Transcript for 213 - Darkness Falls
Darkness Falls
Written By: Joshua Hamilton
Directed By: Colin Heck
Storyboard By: Han Kwang Il, Lee Dae Woo, Bae Gi Young, Park So Young, Jeung Hae Young, Han Cheong Il, Kim Jung Hoon, Owen Sullivan, Melchior Zwyer
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Psycho Silver

["Previously on The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Harmonic Convergence."]

Shiro Shinobi: After 10,000 years, Harmonic Convergence is here again, and the Dark Spirit Vaatu is free. Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya have entered the portal to rescue Jinora's spirit. Asami split from the group and took the injured Tonraq to safety. So it's up to Korra, Mako, and Bolin to stop Unalaq before he fuses with Vaatu and becomes a Dark Avatar!

Act I

(Fade into a high wide shot of Vaatu hovering over the giant tree in the center of the area. Unalaq is standing at the base of the tree while Korra, Mako, and Bolin stand near the Southern portal in the background. Cut to a close up of Unalaq looking up at Vaatu and smiling before turning around to look at Korra and her friends in the background, the camera focusing on them. Cut to Korra, Mako and Bolin.)

Vaatu: Raava, nothing could stop this moment. Harmonic Convergence is upon us again.
Korra: I'm not going to let you fuse with Unalaq. You're going right back in that prison.

(Cut to a low angle shot as Vaatu flies higher. The camera quickly tilts down to Unalaq who turns as Vaatu flies towards him. Cut to Korra as her eyes glow and she shoots a fire blast at Vaatu, knocking him away before he reaches Unalaq. Cut to Korra as she gathers wind into her hands and shoots a blast of air at Unalaq. He grunts as he is lifted up by a whirlwind and tossed by Korra through the Southern portal.)

Korra: Don't let Unalaq back in the Spirit World!
Bolin: We're on it!

(Bolin and Mako run through the portal. Cut to Korra as she turns back, then cut to Vaatu flying towards the camera. Cut back to Korra as she enters the Avatar State. She throws her hands to the side and rushes at the camera, fire shooting from her fists. Cut to a wide shot of Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya walking through a forest in the Spirit World.)

Bumi: Jinora... Jinora's spirit, do you hear me? It's your Uncle Bumi.
Tenzin: Ah, this isn't working. We can't just randomly wander the Spirit World, call out for Jinora, and expect to find her!
Bumi: We just need to employ the simple rules of tracking. (kneels down and points to the ground) First we locate her footprints... then we follow them.
Kya: Do you even know what Spirit footprints look like? Do spirits even leave footprints? Face it, your tracking skills won't work in the Spirit World. (sits on the ground) Let me try something. (meditates) Ommmm... (points) Jinora is over there. I feel a lot of spiritual energy coming from that direction.
Bumi: We're in the Spirit World, there's spiritual energy in every direction!
Tenzin: Enough! We can't do this by ourselves, we need a spirit guide. (walks to the side. Cut to a wide shot of them approaching a cave entrance) There! (cut to a shot of them looking in at a floating, smiling star glowing in the dark cave) Spirit, hello. I'm sorry to disturb you, but I am in need of your assistance.
Dark Spider Spirit: (eight red spider like eyes open in the darkness) You dare wake me, human? Humans in the Spirit World belong in one place only!

(The Dark Spider Spirit emerges from the cave, resembling a giant scorpion. The glowing star dangles from an antenna much like an anglerfish. Cut to the spirit's point of view as it snarls and runs at Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya. The three humans run away screaming, and the spirit spits webbing from its mouth at them. Cut to a shot of Tenzin and zoom out as he stops just at the edge of a cliff, trying to keep his balance. Kya and Bumi bump into him as the spirit closes in on them, and they are forced to jump off. Cut to a shot of Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi falling at the camera, the dark spirit looking at them from above. Cut to a shot of tree branches rustling, then tilt down to Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi having landed in a pile, creating a small crater. Cut to a close shot of them, Kya and Bumi's eyes in comical swirls of dizziness and Kya foaming at the mouth. The camera tilts down to Tenzin at the bottom, still conscious. Cut to a wider shot as Tenzin gets off the ground with a gust of wind, which gets his siblings back on their feet. Cut to a medium shot of Tenzin as Bumi dusts himself off in the background and Kya approaches from the right, also dusting herself off.)

Bumi: Well, that didn't work. Now where are we?
Tenzin: We're completely lost.

(Cut to a shot of Korra's legs as she lands on a rock and pops up a rock below before kicking it. She leaps back and bends the water from a stream before also flinging it at Vaatu. Vaatu dodges the attacks, as well as a blast of fire and a gust of wind. Korra goes into the Avatar State and uses a gust of air to launch herself at Vaatu. Cut to an extreme wide shot as Korra attacks Vaatu in the air over the tree and under the arc of the connected spirit portals, Vaatu twisting around to avoid the attacks. Korra hits Vaatu with water and flips backward. Fire shoots from the bottom of her feets before she hits the ground, causing her to hover. Vaatu whips a tendril at Korra, but Korra uses fire to shield herself from it, then immediately retialiates by spinning around and shooting a huge, spiraling blast of fire at Vaatu with both fists. The spiraling blast drills through Vaatu's center, and Korra flies through him on a whirlwind. Korra once again hovers on jets of fire before landing as Vaatu reforms himself and attacks her with a tendril whip. Korra dodges back and the ground where she was standing is smashed, but Korra is then hit when Vaatu shoots an energy beam at her. She yells in pain as she's knocked back and collides with a rock, then groans when she lands on her hands and knees. Vaatu straightens back up and heals his wounds before shooting two tendrils into the ground. Many vines grow from the ground around Korra and ensnare her, lifting her off the ground.)

Korra: No!

(Korra struggles. Cut to a panning right shot of Mako and Bolin as they stand ready at the edge of the spirit portal. The camera focuses from Bolin in the back to Mako in the front. The two brothers look at each other a moment before staring back into the surrounding forest. Cut to a panning left shot through the trees behind Mako, Bolin and the portal, the trees quickly passing in front of the camera. A large chunk of ice suddenly erupts from the ground, and several ice shards are flung at Mako and Bolin. Mako turns and looks in surprise.)

Mako: Huh?

(Bolin creates a wall of stone to block the ice. Mako ducks behind it, then starts shoots two fire blasts from the cover into the forest where the attack came from. Bolin lifts up two large chunks of stone and throws them into the trees, knocking one down as the stones crumble into dust. The brothers stand and wait for the dust to clear, until they hear an attack come from behind them. Mako and Bolin gasp and roll out of the way as more ice shards fly at them. Mako stands and uses a punch and kick to shoot two fire blasts. Bolin does a backflip to lift a stone pillar from the ground and launches it forward with a punch. He then turns to the side and creates a stone barrier to protect himself from a chunk of ice, but it breaks through the stone and knocks Bolin back. Bolin slides over the snow next to Mako and stands back up.)

Bolin: I don't know if we can win this fight.
Mako: We don't need to win. We just need to stop Unalaq from getting back in the Spirit World. Huh?

(They hear more ice shards whistle through the air, and Bolin creates another stone barrier to protect themselves. Cut to the Spirit World forest and tilt down to Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi walking down a path past large, glowing mushrooms. Cut to a shot of Tenzin looking down at a large orange mushroom as they walk by.)

Tenzin: We're walking in circles! I've seen that same Spirit Mushroom five times!
Bumi: That's not the same mushroom.
Spirit Mushroom: Yes, I am.
Tenzin: See? Even it knows we're lost.
Bumi: Oh, sure, listen to a fungus over your own brother.
Kya: (a strange noise like wind is heard) What's that?
Bumi: Mushroom, is that you?
Spirit Mushroom: Nope, wasn't me.

(A shadowed figure figure walks into view. Cut to Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi looking at it and gasping. Cut to Iroh emerging from the shadows with a spirit fox by his side.)

Bumi: Iroh?
Tenzin: How...? Where...? It's been so long.
Uncle Iroh: Almost 40 years. It's nice to see you again.
Tenzin:How did you know we were here?
Uncle Iroh: My friendly spirit fox told me you were lost. I came to show you the way out.
Tenzin: Iroh, we are grateful, but we're not looking for the way out. We're looking for my daughter.
Uncle Iroh: I'm sorry to hear that, but you shouldn't be here. Vaatu has escaped, and darkness threatens to take over.
Tenzin: I'm not leaving until I find Jinora.
Uncle Iroh: I understand but I beg you to be careful. If you travel too deep into the Spirit World, you could end up in a place where only the lost will ever find you.

(Tenzin looks to his brother and sister with concern. They look at each as Tenzin looks back to Iroh, but Iroh has vanished. Cut to an overhead shot and zoom out as they look for the disappeared Iroh. Cut to a close up of Tenzin as he turns to the camera.

Tenzin: A place where only the lost can find you... That's it! I know where to find Jinora!

(Cut to a low angle shot of Korra ensnared and struggling in the vines as Vaatu looms over her. Cut to a close profile shot of Korra. She enters the Avatar State, and the camera zooms out as she breathes a huge torrent of fire at Vaatu. Vaatu is pushed back and releases his hold. Korra looks down and breathes fire at the vines, burning them and freeing herself. Korra does a butterfly kick to throw out an arc of wind, then bends a stream of water at Vaatu. Vaatu is hit by the water stream, then another, and avoids a fire blast. Korra stomps the ground to pop up two large rocks, then bends them into large spikes that shoot into Vaatu and knock him into the air before Korra splashes him with more water. Cut to a close up of Korra as she lifts herself into the air on a whirlwind. She encases the stunned Vaatu in a wind bubble, and surrounds it with rings of water, fire, and earth before setting back down on the ground.)

Korra: I'm locking you away for another 10,000 years, Vaatu!

(Korra circles her arms before she begins to push the trapped Vaatu back towards the hole in the giant tree. Cut to a bird's-eye-view shot of Bolin and Mako guarding the portal as they hide behind stone barriers.)

Bolin: Unalaq? (peeks above the barrier) Are you out there? He must have gone home?

(Cut to Bolin's point of view as he peeks around the side of the stone, only for Eska to revel herself from the other side, face to face with him.)

Eska: Hello, my feeble turtle-duck.
Bolin: Aah!

(Bolin screams in terror and his hair stands on end before Eska casually knocks him away with waterbending.)

Mako: Huh?

(Mako briefly turns to see what's wrong just as Desna darts behind him and knocks him away with a gush of water. Mako and Bolin stand up back to back to face the twins when they are blasted to the side by a large torrent of water. Cut to a shot of the brothers knocked out on the ground. The camera tilts up to reveal Unalaq riding in on a wave of water as Eska and Desna walk towards him. Cut to an overhead shot as the water disperses on the ground. Cut to a shot from the side of Unalaq walking towards the portal between Eska and Desna.)

Unalaq: Don't let them escape this time.

(Eska and Desna glance at each other. Cut to Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi standing outside the cave where the spider spirit was. Its lure is still dangling and glowing in the dark.)

Bumi: Are you sure this is the best way to find Jinora?
Tenzin: Trust me. (Tenzin waves his arms, gathering wind in his hands before shooting a gust into the cave) Hey, you, spirit- Wake up!
Dark Spider Spirit: (eyes light up in the dark) You again?

(The spirit screeches and emerges, spitting web at the camera. Cut to an overhead shot of Kya, Bumi, and Tenzin looking bemused as they are dragged over the grassy ground. The camera zooms out to show them tied up in the webbing. Cut to a shot from the side of the spirit dragging them, holding onto a strand of web with a claw at the end of its scorpion tail. It enters into a jagged, rocky area. Cut to a close shot of the dark spider spirit as it swings Kya, Tenzin, and Bumi in front of the camera. They look scared as they hang upside down. Cut to a wide overhead shot of a foggy crater down below and zoom out. It is surrounded on the edges by hook shaped rocky outcroppings.)

Kya: I thought we were going to be taken to a prison.
Tenzin: This is a prison.
Dark Spider Spirit: Welcome to The Fog of Lost Souls. You will never escape.

(The spirit swings the three of them over the edge and the webbing comes undone, letting the humans loose to fall into the fog. Bumi, Tenzin, and Kya all yell as they drop through the fog. Cut to a wide shot of Korra about to place Vaatu back into his prison inside the giant tree. Cut to Vaatu getting closer to the tree as he and the elements around him begin to shine brightly. Cut to a low angle shot of Korra just as she is hit from behind by a gush of water. Korra is knocked way and onto her knees. In a flash of light, Vaatu is freed from Korra's trap. Cut to a close up of Korra as she looks up, exhausted. Cut to a shot of Unalaq as he bends a stream of water and sends it at Korra. Korra stands up only to get knocked down by the attack, skidding over the ground and landing on her back. Cut to the other side of the spirit portal. The camera pans left to show Eska and Desna dragging Mako and Bolin way from the portal. Cut to a close up of Bolin with Mako being drug in the background. Bolin quietly wakes up and glances at Eska drgging him. He looks to Mako, and we cut to a close up of him also waking up. Mako looks to Bolin, furrows his brow and nods. Cut to a shot of Mako doing a spinning kick on the ground, firebending to get Desna to let go of him. Mako then shoots a flame blast at Eska, who lets go of Bolin in fright as Bolin struggles out of her grip. Bolin yells as he and his brother run for the portal and the twins give chase. Bolin hops and stomps the ground, bending up two stone pillars that knock back Eska and Desna, who both backflip after being hit. Mako and Bolin both enter the portal. Cut to a wide shot of Vaatu flying between the portals. Cut to a shot of Bolin and Mako exiting the portal inside the spirit world. Cut to a close up of Mako as he looks in shock, then cut to a shot of Korra on the ground and the camera quickly zooms in on her, unconscious. Cut to a shot of Eska and Desna exiting the portal, looking angry.)

Eska: Stop!

(Cut to a shot from behind as Eska throws a stream of water at Bolin and Mako. Cut to a shot from in front of Mako and Bolin as we see both Eska and Desna bend water at them. The water lands at their feet and encases them in cylinders of ice, freezing them in place and leaving only their heads exposed. Cut to a close up of Korra pushing herself up and looking up. Cut to a wide shot of Unalaq as Vaatu lands beside him. Cut to a close shot of Korra as she frowns. The camera quickly zooms out as she quickly gets to her feet and swings her fist, wildly and unsteadily, sending out a fireball, then falls to her knee. Cut to Unalaq as he stops the weak attack with waterbending. The camera then follows Vaatu as he flies above and descends into Unalaq. A bright light surrounds them and a loud, unnatural humming noise is heard as the spirit enters Unalaq's body. Cut to a closer shot as Vaatu finishes fusing with Unalaq. Unalaq's eyes glow orange as he gasps and slouches over. Cut to a low angle close shot of Unalaq as he stands up straight, his head tilted down, and the Northern portal far in the background. Unalaq's chest glows red with Vaatu's pattern. Unalaq turns around, and space seems to warp as he is suddenly moved in front of the portal, his back to the camera. Cut to a close up of Unalaq's hand touching the portal's energy. Cut to an extreme wide and high angle shot of the area as the arc of energy between the portals crackle with electricity, the top of the arc especially energetic. Cut to Unalaq's hand as dark purple energy begins to swirl around it and up his arm. Cut to a low angle shot of Unalaq himself as the purple energy spreads over the rest of his body. Once it reaches his head, Unalaq steps back and screams, energy shooting from his mouth and into the sky. The purple energy turns dark red and seems to bubble all around Unalaq as a bright yellow light shines from within and blinds the camera. Cut to a close up of Korra watching helplessly.)

Korra: No!

(Cut to the high wide angle shot of the area as it begins to shake, and a bright light shines from the Northern portal, growing larging and filling the field of view. The shot quickly transitions to a shot of Unalaq in front of the portal as purple energy swirls around him. Cut to a low angle close up of Unalaq as he tilts his head down, eyes closed. He opens his eyes and they glow orange.)

Unalaq: We are now one.

(Cut to commercial.)

Act II

(Fade into a low angle shot of Unalaq in front of the Northern spirit portal.)

Unalaq: Now a new era for spirits and humans will begin, and I will lead them all as the new Avatar.
Korra: Well, I'm the old Avatar, and my era's not over yet.

(A soft wind blows around Korra a moment. Cut to a close up of Unalaq as he frowns and charges at Korra, propelling himself with waterbending. Cut back to Korra as she does the same. Cut to a shot of the two of them colliding in the air and creating a blinding flash of light. Cut to the Fog of Lost Souls as Bumi, Tenzin, and Kya walk in front of the camera.)

Bumi: What kind of prison doesn't have any bars or walls? We could walk right out of here.
Tenzin: The Fog of Lost Souls is a spirit prison for humans. I read about it in an ancient text. The Fog is actually a spirit... that infects your mind and slowly drives you mad, imprisoning you in your own darkest memories.
Kya: How long can you be trapped in here?

(Behind them a shadowy figure walks by. It comes into view and is revealed to be Commander Zhao, his hair dishelved.)

Zhao: I am Zhao the Conqueror! I am the moonslayer! I will capture the Avatar! I am Zhao the Conqueror! I am the moonslayer! I will capture the Avatar!
Kya: Hopefully we're not trapped in here as long as that guy.
Zhao: (sees Tenzin) You! You're him! The last airbender! (grabs Tenzin's collar)
Tenzin: Ah! No! Get off me!
Zhao: You've grown... But I will still defeat you! Ah! Ohh! (Bumi and Kya grab him and toss him away, Kya knocking him back with waterbending. The three siblings run away as he gets back up) Come back, Avatar! Face me! I am Zhao the Conqueror! I will capture you! Victory will be mine!

(Zhao slowly disappears into the fog and his last words echo. Cut to a close up of Tenzin tying a cord to Kya's waist. Cut to a wider shot of Tenzin giving another cord to Bumi to tie around his own waist.)

Tenzin: If we stay together, we'll find Jinora and make it out of this fog.

(Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya walk off together. Cut to a shot from behind as the three of them disappear into the fog. Cut to a low angle show of the Southern spirit portal and tilt down as Korra flies out of it, followed by Unalaq. Cut to a wide overhead shot as Korra and Unalaq fly away from the portal, Korra riding a whirlwind and Unalaq riding a waterspout. Korra bends fire at Unalaq and he blocks it with waterbending and a wall of ice. As they fly over the ground, Korra throws a gust of wind at Unalaq. He dodges and throws shards of ice back at her. Korra blocks them by earthbending up dozens of large boulders from below the ground, then throws them at Unalaq. Unalaq creates two large water whips and cuts through the boulders before throwing a torrent of water at Korra. Korra bends water in front of her and creates an ice shield, but Unalaq wraps the water around it, freezing it around Korra before throwing her to the ground. Korra rolls and skids and slides over the snow, grunting in pain before collapsing on her back. Cut to a high overhead shot with Unalaq in the foreground as he looks down at Korra and the crater in the ground where he threw her. Cut to a shot in front of Unalaq as he dispells his waterspout and drops down to the ground. Cut to a wide low angle shot of Korra sitting up as Unalaq's legs land right in front of the camera. He uses his landing and earthbending to form a fissure in front of him, going right at Korra. Cut to an overhead shot as the ground splits open under Korra and she falls into the crevice with a yell. Cut to a shot from inside the fissure below as Korra falls down and becomes wedged in. Cut to an overhead shot of Korra inside the crevice as she struggles, trapped. Cut to a low angle shot as Unalaq stands above, looking down into the fissure at Korra. Unalaq waves his arms upwards, them begins to slowly push his palms towards each other as he starts to bend the fissure closed. Cut to Korra still struggling and scared as the two sides of the fissure begin to squeeze her. Cut to a close up of Unalaq.)

Unalaq: Give in. Your time is over.

(Cut to a close up of Korra as she looks left and right, then slowly begins to lose consciousness as the light grows darker.)

Raava: Korra, this fight is not over.
Korra: Raava...
Raava: Vaatu cannot win. Do not give in to 10,000 years of darkness. You are the Avatar.

(Everything goes completely dark until Korra's eyes begin to glow and the earth starts to shake. Cut to a shot of Unalaq. An enormous pillar of fire erupts from the crevice below him and he is sent flying back. Unalaq shields his eyes from the bright fire and looks up when it has dissipated. Cut to a shot from behind Unalaq as Korra rises from cloud of debris on a whirlwind, surrounded by a gold aura. Cut to a medium close shot of Korra as she turns to the camera.)

Korra: You cannot win!

(Korra spins and throws an arc of air at Unalaq. He rises up on a waterspout to dodge it, and Korra chases after him, ripping up the ground below as they fly away from the camera. Cut to the Fog of Lost Souls as Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya walk into view.)

Tenzin: Jinora! Jinora!
Bumi: (puts a hand on Tenzin and stops them) Wait a second.
Tenzin: what? Do you hear something?
Bumi: (cut to an extreme close up of Bumi's eyes as he looks very frightened and sweats) Yes, they're all around us. The cannibals, they're everywhere.
Tenzin: Bumi, you must focus your mind right now. There are no cannibals.
Bumi: Yes, there are! They're gonna eat every last one of us!
Kya: Aah! Who are you two?!
Tenzin: (grabs Kya's shoulders) Kya, we're your brothers. You must remember before the Fog infects you.
Kya: No, you are just a vision! I have no family! You can't tie me down!
Bumi: They're closing in! (unties the cord and runs off) I gotta get outta here! Aah!
Kya: (unties her cord and runs off as well) Aah!
Tenzin: No! (Kya disappears into the Fog) Bumi! Kya! Come back!

(Tenzin looks around a moment before shooting gusts of wind around his to push back the Fog. He creates a large blast, but it only pushes the Fog back a moment before it comes back and Tenzin fades into it. Cut to Bolin and Mako frozen in ice as Eska and Desna walk up to them from behind.)

Mako: Please, let us out.
Desna: His groveling is pathetic.
Eska: But I do enjoy the sweet scent of desperation.
Mako: Come on! Your dad has become an evil monster, he's trying to bring on eternal darkness! Why would you protect someone who doesn't care about you at all?
Desna: (looks worried while Eska cocks an eyebrow) Father was going to let me expire when we tried to open the Northern portal... Perhaps we should rethink our position.
Mako: Yes!
Eska: No. Don't listen to him, his words are poisoning your mind.

(Bolin suddenly begins to sob loudly.)

Eska: What's with this outburst of emotion?
Bolin: I'm sorry, I can't help it. It's just so sad... that I'll never get to be with you again.
Eska: What? Explain yourself further.
Bolin: Eska, I've always loved you, and I've always wanted to be with you... But now that the world is ending, I'm never gonna get that chaaaaaance!
Eska: We could have been together, but you left me at the altar.
Bolin: I was scared! I was scared of my true feelings for you. I should have never left you! I'm sorry! And I'm sorry that we'll never have a chance to rekindle the dying ember that was our love into a... Big fire of love flames!

(Bolins sobs some more. Cut to Mako and Desna glancing at each other awkwardly. Cut to a close up of Eska and slowly zoom in as her expression changes from confusion to surprise. Cut to a shot from the side as Eska grabs Bolin's head and kisses him. Bolin closes his eyes. The camera slowly zooms in and the ice around Bolin melts. Cut to a shot from behind Mako and Bolin as the ice trapping them both melts. Cut to Bolin and Eska kissing with Desna and Mako watching in the background. Eska breaks the kiss, a strand of saliva stuck between her and Bolin's lips.)

Eska: You'll never defeat my father. But should you survive, perhaps we can spend eternal darkness together.

(Mako touches Bolin's shoulder and they both run off towards the portal. Cut to a close up of Bolin with Mako in the background.)

Mako: Wow, that was the best acting I've ever seen. You completely fooled her!
Bolin: (hesitantly) Yeah, right, that- That was acting.

(Bolin wipes a tear from his eyes. Cut to a shot from behind as they enter the portal, and zoom out to where Eska and Desna's robes come into view. Cut to a close up of Eska smiling mishieviouly with Desna in the background.)

Desna: They will certainly perish.

(Cut to a shot of the portal from the other side as Mako and Bolin exit it, then stop to look. Cut to a shot from behind them, then tilt up to Korra and Unalaq still battling, flying around on their whirlwind and waterspout in the distance past the dead trees. Mako and Bolin run towards them. Unalaq bends water at Korra, and Korra bends fire back at him. Cut to Korra as she corkscrews in the air and surrounds herself in fire as she drills through a torrent of water Unalaq throws at her. The fire and water dissipate, and as Korra turns in the air, she uses earthbending to kick three large boulders at Unalaq. They hit him and explode into a cloud of dust. Unalaq rises out of the dust and bends water back at Korra as she lands on the side of a hill. Korra leaps away and avoids the water as it hits the ground below. She continues backflipping as Unalaq throws more attacks at her. Korra then bends a pillar of stone underneath her to launch herself into the air. She does two spinning kicks and a swipe of her fist and bends fireballs at Unalaq. He dodges them, then swings a large stream of water down at Korra. Korra blocks it with her hand and is pushes back. Korra holds onto the water and swings her arm around. The water around Unalaq's arm at the other end of the stream freezes and Korra yanks him down to the ground. A dust cloud is made from the impact. As it blows away, Unalaq gets back on his feet, still tethered to the water stream connected to Korra. Korra uses her other hands to send another stream of water at Unalaq's other arm and also freezes it. Unalaq's eyes glow just before he swings his arms up, breaking the ice, then whips them back down, pulling Korra in close in a waterbending tug of war. Cut to a shot of Korra struggling as she slides over the ground. Cut to an extreme wide shot as they are pulled closer. Cut to a shot of the two streams on water in the middle, the center part pulling each combatant inward until they are face to face, and the rest of the ice around Unalaq's arms break.

Cut to an overhead shot of Korra as she glares at Unalaq in the front, and her eyes glow. Cut to a wider low angle shot as the ground below them cracks, then cut to a high angle shot showing the newly formed crater and the cracks spreading from it as the earth rumbles. Cut to an over the shoulder shot of Unalaq as his eyes glow and he smirks. His head jerks from side to side as he tilts it up and opens his mouth, a purple glow coming from inside it. The camera tilts up as glowing purple energy and black tendrils rise from inside Unalaq's mouth. Cut to Bolin and Mako running as they watch what is happening. Cut to a shot from the side as we see Korra and Unalaq tethered by the water, and the tendrils growing longer and curling down. Cut to a shot of Korra as she looks up. She frowns and starts to breath a blast of fire, but suddenly the tendrils latch onto her face and snuff out the flame. Cut to a shot of Korra and Unalaq as the water tether dissipates and Korra falls to her knees, the tendrils and purple energy going into her mouth. Cut to a close up of Korra from the side as the tendrils pull back. We hear Korra yell, and see gold spiritual energy being pulled out through her mouth and eyes. Cut to a wide shot as the tendrils pull Raava out of Korra's body, and Korra falls to the ground. Cut to a shot of Korra as the energy finally leaves her, her expression lifeless. Korra's eyes look up, and we cut to her point of view as her eyes focus on Unalaq standing above her, water tentacles surrounding his arms. Her gaze tilts up to Raava being held by the tendrils coming from Unalaq's mouth. The water tentacles whip around before Unalaq uses them to create a bubble of water around Raava. Cut to a close up of Unalaq as the black tendrils, Vaatu's tendrils, descend back inside Unalaq's mouth. Unalaq tilts his head down, his eyes radiating orange light, and grins. Cut to commercial break.)


(Fade into a shot of the Fog of Lost Souls. Tenzin walks into view towards the camera.)

Tenzin: I must stay focused. Remember who you are, Tenzin. You are the son of Avatar Aang. You are the hope for future generations of airbenders. The fate of the world rests on your shoulders. (cut to a close up of Tenzin's mouth) But what if I fail? (Cut to Tenzin looking back and forth, as if someone else said that. Cut to a shot of him from the side) Then your father's hope for the future dies with you. (cut to a high angle shot) I can't fail! (cut to a low angle shot) You will. (cut to a high angle shot in front of Tenzin as he grabs his head in frustration and falls to his knees) Aah! Stop it! I am the son of Avatar Aang. I am the hope for future generations of airbenders. I am the son of Avatar Aang!

(Cut to a shot of Tenzin's back and pan left as an older Aang fades into view.)

Aang: Hello, my son. (cut to a close up of him as he smiles warmly)
Tenzin: Dad, I've failed you. I am no spiritual leader, and I've let the world down. I'll never be the man you were.
Aang: You are right. You are trying to hold on to a false perception of yourself. You are not me, and you should not be me. You are Tenzin.

(A cloud of fog surrounds Aang, and he changes into a mirror image of Tenzin. Cut to Tenzin on the ground looking up, as his expression changes into one of resolve. He stands, and we cut to an extreme close up of Tenzin's profile.)

Tenzin: I am not a reflection of my father. I am Tenzin. (a light shines overhead, and he speaks in unison with his reflection) I am Tenzin.

(Cut to a high angle shot and zoom out as the Fog around Tenzin disappears and reveals the other people trapped there. Cut to a close up of Tenzin as he looks out in front of him. The camera pans left from the back of Tenzin's head to Jinora. Cut to a close up of Jinora, on her knees and back to the camera, slouched over as if asleep.)

Tenzin: Jinora!

(Tenzin runs up to Jinora and hugs her. Cut to a shot of Kya from the side, her head hanging and her face expressionless as Tenzin walks over to her, carrying Jinora in his arm. Tenzin takes Kya by the arm and leds her away. Cut to a close shot of Bumi from the side, his head also hanging and his eyes closed, as we see Tenzin take his arm and lead him away. Cut to a shot of Tenzin carrying Jinora and leading Kya and Bumi out of the valley as the Fog comes creeping back in. Cut to Bumi as he slowly regains his consciousness.)

Bumi: Ah... What happened?
Kya: I think our brother saved us.
Jinora: Dad. (hugs Tenzin)
Tenzin: You're going to be okay, sweetie. I'm here.
Jinora: (a pink spirit butterfly lands on Jinora's arm) What happened? The last thing I remember is dark spirits taking me away.
Tenzin: You were trapped in The Fog of Lost Souls, but I wasn't going to let you stay there.
Jinora: I'm so happy to see you, Dad.

(Cut to the front of Tenzin and zoom out as Kya and Bumi hug him and Jinora, butterfly spirits landing on Tenzin and Jinora. Cut to a low angle shot of Raava floating and trapped in the water bubble, with Unalaq out of focus on the foreground as the camera pulls back. Unalaq waves his arms and bends a water whip around one of them, readying it as the camera focuses on him. Cut to Mako and Bolin running at the camera.)

Mako: Korra!
Bolin: He's got the light spirit!

(Mako jumps and throws a punch and a spinning kick to shoot out blasts of fire while Bolin does a cartwheel to grab a stone slab from the ground and fling it. Cut to a close up of Unalaq as he turns to look at the incoming attacks. He raises an ice shield from the ground to protect himself from the fire blast, but the shield is shattered. Raava is freed from the water and drops to the ground as Unalaq raises another ice shield, which is shattered by the stone and the second fire blast. Unalaq smirks as the debris around him blows away. As Mako and Bolin run towards him, Unalaq bends a huge erupting wave of snow, ice, and rocks at them, knocking the brothers away.)

Mako & Bolin: (simultaneously) Aah!

(Cut to an extreme wide shot as the wave turns into ice. Cut to Mako and Bolin laying unconscious in the snow. Cut to Raava on the ground, with Korra reaching for the spirit in the background, struggling and groaning weakly. The camera focuses on Raava as a purple tinted water tendril wraps around the spirit and lifts her up. Cut to a high angle shot of Unalaq holding Raava in the air. He then flings Raava behind him and the spirit collides with a jagged rock, making an ethereal sound of pain. Unalaq then shoots the water tendril at Raava, hitting her in the center. Cut to a close up of Korra as she tries to get up. She grimaces as she feels Raava's pain, the camera shaking and zooming in at the sound of the impact. Transition to a shot of Aang, and all the past Avatars behind him, within Korra's soul. Aang bursts and dissolves into golden ashes. Cut back to Korra still struggling to get up as Unalaq strikes Raava again. Cut back to Korra's soul and we see Avatar Roku disappear. Unalaq smashes Raava against the rock, and Kyoshi vanishes. Korra gets to her knees and looks to Raava, who is struck once again. Korra clutches her stomach in pain and collapses back to the ground, and we see Kuruk and Yangchen and the Avatar before her vanish. Cut to Unalaq grinning wickedly as he continues to attack Raava. The rest of the Avatar spirits rapidly begin to disappear, and Raava falls back onto the rock. Cut to Unalaq as he bends water from the ground and twists two thin streams into a helix before surrounding them around his arm. Cut to a close up of Korra reaching out helplessly just before Unalaq swings his water whip down. The scene goes into slow motion as the water strikes Raava, cutting her in half. She begins to dissovle, and we see Avatar Wan vanish, with no others left. Cut to Korra as she keeps reaching, slowly zooming in as she finally passes out. Cut to Unalaq as he stands over the golden specks of light that were once Raava. He raises his arms and Vaatu's pattern appears on his chest as the rest of Unalq's body turns dark purple. Cut to Jinora with butterfly spirits on her shoulders as she turns around, looking worried. Her father, aunt, and uncle are walking ahead of her.)

Jinora: The world's in trouble.
Tenzin: What are you talking about? How do you know?
Jinora: I can feel it.
Bumi: What happened?
Jinora: It's Korra. (hands Tenzin a butterfly spirit) This light spirit will guide you out of the spirit world. (begins to glow light blue) I have to go help. (fades away)
Tenzin: Jinora, wait!

(Tenzin reaches for Jinora, but she vanishes into specks of light. Cut to Korra as Mako and Bolin help her up to her knees. They look ahead, and we cut to a shot of them in the foreground and Unalaq far in the background as they put Korra's arms on their shoulders and get her to her feet. Cut to a close up of Unalaq as he radiates energy. His body begins to grow and morph, becoming more monstrous and more like Vaatu. Cut to Eska and Desna exiting through the portal, and cut to a low angle shot of them looking at the now towering Unavaatu through the trees, tendrils growing from his shoulders. Cut to a close up of Eska and Desna, staring with mouths agape as their gazes continue to move upward and leaves blow past them. Cut to a high angle shot of Mako, Bolin, and Korra, and the camera continues to pull back. Cut to a shot of the fully formed Unavaatu standing up straight, his body now dark and the patterns on his chest and head glowing red, Vaatu's eye in the middle of his chest.)

Unavaatu: Now... 10,000 years of darkness begins!

(The camera quickly shifts to a low angle shot with Mako, Bolin, and Korra in the foreground to show how tall Unavaatu is. Unavaatu reaches upward and we cut to a close up of his hand touching the aurora in the sky. It begins to shine brightly around his hand and the camera shakes. Bolin and Mako stare in awe as lightning crackles through the sky and the wind blows. Cut to a shot of Unavaatu beside the portal as electricity crackles around him, and he is pulled into Southern Lights. His energy travels through the aurora and into the distance. In his wake, huge sonic boom is created, which knocks back everyone else. Mako and Bolin drop Korra as they roll over the ground. Cut to a close up of an unconscious Korra in the snow and slowly zoom in.)

[End Credits]

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