Transcript for 206 - The Sting
The Sting
Written By: Joshua Hamilton
Directed By: Ian Graham
Storyboard By: Hyunjoo Song, Elsa Garagarza, Jay Olivia, Bobby Rubio, Sean Song, Dean Kelly, Johane Matte, Natasha Wicke, Ethan Spaulding, Owen Sullivan, Melchior Zwyer
Animation By: Pierrot Co. LTD
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Psycho Silver

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Peacekeepers."]

Shiro Shinobi: Someone has attacked the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center. All the evidence points to Northern sympathizers, but Mako suspects there's more to this case. Meanwhile, Varrick has cast Bolin as the hero of his newest mover. Asami has also ventured into business with Varrick, and a shipment of her mecha-tanks is on its way to help the South in its war against Unalaq.

Act I

(Fade into a wide shot of a cargo ship at sea at night. Cut to a closer shot of it and slowly zoom in, then cut to a shot of the captain on deck. Cut to a shot of the deck as small flashing, beeping objects are thrown onto it from below the other side. The captain reacts with curiosity and concern before the objects explode one after the other. The captain steps back, and in the foreground behind him with see an objects thrown to the side of the ship and stick to it. The captain turns to look at it, and we get a close up of the object revealing it to be a plastic explosive. We hear a high pitched whine as a red light on it flashes. Cut to a low angle shot of the captain jumping over the railing to avoid the explosion. He lands on the deck below.)

Ship Captain: We're under attack!

(The camera pans left and we see two Northern Water Tribe soldiers riding a wave up onto the deck. The camera pans right and we see two more do the same, the wave flowing right at the camera. Cut to a far shot of the rear of the ship as smoke rises from it. The camera zooms out to show the crew watching it from a lifeboat.)

Ship Captain: Varrick is not gonna be happy about this.

(Cut to an establishing shot of the South Pole spirit portal, the pillar of light shining up towards the sky. Tilt down to reveal the Northern Water Tribe has fortified the area, with a wall surrounding it. Cut to a high angle shot of the gnarled branch of a tree, then zoom out to show Eska and Desna. The light of the portal comes into the foreground. Cut to a shot from behind Eska and Desna with the portal in front of them.)

Eska: (turns around) Where is he?
Desna: Father said he would meet us at this location. He'll be here. (Cut to a closeup of Unalaq emerging from the light of the portal) Were you just in the Spirit World?
Unalaq: Never mind that. Where is the Avatar?
Eska: She was within our grasp until a dark spirit attacked her.
Desna: They're out of control.
Unalaq: You didn't get her?!
Eska: The Avatar is dead.

(Cut to a shot of a film projector in operation as it shines light out of a hole in a wall. Cut to the film it is projecting, which shows Bolin as Nuktuk walking with Naga as the arctic panda Roh-Tan, and with Pabu as the snow raccoon Juji on her back. The background it noticeably fake. Nuktuk crouches behind a rock. Cut to a shot of a model of a fortress with a giant skull on top of it. Cut to a medium shot of Nuktuk as he smiles and duck back behind the rock. Cut to Nuktuk talking to his animal companions.)

Nuktuk: We finally made it. Now we must stop the evil Unalaq!

(The audience watching the mover can be heard cheering. Cut to a shot of the film's version of Unalaq standing in front of his throne flanked by two guards as he turns around.)

Evil Unalaq: The Southern Water Tribe is mine. Next, I will conquer the world with my waterbending doomsday device!

(The audience boos and throws popcorn at the screen. Cut to a shot of the audience to reveal that all of the people in the front rows are children. Cut back to Nuktuk, Juji, and Roh-Tan.)

Nuktuk: Don't worry, Juji and Roh-Tan, I will end the Evil Unalaq's reign of terror. For I am Nuktuk, Hero of the South!

(Cut to a close up of Nuktuk as he flexes and the audience cheers. Cut to Juji sitting on Roh-Tan's head.)

Juji: Nuktuk, you're not just the Hero of the South, you're our best friend.
Roh-Tan: Nuktuk-ity!
Nuktuk: (hugs Roh-Tan) You two are the best snow raccoon and arctic panda a guy could ask for.
Audience: Aww.

(Nuktuk's theme song begins to play, showing clips of him riding Roh-Tan with Ginger, fighting bad guys with waterbending, high fiving Juji and Roh-Tan, and uppercutting Evil Unalaq.)

Deep Voice Narrator: Who's gonna fight for friends and freedom? Nuktuk! He's the biggest, baddest, bendingest man I know. Who protects the icy tundras? Nuktuk! Battling Northies out there in the snow. When Unalaq starts trouble he'll punch him in the mouth. He's Nuktuk, the Hero of the South!

(Cut to the audience cheering, then tilt up to Bolin, Varrick, and Ginger watching from a balcony seat. Cut to a closer shot of them as Varrick rests his elbow on Bolin's shoulder.)

Varrick: Bolin, look up there. What do you see?
Bolin: I- is this a trick question?
Varrick: I'll tell you what I see- a star being born. You're a star, people love stars. Stars tell them what to think and how to act. Bolin, have you ever tried to force a monkey-marmot to ride a bicycle?
Bolin: Uh... Not that I can recall.
Varrick: Of course you haven't. You can't force monkey-marmots to do anything, they've got to want to do it themselves.
Bolin: Right.
Varrick: With these movers, we'll have the support of the people, and before long, they'll persuade the President to lend his troops to the war effort.

(Cut back to the mover as a tied up Ginger as escorted by two soldiers towards Unalaq on his throne.)

Evil Unalaq: Muahahahahahaha! My evil plan is working. I've captured Nuktuk's beautiful girlfriend.

(Evil Unalaq walks up to Ginger and holds her chin. Cut to the throne room doors bursting open as Nuktuk rides in on Roh-Tan, knocking two guards over.)

Nuktuk: Not so fast, Evil Unalaq! Oh, I will save my true love and the South!

(A rope can be seen rising behind Nuktuk before it lifts him up into the air, simulating him jumping. Cut to a side shot of the suspended Nuktuk awkwardly lowered to the ground as he faces two guards. He does a pose and a large jet of water from off camera knocks down the two guards.)

Nuktuk: And now, your time is up.

(Cut to Evil Unalaq standing by his throne holding Ginger. He points at Nuktuk and the guards in front of him run forward. Cut to a side shot of Nuktuk as he grins and backs up, the guards going after him. We see his and the guards' shadows on a wall as he flips one guard over him and knocks the other one upward with a jet of water. The shadows of two more guards appear and throw a net. Cut to a shot of Nuktuk, Juji, and Roh-Tan captured by the net and surrounded by guards.)

Evil Unalaq: It's no use fighting, Nuktuk. My anti-energy net makes bending impossible.
Nuktuk: No! Please... Power... Weakening.
Roh-Tan: Nuk-terrible.
Deep Voice Narrator: Will this be the end of Nuktuk? Can he escape from Unalaq's trap and save the beautiful Ginger? Find out next week on the Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South.

(The scene irises out to a title card with Nuktuk and Ginger. Cut to a shot of Bolin and Ginger.)

Bolin: Wow. We got some major chemistry on-screen. Am I right?
Ginger: Yeah. On-screen.

(Ginger stands and goes to leave with a huff.)

Bolin: What's wrong? Are you mad because I left you in the clutches of the Evil Unalaq? I'm gonna save you in the next episode. Ginger, let's work through this.

(The camera quickly pans left to Zhu Li speaking to Varrick.)

Zhu Li: Varrick, another one of your ships has been captured.
Varrick: Darn it, Zhu Li, haven't I told you I hate getting bad news without first getting good news?
Zhu Li: Oh, well, the good news is it looks like your first mover has gotten a great reception.
Varrick: That's old news! Let's go.

(Varrick leaves his seat and is followed by Zhu Li.

Cut to an establishing shot of the police station. Cut to a shot of a photograph Mako is holding of him and Korra at the Glacier Spirits Festival. Cut to a close medium shot of Mako looking at the photo. He hears a door opening and turns to look as Asami enters. Cut to a shot of the room to show they are looking through a window into an interrogation room where Lin, Lu, and Gang are with the ship captain.)

Asami: Is it true?
Mako: I'm so sorry. Your entire shipment was stolen.
Asami: Without that sale, I don't know how much longer I can keep my company going. What am I gonna do?
Mako: Don't worry. I'm gonna find whoever's responsible. Chief Bei Fong is about to question the captain of the ship.

(Mako pushes a button on the speaker under the window so they can hear what's going on in the interrogation room.)

Lin: I know it's been a long day, but walk me through what happened.
Ship Captain: We were ambushed about thirty clicks outside the harbor. We never heard them coming.
Lin: This is the third attack this week. At about the same location.
Lu: Yep, and smack-dab in Republic City's jurisdiction, which means another problem for us. (strokes mustache) All this stress is gonna turn old black beauty gray.
Gang: It's gotta be Northern Water Tribe. They're trying to stop supply lines to the South.
Lin: I agree. Is there anything else about the attack you remember? Anything unusual?
Ship Captain: There is one thing. The bombs exploded in a way I've never seen before, they didn't have fuses. It was like they were being detonated remotely.

(Cut to Mako as his eyes widen in realization.)

Mako: Like the bombs at the Cultural Center!
Asami: Wait, where are you going?
Mako: I gotta grab some evidence.

(Mako wlks past Asami to exit the room just as Varrick enters.)

Varrick: Asami, I heard the news. I can't believe they took my fifth favorite ship in the Varrick Industries fleet! Named her after my mom. Rest in peace, Rocky Bottom.
Asami: Without the money from that shipment, Future Industries is almost broke.

(Mako is seen entering the interogation room holding a small box and is heard through the speaker.)

Mako: Chief, I think there's a link between this attack and the attack at the Cultural Center.
Lin: What do you think you're doing?
Mako: Solving this case. Did any of the people who attacked you have one of these in their hand? I think it's a remote detonator.

(Mako places the box in front of the captain, revealing it holds the remote detonator he found before and a picture of the suspect.)

Ship Captain: It was too dark to see anything.
Lin: Mako!
Mako: Chief, I don't think the people who attacked were Northern Water Tribe.
Gang: Of course they were Northern Water Tribe, they were waterbending!
Mako: (show captain the photo) Was this one of the guys who attacked?
Ship Captain: No, I don't recognize him.
Gang: Oh, that's embarrassing.
Lu: Nice try, rookie.
Lin: Mako, leave. Now.

(Varrick and Asami enter the interrogation room.)

Varrick: Great work, everybody. Another open and shut case for the dynamic mustachioed duo!
Asami: Wait, I think Mako might be onto something.
Mako: Chief, I know it's a long shot, but I have an idea how we can catch these guys.
Lu: Yeah, let's all listen to the rookie.
Asami: He's doing a better job than you!
Varrick: Who's hungry?
Lin: Enough! I don't want to hear your lame-brained rookie ideas. You're a beat cop, not a detective. Now hit the street and do your job!

(Gang and Lu laugh at Mako. Cut to a wide, high angle shot of Mako and Asami standing outside of the police department.)

Mako: Lu and Gang are idiots. I hate them and their stupid mustaches.
Asami: Forget them. What's this idea of yours?
Mako: A sting operation. I was thinking we'd set up a bait ship, take it out into the open ocean, and capture whoever attacks it.
Asami: Let's do it!
Mako: It's not that easy. For the plan to work, we need the police, and Bei Fong already said no.
Asami: We can make it work, just the two of us.
Mako: I don't know. I don't want to go behind Bei Fong's back. If she finds out, I could get kicked off the force.
Asami: Mako, I need your help. My mom is gone, my dad is in jail. Future Industries is all I have left of my family.
Mako: I want to help you, but this is more than a two-person job. First of all, we'd need a ship.

(Cut to a shot from the side of Mako and Asami to show Varrick standing right next to them, hands on his ears and listening in, surprising them both.)

Asami & Mako: simultaneously Aah!
Varrick: You need a ship? I got a ship! I want in on whatever you're talking about. I love being in on plans.
Asami: The less you know, the better.
Varrick: Perfect! I love not knowing things.
Mako: All right, I'm in. Let's get these guys.

(Cut to commercial.)

Act II

(Fade into a shot of the Republic City skyline and bridge, then tilt down to a docked cargo ship being loaded. Cut to a shot of the inside of an empty crate as it is closed, the Future Industries logo on it. Cut to a shot of two mechs lifting the crate while Mako and Asami watch in the foreground. Cut to a shot of Asami and Mako from the front as they stand in front of the open doors of a warehouse containing dozens of mechs and planes.)

Asami: The ship's all loaded with the dummy crates. Let's get this sting operation going.
Mako: Not yet. We need some extra manpower.
Asami: What about Korra? No better muscle than the Avatar.
Mako: Right, uh... Korra. Yeah, actually, she's, um- she's out of town right now.
Asami: Everything okay with you two?
Mako: Yeah, yeah. Forget about Korra, I'll go talk to Bolin.

(Mako runs off.

Cut to an establishing shot of Mako and Bolin's apartment at night. Cut to a shot of the apartment door as Mako opens it and enters and looks surprised. Cut to a shot of Bolin sitting in a hot tub and surrounded by expensive new items. Pabu is lying on the edge of the hot tub.)

Bolin: Hey, Mako, what do you think? I did a little redecorating. It turns out that one of the perks of being a star- You get lots of cash.
Mako: (looks at a statue of Bolin as Nuktuk) Is this a marble statue of you?
Bolin: It's also a hat rack.
Mako: We don't even have hats!
Bolin: That's because we've never had a hat rack and now we do. Mako, you seem stressed. I think you need to take a little dipity dip.
Mako: (approaches the hot tub, and Pabu scampers off) I don't have time to take a "dipity dip", okay? I'm trying to catch whoever's been attacking the shipments, and I need your help.
Bolin: You need my help? I don't know. I'm kinda busy.
Mako: You're sitting in a hot tub.
Bolin: I'm maintaining my instrument. As an actor, my body is my instrument.
Mako: Are you gonna help or not?
Bolin: (stands up and walks up to Mako) You know, I recall a time when I needed your help, and you basically told me to get a life.
Mako: So that's a no. What am I supposed to do now?
Bolin: I don't know, Mako. Figure it out. Remember? That's what you said to me. Hurts, doesn't it?

(The two glare at each other a moment before Mako turns to leave. Bolin turns around and sinks back into the water, but as he does so, Mako throws a blast of fire into the wood heater used to heat the hot tub. The hot tub glows red a moment before the water erupts into steam. Cut to the outside of the building as Bolin screams.)

Bolin: Ow! My instrument!

(Cut to a shot looking down a city street at night and slowly tilt down to show Mako and Asami standing in front of a building.)

Asami: Are you sure this is a good idea?
Mako: No, but it's our last resort.

(Cut to a close up of Mako's hand as he knocks on the door. The camera tilts up to a porthole in the door. It opens and Shady Shin looks through it.)

Shady Shin: Hey, Mako. Whatever you think we did, we didn't do it.
Mako: I'm not here on police business. I'm running an off-the-books operation, and I thought the Triple Threats might want a piece of the action.
Shady Shin: How big a piece?

(Cut to a panning left shot of the inside of the room, where Asami and Mako sit by a table and are surrounded by gangsters.)

Viper: So Mr. Law and Order needs our help, huh? What's in it for the Triple Threats?

Mako: I am personal friends with the Avatar. I might be able to convince her to give Shady Shin his bending back.
Shady Shin: Sounds good to me, boss.

(Viper glares at Shin, and Shin pouts sadly.)

Viper: What about the rest of us?
Asami: I've got vehicles, all brand-new and top of the line. They can be yours if you help.
Viper: I think we got ourselves a deal.

(Slowly zoom in on a close up of Viper as he grins.

Cut to a high, wide shot of the cargo ship on the water. Cut to a shot of the gangsters hanging out on the mid deck rails and pan and tilt down to Asami, Mako, and Ping by the lower deck rails.)

Mako: This is right around the area where the attacks happened. So keep your eyes peeled, and stay quiet.
Two Toed Ping: (speaking quickly) I agree. Keep quiet, mouth zipped, don't say a word. That's the best thing to do when you're trying to ambush somebody, which is what we're doing here, (Asami rolls her eyes) and it's basically what I'm always doing. I mean, I am a gangster, after all, and-

Mako: Two Toed Ping, please.
Two Toed Ping: Oh, right. So what's it like dating the Avatar?

(Mako sighs irritantly and looks away, frowning.)

Two Toed Ping: Come on, Mako, I gotta know.
Mako: Ping, stay focused!
Two Toed Ping: What? Why are you so weird about it? If I was dating the Avatar, I'd tell you all about it.
Two Toed Ping: There's nothing to know..... I broke up with her.
Asami: You broke up? When? Why didn't you tell me?
Mako: I don't know.
Two Toed Ping: (laughs) Yeah, right. You broke up with the Avatar. Like that happened. (looks over at Shin and Viper) Hey, Shady Shin, Viper. Mako says he broke up with the Avatar.
Viper: Sure he did.
Shady Shin: Yeah, I did too.

(Cut to a far side shot of the ship as all the gangsters laugh.)

Mako: All right, would you guys knock it off and do your job?

(Cut to a tilting down shot of Varrick's film set. Ginger is strapped to a table while a giant drill slowly lowers towards her. Bolin is beside her.)

Varrick: And action!
Ginger: Forget about me. You must capture the Evil Unalaq before he gets away!
Nuktuk: No! I'll never leave you.

(Bolin leans down and kisses Ginger deeply. Ginger is furious and her scream is muffled.)

Ginger: Mm!
Varrick: Cut! There's no kiss in the script.
Bolin: Sorry, I just kinda lost myself in the moment. It just felt so right.
Ginger: (sits up and grimaces) Ugh!
Varrick: It did, huh? Your girlfriend's about to die and instead of untying her, you kiss her. Wait a minute! Maybe that will work.Yes! It's genius! Everybody take five. Except for you, Zhu Li. Grab the tweezers, I've got some neck-hair issues to resolve.

(The bell rings and we cut to a shot of Ginger as Bolin walks up behind her.)

Bolin: So... That kiss. I liked it. And it seemed like you liked it too.
Ginger: Ugh! You're confusing Ginger the actress with Ginger the character.
Bolin: Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm totally getting, like, a weird vibe from you right now. It's like, a minute ago, when we were shooting, you were into me, but now you're not.
Ginger: That's because Ginger loves Nuktuk, not Bolin. (walks away)
Bolin: But Nuktuk is Bolin. I'm a hero!

(Cut to a shot of Mako and Asami staring at Ping's feet and his twelve toes, one extra on each foot.)

Two Toed Ping: And that's why they call me Two Toed Ping.
Asami: Because you have two... extra toes.
Two Toed Ping: That's right. And there was already a Twelve Toed Ping on the South side.
Mako: Wait, guys. Do you hear that?
Asami: I didn't hear anything.
Two Toed Ping: Nope.
Mako: Ah! What's taking so long?
Two Toed Ping: You just gotta relax, like me. Maybe try taking your shoes off.
Mako: I'm gonna check it out.

(Mako walks away from them. Cut to a panning left shot to Mako as he walks beside the rail of the ship's deck. We hear Shin and Viper talking. Mako hides under the stairs and stares through the steps at Shin and Viper on the upper deck.)

Shady Shin: So how long do we have to stay out here?
Viper: I told you, it's gonna be a few hours. What, do you have a hot date?
Shady Shin: Actually, I do. And I wanna look my best. I gotta shower and shave. I have a whole routine, okay?
Viper: Well, your date's gonna have to wait.
Shady Shin: She's not gonna be happy about that.
Viper: Too bad. We were paid to keep Mako and that dame distracted for a few hours, so that's what we're gonna do.

(Cut to a shot of Mako reacting in silent shock, then anger.)

Shady Shin: See, this is why I never get dates.

(Cut to a far shot of the ship from the side. Cut to Ping cleaning between his toes and tilt up to Asami standing beside him and watching. Mako comes from around a corner in the background. Asami looks at him as he beckons her. Asami jogs up to him around the corner.)

Mako: I just overheard Shady Shin and Viper. We've been double-crossed. We have to get off this ship.

(Mako grabs Asami's arm and they begin to hurry away. They turn a corner only to come face to face with Viper, Shin, and two others gangsters.)

Viper: Where do you think you're going?

(Mako growls and throws an uppercut at them, bending a wave of fire that knocks the gangsters down. Asami and Mako jump onto a nearby suspended speedboat.)

Viper: Get 'em!

(Mako does a spinning roundhouse kick and bends an arc of fire that burns through the ropes suspending the speed boat. It fall to the water below and Mako and Asami speed off. The camera pans left and the gangsters drop down in another speed boat to chase after them. Cut to an overhead shot of Asami and Mako driving away, and then two other speed boats with gangsters chasing after. Cut to Mako as he starts to shoot fire blasts at the gangsters. The gangsters dodge the attacks, and Mako grunts as he almost loses his balance when Asami banks left. Cut to Viper getting onto the front of the boat and swinging his arm upward. Blocks of ice shoot up in front of Asami's boat, which she dodges around. Viper raises his arms above his head, and a geyser of water erupts beneath it, sending it high into the air. Asami yells as they ascend, then descend. The boat hits the water, and Mako hits the floor behind Asami as she continues driving towards the city. Mako gets up and the begin to approach other ships in the bay. Asami turns the boat towards a ship.)

Mako: They're getting closer!
Asami: Not for long.

(Cut to behind the speed boats as they drive towards two ships passing each other, the gap between them growing narrower.)

Mako: Watch out! We're not gonna make it.

(Asami drives the boat around one ship and gets through the gap. The gangsters scream in panic as they speed right for the ship. They turn sharply, but their boat tips over and they all fall out of it.)

Mako: One down, one to go.

(The other gangster's speed boat passes in front of Mako and Asami and its wake throws their own boat off and causes the engine to stop. The two boats turn to face each other. The gangsters drive towards them as Asami tries to start the engine back up.)

Asami: We're stalled!

(The gangsters close in on them. Mako climbs onto the front of the boat and tries to throw a fire blast, but the boats collide and he falls over. The tip of their boat has pierced the hull of the gangster's boat as the gangsters push them bckward. Viper does a jumping windmill kick and bends an arc of water down at Mako, who rolls out of the way. Viper attempts to attack again, but is stopped by Mako's fire blast to his shoulder. Mako gets up and kicks another arc of fire at Viper as he does so. Viper throws another stream of water and the two elements collide. Mako shoots a fire blast which Viper dodges, then counters with another attack that Mako block with his fire. Mako attacks again, but Viper spins around him and hits him with a large blast of water, knocking him back into the back seat of the boat. Asami finally gets the engine running again as they near the city.)

Asami: Mako, hang onto something.

(Asami turns the boat hard, spinning both boats around and throwing the gangsters and their boat through a large wooden door on a building by the water. They crash through it and land in the sludge. Cut to Mako and Asami.)

Asami: What was that all about?
Mako: Someone paid the Triple Threats to keep us distracted.
Asami: Distracted? From what? (eyes widen as she realizes what) Oh, no.

(Cut to the docks and tilt up to the Future Industries warehouse. Cut to a close up of a power switch as Asami's hand grabs it and turns it on. Cut to a wide angle shot of the warehouse as the lights turn on one by one, revealing it to now to completely empty. Cut to Mako and Asami.)

Mako: Whoever paid the Triple Threats stole everything.
Asami: I'm ruined.

(The camera moves closer to Asami while zooming out. Cut to commercial.)


(Fade in to a high, wide angle shot of Mako and Asami staring at the empty warehouse.)

Asami: My company... It's over.
Mako: We should check out your other warehouses. Maybe they didn't have time to hit them all.
Asami: (hangs head) You don't understand. Everything I had was in here.
Mako: We have to search the place for evidence. If we can find a lead...
Asami: Mako... It doesn't matter anymore.
Mako: I can figure this out.
Asami: Just stop. It's over. I give up.
Mako: Well, I'm not giving up on you.

(Cut to an extreme close up of Asami as she looks at Mako with tears in her eyes. Cut to a shot of them from the side as Asami leans in and kisses Mako. Mako is surprised, but does not resist, and Asami quickly pulls back after a moment.)

Asami: Sorry, I-
Mako: Uh... It's- it's okay. Um... Anyway... I gotta run. I'm gonna find out who did this. And I know just who to ask.

(Cut to an alleyway the next day. There is a wall to the right, which Ping gets shoved into face first by Mako.)

Two Toed Ping: Hey, Mako. Uh, you're not mad about last night, are ya?
Mako: Who hired you to double-cross us?
Two Toed Ping: I don't know.
Mako: (forms a fire dagger beside Ping's face) I think you do know. And you're gonna tell me, or we're gonna have to change your name to "No-Toed Ping."
Two Toed Ping: Really, I don't know. You have to believe me. We never met the guy who hired us.
Mako: You expect me to believe that?
Two Toed Ping: After you left the hideout, some mook showed up and said his boss would pay us to keep you distracted. We'd never seen him before, and we ain't seen him since. Come on, Mako, you know how these deals work. Please, I would never lie to you with my lucky toes on the line.
Mako: (throws Ping at the wall behind them) Get out of here.

(Ping runs away.

Cut to a shot from the side of a bowl of popcorn sitting on a table beside Bolin, who is dressed as Nuktuk on set. The camera tilts up as Bolin grabs a handful of it to eat, and Mako walks up to him from the bckground.)

Mako: Bolin, have you seen Varrick around? (Bolin ignores him) Bolin! (Bolin still ignores him and Mako sighs) Nuktuk.
Bolin: Yes? Oh, hello, Mako. Didn't notice you there.
Mako: (sighs in annoyance) Where's Varrick? I need to ask him something.
Bolin: Hmm. Can't say that I've seen him but I've been kinda busy, you know, rehearsing for my big scene. There's gonna be some crazy "pyrotechnics." That's mover speak for explosions.
Assistant Director: (off camera) We need Nuktuk on set, running explosion scene.

Bolin: Or sometimes we just call them explosions. Anyway, wish I could stand around here and chitchat, but you know, I gotta go shoot my big scene.

(Bolin stands up and strolls away from Mako as the bell rings.

Cut to a far shot of Bolin on his mark and slowly zoom in.)

Assistant Director: Okay, the set is clear. Camera's rolling. And... Action!
Nuktuk: Ginger, stay down! I'm coming for you.

(Cut to a shot of Mako as he watches on the side. Cut to a shot from the side of Bolin running past the background. Small explosions go off behind him. Cut to a close up of Mako as the fire reflects in his eyes. Cut to an extreme close up of his eyes and the reflection in them while he watches intently.

Cut to a close up of a stick of dynamite being slid into a tube. Cut to a farther shot of the pyrotechnic doing them as Mako approaches him.)

Mako: How did you rig those explosions to go off like that?
Pyrotechnics Guy: Neat, huh? It's a Varrick Industries exclusive. Here, check it out. The explosions use a remote detonator.

(The pyrotechnic hands a remote detonator identical to the one Mako found before.)

Mako: Varrick.

(Cut to a close up of the detonator and slowly zoom in. Cut to an establishing shot of Future Industries, then cut to the door to Asami's office as Mako opens it.)

Mako: Asami, I think I know who set us up.

(Cut to a shot of Asami at her desk signing a paper while someone sits in a high backed chair in front of her. Cut to a close shot of the chair as its occupant turns it around, revealing Varrick, smiling calmly and hands clasped.)

Varrick: Hello, Mako.
Mako: What are you doing here?
Asami: He just saved my company. Varrick bought a controlling interest in Future Industries. Isn't that great?
Varrick: Yep, I like to think I'm always there to stand up for the little guy. Especially if that little guy can help this guy become a bigger guy.
Asami: So what were you saying, Mako? You think you know who hired the Triple Threats?
Mako: Yeah, and I'm real close to proving it. (close up of Varrick smiling at Mako.) I'll fill you in later.

(Mako turns and leaves.

Cut to an extreme wide shot of an island beach. Cut to behind a rock and then pan left to reveal Korra unconscious on the beach near the water. Cut to a close up of Korra from the side as a ray of sunlight hits her face, causing a lens flare. Footsteps are heard and a foot steps into frame. Cut to an extreme close up of Korra's closed eyes. She stirs for a moment before slowly opening her eyes. Cut to Korra's point of view as her sight adjusts to the light, and she sees three fire sages standing over her. Cut to Korra's eyes again as they widen in shock. Cut to a shot of Korra and the sages as Korra quickly spins her legs around, airbending a small whirlwind around her as she stands, pushing the sages back.)

Korra: Get away from me!

(Korra stumbles and falls to her knees.)

Karu: It's okay, we're here to help you, Avatar Korra.
Korra: Who's- Who's Avatar Korra?

(Karu looks at her with concern, then to the other sages who give her the same worried look.)

Karu: What happened to you? How did you end up on our island?
Korra: I... don't know. I can't remember anything.

(Korra wimpers in exhaustion and falls back to the ground. The sages reach down to help her. Cut to a high angle shot of them, then tilt up to the water as ominous music plays.)

[End Credits]

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