Transcript for 203 - Civil Wars, Part 1
Civil Wars: Part 1
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino
Directed By: Colin Heck
Storyboard By: Masami Annou, Joaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu, Lauren Montgomery, Colin Heck
Animation By: Pierrot Co. LTD
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Psycho Silver

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "The Southern Lights."]

Shiro Shinobi: Korra has reopened the Southern spirit portal and taken the first step to restoring balance between spirits and man. Meanwhile, tensions are high between Korra and her father after she discovered he was hiding a dark secret.Years ago, Tonraq was banished from the North. And now the Northern navy has landed on Southern shores. What other plans does Unalaq have for the Avatar?

Act I

(Fade into a shot of the top of a tower of the Southern Water Tribe capitol biulding and pan down to an overhead shot of soldiers stationed in front of the steps. On the left are a crowd of people and on the right is a platoon of Northern soldiers marching towards them. Cut to an over the shoulder shot from behind the crowd as the soldiers get closer.)

Northern Soldier: Everyone, clear the streets. Get back in your homes.

(Cut to a shot of the civilians, then back to the soldiers as their commanding officer points at the civilians. Two soldiers step forward and bend two walls of ice that push the crowd down the middle, allowing the soldiers to march through. Cut to a wide overhead shot and pan down and to the left to the harbor. A huge wall of ice is bended up between the piers. Cut to a shot of soldiers standing on planks on the sides of the battleships as they bend, then cut to a shot of another ice wall being formed, closing off the harbor. Cut to a far, wide shot of the city facing the ocean and zoom out to show Korra and Unalaq watching from a balcony. Korra turns to Unalaq.)

Korra: Uncle, why did you bring your troops down from the North?
Unalaq: Now that you've opened the Southern portal, we need to protect it from people who would do the spirits harm.
Korra: I can protect it.
Unalaq: I need you for something more important. There is another portal in the North. Once you open it, spirits and man will be able to move freely between the North and the South in a matter of seconds.
Korra: But the solstice is over, how am I going to open it?
Unalaq: The spiritual energy is much stronger in the North. And now that you've opened the Southern portal, your energy is stronger as well. Korra: With both portals open, our tribes will be united again.
Unalaq: The world will be united again.

(The shot lingers on Korra and Unalaq's backs as the camera slowly zooms out. Cut to a shot of several flying bison grazing on a steep rock spire at the Southern Air Temple, then pan down to see Tenzin, Pema, and Kya. Cut to their front and we see Tenzin sitting in a chair at the top of the steps leading to the temple. At his side is a small table with a glass. Pema is sitting on the top of the steps holding Rohan, and Kya is sitting on a boulder feeding flying lemurs. Cut to a closer shot of Tenzin, Pema, and Rohan. Tenzin sighs and puts his hands behind his head as he reclines.)

Tenzin: Ahh, I haven't felt this at peace since--
Bumi: Wahoo!

(Bumi, wearing only a green robe and a pair of boxers, leaps into frame and then jumps away, startling Tenzin. Tenzin looks down, disappointed.)
Tenzin: And it's over.

(Cut to Kya sitting on the boulder as Bumi jumps up to her level, stretching his arms out and startling Kya.)

Bumi: Good morning, universe!
Kya: (covering eyes) Bumi, please... Cover yourself.
Bumi: Well, lookee here. "Vacation Tenzin" has finally decided to join us.
Tenzin: Yes, he has. (takes Rohan from Pema) It's so nice to get to spend more time with my family. Isn't that right, my little Rohan? (Rohan smiles and coos) And I've really enjoyed having you two around. Reminds me of all those great vacations we took as kids with Dad.
Kya: Uh, I think your memory is a little foggy. Bumi and I weren't on those great vacations. It was always just you and Dad.
Tenzin: No, that can't be right. What about the time he took us to Kyoshi Island to ride the elephant-koi?
Kya: Nope. We weren't there.
Tenzin: Hmm. Oh, remember Ember Island? Those amazing sand palaces we built on the beach?
Bumi: You mean you built. We never saw the place.
Tenzin: I could've sworn-

(The sound of the children laughing is heard and Tenzin turns his head to look. Cut to Meelo and Jinora riding in on air scooters, followed by Poki. The children dismount and run towards the camera, smiling, and Poki lands on Meelo's head. Cut to a shot from the side as Kya and Bumi approach the kids.)

Bumi: Morning, kids.
Meelo Morning, Uncle Bumi. (pointing at Bumi's belly) Do you have a baby in there?

(Kya, Tenzin, and Pema laugh. Cut to a closer shot of Tenzin and Pema. Pema stops laughing and looks concerned.)

Pema: Where's your sister?
Pema: (approaches the children) Ikki, about this tall, talks real fast. I'm sure you know her.
Meelo Uh... There was a lemur fight, but the bison told us not to worry because a giant was coming. Then we almost got eaten by a shark-squid. Bumi: (dramatic background music begins to play) The shark-squid? He's here? It appears my old nemesis has found me.
Pema: (crosses arms) Jinora, were you and Meelo teasing your sister again?
Jinora: I don't know. (looks down) Maybe. (hangs head) Yes.
Meelo (brief moment of silence as he looks between Jinora and Pema) She ran away.
Pema: (face is red and angry) Honestly, I don't know why you kids can't just get along!
Tenzin: It's all right, dear. Ikki couldn't have gone far. (gives Rohan to Pema) I'll find her.
Bumi: (saluting) Commander Bumi reporting for duty! Search-and-rescue missions are my specialty.
Kya: (puts arms around Tenzin and Bumi's shoulders) What do you say we all go together?
Tenzin: Sure. I could use the help.
Bumi: (pointing to Meelo) When I get back, we'll come up with a plan to take down that shark-squid once and for all.
Meelo Yeah!

(The scene cuts to a far shot and zooms in on Tonraq's house in the Southern Water Tribe. Cut to the inside where we see Korra, Tonrq, Senna, and a large group of people seated around the floor.)

Tonraq: Thank you for coming, everyone. I know these last few days have been very troubling.
Varrick: Troubling? (cut to Varrick standing by a table eating from a plate of cookies with Zhu Li behind him) Troubling is when I get that itchy rash that won't go away and Zhu Li's not around to scratch it. This is shocking. (drops cookies) Nay, sickening! (smashes plate) But these kale cookies? Opposite. (to Zhu Li) Remind me to get the recipe later.
Tonraq: What's your point, Varrick?
Varrick: (piles cookies onto a plate) My point is, Unalaq's already booted our chieftains out of their palace. How long before he starts telling us what kind of cookies we can eat? (flings cookies away)
Zhu Li: Probably a couple of days.
Varrick: Rhetorical question, Zhu Li, you gotta keep up. Not to mention I've got a cargo ship full of halibut that's rotting, thanks to this harbor lockdown. Who wants to buy a ship full of stinking fish!? (smashes plate) Seriously, it's not rhetorical. I need to sell these fish.
Korra: Chief Unalaq is here to help the South. He wants to show us how to restore balance with the spirits so they'll stop attacking.
Varrick: The only spirit I'm interested in restoring is our spirit of independene! Am I right, people?

(Pan across the people as they all rabble in agreement)

Korra: All Unalaq is trying to do is make our tribes unified again.
Varrick: No, he wants control of our wealth. My wealth. And I like my wealth. If Unalaq doesn't pull his forces out, then we have no choice but to fight for our freedom!

(Varrick raises his fists into the air, and the camera quickly zooms out as the crowd cheer. Cut to a close up of Korra.)

Korra: You want to start a war? Are you crazy?
Tonraq: Unalaq started this, not us. I'm sorry. Maybe you could speak with your uncle. Tell him how frustrated we all are. He'll listen to what the Avatar has to say. Do it for me?
Korra: I'll do it for the tribe.

(Korra leaves, slamming the front door shut behind her. Varrick is holding a half eaten cookie.)

Varrick: (to Zhu Li) I cannot stop eating these things. (to Tonraq) Look, we all know where this conflict is heading. We need to start preparing for war.

(The shot lingers on a close up of Varrick before the scene cuts to a close up of Bolin. He is frowning and panting in exhaustion, and the camera zooms out to show him pulling Eska and Desna on a rickshaw. Desna is holding Pabu in his lap.)

Eska: I will hate to leave this quaint tribe.
Desna: Is that true, Eska?
Eska: Of course not, Desna. I will not miss it at all. I hold immense dislike for the South. (Eska and Desna both laugh in an extremely unusual and creepy manner) Bolin! Laugh at my humorous quip.

Bolin: Yes, dear. (laughs awkwardly) So... so funny.

(Pabu yawns. Cut to a shot from the side as Bolin brings the rickshaw to a stop. He sets it down and quickly bends the ground into steps for Eska and Desna to walk down from. Bolin takes Eska's hand as she walks down the steps.)

Bolin: You know, I'll be really sad when you have to leave. It's been really great getting to know you. Really.
Eska: But you will be coming with me to the North. There we will live the rest of our lives together in icy bliss. Foolish Bolin.

(Eska and Desna walk away, and we see Mako in the background down the street.)

Bolin: Mako! I'm so happy to see you!

(Bolin runs up to Mako and grabs him by the shoulder.)

Mako: Uh, you all right, bro?
Bolin: No! No, I'm not all right! I can't take anymore. Listen, I don't want to live in icy bliss with Eska! Don't make me! Oh, please, please don't make me. (sobs into Mako's chest)
Mako: Uh, hey, if you're that unhappy, just break up with her.
Bolin: Break up with her? You can do that?
Mako: Yeah. Guys do it all the time.
Bolin: How?
Mako: Just tell her you're not that into her anymore.
Bolin: Oh, no, no, I don't think she'd like that.
Mako: Ending a relationship is kind of like pulling off a bloodsucking leech. You just gotta rip it off and get it over with. You'll feel a lot better afterwards. Trust me.
Bolin: Thanks, Mako. Whew. I'm lucky you're so good at breaking girls' hearts. Korra better watch out. (Mako crosses his arms and glares at Bolin) Ooh, no, it's just a- Uh, you kn- Uh, never mind.

(Cut to an establishing shot of the Souther Water Tribe palace, then cut to a high angle shot from inside the throne room and tilt down to Unalaq sitting on the throne, shrouded in darkness, light shining in through the doorway and only partially iluminating him. Cut to a close shot of Unalaq with his eyes closed as the sound of Korra's footsteps is heard.)

Unalaq: Our next training session isn't until tomorrow.
Korra: I'm sorry to interrupt. It's about our conversation this morning.
Unalaq: Yes?
Korra: I understand why you brought your troops here, but I'm afraid it's sending the wrong message.
Unalaq: Your father has been talking to you.
Korra: Not just him, Varrick too. There was a meeting at my parents' house. A lot of Southerners feel like their tribe is being invaded.
Unalaq: I am their chief. I'm uniting, not invading.
Korra: I know, but I'm just afraid if something doesn't change, there could be a civil war.
Unalaq: If the water tribes were at war, the other nations would take sides. The dark spirits would thrive off this negative energy, and the world would be thrown into a battle between spirits and man. That would be catastrophic.
Korra: How do we stop it?
Unalaq: We? No, Korra. This is a war only the Avatar can prevent.

(The shot lingers on Korra and slowly zooms in on her as she looks to the side, unsure. Cut to commercial.)

Act II

(Fade into a shot from the side of Korra and Unalaq in the throne room.)

Korra: I'm usually the one starting fights. I don't know how to stop them from happening.
Unalaq: (approaches Korra) As the Avatar, you must remain neutral in this conflict. You will naturally want to help your people, but showing favoritism will not help our tribes find unity.
Korra: Maybe Tenzin was right. Maybe I'm not ready to be the Avatar.
Unalaq: Tenzin lacked faith in you. (places hand on Korra's shoulder) But I have no doubt you will become the most admired Avatar the world has ever known.
Korra: Thank you, Uncle.

(The scene cuts to a street in town and pans left to a group a soldiers walking in formation. Cut to a shot of the soldiers from the side. The camera follows them and passes behind townspeople. Cut to a panning shot of a couple of men glaring. Cut back to the soldiers who come to a halt and look back. Snowballs suddenly fall on the soldiers from above.)

Northern Soldier: Who threw those?

(The camera tilts up to three children standing on a roof, laughing at the soldiers. Cut to a high angle shot from behind the children looking down at the soldiers. One of the soldiers bends the snow the children are standing on and causes them to slip and slide down to the ground.)

Northern Soldier: You hoodlums think you're tough, huh?
Southern Waterbender #1: Pick on a waterbender your own size!

(The cmera pans right to show three waterbenders readying for a fight. Cut to the front of the soldiers and slowly zoom out as they summon their own water. Cut to a wide shot as Korra rides in on Naga from behind the camera.)

Korra: Stop!

(Korra and Naga get between the two groups.)

Southern Waterbender #2: Tell these thugs to go back to the North. They're not welcome here anymore!
Northern Soldier: These Southerners need to stay in line.
Korra: Everyone, calm down. You're all part of the same tribe. Start acting like it.
Southern Waterbender #1: You're taking their side? We thought you were one of us.
Korra: I'm not taking anyone's side. (snowball hits her head) Hey!

(Cut to a shot of a little girl waterbending a snowball from the ground and throwing it at Korra.)

Little Girl: You're the worst Avatar ever!

(Korra blocks it with one hand and the snowball immeditely turns into steam. Tonraq's voice is heard, and the camera cuts to a shot of him from behind as he approaches.)

Tonraq: Everyone, walk away from this. They're not worth our trouble. Go back to your homes.

(The Southern waterbenders drop their water and leave. Cut to a shot of Korra and the camera slowly zooms in. Cut to the soldiers as they too put their water down and leave. Cut to Tonraq.)

Tonraq: Korra, I- Korra!

(Tonraq turns and the camera pans left to show Korra already riding away. The scene cuts to a wide establishing shot of the tall cliffs that surround the Southern Air Temple. Dissolve to another wide shot and tilt down to Tenzin and cut to a closer shot of him.)

Tenzin: Ikki! Ikki! Ikki? Ikki, where are you?
Bumi: Over here, dad! (cut to Bumi as he emerges from some bushes) Just kidding, it's me!

(Tenzin sighs and Kya runs up to him.)

Kya: There's no sign of her anywhere.
Tenzin: Why would Ikki run off like this? Ah, it's probably my fault.
Kya: Probably.
Tenzin: Excuse me?
Kya: I'm guessing you've been so busy with your "duty" to Republic City that you forgot about your duty to your kids.
Bumi: (chuckles) Duty.
Kya: What are you, five years old?
Tenzin: Kya, you're right. I haven't been spending enough time with them I wish I could be as good a father as Dad was to us.
Kya: Tenzin, your problem is you're exactly like Dad. He was so focused on saving the world and doing his duty - don't laugh - that he never had time for us.
Tenzin: Dad was under a lot of pressure.
Bumi: He always had time for you though, (pinches Tenzin's cheek) his precious little airbender.
Tenzin: Dad loved us all equally. Besides, it all happened a long time ago. Why are we even talking about this?
Kya: Because you seem to have some grandiose delusion that we had a perfect, happy-go-lucky childhood. Guess what? We didn't.
Tenzin: We need to keep moving if we want to find Ikki before dark. (continues walking down the trail)
Kya: See what he's doing there, Bumi? Classic airbender technique; Cutting and running when things get tough!
Tenzin: Ugh.
Bumi: Yeah, did Dad teach you that move?

(The scene cuts to a shot of Korra riding Naga over the top of a hill from the front. The bay and the tall tower in the middle of it cn be seen in the background. The camera zooms out to an over the shoulder shot of Mako.)

Mako: How was your day, sweetie?
Korra: (dismounts) Oh, fabulous. My tribe's about to go to war and I'm supposed to stop it, but will anyone listen to me? No! And I didn't ask for my father's help. Can't he just let me be the Avatar?
Mako: Uh... do you want advice, or am I just supposed to listen? I'm still not clear on that.
Korra: Ugh. I'm sorry. My Dad just gets me all worked up.
Mako: How about you take a break from all this Avatar stuff and we go out for a quiet dinner? Just the two of us.

(Cut to a close up of Korra as she smiles. The shot dissolves into another closeup of Korra, only now she is in a restaurant and frowning. Pan left to Mako, also frowning, then cut to a close shot of Eska and Desna, who are seated across from them. Pan left to Bolin, who is smiling and clasping his hands.)

Bolin: (laughs) Isn't this fun, huh? We never get to spend enough time together, just the... five of us. So fun.

(Eska and Desna silently glance at each other)

Eska: Excuse us while we retrieve more sustenance.

(Eska and Desna both leave in unison. Bolin waits until they're gone and his smile vanishes.)

Bolin: You guys gotta save me.
Mako: I thought you were breaking up with her. What happened to ripping off the leech?
Bolin: I tried! But anytime I bring up the subject, she threatens to freeze me in a block of ice and feed me to dolphin-piranhas!
Mako: So it was more like you tugged at the leech.
Bolin: Yes, over and over and over, but it won't come off. Why didn't you warn me your cousin had the power to reach into my heart and crush my soul with her bare hands?
Korra: Uh... 'cos I thought it was pretty obvious?
Bolin: No, no, not to me, it wasn't. I'm very bad at reading people. You should know that by now. Oh, man. Oh... Do something, Avatar!

(Bolin hangs his head sadly. The scene cuts to Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi walking down a path at night, with Tenzin holding a lantern.)

Bumi: You know, this reminds me of a search-and-rescue mission I commanded years ago, in the mountains outside of Ba Sing Se.
Tenzin: (sighs) Here we go.
Bumi: For five days, we scoured that beast of a mountain, fighting our way through blizzards, sandstorms, and three typhoons. Finally, we found the men huddled in a cave, seconds from death. (music swells, and Tenzin grows more annoyed) With no time to lose, I piled all twelve of those poor souls on my back and single-handedly carried them down the mountain to safety.
Tenzin: And how exactly is that supposed to help us find Ikki!?

(Kya walks on ahead of her brothers.)

Bumi: It was supposed to inspire you. Clearly, you know nothing about being a leader of men. That's probably why the Avatar fired you.
Tenzin: I'm sick of your far-fetched tales. Three typhoons?
Bumi: Well, I may have thrown in an extra typhoon or two for dramatic effect, but-
Kya: Quit arguing and bring that lantern over here. I found footprints!

(Tenzin is surprised for a moment. He jogs over and holds the lantern up. Cut to a shot of footprints on the ground, and tilt up to show them leading down the trail beside a waterfall and high above a large pond.

Tenzin: Come on!
Bumi: No, follow me! This will get us down fifty times faster.

(Bumi begins hopping down stones along the edge of the waterfall.)

Kya: Bumi, it's pitch black and the rocks are slippery. You're gonna hurt yourself.
Bumi: Come on, you wimps! If I can do it, it should be no problem for a couple of benders.
Kya: Fine.

(Kya jumps into the middle of the waterfall and uses waterbending to slow her descent. Tenzin follows her, hopping along the cliffside and using airbending to slow his descent. Bumi watches them and growls as they reach the bottom far more quickly than him.)

Kya: You were right, Bumi! That was faster!
Tenzin: At least fifty times faster, by my calculations.

(Tenzin and Kya both laugh.)

Bumi: Oh, Tenzin's the funny guy now.
Tenzin: If you need an airlift down, just say the word.
Bumi: Bah, I don't need your help. I've got everything under control. Ahh!

(Bumi slips and falls, hitting and rock and going through tree branches on the way down before landing in the water, making a large splash.)

Tenzin: Bumi!

(The scene cuts to Korra riding up to her house on Naga at night. She dismounts and goes inside. Cut to a shot of Senna sitting on their couch.)
Korra: Did Dad send you to talk to me?
Senna: Your father doesn't know I'm here. Korra, what's going on between you two?
Korra: (sits next to Senna) Ask Dad.
Senna: I've tried, but he won't talk about it. Honey, it breaks my heart to see our family being torn apart like this.
Korra: You want to know what's been going on? I found out Dad's been lying to me my whole life. Unalaq told me everything; How Dad and Tenzin kept me trapped down here while I trained. How dad got banished from the North.
Senna: So, the truth is out.
Korra: You knew. And you never said anything.
Senna: We were trying to keep our family together, to give you a normal childhood.
Korra: I never wanted a normal childhood. All I ever wanted to be was the Avatar but everyone keeps holding me back, even my own parents! Unalaq's the only one who believes in me.
Senna: That's not true, Korra.
Korra: No? Then why is everyone in the South turning against me, when all I'm trying to do is help them?
Senna: The problems between the North and the South started long before you were born. You can't expect to undo them in a day.
Korra: So I should just sit back and let the water tribes go to war?
Senna: No, but this situation might be out of your control. Varrick's been plotting rebellion against Unalaq. He asked your father to join, and- Korra: (stands) Dad is part of a rebellion?
Senna: I don't know, but I don't want you getting caught in the middle of it.
Korra: It's too late, Mom. I'm already in the middle of it.

(Korra turns and runs outside. She mounts Naga and Senna follows after her.)

Senna: Korra!

(Korra rides off. Cut to a shot of a chandelier in the Southern Water Tribe palace and tilt down to the floor. We see Korra running down the hall.)

Korra: Uncle! (stops and looks to see three soldiers defeated, unconsious and tied to a pillar) Oh, no. Uncle?

(Korra continues forward. Cut to a shot of her rounding a corner and sliding to a halt as she sees something. She presses herself back against the wall and peers around the corner. Cut to her point of view as she sees masked rebels guarding another hall. Out of the hall comes a tall and muscular rebel, carrying Unalaq over his shoulder. Cut to a close up profile of Unalaq showing him unconscious. Cut to a shot and focus on the leader, whose mask only reveals his eyes.)

Korra: Dad?

(Cut to a close up of Korra as her eyes widen in surprise and fear, and move the camera in closer to her face. Cut to commercial.)


(Fade in to a far shot of the kidnappers. Korra steps into the foreground. Cut to close up of her.)

Korra: Dad, don't do this.

(Cut to a shot of the kidnapper presumed to be Tonraq, and zoom out to show the rebel leader at his side.)

Rebellion Leader: Turn around Avatar, and pretend you didn't see anything.
Korra: No. Leave Unalaq and go. I'll tell him I tried to stop you but you escaped. We can still avoid a war.
Rebellion Leader: No, we can't.

(The leader swings his arms and hammers the floor with his fist, creating an ice wall that travels towards Korra. She rolls to the side, and the wall separates her from the rebels as they make their escape. Korra punches through the ice wall, demolishing it, and chases after them. As the rebels run down the stairs, Korra bends an ice slide onto the railing and grinds down it on her feet. She launches herself off the end of the rails, corkscrewing in midair before landing in front of the rebels.)

Rebellion Leader: Get him out of here!

(The kidnapper runs with Unalaq towards the exit. Korra attempts to chase after him, but another ice wall is bended in front of her, knocking her back a bit.)

Korra: We're all part of the same tribe! I don't want to hurt you.

(The rebels begin flinging water at Korra. Korra dodges to the side and rolls between two pillars. She jumps to avoid another jet of water and grabs a tapestry hanging overhead. Korra runs to the right, avoiding a stream of water that is turned into a large ice crystal. The rebel leader throws more streams of water at Korra, hitting the pillars as she runs behind them. The rebels move in closer to her. Korra runs up the side of a pillar and leaps off, dodging more attacks. The scene goes into slow motion as Korra throws the tapestry over two of the rebels. They stagger off balance a moment before Korra jumps and uses airbending to wrap the tapestry around them, knocking the rebels over. Korra then runs towards the camera and past it as she rushes down the other rebels. The remaining two throw more water at Korra, who does a cartwheel and a flip to avoid it. She lands between them and dodges a punch thrown by the leader as she grabs the lasso on his belt. Korra uses a sidekick to knock back the other rebel as he tries to tackle her. The leader punches twice at Korra, but she weaves out of the way, spinning her body around and wrapping the lasso around his arm. Korra uses the lasso to pull him off balance, then uses his momentum to swing him around in a large circle, throwing him into a pillar and knocking him out. Korra quickly runs around the pillar with the rope, trapping the leader there. Cut to a shot from outside the palace as Korra makes it to the exit. The camera quickly zooms out to show her at the top of a tall flight of stairs.)

Korra: Dad, stop!

(The kidnapper rides past the camera on a snowmobile, with Unalaq strapped behind him. Korra runs down a few steps before jumping off the side of the stair case. Cut to a shot looking down the street as the snowmobile rides away from the camera. Korra steps into the foreground and waterbends an ice ramp in front of the snowmobile which loops to the side. The kidnapper and Unalaq fall off the snowmobile which crashes into the ground. Korra runs forward. Cut to a shot from the front of Korra as she stops in front of the kidnapper on the ground. The kidnapper groans and begins to sit up, and Korra approaches him.)

Korra: Why did you do this, Dad? (pulls the kidnapper's mask off to reveal it's not Tonraq) What? Who are you? Where's my father?
Kidnapper: He wouldn't help us. He's a traitor, just like you.

(The camera tilts up to Unalaq on the ground, now regaining consciousness and getting up. Cut to a close up of a rebel's wrists as handcuffs are placed on them. Cut to a wider shot of the handcuffed kidnappers surrounded by soldiers. The camera pans left to Unalaq and Korra.)

Unalaq: Thank you for saving my life.
Korra: I'm just glad I got here in time.
Unalaq: (to soldiers) Find Varrick. I want him to freeze in prison with the rest of these traitors.

(The leader of the soldiers nods and he and his men leave with the prisoners.)

Korra: Wait, you can't just lock them away. That will only make the South angrier.
Unalaq: You want them to go free?
Korra: No... but let them stand trial for what they did. Every Water Tribe citizen deserves that right.
Unalaq: Very well. I will respect the Avatar's wishes in this matter.
Korra: Thank you, Uncle.

(The scene cuts to a high angle shot of Tenzin, Kya and Bumi. Kya is healing Bumi's head with waterbending as he sits against a rock.)

Kya: I told you those rocks were slippery. You're lucky you didn't kill yourself.
Bumi: You done with the lecture, Mom?
Kya: Oh, grow up. You haven't changed one bit since we were kids. You're still trying to prove you can do everything a bender can. Well, you can't. Deal with it.
Bumi: And you're not our mother, you don't get to tell me what I can and can't do. Deal with that. Ugh!

(Kya raises the healing water above Bumi's head as she turns around and crosses her arms, letting the water drop on his head and soak him.)

Kya: Good luck healing yourself with your special non-bending powers.
Bumi: (shakes the water off his head) Hey back me up here, Tenzin.
Tenzin: Kya's right. You're the oldest of us, but you always acted like the youngest. I had to become the responsible one.
Kya: You think you're the responsible one? Where were you after Dad died and Mom was all alone? Because I was the only one who packed up and moved my whole life to be with her.
Tenzin: Sure, after years of flitting around the world, trying to find yourself. It was time for you to settle down somewhere. You two have no idea how it feels to have the future of an entire culture on your shoulders.
Bumi: Oh, boo-hoo. Must've been real hard for you, flying around the world with Dad, riding elephant-koi all day.
Tenzin: Oh, so that's what this is all about.
Kya: That's what it's always been about. You think you're some savior who has to carry on Dad's legacy.
Tenzin: Who else is going to do it?
Kya: How about all of us?
Bumi:Yeah, we're Aang's kids too.
Kya: We never should have come on this vacation.
Bumi: I couldn't agree more.
Tenzin: Well, I didn't want you to come in the first place. (touches forehead in exasperation) I can't be around you two right now. Go back to the temple and see if Ikki returned. I'll keep looking out here.
Bumi: Fine.
Kya: Fine.
Tenzin: Fine.

(Kya and Bumi leave in one direction while Tenzin goes in the other. Cut to an overhead shot and slowly zoom out as they go their separte ways. Cut to a wide shot of Korra's parents' house in the morning. Korra rides on a galloping Naga towards the house. Cut to a close shot from the inside of the house of the door opening and Korra walking into the door frame. Cut to a shot of Tonraq and Senna seated and eating as they look up. Cut to an over the shoulder shot of Korra with her parents in the foreground. Korra looks to the side hesitantly.)

Korra: Is it okay if I come in?
Senna: Of course. We heard what happened, are you okay?

(Cut to a close up of Korra as she frowns and tears start to form in her eyes. They run down her cheeks as she closes them shut and she runs towards Tonraq and hugs him around the neck.)

Korra: I'm so glad you weren't there. I don't know what I would have done.
Tonraq: I had no idea how far Varrick was willing to go. My brother and I have our differences but I would never attack him.
Korra: I'm sorry for thinking you had anything to do with the rebels, and for all the pain I've caused you and Mom.
Tonraq: I'm the one who should apologize. After I saw The Southern Lights return, I was so proud of you. I never should have held you back. Senna: When your father and I found each other, all we wanted was to live a simple life and raise a family. But then we discovered you were the Avatar, and simple was over. We knew one day the world would need you, and you wouldn't need us anymore.
Korra: Mom, Dad, of course I still need you.

(The family shares a group hug. Footsteps are heard and we cut to a close shot of Unalaq's feet as she steps inside. Cut to Korra, Tonraq, and Senna as they break the hug and turn to look at Unalaq.)

Tonraq: We weren't expecting you.

(Cut to a shot of Unalaq standing in the doorway with Korra and her parents in the foreground. Waterbending soldiers begin to emerge from behind Unalaq and take battle stances at his sides.)

Unalaq: Tonraq, Senna, you are under arrest and will stand trial.
Tonraq: Trial? For what?
Unalaq: For conspiring to assassinate me.

(Cut to the shot of Korra, Tonraq, and Senna and quickly zoom in as they all react in shock.

[End Credits]

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