Transcript for 211 - Night of a Thousand Stars
Night of a Thousand Stars
Written By: Joshua Hamilton
Directed By: Colin Heck
Storyboard By: Han Kwang Il, Lee Dae Woo, Bae Gi Young, Park So Young, Kim Young Chan, Han Cheong Il, Owen Sullivan, Melchior Zwyer
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Psycho Silver

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "A New Spiritual Age," "The Guide," and "The Southern Lights."]

Shiro Shinobi: Unalaq has forced Korra into opening the Northern portal and trapped Jinora in the Spirit World. Back in Republic City, everybody loves Varrick's Nuktuk movers. Everybody, that is, except Mako, whose pursuit of Varrick has landed him in the slammer. And in the Southern Water Tribe, Unalaq's army is nearing victory in the civil war but Tonraq isn't about to give up without a fight.

Act I

(Fade into a wide establishing shot of the Eastern Air Temple. Oogi flies in front of the camera towards it, carrying Korra, Tenzin, Kya, Bumi, and Jinora. Cut to a shot of Pema picking flowers with Rohan on her back. Meelo stands in the background as he watches Ikki ride an air scooter and laugh happily. She dismounts the scooter as the camera pans up towards Oogi flying towards them. Cut to a shot of Ikki and Meelo looking up and smiling.)

Meelo: Dad's back!

(Cut to a shot of Oogi landing, with Pema, Meelo, and Ikki in the foreground. Pema walks forward and we cut to a high angle shot looking down at Pema, Ikki, and Meelo, with Tenzin and Kya in the foreground.)

Pema: Where's Jinora?

(Cut to a shot of Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi looking sadly at Pema before Tenzin picks up the unconscious Jinora. Cut to a close up of Pema, shocked.)

Pema: No!

(Cut to a close up of Pema's feet as the flowers she's holding drop to the ground and she walks forward. Cut to a close up of Jinora as Pema takes her from Tenzin.)

Tenzin: Her spirit is trapped in the Spirit World, but she's going to be all right.
Pema: How could this happen?
Tenzin: It was all my fault. I should have never let Jinora enter the Spirit World without me, I couldn't protect her.
Korra: I'm so sorry, Pema. I tried to save her, but Unalaq tricked me.
Tenzin: Don't worry, honey, I'm not going to stop until our little girl is back safe with us.

(Tenzin gently strokes Jinora's cheek. Cut to an establishing shot of the Police Headquarters in Republic City at night. Cut to a shot of Mako sitting in a cell, hunched over. The shadow of a cop is seen on the floor from the barred window on the door as he unlocks and opens it. Mako looks up and we cut to a shot of the cop standing in the doorway.)

Metalbender Cop: You've got a visitor.

(The cop stands to the side as Bolin walks in, wearing a fancy suit.)

Bolin: Hey, Mako.
Mako: Hey. What's with the fancy duds?
Bolin: I'm on my way to the big finale for "Nuktuk: Hero of the South." Yeah, everyone's gonna be there, except for, you know, you... because you're in jail and stuff.
Mako: Thanks for the reminder.
Bolin: Hey, I brought you something. I thought this would brighten up your new place. (takes a rolled up Nuktuk poster out from his jacket and shows it, which Mako then takes) Read the inscription.
Mako: "Dear Mako, Nuktuk says, 'Keep smiling'." (looks up at a grinning Bolin) Did you come by just to give me a poster?
Bolin: No. I came by to give you my sincere, heartfelt words of encouragement. I know our lives have been moving in two different directions, but I want you to know that I will always be there for you. We are brothers, after all, even if one of us is a member of high society and the other one is a criminal.
Mako: I am not a criminal!
Bolin: Of course I know that, but you do kinda look like one, 'cause you're in a jail, and that's where criminals live.
Mako: I was set up! Varrick knew I had figured out he was hiring gangsters to pose as Northern soldiers to get Republic City to join the war. That's why he had me arrested.
Bolin: Ah, I see what you're doing. You're going for the insanity defense. Smart.
Mako: No! I'm trying to tell you that Varrick isn't what he seems. Where's Asami? She'll listen to me.
Bolin: I asked her to come, but she said it was too hard for her. You being in jail like this reminds her of her dad. Okay, gotta run, but I'll be back tomorrow. And I am gonna get you the best attorney fame and fortune can buy. (begins to exit the cell)
Mako: Bolin, wait. If my theory about Varrick is right, something might go down tonight at your premiere. Promise me you'll keep your eyes peeled.
Bolin: Yeah, okay, big brother. I promise. (knocks on the door and the cop lets him out) Whew! That insanity defense is definitely gonna work.

(The cop shuts the door as Bolin walks off. Cut to a wide, high angle establishing shot of the Southern Water Tribe. The camera zooms out until we see two pairs of legs standing on a mountain in the foreground side by side. Cut to a close shot of Tonraq and his rebels looking out over the area. One rebel turns to Tonraq.)

Rebel Leader: Should we wait another day? Korra still might come with reinforcements.
Tonraq: We can't wait any longer. (turns to address the rest of the rebels) It's time we take back what is ours! It's time to take back our city!

(The rebels all cheer. Cut to a wide shot from the side of Tonraq bending snow from the ground into an ice board and then riding it down the slope. The other rebels do the same and follow him. Cut to a shot from the side as they quickly slide down the mountain, the camera focusing on a close profile shot of Tonraq as he moves into frame. Cut to an extreme wide shot of the mountain and zoom out as we see the rebels moving down its side towards the city below, until the head of a Northern Tribe soldier enters frame. Cut to a shot of the soldier as he sees the rebels from his watch post. He gasps before ringing the bell next to him, sounding the alarm. Cut to a shot of more soldiers exiting their barracks and running towards the camera. The scene then cuts to a bird's eye view shot of the Pro-Bending Arena lit up at night, its spotlights waving as a crowd of people are gathered in front and cars drive up to it. Cut to a shot of a large Nuktuk poster hanging on the front of the building, then tilt down to a limousine driving up to the red carpet leading to the entrance, flanked by crowds of fans. Cut to photogrpher taking a picture of three children with Pabu and Naga, their fur made up to look like their movie characters. A little girl holds Pabu.)

Photographer: Say "Nuktuk."

(The children smile as the camera's light flashes and Pabu squeaks. Cut to a shot of Bolin stepping out of the limousine and helping Ginger out by the hand. We cut to a shot of the crowd as they scream and clap with applause. Bolin and Ginger walk arm and arm past them, waving and smiling. The camera pans right with them and we see Shiro Shinobi holding a mircrophone.)

Shiro Shinobi: There they are, folks, the sweethearts of the big screen, and Republic City's most famous couple, Bolin and Ginger.
Fan: Let me get a picture.

(Cut to a shot of Bolin and Ginger standing at the top of the staircase in front of the entrance, waving to the crowd before going inside the building. Cut to a shot of them inside as Bolin enters and Ginger starts to powder her face.)

Bolin: Wow, that was fun. And did you hear what Shiro said? We're Republic City's most famous couple.
Ginger: Bolin, you're a doll, but you're as dumb as the rocks you bend. We are not a couple. (walks away)
Bolin: That's not what Shiro said.

(Cut to an extreme closeup of Lu shoving a pastry into his mouth and biting into it, getting purple jelly filling on his face as he chews. Cut to a medium shot of Lu and Gang both eating pastries out on the red carpet as Chief Lin walks up to them with a stern expression.)

Lin: Stop stuffing your moustaches with Varri-cakes and get to your post!
Lu: (he and Gang drop their cakes and stand at attention) You got it, boss. (both walk off)
Lin: You two are the pinnacle of refinement.

(Another limo drives up to the carpet in the background. Cut to a closer shot as the door is opened and President Raiko exits the vehicle, followed by his wife Buttercup. They wave to the crowd.)

Shiro Shinobi: This star-studded event just keeps getting star-studdier, folks. President Raiko and the first lady, Buttercup Raiko, just arrived. And they're being greeted by entrepreneur extraordinaire, Varrick.

(Cut to a shot from behind Varrick as he walks down the red carpet towards Raiko. Cut to a shot of the president and first lady as Varrick enthusistically shakes Raiko's hand.)

Varrick: There they are, my two most honored guests. (kisses Buttercup's hand) What do you think? No expense has been spared. (ushers Raiko and Buttercup towards the arena) I brought in the finest entertainers from Ba Sing Se and the best food from around the world. Heck, I even had this red carpet imported from the Fire Nation. They make the best red stuff over there. Fact. All right, picture time!

(The three stop a moment as cameras flash from off screen. Cut to a shot from behind the three as more people take pictures. Varrick reaches to put his hand on Raiko's shoulder.)

Raiko: Varrick, you didn't have to do all this for us.
Varrick: I wanted to. Mr. President, I took one look at your wife, and I knew that you were a man of exquisite taste. (Buttercup smiles and plces a hand on his face in slight embarassment) And that's why I know you're gonna love this mover!
Raiko: Varrick, I know what you're doing, and I doubt your propaganda is going to change my mind about going to war with the Northern Water Tribe.
Varrick: Oh, I think you'll be surprised how persuasive I can be.

(There's one more camera flash before cutting to a wide shot of the inside of the pro-bending arena. A huge movie screen hangs over the center. Cut to a wide shot of President Raiko and Buttercup taking their seats in a balcony box, with two guards on either side of them. The camera pans right and tilts up to another balcony box with Asami, Bolin, and Ginger, with Naga and Pabu sitting in a balcony box next to them. A waiter brings a tray to Pabu and Naga and sets it down on a small table in front of them. He pulls the cover off, revealing an intricately decorated cake. Cut to a close up of Pabu and Naga eating into the cake, while in the background we see Varrick walk into the middle of the arena floor. The lights go off and Varrick is hit with a spotlight, and the camera zooms in and focuses on him.)

Varrick: Thank you all for coming to the finale of "Nuktuk: Hero of the South". You know, when I first started this project, there were a lot of naysayers out there. "You can't make pictures move," they said. "You can't take some knucklehead earthbender and make him a star," they said. (cut to a shot of Bolin's smile dropping) "You can't teach a polar bear dog to speak," they said. Well, they're wrong. Thanks to the magic of the movers, our furry friends have found their voices, and you'll be shocked to hear what they have to say. They speak of the injustice that's happening in the Southern Water Tribe right now. (cut to a wide shot of Raiko and Buttercup, with Varrick's head in the foreground, then to a close up of Varrick) My hope is that their words and this epic mover will inspire a real-life hero to rise up and help. (cut to a shot of President Raiko as he frowns, bemused and slightly embarssed from feeling put on the spot. Cut to a wide shot of Varrick) Thank you again, enjoy the show!

(The camera tilts up to the screen as Varrick gestures to it. The spotlight goes off and the projector turns on. We see a shot of Nuktuk in the clutches of a giant bird's talons.)

Deep Voice Narrator: When last we left our hero, he was captured by the Evil Unalaq's dastardly pet bird. (cut to a wider shot to show the bird flying, looking like a strange chicken) Amazingly, with the power of his whistling, Nuktuk escaped...

(Cut to the close shot of Nuktuk as he whistles. Cut to the wider shot of the bird as it drops Nuktuk, with an obvious jump cut in the editing. Cut to a shot of Nuktuk standing up in front of a worn underwater background with holes in it.)

Deep Voice Narrator: And decided to seek out counsel.

(Cut to a close shot of a large lion-seal clapping its fins and barking. Cut to a wider shot showing the seal on a pedestal as Nuktuk is kneeling in front of it. A fish is tossed to the seal from off camera, which it catches in its mouth.)

Nuktuk: Thank you, wise sage. I will travel to Republic City and seek help.

(Cut to an overhead shot of a model of Republic City. The shadows of the miniature buildings can be seen on the background. The sound of a car horn is heard. Cut to a shot of an actor playing President as he holds a beaker and a glass flask while standing by a chemistry set. Nuktuk enters the room from a door in the background.)

Movie President: Have a seat, I'm just working on a cure for the common cold. No longer will my citizens suffer from the sniffles.
Nuktuk: Mr. President, there's something more important than the sniffles right now. I need your help to stop the Evil Unalaq.

(Cut to a high, wide shot of the movie screen.)

Movie President: Did you say "help"? If there is one thing I love doing, it's helping people.

(The movie president looks at the camera on the last line. Cut to a shot of President Raiko and Buttercup as Buttercup leans in to whisper to him.)

Buttercup: The seal-lion seemed a bit far-fetched, but the portrayal of this president is right on the money.

(Raiko gives his wife a small smile. Cut to a shot of Bolin watching, then zoom out to include Asami in the shot as she turns to him.)

Asami: I think this is your best mover yet.
Bolin: (sadly) I just wish Mako was here to see it.

(Cut to an extreme wide, high shot of the pro-bending arena outside. The camera pans right to a boat making its way across the water towards it. Cut to a low angle shot of the boat reaching the arena and going under the walkway around the edge. The boat contains waterbenders dressed as Northern Water Tribe soldiers. They begin to climb up from below and the camera tilts up to the windows of the building. Cut to a close up of Gang licking the frosting off the top of a Varri-cake.)

Gang: Mmm. I like to eat the top off the Varri-cake first.
Lu: I just try to shove the whole thing in my mouth at once. (shoves the whole cake in his mouth, getting the filling on his lips again. He chews for a moment and gives a very dopey smile. Cut to a shot showing the water benders in the window frame behind the two detectives, who remain oblivious to the danger.)
Gang: (chuckles) I love our job. Huh?

(The two turn around and notice the four waterbenders. Two of the benders bend water up from below and knock Gang and Lu down. Cut to a low angle shot of two waterbenders carrying an unconsious Lu to an open locker in the background, while Gang's Varri-cake falls to the floor in the foreground, splattering its jelly filling. We then see Gang carried into frame, unconsious with jelly on his face. Cut to commercial.)

Act II

(Fade in to an establishing shot of the pro-bending arena and the Nuktuk banner hanging over the entrance and slowly zoom in. Cut to a shot of the movie screen inside and slowly zoom in. On the screen is a shot of Nuktuk chained to a wall. The shot cuts to a wider shot showing him inside an ice cave as mechs roll up towards Nuktuk.)

Nuktuk: Northern Water Tribe Automatons! Nooo!
Automaton: Bee bo bop, Nuktuk cannot stop Unalaq. Must destroy Nuktuk.

(Cut to a close up of Naga as Roh-Tan roaring and snarling. Cut to a wider of Roh-Tan standing between Nuktuk and the Automatons as Pabu, playing Juji, stands on Roh-Tan's back. The Automatons back away and Juji squeaks before turning around towards Nuktuk. Cut to a closeup of Juji as special effect lasers shoot from his eyes. Cut to a shot of the chains as the laser beams hit it. The film jump cuts to the chains being broken. Cut to a shot of Nuktuk taking the shackles off his wrists as Juji and Roh-Tan look at him.)

Nuktuk: Ha ha! Aah! (jumps out of the way of an Automaton claw. Cut to a wide shot as Nuktuk waves his arms at the automatons. A stage hand from behind the scenery to the right can be seen thowing a large basin of water at the Automatons, who begin to spark) Looks like you forgot that water and Automatons don't mix.
Automaton: Beep bop boo. Oh, no, circuits not working.

(The Automatons slump over as they power down. Cut to a shot of Nuktuk and Roh-Tan.)

Nuktuk: (cheers) We did it! (gives a high five to a fake prop arm for Roh-Tan) But wait, where's Juji?

(Cut to a shot of Juji laying on his back on the floor, a spotlight on him as he coughs and sad music plays. Cut to a close up of Roh-Tan.)

Roh-Tan: Nuk-no!
Nuktuk: (cradles Juji in his arms) You can't die, Juji. Not on my watch.
Juji: It's okay, Nuktuk. At least I got to be... Your friend.

(Juji licks Nuktuk's finger before the film jump cuts to Juji dead. Cut to a close up of Roh-Tan as he cries and prop paws covers his eyes. Cut to a shot of Nuktuk holding Juji and on his knees. Juji's tail can be seen moving.)

Nuktuk: Juji!

(Cut to a shot of Bolin sitting between Asami and Ginger. He holds his face sadly for a moment before getting up. Asami watches him as he leaves the balcony box. Cut to a wide shot of Bolin leaning on the railing outside under a pagoda. The camera slowly pans right as Asami walks into the foreground from the right. Cut to a low angle shot of Bolin looking out sadly as Asami walks up next to him.)

Asami: Are you okay? It seems like this mover is really getting to you. You do know Juji's not really dead?
Bolin: Of course I know. Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.
Asami: Then what's wrong?
Bolin: I guess I just miss my friends. Everything is going so well for me, but it feels empty without everyone around. Korra's gone, Mako's in jail, you're doing... business lady stuff. Team Avatar's fallen apart.
Asami: I know, things have changed so much since we first met. Why don't you come back in and finish watching the mover with me?
Bolin: You go ahead. I need another minute.

(Asami walks way from Bolin. Cut to a low angle medium close shot of Bolin. He hears something and looks down. Cut to an over-the-shoulder shot as Bolin sees the waterbenders' boat down below on the side of the arena. The camera zooms in on the boat. Cut to a close up of Bolin staring at it suspiciously.)

Bolin: That's weird.

(Cut to the inside hall of the arena as Bolin enters from a door on the right. He looks left and right before walking towards the camera. Cut to a close up of Bolin as he looks around.)

Bolin: Whoa- ahh! Ugh!

(Cut to a full body shot of Bolin from the side as he almost slips on the floor, his legs spread. Bolin keeps himself from falling and shakes some pastry off his shoe. He stands up straight, puts his hands on his hips and looks down and we cut to his point of view as he sees he slipped on a half-eaten Varri-cake on the floor. Cut to a wide shot of Bolin, with the locker from before on the left. There's a knocking from inside and Bolin goes over to it. Cut to a close up of the locker as Bolin opens it, The camera tilts up and reveals Lu and Gang stuffed inside, bound and gagged and frightened. Bolin takes the gag off of Lu.)

Lu: They're after the President!

(Cut to an extreme close up of Bolin and zoom in on his eyes as he gasps. Cut to a shot of President Raiko and Buttercup in their seats and slowly zoom in. Cut to a wide shot of the movie screen, with the audience visible in the foreground. The screen shows Evil Unalaq with a chained up Ginger as Nuktuk runs into the foreground.)

Evil Unalaq: You're too late, Nuktuk. (cut to a shot of a ticking timer on the screen) Soon, my doomsday device will shoot this block of ice into the Earth's core, freezing the entire planet, and I will be the ruler of Ice Earth!

(Evil Unalaq laughs maniacally as we cut to a close up profile shot of Raiko with Buttercup slightly out of focus in the background, panning left slowly. Suddenly, waterbender hands grab Raiko and Buttercup from behind, covering their mouths.)

Nuktuk I don't think so.

(Raiko and Buttercup are pulled back as their voices are muffled. We cut to a shot of them being tied up by the waterbender, the two guards from before unconscious in the background. They are about to leave when suddenly Bolin bursts through the door with earthbending, and the camera zooms in on him.)

Bolin: I don't think so!

(Cut to a shot of the waterbenders, Raiko, and Buttercup. The movie screen with Nuktuk on it can be seen in the background. Buttercup slips out of her gag and screams just as Gniger screams in the movie. A waterbender throws a stream of water at Bolin, who leaps to the side. He bends a large rock from the wall and throws it at the waterbender, knocking him out of the balcony box and into the water below. Cut to a high, wide shot of the splash, then to a shot of the audience members looking in its direction as they start murmuring. Cut to a shot of Chief Lin as she looks to the side and squints suspiciously. Cut to Bolin as he punches the floor and creates a shockwave, cracking it. The other three waterbenders are popped into the ceiling by the stones beneath them and they let go of Raiko and Buttercup. Bolin thrusts his fist forward, and we next see the waterbenders flung out of the box by three rocks. One lands on the walkway below. Cut to Bolin finishing untying Raiko and Buttercup. The couple hugs after being freed.)

Bolin: Mr. President, get back! I'm here to help.

(Bolin jumps from the balcony box and lands on the arena floor below, his sleeves ripping. The Nuktuk theme music from the mover is heard as Bolin tears his sleeves off, exposing his bare arms. Bolin cracks his neck before stepping forward. Cut to a high angle shot as Bolin crosses the walkway towards the waterbenders, who take a step back. Cut to a shot of Bolin from the front as he walks forward.)

Bolin: Looks like there's nowhere to go.

(Cut to a shot of the waterbender looking cautious. They look at the arena for a brief moment before the one in the middle bends the water from the floor and throws it at Bolin. Bolin dodges to his left, and we cut to a shot of the audience gasping. Cut to a wide, high angle shot of the waterbenders throwing water at Bolin, then quickly zoom out to show Lin adressing metalbender cops in the foreground.)

Lin: Secure the President and call for backup immediately!

(Lin points and the cops run off. Cut to the waterbenders each launching a stream of water at Bolin. Bolin dodges and rolls on the ground. He does a breakdance kick and summons three earth disks from the floor before flinging them at the waterbenders with a spinning back kick. One of the waterbenders is hit with a disk while the other two duck under. One waterbender throws a stream of water at Bolin. Bolin rolls out of the way and throws two disks at him. The waterbender jumps over the disks and attacks with an arcing, overhead wave of water down at Bolin. Bolin cartwheels to the side to avoid it. He pops up another disk and flings it, but the waterbender ducks under it while the other one hits bolin with a stream. Cut to a shot of the movie screen showing Ginger, as the real life Ginger's profile comes into frame.)

Movie Ginger: Nuktuk, look out!
Ginger: (at the same time) Bolin, look out!

(Cut to a shot of Bolin rolling across the floor towards the large speakers near the screen. He gets up and runs to the left to avoid an attack, and stops short before being hit by another. Bolin then runs forward, does a corkscrew hop, and slams his fists on the floor, making two tall stacks of earth disks pop out of the floor and land in front of him. The waterbenders each shoot of torrent of water at Bolin. Bolin brings his arms in front of him and the stacks of earth disks come together, forming a shield against the water. Cut to a shot from above as the water assaults Bolin, while on the movie screen we see Evil Unalaq also shooting a torrent of water at Nuktuk. Cut to a shot of Bolin holding his defense against the water. He pulls back and yells as he punches the stacks, shooting several disks out at the waterbenders. One is hit by a disks while the other one dodges. Cut to Bolin as he uses hook punches to shoot more of the disks, while behind him the screen shows Nuktuk shooting water blasts. Cut to Shiro Shinobi in the audience.)

Shiro Shinobi: This is unbelievable! Bolin is bending two full stacks of earth discs at once, which would normally be illegal! But then again, he's fighting three waterbenders, so all rules are out the window!

(Shiro puts his arm around the man sitting next to him, who tries to push Shiro's arm away but Shiro tightens his hold, oblivious to the man's discomfort due to excitement. Cut to a cloud of dust covering the view. A disks shoots through it and towards the camera. It collides with a waterbender, and Bolin flings two at another. The waterbender is knocked down by the disks, while the other one summons two streams of water, waving them around his body and throwing them at Bolin. Bolin corkscrew hops over the first, then pops up two disks to shield himself against the second. All the while, the mover shows Nuktuk fighting Evil Unalaq, matching most of Bolin's movements. Bolin throws another disk at the waterbender, who dodges, spinning around and throwing two more attacks at Bolin. Bolin jumps over them both, and on the second jump he summons an earth disk and shoots it. The disk collides with the waterbender, knocking him back into the speaker. Cut to Bolin.)

Bolin: (readying an earth disk) Tell me who sent you!
Gangster: It was Varrick. Please don't hurt me, Nuktuk!

(Cut to a close up of Bolin as his eyes widen. The camera pans left as he turns his head and drops the disks, revealing Varrick and Zhu Li in the balcony box in the background. Cut to a close up of Varrick looking worried and zoom in. Cut to a shot from behind Varrick and Zhu Li.)

Varrick: I think this is our cue to exit.

(The camera zooms out to reveal Lin in the foreground as Varrick and Zhu Li turn. Cut to Lin and the Metalbender cops in the doorway.)

Lin: Where do you think you're going?

(Cut to Varrick frowning nervously and glancing left and right. Cut to a close up of Bolin as he looks up as Varrick. The camera pans right to show the waterbender gangster trying to rush Bolin from behind while he's distracted. Bolin notices in time, and as the gangster gets close, he stomps the ground, popping a disk up from under the gangster and sending him flying away. Cut to a low angle shot as the gangster falls into the water. In the background, the movie screen shows Evil Unalaq being defeated. Cut to Shiro and the man he has his arm around as they both smile widely and Shiro clenches his fist.)

Shiro Shinobi: It's a knockout!

(Cut to a wide, high angle shot of the arena as the audience cheers loudly for Bolin. Cut to a close up of Asami smiling happily. Cut to a low angle shot of Bolin and the movie screen, as both he and Nuktuk smile and raise their arms triumphantly, Bolin flexing his bare arms. Cut to an establishing shot of the Southern Water Tribe at night, as we see the rebels enter the city. Cut to a low angle shot of Northern Soldiers running away down the street as they dodge water attacks, and we see the feets of the rebels step into the foreground. Cut to a shot of Tonraq and the rebels.)

Tonraq: (raising his arm and smiling) They're falling back!

(Their celebration is cut short as they look to the left, and we cut and tilt up to evil spirits hanging from the sides of the buildings, and on the roofs of two buildings are Eska and Desna. Cut to a profile shot of Tonraq. He turns and the camera zooms out to show Unalaq riding a a large, flying manta ray evil spirit above them. Cut to a low angle close up of Unalaq looking down at Tonraq, then to a high angle shot of Tonraq looking back up, frowning angrily and nervously. Cut to a shot of Varrick being put into the back of a police van by cops outside of the bending arena. The waterbender gangsters are tied up to the left, and they are surrounded by reporters. Zhu Li is lead in after Varrick. The camera pans right to show Lin and Raiko standing at the top of the steps in the background. Cut to a closer shot of the two of them.)

Lin: Varrick's plan was to kidnap you and blame it on the North. Then Republic City would have no choice but to join the war on the side of the South.
Raiko: I can't believe Varrick would do something like this, and no one saw it coming.
Lin: Actually, someone did. Remember Mako?
Raiko: (pauses a moment and looks at Lin) You've got a great officer on your hands.
Lin: He's one of the best.

(Cut to a far, wide shot of Bolin standing at the top of the building's steps as people take pictures of him. Ginger runs up to him from the left. Cut to a medium shot of Ginger grabbing Bolin's face and surprising him with a long kiss on the lips, leaving Bolin blushing, smiling, and dumbstruck.)

Ginger: I can't believe my boyfriend is a real-life hero!
Bolin: (gains his senses) Boyfriend? Wait, stop. I thought you said we weren't a couple.
Ginger: (pokes Bolin's head) Ah, you really are as dumb as those rocks. (grabs Bolin's cheeks) Of course we're a couple.

(Ginger starts kissing Bolin again, and Bolin puts his hands around her waist. The camera zooms out to show photographers taking pictures and Asami approaching Bolin.)

Asami: Bolin, you saved the President and you proved Mako was right all along. We have to go tell him what happened.
Bolin: (breaks kiss) Yeah! (continues kissing Ginger)
Asami: Ahem.
Bolin: Oh, you meant right now.

(Bolin, Asami, and Ginger look up when they hear a sky bison rumble overhead. Cut to a shot of Oogi flying dowm, carrying Korra, Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya. Cut to a shot of Oogi landing in the foreground as Korra jumps off and runs towards Raiko in the background. Raiko and Lin walk towards her.)

Korra: President Raiko...
Raiko: Avatar Korra, what's wrong?
Korra: Sir, I know I've asked for your help before, but things have changed. Unalaq doesn't just want to take over the South anymore, he wants to destroy the whole world.

(Cut to a low angle close up of Raiko looking shocked and zoom in slowly. Cut to commercial.)


(Cut to a far, wide establishing shot of the outside of the pro-bending arena where everyone is gathered. Cut to a medium shot of Korra and everyone else present.)

Bolin: Unalaq is gonna destroy the world? He really does have a doomsday device?
Korra: He's trying to release a powerful dark spirit during Harmonic Convergence, which is only a few days away. If he succeeds, the world as we know it is over. Sir, we desperately need your help.

(Everyone looks to Raiko. Cut to an over the shoulder shot of Raiko, with Korra in the foreground. Raiko thinks for a moment before answering.)

Raiko: I'm sorry, Korra, but my answer is still no.

(Cut to a shot of Korra, Kya, Bumi, and Tenzin all looking surprised. Tenzin gets angry and steps forward.)

Tenzin: There are lives on the line! And my daughter is one of them. Raiko, you must reconsider!
Raiko: I'm aware that lives are on the line, and that's precisely why my troops are staying here. If the world is going to be thrown into chaos, like you claim, I need to protect my citizens. I'm sorry.
Bolin: (places a hand on Raiko's shoulder) Sir... Nuktuk needs your help. I know you love helping people. (smiles)
Raiko: Son, I appreciate you saving my life, and I'm a big fan of your work, but my decision is final.

(Raiko walks away, leaving the group in silence. Bolin frowns.)

Bolin: I never should have saved that guy.
Asami: If you guys need help, I'm here for you.
Bolin: Yeah, me too.
Korra: Thank you. It's so good to see you guys again. (looks around) Wait, where's Mako?

(Cut to Bolin and Asami as they glance at each other uneasily. Cut to a low angle medium close shot of Mako sitting in his cell. He hears the door open and looks towards it. Cut to a wider shot of the cell from the back as we see Bolin enter.)

Mako: So, how was the big premiere?
Bolin: I saved the President! In real life!
Mako: Wait, w-what?
Bolin: You were right about Varrick, he tried to kidnap Raiko!
Mako: I knew it!
Bolin: But it didn't work, because of you and because of me. Let's just say we both did good. Bei Fong says you're free to go. (they exit the cell) Sorry for ever doubting you, Mako.
Mako: Don't worry about it, bro.

(Mako and Bolin hug. Cut to a shot of them exiting the police station, holding each other's shoulders. The camera zooms out and we see Lin and the other cops clapping for Mako. Cut to a high angle shot as Mako and Bolin approach the crowd of police, along with their friends. Cut to a close up of Asami clapping and smiling. Cut to a shot of Tenzin and Bumi, then pan left to Lin. Lu and Gang stand to her left and Korra stands to her right. Mako walks into the foreground.)

Lin: Nice job, Mako. You're going to make a great detective.
Lu: But, Chief, there aren't any detective openings right now.
Lin: Actually, we have two openings.

(Lu and Gang stare at each other in shock. Cut to a close up of Mako smiling warmly. He looks to his left and his smile widens as he looks at Asami. Cut to a shot of Asami smiling back at him, and then Korra suddenly enters frame, running up to Mako with a smile and hugging him. Cut to a shot from the side of Mako looking surprised before Korra kisses him. In the background, Bolin rises up with a comically shocked face.)

Korra: Mako, I missed you so much.

(Mako is still surprised. Bolin looks to the right, and we cut to a shot of Asami looking hurt, then glaring. Cut to a shot of Mako, Bolin and Korra with Asami, Lin, Lu, and Gang in the background. Bolin looks uneasily at Mako before he puts his hands on Mako and Korra's shoulders.)

Bolin: Oh, yeah, did I forget to tell you? Korra's back.
Mako: (nervous) Korra, hey, I missed you too. So you're not still mad at me?
Korra: (smiling obliviously) Why would I be mad?
Mako: We had that fight before you left, remember?
Korra: No, not really. I got attacked by a dark spirit, and I lost my memory for a little while. Maybe it hasn't all come back yet. Was it a bad fight?
Mako: (very nervous) Uh... Mm... (the camera pans across everyone else as they all watch and wait for Mako's response) No. No, it- it wasn't that bad.

(Mako looks to the side. Cut to a shot of Asami and zoom in slowly as she frowns and turns away, looking down with her arms crossed. Cut to Mako, Korra, and Bolin as the boys stare awkwardly at Asami. Bolin looks at Mako and sucks the air through his teeth. Tenzin enters frame and approaches Korra.)

Tenzin: Korra, we don't have much time. We need to figure out how to deal with Unalaq.
Bolin: I think I know just the man to talk to.

(Cut to a shot of the back of a luxurious chair as it swivels around and reveals Varrick sitting there.

Varrick: Guys, hey! What do you think? (cut to an overhead shot of Varrick inside a lavishly furnished jail cell, with Mako, Korra, Asami, Bolin, and Chief Lin on the other side of the bars) Varrick Industries built this prison, and I had this cell made special. I had a feeling I'd end up here one day. (smiles and teeth sparkle) Zhu Li, come on! We got guests, whip up a pot of that green tea I love.
Zhu Li: Yes, sir.
Korra: Zhu Li's in prison with you?
Varrick: Of course. I don't go anywhere without my assistant. Do you?

(Zhu Li pours tea in the foreground.)

Mako: We're not interested in your tea, and this isn't a friendly visit.
Varrick: Don't tell me you guys are still mad about everything that happened. I did some good things too. Korra, who warned you about Unalaq? I did. Bolin, who got you into the movers? I did. Asami, who saved your company? I did. Mako, who got you thrown in jail? I did! Oh, yeah, I guess that was a bad thing.
Asami: You stole everything from me, and you tried to kidnap the President. Those are pretty bad too.
Varrick: I wasn't going to hurt him. I just needed to start a war. Well, a bigger war.
Bolin: Well, we're gonna end it. Where's all the stuff you stole from Asami?
Varrick: The Future Industries stuff? It's on my battleship.
Korra: You have a battleship?
Varrick: Of course I do! I bought the first one they made, named her the Zhu Li.
Bolin: You named your battleship after your assistant?
Varrick: Yep. They're both cold, heartless war machines.
Zhu Li: (places the tea on the table next to Varrick) Your tea, sir.
Varrick: (takes tea) Look, I am truly sorry for the mess I caused. Let me make it up to you, take Zhu Li. (sips tea and Zhu Li gives him a look) My battleship, it's yours, and everything on it.
Korra: It's not the fleet we were looking for, but it's the next best thing.
Bolin: (fist pumps) All right! Team Avatar is back In business!

(Bolin grabs Mako, Korra, and Asami in a group hug and they all smile happily and laugh. In the foreground, Lin can be seen closing her eyes and smiling softly at them. Cut to a shot of a dark, cloudy sky and tilt down to Varrick's battleship on the ocean. Cut to an extreme wide shot from the side of Korra standing outside the bridge of the ship, looking out over the ocean. Cut to a close shot of Korra as Mako walks up to her from behind.)

Mako: It's okay. We're gonna stop Unalaq and get Jinora back.
Korra: I hope my Dad's all right.
Mako: (puts his hand on Korra's shoulder. She hugs him and he hugs her back) I'm sure he's fine.

(Cut to the wide shot of them hugging and slowly zoom out. Cut to a close shot of Tonraq waterbending, with his men behind him. He yells and throws the water at the camera. Cut to a shot of a dark spirit dodging Tonraq's attack, jumping off the side of a building as the water freezes where it once was. The spirit lands behind Tonraq and whips away the rebels with its tail. It jumps at Tonraq, but he hits it with a stream of water from the snow on the ground, obliterating it. As Tonraq turns around, he is knocks down by a water blast. A rebel to his side bends water, but is also knocked away by a water blast. Cut to Eska and Desna as they both launch more water attacks. Two rebels create ice walls to shield themselves while Tonraq ducks into an alley where two other injured rebels are hiding. Tonraq flinches as a water blast hits the side of the building he's next to.)

Tonraq: Get the men and fall back.
Rebel: What about you?

(Tonraq shields his eyes from another water blast, and we cut to an extreme close up of him as he looks down the street. He looks towards the camera and we cut to an over the shoulder shot of Northern Soldiers and evil spirits heading down a different street, battling the rebels. A stream of water flies by the camera as it zooms in on Unalaq in the background. Cut to a close profile shot of Unalaq and he walks calmly while a Northern waterbender launches a water stream behind him. Cut to Tonraq in the alley.)

Tonraq: I'm going to end this right now. Go!

(Tonraq bends two waves of ice from the ground at Eska and Desna. They cartwheel out of the way and use water to shield themselves from large ice shards shot at them. Tonraq turns and runs down the alley after Unalaq. He vaults over a stack of crates and does a spinning back kick in the air, launching a streams of water that knock down two soldiers. Two more soldiers move to attack him, but Tonraq freezes them in a large wave of ice. Tonraq turns and sees Unalaq standing in the background on top of some steps.)

Unalaq: Hello, Tonraq. Looking for me?

(Tonraq swings his arms and launches a large stream of water that turns into ice as it flies at Unalaq. Unalaq brings his hands up and creates a large mound of ice to shield himself. The collision creates a large mist cloud, and out of it flies the mound of ice, colliding with Tonraq. He grunts in pain and rolls over the ground before getting on his knees, then slowly stands back up. Cut to a low angle shot behind Tonraq in the foreground as he faces Unalaq in the background. Cut to an over the shoulder shot with Unalaq in the foreground and Tonraq in the background and pan right. Cut to an extreme close up of Unalaq's profile as he smirks.)

Unalaq: Brother, I'm too strong for you.
Tonraq: You're no brother of mine. You betrayed me. You had me banished!
Unalaq: Yes, I did.

(Tonraq frowns angrily and begins charging at Unalaq. He jumps and spins as he begins to bend a stream of water, but he is knocked down by a chunk of ice from the side. Cut to Tonraq sitting up on the ground while the camera focuses on Eska and Desna in the background, both readying their next attack.)

Unalaq: Stop! He's mine.

(Cut to Unalaq as he walks down the steps. Cut to an over the shoulder shot as Eska and Desna step back, Unalaq walks into frame, and Tonraq stands back up, holding his side in pain.)

Tonraq: You are not the true Chief.
Unalaq: I am, and you will bow to me.

(The camera quickly zooms out from a close up of Unalaq as he waves his arms upward and the snow on the ground forms a wave, coming at Tonraq. Eska and Desna jump out of the way into an alley as Tonraq is hit by the wave of snow and sent back into the wall of ice he made earlier. Tonraq is thrown against it and yells out in pain, falling to his knees. He quickly gets back to his feets and throws a stream of water at Unalaq. Unalaq catches the stream with his bending and encircles it around himself before throwing it back at Tonraq and turning the water into ice. Tonraq dodges the ice, and punches another ice construct aimed at him. Tonraq rolls under a third frozen stream and rushes Unalaq. Unalaq frowns in frustration and begins to bend spikes of ice from the ground and the buildings at Tonraq. Tonraq rolls under them, dodges another, and smashes two more with a flying knee and a shoulder slam without stopping his run. Unalaq throws a water stream at Tonraq, but Tonraq rolls under it as he keeps getting closer. Tonraq bends an ice wall between him and Unalaq to shield him from Unalaq's next attack, which bursts through the ice, but Tonraq runs to the side and creates an ice slide with he rides upward. Unalaq destroys the ice barrier with more attacks, and attempts to destroy the ice slide. Tonraq slides and the scene goes into slow motion as he jumps at Unalaq, his arm reaching forward. We cut to an over the shoulder shot, with Unalaq in the foreground as Tonraq slowly flies towards him. Cut to a profile shot of Tonraq looking furious, his fist raised and ready to punch, then pan left to Unalaq looking worried as Tonraq grabs his collar. Cut to a wider shot as Unalaq raises his hand, and the scene goes back to normal speed as he pushes Tonraq's grabbing hand to the side and counters by bending an ice pillar under Tonraq, launching him into the air.

Cut to a close shot of Tonraq falling face first back to the ground, with Unalaq in the background. Unalaq lowers the ice pillar, and the rest of the ice constructs he made covering the area fall apart as Tonraq groans and struggles to get up. Unalaq waves his arms and does an upper cut, engulfing Tonraq in a pillar of water. Cut to a shot of Tonraq in the water as it freezes, trapping him. Unalaq walks into frame in the foreground. Cut to a close up of Tonraq's face in the ice as he stares angrily at Unalaq. Cut to a close profile shot of Unalaq as he stares back just as angrily, sweat on his face, and then smiles smugly. Cut back to Tonraq as he closes his eyes and takes on a more calm expression, accepting his defeat. Cut to an extreme close up of Unalaq as he then pulls back his hand, then launches a stream of water at Tonraq. The scene goes into slow motion once more as the ice shatters and Tonraq is blasted backwards. Cut to a wide shot of Tonraq laying in the snow, surrounded by ice. Unalaq walks into the foreground towards him. Cut to a close up of Tonraq face down in the snow, bruised and battered.)

Unalaq: Now that I've defeated you, your daughter is next.

(Cut to a low angle shot of Tonraq on the ground and Unalaq standing over him, the camera focused on Unalaq, and slowly zoom in.)

[End Credits]

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