Transcript for 212 - Harmonic Convergence
Harmonic Convergence
Written By: Tim Hedrick
Directed By: Ian Graham
Storyboard By: Toshiyasu Kogawa, Owen Sullivan, Melchior Zwyer
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Yong Wing

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Night of a Thousand Stars"]

Shiro Shinobi: Bolin's a hero! The mover star stopped Varrick's kidnapping attempt on President Raiko, proving his brother's innocence. Mako and Korra were reunited but Korra has no memory of their breakup! Meanwhile, Jinora's spirit is still trapped in the Spirit World and Tonraq and his Southern forces have been defeated. Now it's up to Team Avatar to stop Unalaq before Harmonic Convergence.

Act I

(Fade into a wide establishing shot of Varrick's battleship cruising across the ocean. Music from a wood flute can be heard playing. Cut to a shot of Kya in her bedchamber onboard, moving her arms about as she bends the water of a bathtub Jinora is lying in, siphoning energy into Jinora. Cut to an overhead shot panning over Jinora, with only her head above water, her body still unconscious, and her spirit trapped in the Spirit World. The water glows as a result of Kya's healing abilities. Cut to Bumi sitting cross-legged on deck and playing the flute that was already being heard, Oogi lying behind him. Cut to a wide shot of the deck of Varrick's battleship, panning down to Korra bending air at a dummy in frustration while Tenzin stands behind her and Mako stands off to the side. Naga is lying off to the side. Cut to a closer shot in front of Korra as she bends air right at the camera, making the shot shake. Cut to Korra from the side as she throws a couple more air-punches, then delivers a roundhouse kick. Cut to the dummy rocking from the impact of the air blasts. The shot pans over to Mako standing in the background, watching, his arms folded. Cut to Mako as Bolin approaches him from off-camera, wearing a purple raincoat and eating a slice of pie.)

Mako: What's up with the coat? And where did you get that pie?
Bolin: It's a Varrick ship, you never know what you're gonna find. There's a whole level filled with funhouse mirrors. Of course... (Bolin turns around to reveal a large torn hole in his rear, showing his white underwear with red paw-prints) there's also the cat-gator deck. (turns back around) I miss that guy, he really knew how to make a long trip interesting. So have you told Korra yet (Cut to a shot of Korra still bending air at the dummy) about how you guys broke up and then you kind of started dating Asami (Cut to close-up of Korra, still airbending, her face contorted in rage and her body and face dripping beads of sweat from her efforts.) while she was off getting attacked by dark spirits?
Mako: You wanna keep it down? (Cut to Mako glaring at Bolin, then looking down at his feet) I'm waiting for the right moment.
Bolin: (smiling in mockery) Oh, Mako. (puts his arm on Mako's shoulder, grinning wider) You know, a wise man once told me that delivering bad news to a girlfriend (puts his arm fully around Mako) was like ripping off a blood-sucking leech. You just have to do it fast and get it over with.
Mako: (frowning, looking down in concession of Bolin's point) I hate it when you listen to me. Fine.

(Cut to Tenzin, arms folded.)

Tenzin: Unalaq will be waiting for you. You'll need all of your Avatar power to stop him.

(Cut to Korra looking at the dummy off-camera, with a determined expression.)

Korra: I'm going to close the spirit portals, lock Vaatu in for another 10,000 years, (the camera slowly pulls back as Korra throws a punch and a blast of fire comes right at the camera) and make Unalaq wish he'd never been born!

(Cut to a wide shot of the fire blast heading for the dummy. Cut to a close-up of the dummy's head as the blast hits it directly, sending it up in the air. Cut to an overhead angle on Mako's feet as the singed dummy's head lands in front of them. A close-up pans up Mako's torso, revealing the wide-eyed and bewildered expression on his face looking down at the dummy's head. Cut to a shot following Korra from the side as she approaches Mako, who picks up the head and returns it to her.)

Korra: Thanks, Mako.

(Korra turns to head back to training, but halts in her tracks when she hears Mako try to say something.)

Mako: Uh... Um...

(When Korra turns to face Mako, he whips around, pretending he hadn't said anything and looking up at the sky.)

Korra: Did you want something?
Mako: Uh, (grins the terrible liar's grin) no, no, nothing.

(Korra makes a concerned face, but turns back around to return to training anyway. When she is off-camera, Mako sighs and presses his fist to his forehead in frustration. Bolin slides across the deck to Mako's side, giving Mako an incredibly mocking grin. Mako glances at Bolin, then returns to being frustrated. Cut to a wide shot with the dummy in the foreground and Korra and Tenzin in the background, while Kya comes out of a door behind them.)

Tenzin: As soon as we reach the Southern Water Tribe, we'll blast through the blockade at the main port. Then we can rendezvous with Tonraq and his troops, crash through the defenses around the portal, and enter the Spirit World.
Kya: (looking concerned) Whoa, since when does my little brother want to crash or blast through anything?

(Cut to a close-up of Tenzin's angry face.)

Tenzin: I'll do whatever it takes to save my daughter.

(Tenzin turns around when he hears Bumi's voice.)

Bumi: We all want to save Jinora, but I think your plan might be a tad overaggressive, seeing as there are only seven of us and one ship.
Tenzin: Really? And what do you suggest?

(Cut to a close-up on Bumi.)

Bumi: An attack like this calls for strategy. (reminiscing with nostalgic looks and animated gestures) I remember when I was surrounded by pirates in the Hurricane Straits. We managed to capture them all with just a feather, two eggs, and a barrel of molasses.

(Cut to Tenzin, arms folded, yelling at Bumi.)

Tenzin: I don't want to hear any of your crazy stories now! This is serious.

(Bumi pouts. Cut to an overhead shot as Bolin, Asami, and Mako approach Tenzin, Kya, Bumi, and Korra.)

Bolin: Are we almost there?
Asami: Almost. But, I just picked up a distress signal from the Southern troops, there's a problem.

(Cut to a dramatic shot pushing in on the group. Cut to an establishing shot of a Southern Water Tribe rebel compound, as Oogi swoops into view and flies toward it. Cut a wide shot of an elevated hut as Senna descends down the front steps, while Oogi sets down on the snowy ground. Korra rides Naga into view from the other direction. Cut to a shot of Korra stopping Naga, then dismounting and running toward her mother.)

Korra: Mom!

(Cut to a wide shot as mother and daughter embrace while Naga and Oogi look on. Bumi, Bolin, and Asami are standing in Oogi's saddle while Mako gently passes Jinora's body down to Tenzin on the ground, standing next to Kya.)

Senna: I'm so happy you're here.
Korra: (pulls away a little) Where's Dad?
Senna: (eyes welling up, she bows her head down sadly) Unalaq wiped out the entire Southern resistance and captured your father.
Korra: (makes a determined expression as Tenzin walks up behind her, carrying Jinora) I'll get him back.

(The camera zooms in between Korra and Senna on Tenzin, flanked by Kya and Bumi.)

Tenzin: Where is my mother?
Senna: She's in the healing hut. So many injured.

(Cut to a frontal shot of the doors of the healing hut sliding open, with Korra and Kya doing the opening. Tenzin is carrying Jinora in from the outside, flanked by the others. They all look shocked at what they see. Cut to a wide panning shot of the inside of the hut, with dozens of Water Tribe soldiers lying in cots or on blankets, covered in bandages. Katara is tending to a few in the far corner. Katara turns when she hears Tenzin and the others enter, and approaches them, placing a hand on Jinora's body.)

Katara: What happened?
Tenzin: Her soul is trapped in the Spirit World.
Katara: Oh, my goodness. How long has she been away?

(Cut to a close-up of Jinora's face, as the camera pans up to Kya's fearful expression focused on Jinora.)

Kya: Almost a week. I've tried to keep her energy flowing, but I can feel her slipping away. (faces Katara) You're the only one who can help her now, Mom.

(Cut to a close-up zooming in on Katara's doubtful but concerned expression. Cut to a close overhead shot as Tenzin gently lays Jinora in a pool of water. Katara begins bending energy from the water into Jinora, making the water glow.)

Tenzin: How much longer can she survive like this?
Katara: I don't know. But she's very strong to have lasted this long.

(Cut to a wide shot zooming in on Korra talking to the group outside the healing hut, while Naga and Oogi rest.)

Korra: I talked to the rebels, they said Unalaq's got the Southern portal surrounded. Harmonic Convergence is only a few hours away.
Tenzin: Then we have to break through the enemy lines ourselves and get to the portal now.
Korra: There's no use in talking anymore. We know what our mission is.
Bolin: A suicide mission.

(Everyone turns to face Bolin, their faces etched with doubt. Bumi sets his hands authoritatively on his hips and draws everyone's attention to him.)

Bumi: You know, I was in a similar situation once. My platoon had crawled through the desert with no water for a week, but when we finally located the only oasis for 100 miles, it was surrounded by angry sandbenders. (Cut to a panning shot of everyone's disbelieving expressions while Bumi continues) I realized our only chance to get to the water was to drop in from above. (Cut to a close-up zooming in on Tenzin's face as his eye begins twitching in irritation) So I fashioned together a catapult, and with the help of a few well-trained hog-monkeys-
Tenzin: (having had enough, Tenzin gets in Bumi's face) Enough of your ridiculous lies! Can't you see that the fate of the world and Jinora's life depends on what we do here today?

(Cut to a close-up of Bumi's hurt expression. His eyes dart to Asami when she speaks.)

Asami: Hold on, maybe Bumi's right. We don't have a catapult and hog-monkeys, but we have a flying bison, and there's a plane on Varrick's ship. Maybe we can attack from above.
Korra: What are you thinking?
Asami: Mako, Bolin, and I can use the plane to create a distraction and scatter some of the defenses. You, Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya can fly into the spirit portal on Oogi when you see an opening.
Korra: Let's get moving.

(Cut to a shot looking up as Oogi flies away with the group in-saddle, pulling back to reveal Naga watching from the ground. Cut to an overhead shot of Naga, with Pabu in her saddle. Naga makes a saddened growl, and Pabu chirps. Cut to an establishing shot of Unalaq's camp, with guards watching from towers. Cut to a frontal shot of tent flaps being opened as Eska and Desna walk into the tent. Cut to a wide panning shot following Eska and Desna walking over to Unalaq, who is meditating on a dais.)

Eska: What are we still doing here, father?
Desna: The invasion was completely successful, and the Southern Tribe is under our control. The spirit portals are open.
Eska: You've restored balance, now we would like to go home.
Unalaq: (stands) You don't understand. Everything I've achieved so far will pale in comparison with what I'm about to accomplish.
Desna: What else is there? The Water Tribe is united.
Unalaq: After today, there will be no more Water Tribe, no more nations of any kind. The world is about to be transformed into something magnificent and new. And I will lead this glorious revolution. (Eska and Desna exchange uncertain glances, as the shot pans over to Unalaq, who turns to face away from them) Now go outside and get the troops ready to defend the spirit portal.
Eska: From whom? We've already beaten everyone.
Unalaq: The Avatar will be here soon. (raises an eyebrow) She has no choice.

(Cut to a side shot of Oogi flying through the clouds. Asami flies a biplane into view in the background. Cut to a close-up of Asami wearing pilot's headgear, with Mako tied at the waist to the right wing in the background. Asami looks in Oogi's direction and gives a thumb's-up. Cut to a frontal shot of Tenzin holding onto Oogi's reins, looking in Asami's direction and nodding in acknowledgment of her signal. Oogi swoops upward past the camera. Cut to a wide shot following the bison and plane from the side, as Oogi ascends higher than the plane. Cut to a side shot of the plane, pulling back from Asami's position in the cockpit to reveal Bolin on the left wing, tied to it but clutching onto the supports for dear life.)

Asami: Are you ready?
Bolin: I'm an earthbender strapped to the wing of a plane hundreds of feet in the air, so, no?
Mako: Don't worry. There's no way they'll be expecting this.

(Cut to a wide aerial shot of the spirit portal through the clouds. As the camera gets closer, the clouds part to reveal hundreds of spirits flying around the beam of light coming from the portal. The camera dips down a little to reveal a circular defense formation around the portal. Cut to a panning side shot of the Northern Water Tribe forces on the ground, in battle-ready stances behind blocks of ice. Future Industry mecha-suits stand behind the soldiers. Cut to Bolin, eyes wide, pointing down at the army off-screen.)

Bolin: I think they were expecting it!

(Cut to commercial.)

Act II

(Fade in to an angled establishing shot of the spirit portal, panning down to the ground where a fortress of ice has been built around the portal. Cut to a shot inside the fortress walls, panning up from the Northern soldiers' feet to their faces as they get into defense positions, watching through the window slots in the walls. Cut to a wide, shaky overhead shot of the spirit portal and its defenses as Asami's plane swoops into view, descending toward the defenses. Cut to a ground shot from behind as soldiers within the forrtifications watch the plane descending toward them. Cut to the inside of the fortress, where the soldiers are bending spears of ice out the windows. Cut to a wide shot of the fortress as spears of ice shoot of the window slots in volleys toward the sky. Cut to a shot following behind the plane, as the ice comes directly at it. The plane swerves to dodge, and the dozens of ice shards fly past the camera. Cut to Bolin as he clings to the wing's supports and screams.)

Bolin: Ahhh!!! Asamiii!

(The camera pulls back as the plane veers to the side, and ice continues to fly past it. The plane is flying upside-down, directly over the fortified camp below. Cut to a low-angle shot of Asami from inside the cockpit, holding onto the stick with all her might.)

Asami: Get ready!

(She pushes the stick forward. Cut to a shot from below of the plane going into a dive as volleys of ice from two directions are thrown at it, but miss. The plane dips below the screen, then rises back up, heading toward the camera as it swerves left then right to avoid more volleys of ice. The camera zooms in to a shaky close-up of Asami's face as she shouts.)

Asami: Fire!

(Cut to a side shot of Mako as he sends three blasts of fire down below. Cut to a wide panning shot inside the camp as Mako's blasts hit a barrack and set it ablaze, while the plane hurtles past the camera, leaving more blasts of fire in its wake. Cut to a rising shot following the plane upward, as volleys of ice are sent after it. Cut to a close-up of Asami in the cockpit, as she looks to her right down at the ground. Cut to a side shot of the plane from Bolin's side, with the ground directly below the other side as the plane veers downward. Cut to a ground shot of three mecha-suits as they fire nettings at the oncoming plane. Cut to a frontal shot of Bolin flinging metal disks down at the mecha-suits. Cut to a wide shot of the mecha-suits as the disks land on them. When the plane swoops into view and flies past, the suits rotate with the plane's movement and fire at it. Cut to a side shot of Bolin pulling something out his backpack. Cut to a close-up revealing it's a detonator. Bolin pulls the trigger and a red light turns on, at the same time a "beeeep" sound is heard. Cut to a shot from underneath the plane aimed at the ground as the disks on the suits explode. Cut to a wide shot of the spirit portal and its defenses, some of them on fire. Oogi flies into view from the right side of the shot.)

Korra: There are spirits everywhere. I don't see an opening.

(Cut to a frontal shot of Tenzin leaning to the side for a better look at the ground, while Kya, Korra, and Bumi keep an eye out from Oogi's saddle.)

Tenzin: Let's circle around and see if we can find a way from the other side.

(Cut to the spirit portal as dark spirits erupt from its sides, gathering in a crisscrossing motion and then heading directly at the camera. Cut to a side shot of Oogi as Tenzin pulls on the reins and forces Oogi to swerve and avoid being hit by the oncoming spirits.)

Tenzin: Hold on!

(Cut to a shot of Oogi going into a dive with a dark spirit swooping around behind him, snapping its jaws at the bison and landing a hit. Oogi growls as he flies right past the camera. Cut to a side shot of Oogi with his legs, sides, and tail covered in vine-like dark spirit matter. Other dark spirits fly directly behind him. Cut to a shot of a dark spirit landing on Oogi's side, clinging on his fur. The camera pulls back to reveal Korra bending air at the spirit from the saddle, knocking the creature off. Korra spins and sends another air blast in a different direction. Cut to a close-up of Kya bending a stream of water out of her hip-flask. Cut to a direct overhead shot of Kya, zooming out as she bends water at a spirit right above her and then another one. Cut to a close-up of Oogi's frightened expression as the dark spirits' tendrils creep over his neck onto his face. Cut to a side profile of Tenzin, turning his head to yell at the others.)

Tenzin: The spirits are weighing Oogi down, we're losing altitude.

(Cut to Bumi climbing out of the saddle onto Oogi's tail, where Bumi proceeds to kick a dark spirit clinging onto the bison's fur.)

Bumi: Get off of him, you sticky, nasty, little blob of goo! (The spirit knocks Bumi off-balance and he falls, grabbing onto the spirit's back) Whoa! If I go, you're coming with me. (Cut to a side shot of Bumi kicking himself off Oogi's body, holding tightly onto the spirit as he falls.) Aah!
Kya: Bumi!

(Cut to a wide shot of the spirit portal and its blazing defenses as Asami's plane swoops into view, dodging more shards of ice that fly right past the camera. The plane continues descending into the distance. Cut to a panning shot of Northern soldiers on the ground as they bend the snow covering the ground right beside them and morph them into giant shards of ice, proceeding to fling them into the sky. Cut to a shot aimed up at the plane from below as a couple shards smash into the bottom of the right wing and the tail. The plane tilts right while Mako tries to hold on and throw a fire blast at the ground. Cut to a panning shot of the defenses as the plane banks right past, a line of smoke trailing from its tail while Mako spews a long trail of fire right at the defenses. The plane zips back into the sky, leaving a long line of smoke in its wake. Cut to a shot of Asami looking down at the ground and the destruction below. The plane banks away from the camera, veering toward the ground. Cut to a frontal shot of Bolin holding onto the wing supports as the plane banks left. He throws more metal disks downward. Cut to a side angle of the fortification surrounding the portal, with Northern soldiers looking outside the window slots. The plane zips past the camera, and a half-dozen disks land on the fortress walls. The soldiers inside retreat as the disks begin exploding. Cut to an angled shot of Bolin looking back at the ground behind and below him as the fortress below is peppered with explosions.)

Bolin: I wish Varrick was filming this. (makes a fist pump) We could call it "Nuktuk: Sky Warrior"!

(Bolin raises his fist in the air triumphantly, as the plane veers out of the shot. Cut to a wide shot of the encampment as Northern soldiers watch the plane fly toward them. Eska is watching from the foreground, to the right. As the plane flies past the camera and blasts of fire hit the ground, and soldiers flee. Eska just keeps her eyes on the plane, enraged. The camera pans over to reveal her brother is behind her, and the siblings propel themselves forward by bending the snow underneath them. Cut to an overhead shot as Eska and Desna slide across the snowy ground, bend a couple ramps of ice, slide off those into the air, and kick splashes of water past the camera, all in perfect synchronicity. Cut to a side shot of Asami's plane, as the water blasts freeze into ice and strike the tail, breaking it in two. The tail of the plane explodes, and it goes into a nosedive. Cut to a shot from behind of Eska and Desna sliding to a halt in the snow, while the smoking plane screams its way toward the ground in the distance. Cut to a shaky close-up of Asami as she struggles to keep control of the plane's descent.)

Asami: Brace yourselves!

(Cut to a shot flying past mountain peaks as the plane falls toward and then crashes into the ground until it comes to a complete halt. Cut to a shot of Bolin lying in the snow as the smoke clears. The camera pans up to reveal Mako lying in the snow a few feet away, with Asami lying next to her downed plane in the background. Cut to a frontal shot of Tenzin trying to keep control of Oogi's rapid descent as the spirit tendrils creep toward him. Cut to a wide shot of the landscape as Oogi dives toward the ground and crashes into it, hurtling toward the camera and flinging Tenzin, Korra, and Kya off. Cut to a wide shot of them sliding across the snow, with the spirit portal and its defenses in the far background. Cut to a close-up zooming in on Korra's snow-covered face as she peels her eyes open, and looks up. Cut to a shot of Northern soldiers riding forward from the spirit portal toward the camera. The shot goes between being in-focus and out-of-focus, until it fades to black. There is a fading in from black to a shot of Tonraq, beaten and disheveled, inside of a tent. His hands are tied behind his back to a tent post. Cut to a side shot of Tonraq as Korra wakes up, having been lying on the ground. Her hands are bounds in chains.)

Korra: Dad.

(She rises to her knees as the scene cuts to a close-up zooming in on Tonraq's battered face. His eyes open.)

Tonraq: Korra, I'm so sorry. I failed you.
Korra: (leans in closer) Don't give up. Harmonic Convergence isn't here yet, we still have a chance.

(The tent flaps open off-screen, and Korra turns. Cut to a wide shot pulling back from Korra and Tonraq - with Tenzin and Kya further back - as Asami, Bolin, and Mako are thrown unceremoniously to the floor, also bound in chains. Cut to a wide panning shot of the inside of the tent, with Eska, Desna, and a guard by the entrance. Mako glances back at Korra. Cut to a close-up of Mako's remorseful expression.)

Mako: We tried.

(Cut to a shot pulling back from the tent's entrance as Unalaq enters.)

Unalaq: Congratulations, everyone. You've all got front-row seats for the beginning of the new world order.
Korra: You don't know what you're doing, Unalaq. Freeing Vaatu won't make you powerful, it will only make you a traitor to everything good that's happened for the last 10,000 years.
Unalaq: You think what Avatar Wan did was good? (makes a saddened expression) Driving almost all the spirits from this world? The Avatar hasn't brought balance, only chaos. (frowns) You call yourself the bridge between the two worlds, but there shouldn't be a bridge, we should live together as one.
Korra: (glaring) Even if Vaatu escapes, I'll put him right back in his prison, just like Wan did.

(Cut to a side shot of Unalaq as the camera pans slowly, revealing Eska and Desna lined up in-step with him.)

Unalaq: It's true that when Wan fused with Raava, he tipped the scales in her favor. But this time, I'll be here to level the playing field. When Harmonic Convergence comes, I will fuse with Vaatu. (Eska's and Desna's eyes widen, and they glance at their father, surprised by this revelation) And together, we will become the new Avatar. A Dark Avatar. Your era is over.

(Cut to a close-up of Tonraq, leaning forward, looking both desperate and saddened.)

Tonraq: Think about what you're doing. I know that you've always had a deep connection with the spirits, but you're still a man. You're still my brother. You're Eska and Desna's father. Are you willing to throw your humanity away to become a monster?
Unalaq: I'll be no more of a monster than your own daughter. The only difference is that while she can barely recognize her own spiritual power, I will be in complete alignment with mine. Vaatu and I will be as one. (raising his voice) No one will be able to stand against us. (Cut to a frontal shot of Eska and Desna glancing at each other, uncertainly) Keep them locked up. (Eska turns to her father as the camera pans over to him) After the Harmonic Convergence, I will come for Korra.
Eska: Yes, father.

(Unalaq turns and opens the tent flap to exit. Cut to a wide shot inside the shot as Unalaq and the guards leave in the background. Cut to a close-up of Tenzin's broken face, with Kya leaning on his shoulder.)

Tenzin: I failed in every way. We've lost Jinora forever.
Kya: There's still a chance. They didn't get Bumi.

(Tenzin bows his head and groans, obviously not believing in Bumi at all. Cut to a wide shot of a snowy landscape, panning down to the ground as a crackling sound is heard. A foot pops out of the snow. Cut to a shot of Bumi as he rises from the snow, shaking it off. The camera pulls back to reveal the dark spirit he'd fallen with floating right in front of him. Bumi yells, and crawls backwards, away from the spirit. Cut to a wide panning shot as Bumi stands up and the spirit floats over to him. Cut to Bumi pointing at the spirit, then raising his fists up in fisticuffs motions.)

Bumi: Oh, you want to play some more. Well, bring it on.

(Cut to a side shot of the spirit floating closer. Bumi bounces between both feet, like a boxer, then strikes the spirit in the face. Nothing happens. He strikes it three more times, rapid-fire. Again, nothing. Bumi swings his fist in circles behind him, then smashes an uppercut under the jaw area. Cut to an angled shot as Bumi's fist makes impact, in dramatic slow-motion. Cut to a close-up of the spirit's face, with Bumi's fist implanted in it. Its eyes glare down at Bumi. Cut to a close-up of Bumi's face, his eyes wide. He breaks into a slight grin as he chuckles nervously, beads of sweat breaking out on his forehead. Cut to a wide shot as the spirit swings its fist into Bumi, sending him into the air. Bumi tumbles to the ground far enough away that the camera has to pan over to follow his fall. He winds up with both legs sticking out of the snow, until they plop down. He rises out of the snow and shakes it off. The spirit approaches behind him. Bumi glances back, while sneakily reaching into his coat.)

Bumi: Oh, we're playing dirty, huh?

(Cut to a shot zooming away from Bumi as he flings a dagger toward the camera. Cut to a side shot of the dagger as it lands in the spirit's gut area as if it had landed in jelly. The spirit braces upon impact, then its insides flip the dagger around and shoot it back at Bumi. Cut to Bumi screaming and ducking to dodge the dagger, which flies right past him. Looking up, Bumi gasps and scrambles away just as the spirit comes crashing into the snow where he was just sitting. Cut to a side shot of the dark spirit pulling itself out of the snow and floating toward Bumi in the foreground. Bumi begins backing away. Cut to a frontal shot of Bumi as he pats his coat, looking for something else to use against the spirit. He reaches into his coat and triumphantly whips out... his wood flute. Bumi makes a disappointed face when he realizes what it is. Cut to the dark spirit as it stops floating and the markings on its face that work as eyes suddenly widen at the sight of the flute. Cut to a close-up of the wood flute, with Bumi making a surprised face in the background. He makes a thoughtful expression, then draws the flute to his lips and begins playing. Cut to the dark spirit morphing back into something less intimidating and more innocent-looking. Cut to a close-up of Bumi as his face lights up.)

Bumi: Hmm, looks like we've got a music lover here.

(Bumi begins playing again. Cut to the spirit as it begins to bob to and fro to the music, while Bumi begins hopping between both his feet in a dance. Cut to a wide shot as Naga runs across the snowy prairie toward the camera. Cut to a side shot of Bumi when he notices Naga coming and he breaks into a wide grin.)

Bumi: (laughing) Reinforcements!

(Cut to a side shot of Naga slowing down as Bumi hugs her face, with Pabu chirping from atop Naga's head. Bumi pulls away, and the spirit floats up behind him.)

Bumi: All right, soldiers. Looks like it's on us to save the day. Luckily, I've got a plan.

(Cut to an establishing shot of the spirit portal, surrounded by dark spirits. The camera pans down the portal beam to Unalaq's tent on the ground. Cut to Desna and Eska holding the tent flaps open and looking outside.)

Korra: Eska, Desna, listen to me.

(Eska and Desna turn. Cut to Korra, still bound and sitting on the ground. Her father still bound to the post in the background.)

Korra: You've got to help us stop Unalaq. I know he's your father, but Vaatu has made him completely crazy.

(Cut to a wide panning shot of the inside of the tent, as Eska and Desna face the captives.)

Eska: We will never turn on our father.
Korra: Please, if you let me out now, I can still stop him from destroying everything. Once he fuses with Vaatu, no one will be safe. Desna, he won't be your father anymore.

(Cut to a panning close-up of the twins' faces. Desna narrows his eyes, then moves to confront Korra angrily.)

Desna: You don't know what you're talking about! Our father is the wisest man in the world, if he says what he is doing is right, I believe him.

(Cut to a wide shot of the camp as Northern soldiers waterbend in order to put out the fires Mako and Bolin had caused. The camera pans down to the wall surrounding the perimeter, as a soldier patrols along it. Cut to a side shot following the soldier as he patrols, looking directly ahead. Bumi, Naga, and Pabu are pressed up against a corner of the wall in a poor attempt at blending in, but the soldier keeps walking as if he can't see them. When Bumi and the animals are out of view, only then does the soldier and the camera come to a stop. The soldier's eyes widen, realizing what he just passed.)

Northern Soldier #1: Huh?

(Bumi leaps at the soldier from off-screen and tackles him to the ground, throwing snow into the air. Cut to a wide panning shot of the camp as two Northern soldiers converse, with dark spirits floating all around them.)

Northern Soldier #2: You know, if I wanted some ball of evil lurking over my shoulder all the time, I'd have stayed home with my mother-in-law.

(Cut to a wide shot of the camp with the portal in the far background, while dark spirits lounge and float around. A Northern soldier walks into the shot, his back to the camera. He suddenly stops.)

Bumi: All right, spirit army, (Cut to a close-up of Bumi, wearing a Northern soldier's uniform as he pulls his flute out) your general is here. Follow me!

(Bumi starts to play the flute. Cut to the dark spirits all ceasing to float around, turning their attention to the music. They fly toward Bumi. Cut to an overhead shot of Bumi as dark spirits circle around him.)

Bumi: It's working!

(Cut to a close-up of Bumi as he starts playing again. The dark spirits continue circling him, then they all strike where Bumi is. As they become stuck to each other, wriggling frantically, the camera pans down to reveal Bumi cowering on the ground beneath them.)

Bumi: It's not working!

(Bumi scrambles and runs through the encampment past other soldiers as the dark spirits chase him. Cut to a close-up of Bumi's face as he runs faster, then stops suddenly. Cut to a shot of a dark spirit and then others flying in between two tents toward the camera. Cut to a frontal shot of two mecha-suits with Bumi in front of them, turning to run one way but then turning back as dark spirits chase him from both sides. Bumi scrambles up one of the suits and climbs inside, where we cut to him shutting himself in before the spirits can attack him. Cut to a shot of the mecha-suit as dark spirits latch onto it, then sink through the metal directly into it. Cut to Bumi buckled up inside, as the controls begin to spark and go haywire. The lamps inside turn on, and we cut to a close-up of the suit's caterpillar track treads spinning, kicking snow behind them and lurching forward. Cut to a shot from behind of the mecha as it runs right into a tent and doesn't stop, taking the canvas with it. The suit crashes into another tent, then zigzags into another, all while Northern soldiers flee. Cut to a close-up of Bumi's face, as he flails his hands about inside the smoke-filled machine and the glow from electric sparks light up his face.)

Bumi: Get me out of here!

(Cut to a close-up of a lever, as Bumi's hand pushes it forward. We then cut to a close-up of the mecha's arm spinning into frame, and a cable shoots out, flying toward a radio tower in the center of the encampment as we cut to a close-up of the clamp at the cable's end latching onto the tower. Cut to a shot of the blazing mecha, tethered by the cable to the off-screen tower, uncontrollably propelling itself in a circle over all tents and barracks in its way, hurtling toward the camera. We cut to a wide overhead shot of the camp as the suit continues running in a circle around the radio tower, crashing into tents and other standing structures. The mecha continues on its rampage over buildings in a side shot we cut to, with the tower static in the background. We cut to an overhead shot of a barrack as the cable swipes into it and flips it over, revealing a soldier rolling over in his cot to get some sleep and startling two soldiers playing Pai Sho at a small table where the barrack used to be standing. We cut to the wide overhead of the camp from earlier, with the mecha's circular path of destruction almost completed as it crashes into the last buildings standing. Cut to Bumi inside the mecha, as dark spirits come out of the walls toward him. He backs away in fear, and we cut to a close-up of his hand reaching behind him and yanking on a handle attached to a cord. We cut to a side shot of the mecha still going, as Bumi is ejected from the suit, still buckled in his seat. We cut to a frontal shot of Bumi screaming and hurtling toward the camera, then to a panning shot of Bumi's seat spinning wildly in the snow in one direction.)

Bumi: Whoo-hoo!

(Bumi continues continues spinning until he slides right into the entrance of the tent where Eska and Desna are watching over the captives. Bumi's spinning seat crashes into them both from behind, knocking them flat on their backs while he and the shot both come to a complete stop in front of the captives. Cut to a frontal shot of Bumi as the smoke and snow begin to settle behind.)

Bumi: All right, guys. Rescue time!

(Bumi gives a cheesy grin while the camera pans up and pulls back to reveal Eska and Desna standing up behind him, both looking very irritated. Still carrying Pabu on her head, Naga suddenly leaps through the entrance and swats Eska and Desna into each other with her paws, knocking them to the ground. Cut to a panning shot of the astonished expressions of Bumi, Asami, Kya, Tenzin, Tonraq, Korra, and Mako, some even blinking in disbelief. We cut to the wide overhead shot of the camp from before, but with everything within the mecha's circle of destruction destroyed or burning. The radio tower itself topples over.)

Tenzin: Bumi, how did you manage to take out this entire encampment on your own?

(Cut to a shot of the whole group standing outside the tent, Mako and Bolin holding an injured Tonraq up. Bumi reaches into his shirt and pulls out his flute to show Tenzin.)

Bumi: I did it all with my trusty flute and- (hangs his head low in despair) Oh, never mind. You wouldn't believe it anyway. (begins marching, leading the group away) Let's get moving.

(Cut to a wide shot of the fortress surrounding the forest containing the spirit portal. It has a breach in the walls. The group walks forward from off-camera in the direction of the portal, as the camera pans up the beam of light to the spirits circling it high in the sky. Cut to commercial.)


(Fade in to a wide shot of the group standing inside the forest, with Naga and Oogi sitting off to both sides as the camera pushes in. We cut to a shot of Tonraq limping forward, out from under Mako's supportive arm.)

Tonraq: You run into the portal. I'll try to hold off anyone who comes after you.
Korra: No, you're too hurt. You need a healer. (Cut to a side shot of Korra approaching Tonraq, turning her head to Asami standing in the background) Asami, can you take Oogi and my Dad back to my Mom?
Asami: (nods) Mm-hmm.
Korra: (as Asami walks off-camera, Korra turns to face her father) This is my fight now.
Tonraq: (embraces his daughter) Korra, I love you.
Korra: I love you too, Dad.

(Cut to a shot zooming in on Asami on the back of Oogi, holding the reins, with Tonraq, Pabu, and Naga in the saddle behind her.)

Asami: Yip-yip.

(Oogi rises from the ground and takes off. Cut to a shot pulling back, showing Korra and Tenzin watching Oogi flying away. We cut to a wide shot of the whole group, with Korra facing Tenzin.)

Korra: Once we're inside, you go find Jinora. (turns to Mako and Bolin) Mako and Bolin will take care of Unalaq while I close the portal, so Vaatu can't escape.
Bolin: Wait a second. (making animated gestures with his hands and panicked expressions) Worst-case scenario: So we're fighting Unalaq, you close the portals, and let's just say something happens to you, are we gonna be trapped in there for eternity?

(We cut to a wide shot from behind Kya, Bumi, Bolin, and Mako in the foreground, pushing in on Korra and Tenzin facing the group from the background.)

Korra: If everything goes as planned, we'll all walk out together after Harmonic Convergence. (Cut to a close-up of Korra's face) If not...
(Cut to a panning close-up shot of the sober expressions on Mako's, Bolin's, Bumi's, and then Kya's faces. We cut back to the same close-up of Korra, as she bows her head and sighs, then looks up at the group.)

Korra: Let's go.

(Cut to a wide shot of the portal down a long pathway through the trees, as Korra runs past the camera toward it. Bolin and Tenzin run after her, followed by Kya, Bumi, and Mako. Cut to a shot panning down the tree where Vaatu is imprisoned, as dark spirits circle around above it. Unalaq is facing thetree, standing upon the roots. We cut to a side shot of Unalaq, who turns his head toward the Southern Portal as the camera zooms in toward that. We cut to the portal as Korra, Mako, and Bolin walk through it, standing abreast. Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi are right behind them. Cut to a frontal shot of Unalaq standing atop a stone, as dark spirits roar and fly toward the camera. Unalaq leaps onto the back of one, riding it with his feet firmly planted on its back as we cut to an angled shot of the dark spirits flying toward the portal.)

Korra: Tenzin, go find Jinora!
Tenzin: Come on!

(Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi run off, while Korra presses her fists together and she goes into the Avatar State, her eyes glowing. The camera pulls back very fast, as Korra runs forward and then makes a spinning kick in the air before bending a wave of air toward the camera. We cut to a wide overhead shot down the portal as this tsunami of air washes toward the dark spirits coming toward the portal. Cut to a side shot of the spirits flying forward from off-camera, then being hit and thrown backward by the blast of air.

The camera pans up as Unalaq leaps forward off the back of the spirit he was riding, spinning around high into the air. Cut to a shot of a creek of water bending upward and crystallizing into a tower of ice, the camera panning up its formation as Unalaq lands on its side and slides down to the ground while the camera pans down and pulls back. Still spinning as he slides forward, Unalaq bends more water past the camera as we cut to a side shot of Mako and Bolin running forward and leaping into the air. Mako bends a defensive line of fire and Bolin bends a block of earth upward from the ground, both defending against blasts of water.

Cut to a shot behind Korra as she runs toward the portal in the background. Cut to a frontal shot of Korra as she reaches both hands just past the camera, touching the portal. The camera zooms in closer on her face as her eyes glow and the shot shakes and fills with the portal's glowing aura. We cut to a shot behind Korra as the portal begins glowing more brightly with activity. Cut to an angled shot of Unalaq running forward, leaping into and spinning in the water as a boulder slides across the ground past him. Unalaq bends the block of ice from behind him into a whip of water, slashing at a fire blast coming right at him - extinguishing it in mid-air - and then bending a long blast of water past the camera. He then spins and sends another blast of water past the camera, and another.

Cut to an extreme wide shot panning past jagged peaks in the foreground while Unalaq battles Mako and Bolin in the background. Cut to Mako flipping backward in the air, dodging water as Bolin summons more boulders from the earth to block Unalaq's blasts. Korra is still trying to close the portal far behind them. When Mako lands, he sends more fire blasts past the camera, then nods to Bolin, who bends a promontory of rock out of the ground directly beneath Mako. This leads to a cut to a wide shot of the promontory's momentum propelling Mako into the air toward Unalaq. Bolin's bending slices the promontory in half and he sends the upper block at Unalaq, who blocks it with a defensive blast of water just as Mako sends another fire blast at him. Unalaq bends water to block that as well, then throws Mako backward out of the shot with one powerful blast of water. Bolin sends the lower block of his promontory sliding across the ground toward Unalaq, who brings a wave of water from off-screen to stop the block and then push it back toward Bolin. The block smashes into Bolin and breaks apart upon impact, sending Bolin flying backward.
Cut to a shot pointing up at Korra, still in the Avatar State, as she keeps trying to close the portal. The camera pans up the portal's beam, showing it to be thinning out when we cut to a shot zooming in on Vaatu's tree.)

Vaatu: You're running out of time, Raava. I know you feel it coming.

(Cut to a shot from behind Korra as the beam becomes thinner and thinner, then to a shot of the planets slowly coming into perfect alignment, with a colossal sun in the background. Cut back to a shot behind Korra, as the portal becomes as thin as a thread. Then the beam grows back and glows with an overwhelming brightness, blasting Korra backward, hurtling across the ground toward the camera. Cut to an extreme wide shot of the landscape, with the two portals intact and Vaatu's tree in between them. The camera pulls back as the portals become charged with electricity and then bend toward each other, connecting into a huge arc directly above the tree, brightly shining at the center. The lightning becomes more active between the portals, as we cut to a shot of Korra on her knees, looking up at the electric arc of light overhead.

Cut to a close-up of Unalaq's grinning face as the wind picks up. Cut back to the wide shot of the landscape as the bright light at the center of the arc shrinks and then splits, shooting down both branches of the arc into the two portals. Cut to a wide shot of Eska and Desna standing outside the fortification surrounding the forest, as the spirit portal glows yellow and a circular blast of purple energy flies outward from the portal, knocking the twins backward through the snow. Cut to Desna and Eska both looking onward in fear.

Cut to an aerial overhead shot of the earth as the purple light blankets the landscape. Then we cut to a shot of the planet, as the purple light can be seen creeping over the atmosphere from both the North and South poles. Cut to a wide shot of Republic City from the harbor, as the purple atmosphere swoops past. Cut to a shot of a street in Republic City as the energy sweeps through, blanketing the whole area. Cut to a close-up of Lin as she holds her hands in front of her, protecting her eyes from the wind as the dark energy sweeps over her, rendering her and her surroundings in a dark purple hue. Lin looks up toward the sky, and we cut to an angled shot pointing up from between the streets at the sky, showing green lights dancing in the purple atmosphere.

We cut back to the shot of the planet, as the two purple waves coming from the poles meet at the equator, covering the whole world. Cut back to a wide shot of the two portals in the Spirit World, as several sparks of lightning begin coming from the arc of light and striking Vaatu's tree below. We cut to a frontal shot of the tree being struck by lightning as it begins to glow red. The glow becomes brighter and brighter until the lightning suddenly stops, and all light fades to a single point of red light coming from Vaatu's prison until all is completely dark.

Then the camera zooms backward as a great blast of white light erupts from the tree across the landscape. The light fades to reveal Vaatu flying out of his prison toward the camera and stopping in mid-air between the two portals. Cut to a panning shot of Mako and Bolin looking to the sky, with Korra still sitting on the ground far behind them, as the wind throws bits of dirt past them.

Cut to Vaatu flying up, then swooping down below the shot, only to fly back up right in front of the camera and cackle maniacally. The camera pulls back very fast from Vaatu, bringing Korra into the lower foreground of the shot. We then cut to a shot pushing in on Korra, looking dishevelled and staring with terrified eyes up at Vaatu, who is now freed.)

[End Credits]

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