Transcript for 209 - The Guide
The Guide
Written By: Joshua Hamilton
Directed By: Colin Heck
Storyboard By: Toshiyasu Kogawa, Owen Sullivan, Melchior Zwyer
Animation By: Pierrot Co. LTD
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Psycho Silver

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Beginnings, Part 2," "The Southern Lights," and "The Sting."]

Shiro Shinobi: Korra has regained her memory! By connecting with the original Avatar, Korra learned that to stop Unalaq, she must close the spirit portal before Harmonic Convergence, which is only weeks away! Meanwhile, Varrick has made Bolin into a mover star and saved Asami's company. Mako is the only one who suspects that Varrick is up to no good, but can he prove it?

Act I

(Fade into an establishing shot of the Southern Air Temple and pan right. Cut to a high angle shot of a spirit rabbit with insect wing ears from behind as it turns its head around to look at the camera and squeaks. Cut to the spirit rabbit's point of view looking through the grass and we see Jinora smiling at the camera.)

Jinora: Gotcha! (pounces at the spirit rabbit. It hops away, and Jinora lands face first in the grass. The spirit rabbit then flies off using its ears) Furry-Foot, come back.

(Cut to a shot of Furry-Foot hovering in the air as it looks back at Jinora while she laughs. Cut to a shot of Jinora smiling while sitting on her knees. Furry-Foot flies back to her and lands on top of Jinora's head before jumping off and flying away again as the camera zooms out. Several more spirit rabbits fly around her, and we see Tenzin approach from the roofed walkway in the background.)

Tenzin: Jinora, there you are. Come on, everyone's waiting. (Jinora turns to her father. Cut to a shot from over Tenzin's shoulder as we see that there are no spirits visible, and the music abruptly stops) Were you playing with someone?
Jinora: Oh, just some... imaginary friends.

(Cut to a shot of Tenzin as he strokes his beard thoughtfully. The wing ears of a spirit rabbit pop up from behind Tenzin's head, and as he turns around to walk away we see Furry-Foot clinging to the back of his head. Cut to a shot of Jinora as she smiles and giggles before running after her father. The other spirit rabbits fly into frame and watch her leave. Cut to a low angle shot of an archway leading to a courtyard where we see two Air Acolytes together, then cut to inside the archways and pan right. We see Tenzin's family together there. Meelo, Ikki, and Pem are sitting at a table while Kya sits by a tree in the center and Bumi speaks to her. Tenzin and Jinora pproch the table.)

Kya: Stop telling lies.
Bumi: It's true! I once beat an earthbender in a rock-throwing contest! I have the trophy to prove it.
Tenzin: All right, who's ready for an exciting tour of the Eastern Air Temple? We've got a lot to see today; Including ancient statues, ancient gardens, and the meditation hall used by ancient airbenders.

(Cut to Ikki and Meelo who look bored listening to Tenzin. Meelo has a snot bubble.)

Ikki: (bored) Yay. Old things.

(Meelo's snot bubble pops. In the background is an archway, and through it walks in Korra, slowly. Cut to a closer shot as she comes into view, smiling. Cut to Tenzin.)

Tenzin: Korra?

(The camera quickly zooms out to show the rest of Tenzin's family looking happily surprised.)

Jinora, Ikki & Meelo: (simultaneously) Korra! (cut to a shot of Korra as the children run up to her and she leans over them, smiling) Yay, Korra. Korra's back.
Pema: What are you doing here?
Kya: And how did you know where to find us?
Korra: Tenzin's itinerary. We went over it like a hundred times before we left Republic City.
Tenzin: See? This is why schedules are important.
Korra: It's so great to see you all again.
Tenzin: It's great to see you too, but why aren't you training at the South Pole?
Korra: Wait, you don't know about the civil war?
Tenzin: What? No. We've been out of touch with the outside world since we started our vacation.
Bumi: Tenzin's idea. What happened?
Korra: So much. I don't know where to start.
Tenzin: Just tell us everything!
Korra: Everything? Okay. (speaking very quickly while everyone looks at her, stunned) I opened a spirit portal at the South Pole, but then Unalaq turned out to be bad guy and wanted to take control of the South. So I sort of started a civil war, but when I went to find some help, I was attacked by my cousins and then by a giant, dark spirit, and then I forgot who I was, and then I met the first Avatar, and then I realized I shouldn't have opened the portal in the first place, and now I need to close it again!

(There is a moment of silence as the information sinks in.)

Tenzin: I knew this would happen. (Bumi and Kya both look at Tenzin. Cut to a shot of Tenzin and Korra sitting on a bench together by a stream) So Avatar Wan imprisoned this dark spirit Vaatu in the Spirit World?
Korra: Yes, and now I think my uncle is trying to free him.
Tenzin: I knew Unalaq was hungry for power but never realized how far he would go to get it.
Korra: This is all my fault.
Tenzin: No, don't blame yourself. This is Unalaq's doing. Now, we must focus on setting things right before he can do any more damage.
Korra: Thank you.
Tenzin: So you need to close the Southern portal, but if Unalaq's army controls the South, how are we going to get to it?
Korra: I thought about that. My best chance to close the portal is from the inside. I have to enter the Spirit World.
Tenzin: A journey to the Spirit World. All my years of spiritual training have prepared me for this moment. (stand up) I will help you. Today, we enter the Spirit World.

(Cut to an extreme wide shot of the spire of light from the Southern Portal in the sky, sourrounded by circles of clouds. Pan down to reveal the South Pole now fortified by the Northern Water Tribe. Cut to a high angle shot of Unalaq, Eska, and Desna standing in front of the portal.)

Desna: (annoyed) Father, what are we doing here?
Unalaq: You're here to straighten out the mess you caused when you failed to capture the Avatar.
Desna: I told you, it wasn't our fault.
Unalaq:You're right. It was my fault for trusting you. Harmonic Convergence is almost upon us. This is my opportunity to change the world.
Eska: We'll make it up to you, father.
Unalaq: Good, because I'll need your help to open the Northern portal.
Desna: I thought only the Avatar could do it.
Unalaq: I believe there is another way.

(Unalaq enters the portal. Cut to a shot from the other side of the portal as Unalaq, Eska, and Desna exit into the Spirit World. Cut to a medium close shot of Unalaq.)

Unalaq: This way. (He walks forward and the twins follow him. Cut to a shot from behind them as they stand by the base of the giant tree in the middle of the area, looking to the other side where the other portal is) There it is: The Northern portal.

(Cut to bird's-eye-view of the area, with the tree in the middle, the opened Southern portal on the left and the closed Northern portal on the right, with the tree containing Vaatu in the center. Suddenly cut to a close up of Bolin's mouth as he screams. The camera zooms out and rotates to reveal Bolin, dressed as Nuktuk, hanging upside down in the clutches of prop giant bird talons in front of a backdrop of clouds.)

Assistant Director: Cut! (cut to a wider shot to show the film set and film crew) Okay, that's lunch, everyone.

(The lunch bell rings. Fade to the same shot a while later, with the film crew gone and the lights off but Bolin still hanging upside down.)

Bolin: Hello? Anyone? Nuktuk's still up here, all alone. (the sound of a door opens and Bolin looks to the left and footsteps are heard. Cut to an overhead shot from just behind Bolin's head as we see Asami walk towards him) Asami! Hey, what are you doing here?
Asami: Varrick invited me to watch some of the filming. Are you filming right now?
Bolin: Right now? Nope. We're, uh... We're at lunch.

(Cut to Mako walking up to Asami.)

Mako: Asami, there you are. Is Bolin around?
Bolin: Up here. (struggled to get free)
Mako: Good. I've got something to tell you both.

(Bolin finally frees himsef and falls to the floor.)

Bolin: Ow. I got to stop doing my own stunts.
Mako: I found out who's been stealing from Future Industries: Varrick.
Bolin: What? No.
Asami: He attacked his own ship?
Mako: Yes! It was a ploy. He wants Republic City to go to war, and he wants control of the businesses that stand to profit the most from it. He already had all the shipping. All he needed was Future Industries.
Asami: Varrick helped save Future Industries. He's my business partner now, not an evil mastermind. Mako, you seem stressed.
Mako: I am stressed!
Bolin: See, this is why I had to move out.
Asami: You guys aren't living together anymore?
Bolin: Nope. It was time for this eagle-hawk to spread his wings and fly.
Asami: Sounds like you've had a pretty busy week. (puts a hand on Mako's chest) Maybe you just need to relax.

(Cut to a close up of Bolin as he stares suspiciously at Mako and Asami, thinking, before he comes to a realization)

Bolin: Wait a minute. Are you two- (gasps and points) You're dating again! What?!
Mako: Dating? No!
Asami: That's crazy!
Bolin: Korra just left a week ago!
Mako: Guys, listen to me. Varrick is up to no good, and I have proof. The detonators he uses in his movers are exactly like the one I found at the Cultural Center attack. And those explosions were exactly like the ones the captain reported when Asami's shipment was hijacked. Don't you see?
Asami: Anyone could have gotten their hands on one of those detonators.
Bolin: (cooly) Yeah. Let it go, Mako. Let it go.
Mako: Uh, no! I'm not going to let it go!

(Mako turns away and storms off angrily. Cut to a shot of Mako turning a corner towrds the camera. He stops and the camera pulls back behind the shoulders of two security guards. Cut to a high angle shot of the two security guards standing in front of Mako, arms crossed.)

Security Guard: Varrick's been looking for you.

(Cut to a close up of Mako as he looks between the guards and zoom in as the music intensifies. Quickly cut to a wide, high angle shot of Tenzin and Korra standing on top of a hill with a flat top with a spiraling staircase around it at the Eastern Air Temple.)

Tenzin: You're lucky. This temple is the most spiritual of all the air temples. Why, this very garden is where my father met Guru Pathik.
Korra: Wow! Spirit World, here we come.

(Dissolve into a shot of Korra and Tenzin's family sitting in a circle in a clearing in the forest. Ikki is bending air through a horn while Meelo rings a bell. Everyone else meditates. Cut to a panning left shot of Korra and Tenzin's profiles while they meditate. Cut to a shot of Meelo with Korra profile in the foreground on the left. Cut to a shot of Ikki with Tenzin's profile in the foreground on the right. Cut to a shot of everyone from behind Jinora. Cut to a an extreme close up of Korra's right eye as she opens it and looks to Tenzin.)

Korra: (whispers) Are you in the Spirit World?
Tenzin: (cut to Tenzin's left eye) I would be if Meelo could ring his bell at the appropriate intervals.
Meelo: Aww, did I do it wrong?
Tenzin: Let's try something else.

(Tenzin walks off. Korra stands and turns to Meelo.)

Korra: I thought your bell ringing was just fine.
Meelo: Thanks!

(Meelo grins widely and bangs the bell. Cut to an extreme wide high angle shot of the top of a cliff. The face of an airbender is carved into the clif wall, and the group sit on top of it. Cut to a closeup of an incense holder as incense burns in it. Cut to a shot of Tenzin and Korra meditating as the others watch. Cut to a close up of Tenzing as he opens his eyes and looks to his left as the incense smoke drifts towards him. He looks to his right and then coughs from the smoke.)

Tenzin: Kya, this is too much smoke. You set it up wrong. This isn't going to work.
Kya: I'm sorry, I did what you told me.
Tenzin: (walks away) Well, the moment's ruined.

(Cut to a shot from over Jinora's shoulder as she looks at Korra. Rabbit spirits fly in a circle around her as she stands up and follows Tenzin, frowning.)

Korra: We could have tried a little longer.

(Cut to a shot from the side as everyone begins following Tenzin, the spirits gone from sight. Cut to a shot from behind Tenzin and Korra and we see the spirits again. Furry-Foot hovers and looks back at Jinora as she steps into the foreground. Furry-Foot and the other rabbit spirits fly to the side and the camera follows them as they go towards a downhill path. Furry-Foot beckons Jinora to follow and she takes a few steps in that direction as the rabbit spirits fly away.)

Jinora: Come back, Furry-Foot!

(Cut to a shot of Jinora from the front as Kya walks up behind her.)

Kya: Hey, Jinora, what are you chasing?
Jinora: (nervously) Nothing.

(Jinora runs off after her father and Korra and the camera follows her with Kya in the foreground. Cut to a close up of Kya as she watches Jinora go and squints thoughtfully. Cut to a shot of the giant sitting statue of Avatar Yangchen and pan down to Tenzin and Korra meditating in front of it.)

Tenzin: Focus, Korra. Focus.
Korra: I am focusing.
Tenzin: No talking. Feel the energy of the universe.
Korra: Okay, I feel it.
Tenzin: Korra, really! I'm trying to concentrate here! (stands) I don't think this location is going to work either.
Korra: What's going on with you? First, you're blaming Meelo, then Kya, and now me.
Tenzin: Well, nothing is feeling right to me.
Korra: I don't want to rush your feelings, but we're kind of in a hurry. How did you first get into the Spirit World? Let's try that.
Tenzin: Well... Actually, I've never been into the Spirit World.

(Cut to a shot of Korra looking shocked. The rest of Tenzin's family poke their heads out from behind an archway one after the other in the background, having overhead. Poki sits on Meelo's head. Cut to commercial.)

Act II

(Fade in to a wide shot of Korra, Tenzin, and Tenzin's family standing in front of the giant statue and slowly zoom in.)

Korra: You've never been into the Spirit world?
Pema: But you used to spend days in the temple meditating.
Tenzin: Trying to get in. It never happened. It's my greatest shortcoming as an airbender, spiritual leader, and son of Aang.
Bumi: (laughs) Welcome to the "I Disappoint Dad" club.
Kya: If you've never been to the Spirit World, how were you planning to get Korra into it?
Tenzin: I've spent years studying the techniques and theories of ancient spiritual leaders. Now that the Avatar needs me, it must be my time.
Korra: Tenzin, Harmonic Convergence is almost here. If Vaatu escapes from the Spirit World-
Tenzin: You have to trust me. I can help you.

(Cut to a close up of Korra as she looks unsure.)

Kya: There might be another way. (Korra turns and the camera pans with her to look at Kya holding Jinora's shoulders) Jinora, is there something you want to tell Korra?
Tenzin: Jinora? She is too young and untrained to have any knowledge about spiritual matters.
Jinora: Actually, I think I do know where Korra needs to go to get into the spirit world.
Tenzin: And how would you know that?
Jinora: My spirit friends showed me. It's okay. You can show yourselves.

(Jinora raises her hnds up. Cut to a shot of the group as they look around for a moment before the rabbit spirits start to appear in balls of light in the air. The group gasps in awe and wonder. Cut a shot of Korra and Tenzin as Korra smiles at the spirits flying around them.)

Tenzin: How did you do that?

(The camera pans around to the rest of the group.)

Pema: Jinora...
Meelo: Bunnies!
Jinora: Actually, they're dragonfly-bunny spirits.
Kya: I knew it. Looks like she does know something about spiritual matters.

(Cut to a shot from behind the dragonfly-bunnies as they fly out of the temple, followed by Ikki and Meelo laughing happily. Cut to a shot from the outside as the spirits and the children exit the temple.)

Ikki: So cute.
Meelo: Bunnies!
Ikki: Come back!

(Cut to a high angle shot of Jinora and Tenzin from the side as they exit the temple.)

Tenzin: How long have you been able to do this?
Jinora: I don't know. I guess I've always kind of had a connection with spirits.

(A blue fluffy dragonfly-bunny spirit flies past them and squeaks. Cut to a shot from in front as we see the rest of the group. Bumi laughs as the bunny spirit nuzzles his face and sits on his shoulder.)

Bumi: I think this one likes me.

(Cut to an over the shoulder shot with Jinora and Korra in the foreground, looking at Ikki, Meelo, and the other spirits standing in front of two stone pillars leading to a path down a hill.)

Korra: Are they here to help?

(The spirits float down the path and Jinora points to them.)

Jinora: I think they want you to go down there.
Tenzin: I don't know. The spiritual energy is historically strongest near the temple.
Korra: No offense, but I'm guessing the spirits have actually been to the Spirit World, so I'm gonna follow them.
Bumi: If we need to go to the Tenzin World, we'll call you.

(Cut to an extreme wide shot of the Spirit World, with the Southern Portal in the foreground, the closed Northern Portal in the background, and the giant tree in the middle, slowly panning right towards the Northern Portal. Cut to an overhead shot of the Northern Portal as Unalaq, Eska, and Desna walk towards it.)

Eska: Father, haven't the spirits had 10,000 years to open this portal?
Desna: If they could not succeed, what makes you think we will?
Unalaq: By entering the Spirit World through the portal, we bring with us something the spirits never had: Our bending. (bends a stream of water at the portal. Cut to a close up of the water current pushing against the barrier, only causing a ripple. The stream grows smaller as Unalaq increases its pressure) Join me! Together we can open this portal.

(Cut to Eska and Desna as they exchange a glance before swinging their arms in unison and bending two more streams of water at the barrier, causing it to ripple more. Cut to a wide shot from the side as all three continue to attack the barrier. Purple lightning crackles from the barrier before an explosion. Unalaq and the twins stop to shield themselves. Cut to Desna as he is hit by the electricity and knocked back. He groans in pain.)

Eska: Desna!
Unalaq: Leave him. Keep bending!

(Unalaq continues bending water at the barrier. Eska ignores him and goes to Desna. Cut to a shot of Eska lifting the unconscious Desna's shoulder's up, with Unalaq and the portal in the background.)

Eska: He needs a healer at once!
Unalaq: This is more important!

(Eska looks down at her brother. Cut to a close up of Desna, still unconscious with a pained expression. Eska drapes Desna's arm over her shoulder and lifts him up.)

Eska: I'm taking him back.

(Eska carries Desna away. Cut to a close up of Unalaq's profile as he bends harder, grunting with every push. Cut to a close up of the barrier as the water volume increases, until Unalaq finally gives out and the stream of water drops, the barrier still holding. Cut to Unalaq, with Eska and Desna in the background heading back to the portal. Unalaq waves his arms in a circles and bends several thin streams of water before pushing them forward. Cut to a shot from the side as the streams form a large ice drill and spins against the portal barrier, before it breaks. Cut to a shot fo Unalaq as he stares in disbelief that the barrier still holds. Cut to a shot of a doorway with a dimly lit room. The door opens and Mako is pulled inside by the two security guards. The camera zooms out to show a bed of hot coals on the floor for firewalking, then Varrick sitting down at a chair, his eyes closed with his figertips touching in front of his face as he swivels around to face Mako.)

Varrick: I hear you've got some ideas. You wanna tell me about them?
Mako: (hesitates as he looks at the bed of hot coals, then to Varrick) Go ahead. Torture me all you want. I'm not gonna talk.
Varrick: Torture? The only thing I want to torture is this pesky foot fungus. (lifts his bare foot to show it with a bad rash. Varrick gets up and clumsily walks over the bed of coals towards Mako, yelping in pain) Ooh! Ah! Eee! Ooh! The burning means it's working. (glances at the security gaurds, who then leave) I heard you've been investigating the recent attacks on my ships, and I think you know that I know that you know, you know?
Mako: Know what?
Varrick: (grinning happily) That the world is a dangerous place, and that's exactly why I want to offer you a job on my security force.
Mako: I have a job.
Varrick: We need you. (puts arm around Mako's shoulders) Me, Asami, Bolin. We're all on the same team here. We want you to join us. You wouldn't want anything to happen to Asami, would you? I mean, I heard you and her were kind of an item again? Or what about your brother?
Mako: What are you saying?
Varrick: I'm saying I want your help to protect them. Without you, who knows what could happen?
Mako: Thanks for your concern, (pushes Varrick's hand away) but the answer is no.

(Mako leaves and shuts the door behind him. After a short moment, Varrick turns around and is about to walk back over the bed of coals when the scene cuts to a shot of the mountains of the Eastern Air temple, with a waterfall coming from a cave in the side of the middle mountain. Oogi can be seen following the drgonfly-bunny spirits in the air. Cut to a shot of Tenzin steering Oogi, while Korra, Bumi, Kya, and Jinora ride in the back. Bumi holds the blue fluffy bunny spirit.)

Bumi: Oh, you are just so cute. I'm going to name you Bum-Ju. It's short for "Bumi Junior." Don't you think he looks like me?

(Bumi holds the bunny spirit against his face as he looks to Tenzin and it squeaks.)

Tenzin: (without even looking, deadpan) The resemblance is uncanny.

(Cut to a shot of Jinora frowning. Kya has a hand on her shoulder and Korra sits in the background.)

Jinora: I think Dad's mad at me.
Kya: Your father's not mad. His pride's just a little bruised since he isn't able to see spirits like you.
Korra: You have a natural gift. That's pretty lucky.
Jinora: You're the lucky one.You actually got to meet the first Avatar. I know about a lot of Avatars, but I don't know anything about him. Is it even a him, or is it a her?
Korra: It's a him, Avatar Wan. He was amazing. I saw how he became the first Avatar by fusing with Raava, the Spirit of Light.
Jinora: The Avatar is part spirit? Of course! Just like the statue!
Kya: What statue?
Jinora: When we were at the Southern Air Temple, I was drawn to this old carving. I couldn't figure out what it was until now. It was the first Avatar.
Korra: When did this happen?
Jinora: It was on the solstice.
Korra: That's the day I opened the Southern portal.
Korra & Jinora: Whoa.

(Cut to a shot of Oogi landing on the ground where the bunny-spirits are hovering, in front of the waterfall.)

Bumi: We're here!

(The spirits fly off to the right. Cut to a shot of the spirits flying through the forest and squeaking. The camera pans left to Tenzin holding Jinora's hand and leading the group, following the spirits. The fluffy blue bunny spirit is riding on Bumi's shoulder, and Kya is clinging to Bumi's arm.)

Tenzin: Are you sure these spirits are leading us to the right place?
Bumi: Of course! I trust Bum-Ju with my life.

(Cut to a shot from behind the bunny spirits as they fly towards a circle of large, flat, upright stones on a stone platform, covered in vines and moss. Cut to Korra and the group as they enter the circle and look around, the camera panning right past a stone which Korra looks and points to.)

Korra: Look! There are carvings on them.

(Cut to a shot of the top of a stone and we see the Airbending symbol carved into the top, covered in moss. Cut to an overhead shot of the cirle and slowly zoom out. In the middle of the circle can be seen a stone slab not completely covering a hole beneath it.)

Tenzin: This is an ancient airbender meditation circle.
Jinora: There's a lot of spiritual energy in this place, but it feels really strange.
Tenzin: We'll have to perform a spiritual cleansing ceremony.
Bumi: What are you talking about?
Tenzin: Dad taught it to me. This site has been neglected for many years. A cleansing ceremony will help strengthen its connection to the Spirit World.

(Cut to a shot of an incense burning pot on the ground, then cut to a shot of the group around the middle of the circle. Tenzin stands, Korra, Kya, Bumi, and Jinora sit around the middle, and the bunny spirits hover over them. Cut to a shot of Tenzin as he begins to bend the incense around him, making it a circle that covers the area. Cut to Bumi and the bunny spirits around him, with Bum-Ju on his shoulder as the incense wafts over them. The spirits squeak and fly away, including Bum-Ju.)

Bumi: Good job, you cleansed the area of the only spirits that want to help us, and you scared away Bum-Ju.

(Cut to everyone watching Tenzin as he continues to bend the incense around them. Cut to an overhead shot of the area, and then cut to a close up of Tenzin. There is a rumbling sound and the camera begins to shake.)

Tenzin: It's working.

(Cut to a low angle shot of the group, with Tenzin's legs in the foreground. The rumbling grows louder and we cut to a shot of Jinora and Kya looking shocked. Cut to Korra and Bumi who glance at each other worriedly. Cut to an overhead shot of the group with the stone slab in the middle. The shaking grows more violent, until suddenly the slab is violently pushed off the hole in the ground as a swarm of dark spirit bats flies out at the camera, making everyone stumble back and yell in fright. Cut to a shot from the side as the group watches the spirit bats pour out from the ground. Bumi covers his head and cowers in fear. Cut to a close up of Korra as she watches, mouth open and afraid. Cut to a wide shot as the dark spirit bats spread through the air above. Cut to commercial.)


(Fade into a tilting up shot of the swarm of dark spirit bats flying into the air. They spiral for a moment before flying back down. Cut to a shot fo the group from the side as the bats fly past them, and they shield themselves from the swarm.)

Bumi: Ah! Bats! Evil bats!
Korra: Not bats, dark spirits!

(Korra and the group run behind the stones around the edge to avoid the bats. The bats turn and swoop around back at them for another attack. Korra and Tenzin bend water and air at the swarm, but it does little to disrupt it. Korra, and Tenzin duck, and Kya covers Jinora. Cut to a shot from behind the edge of the trees as the bats fly around inside the circle of stones. Cut to Tenzin.)

Tenzin: What are we supposed to do?

(Cut to Korra as she looks determined and runs inside the circle. Cut to an overhead shot as Korra looks up at the swarm of dark spirit bats from the center. Cut to a close up of Korra touching her fists together, then tilts up her face as she closes her eyes. Cut to a shot of the swarm as the bats fly in a circle overhead. Cut to an overhead shot of Korra as she begins bending thin streams of water up towards the swarm and the camera. As the swarm descends on Korra, she bends the water around the bats, trapping them. Korra begins making circular movements with her arms, and the streams of water begin to glow golden as she starts the spirit calming ritual. The swarm of dark spirit bats begin to glow golden as well as they rise higher into the air. Cut to Kya and Jinora as they shield their eyes from the light.)

Kya: Amazing.

(Cut to the wide shot from behind the trees as the glowing water and spirits cover the area with light before exploding in a bright flash, small golden particles floating outward. Cut to a shot of two of the tall stones as the vines covering them recede. Cut to a shot of the hole in the center of the circle as the vines from inside it pull out and the moss on the floor disappears. Cut to an overhead shot as the light dissipates and most of the moss covering the circle disappears, the area now clensed. Cut to a shot of Korra as Tenzin walk up to her side.)

Tenzin: Your spiritual training has come a long way.
Korra: Unalaq may be a horrible person, but his spirit powers are no joke.
Tenzin: He taught you how to transform dark spirits. I can't even get you into the Spirit World.
Korra: Everything Unalaq taught me was to help himself. Everything you've done was meant to help me. I am so sorry for turning my back on you as my mentor. I need you now more than ever.
Tenzin: I won't let you down. (Korra smiles at him and they share a hug. Tenzin glances at his daughter and siblings and sees them smiling at them, Kya wiping a tear from her eye) The ancient airbenders must have built this site. If we meditate here, we'll be able to enter the Spirit World.
Korra: Why don't you go first?
Tenzin: After all these years, my father's dream for me will finally come true.

(Cut to a shot of Mako's apartment at night. Cut to the inside and we see Mako in his undershirt on the couch, reading through a booklet with more strewn on the coffee table in front of him. He hears a knock on the door and gets up to answer it. Cut to a shot of the door as he opens it and reveals Asami.)

Asami: Hi. (walks inside and puts a hand on Mako's shoulder)
Mako: Did you come by to tell me how paranoid I am?
Asami: No. I just wanted to come by to make sure you're okay. You seemed so agitated earlier.
Mako: I'm fine.
Asami: Maybe you need a night off. Why don't we go get some dinner?
Mako: No, thanks. I'm a little busy.
Asami: Too busy for Kuang's cuisine? Remember? (places a hand on Mako's chest) We had our first date there.
Mako: Maybe I do need to get my mind off things.

(The two embrace and share a kiss, until it is interrupted by a loud knocking on the door.)

Lu: Police! (Mako opens the door to reveal Lin, Lu, and Gang, the latter two looking smug) Hey, May-ko. Hope we didn't interrupt you two lovebirds. (Lin, Gang, and Lu enter the apartment.)
Mako: What's going on?
Lu: We busted some Triple Threats who said you hired them for a job.

(Cut to a shot from inside Mako's closet as Gang opens it and looks through.)

Mako: All right. It's true. We were trying to figure out who stole Asami's stuff, so we hired them for a sting operation. I'm sorry for going behind your back.

(Gang frowns when he finds nothing and shuts the door. Cut to the inside of a cabinet at floor level as Lu looks through it.)

Lin: According to the Triple Threats, you did more than that. They said you helped them steal a warehouse full of Future Industries property.
Asami: That's crazy!
Mako: You're gonna believe a bunch of criminals?
Lin: I have to follow up on a lead.

(Cut to the inside of a cardboard box as Gang opens it and only finds office supplies. He turns when he hears Lu, and we cut to a shot of Lu stepping out of the bedroom carrying a duffle bag in one hand and a roll of bills in the other.)

Lu: Well, looky what I found: Cash... (pulls an explosive out of the bag) And these.
Lin: What are you doing with explosives, Mako?
Mako: I don't know where those came from.
Gang: (puts handcuffs on Mako behind his back) You're under arrest.
Mako: None of that is mine.
Gang: Sure. Should've known you'd hook up with your old pals. Once a Triple Threat, always a Triple Threat.
Asami: This has to be a mistake.
Lu: Sorry to break the news to you, sweetie, but your boyfriend's just a crooked cop. That sting operation was just a way to lure you away from your warehouse.
Gang: He was using you the whole time.
Mako: That's not true, Asami. I would never do anything to hurt you. (He is led out by Gang after Lin, with Lu following) It's Varrick. This is all Varrick. He set me up!
Gang: Yeah, it's Varrick's fault. Varrick. Varrick.

(Cut to a shot of Asami as they leave and slowly zoom in. She looks confused, unsure, and heartbroken. Cut to a shot at the Airbender meditation circle as Korra, Bumi, Kya, and Jinora sit around a campfire at the edge in the foreground at night. They all look to Tenzin sitting in the center of the circle in the background, his back to them. Cut to a shot from Tenzin from the side as he tries to meditate. We see a stick come into frame and poke him in the back, making his eyebrow twitch. The camera zoom out to show Bumi holding the very long stick.)

Bumi:You in the Spirit World yet?
Tenzin: No, I am not, and stop bugging me! (creates a small whirlwind to grab the stick and flings it away)
Kya: It's okay, Tenzin. Maybe you weren't meant to guide Korra into the Spirit World.
Tenzin: No! Just give me some time.
Kya: Stop being so stubborn. It's not your destiny. I think Jinora was meant to guide the Avatar.
Tenzin: (stands and faces the others) Jinora will not enter the Spirit World! She's not ready for the dangers of the other side, but I am. I've spent years training, studying, and mastering everything there is to know about the Spirit World.
Korra: Tenzin, we're running out of time.
Tenzin: (turns around and closes eyes) If everyone could just be quiet and let me focus! (looks down to his side when Jinora walks up to him and takes his hand)
Jinora: Aunt Kya is right. I can guide Korra into the Spirit World. I'll be all right.
Tenzin: (Tenzin looks at his daughter sadly, then looks to his siblings and Korra, staring back at him) Perhaps I will never have the connection with spirits like I always wanted... Like my father wanted me to have.
Jinora: (hugs Tenzin) It's okay, Daddy.
Tenzin: (rests a hand on her head) I'm proud of you. (turns to Korra) Go. Close the portal. We'll wait here and keep your bodies safe till you return.
Korra: (smiling) We'll be all right.

(Dissolve to a wide shot of Korra and Jinora sitting across from each other in the center of the circle as the adults watch from the side now early morning. Cut to a high angle shot of Korra and Jinora with Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya's heads in the foreground and slowly dolly in. Cut to a low angle shot of Jinora meditating. Cut to a close up of Korra meditating. Her eyes open and are glowing white as she enters the Avatar State. Cut to a shot from behind Korra with Jinora across from her and pan right. As Korra crosses in front of Jinora, they both gain a glowing blue outline. The area becomes blurry and turns into the Spirit World, covered in lush green vegetation. Cut to a shot looking up at large lily pad-like trees hanging overhead, then tilt down to a wide shot of Korra and Jinora from behind as they look around. Cut to a medium shot of them from the front and slowly zoom in.)

Korra: The Spirit World.

(Cut to a shot from behind Unalaq in the Spirit World as he stands in front of the giant tree. Tilt up towards Vaatu inside of it.)

Unalaq: The Avatar is dead, and we cannot open the Northern portal. I have failed you, Vaatu.
Vaatu: You have not failed me... Yet. The Avatar still lives.
Unalaq: How do you know?
Vaatu: Even though my connection to Raava was severed, I can still feel her presence.
Unalaq: I'll find her.
Vaatu: The Avatar will find you. She has just entered the Spirit World.

[End Credits]

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