Transcript for 208 - Beginnings, Part 2
Beginnings, Part 2
Written By: Tim Hedrick
Directed By: Ian Graham
Storyboard By: Han Gwang Il, Lee Dae Woo, Bae Ki Yong, Myung Ga Yougn, Owen Sullivan, Melchior Zwyer
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Psycho Silver

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Beginnings, Part 1."]

Shiro Shinobi: Avatar Korra has lost her memory! In order to restore it, she has connected with Wan who would become the very first Avatar. Banished from his home, Wan survived for two years in the Spirit Wilds and learned to master fire. But then, Wan split the Spirits of Light and Dark, Raava and Vaatu, unwittingly plunging the world toward annihilation! Will he be able to stop it?

Act I

(Fade in to a close up of Korra looking down at her as she lies unconscious in the hammock in the pool of water from the previous episode, and slowly zoom out. Dissolve to a far shot from above of Korra as the camera pulls out and through the hole above. We see the fire sages standing around the edge and looking down at Korra.)

Karu: Should we pull her up?
Shaman: No. She is connecting with her deepest Avatar memories. She must confront her own past if she is to move forward. (cut to close up of Korra and zoom in) We can only hope that she survives her ordeal.

(Korra's closed eyelids twitch a moment and they suddenly open. The scene changes to within Korra's consciousness as she turns glowing purple and floats back from the camera. She hears Ravaa speaking, and we cut behind Korra as she turns around. Pink petals blow pst Korra as the camera pans around her and we see a window into the past, where Ravaa is speaking to Wan, with Mula at his side.)

Raava: The human and spirit realms are headed toward annihilation, and it's all your fault! This is why humans have no place interfering in the business of spirits.

(The camera zooms in on Wan and Ravaa until Korra is out of frame. Cut to a close up of Wan.)

Wan: This world is home to all of us, and what happens here is everyone's business.
Raava: Thanks to you, this world may cease to exist! I only hope I can track down Vaatu before it's too late.
Wan: Let me help you.
Raava: I don't want your help. Don't interfere with me again, human!

(Raava flies way. Cut to a close shot of Wan and Mula as they watch her leave. Wan turns to Mula.)

Wan: Let's get moving.

(Cut to a far shot as Wan and Mula walk to the right. Cut to a shot looking down a path as Wan rides Mula into frame. Mula makes a soft growl, and stops as they both listen to the sound of leaves rustling. The camera quickly pans right to a tree top. It is bearing fruit and shakes for a moment. Cut to a medium shot of Wan and Mula pushing past some foliage and looking to see what made the noise. Cut to a shot of what appears to be four air nomads, wearing red and yellow robes, each carrying a large basket. Instead of arrows. Their blue tattoos resemble the fur pattern of a Lion Turtle rather than arrows. Two of the nomads concentrate, and they create small clouds under their feet. The nomads ride the clouds up to the tree branches, where we see another one. Cut to a close up of one nomad picking a fruit and putting it in his basket as the camera zooms out to show the other two doing the same. Cut to Wan and Mula.)

Wan: Do you see that, Mula? People. And they have some kind of wind power.

(Wan smiles as he rides Mula towards the air nomads. Cut to the nomads landing on the ground as Wan and Mula enter the clearing from the background.)

Wan: More humans! I found you.
Nomads: Aah!

(Cut to a shot of the nomads as they run away in fright, one dropping his basket.)

Wan: Wait! I'm friendly!

(Wan rides after the nomads. Cut to the nomads approaching a large bush. Three of them leap over it, leaving a wind trail, while two go through it. Wan rides past the camera and through the bush. Cut to a side shot of Wan riding through the forest. Mula skids to a stop as the camera zooms out to show a cliff in front of them. Wan is thrown off Mula's back and catches a branch growing out of the side of the cliff. He is sprung back up a moment and then desperately hugs one of the leafy branches. Cut to an overhead shot as Wan looks down below. The ground is hidden by white mist. Wan begins to climb up. Cut to a close up of the edge of the cliff as Wan climbs back up into view, leaves a twigs in his hair. He grunts and sighs in relief before he is once again frightened.)

Wan: Huh?

(Cut to Wan's point of view as a nomad runs past Mula and right towards him. Cut to a shot from the side as the nomad jumps over Wan and creates a cloud under his feet as he begins to glide, as if surfing the air. Cut to an extreme far shot as we see the nomad gliding towards what looks like a large, hilly island floating upward. Cut to Wan standing back up with Mula behind him as he looks at the floating island. Cut to a shot from behind Wan as he sees that the island is a flying Lion Turtle.)

Wan: The legends are true! Another Lion Turtle city. And it's flying! (cut to the extreme far shot showing the Lion Turtle floating in mid air. The nomads can be seen standing on its right paw. Cut to a shot of the nomads as the Lion Turtle touches the chest and forehead of one nomad with its claws, taking the power of air back with a glowing light at both spots. Cut to a close up of Wan as he grins) I have got to get over there.

(Cut to a close up of a vine pulling down a tree branch. Cut to a further shot as we see Mula pulling the vine around a large rock, which bends down the small tree it is attached to. Wan watches and takes the vine from Mula, tying it around the rock tightly and then testing its tension.)

Wan: There. (climbs onto the bent tree and sits on it) Okay, Mula. Wish me luck. (shoots a flame at the vine, burning it. The release of tensions makes the tree snap back up straight and propels Wan through the air. Cut to the extreme far shot of the Lion Turtle as Wan flies towards it. Cut to a shot of Wan flying at the camera, flinging his arms forward and yelling in fright. Cut to a shot from the side with the camera following Wan as he misses the Lion Turtle's shell) Oh, no-

(Wan instead grabs a hold of one of several vines hanging from the Lion Turtle. He swings a moment and regains his compsure, sighing in relief. Dissolve to an overhead shot of the top of the Lion Turtle, the camera panning up to show several grass huts and rock gardens amongst bonzai trees and small bushes. Some of the grass huts are a few stories tall. Cut to an overhead shot of Wan walking down a dirt path between several huts, passing by the residents of the village. Cut to a low angle close shot of Wan as he looks around. He stops and steps back as a green transparent bird-like spirit flies in front of him. Wan smiles as he watches it go past him.)

Wan: Wow.

(Cut to a shot from the side of three nomads meditating under a tree as the spirit flies past them and lands on a branch. A green puffy spirit with bird-like legs and a beak hops on a nomad's shoulder, and the camera pans left as Wan approches.)

Wan: Hi, how are you? I'm Wan. I'm sorry to interrupt, but it's been a while since I've seen other humans.
Male Nomad: Where did you come from, stranger?
Wan: Another Lion Turtle city far away. For the past two years, I've been living among the spirits and exploring the wilds.
Male Nomad: Remarkable. Come. Sit with us. We would love to hear of your travels.

(The puffy green spirit on the nomad's shoulder suddenly turns into a dark spirit. It hisses and leaps at Wan, who ducks under to avoid it. The camera pans to the right as the spirit runs off, and we see a strange spirit sitting on the roof of a hut. It turns into a dark spirit as well, and rips a hole in the roof before going inside it. The occupants of the hut, a man and woman, run out yelling in fright as the dark spirit chases them out and goes after the woman towards the left. Cut to a shot of two boys playing around a large lizard spirit and a plant-bear spirit. The lizard spirit turns dark and chases off one boy, then the plant bear spirit turns dark and chases off the other. Cut to an overhead shot of the village as dark spirits run amok, terrorizing the people. One dark spirit flies close in front of the camera and leaves just before the huge shadow of Vaatu looms over the village. Cut to a shot of Wan and the three nomads looking up at Vaatu towering over them. Cut to a high angle close up of Wan as he looks surprised, then frowns in anger.)

Wan: Vaatu.
Vaatu: So we meet again, human.
Male Nomad: Why is the great spirit of darkness here but not his other half?
Wan: (nervously) Uh, I'll explain later. (runs to the middle of the village amidst the panicking people) Leave these people in peace. They've done nothing to harm you.

(Wan ducks as an eel-like dark spirit flies past him. Cut to a shot of a mother and child cowering outside a hut as the shadow of the dark spirit approaches them, holding each other and looking away in fright. Cut to an over the shoulder shot of the dark spirit as it slowly draws near, only to be blasted by fire from Wan. Cut to a shot of several dark spirits, their attention now turned to Wan, and they all fly towards him. Cut to a shot of Wan readying himself, and he attacks each spirit that approaches him with fire. He does a high roundhouse kick and sends waves of fire at two dark spirits in a tree and on a ledge above him. The spirits jump out of the way. Cut to a shot of a man, woman, and child being surrounded by dark spirits. As one approaches, Wan blasts it back, and then another one. Cut to a close up of Wan as the spirit's body dissolves in front of him. Cut to a shot of Raava rising from a bush, then quickly flying past the camera. Cut to a low angle shot of Vaatu as he begins to rise above Wan and the villagers, only for Raava to ram into him and knock him away.)

Raava: Be gone.

(Raava and Vaatu go flying into the bushes. Cut to a close up of Wan smiling. Cut to a high angle shot of Wan as the villagers as the circle of dark spirits around them move in. Raava swoops down from above and flies around the humans in a circle, blowing away the dark spirits. Cut to an over the shoulder shot of Raava and Wan looking up at Vaatu flying back towards them.)

Vaatu: How are you feeling since our split, Raava? I've never been better. When Harmonic Convergence comes, I will destroy you forever.

(Vaatu and the dark spirits fly away into the sky. Cut to a shot in front of Wan and Raava, with the family standing behind them. Wan sighs and hangs his head in exhaustion as Raava turns to him.)

Raava: I told you not to interfere!
Wan: I had to do something. These people were in danger.
Male Nomad: (approaching) Great spirit of Light, we thank you for your help. But how did you become split from Vaatu? (Wan winces)
Raava: Ask him.
Wan: (turns to the nomad and hesitates nervously) It wasn't my fault. Vaatu tricked me into freeing him. I'd take it all back if I could.
Raava: It's too late for that. Now that Vaatu is free, he is turning other spirits dark. The more spirits he turns, the stronger he becomes.
Wan: He's getting bigger, and you're getting smaller.
Raava: As darkness grows, light fades.
Wan: I'm sorry for endangering your village, but I promise to set things right.
Male Nomad: (turns to look at another nomad, worried) How?

(Cut to an extreme far side shot of the Air Lion Turtle as it faces Wan, Raava, Mula, and a nomad standing on a cliff.)

Wan: Great Lion Turtle, I ask that you grant me the power of air so that I can defeat Vaatu before it's too late.
Air Lion Turtle: You already carry the power of fire. No human has ever held two elements at the same time.
Wan: I'm not like other humans. I can learn to do it.
Air Lion Turtle: Hmm, perhaps. But to do so, Raava must hold the power for you until you master it.
Raava: Ancient one, why would I do that for a human? Especially one who's caused so much trouble?
Wan: Raava, please, I can't let the world fall into chaos because of my mistake. Neither of us can defeat Vaatu alone, but together we have a chance.
Raava: You may be right. Very well. I will help you to master the power of air.
Wan: Thank you. And in return, I will help you restore balance to the world.

(Slowly zoom in on a high angle close up of Wan. Cut to commercial.)

Act II

(Fade into a far shot of Wan riding Mula alingside Raava as they climb over the top of a hill.)

Wan: What's this Harmonic thing Vaatu was talking about?
Raava: Harmonic Convergence. That is when Vaatu and I must battle for the fate of the world.
Wan: How long do we have until then?
Raava: About a year in your time.
Wan: Then we better start training.

(Cut to a high angle shot of them and the camera pans up past a misty mountain range. Dissolve to a shot at dusk of Wan and Raava standing near a volcano with streams of lava pouring around it. Mula sits nearby. Wan practices a few firebending moves and turns to Raava.)

Wan: All right, I'm ready to try air. How's this gonna work?
Raava: The only way for me to give you the other element is to pass through your body and combine our energies.
Wan: Great. So you've done this before.
Raava: No. This has never even been attempted. It is very dangerous.
Wan: That's what they said about living in the Spirit Wilds, and I survived that. I'm ready. Give me the air.

(The camera follows Raava as she flies up into the air, twists around a few times, and then flies through Wan's chest. Cut to a close medium shot of Wan as Raava passes through him. Wan cries out in pain as a bright swirling light shines from his chest while Raava flies through him. Wan crumples to his knees and hangs his head. Cut to a close up of Wan from the side of his head and he catches his breath. Cut to a shot of Wan standing up as Raava lands next to him. Wan looks at his hands a second before he thrusts his palm forward. Just as he does so, a gust of air shoots out from it, and the camera cuts to a farther distance to show the size of it.)

Wan: It feels completely different. If you and Vaatu have the same fight every 10,000 years, why hasn't one of you destroyed the other? (practices a double palm thrusts and shoots out an even larger gust)
Raava: He cannot destroy light any more than I can destroy darkness. One cannot exist without the other. (Wan does a high side kick and shoots out a gust) Even if I defeat Vaatu in this encounter, darkness will grow inside me until he emerges again. The same will hold true if Vaatu defeats me.
Wan: That doesn't sound so bad. Even if Vaatu wins, you'll come back.
Raava: Yes, but you will probably not survive to see it. Vaatu will destroy the world as you know it. Darkness will cover the earth for 10,000 years.
Wan: If I'm gonna help you battle Vaatu, then I should visit more lion turtles.

(Dissolve to a high angle establishing shot of misty mountain ranges. The camera pans up to show a lion turtle sitting in a large body of water. A bright glimmer can be seen coming from its claw tip. Cut to a close side shot of Wan as he is given the power of Water.)

Wan: (voice over) Why is there so much conflict between humans and spirits in the first place?

(The Water Lion Turtle pulls its claw away. The camera slowly zooms out as Wan lifts his hand and bends up flowing water from below.)

Raava: (voice over) This physical world is where humans come from. Spirits come from another realm. (dissolve to a far establishing shot of a desert with a few high sandstone buttes in the background. The Earth Lion Turtle is seen rising out of the ground to the right, making the ground shake and throwing dust everywhere.) At the North and South poles, the two realms intersect. Over time, more and more spirits have drifted into this world. (Cut to a low angle shot of the Earth Lion Turtle's face as it looks down at Wan on Mula and Raava, sand pouring over it's nose and eyebrows. Cut to a far shot of the lion turtle giving Wan the power of Earth.) Humans have been forced apart, settling on the lion turtles who protect them, and losing touch with each other.

(Cut to a close up of Wan in a forest as leaves blow past his face as he turns to the camera. The camera pulls back and pans around Wan as he begins to practice water bending.)

Wan: (voice over) Most people think they live in the only human city in the world.
Raava: (voice over) Most humans think only of themselves, no matter how many others are around.

(Wan bends the water away and Raava passes through him. Wan grunts in pain. Cut to a low angle close shot of Wan as he clenches his fists.)

Wan: When you pass through me, I feel an incredible rush of power. (readies himself, then bends up a large, sharp rock from the ground before breaking the top part off with a punch and sending it flying. Wan stomps the ground to pop up the bottom half, then kicks it away. Raava psses through him again) I feel like I'm changing. The more we practice, the stronger I become. (sniffs the air. Raava and Mula also bring their attention to the smell) Smells like smoke.
Raava: Humans are nearby.
Wan: Let's check it out.

(Cut to a shot of Wan riding Mula to the top of a small hill and dismounting. Ravaa flies up next to him. Cut to behind them and pan right as they look over a valley at a human settlement. In the distance can be seen more people and trees burning around the edge of the forest. Cut to a close shot of a burning tree being pulled down as settlers are seen using firebending to burn more trees, while others carry logs. Cut to a side shot of two men. They turn around to look to the other side. Cut to behind them and pan left as everyone watches as Raava flies towards the area followed by Wan and Mula.)

Settler: A spirit!

(The man throws a fire ball of Raava. Wan runs in front of her and deflects it with airbending.)

Wan: Easy there, fellas. We're friendly.

(Cut to the settlers and we see a now older Jaya step forward.)

Jaya: I can't believe it. Wan?
Wan: Jaya! (they hug) What are you doing out here?
Jaya: Ha ha! You inspired us. Once we heard that you survived out in the wilds, we decided to try it too.
Wan: Where's Yao? Did he come with you?
Jaya: Yes, but sadly, he didn't make it. We- we lost a lot of good men along the way. (Raava comes up next to Wan) So why were you protecting this spirit?
Wan: This is Raava. Don't worry, she's not like the dark spirits you've probably run into.
Jaya: Dark spirits? What's the difference? We throw fire at any spirit we see around here. Just like they attack any man.
Raava: You have no idea what you're doing! You're only making things worse!
Settler: The spirits are coming back!

(Cut to a high angle shot as the settlers around to look. Cut to behind Jaya as he addresses the settlers.)

Jaya: Let's wipe 'em out this time. We'll burn down this whole forest if we have to.

(The settlers begin to run off, making battle cries. Cut to Wan, Raava, Jaya, and Mula as the settlers run past the camera.)

Wan: What happened to you? When did you become so violent?
Jaya: You showed me we could change the world if we just stopped being so afraid. Now we're doing it.

(Jaya runs off to join the others. Cut to a close up of Wan as he watches worriedly.)

Wan: This isn't what I had in mind.

(Cut to a bird's eye view shot of the settlers and the forest spirits running at each other and zoom in. The two groups stop when they get close, and we cut to a shot of the settlers with Jaya at the front as they all summon fire from their hands. Cut to the spirits who are led by the Spirit Aye-Aye, who steps forward.)

Spirit Aye-Aye: Get out of the forest, humans.

(Cut to a far shot of the two groups facing each other down as Wan and Raava move between the two, Wan holding his arms out to either side.)

Wan: Wait, we can resolve this peacefully.
Spirit Aye-Aye: Stinky? You came back!
Wan: It's good to see you again.
Spirit Aye-Aye: You and Raava are just in time to help us clear these tree-killing fire-lovers out of here. Just like the old days.
Jaya: You are the one who's getting cleared out.
Wan: There's no need for violence. I know there must be a way to work out a compromise.
Spirit Aye-Aye: You have a good heart, Stinky. These fire tossers aren't like you.
Jaya: Spirits like him killed our friends. I can't let them get away with that.

(Cut to an extreme far shot of the area as dark clouds begin to cover the sky, with the sound of thunder. A bolt of lighting shoots from the clouds, and the image of Vaatu can be seen as we hear him laugh. Cut to a close shot of the Spirit Aye-Aye as he and the spirits behind him transform into dark spirits.)

Spirit Aye-Aye: We are protectors of the forest! We won't let you burn it down!
Raava: It's Vaatu. He's growing stronger, using their anger to turn them to his side.

(Cut to a side shot of Jaya as he throws a fireball. Cut to the Spirit Aye-Aye as he dodges to the side to avoid it.)

Spirit Aye-Aye: Wipe them out!

(The dark spirits begin to move forward, but Wan pushes them back with a gust of air. The settlers begin to throw more fire, but Wan blocks their attacks with more airbending. Raava flies into the air as Wan continues trying to push both groups away with airbending to stop them from advancing.)

Wan: Stop, please!

(Cut to the Spirit Aye-Aye and the spirits as they continue to rush forward. Cut to Jaya and the settlers as they also begin to charge. Cut to a close shot of Wan shooting gusts of air left and right as Raava flies around him.)

Wan: Raava, we need to combine our energies. Maybe then we'll have enough power to stop this. (stops for a moment and faces the camera as Raava flies into him from above, this time fusing with him in a bright blue light. A white smoky aura emenates from Wan. The camera quickly zooms out from Wan. Just as the two groups reach him from either side, a blast of air from Wan's body pushes them away. Wan leaps into the air, surrounded by the four elements. Cut to a wide shot as Wan rises into the air on a small tornado. Fire, earth, and water surround him in large rings as the wind whips around him. Cut to a close shot of him.) Enough! You need to stop fighting now before you destroy each other.

(Cut to a shot of the Spirit Aye-Aye as changes back to normal, shaking his head in confusion.)

Spirit Aye-Aye: Stinky, w- what happened?
Jaya: (backs up, in awe) He's controlling all four elements.

(Cut to a close shot of Wan as he grimaces in pain.)

Raava: Wan, I have to leave your body, or I'll destroy you.
Wan: No. It's working. If you leave, the fighting will start again.

(Wan cries out in pain and his concentration breaks. Cut to a low angle shot as Raava leaves his body and the elements surrounding him dissipate. Wan begins to fall and Raava flies down after him.)

Raava: Wan!

(Cut to a shot of Raava catching Wan just before he hits the ground and carrying him away just as the settlers and spirits charge at each other once more and begin to battle. A dust cloud covers the camera's view, and the scene fades to white as the sounds of battle quickly fade out. Fade in to a close up of Wan's face as he lays down unconscious. He groans as he opens his eyes. Cut to a far wide shot looking down from the edge of a cliff at the burning forest below, black smoke rising from it. The camera zooms out and we see Wan stand up and looks down as Mula walks into view from the left.)

Wan: We have to go back.

(Vaatu suddenly rises from below the cliff in front of Wan, now even larger than before.)

Vaatu: Don't bother. Your human friends have already been annihilated.
Wan: No!
Vaatu: Enjoy your final days. See you at the end of the world.

(Vaatu flies way. Cut to a close shot of Wan as he looks on sadly. He looks to the side. Cut to his point of view as the camera moves around a rock on the ground below and reveals Raava, now barely more than an arm's length long, as she gasps in pain and exhaustion. Wan reaches down to pick her up.)

Wan: Raava.

(Cut to a shot of Wan gently cradling Raava as Mula walks up beside him.)

Raava: I'm sorry, Wan.

(Wan reaches for a saddle bag hanging from Mula. Cut to his point of view as he opens it and pulls out an old tea pot. Cut back to the previous shot as Wan carefully slides Raava into the teapot. Wan holds the teapot in one arm as he jumps on Mula's back and rides off. Cut to commercial.)


(Fade into an extreme far extablishing shot of the frozen tundra of the South Pole, small mountains surrounding the area and large blue clouds swirling in the sky as we see Wan riding Mula. The camera zoom in between the tips of two mountain in the foreground and cuts to a high angle shot of Wan from behind as he rides towards the Southern spirit portal in the distance, a pillar of blue swirling energy shooting up into the sky. Wan is wearing a scarf as a hood. Cut to a slightly low angle shot of Wan from the front and we see him holding the teapot Raava is resting in, her light shining from the open top.)

Raava: We're almost there. I was wrong about you, Wan. I had no idea that humans were capable of such nobility and courage. I'm sorry that we do not have much more time together.
Wan: Let's not give up before the battle's even begun. Who knows what will happen? After all, this is my first Harmonic Convergence.

(Cut to a high angle shot of some tree tops and pan up to the spirit portal as Wan rides towards it from below.)

Raava: This is the Southern portal to the Spirit World. Here, Vaatu and I will do battle once again at the place where the two worlds meet.

(Cut to a shot from the side as Wan rides Mula into the portal. They glow white as they are engulfed by the energy, and the scene dissolves into the spirit world as they exit the other side. Cut to a shot in front of Wan and Mula as Wan puts his hood down. Cut to a shot from behind them as we see the area in spirit world. The ground is covered in short jagged rocks, surrounded by steep, pointy hills. The sky is covered in swirling clouds of various shades of blue in green. A giant, gnarled tree with a large, eye shaped hole in its trunk stands in the center of the area, and on the other side can be seen the Northern portal as its golden energy shoots into the sky. Cut to a high angle extreme far shot of the area, and we see that the jagged rocks form swirling patterns around the two portals, which together create a giant yin-yang on the ground. Between the lines of rocks are streams of water, and a forest surrounds the area outside the yin-yang. Cut to the pervious shot from behind Wan as we see Vatu emerge from the Northern portal. He flies towards Wan and lands in front of him. Vaatu's long tendrils writhe around him.)

Vaatu: Are you ready for our final battle, Raava? Thanks to our friend separating us, I think this time, I may be rid of you once and for all.

(Wan dismounts Mula and places Raava on Mula's saddle before he takes a few steps towards Vaatu, determined.)

Wan: Before you get to her, you'll have to go through me.
Vaatu: (mused) No human can stand against me.
Wan: Haven't you heard the legends? I'm not a regular human anymore.

(The camera quickly zooms out as Wan suddenly throws a blast of fire at Vaatu. Vaatu deflects the fire with a tendril, but Wan continues the attack. Vaatu ducks under Wan's second fire blast and goes to fly over and past Wan. Wan shoots a third blast that grazes Vaatu. Cut to a close shot of Wan as he keeps shooting fire as Vaatu flies around him, shooting a large blast past the camera. Cut to Vaatu as he swoops around, dodging the attacks, and flies towards the camera. Mula runs away as Vaatu closes in on Wan. Vaatu makes a hard stop and uses his momentum to whip Wan with his tail. Wan is sent flying and yells in pain before he goes skidding over the ground. Vaatu flies fter him and lands in front of Wan as he gets on his hands and knees.)

Vaatu: I lived 10,000 lifetimes before the first of your kind crawled out of the mud.

(Cut to a close shot of Wan as he looks up at Vaatu nervously. Cut to Vaatu as he rears back. The orange-red pattern on his body glows with purple fire and he shoots huge a purple beam of energy from his eye. The beam rakes across the ground, tearing it up before it hits Wan and sends him flying back once more. Wan groans in pain and skids over the ground near a stream of water, back on his hands and knees as Vaatu swoops around him.)

Vaatu: It was I who broke through the divide that separated the plane of spirits from the material world!

(Vaatu shoots another energy beam at Wan. Wan bounces and rolls over the ground helplessly. He stops on his side, and we cut to a close shot of him as he trembles in pain. Wan slowly pushes himself up and steels his resolve, glaring upward with determination.)

Vaatu: To hate me is to give me breath, to fight me is to give me strength. Now prepare to face oblivion!

(Cut to a low angle shot from behind Wan as Vaatu flies in front of him, towering above Wan as he readies another energy beam. Cut to Wan quickly getting back on his feet. He shoots two blasts of fire from his fists down at the ground and uses them to boost himself as he leaps away, barely avoiding Vaatu's attack. Wan shoots the ground as he lands to cuchion his fall, but stumbles and rolls. He tries to get back to his feet, but cluches his side in pain and falls back to his hands and knees. Cut to a close up of Wan as he grits his teeth and reaches out with one hand.)

Wan: Raava! The only way to win is together.

(Cut to a shot of Raava peeking out from the teapot as it sits on Mula. Raava flies out of the teapot and towards the camera. The camera zooms out to show Wan standing up. Cut to a shot from the side as Raava enters Wan's body with a small flash of light. Wan groans in pain and falls to one knee before his body glows with white energy. He looks up as Vaatu closes in. Wan cartwheels and then jumps to the side to dodge a tendril strike aimed at him. Wan lands on the ground and forms a cloud under his feet with airbending and rides it, using it to quickly escape another tendril strike as Vaatu chases him. Wan flies on the cloud, banking left and right to avoid more tendril whips. One last whip strikes the cloud and dissipates it, sending Wan into the air. Wan turns around in mid air and shoots a large blast of fire back at Vaatu, which strikes the evil spirit in the center. Vaatu recoils and twists his body a moment before continuing the chase. Wan hits the ground and starts rolling backwards before righting himself as Vaatu draws closer, sliding over the ground. Cut to the side as Wan steadies himself, and the camera quickly zooms out as Wan uses earthbending to propel himself upward from a large slab of rock at Vaatu. Wan lets out a battle cry as he corskews in the air and lets loose an arc of fire, but Vaatu knocks him away with a tendril. The fire strikes Vaatu and cuts through him and Wan lands, skidding over the ground. He forms a cloud under his feet and floats on it as he spins his body around and bends water from a nearby stream, sending three torrents of water at Vaatu. The water strikes Vaatu, knocking him back a moment and destroying a part of his body which is quickly regenerated. Wan flies back a moment before launching himself upward and earthbending three boulders with him. Wan and Vaatu circle each other a moment before Wan tosses a boulder at Vaatu, which the spirit ducks under, but is hit by the second one thrown. Wan flies higher and throws the third boulder, which Vaatu barrel rolls around. Vaatu swipes at Wan, but Wan quickly flies around him. Vaatu whips at Wan's cloud and destroys it, sending Wan falling. Wan forms another cloud under his feet to slow his descent and fly away, and he shoots fire at Vaatu as the spirit approaches, hitting the swooping spirit twice. Wan slides to a stop and falls to his hands and knees once more, grimacing in pain as his body vibrates with energy like static electricity.)

Raava: I have to leave you. If I stay any longer, you will die.
Wan: (in pain) It doesn't matter. If you leave me now, Vaatu will destroy everything. We have to finish this together!

(Wan leaps forward and begins to ride on a cloud, racing towards Vaatu. Vaatu glows with power and shoots an energy beam which Wan evades by jumping from the cloud, somersaulting over Vaatu and blasting him with fire from behind, catching Vaatu on fire. Wan lands on his feet, but falls to his knees as Raava's power takes its toll on him. Vaatu swoops around and spins, throwing a tendril out which knocks Wan back. The tendril wraps around Wan's waist and reels him back in. Vaatu slams Wan into the ground as he drags him back, then tosses Wan into the air and shoots him with an energy beam. Wan yells in pain as he goes flying back, rolling and bouncing over the ground and coming to a stop at the edge of the Southern portal. Wan tries to get up, but Vaatu quickly closes in and uses a tendril to pin Wan down against the side of the portal. Wan grunts in pain and looks up at Vaatu.)

Vaatu: The Harmonic Convergence is about to begin. The era of Raava is over.

(Cut to a shot of eight planets aligning, silhouetted against an enormous, blazing sun. Cut to an extreme wide shot from the side of the spirit world. The two portals on either side begin to surge with power, and their beams of light bend toward each other until they connect as one large arc with a flash of light at the top. Lightning crackles from the joined portals. Cut to a high angle shot of Vaatu looking up, with Wan still pinned down below him. Vaatu glows with energy as the Harmonic Convergence begins. Cut to Wan as he watches. He begins to glow light blue and surge with energy, with Raava's pattern on his chest. He returns back to normal and looks determined before reaching for the portal behind him. Cut to a close up of Wan's hand as he touches his palm to the beam of energy. The energy begins to envelop his arm. Cut to a close shot of Wan as his arm starts turning light blue and it spreads to the rest of his body. Vaatu removes his tendril from Wan and grunts in surprise as Wan looks up. The camera pans up to Vaatu as he turns to face Wan. Cut to a close shot of Wan surging with energy, His whole body turns blue and his eyes shine with bright, white light as he steps forward. Wan falls to his hands and knees once again before he straightens back up, letting out a battle cry as a white beam of light shoots from his mouth. Cut to Vaatu as the light coming from Wan grows brighter and causes Vaatu to distort. Cut to an extreme far shot, with the Northern portal in the foreground and the Southern portal in the background, as an incredible and blinding bright light shines from Wan. Cut to Vaatu as he retreats from Wan. Cut to a shot of Wan standing back up, with a bright white aura shining from his body. Cut to a close shot of Wan from the side and slowly pan left.)

Raava: We are bonded forever.

(Wan's body returns to normal, but his eyes continues to glow white. Wan begins to swing his arms in large circles, and we cut to behind him to see Wan bending the elements at Vaatu, first a rock, then a stream of water, then an arc of fire that cuts Vaatu. Wan makes a spear hand and thrusts it forward before raising it and earthbending an enormous rock which strikes Vaatu, knocking the spirit away. Wan pauses a moment before spinning his body around and airbending a jetstream at Vaatu. The stream of air begins to surround the spirit and forms a large bubble around him. Wan turns his body again and bends several rocks at Vatu, which form a diagonal ring around him, along with a diagonal ring of air forming. Wan then spins backwards and swings both arms forward to send two streams of water at Vaatu, which form a horizontal water ring around Vaatu. Lastly, Wan does a forward flip kick and bends an arc of fire, which forms a vertical ring of fire around Vaatu. Cut to Wan's front as he raises his hands and begins to push the now imprisoned Vaatu towards the large tree. Once close, Wan thrusts his hand and shoots a gust of air at Vaatu, pushing him through the hole in the tree and inside the hollow trunk. Vaatu's prison glowls brightly, then unleashes a circular wave of energy. Cut to an extreme wide shot of the area as the energy wave spreads across it, then dissipates. Cut to a shot from behind Wan as he looks at Vaatu imprisoned in a forcefield of energy within the tree.)

Wan: This is your prison now. And I will close the portal so no human will ever be able to physically enter the Spirit World and release you.

(Wan turns around and walks away. Dissolve to a wide side shot of Wan touching the Northern spirit portal, with Mula behind him. The beam of light begins to shrink, and the opening becomes covered in a dome of swirling purple energy. Cut to an extreme wide shot of the area as the arc of light is broken and the beam from the Southern portal straightens back up. Cut to a shot of a line of spirits and pan left to see them walking towards the Southern spirit portal far in the distance in the material world. We see a few more long lines of spirits also heading for the portal, and some spirits fly overhead.)

Wan: The spirits must stop fighting with humans and return to their home in the Spirit World. I will teach men to respect the spirits so that balance will be maintained.

(Cut to a shot of the spirit portal as Wan and Mula stand by it and the spirits enter. We see the Spirit Aye-Aye approach the portal. Cut to a shot from behind the Aye-Aye as he turns around, smiles, and bows to the camera and Wan. Cut to a low angle shot from behind and to the side of the Spirit Aye-Aye as we see Wan bow back. Cut to the farther shot from before as the Aye-Aye enters the portal.)

Wan: I will be the bridge between our two worlds.

(After the Spirit Aye-Aye has entered, Wan approaches the portal and touches it, sealing it as he did the Northern portal, this time in a light blue energy globe. Cut to a low angle close shot of Wan as the light shines from the closed portal, and slowly zoom in. Cut to a shot of the Fire Lion Turtle looking down at a large group of people standing on the top of the cliff in front of it, with Wan and Mula at the front, and slowly pan up.)

Fire Lion Turtle: The world is entering a new age. Our time protecting mankind is over. We will no longer give humans the power of the elements.

(Cut to a black and white ink illustration of two groups of soldiers battling each other in close quarters wielding swords and halberds. In the middle is a firebender on one side and a water bender on the other, their elements colored. The illustrations move slightly as the camera pans up. Dissolve to an ink illustration of a close shot of Wan, looking determined, surrounded by swirling clouds and his arms spread.)

Wan: Different groups of people must learn to live together. (eyes glow white, and the camera zooms out to show Wan riding on a small tornado as he shoots a blast of fire to one side and a gush of water to the other, separating the armies as jagged pillars of rock rise from below) This is my mission- to use Raava's Light Spirit to guide the world toward peace.

(Dissolves to a wide shot of a desolate battlefield in twilight, covered in giant, stone wheels, patches of fire creating pillars of smoke, and fallen banners. Tilt down to the top of a hill and we see Wan, now old and grey, wearing battle armor and sitting against a stone wheel, a hillside burning behind him, and several arrows stuck in the wheel and the surrounding ground. Cut to a low angle close shot of Wan, looking tired and weak, his clothes and armor torn and damaged.)

Old Wan: I'm sorry, Raava. I failed to bring peace. Even with Vaatu locked away, darkness still surrounds humanity. There wasn't enough time.
Raava: Don't worry. We will be together for all of your lifetimes and we will never give up.

(Cut to a low angle shot in front of Wan. The camera pulls back, the arrows sticking up in the foreground. Wan tilts his head back, closes his eyes, and breathes his last breath. As he does so, a bright golden trail of spiritual energy, Wan's soul, escapes from his mouth. The camera follows the soul as it floats into the air for a moment, and dissolves in the wind. The camera tilts up to the dark sky as the golden particles disappear, then fades to white. The sound of a newborn baby crying is heard. The scene fades into an extreme close up of Korra's closed eyes. She suddenly opens them and they glow white. Cut to a shot from the side of Korra lying in the net in the pool of water as she suddenly sits up and gasps. Cut to a low angle shot as Karu, the fire Shaman, and a sage approach the edge of the hole above and look down at Korra. Cut to a close up of Korra as she remembers.)

Korra: I remember.
Shaman: Do you know who you are?
Korra: (looking up) My name is Korra. I'm the Avatar.

(Cut to a shot of a herd of air bison grazing outside the temple as Korra and the Shaman walk outside, the camera looking at their backs as they exit the temple from the left.)

Shaman: We've been raising this herd of air bison since the Hundred Year War. I never thought I'd be able to present one to the Avatar.
Korra: Thank you for all your kindness. I wonder how long I've been away.
Shaman: That I cannot say, but you do not have much time left. The Harmonic Convergence is only weeks away.
Korra: I have to close the spirit portal before that happens.

(Cut to a wide, high angle shot of the blue ocean. Small islands dot it, and far against the horizon we see the volcanic island Korra landed on. From the island we see Korra riding an air bison with a broken horn. The camera follows them as they fly towards the camera and then past it.)

[End Credits]

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