fire towards the dinosaur spirit while Mako attacks the spirit behind her. The winged spirit also swoops in from behind. All three spirits lunge at Mako and Korra, who dodge out of the way, causing the spirits to all collide into each other, forming one large gorilla like spirit. Korra waves her arms in circles and attempts to create a helix of water around the spirit like Unalaq did to calm it. However, the helix lacks form and stability. The spirit appears as if it will glow and be calmed for a moment, but the attempt fails and it rushes at Korra. It swipes at Korra with one of its large arms and knocks her down. It quickly pins Korra arms down and brings its face close to hers, opening its mouth to screech and revealing several rows of sharp teeth. Korra is frozen for a moment as it gets closer, but them the spirit begins to glow and dissolve. Cut to an overhead shot showing Unalaq performing the calming ritual. The spirit transforms into a bird shape and flies toward the camera. Unalaq finishes and Mako steps forward to offer his hand to Korra. She takes it and he helps her up.)

Mako: Is everyone okay?

(Bolin is heard screaming. Mako and Korra move out of the way and the camera zooms in on Bolin's snowmobile racing up a slope towards a mountainside. Cut to a closer shot of Bolin, Eska, and Desna.)

Bolin: I can't stop it!

(Eska and Desna calmly stand up, grab Bolin, and jump backwards with him.)

Eska: I'll save you.

(Bolin yells as they fly backward and he sees the snowmobile crash into the mountain. The twins drop Bolin and his suit inflates as it slides down the slope with Pabu riding on top.)

Bolin: I'm a raft!

(The twins form ice boots around their feet and ski down the slope, coming to a stop in front of the rest of the group, with Bolin following close behind. Mako stops Bolin with his foot.)

Bolin: Uh... can someone please deflate me? (Eska bends ice spikes from the snow and pierces Bolin's suit, deflating it quickly) Thank you.

(Mako walks to the camels. Cut to a shot behind him showing the ground littered with their ruined supplies.)

Mako: Oh great, there goes our equipment. Now what are we supposed to do?
Tonraq: There's only one thing to do. We have to turn back.
Unalaq: No. The solstice is tonight, we're so close.
Tonraq: This mission is too dangerous, we're leaving.
Korra: No Dad, you're leaving.

(Cut to a close up of Korra looking stern and zoom in slowly. Cut to commercial.)


(Fade into a wide shot of rocky, jagged mountains and zoom in on the group below. Cut to a shot of Mako and Tonraq standing by Tonraq's snow mobile.)

Mako: Don't worry, sir. I'll keep an eye on Korra for you.
Tonraq: Thank you, Mako.

(Mako and Tonraq shake hands while the camera zooms out, and we see Korra's torso in the foreground turned towards them. Cut to a close shot of Korra with her hood up as she watches. Cut to a low angle shot of Tonraq riding past the camera from behind it and away, disappearing into the fog. Cut to Korra and Unalaq on their mounts.)

Unalaq: Let's open this portal and lead your father and the entire Southern Water Tribe in the right direction. We don't have much time.
Korra: Then what are we waiting for?

(Korra rides out of frame. Cut to a close shot of Bolin sitting in the now separated side car of his snowmobile, looking disgruntled. The camera zooms out to show it being pulled along by the camel being ridden by Eska and Desna. Cut to a long shot from the side of the group riding in single file. Cut to a shot of Korra and Mako riding together.)

Korra: So what exactly were you and my dad talking about?
Mako: Nothing. He was just worried about you, that's all.
Korra: You know, sometimes I wonder whose side you're on.
Mako: There aren't any sides. We all just want to help however we can. You have to trust that we're here for you.

(There's a brief pause as Korra thinks this over. Cut to a shot from behind Korra and Mako showing the South Pole up ahead, large ice structures jutting upwards with tress below, glowing with a faint blue light. The camera slowly zooms out.)

Unalaq: We've arrived.

(Cut to a shot of trees frozen in ice and pan up.)

Korra: Trees frozen in ice.

(Cut to the group standing at the top of the hill, with Korra, Mako, and Unalaq in the front and Eska, Desna, and Bolin still riding behind.)

Unalaq: It's just like the sacred forest Tonraq destroyed in the North.
Korra: So what do I do?
Unalaq: You must find your way to the heart of the forest where the dormant spirit portal lies. From here, you're on your own.
Mako: Wait a second, there's no way she's going alone.
Bolin: (walks into frame) Yeah, if she goes, we go too. (Pabu pops out from his hood)
Unalaq: The Avatar must go alone.
Korra: But I don't have any connection with the spirits. In fact, it seems like they hate me.
Unalaq: You have to believe in yourself like I believe in you. (Korra turns away for a moment) What is it?
Korra: I guess I'm just so used to people telling me how to do things that I forgot what it was like to have someone trust in me.
Unalaq: Korra, all the past Avatars live on inside of you. Let them guide you. Let them help you find the light in the dark.

(Korra and Unalaq look towards the frozen forest. Cut to a shot of it ahead and slowly zoom in. Cut back to Korra, Unalaq, Mako, and Bolin. Korra turns to Mako and Bolin.)

Korra: Wait here. I'll be okay.
Mako: Good luck.

(Korra walks off, and Pabu makes a small, concerned squeak. Cut to a wide shot from behind of Korra making her way towards the South Pole. Cut to a shot from the side of Korra reaching the edge of the forest. Cut to a shot from inside as Korra enters between two frozen trees. The area is like a network of ice tunnels. Cut to a close up of Korra as she looks around, then to a low shot from behind of her feet as descends a short slope. Tree branches and roots protrude from the ice. Korra continues on away from the camera down the tunnel. Cut to a medium shot of Korra as she makes a turn down a different path, then cut to an overhead shot of her. A dark spirit in the shape of a snake slithers above Korra. Cut to a low shot from behind Korra and tilt up as she turns around at the sound of the spirit's hissing. Cut to Korra's point of view of the path behind her. The camera pulls back and zooms in a moment before two spirit snakes fly towards the camera. Cut to a close up of Korra and briefly zoom out as she gasps and looks surprised. She runs away as the snakes chase after her. They wrap around Korra's legs and trip her. Korra rolls over the ground as the snakes wrap their bodies around her. One snake coils upward and lunges down to bite Korra. Korra raises her fist and shoves it down the snake's throat. The snake's throat swells up a moment before it bursts into flame and is shot back by Korra's fire blast. Korra sits up and does a circular kick with both legs while doing a hand stand, creating a whirlwind with airbending which blows the other snake off her. The two snake spirits regroup and go after Korra again. Korra uses waterbending to push two ice walls out of her way. She jumps between them, then creates a new ice wall which the snakes collide into. Korra stands up as the spirits are trapped on the other side, then slither away. Korra turns around and walks forward. Cut to an overhead shot to show Korra inside a domed area, with an ice floor with a glowing center. Korra walks towards the center.)

Korra: The spirit portal. Amazing.

(Cut to an overhead shot of Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo asleep in their room, with Ikki and Meelo in one and Jinora in the other. Cut to a close up of Jinora as she slowly wakes up and gives a small gasp. Cut to a shot from the side of Jinora walking past statues with faint light shining through windows. Cut to a close up from the side of Jinora as she stops and gasps at what is ahead of her. Cut to a shot of the bottom of an old, wooden statue and tilt up to its face. It appears to be a man encircled by a spirit.)

Jinora: What Avatar is this?

(The scene cuts to the icy floor above the spirit portal at the south pole. Korra walks forward and we see what appears to be her reflection.)

Korra: The light in the dark.

(The camera rotates its angle and zooms out to reveal it isn't her reflection, but that the shot is from under the ice and looking up at Korra standing above. Cut to a shot of Korra's feet as she takes a stance. Cut to a low angle shot of her as she raises her arm and punches downward at the floor. A whirlwind forms around her, but there is no effect. Korra blinks for a moment as she gets up, unsure as to why nothing happened. She takes a few steps back and blasts the ice with a large torrent of fire with both hands. She continues the stream of fire for a few seconds before stopping. The dust clears and the ice shows no damage.)

Korra: Why isn't it opening?

(Cut to a medium shot of Korra. She looks up and gasps as several dozen spirit snakes slither on the outside of the ice dome towards the top. The camera tilts up to the top where the spirits are converging. Cut to a shot from the outside showing the snakes all attempting to break through the ice. Cut to an overhead shot of Korra as she continues to attack the ice floor with air blasts.)

Korra: Come on, portal. Open!

(Cut to a shot of the snakes breaking through the top of the dome. They merge together into one giant snake, its head poking through the hole in the top. It snarls and quickly moves downward. The giant snake spirit attacks Korra in the back, ensnaring her. Its mouth transforms back into smaller snakes which wrap around Korra. She gasps as we see the bodies of the snakes start to form a net. Korra is lifted up, and she continues trying to break the ice with fire blasts. She is stopped when the spirit snakes wrap around her arms. Korra struggles as she is lifted higher and the spirits continue to tighten their hold on her. Korra grunts and her eyes glow as she enters the Avatar state. She manages to free her arms and falls back towards the floor, but her legs are still trapped and she hangs. The spirits create more tendrils that wrap around Korra while she tries to reach for the portal below. Korra struggles, and manages to tap the floor. A glowing ring ripples out from the center, and the area grows darker, save for the glowing sphere underneath. There is a hum, then the ice cracks, and a pillar of spiritual energy explodes from beneath. Korra is knocked to the side as the dark spirits are hit with the energy. Cut to a long, wide shot of the South Pole and the Everstorm as the pillar of light shoots upward into the storm clouds. It reaches above toward the stars where it splits and forms the Southern Lights, which spread across the sky. Cut to Korra looking upward.)

Korra: The spirits dancing in the sky.

(Cut to a shot of Jinora looking at the wooden statue as the statue begins to glow. Cut to a close up of Jinora as she gasps in awe. Cut back to a shot of the pillar of light as energy spirals within it and tilt down to the rest of the group in the foreground. Cut to a close shot of Bolin and Mako watching.)

Mako: I can't believe it.
Bolin: It's beautiful.

(Bolin wipes a tear from his eye. Cut to a shot of Unalaq smiling. Cut to a wide, far shot of Tonraq riding over the snow while the lights shine in the background. Cut to a shot in front of him. He turns to look behind and sees the lights. Cut to a shot from behind as Tonraq stops. He stands up and turns around, smiling.)

Tonraq: She did it.

(Cut to a shot of Korra emerging from the fog, slowly walking towards the camera. Cut to a close shot of Bolin, with Eska and Desna behind him. Bolin smiles excitedly when he sees Korra.)

Bolin: Hey Korra, you're back! Hey, Korra's back! Wha- huh?

(Bolin runs towards Korra and gives her a hug. However, he is separated from her when a wall of ice forms between them, with his head trapped within a groove at the top. He is turned around and the camera pans right as he is made to face Eska, with Desna by her side.)

Eska: Why are you initiating physical contact with another woman?

(Cut to a close up of Bolin's face as he looks nervous and frightened, gulping and whimpering softly. Cut to a shot of Korra walking towards Unalaq, who is in the foreground. In the background, we see Eska turn the ice wall Bolin is in back into water, and he falls to the ground.)

Korra: Everything you said was true.
Unalaq: Avatar Korra, you have taken the first step in bringing balance back to the South and soon, the whole world.

(Mako runs up to Korra and hugs her, lifting her up and spinning her around.)

Mako: You never cease to amaze me.
Korra: Thanks. By the way, I'm really sorry for being a total pain. Things were really stressful and confusing. It's hard being the Avatar. Mako: It's harder being the Avatar's boyfriend.

(Mako gently nudges Korra, and she chuckles and they hug once more. The scene cuts to a shot of the ground at dawn. We see sled tracks over the hills and the camera tilts up towards the group riding up a hill. Cut to the front of the group as they reach the top of a mountain. Cut to a shot from Behind Unalaq, Korra, and Mako. The camera tilts up as they look down at the bay of the Southern Water Tribe's city. Large battleships are entering the harbor. Cut to a close shot of Northern Water Tribe soldiers marching past the camera. Cut to a shot from the front of the ships and pan right with the sun shining behind them, light glistening on the water. Cut to Korra dismounting Naga and watching.)

Korra: What are all your Northern troops doing here?
Unalaq: Opening the spirit portal was only the first step in getting the Southern Water Tribe back on its righteous path. There's more difficult work to be done before our two tribes are truly united.

(Cut to a close up of Korra as she looks in surprise at Unalaq, then turns away and looks down sadly.)

[End Credits]

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