Transcript for 207 - Beginnings, Part 1
Beginnings, Part 1
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino
Directed By: Colin Heck
Storyboard By: Lee Dae Woo, Park So Young, Kim Sung Hoon, Owen Sullivan, Melchior Zwyer
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Psycho Silver

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Peacekeepers" and "The Sting."]

Shiro Shinobi: The Avatar has gone missing! After President Raiko refused Korra's request to aid the South in the war of the Water Tribes, she headed to the Fire Nation, seeking a new ally against Unalaq. But unbeknownst to her friends, a dark spirit attacked Korra and dragged her into the ocean. She has washed up on a desolate island wth no memory of who she is.

Act I

(Fade into a shot from Korra's point of view as she stares at the sky above while trees pass by on either side. Her vision is slightly blurry and rays of light shine through the tree tops. Cut to a close up of Korra, her eyes half closed and tired as the shadows of the tree tops moves over her face while she's being carried. Cut to a shot of Korra being quickly carried on a stretcher by two fire sages towards a temple, with another fire sage following close behind. Cut to a close medium shot from behind an old fire shaman sitting down in front of an altar. She turns around when she hears the other fire sages approaching. Cut to a shot from over the shaman's shoulder showing the three fire sages with Korra entering the temple through an ornate archway.)

Female Sage: We found the Avatar washed up onshore, but she doesn't remember anything.

(The sages places Korra on a table in the middle of the room and the Shaman walks over to her.)

Korra: Raava. Raava. Raava...

(Cut to a close up of the shaman's hands as she slowly presses them downwards towards Korra. She creates fire from her palms and waves her hands around Korra.)

Shaman: A dark energy has infected her. We must purge it before it destroys her Avatar Spirit. (Cut to a shot of Korra's face as she is still not fully conscious. Dissolve to a cave with a large hole in the ground, where light shines up from below. The fire sages lower Korra through the hole on a net hammock using a crank and pulley system.) Let the waters cleanse the darkness that plagues your spirit.

(Cut to a wider shot of the cavern below, constructed by hexagonal rock formations. As Korra is lowered down the camera follows her. We see below her a large pool of water, with the light shining up from another hole at the bottom. Cut to a shot from underneath the water as Korra touches the surface, the hammock keeping her face above water. Cut to a close up of Korra and zoom in to an extreme close up. Korra quickly opens her eyes, and the camera quickly zooms out as the scene transitions to a spiritual plane. Korra turns a glowing purple, eminating energy. The space around her appears as if she is deep underwater, with tiny air bubbles floating around her that appear almost like stars. The camera pans around to an over the shoulder shot, revealing the Avatar Spirit in Korra's form, glowing blue and stable. Cut to a side view of Korra and Spirit Korra. There is a light blue dividing line of energy between them, and the tiny light bubbles swirl around them.)

Korra: Who are you?
Spirit Korra: I am you.
Korra: (hesitates) Who am I?

(Spirit Korra riplles, and transforms into Aang.)

Aang: You are the Avatar.
Korra: I don't know what that is.

(Aang ripples and changes into Roku.)

Roku: In order to remember, you must regain your connection with your Avatar Spirit.

(Roku ripples and changes into Kyoshi.)

Kyoshi: If you don't, darkness will engulf the world. You will die, and our era will end.
Korra: How do I regain my connection?

(Kyoshi ripples and changes into Kuruk.)

Kuruk: Go back, return to the beginning. Find Raava.

(Korra is pushed away from Kuruk by a strong current of water and bubbles. She frowns in discomfort as her body flips around, but the current quickly stops. Korra looks around, and the camera pans around her to reveal a large glowing ball of light with a young man wearing ragged clothes in the center of it. The camera slowly tilts up over Korra and zooms in on him. Cut to a close up of Korra.)

Korra: Are you Raava?
Wan: No, but I can help you find her. My name is Wan, and I will show you how I became the first Avatar.

(The scene transitions as the shot stays on a close up of Wan. He is running towards the camera down a city street, holding a bag in his hand and smirking. Cut to a side shot of three very similar looking brothers, one short, one medium sized, and one tall, and each holding a glaive of a matching size as they chase after Wan.)

Little Chou: Nobody steals from the Chou brothers!
Wan: Really? Because I just did.
Big Chou: You're dead, Wan.

(Wan jumps on a railing and turns around to salute the brothers mockingly before jumping off.)

Wan: Actually, I feel quite alive.

(Cut to a shot of clotheslines hanging between two buildings as Wan falls down between them. He grabs one clothesline and uses it to spring back up into a window in the background. He watches as the Chou Brothers all fall down after him, grabbing the clotheslines but only pulling them down with them. Cut to a shot of the ground as the brothers collide with it, a large white cloth covering them. Wan bounces off of them and runs towards the left just before the Chou Brothers pull the cloth off of them and see him go. Cut to a medium close shot of Wan running, the camera shaking with every step. Cut to a shot from the side as Wan runs across a small bridge and disturbs a flock of birds. The birds all fly into the air and the Chou Brothers reach the bridge.)

Little Chou: Hey, stop!

(The brothers are quickly hit by bird droppings from above. Cut to a closer shot of them covered in it as they all look towards the camera. Cut to a shot of Wan hopping over blue rooftops, making his way downwards. He swings on a wooden bar and lands, the background music in sync with his actions. The camera follows him as he jumps across more rooftops, zooming out to show the city's citizens at ground level. Cut to a high angle shot of Wan reaching a balcony. Cut to a closer shot as he sits down and opens the bag, pulling out a roll. Just as he is about to take a bite from it, Big Chou lands in front of the camera, and it zooms out from between his legs. Cut to a shot of Big Chou as his two brothers land behind him and zoom out. Wan's reflection can be seen on the blade of Big Chou's glaive as he and his brothers frown menacingly at Wan.)

Wan: Hey, fellas. You're just in time for lunch!

(Wan throws the roll at Big Chou's face. Big Chou grimaces and Wan leaps over him. However, the middle brother trips Wan with his weapon, and Wan stumbles to the ground, dropping the bag as he falls. The Chous surround him and Little Chou kneels down in front of Wan.)

Little Chou: I told you no one steals from us.

(Big Chou grabs Wan by the collar and lifts him up. Cut to a close shot of the two from the side as Chou frowns at Wan, his face red from being hit with the roll. Wan smiles nervously at him, and we then cut to a shot of some rooftops and a tree top to the side of them. We hear Wan yelling and soon see him falling down from above and past the tree tops. Cut to a closer shot of him falling into a pig pen, splashing into the mud and getting covered in it. A cow pig walks up to Wan and sniffs him as he sits up, groaning and wiping the mud off. He looks at the cow pig, which just grunts at him.

Cut to a wide, high angle chot of the city as dusk arrives. It appears to be on a very large hill, with a tall palace pagoda at the top. The camera tilts down to show the city surrounding by a wall, with a brick pathway leading to a gate, the area outside the city is forested. Dissolve to a shot of the city rooftops with tree tops in the foreground, then tilt down past the tree tops to a small old wooden tree house. Wan walks up the steps of it towards the entrance. Cut to a shot from inside the house as Wan enters, carrying three rolls. A boy, Jaya, sits on a mat to the left of the entrance, wearing old, worn clothes.)

Jaya: sighs Did you steal from the Chous again?
Wan: Yeah, and I got nothing to show for it except a few dirty rolls and a whole lot of bruises. (tosses Jaya a roll and walks forward. Cut to a high angle shot of Wan approaching someone wearing old, green rags sitting in a dark area behind parted curtains.) Hey, Yao, I got some food for you.

(Wan leans down to hand Yao a roll. Cut to a shot from the front of Yao as he leans forward and takes the bun. As he comes out from the shadows, he reveals himself to be an old man whose body has become part tree. Parts of his arms, hands, and half his face are made of wood, and there are twisting branches growing from his shoulder and the top of his head. Yao takes a bite from the roll and smiles.)

Crazy Yao: Mmm, delicious! Thank you, Wan.

(Cut to the previous shot with Jaya as two skunk squirrels, a peacock pidgeon, and a woodpecker lizard enter the house as Wan sits down in front of them. Cut to a shot of the animals from over Wan's shoulder as they all look at him and his roll.)

Wan: You guys are hungry too, huh?

(Wan tears his roll up into small pieces and feeds it to the animals, who all eat happily.)

Jaya: Wan, you should eat.
Wan: They need it more than I do. Besides, I'm tired of eating scraps. (takes a cup and teapot from a nearby table and pours some tea for himself) If only there was some way to get into the Chous' food cellar. We'd be eating like- well, like Chous.
Jaya: If Chou the Elder catches you sneaking into his palace, you'll end up dead. Or worse, he'll banish you to the Spirit Wilds.
Crazy Yao: No, don't get banished! You don't want nothing to do with those spirits! They'll get inside ya, scramble up your mind, turn ya into this- (motions to himself) a monster! (buries his face in his hands and turns away, forlorn)
Jaya: Don't do anything crazy, Wan. You just gotta accept the world is the way it is. Some people have power. Some people don't. And you don't.
Wan: (sips his tea and looks away, thinking, then smirks) Not yet, anyway.

(Cut to a wide, high angle shot of a courtyard within the city. In the center of it is a Huntsman in a fur cape along with three other hunters addressing the people in the area. Cut to a closer shot of the Huntsman.)

Huntsman: Are you strong? Are you fearless? Do you have what it takes to battle the spirits? Then join the hunt!
Wan: Count me in.

(The camera pans right to reveal Wan raising his hand. Cut to an over the shoulder shot of the Huntsman from behind Wan as the Huntsman gives Wan a scrutinizing look, then laughs.)

Huntsman: We're going to be out in the wilds for a week. You wouldn't last two seconds.
Wan: (smugly smirks and crosses arms) I can handle myself. (quickly drops the smug expression) We all get fire, right?
Huntsman: Yeah, but do you know how to use it?
Wan: Well, not exactly, but I-
Hunter #1: (walks into frame and puts a hand on Wan's shoulder) Ah, let him come. Not like we got any other volunteers lining up.
Huntsman: All right. Welcome to the hunt.

(The scene dissolves into a wide, tilting down shot of the city wall. A volcano can be seen far in the background to the left. The camera follows down the path away from the city, and we see Wan and the hunters walking down it over a hill. To the left of them is a cliff, and on the cliff face are strange, swirling patterns. Cut to an extremely far and wide establishing shot of the city on the hill. There are two volcanos on both sides of it, with giant mountain ranges further in the distance. The hill is sitting inside a crater. Cut to a wide shot of Wan and the hunters walking up to an outcropping at the edge of the crater, the city seen in the distance to the right. Cut to a shot from behind the group with the city in the background, then cut to in front of the group as the hunter blows a horn. Cut to a far, wide shot of the city from the side as it begins to shake and rumble. The hill rises from the crater and is revealed to be a Lion Turtle. Cut to a wide shot from behind the group as the Lion Turtle's face rises up before them. Cut to a profile shot of Wan staring in awe.)

Wan: The Lion Turtle.
Huntsman: Great guardian of our city, we are venturing into the Spirit Wilds to bring back food for our people. Please, grant us the power of fire.
Fire Lion Turtle: (raises its claw) The power is yours to keep until your return.
Huntsman: You're first, kid.

(Wan walks to the front. Cut to a shot from the side of the Lion Turtle's claws touching Wan's heart and forehead, the two spots shining brightly.)

Fire Lion Turtle: May the element of fire protect you against the spirits.

(The Lion Turtle takes its claw away from Wan. Wan looks at his hand a moment. He then pulls his fist back and thrusts his palm forward, releasing a blast of fire.)

Wan: Whoa!

(The force of the blast makes Wan stumble backwards. Cut to a high angle shot of the hunters as Wan falls and rolls backwards.)

Huntsman: (walks forward) Just make sure you aim at the spirits, not us, okay?
Wan: (staring at his hand) Sure thing.

(Cut to a low angle shot of Wan as he clenches his fist and smirks. Dissolve into a far shot of Wan and the hunters from behind as they walk through the mist towards the Spirit Wilds. Dissolve to a shot of a mountain side, then tilt down past tree tops to a shot of the group from behind as they walk through the forest. Wan is at the back and the Huntsman walks in front of him.)

Huntsman: Everyone stay close. Spirits love to pick off stragglers.
Wan: (stopping, acting timid) Uh, guys? I don't think I can do this.
Huntsman: Now, quit your whining. We haven't even seen a spirit yet.
Wan: I think I wanna go home.
Huntsman: (pointing) I knew you were nothing but a sniveling coward. Go give your fire back to the Lion Turtle, (shoves Wan and turns around to continue on) and don't ever show your face around me again.

(Cut to a shot of Wan in the foreground as the hunters walk away in the background. The camera pans right towards Wan as he glances back at the hunters, then turns and smirks, clenching his fist as he walks back to the city. Cut to a high angle shot of Wan's tree house as he walks up the steps towards the entrance. Cut to a shot of the inside where we see Jaya and Yao playing Pai Sho on the floor, and Wan enters from the right.)

Jaya: Wan, you're back.
Crazy Yao: (rubbing his belly) What goodies did you snatch for us this time?

(Cut to medium shot of Wan as he smirks, opens his palm and creates a flame. Cut to a close up of the flame, while in the background Jaya gasps and Yao shrieks in fright, scrambling way and shielding himself. Wan closes his hand and extinguishes the fire.)

Jaya: What did you do? You can't steal from the Lion Turtle.
Wan: (smirking) Really? Because I just did.

(Cut to commercial.)

Act II

(Fade into an establishing shot of the Chous' palace at night, surrounded by other buildings below it, then tilt down towards the street leading up to the palace. Wan, Jaya, and a group of six villagers walk on the street into frame from below. They are all holding white bags.)

Jaya: You know it's forbidden to bring the power of the element into the city. Please, go back to the Lion Turtle and return the fire.
Wan: Jaya, it's time to stop being so afraid of the Chous and show them we have the power to change things.

(Wan takes a fox mask out from his bag and puts it on. Jaya puts on a monkey msk and the rest of the villagers put on masks of grass and leaves, and they all follow Wan forward. Cut to a wide shot of Wan, Jaya, and the villagers standing in front of the palace gates and zoom in. Cut to a shot from the side of the group in front of the gates. Wan takes a step forward.)

Wan: Hey, Chous! Open the gate, and let us in.

(Cut to a shot from the side of Chou the Elder walking towards the railing of a balcony of the palace pagoda, followed behind by his three sons. Slowly pan right.)

Chou the Elder: What are those filthy peasants doing here?
Big Chou: Don't worry, father. We'll take care of them.

(The Chou brothers turn around and leave their father. Cut to a medium shot from the side of Wan, Jaya, and two villagers as the sound of the gates opening is heard, and Wan looks back down. Cut to a shot of the Chou brothers exiting from the gate, with Wan and his group in the foreground. The gate closes behind the brothers and Wan points at them.)

Wan: Hand over all the food you're hoarding, and we won't give you any trouble.

(The brothers all laugh.)

Big Chou: You're not getting past us. (raises glaive and points it at the group) We have the weapons, you're powerless.
Wan: (crosses arms and slightly turns head to the side) Powerless, huh? (the Chou brothers attempt to charge at the group, but Wan throws a blast of fire at them. The Chous fall to either side, and the gate is blown open. Wan motions for the group to follow) Follow me!

(Everyone runs through the opened gate and onto the palace grounds. Cut to a shot of a shed with its doors locked with a bar. Wan rubs towards it and shoots a fire blast at the door, knocking it down. Wan motions to the villagers.)

Wan: Grab as much food as you can.

(The villagers all run inside the shed. Cut to a shot of Wan as Jaya runs up beside him.)

Jaya: Maybe you're right. Maybe we do have the power to change things.

(The villagers are seen walking away behind Wan and Jaya carrying sacks of food.)

Big Chou: (off camera) Stop right there!

(Wan and Jaya turn in the direction of the voice. Cut to a high angle shot of the Chou brothers leading a large group of soldiers all carrying spears.)

Jaya: Looks like the Chous found backup.
Wan: Get everyone out of here. I'll hold them off.

(Jaya and the villagers run away from the camera while Wan runs towards it. Cut to a shot from the side as Wan shoots fire at the approching Chous and soldiers. He knocks down the Big and Middle brothers, then throws two waves of fire that knocks down two other soldiers. Wan grabs a spear that is thrust at him and uses the soldier's momentum to toss him at the Middle Chou brother before tossing the spear away. Little Chou jumps onto Wan's back, grabbing his head. Wan struggles and creates a ring of fire around him. He throws Little Chou off his back, who takes Wan's mask off as he falls. Little Chou gets on his knees, bows his head and raises his hands in surrender.)

Little Chou: No, please! Have mercy. (cut a low angle shot of Wan standing over little Chou, his hand raised and readying a ball of fire while the ring of fire surrounds them. Cut to a close up of a surprised Little Chou) Wan?

(Cut back to the low angle shot of Wan. He hesitates, and the fire in his hand and surrounding them extinguishes. Wan is immediately tackled by the soldiers. Cut to the close up of Little Chou as he regains his composure and gets to his feet. Cut to a shot of Wan being held and surrounded by the soldiers as Little Chou stands before him.)

Little Chou: Even when you have the power, you're afraid to use it.

(Cut to a close up of Wan as he looks away, sadly defeated. Cut to a far shot of the Lion Turtle from the side as Wan, the Chous, and soldiers stand on the outcropping before it. Cut to a shot of Chou the Elder and his sons facing Wan in the foreground behing held by the soldiers, with the Lion Turtle in the background.)

Chou the Elder: Tell me who else was involved in the rebellion, and I might take mercy on you.
Wan: I'm not telling you anything.
Chou the Elder: Then you've left me no choice. Wan, you are hereby banished.
Little Chou: Yeah! And give back the fire you stole.

(Wan is pushed in front of the Lion Turtle.)

Wan: No, wait! Great Lion Turtle, I am sorry for stealing the fire from you, and I accept my punishment. But please, I need to be able to protect myself in the wilds.
Fire Lion Turtle: Never again may you return to this city. But I will allow you to keep the power of the element.

(Cut to a shot from behind Wan as he is pushed forward by the soldiers once more in the direction of the Spirit Wilds. He looks back for a moment before hanging his head and walking away. Cut to a shot of Jaya and Yao standing on a tree branch on the Lion Turtle as they watch Wan leave far in the distance below.)

Crazy Yao: Bet he doesn't last till morning.

(Cut to a panning left shot of Wan walking down a path in the forest far in the background, the camera looking between two tree trunks in the foreground. Wan is holding a flame in his palm to light the way. Cut to a close up of Wan looking around worriedly. He quickly turns as a spirit snake flies around behind him. Wan throws a fire blast at it, but it splits into two snakes. Wan is disturbed a moment before continuing on. Cut to a shot of Wan from the side, and the spirit snake flies past the camera. Wan throws more fire at it, but misses. It flies by again, and once again Wan attacks it and misses. He flings another fire blast wildly before taking a step back. Wan steps on something squishy and hears a voice, frightening him. Wan holds his fire out to see who is speaking.)

Spirit Frog: Hey, watch where you're stepping, human!
Wan: Who said that?
Spirit Frog: Down here! (Wan looks down. Cut to a shot of Wan's foot as a small blue frog slides out from under it) How'd you like it if I started walking all over you?
Wan: You're just a little frog.

(The frog then grows to giant sized. Wan flinches in fright and his fire goes out. Cut to a shot of the frog towering over Wan.)

Spirit Frog: Who's little now?

(The frog attempts to stomp Wan, who falls back and barely misses being crushed. Wan gets up and runs away as the frog shoots its tongue out at him, but misses. Cut to a shot of Wan from the side as he runs away in fright. Giant venus fly traps are seen in the background. Wan turns around for a moment to look back, but a giant venus fly trap grabs him. Wan's legs stick out of its mouth, and the rest of him can be seen as a silhouette inside the mouth. Wan struggles to get out, punching the inside of the mouth, then creates a ball of fire, unleashing it inside the mouth, causing it to swell up. The fly trap belches Wan out, along with a large cloud of smoke, and Wan quickly scurries away.

Cut to a shot of the dark night sky and then tilt down to the tree tops. We see three green tadpole like spirits fly past the camera before it come to ground level. A tiny green spirit with a puffball body, like birdlike legs, and a long beak lands on the ground and jumps off camera. In the background we see Wan run into view and fall down on his back, catching his breath. Cut to a shot of Wan from above as he lies in the grass. He sighs, and then suddenly tendrils sprout from the ground and wrap around Wan. They cover his mouth, and he grunts and struggles as the tendrils pull him under the ground. Cut to the previous shot as Wan goes under, but the ground then erupts in fire. The grass is charred, and Wan frantically climbs out, running away. The camera tilts back up to the sky.

Dissolve to a shot of the sky in the morning, the sun shining. Cut to a close up of Wan as he walks through the forest, his appearance haggard, covered in dirt and with dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep. He is visibly shaken, looking left and right for any signs of danger. Cut to a low angle shot of Wan's lower body from the side as he trudges, then cut to a shot of Wan from the front as he passes by a tree with fungus growing on it and strange purple plants growing by its roots. One of its branches hangs over Wan's path, and on the branch appears to be red fruit, resembling a pitaya. Wan stops and puts a hand to his stomach, hungry, then looks to the fruit. Cut to a close up of the fruit as Wan's hand reaches up and picks it. Cut to a medium close shot of Wan smiling as he brings the fruit to his mouth. Just as he bites it though, the fruit turns out to be a swarm of hornet like insects. Wan is suprised a moment as the hornets swarm around his face, then quickly runs away, swiping at the insects.)

Wan: Get off me! Get off me!

(Wan runs at the camera, then cut to a shot from behind Wan as he runs away from it and towards a cliff, the hornets following him. Wan runs over the cliff. Cut to a shot from the side of Wan falling down the cliff. The camera zooms out as he bounces off a rock and rolls down a concave outcropping and falls further down, grunting in pain. Cut to a shot of Wan sliding down a slope and landing with a thud. Wan rubs the back of his head in pain, then looks up. Cut to an establishing shot of a spirit oasis. It is a rocky island in the middle of a pond, nestled between tall cliffs with waterfall in the background. On the island are fruiting trees and shrubs with berries, and in the middle is a bathing pool. A stone bridge connects to the oasis. Cut to a close up of the yellow fruit hanging from vines on the tree branches. Cut to a close up of Wan as he grins hungrily, stands up and walks forward. Cut to a shot from the side as Wan begins crossing the bridge to the oasis. Suddenly, a tall, aye-aye spirit appears in a blue swirl of light in front of Wan and shoves Wan back with enough force to send him flying back to the other side. The spirit aye-aye crosses his arms.)

Spirit Aye-Aye: You are not welcome in my oasis, human.
Wan: Please, help me. I'm starving, and I haven't slept all night.
Spirit Aye-Aye: Not my problem.
Wan: Let me pass!

(Wan throws fire at the Aye-Aye's feet. The spirit does not react in fright, but in anger.)

Spirit Aye-Aye: You dare use fire against me?! (disappears. Cut to Wan as the Aye-Aye appears behind him, then lifts him up by the shirt) Now, be gone with you!

(The camera zooms out as the Aye-Aye tosses Wan into a large bush along the path behind them. Wan groans and stumbles out of the bushes as the Spirit Aye-Aye walks back to the oasis. Wan starts to walk away. Cut to a close profile shot of Wan hanging his head sadly. He turns his head towards the camera when he hears the sound of music, then grimaces and steps back. Cut to a high angle shot of the path showing a troupe of many different types of spirits walking down the path to the oasis. Wan ducks into some nearby bushes and watches them. Cut to a wide, high angle shot of the spirits crossing the bridge to the oasis as the Aye-Aye stands by and lets them pass. Pan left to the island with the bath pool. Cut to a close shot of several spirits relaxing in the bath pool. Cut to a close up of Wan watching. He smirks as he comes up with an idea. Cut to the high angle shot of the spirits walking down the path as Wan exits the bush, now wearing an assortment of leaves, twigs, and grass covering his whole body as a makeshift disguise. He joins the spirits and walks towards the oasis. Cut to a shot of the Aye-Aye as the spirits pass by the camera in the foreground. Wan approaches the Spirit Aye-Aye.)

Spirit Aye-Aye: (scrutinizing) And who might you be?
Wan: (overly dramtic) I am Bushy, the Bush Spirit. And I would like to enter your oasis.
Spirit Aye-Aye: Very well. (motions towards the oasis) You may pass. (Wan walks past him, and he then sniffs the air around Wan) Wait a second! (grabs Wan's head) Something stinks. (pulls Wan's mask off) I knew I smelled a human!

(Cut to a close up of Wan's profile as he sweats nervously and his forehead turns purple. He turns towards the camera and gives a very big, sheepish grin just before the Spirit Aye-Aye grabs him. The camera quickly zooms out as we see the Aye-Aye throw Wan into the water below the bridge. The other spirits stop to look as Wan lands in the water with a large splash. Cut to a shot of Wan sitting in the water, soaked, as his disguise scatters.)

Wan: Come on, let me in, just for a little while.
Spirit Aye-Aye: No! Go back to your Lion Turtle!
Wan: Believe me, I'd love to go back home. But I can't. I was kicked out.
Kind Spirit #1: (childlike voice) That's too bad.
Kind Spirit #2: (childlike voice) Poor human.
Spirit Aye-Aye: Don't pity him! He's just like every other human: Ugly, destructive, and lacking any respect for nature.
Wan: Who are you calling ugly, ugly?

(The Spirit Aye-Aye expresses some surprise, and the other spirits turn to look at him for a moment before he frowns in annoyance.)

Spirit Aye-Aye: Hmph.
Kind Spirit #1: If you can't go back to your city, then you should go live in another one.
Wan: What? There are other Lion Turtles?
Spirit Aye-Aye: (mocking, then angry) "There are other Lion Turtles?" Of course there are, dozens of them! Boy, you humans are stupid too.
Wan: So which way to the nearest Lion Turtle city?
Spirit Aye-Aye: Hmm. I think it's on the other side of none-of-your-business valley!

(The Spirit Aye-Aye begins laughing hysterically at his own poor joke, looking to the other spirits for approval. Cut to Wan frowning in irritation.)

Wan: Real funny. You know what? I don't need your help. I'll find it myself.

(Wan turns around and walks away, wading through the water. Cut to in front of Wan with the spirits on the bridge in the background. Wan takes a few steps and suddenly falls into a deeper part of the pond, disappearing from view. One of the kind spirits, a tall green one with four arms, a white, mask like face, and leaves for hair, waves goodbye.)

Kind Spirit #2: Good luck!

(Dissolves to a far wide shot of Wan walking through a clearing in the forest and down a small hill. Dissolve to a high angle shot from behind Wan as he approaches a tree. Hanging from one of its branches on the right is a cat deer caught in a hunter's net trap. Cut to a medium close shot of Wan as he grins hungrily. His stomach growls and he grabs it, his grin disappearing for a moment before he smiles, licking his lip as he walks forward. Cut to a shot of the cat deer from Wan's point of view, slowly zooming in as he approaches. The cat deer growls and struggles a bit. Cut to a close up of Wan approaching, licking his lips as he raises his hands and creates flames in his palms. He suddenly stops and looks concerned. Cut to a closer shot of the cat deer and slowly zoom in as it looks at Wan and whimpers sadly. Cut to the close up of Wan. He lowers his hands, extinguishing the flames and sighing as he hangs his head sadly. Cut to a shot from the side as Wan walks towards the cat deer as it growls once more.)

Wan: It's okay, I'm gonna get you out of there.

(Cut to a high angle shot as Wan begins to climb up the tree, the camera tilting up as it follows him. This reveals the Huntsman and his hunters approaching from down the path. Wan hides behind the tree trunk as he reaches the branch.)

Huntsman: Finally, we caught something. Get it down.

(The Huntsman motions towards the cat deer and he and the hunters start jogging towards it. Wan steps out from behind the tree trunk and onto the branch. Cut to a low angle shot of Wan from the front.)

Wan: Back off.
Huntsman: Wan? What are you doing here?
Wan: I'm saving this animal.
Huntsman: That animal's our dinner. Now, get out of the way.
Wan: No.

(Wan leaps from the branch, the camera following him as he rains fire down at the hunters with both hands. The hunters throw themselves to the ground to get out of the way of the blast and Wan lands on the other side of them before running down the path. The hunters get to their feet and chase after him and the edge of the Huntsman's cape on fire. Cut to a shot from the front of the Huntsman, glaring angrily as he and the hunters behind him run towards the camera. Cut to commercial.)


(Fade in to a shot of the forest, with several trees and bushes in the background. Behind the bushes two plumes of flame appear. Cut to a shot from the side of Wan quickly running, trees rushes past the camera in the foreground. Wan looks to his side as a blast of fire passes by him from behind. He looks behind and another fire blast just misses him. Wan skids to a halt, and we cut to a shot of him stopping in front of a small grassy clearing. The hunters run up behind Wan, and Wan leaps over the grass, grabbing a low hanging vine and swinging over. As the first hunter behind him steps into the grass, he sinks down to waist his knees. A moment later, the tendrils seen previously start to ensnare the hunter.)

Hunter #1: Ahh! He- help! Help!

(The Huntsman and the other two hunters step into the grass and also begin to be ensnared, but they blast the tendrils back with fire, falling back, but the first hunter is dragged under. Cut to a side shot of Wan slowing from a run to a walk and looking behind him. The camera pans right as it follows him, and he approaches a tree from which the insects disguised as red fruit from before are hanging. Cut to a close up of the supposed fruit as Wan quickly grabs two of them. Cut to a shot from the front of Wan carrying the fruit, with the hunters still chasing him in the background. Wan turns and throws the fruit at the hunters. Cut to a shot of the hunters as the fruit hits the ground in front of them and one of the hunters, and they turn into the swarm of hornets. One of the hunters is carried back by the flying insects.)

Hunter #2: Get 'em off! Get 'em off! Ahh!

(The Huntsman and the remaining hunter look back as the other hunter is taken away, then turn back towards the camera and shoot fire. Cut to a shot from the side of Wan running away, the fire blasts missing him. One lands right behind Wan and the force of its explosion knocks him into the air. Cut to a high angle shot of Wan hitting a tree branch with a painful grunt and falling back to the ground as the last two hunters catch up to him. Cut to a shot of the Huntsman and his hunter.)

Huntsman: Well, looks like you're all out of tricks, Wan.

(The hunters raise their hands and summon fire, but just then the Spirit Aye-Aye appears behind them. It leaps at the hunter and phases into his body with a blue light, possessing him. The Huntsman looks at the hunter, their fire extinguishing as the hunter begins to spasm. Cut to a close medium shot of the hunter as his body contorts, blue smoke rising from him. Parts of his face begin to warp and transform to resemble the Aye-Aye, including his hands and nose and the left side of his face, his ear growing large and wide, growing fangs, his eye turning yellow and part of his face turning white. The Aye-Aye takes control of the hunter and begins to speak, glaring at the Huntsman.)

Spirit Aye-Aye: I really hate humans!

(Cut to a wider shot of the possessed hunter swiping at the Huntsman with his new claws, Wan still on the ground. The Huntsman screams in fright and runs off into the background. The possessed hunter yells in pain as the Spirit Aye-Aye then jumps out of his body, then sighs in relief before looking at his hands. Cut to a close up of the hunter as he feels his head and screams in horror, running off. The Aye-Aye behind him watches him go. Cut to a shot of the hunter running away frantically into the background as the Spirit Aye-Aye approaches Wan on the ground.)

Hunter #3: No, no!
Spirit Aye-Aye: I don't know what he's screaming about. He's better looking now.

(The Aye-Aye reaches down and lifts Wan up. Cut to a shot of the pool at the oasis as Wan is laid down in the water by the Aye-Aye. Cut to a wide shot of Wan surrounded by several spirits, including the two kind spirits and the cat deer. Wan glows with a blue light as the water heals him. Cut to an overhead shot of Wan glowing, the Aye-Aye standing over him and the cat deer looking down at him from the edge of the pool.)

Wan: I feel great. What's in this water?
Spirit Aye-Aye: It has special healing properties.
Wan: (glowing stops. Wan sits up and takes a fruit handed to him by the large green kind spirit) Thanks. (takes a bite of the fruit) So what did you do to that hunter?
Spirit Aye-Aye: Spirits are able to take over a human body for a short time. If I stayed in there any longer, I would've killed him, which I did consider.
Wan: Thanks for saving my neck. But why'd you do it?
Spirit Aye-Aye: I saw you save the cat-deer from those hunters. I've never seen such an act of selflessness from a human before.

(The cat deer nuzzles Wan and he pets its cheek.)

Wan: Told you I wasn't like the others.
Spirit Aye-Aye: Guess I underestimated you, human.
Kind Spirit #2: Are you off to find another Lion Turtle city?
Wan: (stands) I was. But I think I've had enough of humans for a while. I've decided to stay here and learn the ways of the spirits.
Kind Spirit #1: What a great idea!
Kind Spirit #2: That'll be fun.
Spirit Aye-Aye: Oh, now, now, hold on. A human living with spirits? It's never been done.
Wan: First time for everything, right?
Spirit Aye-Aye: Hmm. I guess we can try it. I've never had a human as a pet before. I think I'll call you "Stinky."
Wan: The name is Wan.
Spirit Aye-Aye: Stinky is more accurate.

(Cut to a high angle shot of the city courtyard. The Huntsman is seen walking towards the middle of it. Cut to a closer shot from the side as he passes by some townspeople, who look at how dirty and defeated he is.)

Townsman: What happened in the wilds? Where are the others?
Huntsman: Gone. Spirits took them. They were protecting that kid Wan like he was one of their own.

(As the Huntsman speaks, the camera zooms out to reveal Jaya and Yao watching in the foreground. Cut to a shot of the two from the front, looking amazed.)

Jaya: (smiling) Did you hear that? Wan's still alive!

(Cut to a shot of a white dragon flying in the air in a figure-eight motion. It swoops downward and the camera follows it towards ground level. We see Wan firebending and performing the Dancing Dragon firebending form, moving towards the right of the camera as the dragon flies right. In the background we see Wan's spirit friends, including the giant frog spirit from ealier. They clap and cheer for Wan as he moves out of frame. Cut to a medium shot of Wan continuing the form, with the dragon flying in the background. Wan turns and bends fire at the camera, while at the same time the dragon swoops at the camera. The dragon's body fills the frame, and once it passes the scene transitions to a shot of Wan, now older, his hair longer and hanging, and with a scruff of hair on his chin. He is in a battle stance in front of the oasis. Wan jumps and does a spinning back kick, bending an arc of flame towards the camera, and we hear the Huntsman speak.)

Huntsman: (narrating) The way Wan moves fire, it's like nothing I've ever seen. (cut to a shot from behind Wan as we see the Huntsman and more hunters standing across the bridge and holding flames in their hands. Cut to a close up of the Huntsman looking amazed) He uses it like it's an extension of his body.

(The Huntsman frowns and readies to attack. Cut to a shot from the side as the hunters throw their fire at Wan. The camera pans left and follows the fire towards Wan standing on the bridge. Wan spins around, catching the fire blast and redirecting it back. The camera pans right as the fire hits the ground by the hunters' feet. They all yell as the explosion knocks them back. Cut to a shot of two hunters falling down and rolling over, a plume of smoke in the foreground. The hunters run away in fright, with the Huntsman and the other hunter quickly following after. The Huntsman's cape is on fire again. Cut to a shot of Wan standing triumphantly with his hands on his hips. Behind him his spirit friends cautiously step out from behind the rocks. They gather around Wan and cheer as he smiles. Cut to a closer shot as a turnip spirit standing on the head of a tall carrot spirit hands Wan a cup of tea, which he drinks as the spirits leave. Cut to a far, wide estblishing shot of the city and pan right.)

Jaya: (off camera) Wan has proven that with the power of fire, anyone can survive in the wilds. (cut to a wide shot of an older Jaya with a short beard and mustache speaking in front of a crowd of townspeople in the foreground in the forest outside the city, with Yao to his left) We don't have to live under Chou the Elder's rules anymore. So I say we leave this city and start over! (raises fist) Who's with me?

(The crowd cheers, raising their fists. Dissolve to a far panning left shot from the side of the Lion Turtle granting someone the power of fire, with a crowd of townspeople waiting for their turn. Cut to a shot from the front of Jaya leading the townspeople, walking towards the camera and smiling as he and everyone except for Yao holds a flame in their palm. The Lion Turtle's face fills the background, the reflection of the fire in its eyes. Cut to a extreme wide, high angle shot looking down at the people as they leave, the city in the foreground to the right. Cut to a close shot of the cat deer as Wan climbs on its back. The cat deer has a traveling pack and a saddle. Wan scratches its neck, and it tilts its head and purrs.)

Wan: You ready to go, Mula?

(Cut to a wider shot of Wan on Mula's back and surrounded by his spirit friends.)

Spirit Aye-Aye: You sure you want to leave?
Wan: Yes, it's time I see the rest of the world and find the other Lion Turtle cities.
Spirit Aye-Aye: I'm proud to call you my friend, Stinky.
Wan: Thank you for everything. Good-bye, everyone.
Kind Spirit #1: We'll miss you.

(Cut to a wide, high angle shot of the oasis as Wan rides over the bridge on Mula. Dissolve to a shot looking between two steep mountains surrounded by clouds at dusk and tilt down to see Wan and Mula crossing a rope bridge. Dissolve to a shot from the side of Wan and Mula galloping across a grassy plain, with mountains in the background, passing by a lone tree as the wind blows. Dissolve to a shot at night of Wan resting on a sleeping Mula by a hill, looking at a fire. Dissolve to a shot of Wan and Mula walking over small green hills in the distance, Mula's footprints visible. Dissolve to a close shot of the reflection in a pool of water as Wan leans over it. He dips his water flask in to fill it. Cut to a wide shot of Wan and Mula standing in a pond by a small waterwaff. Mula drinks the water and Wan drinks from his flask. Mula looks up and makes a worried meow. The area begins to shake and Wan looks to the right just as many different spirits begins running past them.)

Random Spirit #1: The all-powerful spirits are battling!

(Several large rocks land in the pond, making Wan and Mula move back.)

Random Spirit #2: They're gonna wipe out the entire valley!

(Cut to a closer shot of Wan and Mula as the spirits run past them in the foreground. Wan gets on Mula's back nd they ride into the forest. The camera tilts up to show two tall mountains in the distance, birds flying between them. Cut to a shot from the side of Mula and Wan exiting the forest. The camera follows them until Mula skids to a halt and growls. Cut to a far, wide shot of Wan and Mula in the foreground as two massive spirits battle in the distance. One, Raava is white with a light blue pattern. The other, Vaatu, is black with an orange-red pattern. Both have what appears to be a single eye in the center. As they wrestle, they form a giant sphere with the apperance of a yin-yang. Disturbed flocks of birds fly above. The two spirits roll into the mountains surrounding them, causing parts of the mountain to break off and fall. The two spirits split for a moment, but Raava holds onto Vaatu with her tendrils. The two spirits are identical in shape, resembling kites with long tails and tentacles. Cut to Wan staring at them in astonishment. He then frowns as he dismounts Mula and runs past the camera. Cut to a shot from the side as Wan runs forwards and thrusts his palm out, shooting a large stream of fire at the spirits. Cut to a high angle shot of the spirits as the fire passes between them, separating them for a moment, but Ravaa keeps her hold on Vaatu.)

Wan: Stop, or you'll destroy everything!
Raava: This doesn't concern you, human!

(Vaatu attempts to get away, but Raava grabs him and smashes him into the ground, where they roll on their sides before getting back up.)

Wan: It does when the lives of spirits and animals are in danger!
Vaatu: If you're a friend to spirits, then use your fire to help me break free!
Raava: Don't involve the human. This is between us.
Vaatu: Please, save me. She has tormented me for 10,000 years.
Wan: 10,000 years? (looks to the side to think for a second before looking back) Let him go!

(Wan throws his hand forward. Cut to a shot from behind as he releases another stream of fire at the spirits. Some of Ravaa's tendrils let go of Vaatu, but their tails remain tangled. Raava swipes at Wan, throwing him past some bushes in the background. While Ravaa is distracted, Vaatu attempts to pull away, but Raava holds on tight. Cut to Wan emerging from the bushes, rubbing his head. He looks up worriedly. Cut to a shot of Vaatu swiping at Raava, pushing her back. Cut to a close up of the tips of Ravaa and Vaatu's tails coiled around each other, Ravaa barely hanging on to Vaatu. Cut to a close up of Wan as he sees this. He frowns with determination. The camera quickly zooms out from Wan as he does a short jump, turning in the air and bringing his arm swinging down diagonally as he shoots out an arc of flame at the camera. Cut to a shot of the spirits as a bright light shines from where Wan's fire struck their tails, followed by a burst. Vaatu and Raava separate, with Raava screaming in pain as she collapses. She begins to shrink, and Vaatu flies to the top of a nearby mountain while Wan watches in the foreground.)

Vaatu: Thank you, human. You have performed a great service for the spirits.

(Vaatu flies off behind the mountain, and Mula walks up to Wan, looking at Raava. Cut to a shot of Wan and Mula, with Wan looking worried.)

Raava: Do you realize what you've done?
Wan: Yeah, I helped a spirit who was being bullied by you!
Raava: You are gravely mistaken. I was keeping him under control.
Wan: And what gives you the right?
Raava: You don't even know who I am, do you?
Wan: Should I?
Raava: Yes. My name is Raava. That spirit you freed is Vaatu. He is the force of darkness and chaos. I am the force of light and peace. Since the beginning of time, we have battled over the fate of this world. And for the past 10,000 years, I have kept darkness under control and the world in balance, until you came along.
Wan: So by freeing Vaatu, I let chaos into the world?
Raava: Precisely. The human and spirit realms are headed toward annihilation, and it's all your fault!

(Cut to an extreme close up of Wan's profile as he looks at Ravaa. He tilts his head down as he realizes the weight of his actions. The camera pans right, and the scene dissolves into an extreme close up of Korra's profile from the opposite side as she lays in the water, her eyes closed.)

Korra: Raava, I found you.

(Cut to a shot from above of Korra lying in the net hammock and the water and slowly zoom out.)

[End Credits]

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