Transcript for 205 - Peacekeepers
Written By: Tim Hedrick
Directed By: Colin Heck
Storyboard By: Masami Annou, Owen Sullivan, Melchior Zwyer
Animation By: Pierrot Co. LTD
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, using clips from "Civil Wars: Part 1 & 2".]

Shiro Shinobi: (voice over) It's brother versus brother in the war of the Water Tribes. After Korra discovered that Chief Unalaq betrayed her and her father, she turned against him, sparking civil war. The Southern Rebels rallied around Tonraq, but they are vastly outnumbered. So Korra is headed to Republic City to seek aid. But will she be able to convince President Raiko to send troops to help the South?

Act I

(The episode opens up to an overhead shot of the docks in Republic City in the day time and the camera slowly zooms in. Wistful music plays and we can see Varrick's boat slowly pulling into a dock. Cut to a scene on the ground where Lin oversees the arrest of a bunch of Water Tribe gangsters as they are led into a police vehicle. Lin slowly turns her head towards the camera as she spots the people who have just docked.

Camera angle changes to her point of view where she sees Korra and her friends disembarking from Varrick's boat. Cut to a close up side view shot of Korra and Mako. Footsteps walking on the wooden planks are heard as Lin walks into the frame.)

Lin: (pauses in front of the couple and places her arms on her hips) Welcome home, Avatar. Thanks for starting a war.
Korra: (defensive) I didn't start a war! (Mako turns his head towards his girlfriend when she speaks) Well, (looks down as her posture slackens) I did, (looks back up as she gets defensive again) but it's more complicated than you're making it seem.
Lin: (turns her head towards Mako) Mako, (the firebender turns his attention to Lin) I want you back on the beat. (Cut to a close up of Lin) There's going to be a Southern Water Tribe peace march tonight. I need you there to make sure things don't get out of hand.

(Cut to a view from behind Lin which looks at all of the people standing on the docks)

Mako: I'm all yours.
Korra: I'll go too. The people of the South need to see that the Avatar is on their side in the fight against the Northern invaders.

(Cut to a view from behind Mako's and Korra's waists with Lin in between the couple.)

Lin: Great. That should calm them down.

(Lin turns and walks away. Camera pulls back to show Mako's and Korra's heads as the former turns towards his girlfriend.)

Mako: Maybe you should sit this out. (Korra turns towards him)
Korra: What?
Mako: I just think having you there blatantly supporting one side will only make things worse. You could at least try to seem neutral.
Korra: I'm not neutral, (raises hands out to make a point) the North invaded my home. The only reason I'm here is to get the Republic to send troops to help the South.
Varrick: (off screen) Zhu Li's (Camera angle cuts to a full side view of the dock and we can see poor Zhu Li being saddled with a lot of Varrick's belongings) already scheduled a meeting for us with President Raiko tomorrow. We'll get him on board.
Mako: (raises both arms up) Whatever. (turns and starts to walk off the docks) I gotta go to work.
Asami: I better go check on my factory. (Asami follows after Mako)
Korra: I'm going to find out about this peace march. (Korra walks off and Naga follows after her master)
Varrick: And I am dying for a pedicure!

(He turns towards Zhu Li and lingers on her for a brief moment before touching her nose with his finger and turning away to walk off with Zhu Li following close behind.)

Bolin: So, uh... what should I be doing?
Mako: (Cut to Mako's back as he walks away) I don't know, Bolin. Figure something out.

(Camera zooms out to show Varrick stopping and turning back to Bolin. Cut to Bolin who looks off to the side with an expression of sadness on his face. Varrick slides in comically and places a hand on Bolin's shoulder.)

Varrick: Say, kid, have you ever seen Republic City at night? (Varrick raises his arm out to emphasize on his words and Pabu slinks into Bolin's tunic.)
Bolin: Sure, I live here.
Varrick: (brings his face close to Bolin's and his voice drops to a suspicious whisper) Have you really seen it?
Bolin: (looks away briefly, a little unsure but he returns his gaze back to Varrick quickly) Y- no?
Varrick: (chuckles heartily) That's what I thought, come on.

(With a hand on Bolin's shoulder, the duo begin to walk towards the camera.

Cut to a map of the Southern Water Tribe with a blue pointer on it.)

Northern General: (off screen) Tonraq and the rebels (the pointer is being lifted up and pressed down on one of the countour markings on the map) are holed up here in the hills outside of town.

(The pointer moves off screen and camera angle changes to a full view of Unalaq with both of his hands on the desk looking at the general.)

Unalaq: Leave them. My brother's no threat to us up there. Increase security around the spirit portal. Keeping it safe is our number one priority.
Northern General: (places his right fist near his heart and bows to Unalaq) Yes, sir.

(The general walks off screen and the camera angle changes to his back view as he approaches the doors to the room. He pulls open the handles to reveal Unalaq's children. Eska in her wedding dress with purple mascara running down her cheek. The general is startled by the sudden appearance of the twins and carefully makes his way between them, giving Eska an odd disgusted look. Both siblings walk towards the camera and we cut to Unalaq standing up straight.)

Unalaq: I need you two to go after the Avatar. She's the only one who can open the Northern Spirit Portal.
Desna: (Cut to a profile shot of Desna with his sister slightly off to the side) But, father, you told Korra- (Camera moves up to show a full profile view of Eska who looks bored as usual)
Unalaq: (off screen) I told (Cut to a profile shot of Unalaq) Korra what I thought she needed to hear.
Eska: (Cut to a close up of Eska as her face contorts into fury) I'll find her. She stole my husband.
Unalaq: (Cut back to Unalaq as he replies coolly) I need her alive.
Eska: (sighs) Fine.

(Scene changes to a breathtaking view of the Southern Air Temple. Cut to a close up frontal shot of Poki as it stares at the camera and squeaks.)

Meelo: (off screen) Watch me, Poki. (Cut to a full shot of the scene with Meelo kneeling down in front of the lemur while Tenzin is seated on a chair in the background reading a scroll) You lay down and roll over. (Meelo rolls to his side and demonstrates) Roll over.
Tenzin: (Cut to a close up of Tenzin as he whispers to himself) No, no, you can't just demonstrate it, that never works.

(He gets back to reading his scroll and we cut to an over the shoulder shot from behind Tenzin as Poki yawns and just lays down on the ground, flat on his stomach.)

Meelo: Good!

(The little boy reaches into his side pouch and lays a red treat in front of Poki. The lemur sits up and eagerly takes the treat, munching on it nosily. Cut back to Tenzin as he peeks over the scroll.)

Tenzin: Ugh, classic over-rewarding.

(View returns back to Meelo as he has another treat in his hand and Poki is seated up on his hind legs. A bird call sounds in the background and Poki turns towards the noise, distracted. It then flies off towards the camera. Meelo looks at the lemur, a little confused. )

Meelo: Poki, where are you going?
Tenzin: (Cut back to Tenzin who has seen the commotion) Command respect. (He sighs and we cut to a slight overhead shot of Meelo looking at Poki who is perched on a tree branch as Tenzin walks into frame.) Having some trouble, son?
Meelo: (Cut to a close up of Meelo as he looks up at his father) Poki isn't very good at learning. (Angle changes again to a view behind Meelo to show Tenzin glancing down at his son.)
Tenzin: Believe me, I know the feeling. Maybe I can help. (He bends down slightly) How would you like your old dad to teach you how to be a master trainer?
Meelo: (Cut to Meelo with a wide grin on his face) Yeah!

(Scene changes to night time in Republic City and we get a close up of a statue of Sokka holding his boomerang up high with the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center behind him. Cut to an overhead shot to reveal a massive crowd that has gathered in front of the building. Cut to Lin with her arms crossed, standing with a line of policemen behind her near Sokka's statue. In the background, we can see the police has cordoned off the area with police tape and the policemen are standing behind the tape at regular intervals. The crowd continues to chatter. Cut to a close up of a woman holding a lotus flower-shaped bowl with a lit candle nestled inside it. She and two people behind her appear to be walking slowly. View changes to an overhead shot of the protest march as we see majority of the protestors holding candles in their hands and a small group of people weilding banners. The placards say "Freedom", "Peace" and "Southern Indepedence" in Chinese. The protestors continue to walk forward solemnly.)

News Reporter: (voice over) Tensions are running high (Camera pans down to reveal Korra seated on Naga leading the protest march) outside of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center. The Avatar is leading a group of Southerners (Cut to a higher aerial view of the march to reveal that onlookers have gathered on both sides of the street) in a peaceful protest against Chief Unalaq. (Cut to a passing shot of the protestors as we can see the onlookers in the background waving their fists and jeering) But the Northerners have come out in droves in support of their leader.

(Cut to a close up of Korra as she stares at the Northerners in the sidelines)

Northerner #1: (off screen) Boo!
Northerner #2:(off screen) Get out of here!

(Cut to a view from the sides as Korra continues to walk on, undeterred.)

Northerner #3: Boo!
Northerner #4: Get a real job!
Northerner #5: Get out of here!
Northerner #6: You stink!

(View changes to an overhead shot of the rooftops of the cultural center and the camera slowly pans to the right. Cut to a close up of Mako in his police uniform as he performs his patrol. From the building behind him, a door opens and two people quietly exit the structure. Both of them swing over the railings. Cut to their feet as they land on the ground, sneaking past Mako. One of them accidentally steps on a metal can, crushing it loudly. Cut to Mako as the noise catches his attention and he turns towards the disturbance.)

Mako: Hey! Stop! (Cut to the two suspicious men dressed in Fire Nation garb as they turn the corner.) Republic City Police!

(At Mako's warning, one of the men pulls out a device from his back pocket. Cut to a close up of him looking down at the gadget in his hand and he thumbs a switch. An electrical sound is heard and the man runs away. Cut to Mako's back view as he pursues the crooks but the building to his right suddenly explodes with fire from the higher floors down to the ground floor in sequence, shattering the windows. Mako stops in his tracks and we cut to a profile shot of him as he firebends the flames away.

Cut to the entrance of the cultural center as the rooftops explode. View changes to Korra who is looking back at the sudden disruption, her mouth is agape. Cut to an overhead view of the crowd as they look at the explosion with shocked expressions on their faces. The perspective changes to Lin who has a look of disbelief on her face, probably remembering the attacks Amon did to the city months ago. The police officers behind her are astonised too.

Cut to a Satomobile containing two Fire Nation crooks seated inside and one of their accomplices runs up to it, stopping as he spots Mako who has caught up to them in the background. View changes to a close up of Mako as he punches two shots of fire with his fist along with a roundhouse kick of fire towards the vehicle. Cut to the accomplice outside the car as he intercepts the flames and sends a volley back at Mako but an attack from Mako hits him in the chest and knocks him backwards. Cut to a sideview shot of the crook as he rolls to his knees and loses his hold of the electrical device as it bounces on the ground. The fallen baddie quickly jumps into the Satomobile as his partner pulls him in. The engines roar to life and they make their escape as fire enters the screen but doesn't damage the vehicle. Cut to an overhead shot as the Satomobile makes a hasty getaway around the corner but Mako is too far behind to apprehend them.

Cut to a close up of the device on the ground and we can see that it looks like a remote control with a red button and antenna at the top and a grey lever at the side. A gloved hand enters the frame and picks it up. Cut to a close up of Mako as he stares at the newly acquired evidence.

View changes to an overhead shot of the front of the cultural center which is completely covered in fire. A fire truck is at the scene and we see a stream of water being bent from the fountain. Cut to a close up of entrance as the fire douses a small section of the fire. Cut to Korra in a bending stance to imply that she was the one who helped put out the flames. Mako enters into the frame and stops in front of his girlfriend as she waves an arm angrily behind her.)

Korra: The Northern Water Tribe is out of control.
Mako: (Perspective changes to Mako) I saw a firebender running away from the blast. The North might not be responsible for this.
Korra: (Cut to Korra who stubbornly insists she's right) Of course they're responsible. (The sound of sirens can be heard in the background) Who else would it be?

(Camera angle changes to a slight side view shot of the couple and another fire truck pulls into the street. Korra sees it and runs towards the vehicle. Cut to Mako as he watches Korra move off and he turns his attention back to the cultural center with a look of uncertainty on his face.

Scene changes to a shot of the golden probending arena at night and search lights can be seen moving in the background. There's a limousine in front of the building and we can hear cheers from bystanders. Cut to a close up of the entrance to reveal crowds of people kept behind a barricade, cheering and taking pictures of Bolin and Varrick who had just stepped out of the vehicle thanks to Zhu Li who opened the door. Camera sweeps across the photographers as they continously press the shutters. Cut to a close up of Bolin and Varrick in really formal attire. Bolin is visually awestruck and Varrick has one arm to the crowd in a waving pose.)

Bolin: Wow. Usually, when I see flashing lights like this, it's because I got hit in the head with a rock.
Varrick: (waves his arm and smiles widely) Being famous is like getting hit with a rock all the time.

(Cut to the inside of the arena as we see Bolin and Varrick stepping inside the VIP viewing box located at the same level as the probending platform. We can see other VIPs have occupied other boxes. Cut to a fan who points excitedly to the VIP gallery.)

Bolin Fanboy: Look! It's Bolin!

(Camera pans over the audience as they chant Bolin's name.)

Audience: Bolin! Bolin! Bolin! (Cut to a close up of Bolin who is about to take a seat and he's surprised by the chanting. He stands up enthusiastically with both arms up and waves to the crowd.) Bolin! Bolin! Bolin! Bolin! (Bolin flexes his muscles and poses some more)
Shiro Shinobi: (voice over) Folks, that cheer you're hearing is for local favorite, Bolin of the Fire Ferrets. (Bolin hunches down and flexes again in another pose) Let's see if we can get a quick interview. Bolin!

(Camera pans to the right to show Shiro is just two boxes away. Camera fades to show Bolin in the box with Shiro and Varrick lingers in the background.)

Shiro Shinobi: Bolin, the Fire Ferrets are out for the season. How have you been spending your time lately?
Bolin: (Cut to a frontal shot of Bolin as he replies) Well, I took a trip South for the Glacier Spirits Festival, was briefly engaged to a princess, then went through kind of a tough breakup there, was accidentally involved in a civil war...

(He pauses awkwardly and looks at the audience as the camera cuts to a small section of the crowd who look at him with surprised expressions on their faces. A cough can be heard from the audience.)

Bolin: (Covers up his gaffe and continues to speak) But there's nowhere I'd rather be (Bolin stands up and grabs the microphone as it whines) than pro-bending night in Republic City! Am I right, people? (The audience cheers) Republic City!

(Cut to a panning shot of the arena as more whoops and applause are heard. Cut back to Bolin who is still standing up.)

Shiro Shinobi: Do you miss being in the ring? (Bolin puts the microphone back and sits down)
Bolin: Well, I definitely don't miss getting hit with things all the time and the humiliating losing. (things gets awkward again) I mean, that gets pretty old. You know, sometimes I actually cry myself to sleep...

(Cut back to the audience again as they're speechless. More coughing is heard again. Cut back to Bolin who makes up for his embarrassing mistake by talking about something else.)

Bolin: I guess what I miss the most are these fans! (He picks up the microphone and stands up once more. Camera zooms out rapidly to the sound of a cheering crowd.) They're the greatest fans in the world! Give it up for the fans!

(Scene fades to Bolin walking to Varrick and the older man lays a hand on the teenageer's shoulder.)

Varrick: Look how these people love you, kid. They're eating that cornball spiel (Bolin turns to the audience and Varrick drops his hand) right out of your hand.
Bolin: (Bolin turns back to Varrick) The trick is, whenever I get confused, I just say "Republic City" or "fans," and then everyone cheers.
Varrick: (Cut to a close up of Varrick with a knowing look on his face) I think I just figured out your true calling.

(Wistful music plays in the background as view changes to Bolin who looks at Varrick, all confused but then lets loose a sheepish smile.

Scene changes to a frontal shot of City Hall in the day.)

Korra: (voice over) I hope President Raiko listens to us.

(Cut to a side view shot of Korra and Varrick as they reach the steps of City Hall)

Varrick: Don't worry, I was a big contributor to his election campaign. (points a thumb towards the inside of City Hall) Him and the other guy. (points to Korra and gives her advice) Gotta hedge your bets.

(Cut to a frontal shot of President Raiko with two bodyguards flanked behind him. Camera pulls back to reveal the back of Korra's head.)

Korra: Hello, Mr. President. (Perspective switches to a side view shot as the President and Avatar shake hands.) Sir, the Southern Water Tribe-
Raiko: (raises a hand up to interrupt) Just a second. Keep smiling.

(They turn to the camera and it pulls back to reveal a photographer. Varrick pokes Korra in the arm which appears to tickle her and she breaks into an awkward smile.)

Korra: Eh...

(The camera flash goes off. Scene changes to the inside of Raiko's office and he sits down.)

Raiko: Now, how can I help the Avatar and my most generous supporter? (Cut to Korra who is seated across the President and she leans forward in her seat. Varrick is also seated as well on another bench)
Korra: Unalaq's troops have invaded the South. We need you to send the United Forces to help. (Perspective changes to an overhead shot of the meeting)
Raiko: I'm very concerned by what's happening down there, but I don't think it's the Republic's place to interfere with internal Water Tribe matters.
Korra: (Cut to Korra as she raises her voice slightly) Unalaq isn't even the rightful ruler of the Water Tribe. He lied his way onto the Northern throne.
Varrick: Mr. President, the Republic is already involved in this conflict. The North attacked our cultural center last night.
Raiko: (Cut to a close up of Raiko who remains stoic) Believe me, we are doing everything we can to bring the people responsible to justice.
Korra: (Cut to an overhead shoulder shot from behind Raiko looking at Korra) "The people responsible"? Who else would it be but the Northerners?
Raiko: (The shot returns back to Raiko once more) Now, I know that when you're young, it's hard to keep perspective-
Korra: (View changes back to the over the head shoulder shot from Raiko as Korra stands up angrily) You're the one who's lost perspective.
(points a thumb towards herself) I'm trying to save my tribe, and (points a finger at Raiko) you're taking pictures.
Raiko: (Shot goes back to Raiko again and he still remains impassive) Sending troops is not something I can do at this time, but I promise I will work with Unalaq and the South for a diplomatic solution. (He stands up and camera angle changes to a full sideview shot of the meeting.) Now, I'm sorry, but my mind is made up. This meeting is over.
Korra: (Cut to a sideview shot of Korra as she retorts angrily) My family is going to be wiped out, and it'll be on your head for doing nothing about it!

(Korra turns and walks off screen with Varrick following shortly behind her. Cut back to Raiko as he looks on and then to the side, re-assessing Korra's words. The screen fades to black for a commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to a shot of a red apartment building in Republic City. )

Korra: (off screen) I can't believe the President is doing nothing! He- he doesn't even care!

(Cut to Korra pacing around angrily in Mako and Bolin's living room while Mako is seated on the sofa with a Fire Ferret poster behind him on the wall.)

Mako: I'm sure he cares, (Korra stops in her tracks) but he can't just tell his people to go fight a battle at the South Pole that has nothing to do with them.
Korra: (turns towards Mako and snaps) How could you take his side?!
Mako: (exasperated) What's with you and sides? Why do you always think I'm working against you?
Korra: (Cut to a close up of Korra as she raises her voices and places her arms on her hips) Well, you're not helping me! I'm trying to get troops to the South, what are you doing? (Cut to a side view shot of the couple)
Mako: I'm doing (stands up with his fists clenched at his sides) my job.
Korra: Well, (her arms move about wildly in irritation) excuse me, officer. (crosses her arms and turns her body away from Mako) Don't let me stand in the way of you writing tickets, I'm just trying to save the world!
Mako: Well, you wouldn't have to if you didn't keep messing it up!
Korra: (points a finger at Mako) I can't talk to you when you're like this.

(Korra storms off towards the door and cut to Mako as he sits down and we can hear a door slamming in the background. The firebender crosses his arms and sighs with annoyance.)

Mako: (turns towards the door and shouts) You're the one who's like this!

(Mako sulks on the sofa.

Scene changes to an aerial view of the harbor where Varrick's ship has docked. Cut to a frontal shot of Asami as she walks and reads a stack of documents in her arms. Korra hurriedly walks in front of her, giving Asami a surprise as she stops in her tracks to avoid walking into Korra. The Sato heiress gasps aloud.)

Asami: Hey, (addressing Korra) in a hurry?

(Cut to an overhead shot of the two women as Korra turns back to reply.)

Korra: Sorry, I have to talk to Varrick.
Asami: (View changes to a close up of Asami) Yeah, me too.

(Scene changes to the inside of Varrick's ship as the girls climb up a set of stairs. Arrows are embedded haphazardly all over the place. Camera moves to the right to reveal a target board located at the mouth of the stairs. Korra has her head turned towards the inside of the room and she quickly pulls Asami backwards as we hear the sound of a projectile being fired. An arrow narrowly misses Asami as it lands on the board. Asami gasps again. Cut to a view from behind the board looking at the room and Varrick is blindfolded with a bow in hand. He is flanked by Zhu Li and Bolin who has Pabu on his shoulder. Camera cuts to a close up of Varrick as he pulls down his blindfold.)

Varrick: Oh, hello. See? (nudges Bolin) I told you I could do it.
Bolin: Sorry I ever doubted you. (Cut to a side view shot of Korra as she looks determined. Asami steps into frame just beside her.)
Korra: We can't wait for the President to act. We need those troops now.
Asami: And my company is about to go under. I have to find a way to make some sales.
Varrick: (Cut back to Varrick as he hands Zhu Li his bow) Right. Okay. Got it. Idea storm! Get the supplies. (He points towards Zhu Li and his assistant swiftly slides off screen. Cut to a side view shot of the scene.) You're about to get an inside look (A mobile rack with a single bar at the top wheels into screen) at how Varrick Global Industries stays at the forefront of (puts his hands out in front to form the shape of a frame) imagination innovation, or "imagivation"! (points to Asami and Korra) That's trademarked, pal!

(Cut to a close up of the two girls. A plate of red chillis comes into the screen and both of them raise their eyebrows. Varrick's hand picks up a chilli.)

Varrick: (off screen) Brain work requires increased circulation. (Cut to a close up of Varrick as closes his eyes and plops the whole chilliin his mouth. His face turns tomato red a split second later.) Let's do this!

(He opens his eyes and there are tears in them. Fast paced exciting music plays. Cut to the bar as Varrick's hands enter the screen and he heaves himself upside down. On each of his calves, he has worn strap that has golden hooks that rests nicely on the bar to prevent him from falling on his head. Camera changes to an overhead view of the scene as everyone has gathered around the rack. Bolin and Zhu Li are in a squatting position beside Varrick. Zhu Li has a notepad and pen in hand.)

Varrick: Okay, here come the ideas, fast and furious. (The upper part of Varrick's forehead turns scarlet red as blood rushes to his head. Cut to a close up frontal view of Varrick) Pink mint lemon tea. (Varrick opens his eyes after he says each suggestion and closes them to think of more ideas. Sweat gathers on his face.) Radio for pets. Uh, hand shoes. Hold on a tic. (His eyes widen with a sudden brainwave) We don't need the President to go to the South. We just need the troops, let's go straight to them! (Cut to Korra who is listening attentively) If there's one thing I know about troops, (Korra's expression changes as she warms up to the idea with a smile) it's that they love fighting.
Korra: I know General Iroh. He might be willing to help us.
Varrick: (Cut to Varrick again and he looks serious) A man on the inside. Perfect. (Camera zooms out quickly to show the back of Asami and Korra's heads. Varrick gazes in Asami's direction.) And you need to sell some mecha-tanks, I know some people who need them. We'll ship 'em South.
Korra: That's perfect. (The girls turn towards each other) You'll be making money for your company, and you'll be helping (Asami smiles) to defeat Unalaq.
Varrick: It's true. (The Avatar and businesswoman return their attention back to Varrick) If you can't make money during a war, you just flat-out (crosses his arms in front of his body in the shape of an 'X') cannot (spreads his arms out to emphasize the point) make money.
Asami: (View changes to a close up of Asami) It's dangerous on the seas right now, but I'm willing to try if you are.
Varrick: (Camera returns back to Varrick again and he looks pleased) It'll be crazy risky, but I love crazy risky! End storm!

(Zoom out to a side view of the scene as Varrick swings himself back and forth to gain momentum. Bolin and Zhu Li move their heads back and forth as they watch him swing. At the apex of the swing, Varrick propels himself off the bar and lands nicely on his feet. He rapidly jumps and does an 180 degree turn to face Korra and Asami. Varrick strikes a 'Y' shaped victory pose with his body.)

Varrick: (Rests his arms on his hips and turns to his assistant) Zhu Li, get those other ideas (Zhu Li stands up) to research and development, I want prototypes by next week. (Zhu Li walks rapidly off screen with her heels clicking on the floor. Cut to a wide back view shot of Varrick.)
Korra: I don't understand why it's so hard to get Republic City to support the South. (Varrick walks off-screen and the camera follows him to reveal him walking towards a film reel projector)
Varrick: Don't worry, I'm already working on that. As soon as people see this, (his arms gesture towards the projector) they'll be lining up to fight Unalaq. Zhu Li, do the, uh- (his finger rotates in a circle towards the projector) the thing.

(Zhu Li's hand enters the screen as she flicks a switch as the projector plays the film. On the screen, we can see a sepia colored tone footage of Northern Water Tribes soldier standing in lines. Cut to a close up of the teenaged trio)

Bolin: (turns towards the girls and whispers) Don't freak out, it's not real.
Varrick: (off screen) I had a film crew documenting the entire Northern invasion.

(Scene on the film changes to the Northern guards on the ships performing a waterbending move but no sounds can be heard. Scene rapidly changes to a shot of Eska pulling down the hood of her parka and looking towards the camera. Startling music plays and cut to Bolin as he gives out a startled cry, putting his hands out protectively in front of him. Pabu jumps off his shoulder.)

Bolin: (embarrassed) Sorry. I keep doing that.
Varrick: (Cut to a side view shot of the scene) We're gonna cut this footage together with scenes (paces around the room) we shoot of our superstar Bolin here playing a Southern Water Tribe hero (strikes a fighting pose) battling the evil Unalaq. No one will root for the North after they see (Varrick puts on a narrating voice) "The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South"!

(Varrick does an exaggerated move by waving his arms towards Bolin to put him in the limelight. Bolin flexes the muscles on his arm. Cut to a side view shot of Bolin.)

Bolin: (addresses his friends) I'm Nuktuk! What do you think?

(Cut to Korra and Asami. The Avatar has a blank look on his face while the latter has a little grin of uncertainty.

Scene changes to a book full of headshots of criminals. A hand wearing a fingerless glove enters the screen and a page is flipped to reveal more portraits. The sound of footsteps on wood is heard in the background. Cut to Mako seated on the sofa viewing the book of criminals. A door slams shut and Bolin walks into frame.)

Bolin: Oh, man, you should have seen Varrick today, (Cut to an over the shoulder view from behind Mako looking at Bolin who is talking excitedly) that guy is a genius!
Mako: Uh-huh.
Bolin: (moves his arms around as he talks) He's gonna help Asami sell her mecha-tanks to the South, and he came up with this great idea for Korra to get General Iroh to fight Unalaq without President Raiko ever even knowing!
Mako: (looks up at his brother) What? (Cut to a frontal shot of Mako) That's a terrible idea.
Bolin: And he's gonna put me in the movers (Perspective changes back to Bolin once more) as this hero, Nuktuk. (flexes his muscles and deepens his voice) He's a man of action, (his voice softens and he places his hand on his heart) but he's got a heart of gold. (Bolin does a dramatic pose) He was born in the tundra.
Mako: (View changes to Mako as he interrupts) Look, I'm trying to do something that's actually important here.
Bolin: (Cut to Bolin who looks a little disappointed) Oh. Oh, sorry. (his body slumps down slightly) Uh, sure. What is it?
Mako: (Cut back to Mako as he lays the book of pictures on the table) Something doesn't make sense (Bolin takes a seat beside his brother) about this bombing. (His brother brings the book towards him) I just don't buy that (Bolin flips a page) the Northern Water Tribe was behind it. (Mako turns his head towards the book) Wait a second! (Bolin looks at his brother, puzzled) That's him! (Mako points at the book with his right hand lays his left arm on Bolin's chest) That's the guy (Cut to a close up of the page where Mako has his finger on a guy with unruly hair) that attacked the Center. (View changes to the brothers on the sofa and Mako picks the book up while standing.) I gotta go show this to Bei Fong. (Mako rushes off screen)
Bolin: (Bolin raises his arm in a wave) Glad I could help. (Bolin puts on a dramatic voice) Nuktuk saves the day again!

(The sound of a door closing shut is heard.

Scene changes to a close up of Poki the lemur as it chirps. Cut to a side view shot of Tenzin and Meelo in front of Poki. Meelo looks up at his father as he gives him instructions.)

Tenzin: All right, Meelo. The first thing you need to do as a trainer is establish dominance. (Meelo returns his gaze to Poki) You are in charge, never forget that. Now call Poki.
Meelo: (firmly) Poki, (points down to the ground) come here. (The lemur doesn't obey and it scratches its ears. Meelo walks towards the lemur.) Poki. (The lemur jumps onto Meelo and circles around the boy, tickling him as he giggles. Meelo gets too ticklish and lays down on the ground. The boy gently pushes Poki away.) Poki, no.
Tenzin: Meelo... (View changes to Tenzin who looks stern) you're rewarding him for bad behavior.
Meelo: (Cut to Meelo on the ground with Poki on the boy's head) But he's tickling me.

(Cut back to Tenzin who lets out a sigh. Camera fades away to a new scene of Meelo in his pajamas and he's on his bed with Poki. The lemur crawls towards Meelo's pillow with a squeak and the boy pulls the blanket towards him and lays down. Both of them are nestled under the covers and they close their eyes. Camera pans to the side to show Tenzin walking to the bed. Cut to a frontal shot of Tenzin.)

Tenzin: You can't let him nap in the bed with you. (View changes to Meelo and Poki as they open their eyes to look at Tenzin.) You are the alpha lemur. (Meelo pouts) He has to sleep on the floor.

(Cut to the floor as Poki is lowered onto the ground by Meelo. Perspective changes to Meelo as he pouts with sadness. Cut to a side view shot of the scene with Meelo kneeling on the bed looking down at his pet and Tenzin looks at his son.)

Tenzin: I know it's hard, (Poki jumps back onto the bed) but it's for the best.
Meelo: (The boy places his hands under Poki's armpits) No, Poki. (Meelo lowers the lemur onto the floor gently) This is my bed. You sleep on the floor. (Cut to Poki as it chirps sadly and slowly lowers itself down on its belly to sleep. View returns back to Meelo who has his head on the pillow, still looking forlorn and disappointed.) Being alpha lemur is lonely. (Sad music plays and Meelo closes his eyes to nap. Cut to Tenzin who looks at his son with tenderness)
Tenzin: (softly) I know.

(Scene changes to the outside of the Republic City Police Headquarters and the camera slowly zooms in.)

Raiko: (off screen) How did this Cultural Center attack happen right under your nose? (Cut to a close up of Raiko looking visibly annoyed) And why haven't you arrested the Northerners responsible? (Cut to a side view shot of Raiko and Lin standing face to face. The Chief is standing at attention with her hands behind her back.)
Lin: We're working on it, Sir.
Raiko: Well, (points a finger to Lin) work harder. If you don't get any results soon, (Cut to the office area outside Lin's room as footsteps sound) I'm going to find someone who can. (Mako enters the frame and addresses two men seated together near Lin's office)
Mako: I got a break in the bombing case. (Cut to the back view of one of the men and Mako happily walks to their desks) I I.D.'d the guy I saw at the scene.
Lu: (The shorter of the two men with a long moustache addresses Mako by waving a hand up) That's great, (deliberately butchering Mako's name) May-ko.
Gang: Yeah, (swivels his chair to the side and points to Lin's office) you better run that in to Bei Fong right now.
Mako: (uncertain) You think?
Lu: (patronizing) Sure, (spreads both arms out towards Mako) you're gonna be a hero.

(Mako looks at the picture for a second and then walks off screen to Lin's office. Lu and Gang share a secret victory handshake when Mako knocks on the door and we can hear it opening soon after. Lu and Gang turn their attention towards the Chief, waiting for drama.)

Lin: (off screen) What makes a rookie beat cop think he can interrupt my meeting with the President?! (Lu and Gang chuckle quietly while Lu has his face on the table, stifling his laughter)
Mako: (off screen) I'm sorry. I just- um, I found something out about the bombing.
Lin: (Lu and Gang keep laughing) Well, give it to Lu and Gang, you moron. Now get out!

(We can hear the door slam shut and Mako walks into screen again while both childish men put on nonchalant expressions.)

Lu: (mock apologizing) Sorry, was she busy?
Mako: (Mako ignores Lu and throws the photograph onto Gang's table and addresses him) This is the guy I saw sneaking out of the building right before the explosions. He's a member of the Agni Kais. Someone must have hired him (Gang picks up the picture and looks at it skeptically) to make it look like Northerners attacked the Cultural Center.
Gang: Hmm.

(Gang opens his drawer and the view cuts to the inside of the drawer which contains a worn out picture of a little girl but most of it is obscured by a yellow book on top with a caricature of Bruce Lee on the cover. The title of the book says, "How to be an Honest Person". Clearly Gang has not read it since his behavior says otherwise. The photograph of the suspected criminal falls on top of the book and Gang's hand enters the screen to push the drawer shut.

Cut to a side view angle of Mako talking to Gang.)

Mako: Did you learn anything about that remote control I found at the scene? That's gotta be the key to finding out who's really responsible.
Lu: Listen, (leans his body forward and raises his hand to make a point) kid, it was the Northern Water Tribe, okay? (leans back in his seat)
Gang: Yeah, give it a rest, super cop.

(Mako turns and walks off screen. Cut to him taking a seat at his desk as he crosses his arms with irritation. The sound effect of a door opening is heard. The firebender turns his head to the side and perspective changes to a shot from Mako's side to reveal the President stepping out of Lin's office with his two bodyguards behind him. Raiko walks down the pathway and Mako stands up. Cut to an over the shoulder shot from behind Mako as Raiko stops in front of Mako's desk and turns towards him. His bodyguards follow suit.)

Raiko: I've heard good things about you. You've made some big triad busts for a rookie.
Mako: Thank you, sir.
Raiko: And you're dating the Avatar, right?
Mako: Yes, sir.
Raiko: I'm concerned that (Cut to a close up of Mako) she might be getting some bad advice from Varrick. (Perspective returns back to the President as the camera slowly pans to the side and serious music plays in the background) You wouldn't happen to know if they're plotting anything that might compromise the security of Republic City, (View returns back to Mako as he looks torn) would you, officer? (Mako looks to the side uneasily. Cut back to a close up of Raiko as he looks serious.) Let me remind you that you've sworn an oath. You're a man of the law before anything else. (Cut to a shot from behind Raiko and his guards looking at Mako)
Mako: Yes, sir.
Raiko: Well, keep up the good work.

(The President turns and starts to walk off screen with his bodyguards following shortly behind him. The music swells and Mako looks down and sighs.)

Mako: Wait. (Cut to a profile shot focusing on Mako with the President in the blurry background nearing the doors to the office.) There's something you should know.

(Camera focuses on the President now as Raiko turns to the side. Fade to black for commercial break.)


(Episode returns to a shot of a fleet of United Republic of Nations ships docked at the harbor.)

Korra: (off screen) Thank you for seeing me, General Iroh. (Cut to an over the shoulder view from behind Korra looking at Iroh)
Iroh: What can I do?
Korra: (Camera switches angles and focuses on Korra now) The South needs military support before Unalaq wipes them out completely. But the President is refusing to give the order. (Iroh turns away from Korra and puts a hand on his chin in thought) So I decided to come to you directly.
Iroh: I see. Well, suppose I were to take the fleet South on some routine training maneuvers. And let's say we were to "accidentally" run into a hostile Northern blockade. (He turns back to Korra) We'd have no choice but to defend ourselves, wouldn't we?
Korra: I guess you wouldn't. Thank you.
Raiko: (Camera zooms out to reveal Raiko walking out from one of the ship's doors behind them) Swapping old war stories? (Korra turns to the side as Raiko stops next to her)
Iroh: (salutes) Mr. President. (positions his arms behind his back to stand at attention)
Raiko: I hope you're not planning to take any military action without an order from your commander-in-chief.
Iroh: (Cut to a close up of Iroh looking shocked) Of course not, sir.
Raiko: (View changes to the President as he speaks sternly) Good, because if a single vessel leaves this harbor without my say-so, you'll be court-martialed. Am I clear?
Iroh: (camera angle returns back to Iroh as he looks serious) Crystal, sir.
Raiko: (Cut to a side view shot of the trio as Raiko turns to the Avatar) Your activities (Raiko crosses his arms while Korra has her arms akimbo) here are bordering on insurrection. The Avatar does not command the military of the Republic. (Points to Korra warningly as the Avatar looks to the side irritably) Don't go behind my back again. (Raiko turns towards Iroh) As you were, General Iroh.

(The President walks off-screen and Korra glares daggers at Raiko. Cut to an over the shoulder shot from behind Korra as Raiko and his bodyguards slam the door to the ship shut. Korra turns towards Iroh)

Korra: I hate that guy!
Iroh: (Cut to Iroh looking apologetic) I'm sorry, my hands are officially tied.
Korra: (View changes back to Korra as her expression softens slightly) I understand. (looks to the side, defeated) Thanks anyway.
Iroh: (Camera returns back to Iroh as he gets optimistic) But you should talk to the Fire Lord. My mother and grandfather have always been good friends to the Avatar and the Southern Water Tribe. I'm sure they'll be willing to help.
Korra: (Cut back to Korra as she gives a smile) Thank you, General.

(Scene changes to someone's point of view as he forms the shape of a frame with his two hands. We can see a pair of blue snow boots and the person moves his gaze upwards to show Bolin looking a little miserable in his revealing outfit that consists of blue furry boots, a pair of furry shorts, a fur vest that exposes most of his torso, and a necklace made of teeth. He also has a club in his hand.)

Bolin: Wouldn't I be cold wearing this outfit in the snow?

(Cut to a side view shot of the scene to reveal Bolin on a set with the backdrop of an icy tundra behind him. Spotlights shine on him and the camera points towards Bolin.)

Varrick: Ah, Nuktuk is never cold.

(View changes to Bolin as the sound of footsteps is heard. Ginger walks into the frame.)

Bolin: Ooh. (attempts to act suave) Hey, Ginger.
Varrick: (Cut to Varrick as Ginger stands beside him and flips her hair. She is a wearing a Water Tribe outfit that shows off her midriff and figure) How about that, huh? (Waves an arm towards Ginger) It's the latest product in my Varri-Manageable hair line: Varri-dye! (clasps his hands together and thinks) We get some shots of her using it before Unalaq kidnaps her, I guarantee we sell a million cases week one. (Camera pans slightly to the left as Korra comes onto the set riding on Naga)
Korra: Bolin, (dismounts from her polar bear dog and runs towards them) I need you to watch Naga while i'm gone.
Bolin: (Cut to a side view shot as Korra runs into frame and stops in front of Bolin) Where you going?
Korra: The Fire Nation. I'm going to try to get them to help the South. (turns towards Varrick) I need a boat.
Varrick: What happened with General Iroh?
Korra: (Perspective changes to a close up of Korra and Bolin) He was going to help, but then President Raiko showed up. (raises an eyebrow) Someone must have tipped him off, but I can't (raises her palms out, puzzled) figure it out. No one knew about it except for us and Asami.
Bolin: (happily) And Mako. (Korra's mouth is agape)
Korra: Mako? (She turns towards Bolin angrily)
Bolin: (confused) What? (gives a reassuring smile) There's no way Mako would have told. (Korra turns away from the earthbender and we can see she is still visibly angry) Right?

(The Avatar runs off screen.

Scene changes to a close up of Poki the lemur as he purrs and blinks. Cut to a close up of Tenzin standing beside Meelo with a whistle around his neck, looking very stern and fierce. The rest of his family and Tenzin's siblings are standing behind him.)

Meelo: Poki, sit. (Points a finger down and perspective changes to a side view shot as Poki sits down) Roll over. (Turns his finger in a circle and Poki does what it's told) Good boy! (He reaches into his pouch and throws a red treat to his lemur to reward him. Poki eats the treat eagerly.)
Tenzin: Well done, Meelo. I knew you could learn to train Poki.
Meelo: Not just Poki. (Exciting music plays) I trained all the lemurs. Watch.

(He blows a whistle and Poki scurries off screen. Cut to an aerial view of the courtyard as Poki reaches a pond and starts to fly. A horde of lemurs fly out from the cliff beneath the courtyard and the music soars. View changes to his family looking on, astonished. Cut to Meelo as he blows a series of whistles and points to the right. Perspective changes to the sky as the lemurs fly into screen and angles to the right. Cut back to Meelo as he blows the whistle once and points to the left. View returns to the lemurs as they turn sharply to the left. Cut to an overhead shot of Meelo as he points down and the lemurs fly to the ground. View changes to a profile shot of Meelo as all the lemurs sit on the ground obediently in a semi-circle in front of the boy.)
Tenzin: (Cut to Tenzin in disbelief) I've created a monster. Uh... (camera slowly pants out to include Meelo into the frame with his father) maybe we should forget about all this training discipline for now. Why don't you and Poki just have fun and play?
Meelo: (relaxes) Thanks, Dad. Training makes me tired. (waves an arm to his lemur) Come on, Poki.

(He runs off screen and Poki flies behind him. Cut to the rest of the family as they form a split in the middle to allow Meelo to run past them. Meelo blows two quick whistles and camera zooms out to Tenzin as the remaining lemurs fly upwards.

Scene changes to the doors of Mako's office in the Republic City police HQ as it gets kicked open by Korra. She steps forward furiously.)

Korra: You ratted me (View changes to a shot behind Korra as she slowly walks towards Mako's desk. The other policemen in the office are alarmed.) out to the President?!
Mako: (calmly) Korra, let me explain.
Korra: (Perspective changes to a shot behind Mako looking upwards as Korra rests her right arm on the table while her left hand is on her hip) Explain why my boyfriend stabbed me in the back?
Mako: (Cut to a profile shot of Mako as he looks serious) Look, the President of the Republic asked me a direct question. What was I supposed to do?
Korra: (View returns back to the previous shot as Korra slams her left hand onto the table) You betrayed me and my family!

(Cut to a side view shot of Korra as she lifts her leg up and airbends Mako's table towards the doors of Lin's office. Mako stands up angrily.)
Mako: (Camera cuts to Mako) Enough! Look, I have a job to do! I can't constantly be worrying about keeping you from making another huge mistake!
Korra: (Perspective changes to a profile shot of Korra as she raises her voice) Well, I have a job to do too, only it seems like you're always standing in the way of me getting it done!
Mako: (View returns to a profile shot of Mako) Well, I guess if we're both putting our jobs first, maybe there's no room for our relationship!

(Cut to a wide angle side view shot of the couple as they stare at each other and tense music plays.)

Korra: (Perspective changes to Korra as she looks sad and unsure) So what? Are you breaking up with me?
Mako: (Cut to Mako as he looks to the side uneasily) Yeah. (Mako lifts his gaze to Korra) I guess I am.

(Camera returns back to Korra as tears well up in her eyes and she runs off screen. Cut to a slight aerial view of the office as Korra runs out of the doors while everyone looks on. Cut to the doors of Lin's office as she opens it and she opens her mouth in shock.)

Lin: What the (crosses arms) flamey-o happened here?
Mako: (Cut to a frontal shot of Mako as he turns his head towards the Chief to reply) I broke up with the Avatar.
Lin: You got off easy. (Perspective returns back to Lin as her expression becomes dark and a little gleeful) You should have seen Air Temple Island after Tenzin broke up with me.

(Lin quirks a sly grin.

Scene changes to a view of the clouds and the sound of engines can be heard. Camera pans down to reveal Korra driving a speedboat. View changes to a close up of Korra as she looks determined but tears still run down her cheek. She attempts to wipe them away but is rudely interrupted by some turbulence at the back of the boat and she turns around. Camera pans out to reveal huge streams of water aiming for the boat but Korra dodges them.

Cut to a frontal shot of the boat and we can see Desna and Eska pursuing Korra from behind. View changes to a close up of the twins on jet skis. Cut to a close up of Eska as she still has mascara smudged around her eyes.)

Eska: (raises her voice) You ruined my wedding!

(Eska sweeps her hand up to send a wave of water towards Korra's boat. Cut to a view of Korra's boat from the back as the Avatar dodges the blast. View changes to the front of the boat as Korra stands up and sends a stream of water to the twins, destroying their jet skis. Cut to a close up of the siblings as they jump up to avoid the attack and they land on the water effortlessly, bending water sleds around their feet to continue the chase. Cut to a side view shot of the boat as the twins flank both sides of the vehicle. View changes to Eska looking at Korra with hatred.)

Eska: No one steals my Bolin!

(Cut to a Eska's back as she jumps and sends a stream of water to Korra's boat, splitting it in half violently. The Avatar is thrown off the boat. View changes to underwater looking up at the vehicle debris as Korra lands in the water and starts to swim. Cut back to the surface of the water as Korra emerges with a water spout around her legs and continues to move backwards. The twins 'ski' into frame.

Camera angle changes to an aerial view of the battle as Korra firebends a stream towards Eska and the princess dodges. Desna waterbends towards Korra but the Avatar moves to the side in time and firebends at her cousin but like Eska, he avoids the attack successfully. Korra punches fire towards Eska and the girl dodges it. Desna 'skis' back to Eska and the latter waterbends at Korra. Cut to a close up of Korra as she puts her hands out in front of her protectively and the water collides against her palms. The force throws the Avatar back but she airbends a bubble of air to stabilize herself before waterbending a pillar of water to stand on it. The tower of liquid gets bigger as the twins ski into frame.

Korra waterbends the column into a large vortex to engulf her cousins. Cut to a close up of Eska as she puts her hands out in front of her to brace herself. Her eyes avert downwards and she looks surprised. Cut to an aerial view of the twins as a mysterious green glow shimmers from underwater. View changes to a profile shot of Eska as she looks at her brother uncertainly.

Cut to Korra in the middle of the maelstrom and she lessens the size of whirlpool. Korra sees her cousins slowing down and backing off. Cut to the bottom of the water spout as it shrinks and Korra gently lowers herself down to the surface of the water. Suddenly, a gigantic dark spirit with glowing green eyes appears out of the water from behind Korra.

Perspective changes to an overhead shot of the Avatar looking up at the spirit. The camera trembles and shakes. cut to the dark spirit as it roars and opens its arms apart. It swipes a tendril towards Korra. Cut to Korra as she jumps and dodges the attack before increasing the length of the water spout to make it taller. One of the tendrils swipes at the water column and Korra is left hanging in the air. cut to under water as the Avatar falls harshly into the water. A split second later, her eyes glow to indicate that she has activated the Avatar State.

Cut to the surface of the water and Korra rises up with a bubble of water under her feet. Cut to a wide angle back shot of Korra as she moves her arms around and a helix of water forms around the dark spirit in an attempt to calm it. The helix starts to glow green. Cut to a close up of Korra in the Avatar State as she continues to move her arms in circles above her head. View returns back to the previous angle and we can see the dark spirit's body slowly turning green from the bottom up.

The spirit slowly sinks down into the water and the green energy is about to cover its head before it breaks out of the trance, stands up, and roars. Cut to a profile shot of Korra out of the Avatar State and she looks up at the spirit uncertainly. Perspective returns back to the dark spirit as it growls and opens its mouth before diving downwards. View returns back to Korra as she brings both of her knuckles together before firebending towards the monster. Camera zooms out rapidly and the spirit is undeterred by the flames and proceeds to seemingly swallow Korra whole before disappearing into the ocean quickly. A huge swell of water forms on the surface from the aftermath of the force.

Cut to an aerial shot of Desna and Eska watching the tide dissipate. Cut to a frontal shot of the siblings as they exchange a look before swinging their hands backwards to 'ski' away, leaving tiny waves behind them. Camera zooms out to a wide overhead shot of the water and focuses on the ripples where the dark spirit disappeared.)

[End Credits]

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