Transcript for 204 - Civil Wars, Part 2
Civil Wars: Part 2
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino
Directed By: Ian Graham
Storyboard By: Lee Dae Woo, Kim Sung Hoon, Park So Young, Owen Sullivan, Melchior Zwyer
Animation By: Pierrot Co. LTD
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Yong Wing

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Civil Wars: Part 1."]

Shiro Shinobi: Tensions between the Northern and Southern Water Tribes have reached a breaking point. After Chief Unalaq's troops took over the South, Varrick incited an uprising but Korra stopped the rebels from abducting her uncle. Enraged by the insurrection, Unalaq arrested the rebels and Korra's parents, accusing them of conspiring to assassinate him. Will Korra be able to save her parents and prevent civil war?

Act I

(The scene opens with a shot of the sky, panning down to an establishing shot of Tonraq's and Senna's igloo and a Water Tribe police van waiting outside. Four Northern soldiers flank the van and the entrance to the igloo. Korra and Unalaq look on as Tonraq, handcuffed, walks himself into the back of the police van. Senna is also handcuffed, and she briefly looks over her shoulder sadly at Korra before following her husband into the van. Korra's expression is equally sad, but also conflicted. She turns to face her uncle as the soldiers shut the doors to the back of the van, get in the front, and drive off.)

Korra: You're making a mistake.
Unalaq: I wish it hadn't come to this. But your parents held meetings with the rebels, right here in their home.
Korra: I can't believe you're doing this to your own family.
Unalaq: Rest assured, I've appointed Judge Hotah to oversee the trial. He is the most fair and honorable man I know.
Korra: Uncle, my parents had nothing to do with the men who attacked you.
Unalaq: I'm sure you're right. So we should have nothing to worry about.
Korra: (glances away uncertainly) I hope so.

(Cut to a wide, establishing shot of the Southern Water Tribe, with snowy peaks in the background and a tower in the foreground. Cut to a wide shot of the inside of a decorative lounge, with animal heads mounted on the walls, a fur rug, and even a stuffed platypus-bear standing on its hind legs. Mako is sitting on a couch by a spacious window while talking to Asami, who is standing with her arms crossed. Bolin is reclining on the other end of the couch with Pabu napping on his chest.)

Asami: Where's Varrick? We should've closed our deal an hour ago.
Bolin: Would you relax? This place is great, and the best part about it? Eska doesn't know I'm here.

(Cut to Northern soldiers opening the double-doors to the room, flanking Eska and Desna as they enter the room.)

Bolin: (jumps to his feet, startled) Ee-yah. I wasn't hiding. Hey, hey-hey, hey.
Eska: I'm not on the hunt for you. Currently.

(Cut to a wide shot of the characters' exchanges as Northern soldiers search the premises.)

Desna: We search for Varrick. Our father wishes him to stand trial.
Asami: What did he do?
Eska: He is a traitor to the Water Tribe, along with our aunt and uncle.
Asami: What?
Mako: Korra's parents were arrested?
Desna: Yes. Your powers of deduction are impressive.
Bolin: Yeah, he's a cop.

(The Northern soldiers all approach Eska and Desna.)

Northern Soldier: Varrick's not here.
Eska: Very well. Desna, let us continue our search elsewhere. (authoritatively, as Desna and the soldiers exit) Boyfriend! Bow to me when I exit.
Bolin: (cowed, bowing low to the floor) Yes, yes, my sweet koala-otter.
Eska: (smirks) You are so cute when you grovel. (she exits)
Asami: Don't let her treat you that way, stand up for yourself.
Bolin: (stands) I tried to break up with her, but Mako gave me terrible advice. Thank you, Mako. (pouts)
Mako: Wait, how are your girl problems my fault?
Asami: Bolin, you need to be honest with her. Tell her how you really feel.
Varrick: (muffled) Honesty is for fools, kid!

(Everyone's eyes go wide, as they glance around for the source of the voice.)

Bolin: Varrick?
Varrick: (muffled) If you want to ditch this girl, then make yourself scarce. Disappear, like I did!
Asami: Where are you?
Varrick: Somewhere Unalaq will never find me. (his head emerges from the maw of the stuffed platypus-bear) Inside Ping-Ping! How we doin'?
Mako: The coast is clear. You can come out.
Varrick: No way, mister. Not until I know it's absolutely, 157% safe. (another hand bearing a teacup, which Varrick eagerly takes, emerges out of the maw over his shoulder) Ahh! Thank you, Zhu Li.
Asami: Your assistant's in there too?
Varrick: Zhu Li never leaves my side. (sips his tea, then spits it out in disgust) Yuck! Pyugh! Pyuck! You forgot the honey!
Zhu Li: (muffled) (camera pans to the bear's center mass) Sorry, sir. There isn't any in here.
Varrick: (camera pans back to Varrick's face) No honey? We're in a bear, for crying out loud!
Mako: I'm gonna go see how Korra's doing. (he walks out)
Varrick: Bolin, I got a little something for you 'round back.

(Cut to a shot of the bear's rear end as the tail lifts up, and a thick wad of money is dropped out to the floor. Bolin crouches down and picks it up.)

Bolin: Wow!
Varrick: Now listen up. Unalaq's rigged this trial, no doubt about it. So I need you to make sure my trusty rebels stay out of prison.
Bolin: (stands, holds up the wad in his hand) What's the money for?
Varrick: (chuckles) Bribery, of course! There's always someone willing to look the other way for a few yuans.
Bolin: I think I catch your drift, (smirks, with a raise eyebrow) Varrick-Bear.

(Cut to an establishing shot of the Southern Air Temple. Cut again to Tenzin, as he searches for his daughter, calling out to her with cupped hands.)
Tenzin: Ikki! Ikki, where are you? (two flying lemurs swoop down to pester him) Shoo! Go bother someone else. (one lands on his shoulder and licks his scalp) You two are worse than Kya and Bumi.
Ikki: (distant, echoing) Okay, everybody here?
Tenzin: Ikki! Oh, thank goodness.

(Cut to a cave entrance, which Tenzin walks toward as the lemurs fly off.)

Ikki: (distant, echoing) Juniper Lightning Bug, paws off the table! (Cut to inside the cave, where Ikki is having a tea party with four baby flying bisons with a flat rock serving as a table) This is going to be a civilized breakfast. Daddy always says a blessing before we eat, so... (one of the bison hops and stumbles over its sibling, flopping to the ground on its back) Be quiet and listen up! (the bison flips itself right-side-up, as Tenzin watches Ikki from the cave's entrance) We are thankful for this super yummy food and for being the best-est new friends in the world. But we are most thankful because Meelo and Jinora aren't here because they stink. (Tenzin looks concerned, just as Ikki notices he's there) Oh! Hi, Daddy. I guess you found me. Do I have to go now?
Tenzin: Actually, is there room for one more?
Ikki: Uh, sure. You can sit next to Blueberry Spicehead.
Tenzin: (walks around the table, sits cross-legged between two of the bison) Nice to meet you, Blueberry Spicehead.
Ikki: (pointing) And that's Princess Rainbow, and that's Twinkle Starchild, and that's Juniper Lightning Bug. They're my new brothers and sisters.
Tenzin: New ones, huh? Can they be my new brothers and sisters too?
Ikki: Maybe, but only if they say it's okay. (gets up close to the bison beside her, as if listening to something being whispered) Uh-huh, uh-huh. No, no, he's nice. (to Tenzin) They say it's okay.

(The camera pulls back from a wide shot of the tea party. Cut to an establishing shot of the Southern Water Tribe dining hall from Episode 201. Cut to the inside, which has been converted into a courthouse with pews filled to capacity with spectators. At the hall's end is a table where the defendants, including Tonraq and Senna, sit while Korra, Mako, and Unalaq stand off to the side and look on. Mako has a reassuring hand on Korra's shoulder. She still looks worried. Cut to Bolin finding a seat in the pews next to Asami, acting very cocky.)

Bolin: We're good to go. I gave all the money to some guys over there. I told them to "take care of it," and then I winked. (he winks) Heh. Pretty sure they got the message.

(Cut to two goofy-looking Water Tribesmen counting the thick wad of bills Bolin had given them. They grin and give Bolin the thumb's up. Cut back to Bolin giving two thumbs up in return. Asami facepalms exasperatedly as a gavel is heard pounding.)

Northern Soldier: This trial will now come to order! Judge Hotah presiding.

(Cut to Hotah, a serious-looking old man, settling into the judge's chair at the center of the dais.)

Bolin: (surprised) Man! I should have paid him!
Asami: Yeah, you think?

(The scene dissolves to Unalaq standing before Hotah, giving his account of what transpired in Episode 203.)

Unalaq: I was asleep in my chambers when the rebels attacked. They overpowered me, and the next thing I remember was waking up in the snow after Avatar Korra had saved me.

(The scene dissolves again to Korra standing before Hotah, giving her account of the same events.)

Hotah: According to Unalaq's testimony, you attended a meeting where Varrick tried to incite a civil war. Is that true?
Korra: (hangs head low) Yes.
Hotah: And were these men present at that meeting?
Korra: (nervously) Well, yes, but-
Hotah: And where exactly did this meeting take place?
Bolin: (standing in the pews in the background) Objection!
Hotah: Quiet down out there! (Bolin sits) I'll ask you one more time. Where did the meeting happen?
Korra: (low voice) My parents' house.
Hotah: And who led this meeting?
Bolin: (stands again) Your honor, if I may...
Hotah: May what?
Bolin: (hands to his heart, as if pleading) May I... declare a mistrial?
Hotah: Sit down. (Bolin sits, his lips pouting like a reprimanded baby) Varrick and your father led the meeting, didn't they?
Korra: (angered) My parents are innocent!
Hotah: I've heard all I need to. I'll return shortly with my decision.

(Hotah stands to leave. Korra looks down, seeming defeated. Cut to Eska standing about in one of the hallways off to the side. Bolin peeks out from behind a pillar at her, cautiously.)

Bolin: Hey there, Eska! (he approaches her) I was wondering if we could talk.
Eska: I grant you permission to speak freely.
Bolin: (nervously) Oh, good, because I just need to be honest with you. You know, when we first met, there was this crazy spark... but I'm starting to feel like that spark is fading.
Eska: I agree. It is as if a great chasm has formed between us and nothing can bridge it.
Bolin: (smiles wide, relieved) Oh! Oh, yes! I am so glad you understand!
Eska: Nothing, that is, (holds an engagement necklace with a skull pendant aloft) except marriage.

(A sharp, screeching of stringed music is heard as Eska's eyes go momentarily wide with craziness. Cut to Bolin's eyes going wide with fear as she fastens the necklace around his neck, then yanks him by the necklace toward her like a dog.)

Eska: We will wed at sunset. You may express your joy through tears.
Bolin: (as she drags him away) Oh, no, I can't- This is really tight.

(Cut to the trial. All the defendants are standing before Judge Hotah now.)

Hotah: Senna, please step forward. (Senna steps toward him) I have found you innocent. You are free to go.

(A Northern soldier unlocks Senna's cuffs, and she runs to embrace her daughter.)

Senna: Korra!
Hotah: (addressing the rest of the defendants, including Tonraq) On the charge of treason, you are all found guilty. The punishment for this crime is death.

(Cut to Mako standing in the pews, shocked. Bewildered murmurs course through all present. Cut to Korra and Senna, eyes wide with horror. Cut to a close-up zooming in on Tonraq as his eyes shut and he bows his head, resigned to his fate. Cut to commercial.)

Act II

(Fade in to an establishing shot of the dining hall. Cut to the inside of the hall as Hotah walks away from the judge's chair after having made his decision. Korra takes an aggressive stance and shouts after him.)

Korra: You can't do this! You take their lives, and I'll take yours.
Unalaq: (Hotah's eyes widen with shock - or fear - as he turns around, as Unalaq speaks calmly to Korra) Korra, calm down. I'll talk to him. (he approaches Hotah) I know I promised to respect whatever decision you made, but I must ask you to reconsider. Show these men (glances at Tonraq) and my brother mercy. (Tonraq appears touched by this)
Hotah: (ponders for a moment) Very well, I'll change their punishment. Your lives will be spared but you will live them out in prison.
(The defendants all sigh with relief. As they are led away by the Northern soldiers guarding them, Unalaq returns to Korra's side.)

Korra: (gratefully) Thank you, Uncle.

(Unalaq nods. Cut to an establishing shot outside of Ikki's cave. Cut to inside the cave, where Ikki is forming a spinning ball of air for two of the bison to chase while Tenzin pets the one named Blueberry Spicehead.)

Tenzin: (deep, playful voice) You like that, don't you, Blueberry Spicehead? Yes, you do. (as the bison purrs, Tenzin looks to Ikki) You know, I could get used to it here. No one's yelling at me or telling me I'm delusional.
Ikki: (excited, she turns to her father) We should have Uncle Bumi and Aunt Kya come visit. I bet they'd like it too.
Tenzin: Let's not. They'll only spoil our good mood.
Ikki: What do you mean? Aunt Kya is super nice and pretty and always asks me how I'm feeling. And Uncle Bumi is, like, the funniest person in the world.
Tenzin: But what about Meelo? He's hilarious too, you never know what's going to come out of his mouth. And Jinora can be so sweet and gentle. Ikki: (frowns) And mean. And bossy. (her expression becomes more open) Being part of a family is hard, huh, Daddy?
Tenzin: I couldn't agree with you more.

(The bison called Blueberry Spicehead looks up and flies off to be with its siblings just outside the cave, where their two larger-sized parents are waiting for them. The camera pulls back to show Tenzin and Ikki watching the family gathering from the ground.)

Ikki: But I guess the nice part about a family is they'll always be there for you. (cut to Twinkle Starchild and Princess Rainbow tugging on each other's ears) Even though Twinkle Starchild and Princess Rainbow fight, they still love each other.

Tenzin: (looks down at his daughter, proudly) That's very wise of you, ikki.
Ikki: We should probably head back, huh?
Tenzin: (takes her hand) I suppose. We can't hide in this cave forever. (they walk away from the cave)
Ikki: Don't worry, Daddy. We'll come back and visit Blueberry Spicehead. I know you really bonded with her.
Tenzin: Yes, I'd like that.

(Cut to an aerial establishing shot of the Southern Water Tribe prison. Cut to Tonraq's cell as the door opens and Korra and Senna rush in to embrace him.)

Senna: Honey, are you all right?
Tonraq: I'm fine.
Korra: Good, let's bust you out of here right now.
Tonraq: (sternly) Korra, no. Saving me would start a war. If fighting were to break out, the North would crush the South. I'll be all right. Just promise me you won't do anything rash.
Korra: (reluctantly) Fine... I promise.

(Cut to a wide establishing shot of Tonraq's and Senna's igloo. Cut to Senna, weeping over the counter in the kitchen while Korra looks on from the doorway. She slowly walks up behind Senna, placing her hands on her mother's shoulders reassuringly.)

Korra: It's okay, Mom.
Senna: (wiping her tears away) I- I hate feeling so helpless.
Korra: (cut to a close-up of Korra's saddened face) I know.

(The camera zooms in on her face as it becomes more angry and determined. Cut to a car driving down a road on the snowy mountainside. Cut to inside the car, with Judge Hotah driving. He looks up at his rearview mirror. A close-up of the mirror reveals Korra riding Naga behind Hotah's car, and gaining on him fast. A quick close-up of Hotah's foot shows him flooring the gas pedal. Cut to a close-up of the car's tires as they squeal and spin faster. The car rounds a corner at a reckless speed, tipping dangerously close to the cliffside. Naga rushes up behind the car and leaps into the air, knocking the car off-course. Cut to Hotah as he tries to steer the car's direction straight. The vehicle veers to the cliff's side of the road, then skids and crashes into the opposite side against snow and rocks. Close on Hotah's face as the engine sputters and dies, before he leaps away from his window when Naga roars at him from the outside and tears the door away with a swipe of her claws. Hotah backs further away in terror. Korra leers over him, with Naga growling behind her. Reaching into the car, she yanks the judge out by his coat and shoves him against the side of the car, leaning over him intimidatingly.)

Hotah: (angry) What do you want?
Korra: It's not about what I want. It's about what Naga wants. (Hotah looks at Naga fearfully) And she'd like you to let my father out of prison.
Hotah: (as Naga tiptoes toward him, still growling, Hotah leans the other way and raises his arm defensively) I- I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do. I was just following Unalaq's orders.
Korra: (eyes go wide with rage) What are you talking about?!
Hotah: (glances away nervously) I- I've said too much.

(Cut to Korra grabbing Hotah by his coat again and thrusting him backwards into Naga's open, snarling maw, her teeth threatening to bear down on Hotah's head. The camera pulls back on this image.)

Korra: Unless you wanna be Naga's afternoon snack, you better keep talking.
Hotah: (whimpering) I- I've worked for your uncle for years! He said he needed everyone to think the trial was fair.
Korra: So Unalaq told you what to say?
Hotah: Yes! Every word.
Korra: Then why did he have you free my mother and change your sentence?
Hotah: He's trying to keep you on his side but he also wants your father out of the way. Just like when he got your father banished.
Korra: (close-up on Korra's shocked face) What do you mean "he got my father banished"?
Hotah: (close-up on Hotah's face under Naga's teeth) Nothing!

(The camera zooms in on Korra's furious expression.)

Korra: Keep talking.

(Cut to the camera panning down the vertically placed statues of all the past Avatars in the Southern Air Temple to Bumi, standing before the statue of his father - Avatar Aang.)

Bumi: Uh... hey there, Dad. You're looking well. (close-up of the statue's unresponsive face) Look, uh, I'm sorry I didn't turn out to be an airbender like you hoped, but I've tried my best to keep the world safe. Hope I made you proud. (close-up on Bumi's eager but sad face)
Kya: Of course he'd be proud of you, Bumi. (camera pulls to the side to reveal Kya standing in the doorway behind Bumi)
Bumi: Kya! I- I was just, uh... (nervously wipes dirt off the statue with his sleeve) cleaning off Dad's statue. It's so dusty in here.
Kya: (walks toward him, smiling) Come here. (she hugs him)
Bumi: (hugs her back) Thanks, Kya. You always know when I need a hug.

(Cut to the same establishing shot of the Southern Water Tribe from the beginning, with the same tower in the foreground.)

Korra: Unalaq's a liar and a traitor!

(Cut to Varrick's lounge, where Korra, Mako, and Asami are speaking to Varrick - still hiding away inside his stuffed platypus-bear, with only his head sticking out of its maw.)

Varrick: I've been trying to tell you that from the get-go.
Mako: What happened?
Korra: I found out the truth about my Dad's banishment. Unalaq hired the barbarians to attack their tribe. Then he told them to hide in the spirit forest, knowing my Dad would go after them.
Mako: Unalaq wanted your dad out of the way so he could become chief. It was a setup!
Korra: Just like the whole trial. I can't believe I trusted him. I'm busting my father and the rebels out of jail. I need your help.
Mako: (close-up on Mako's face) If you do this, there's no going back.
Korra: I know. Will you help me or not?
Mako: Of course I'll help.
Asami: Me too.
Varrick: (the stuffed bear's arm raises) Count me in!

(The sound of the door opening makes everyone turn. Cut to Bolin standing in the doorway wearing Eska's betrothal necklace, dressed in the same oppressive robes as her, with his hair done up in a similar fashion. Pabu is wearing the same robes as well, fitted especially for him. Close on Bolin's cowed expression, as he blinks and a cowlick flips upward. The camera pans down to Pabu, also looking depressed and blinking. Cut to everyone's bewildered expressions.)

Mako: I don't even want to know.
Asami: So I'm guessing the breakup with Eska didn't go well?
Bolin: (sarcastic) No, no, the honesty thing worked out great. (frowns) So great that she decided we should get married!
Asami: Sorry.
Korra: I'm pretty sure the guy is supposed to give the girl the betrothal necklace.
Bolin: I guess Eska didn't get the memo. (walks up to Varrick's bear)
Varrick: Look, the only way to deal with crazy women is to lie big and leave fast. Lucky for you, Varrick's got your back. Now gather 'round Ping-Ping. Let's talk plan.

(Everyone gets closer to the stuffed bear. Cut to the establishing shot from before of the Southern Water Tribe prison. Cut to a guard walking down the prison corridor, before he gets yanked into a hole in the floor and zapped with electricity. Cut to an above angle of the guard slumped over down in the hole. Asami takes a peek to be sure the coast is clear, then hops out with a stun glove on. Mako hops out after her, holding the guard's keys. Korra hops out as well. Cut to the door to Tonraq's cell. The camera pulls back to reveal Korra pointing it out to Asami.)

Korra: My dad's in there. (cut to Tonraq's darkened cell, as Korra opens the door to find it empty) Where is he?
Unalaq: I'm sorry, Korra. (the camera zooms back from Korra's face to reveal Unalaq standing in the corridor) You'll never see your father again.

(Close on Unalaq's stern face. Cut to commercial.)


(Fade in as the camera pans from Unalaq to Korra, both at opposite ends of the corridor.)

Korra: Where's my father?
Unalaq: On a ship headed to the Northern tribe. (narrows eyes) He'll serve out his sentence there.
Korra: Bring him back or I'm taking you out, and the rest of your army.
Unalaq: Remember who you are. As the Avatar, you cannot threaten war. You must remain neutral, or our tribes will never find unity.
Korra: You don't want unity, you want power. You've always been jealous of my father, haven't you? You got him banished so you could become chief and I bet it just killed you to learn he was the Avatar's father. No wonder you kept trying to take me away from him.
Unalaq: All I've ever wanted is to help you realize your destiny.
Korra: Well, I don't want your help anymore.
Unalaq: If you start a war, the dark spirits will annihilate the South and even I will be powerless to stop them.
Korra: I'm done being manipulated by you. You're going to bring my father back, then you and your troops will return to the North. (she turns to walk away)
Unalaq: And why would I do that?
Korra: (halts) Because you still need me to open the Northern portal.
Unalaq: No, I don't. (she looks stunned) You've served your purpose.

(Fueled by rage, Korra spins around and sends a blast of fire Unalaq's way. Close on Unalaq's water pouch as he bends water from it. The camera zooms back as Unalaq deflects the fire blast with tentacles of water extending from his arms. When the flames extinguish in mid-air, he shoots long spears of ice down the corridor at Korra. She deflects one to the side and barely dodges the point of the other one knocking her aside. Mako runs up from behind her and sends a vertical line of fire at Unalaq with a spinning kick in the air. Unalaq dodges to the side and sends a blast of water right into Mako's face, knocking him back. He sends another tentacled blast at Korra, who does a backflip over it as it courses underneath her. Asami is making sure Mako isn't hurt in the background. When Korra lands, she bends a powerful blast of air at Unalaq. Cut to a close-up on Unalaq's surprised expression, before the blast hits him head-on and sends him tumbling down the corridor until he hits the wall at the other end.)

Mako: If we get to Varrick's boat, we can still save your father.
Korra: (turns) Let's go!

(Korra, Asami, and Mako all run away. Cut to a close-up on Unalaq as he comes to, then rises to his feet, looking down the way they went. Cut to the same establishing shot of the Southern Water Tribe from before, with the same tower still prominent in the foreground. Cut to street level, where Water Tribe citizens watch as Bolin strolls down the street with Varrick's platypus-bear on a leash - and walking on all fours behind him. Pabu rides atop the bear's back. The camera follows them until they come to a stop in front of two Northern soldiers standing in their way. Cut to a point-of-view shot of Bolin and the soldiers from inside the platypus-bear's mouth, its top and bottom teeth visible and framing the shot.)

Northern Soldier: You have a license for that animal?
Bolin: (nervously crosses his arms, fingers pointing in contradictory directions) Uh, you fellas seen a traveling circus come through here?
(Close on Varrick's eyes deep inside the platypus-bear's mouth.)

Varrick: (whispers) Zhu Li, do the thing.

(Cut to a wide shot of the street as the bear's tail lifts up and bills of money come flying out of its rear end, complete with flatulent sounds, while everyone looks on. Cut to an excited man pointing.)

Excited Man: That platypus-bear is pooping money!

(The crowd rushes forward, yelling. Close up on the money on the ground as hands seize fistfuls of it. Cut to a wide shot of Bolin and the stuffed bear hurrying up the ramp onto Varrick's ship. Cut to a close angle on the ship's controls as the bear's paws slides switches forward and grabs a handle. Still inside the bear, Varrick has the ship running and begins steering. Bolin turns and sees Mako, Korra, and Asami climb up onto the steering deck.)

Bolin: (to Korra) Where's your dad?
Korra: On a ship headed North. (to Varrick) Think we can catch up to it?
Varrick: Sure, once you get us past our friends from the North.

(Cut to a shot through the window - then an aerial shot - of the Northern Water Tribe's blockade of the harbor.)

Korra: If only we had a plane to get me close to those ships. I could waterbend them out of the way.
Varrick: A plane? Well, why didn't you say so?

(Cut to an angle on a red button as the bear's paw presses down on it. Cut to a darkened hangar from a low angle as doors above fold open and a biplane with its wings folded upwards is raised on a hydraulic platform onto the main deck. Once on deck, the wings fold out fully. Cut to everyone looking at the plane on deck from inside the steering deck. Varrick's bear suit is now seated and wearing a captain's cap.)

Mako: Um, why do you have a plane on your boat?
Varrick: In case the boat sinks, of course.
Asami: But there's no runway, how are we supposed to take off?
Varrick: (realizing she has a point, he shouts to Zhu Li - apparently still inside the suit with him) Zhu Li! Take a note, build runway. Zhu Li: (muffled) Yes, sir.
Korra: I have an idea.

(Cut to a low shot of the plane's propeller spinning. Cut to Asami in the cockpit, putting her pilot's goggles on. Cut to a panning wide shot of the plane as all three of its propellers spin, with Korra and Mako standing on the lower opposite wings and holding on. Korra gives Asami a thumb's up. Cut to a low shot of the plane's wheels as they move forward.)

Korra: Now!

(Holding onto the wing with one hand, she blasts a jet of fire behind her with her other hand. The camera quickly moves across to the other wing, where Mako is also blasting a jet of fire behind him. Cut to a shot that pans down very quickly from directly above the plane to directly behind it as the jets of fire give it a huge speed boost. The plane zooms up two planks serving as ramps and then disappears over the edge of the bow. Seconds pass, and then the plane flies back into view at a further distance, heading for the blockade. Cut to a shot of Varrick's ship, plowing ahead. Cut to a wide shot of the blockade as Varrick's plane flies into view toward the blockade with Varrick's ship going in the same direction below. Cut to a full-frontal shot of the plane, with the sunset behind it and Korra and Mako no longer blasting fire for propulsion. Cut to a close-up of Korra's face, her eyes closed. When her eyes snap open, they are glowing white. The camera moves around her into a side shot as she moves her arms in circular motions, then thrusts them forward and raises them slowly.

Cut to an overhead shot of a mass of water rising into a mound below, panning down to a wide shot as it picks up speed and more mass while rolling toward the blockade. Cut to an overhead shot as the mound of water slams into Northern ships, forcing them aside to make way for Varrick's ship. Cut to Northern sailors onboard one of the ships, stumbling and falling as their ship rocks violently. Cut to a close-up from the side of Korra's face as her eyes stop glowing, cracking a victorious smile. Cut to a shot of Varrick's ship cruising past the blockade ships while a Northern guardsman and a captain watch from the crow's nest of their ship. The guardsman watches through a spyglass. Cut to a circular shot through the spyglass's perspective of Bolin hugging the platypus-bear with a captain's cap steering the ship. Cut back to the guardsman and captain, both astounded.)

Northern Guardsman: Captain, you are never gonna believe this.

(Cut to the plane flying past the blockade as Varrick's ship cruises past the camera. The scene dissolves to a close-up of Korra's face as she looks around, then spots a ship off in the distance.)

Korra: There! My dad's on that ship!

(The plane flies out of frame, then reappears heading in the direction of the distant ship. Cut to two Northern guardsmen conversing on the deck before looking up and seeing the plane overhead. Cut to a shot from behind of the plane going into a dive toward the ship.)

Korra: Jump!

(Mako, Asami, and Korra all leap from the plane into the water. The plane tumbles into the water for a few flips before exploding. Cut to the guardsmen onboard watching the plane blow up in the water. Cut to Korra, Asami, and Mako swimming underwater, with a massive air pocket Korra is bending around their heads. The camera pans up to the ships above water, as a massive swirling of water snakes out and over the deck, dropping the trio onto the ship. Korra runs forwards with tentacles of water trailing from her arms. Cut to a wide shot of unsuspecting Northern guardsmen still watching over the ship's side as Korra runs up behind them, leaps into a spinning movement, and lashes her tentacles at them, throwing them all overboard. To her right, Korra spots a fleeing guardsman. She waterbends in his direction, freezing him in a spatter of ice against a wall. Cut to him struggling against the ice confining everything below his neck as Korra and Mako walk up to him.)

Korra: Where are the prisoners?

(Close on the man's face contorted in terror. Cut to an overhead shot of the ship. Cut to Korra and the others leading Tonraq and the defendants from the trial, all in prison uniforms now, down a hallway. Korra looks around for a way out.)

Tonraq: Korra, this is crazy. You promised me you wouldn't do anything rash.
Korra: I had to. I'll explain later.

(Cut to Northern guardsmen at the edge of the ship's side, sending water attacks downward. Cut to a wide shot of Korra and company on a plank extending out toward Varrick's approaching ship. Mako fends off the water attacks with fire blasts as everyone leaps onto the deck of Varrick's vessel. Mako and Korra are the last to leap. Korra sends one last fire blast in the guardsmen's direction. Cut to a wide shot of the Northern ship as Varrick's boat turns tail and speeds right past the camera. Cut to an establishing shot of the Southern Air Temple. Cut to the camera panning down in the Air Temple courtyard, showing Peema, Meelo, Jinora, Rohan, Bumi, and Kya waiting. They all turn when they see Tenzin approaching with Ikki beside him. Peema stands up and runs toward Ikki.)

Pema: Sweetie! You're okay! (hugs Ikki) Oh, I was so worried! (sternly, to Jinora and Meelo) Do you have something you wanna say to your sister?
Meelo: Ikki, I'm glad you're back.
Jinora: Yeah, sorry we made fun of you.
Ikki: Thanks. (excited) Wanna play air ball?
Jinora: Sure!
Meelo: (pumps his fist in the air) Yeah!

(Ikki, Jinora, and Meelo run off out of frame, as Tenzin approaches Bumi and Kya slowly.)

Tenzin: I wanted to apologize for how I acted yesterday. I've worked so hard to celebrate Dad's legacy that I may have overlooked the parts of him that were less than ideal.
Kya: And we're sorry for dumping our frustrations with Dad out on you.
Bumi: Yeah, you didn't deserve that.
Kya: (reaches into her pocket, pulls out a photograph) I thought you two might wanna see this. Mom gave it to me before we left.

(Close on a black-and-white photograph of an adult Aang and Katara, with Bumi and Kya as young children, and a baby Tenzin. All of those old enough are smiling. The camera zooms in on this image.)

Bumi: That is one good-looking family, huh?

(Cut to the smiling faces of Kya, Bumi, and Tenzin reacting to the photo.)

Tenzin: That's one happy family.

(Cut to an establishing shot of Varrick's ship, under cover of night. Korra is talking to her father and his men on the main deck.)

Korra: So once I knew the truth, I couldn't sit by and do nothing.
Tonraq: (calm, but furious) My own brother betrayed me. And our entire tribe!
Rebel Leader: What's our next move?
Tonraq: I've been running from my past for too long. It's time to put my brother in his place.

(Cut to an overhead shot as the rebel leader places his fist over his heart in a pledge of allegiance. The other men follow suit.)

Rebel Leader: You have our support, Chief Tonraq.
Korra: (also places her fist over her heart) Mine too. I'll be proud to fight alongside you, Dad.
Tonraq: No, Korra.
Korra: (eyes widen with disappointment) But you said the South doesn't stand a chance against Unalaq's forces. I can help.

(The camera pans slowly around the two of them as they talk, flanked by Tonraq's men.)

Tonraq: The best way for you to help is by getting the President of the United Republic on our side. The South can give Unalaq a good fight for a while, but we'll need the United Forces in order to win this war.
Korra: (glances down sadly, then looks up at Tonraq with firm determination) All right, I'll get you all the help you need. (she hugs her father) I love you, Dad.
Tonraq: (close-up of his smiling face) I love you too.

(The scene dissolves to Tonraq waterbending a platform of ice the rebels and he are standing on to shore. Once the ice touches land, they all hop off. Tonraq looks back toward Varrick's ship in the far distance. Cut to Mako, Korra, Asami, and Bolin watching through the ship's window.)

Bolin: I really need to thank you, Korra.
Korra: For what? I started a civil war.
Bolin: (smiling, making gestures with his arms) Exactly! Now Eska and I are officially broken up.
Varrick: Oh, looks like we have company!

(Everyone turns at the sound of Varrick's voice. Cut to Varrick, still inside the bear but with his torso and arms also extending out of the dead animal's mouth. Varrick is holding a spyglass to his eye.)

Varrick: And not the fun kind!

(Cut to everyone joining Varrick by the larger window. Cut to a wide shot from behind of them all, as a massive wave is seen far off in the distance.)

Mako: What is that?

(Bolin takes the spyglass and looks through it. He jumps and gasps, startled. Rubbing his eyes as if in disbelief, he looks through the spyglass again. Cut to a circular shot through the spyglass's perspective of a person riding a massive wave they are also waterbending. From this same perspective, the camera zooms in to reveal that it's Eska. Her hair is disheveled, her face contorted is in rage, and her makeup is running down her cheeks.)

Bolin: That would be my darling Eska. (cut to Bolin pleading with Varrick in a frightened tone) Quick question: Is this thing fast enough to get away from my crazy waterbending ex-girlfriend?
Varrick: (grins) Why do you think I built this boat?

(Cut to Varrick's ship turning tail and speeding off into the distance.)

[End Credits]

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