Transcript for 210 - A New Spiritual Age
A New Spiritual Age
Written By: Tim Hedrick
Directed By: Ian Graham
Storyboard By: Han Kwang Il, Lee Dae Woo, Kim Sung Hoon, Park So Young, Owen Sullivan, Melchior Zwyer
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Yong Wing

["Previously on The Legend of Korra sequence, including clips from "Beginnings, Part 2" and "The Guide."]

Shiro Shinobi: Korra and Jinora have entered the Spirit World. With Tenzin's daughter as her spiritual guide, the Avatar has one mission: To close the spirit portal before Harmonic Convergence. Meanwhile, Unalaq has been working with the dark spirit Vaatu, who was imprisoned by Avatar Wan 10,000 years ago. Will Korra be able to close the portal and stop Unalaq from enacting his deadly plan?

Act I

(Fade into an establishing shot of the Southern Air Temple, at night. The camera pans down to a wide shot of the Airbender meditation circle, where Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya sit cross-legged around a campfire. Korra and Jinora sit opposite each other in a similar position off to the side.)

Tenzin: I can't believe my little girl had to guide Korra into the Spirit World instead of me.

(Cut to a shot of Korra and Jinora facing each other on opposite sides of the foreground, their eyes closed while they are completely still, having entered the Spirit World. The three elders sit around their fire in the background.)

Tenzin:If anything happens to her, I won't be able to forgive myself. (drops his head in his hands in despair)
Kya: (touches Tenzin's shoulder reassuringly) She's very smart, and she obviously has a strong connection to the spirits. She'll be fine.
Bumi: Yeah, Dad went all the time.
Tenzin: They won't have their bending in there. They'll be defenseless.
Bumi: (close-up of Bumi's frowning face, clearly offended) Ahem. Excuse me, but I've never had bending, And I don't think I'd call myself "defenseless."
Tenzin: Of course you aren't, because you have your, um...
Kya: (when Tenzin looks to her for back-up, she raises her arm and awkwardly responds with a cheesy grin) Positive attitude?
Bumi: I would have said acute intellect and catlike reflexes, (shrugs) but whatever.
Tenzin: Why don't you two get some sleep? I'll take the first watch.
Kya: Wake us up if you need some company.
Bumi: Or if any interesting spirity stuff happens, (speaks in a spooky ghost-story voice while raising his arms) like their bodies start floating around and you need someone to (makes upward grabbing motions) help you grab them before they fly off.
Kya: Bumi!
Bumi: (folds hands together, speaks in a more innocent tone) I'm just saying we're here if you need us. (gets up to leave)
Tenzin: I know you are. Thank you. (gets up and walks over to Jinora, squatting down and placing his hand affectionately on her head) Please come back soon.

(Cut to a close-up of Jinora's face, as the night background fades to day and her eyes open. The camera pulls back to reveal Jinora is standing in a field of giant green plants much larger than her. She is in awe. Korra is standing in the background, taking in the scenery with caution as a colossal blue fish-like spirit flies past in the sky behind them.)

Jinora: Isn't it beautiful?
Korra: Just stick close to me, okay? This seems nice, but you never know when we'll run into some dark spirits. (She reaches down and places her hand on one of several purple flowers. The flower comes alive as a butterfly and flies off, startling Korra) Huh!

(Cut to a wide shot of Korra and Jinora standing opposite from each other as the purple butterfly spirit flies over Jinora's head, increasing in size and sparkling brightly.)

Jinora: Look. It's like it's made of jewels. The spirits are so much more beautiful in their own world than they are at home. (she runs after the butterfly eagerly)
Korra: Jinora, be careful! Hold on!

(Korra runs after Jinora. The camera follows her until she comes to a halt, as if she had stumbled. The camera pulls back to reveal her foot landed in a hole in the ground and onto a meerkat spirit's head. The spirit grumpily pushes her foot off him and out of his hole. He pouts and glares at her as she stumbles before regaining her footing.)

Spirit Meerkat #1: Hey! Watch where you're goin', you giant clod.
Korra: Sorry.
Spirit Meerkat #1: (tapping his claws on his arm in irritation) This is a residential area, in case you hadn't noticed. Who do you think you are, stomping through here like that?
Korra: (smiling, as pleasantly as possible) I'm the Avatar.

(The ground erupts near Korra's foot and she has to step back as another meerkat spirit pops up from the ground next to the first one.)

Spirit Meerkat #2: The Avatar? (he sniffs Korra) Not impressed. (he pouts, looks away from Korra)
Korra: I'm trying to find the spirit portals? I opened one-
Spirit Meerkat #3: (pops up out of the ground behind Korra, startling her) I heard Unalaq did that.
Korra: (she approaches the third spirit, again trying to be pleasant) No, I did, but-
Spirit Meerkat #4: (pops up out of the ground near the third spirit) Well, if you opened it, how come you don't know where it is, huh?
Korra: (exasperatedly) B-b-because I was at the South Pole.
Spirit Meerkat #5: (pops up out of the ground behind the third and fourth spirits) I don't trust her.
Spirit Meerkat #6: (pops up out of the ground behind the fifth spirit, pumping his fist in the air angrily) Get out of our world!

(Cut to a wide overhead shot pulling back as meerkat spirits start popping up out of the ground around Korra by the dozens, all angry.)

Spirit Meerkat #7: We don't need you.
Spirit Meerkat #8: You don't belong here.
Korra: (trembling in anger) Get away from me!

(The camera pulls back as Korra makes bending motions to defend herself, only for nothing to happen. She freezes in shock, then looks at her non-bending hands in utter confusion. The first meerkat spirit points at her angrily.)

Spirit Meerkat #1: Did you guys see that? She tried to bend at us, in our own holes. Get her!

(Meerkat spirits leap at Korra, attacking her. She dodges a few of them as they fly past her, but one of them hits her and sticks to her in the form of a blue clay-like mass. Korra looks off into the distance and shouts.)

Korra: Jinora!

(Another meerkat spirit hits Korra and turns into a blue mass that sticks to her. Cut to Jinora turning away from the butterfly she was chasing, looking concerned.)

Jinora: Korra, stay calm! Your energy is upsetting them. (she runs down the hill to Korra) You're only making it worse.

(Cut to Korra, now covered in a bunch of these blue spirits' sticky masses and struggling to stand as they weigh her down. Jinora runs up and tries to pry them off Korra, but her hands recoil covered in the sticky blue substance. Cut to an overhead shot of the ground underneath them swirling like a green whirlpool, sucking them in as the meerkats dance in a circle around this whirlpool. Both girls scream as the whirlpool spins them around faster before disappearing into a hole in the ground with a light splash of water shooting out of it. Cut to Korra suddenly falling underwater, in a seemingly endless ocean of blue. Jinora is suddenly falling in nearby. Korra swims toward Jinora and both girls hold onto each other for dear life. When Korra turns her head, her eyes widen with fear. Cut to a wide shot of a monstrously huge crocodilian-like spirit swimming toward them, opening his jaws wide to reveal a green glow inside his mouth. Korra and Jinora try to swim away, but they swim too slowly and become sucked into the beast's mouth, into the glowing green abyss. The abyss then fades into a rough water rapids inside a green tunnel full of glowing mushrooms and spiked rocks. Jinora coughs out water as she struggles against the current, gasping for air. Cut to an overhead shot as Korra and Jinora are separated by a jut of rock that splits the water in two directions, becoming a cyclone spinning throughout the rest of the tunnel.)

Korra: Jinora!

(Cut to a spinning shot of Korra as she coughs up water, completely disoriented and being taken wherever the cyclone of water goes. Then she falls away, as if down a waterfall. Only she is screaming and falling down into a black abyss. Korra suddenly stops falling as the abyss dissolves in a fog-covered ground. Cut to a wide shot of Korra lying flat on her back as she finds she is surrounded by ominous-looking trees in a dark, foggy forest. She struggles to her feet, in a panic. A green wisp of a spirit flies past in the foreground, completely unnoticed by her.)

Korra: Jinora? Jinora!

(Cut to a shot of Korra from behind as she finds three faceless purple spirits with green hair and spiked shoulders hovering above her, looking down at her and frightening her into hyperventilation. She spins around and runs away from them. When she comes to a clearing, she turns and finds a massive blue centipede-like spirit with horns and rays of red light billowing from its eyes looking at her just off to the side. It lands on its front legs before her with a tremendous crash, scaring her off as it hisses at her.)

Korra: Ah!

(Cut to Korra trying to find refuge near a tree with a green crab-like spirit crawling up the bark with human-looking fingers for legs.)

Korra: Jinora!

(The camera pans in a circular motion through the forest, revealing many terrifying spirits gaping at Korra through the trees.)

Young Korra: Jinora!

(The camera finishes panning to reveal Korra as a young child, sobbing in fear. She plops down on her rear, surrounded by the dark forest and the creepy crawlies, and continues to cry as the camera pans through the forest until it comes to a wide shot of Jinora in a green clearing of giant plants similar to where the girls were when they entered the Spirit World. Jinora is standing on a dirt path through the grass, calling out for Korra.)

Jinora: Korra! Where are you? Hello? I'm lost. Can anyone help me?

(Cut to Jinora as she turns around at the chirping sound of a spirit flying toward her from behind. Jinora squints her eyes. A close-up reveals it to be a light green bunny-like spirits with dragonfly wings for ears.)

Jinora: Furry-Foot, is that you? (she excitedly runs toward the tall spirit and hugs him) It's so good to see you again! You're so big here. (she scratches the spirit's belly, which causes him to tap his foot contentedly) I don't suppose you know where Korra is, do you? We were supposed to go find the spirit portals, but I don't know how to find anything down here.

(Furry-Foot's wings begin to flap, and he flies around and behind Jinora. She hops onto the great spirit's back, and rides him into the air up high. Cut to a close-up of Jinora's face, her eyes closed in her excitement. Cut to a wide shot of Furry-Foot flying over the green fields, then toward a green forest beneath the shadow of a massive gray cloud. Cut to Jinora's eager expression, then to Furry-Foot flying into the forest. In the canopy of the trees, where Wan Shi Tong's ancient library hangs upside-down in the vines.)

Jinora: It's like an awesome tree house! (recognizing) Wait, I read about this place. Grandpa Aang came here. It's Wan Shi Tong's spirit library!

(Cut to a shot panning down a dark tree. Young Korra is sitting at its base, still crying and frightened. She looks up at the sound of a shriek. Cut to a shot from a spirit's perspective as it swoops down toward Korra. Cut to a close-up of the bird-like spirit itself flying down, hidden in shadow. Cut to Korra shutting her eyes and flailing her arms wildly, which results in her swatting the spirit violently away when it gets near her.)

Young Korra: Ah! Get away!

(Korra peeks her eyes open, then crawls toward the spirit. It's a small purple dragon-bird spirit with a long tail and innocent eyes. It shakes its wing, from which sparkles fly and holes appear due to damage from Korra's swat. When the sparkles disappear and Korra approaches, the spirit cowers in fear.)

Young Korra: (picks the spirit up, looking apologetic) I'm sorry I swatted you. You just scared me.

(An approaching light to Korra's left alerts her to another presence. Cut to an old man's spirit as he approaches with a lantern in hand, his face hidden in the shadows.)

Uncle Iroh: You two look lost. Maybe I can help you.
Young Korra: (eyes widen, recognizing him) I know you.

(The old man raises the lantern to reveal his face. The cheerful face of Uncle Iroh.)

Uncle Iroh: I was good friends with Avatar Aang.
Young Korra: Iroh.
Uncle Iroh: Hello, Korra.

(Cut to commercial.)

Act II

(Fade in as Uncle Iroh's spirit holds his lantern aloft and leads Korra on a path through the forest. She is cradling the dragon-bird spirit she had injured, looking up at Iroh smilingly.)

Uncle Iroh: I'm glad you came to visit us in the Spirit World, Korra. You came just in time.

(Close-up of Korra's face, as she turns her eyes forward and they widen. Cut to a an establishing shot from Korra's perspective as she approaches a green clearing just outside the forest. There is a small house in the clearing, and a gathering of spirits at a wooden table just outside the house. Cut to a two-headed frog spirit wearing flower necklaces sitting at the head of the table, set with teacups, teapots, and cake. They are flanked by a blue fox spirit holding a teacup in both paws.)

Uncle Iroh: We're having a little tea party to celebrate May-Jim's wedding.
Young Korra: (approaches with Iroh beside her, and takes a seat) How can you marry each other? (sets the dragon-bird spirit down on the table) Aren't you...
May: Complete opposites? I know!
Jim: I tried to fight it, but she really grew on me.
Uncle Iroh: The Spirit World is very mysterious, but so is love. Help yourself to some tea and cakes. (he serves Korra a slice of cake and blue berries on a plate) They are spirit cakes, so you won't gain any weight. (self-deprecatingly pats his own belly, chuckling) Of course, you won't lose any, either.
Young Korra: This part of the Spirit World isn't so scary. (the whole cake is taken away to reveal a teapot that was hiding behind it, which Korra points to with familiarity) My teapot!
Uncle Iroh: That's right. It was yours long, long ago. (picks up the teapot, displaying it to her) When you were Avatar Wan, you used it to carry the Light Spirit Raava around until the two of you became one. It's my favorite thing I've found here. (he pours tea into Korra's teacup) You know, when you make tea in it, you can still taste a little light in every cup.

(Korra sips from the teacup as the camera closes in on her face. The dragon-bird spirit chirps beside her. When she is done sipping, she sets the cup down and smiles. Cut to a circling shot as Jinora rides atop Furry-Foot's back through a hole in the ceiling into Wan Shi Tong's library. The spirit flies down toward the four-way bridge, where Avatar Aang once first set foot in the library. Cut to a wide shot of the spirit landing on the bridge in the background, while Wan Shi Tong's foxes stock bookshelves in the foreground. Cut to a close-up of Jinora as she climbs off Furry-Foot's back and looks around, taking the scenery in.)

Jinora: Wow. I could just stay in here forever, reading.

(Cut to a wide panning shot behind some pillars in the foreground as Wan Shi Tong swoops into view and flies toward Jinora in the background. Cut to Wan Shi Tong spreading his massive wings as he lands with a thunderous crash before Jinora. Jinora shields her eyes from the dust that kicks up in Wan Shi Tong's wake, and his wings fall to both sides of him like a cape as he towers over her.)

Wan Shi Tong: The last human who said that is still here.

(Wan Shi Tong glances to his right, and Jinora's gaze follows his. Cut to a skeleton with its back against a bookshelf, surrounded by books. Cut to a close-up of Jinora's shocked face.)

Jinora: Professor Zei!
Wan Shi Tong: I see that you have some knowledge of the past, so you should know that humans are no longer allowed in my library. (leers threateningly toward her, as Furry-Foot flies away in fear) Get out!

(Jinora is unfazed, but Furry-Foot lands behind and a column in the background and hides.)

Jinora: I thought anyone could come in if they brought you some new knowledge.
Wan Shi Tong: Those are the old rules. (narrows his eyes condescendingly) Besides, what is a little girl going to teach Wan Shi Tong, He Who Knows 10,000 Things?

(Cut to a wide panning shot as Jinora speaks with Wan Shi Tong.)

Jinora: Well, since you've been down in the Spirit World, the humans have invented radio.
Wan Shi Tong: Yes, I am well aware of the radio.
Jinora: But do you know how it works?
Wan Shi Tong: Of course I do. There is a box, and inside the box, there is a tiny man who sings and plays musical instruments.
Jinora: Actually, when we speak, our voices produce sound waves. Radio takes those sound waves and converts them into electromagnetic energy that is transmitted through the spectrum-
Wan Shi Tong: All right, enough. (close-up on Wan Shi Tong's surprised face) I did not know this. (turns to one of his fox assistants in the background) Apparently, I have been fed some misinformation about the existence of tiny men in boxes. (The fox lowers its head in shame and walks off. Wan Shi Tong turns to face Jinora again.) Still, I'm not interested in that human garbage. Now go away.
Jinora: My grandfather was the Avatar, and I came to the Spirit World with the new Avatar to find the spirit portals. I would think that you'd wanna help me.
Wan Shi Tong: (in a sly yet pleasant tone) You came with the Avatar, hm? Well, why didn't you say so? Fine, you may look around, but don't break anything. (again, he leers toward her threateningly) I'll know.

(Wan Shi Tong's wings lash out, and he pushes off the ground. Cut to an overhead shot as he flies away from the bridge and right past the camera, causing the shot to shake from his presence.)

Jinora: Come on, Furry-Foot! We gotta hurry!

(Jinora runs further into the library, followed close behind by Furry-Foot. Cut to a close-up of pieces on a Pai Sho board.)

Uncle Iroh: They say that the game of Pai Sho was invented by the spirits.

(Cut to a wide shot of Iroh seated at a Pai Sho table with a cup of tea in his hands. Korra sits beside him, feeding the dragon-bird spirit as it sits on the table's edge next to her. Across from Iroh is a giant purple flower bulb spirit, scratching its petals with a green tendril like a man scratching his head.)

Uncle Iroh: Although some of them don't seem to grasp it very well.
Spirit Flower Bulb: Just hold on. I'm thinking.
Uncle Iroh: As you can see, it is a game that requires great patience, but time does not mean much to us here.
Young Korra: How long have you lived here?
Uncle Iroh: Oh, I've been here for many years. I had always enjoyed the company of the spirits. (wide shot of the clearing, with an ominous dark mountain in the far distance) So when my work was done in the Material World, I chose to leave my body behind and come to the Spirit World. It can be a wonderful place, and I've made so many friends.

(Iroh glances over his shoulder at May-Jim at the table behind him, raising his teacup to them. May and Jim both raising their teacups to him in return, smiling. Cut to Korra, who looks down at the ground sadly. Cut to Iroh as he drinks his tea, then looks at Korra in concern.)

Uncle Iroh: Korra, what's wrong?
Young Korra: (eyes welling up with tears) I came here with my friend, but I lost her, and now I'm all alone.
Uncle Iroh: You're not alone, Korra. It's okay.
Young Korra: (frowns, then shakes her head and raises her fists in anger) No, it's not okay! (stands up on her seat) Jinora's gone, and I need to find her! She's lost, and we need to go home! (the flower bulb spirit wilts off to the side as a result of Korra's shouting) I don't like the Spirit World! I don't want to be here anymore!

(Cut to a wide shot of the clearing, as a dark storm cloud with a circling eye forms over the mountain in the distance and then blackens the sky. Cut to a panning shot of the tea party as the fox spirits either growl viciously or howl, the plant spirits wilt, and May and Jim turn on each other. Iroh slowly comes into the foreground of the shot, looking horrified and then concerned.)

May: Did you say something to her?
Jim: Me? You're the one with the big mouth.
Uncle Iroh: Korra, please, stop. (he touches her shoulder) Look at what you're doing to everyone.
Young Korra: (looks around at all the suddenly angry or frightened spirits) I did that?
Uncle Iroh: In the Spirit World, your emotions become your reality. Especially for the Avatar because you are the bridge between the two worlds. You must try to stay positive.

(Cut to a wide shot of the dark pall over all the spirits as Korra sits back down. Iroh reaches toward her and dabs her tears away with a handkerchief. She sniffles, then turns to the spirits. Very calmly, she places her hands together and bows her head to them.)

Young Korra: I'm sorry.

(Cut to a wide shot of the tea party, as the spirits' colors return to brightness and they stop growling or being sad. Cut to a wide shot of the clearing as the dark cloud rapidly retreats back to its place over the mountain. Cut to a close-up of Korra's face as the sun shines down on her and Iroh beside her.)

Uncle Iroh: (smiling) There, you see?
Young Korra: I can make the Sun shine?
Uncle Iroh: Even in the Material World, you will find that if you look for the light, you can often find it. (frowns) But if you look for the dark, that is all you will ever see.

(Cut to Korra taking this in, then smiling and pumping her fists in determination.)

Young Korra: I'm looking for my friend, I want her here now. (She closes her eyes and waits while the spirits sip tea nearby. Jinora doesn't appear. Korra opens her eyes and looks around in confusion.) Why didn't she come out like the Sun?
Uncle Iroh: I'm afraid finding her won't be so easy.
Young Korra: But what am I supposed to do?
Uncle Iroh: Sometimes, the best way to solve your own problems is to help someone else. (Close-up of the dragon-bird spirit as Iroh reaches his palm toward it. The dragon-bird hops into his palm, its wing still damaged with holes.) This little fellow needs to go home as well. Maybe if you help him find his friends, you will be able to find yours.

(Cut to Korra as Iroh deposits the dragon-bird spirit into her waiting palms.)

Young Korra: I'll take him home. Where do I go?
Uncle Iroh: (points over her head toward the mountain) The dragon-bird nest is located there, at the top of Hai-Riyo peak.

(Cut to Korra's eyes following the direction of Iroh's finger to a shot panning up the green grass of the clearing to the foreboding mountain overshadowed by a dark cloud in the distance. Cut to a close-up of Jinora's finger tracing the spines of books on a shelf, until she finds the one she's looking for and takes it down. Cut to a wide shot of Jinora opening the book and reading it, with Furry-Foot standing by two stacks of books beside her. Jinora puts the book back, then pulls out another book and opens it, looking inside. She frowns and slams the book shut in frustration.)

Jinora: Ugh, it's not in here either. I have to find the portals, Korra's probably waiting for me there right now. (to one of Wan Shi Tong's fox assistants shelving a book nearby) I need to find a map that shows where the spirit portals are. Could you help me?

(The fox scampers away from the shelf. Cut to an overhead shot as the fox trots over to another bookshelf further down the corridor and unshelves an old book and brings it over to Jinora, setting it down on the floor. Jinora sits down and opens the book as the fox sits next to her.)

Jinora: Thanks, this is it. (She gratefully pets the fox, before the fox trots off. She then flips through a page of writing to a page featuring a drawing of a great twisted tree among rocks, where Vaatu was imprisoned by Wan.) The Tree of Time. That's where Avatar Wan imprisoned Vaatu. (As Jinora reads, the camera zooms in on the black-and-white image of the tree and the picture becomes colored, revealing Vaatu's red form sitting inside the tree's hollow.) "The elders believed that as long as the portals are closed during the Harmonic Convergence, Vaatu will remain imprisoned and the battle between good and evil will not be fought again." (Mountains whoosh by in the foreground, until one reveals a drawing with an overhead angle of the part of the Spirit World where the two portals shoot blue and orange beams of light into the sky. Jagged rocks form spiraled patterns around the portals. In between the two portals lies the tree that is Vaatu's prison.) But if both portals are opened, spirit energy is amplified greatly. (The camera zooms upward along the beams of light into a black abyss before revealing the sun and all the planets of the system coming into perfect alignment.) During the Harmonic Convergence, (The camera pulls back from the sun to the Tree of Time, where an eerie purple light surrounds the tree before a red blast of energy erupts from Vaatu's hollow.) this energy will be great enough to allow Vaatu to break free from his bonds, (The red energy dissolves to reveal Vaatu, freed and surrounded by darkness as the camera zooms in on his eye.) and the Material World will again risk being consumed by darkness." (From the eye, the scene rapidly dissolves back to Jinora. The camera pulls back from her shocked face as she gasps and turns to Furry-Foot.) We have to warn Korra.

Unalaq: Leaving so soon?

(Cut to a wide shot of the corridor. The camera pans up along with Jinora as she rises to her feet, facing Unalaq and Wan Shi Tong as they stare at her from the end of the corridor.)

Unalaq: When Wan Shi Tong told me he had a visitor, I had to see it with my own eyes. (Close-up of Unalaq grinning evilly.) I can't believe Tenzin sent his daughter here instead of coming himself. What kind of a father is he?
Jinora: Better than you. Wan Shi Tong, how can you be helping him?
Wan Shi Tong: Unalaq has proven to be a true friend to the spirits, unlike the Avatar.
Jinora: Why would you wanna help Vaatu escape? He'll destroy everything.
Unalaq: Don't believe everything you read. (Cut to a wide overhead angle as Unalaq approaches Jinora.) Why don't you come with me so you can do some first-hand research?

(Cut to Jinora looking scared and backing away from Unalaq - until Furry-Foot's paws grip her by the shoulders and stop her in her tracks. Jinora gasps and turns as Furry-Foot morphs into a more monstrous-looking form of himself.)

Jinora: Furry-Foot?

(The camera closes in on Jinora's scared expression. Cut to a wide shot panning down the mountain of Hai-Riyo to Korra and Iroh standing side by side on the dirt path at the foot of the mountain. A close-up on Korra reveals how scared she is, clutching firmly onto her dragon-bird as she turns to Iroh for help.)

Young Korra: This looks scary, will you come with me?
Uncle Iroh: (kneels to Korra's level, touching her shoulders reassuringly) This is something that you must do on your own. The people who have been coming to the Spirit World lately have brought darkness and anger, so that is what you see now. But you have light and peace inside of you. If you let it out, you can change the world around you. (as Korra nods understandingly, Iroh indicates her dragon-bird) Besides, look at this little fellow. This mountain is his home. When you first met him, you were frightened, (Korra begins stroking the dragon-bird's neck, which it likes) but does he seem scary to you now?
Young Korra: No.
Uncle Iroh: Many things that seem threatening in the dark become welcoming when we shine a light on them.

(The camera zooms in on Iroh and Korra as they embrace each other in a hug. Cut to a close-up of Iroh's face as he stands up.)

Uncle Iroh: It was good to meet you. Come visit me again, in this life or the next.

(Cut to Korra as she waves to Iroh.)

Young Korra: Bye. (to the dragon-bird in her arms) Okay, time for you to go home.

(Cut to Iroh watching Korra walk up the path toward the mountain as the camera follows her. She halts, and turns back to face Iroh. Cut to Iroh waving to her and smiling. The camera suddenly pulls back very fast to reveal many miles of land suddenly between Korra and him. Korra holds onto the dragon-bird tightly, and turns her head toward the mountain. Cut to billows of smoke and jagged rocks as the camera pans up the foreboding mountainside all the way to the peak, covered by a dark and stormy cloud circling overhead. Cut to Korra walking up the path holding her dragon-bird, trying to be brave.)

Young Korra: Light and peace. Light and peace.

(Cut to a shot zooming over Korra's head from behind and up the pathway until three monstrous blue dog-like spirits with huge teeth are revealed to be waiting over the first hill. Cut to commercial.)


(Fade in to a wide shot from behind Korra as she finds herself facing the three monstrous spirits. Cut to Korra's nervous facial expressions as she holds onto the dragon-bird dearly.)

Young Korra: I'm not afraid of you. (The monstrous spirits come closer, leering over her and growling. Korra closes her eyes, but manages to keep calm.) You're not scary, you just look that way. (Emboldened, she smiles and opens her eyes fully.) I have light inside. (She reaches a hand toward the spirit in front of her, touching one of its great teeth.) It's okay, you can be my friends. My name is Korra, and I'm taking this dragon-bird home.

(Cut to a frontal shot of Korra as the camera pulls away from her, with the clouds parting and the sun shining overhead. As the sun shines down on them, the dog spirits morph into more friendly forms, with smaller teeth and their tongues panting from their mouths. One of them sits. Cut to a close-up of Korra giggling as the dog spirits begin to lick her.)

Young Korra: Iroh said you could be nice. Do you wanna help me?

(The dog spirits stand at attention, then run off to the side. Korra follows them. Cut to a shot of the dogs awaiting Korra at the top of a hill, while the camera pans up the mountainside to the peak. It is now no longer so gloomy-looking. The dark cloud that swirled overhead is gone. Cut to a side angle as Korra rides one of the dog spirits up the mountainside while the other two follow. Cut a wide shot zooming in on the dogs climbing into the rocky perch where the dragon-bird's nest is. Cut to a low-angle shot of the nest as Korra approaches it and returns her tiny spirit friend to its home while the dogs watch in the background. Cut to an overhead close-up of the nest, revealing the dragon-bird reuniting with three siblings before they all vanish into pink wisps of light flying upward. The wisps morph into a colossal, shimmering pink dragon-bird as Korra looks on in awe. Cut to a wide shot panning very fast across the landscape past young Korra as the pink spirit flies around, past the dogs until it bursts into the form of a fully formed golden dragon-bird and flies past Korra, who is smiling and is now back to being her adult age again. Cut to a wide shot of the perch as the dragon-bird lands on its feet before Korra. Cut to a closer shot from behind as the bird lowers its neck, and Korra approaches. She mounts the great beast's neck and holds onto its feathers as it rears its head back.)

Korra: All right, now let's close that portal and go find Jinora.

(The dragon-bird gives a screech, then spreads its wings and flies away, leaving the dogs behind until they turn into wisps of blue light and fly after the bird. Cut to a wide shot of the dragon-bird spirit as it flies Korra toward the darkest part of the Spirit World, where the darkest of clouds still circle overhead. Cut to an overhead shot of the realm where the two portals - one opened and one closed - and the Tree of Time are, as Korra's dragon-bird flies toward it and the blue wisps follow them. Cut to a close-up of Korra as she regards the Tree of Time in the background below her.)

Korra: That's where Vaatu is.

(Cut to a wide shot of the Southern portal as the dragon-bird lands nearby, and Korra dismounts. The three wisps land behind the bird and turn back into giant dogs. With a determined look, Korra approaches the portal while her mount flies off. She reaches toward the white-blue shaft of light beaming from the portal, only to turn her gaze to the tree when she hears Vaatu's voice.)

Vaatu: So you've returned, Raava.

(Korra remains perfectly in place as the camera zooms across the landscape, transporting her to the very base of the tree to face Vaatu in his prison. Cut to a close-up of Korra's determined expression, then a wide panning shot of Korra at the base of the tree facing off with Vaatu.)

Vaatu:The Harmonic Convergence is coming soon, and this time, I'm going to wipe you out for good.
Korra: I think you've said that before, Vaatu, but I'm here to close the portal. You're not getting out.

(Cut to a static shot of Korra walking back to the portal, the tree shrinking in the background as she gets further and further away from it.)

Vaatu: You might want to reconsider. That is, if you want to save your friend.

(Korra's eyes widen, and she spins around to find Unalaq has emerged from behind the tree. He makes bending motions with his arms and Jinora floats into view, surrounded by the same spiraling ring shapes Unalaq had used on spirits in the South Pole. Only instead of bending rings of water, he is bending purple energy. Cut to a close-up of Jinora, looking quite terrified.)

Korra: Jinora.

(Korra runs forward to save her friend. Before she reaches the base of the tree, the monstrous form of Furry-Foot crashes to the ground in front of Korra, growling at her. A frontal shot of Korra reveals the dogs she had tamed have now reverted back to their more monstrous forms as well, and are also growling at her. Korra angrily addresses Unalaq, pointing a finger at him.)

Korra: I can't believe I trusted you. You made me think you wanted to restore balance with the spirits but this, this isn't balance, it's madness. Now let her go.
Unalaq: If you want your friend to make it out of the Spirit World, you'll open the other portal now.
Jinora: Don't do it, Korra!

(Unalaq turns to Jinora, directing even more focus on her with more urgent bending motions. An eerie purple glow begins to climb its way up her body, slowly enveloping her inch by inch until its reaches her face. Cut to a close-up of Korra's horrified expression, at both what is happening and her inability to stop it. Cut to a panning close-up of Unalaq, grinning evilly.)

Unalaq: What will it be? Open the portal, (frowns darkly) or lose your friend's soul forever?

(Cut to Jinora as the purple glow slowly takes over her whole body, her face almost completely covered by it as she seemingly gasps her final breaths. Cut back to Korra, having made a decision.)

Korra: Stop. (angrily) I'll do it.

(Cut to an angled shot of the Northern portal, still sealed off by an orb of purple energy as Korra slowly approaches. With the monstrous dogs, Unalaq, and Furry-Foot in his dark form carrying Jinora and watching Korra closely from behind, she hesitates and then reaches toward the portal. Cut to a close-up of Korra's hand as it pauses within inches of the portal, before reluctantly coming into contact with the whirls of energy surrounding the portal. The shot begins to shake as the orb changes from purple to a bright yellow light. Cut to a low-angle shot of Korra with her head bowed, before the camera zooms in on her face as she lifts her head to reveal the glowing eyes of the Avatar. Cut to an overhead shot pulling back from the portal as jets of yellow light shoot out into the skies. Cut to Jinora's petrified expression. Cut to Unalaq shielding his eyes from the blinding light with his arms, before lowering them and grinning triumphantly. Cut to Korra's utterly blank expression as her eyes continue to glow and the portal opens. Cut to a wide shot of the realm as the chaotic bursts of light from the Northern portal calm into a single bright shaft of light like that of the Southern portal in the far background. Cut to the Tree of Time as a red glow crawls up its roots much in the way that Jinora had just experienced, rendering the entire tree in a radiant red color. A circular blast of energy erupts from the tree across the landscape. Cut to one of the dog spirits as it raises its head to the sky and roars. Cut to an angry-looking Korra, with her back to the Northern portal.)

Korra: Now let Jinora go.

(Cut to a shot zooming away from Unalaq as he spins around, and sends a blast of water toward Korra. Cut to the camera following that water until it hits Korra in the arm. Where she was hit, the flesh turns briefly white and sparkling with energy, damaged in much the same way the dragon-bird was damaged earlier.)

Korra: Ah!
Unalaq: (bends more water toward her) You should have come through the portal, then you could do this.

(Korra tries dodging the blasts and whips of water, but they hit her again and again in the arms and deal more damage to her where the flesh becomes temporarily blue and sounds like something shattered. Cut to a shot from behind Korra as she leaps over Unalaq's attacks, getting closer to Jinora. Furry-Foot leaps off to the side, and then flies off with Jinora into the sky.)

Jinora: Korra!

(Cut to Korra's determined face, as she rushes to give chase to Jinora's captor, only for one of Unalaq's attacks to knock her back. She gets back up and runs, each blast of water missing her by inches. The camera follows her as Unalaq continues sending blasts of water at her until Furry-Foot has flown too far away and one of the dogs bashes into Korra from the side and sends her flying. Another dog leaps into the air and snatches Korra in its jaws while she was still falling. The dog lands perfectly on its feet, flexing its jaws and causing Korra to whimper from pain between all those teeth. Joined by the other two, the dog drops Korra to the ground, whereupon she is suspended into the air by some unseen force and purple rings begin to spiral around her. The camera pulls back to reveal Unalaq's boot in the foreground of the shot. Cut to Unalaq making bending motions, then to the camera panning up Korra's floating body as a purple glow begins to envelope her much more rapidly than with Jinora. Her face is almost completely covered by this dark mass. Cut to Unalaq continuing to go through his motions, before the camera zooms on his victorious grin. Cut to an overhead shot of the portals' realm, as the dragon-bird suddenly flies into view, screeching. Cut to a wide panning shot of the realm as the great spirit swoops toward Unalaq, stopping in mid-flight and whipping him aside with its tail. The dragon-bird then sidewinds over to Korra and plucks her in its talons before flying away with her, the dogs trailing behind on the ground. Cut to a very angry-looking Unalaq, surrounded by a cloud of dust. He turns in the direction of Vaatu when his voice resounds over the landscape.)

Vaatu: I'll see you soon, Raava. (cut to the Tree of Time, with the camera pulling back.) Once the Harmonic Convergence comes, (Cut to the camera following the dragon-bird as it flies further away with Korra.) I'll be free from this prison. And then I will have my revenge.

(The camera closes in on Korra's unconscious face ominously. Suddenly, the dark background of the Spirit World morphs into the bright background of the material world. Korra's eyes open and she gasps aloud. Cut to a wide shot her in a sweat, panting with horror. Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin were lying asleep in the background, but slowly rise to their feet. Tenzin bolts to Korra's side, squatting next to her.)

Tenzin: Korra. What was it like? Did you manage to close the portal? Was Jinora able to help you?

(Cut to a close-up of Korra's face, looking utterly defeated and remorseful.)

Korra: Tenzin, I'm- I'm sorry.

(Tenzin's eyes are wide, and he turns to look at Jinora. Cut to the camera zooming in on Jinora over Korra's and Tenzin's shoulders. She is sitting very still, and her eyes are still closed.)

Tenzin: Where's Jinora? W-why isn't she waking up?

(Tenzin rushes to his daughter's body, and embraces it tightly, looking confused at why she is not waking up. He turns to Korra for answers.)

Tenzin: Korra, what happened to my little girl?

(Cut to a slow zoom on Korra's eyes welling up with tears.)

[End Credits]

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