Transcript for 301 - A Breath of Fresh Air
A Breath of Fresh Air
Written By: Tim Hedrick
Directed By: Melchior Zwyer
Storyboard By: Melchior Zwyer, Hyunjoo Song, Sol Choi
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Light in the Dark".]

Shiro Shinobi: The World has entered a new age. Harmonic Convergence created an energy shift the likes of which has never been felt before. And after two weeks, Republic City continues to recover from Korra's epic battle with Unavaatu. Vines have sprouted up all over, creating pockets of wilds the spirits have come to call home. What other changes are in store for our city?

Act I

(Episode opens to an aerial view of Air Temple Island. Cut to a close up of Bum-Ju and it turns and flies away. Running footsteps are heard and Bumi is seen chasing after the bunny spirit.)

Bumi: Come back, Bum-Ju!

(Switch to a side view shot of a tree and Bum-Ju hovers on top of a branch extending outwards. Bumi climbs up the tree trunk and onto the branch. Bum-Ju thrills and camera cuts to a desperate looking Bumi.)

Bumi: If you don't (pulls out a small pink sweater) wanna wear the sweater I made you, that's fine. I'm sorry I got mad.

(Return back to the previous shot as Bumi eases himself forward, reaching out to Bum-Ju but the spirit flies out of his reach. The branch begins to bend downwards from Bumi's weight.)

Bumi: Bum-Ju, I'm running out of tree. (looks to Bum-Ju) Can we go down now? (the tree branch splits, leaving a little sliver of wood stuck to the tree trunk. Bumi slides down the branch and grasps the end of it. Cut to an overhead shot of Bumi and we can see a strip of sand below, quite a distance away from his position.) Bum-Ju, a little help?

(The branch starts to fully break, lowering Bumi as it does. Bum-Ju thrills and bites the back of Bumi's military coat but his arms slip out of the coat, causing him to fall.)

Bumi: Ah! Ahh!

(Cut to a frontal shot of Bumi as he thrusts his palms out and he bends a gust of air. He opens his eyes and is surprised. Switch to a profile shot of Bumi hovering a little above the sand with his airbending and Bum-Ju slowly descends to Bumi with his coat.)

Bumi: (to Bum-Ju) Look! I'm airbending. (the airbending stops and he falls to the ground flat on his face) Ow! Wow, that still hurt a lot.

(Scene changes to a water droplet falling onto a leaf in the forest. Camera pans right to show Korra with a glider staff in hand walking under a bunch of roots followed by Tenzin. Jinora runs after them and a group of spirits appear behind the girl. Cut to an overhead shot of the forest to reveal trees growing out of some buildings.)

Korra: How are we ever gonna clear away all these vines?

(Cut back to the ground and Korra twirls her staff behind her before thrusting her palm out, bending out a big cloud of fire towards some vines. The spirits behind Jinora suddenly disappear. The vines retreat and we cut to the inside of a doorway that was previously covered in vines. However, the tendrils of the plants creep back to the doorway more forcefully than ever. Cut to an exasperated Korra and Jinora can be seen comforting her spirit friends in the background.)

Korra: (frustrated) Ugh! (Jinora and Tenzin turn towards her) I don't get it! I can vanquish Vaatu, (walks away off-screen) but not a bunch of stupid vines?
Tenzin: I'm sure you'll find a way.
Jinora: Why do you wanna get rid of them? You changed the World. We're connected with the spirits again. The wilds are their home.

(Cut to Korra approaching a bunch of vines hanging down and we can see light from behind them.)

Korra: (smiles wryly at Jinora) I don't think the people who used to live here are as excited about it as you are.

(Korra uses her glider stick to push aside a curtain of vines, revealing bright sunlight. Shot changes the outside to reveal that the Spirit Wilds have sprung up in the middle of a neighbourhood in Republic City.)

Korra: I gotta (Korra releases the wings on her glider) go face the press and tell them I still don't have a way to get rid of the vines. (Korra starts to run off to gain momentum) This should be fun.

(View changes to the back of Tenzin's and Jinora's heads as they watch Korra take off to the air with her glider.

Location changes to City Hall that is covered in vines as well. There seems to be a press conferencing going on.)

Male Reporter #1: Mr. President, are you concerned that your (switch to a close up to the podium where Raiko is standing. Lin along with her police force stand guard beside and behind him) approval ratings are now nearly as low as the Avatar's? (cut to a close up of the reporter with a feathered hat and he speaks with his hand raised in the air) Have you seen today's headline? It says, "Raik-Oh-No. Polls pan, Prez plans!"

(View switches to the president.)

Raiko: I'm not concerned with snappy put-downs in the press. I'm facing this calamity just like every other citizen. (cut to a profile shot of the president as he points to a vine coming out of City Hall) There's a tree growing right through my office. You think I'm not doing everything I can to get rid of it?

(Korra flies in on her glider from the side and the president turns his attention towards her. Korra creates a cloud of air to cushion her landing, messing up Raiko's hair and his glasses. Raiko looks peeved by her entrance. There's murmuring amongst the reporters from Korra's appearance.)

Reporter in Crowd: A few questions, please!
Male Reporter #2: Avatar Korra! (the President pushes his glasses back into place) Do you regret the way (Raiko pushes a hand up to smooth his hair back) you handled the Unalaq crisis?

(View returns to the reporters as a camera flash goes off. A female reporter in a navy blue hat raises her hand.)

Female Reporter #1: Why are you forcing the integration of spirits in Republic City?
Korra: (places a hand on her chest) Listen, I've been trying everything I can think of to get rid of these vines, but-
Male Reporter #3: (interrupts) Why can't you fix this?

(Cut to a reporter with a camera in hand.)

Male Reporter #4: Are the vines here to stay?

(Cut to another female reporter.)

Female Reporter #2: Is this part of your New World Order?

(Switch to a close up of Korra.)

Korra: Look! Harmonic Convergence was just a couple weeks ago. I just need a little more time to get everything back to normal.
Raiko: (speaks suddenly) The Avatar (camera pans left to the podium) has put us all in a very difficult position, (Korra looks confused) but my administration-
Korra: (irritably interrupts) Oh! I'm sorry. (Raiko turns to her) Did I put you (walks to the President) in a difficult position by fighting (cut to a close up profile shot of Raiko as Korra gets in his face) the giant force of Pure Evil that was going to destroy the whole World? (grabs Raiko by the chin) Maybe your administration (moves his chin up and down slightly) could've handled that! (Raiko and Korra glare angrily at each other)
Lin: (separates Korra and Raiko apart) That's all! No more questions!

(The President storms back into City Hall and Lin gives Korra a look. Switch to a profile shot of Korra as the reporters stream past her. Asami walks up to her friend.)

Korra: This is a disaster.
Asami: (reassuringly) Don't worry, we'll figure something out.
Korra: Easy for you to say. (Asami is a little appalled) You don't have my poll numbers. Eight percent approval? Who were they asking?
Asami: (comforts Korra) You can't take that to heart. People are just frustrated.
Korra: I don't blame them. I should be able to fix this. I'm the Avatar.

(Cut to Ikki and Meelo playing with Pabu in the courtyard on Air Temple Island. Bumi runs into screen to his nephew and niece. He stops, panting to catch his breath.)

Bumi: You are not gonna believe what just happened. Where's your father?
Ikki: (hollers) Daaad!

(Cut to a set of doors opening to reveal Tenzin.)

Tenzin: (looks around worriedly) What is it? What's wrong?

(He runs forward and camera angle changes to the walkway leading out to the courtyard. Tenzin is followed by Jinora, Pema with Rohan carried on her back, and Kya.)

Bumi: (excitedly runs to his brother) The most amazing, wondrous, fantastical thing just occurred. Okay, Bum-Ju and I had (punches his fist together) a little fight. I made him (does a knitting action with his hands) this sweater, and he didn't seem to like it. And I'll admit it might need work, but it was my first attempt at knitting. So I was (rests his hands on his chest) a little hurt.

(Cut to a close up of Tenzin who isn't amused.)

Tenzin: (deadpans) Hilarious. (turns around and walks away) Time for dinner, everyone.

(Switch back to Bumi with his niece and nephew standing by his side.)

Bumi: No! Check this out. (brings his arms up to his waist) I can airbend! (thrusts his palms out but nothing happens and he repeats it a few times) Yeah, wait. (Ikki and Meelo look disappointed) Seriously. I was doing it. (Bumi does punching movements again but Ikki and Meelo just walk off) Oh, hold on. I just... Maybe if I... (kicks his leg up) No.

(Cut to food on the dinner table.)

Bumi: (off-screen) I swear I'm not making it up!

(Camera pans across the dinner table as Bumi makes several offensive motions with his arms. Bolin can be seen nonchalantly eating his food beside the ex-commander.)

Tenzin: (frowns) Stop waving your arms around at the table. It's not funny anymore.

(Camera zooms out to a full view of the dining room as Korra and Asami walk in.)

Bumi: (crosses his arms) It's not a joke.

Korra: What's up with him? (sits down beside Bolin)
Bolin: Bumi says he airbended earlier, but he can't now. (Korra looks surprised) Oh, and I guess he's not very good at knitting either. I gotta say, I love being a part of this family. (cut to a shot of Tenzin with a vein pulsing on his head) You got the grumpy dad, (cut to Bumi trying to airbend) the wacky uncle. (cut to slightly stressed Pema with Rohan wailing in her arms) The put-upon Mom, (switch to Tenzin's three older children and Meelo tries to entertain his sisters by shoving chopsticks in his mouth to look like a beaver) crazy kids. (view returns back to Bolin and Korra with Asami in the background) This is great. (Jinora takes a bite from her bowl of rice)
Asami: Where's Mako?
Bolin: (puts his rice bowl down) Oh, you mean the brooding teenager? He's staying at the police station.
Korra: Still?
Bolin: I told him Tenzin invited us to stay here since our apartment is a vine habitat now, but he said (runs a hand into his fringe and pushes it up to look like Mako's hairdo) he had to focus on work.

(Bolin uses his hand to returns his hair back to normal and camera pans left to Bumi with his hands outstretched towards a napkin.)

Bumi: Oh! Did you see that? I think the napkin moved!
Kya: (dryly) You blew on it.
Bumi: Wait! (puts a hand on his chin in thought) Maybe I can only do it when my life is in danger. Bolin, (gets into a bending stance with his arms) bend a giant boulder at me.
Bolin: Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea.

(Camera pans out to a full view of the dining table and we can see Tenzin with his hands on his face.)

Pema: If you're gonna be bending giant boulders, you can do it outside.
Tenzin: (slams both hands on the table) No one is bending giant boulders! (Meelo stands up)
Meelo: (slams a hand down on the table) Look alive, (a plate is thrown up from the force) Uncle Bumi!

(Meelo grabs the plate and tosses it. Camera follows the plate and we cut to Bumi as he shuts his eyes and moves his hands in front of him protectively. A bubble of air surrounds the plate.)

Bumi: Ah! (opens his eyes) I told you!

(Camera cuts to Kya and Meelo with their jaws dropped. View changes to Bolin, Korra, Ikki, Jinora, and Asami who are all equally astonished. Cut to Tenzin and his wife. Rohan looks happy and entertained.)

Tenzin: (in awe) Unbelievable. You're actually an airbender.

(Switch to a full view of the dining room again as Bumi continues to balance the spinning plate within the swirling bubble of air.)

Bumi: Wait until I tell Mom. She's gonna love this.

(Bumi stops airbending and the plate falls and shatters on the dining table. Everyone looks down at fragmented plate. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to a shot of the Republic City police station at night. Cut to a phone ringing on a desk in the station. The table moves up and we can hear someone bumping into it from under the table.)

Mako: (off-screen) Ow!

(A hand reaches up to find the phone on the table and Mako pushes himself into view a few moments later, his hair is all messed up and he's in his pajamas. He rubs his head for a second before picking up the phone.)

Mako: Police. (change to a view from the other side of Mako's desk and we can see a mattress under the table) He what? Slow down. Okay, I'm on my way.

(Scene changes to the camera facing the door. We can see a wrecked shelf with broken glass off to the side. The door slides open to reveal Mako in his police uniform.)

Mako: (walks in and looks around) What the heck (view changes to the back of Mako's head looking into the shop and we can see the shopkeeper trying to tidy up his shop littered with debris) did all this?
Shopkeeper: (throws his mop aside and runs up to Mako) It was my brother. He's out of control!
Mako: (pulls out a notepad from his side pouch) Okay, just tell me what happened. (pulls out the pencil)
Shopkeeper: We were arguing about the books, (Mako jots down on the notepad) and Daw was yelling at me, and all of a sudden things started flying around! He was creating this storm like...
Mako: Like what?
Shopkeeper: Well, like he was airbending.
Mako: (raises an eyebrow) Sir... That's impossible. There are only five airbenders in the entire World, and your brother is not one of them.
Shopkeeper: I know what I saw. He was freaking out, yelling, "What's happening to me?!" Then, (gestures to the back of the shop) he ran into the back room and locked himself in.

(Switch to the back room's door as Mako walks up to it and knocks.)

Mako: Police. Open up.
Daw: (off-screen, voice muffled from being inside the room) Go away!
Mako: Get out here, Sir, or I'm knocking this door down. (cut to a frontal shot of Mako's face as he gets serious) One... Two...

(A gust of air comes into view and Mako is slammed backwards a few feet by the door. He falls to the ground with the door on top of him. Cut to Daw who is perspiring and shaking.)

Daw: Ah! (clutches his head) I'm so sorry!

(He runs off, past Mako on the floor, and out of the door. Daw accidentally jumps up with airbending, still screaming in fright. Mako sits up and pushes the door off him. His face is red from the impact.)

Shopkeeper: (runs and squats down next to Mako) I told you! Airbending! (Mako rubs his face and sighs)

(Scene changes to the next morning with Kya looking at Bumi attempting to airbend in the courtyard on Air Temple Island. Switch to a full view of the courtyard as everyone spectates. Bumi tries valiantly to airbend but nothing happens.)

Bumi: Ugh! I can't figure this thing out!

(Cut to a close up profile shot of Korra and Tenzin.)

Korra: Do you think being in the Spirit World during Harmonic Convergence could have given him bending?
Tenzin: I suppose it's possible.
Ikki: (cut to Ikki seated on the ground) Maybe Uncle Bumi is just a late bloomer.

(Return back to Bumi and his sister. Kya stretches her arms forward and moves it in the air in front of Bumi.)

Kya: I have been noticing a change in your aura lately.
Bumi: And you didn't tell me?

(Bumi steps off and continues to do airbending movements. Kya is disappointed by his behavior. From behind her, Lin and Mako walk in. Both cops stare at Bumi's antics.)

Lin: (walks to Tenzin and turns around to continue looking at Bumi) Invisible spirit monster attack?
Tenzin: Lin! You won't believe this. Bumi just started airbending.

(Lin and Mako raise their eyebrows and they look at each other. They then turn around to face Tenzin.)

Lin: I'm afraid he's not the only one.
Tenzin, Korra, and Asami: (simultaneously) What?
Mako: I got a call last night about a guy who just started airbending out of nowhere.
Tenzin: (walks towards the cops) You mean there's another one? Where is he now?
Mako: He... blew a door down on me and got away. We've got an all-points bulletin out on him right now. (Lin and Mako start to walk off)
Korra: Wait, (Mako stops in his tracks) we'll help you look for him. Where should we start?
Mako: (rubs the back of his neck) Oh, well, (walks to Korra) you know, you should... (awkwardly) You should leave it to the police. It's... police business, you know. It's, um... official.

(Switch to a view of Tenzin, Asami, and Korra looking at Mako with incredulous looks.)

Korra: Okay. (Tenzin sticks out his tongue and comically slides off-screen) How are you doing? You know you're welcome to stay here instead of sleeping at the police station.
Mako: (still awkward) No, (gives a forced smile) I'm fine. I should just... get... (glances at Korra and Asami nervously) going. So! As you were... (salutes) Ladies.

(Mako walks off stiffly. Asami and Korra share a look.

Location changes to an area near the docks where Korra and Asami walk up to Asami's Satomobile.)

Korra: This is so exciting! (cut to a close up of the car as Korra walks to the passenger's seat.) New airbenders in the city? I bet we can find that guy before Mako does. (Asami tosses a set of car keys over to Korra from off-screen and Korra catches it, looking at the keys uncertainly) You know I'm not very good at this.
Asami: (cut to a close up of Asami who smiles) You're the Avatar, master of all the elements. You should know how to drive. Besides, (flips her hair) it's relaxing.

(Camera fades to a shot of Asami looking terrified as the Satomobile moves.)

Asami: Clutch! (the vehicle brakes and jerks suddenly) Clutch! (the car jerks again)

(Cut to a full view of the Satomobile as it keeps inching forward and jerking. Another vehicle brakes suddenly behind them and horns. Cut to a frontal shot of the girls.)

Asami: That's the brake. (looks to Korra) Let's try again. (Korra glances at her friend nervously) You ready?

(The vehicle behinds them horns in an "ahwooga" noise. Korra gives a salute, surprising Asami a bit. The girls laugh and the car still honks impatiently.)

Korra: (turns the ignition key) How long do you think talking to Mako is going to be like pulling teeth?
Asami: Well, Mako (the Satomobile behind decides to change lanes and move past them) has never been the most (switch to profile shots of the girls as an old man in the Satomobile glares at them) "in touch with his feelings" guy. (Korra begins to drive forward) But, it'll get better eventually.
Korra: So when I was gone, did he tell you that we broke up?
Asami: Yeah. We all knew. Sorry.
Korra: (blushes) That's pretty embarrassing.
Asami: (gets uncomfortable) Actually, I need to tell you something about that, (awkwardly) and I should've told you this sooner, but...While you were gone, I... kind of... kissed him. I'm sorry. (looks to Asami)
Korra: (laughs) No wonder he's so nervous around us.
Asami: You're not mad?
Korra: No! I mean, I kissed Mako when he was going out with you, so.
Asami: (frowns) You what?
Korra: (aghast) I'm so sorry! I thought you knew!
Asami: (gives a sly smile) I'm just kidding. I knew a long time ago.
Korra: (relaxes her posture and laughs) Well, whatever happened with Mako, I'm glad it hasn't come between us. (switch back to a frontal shot of the girls) I've never had a girl friend to hang out with and talk to before, except for Naga. (looks to Asami) This is nice.

(Asami notices something in front of them and she exclaims.)

Asami: Vine! Vine!

(Korra tugs on the steering wheel and the Satomobile swerves, stopping just in time in front of a huge vine habitat. A porcupine-like spirit materializes on top of the vine and Asami gasps.)

Fruithog: Hey! Watch where you're going!
Korra: (points to the spirit) What are you doing (stands up) living in the middle of the road in the first place?
Fruithog: (puts a hand on its chest) Don't ask me, Avatar. (points to Korra) You made the world this way, we're just living in it.
Korra: Look, I don't have anything against spirits, but (points to the Spirit Wilds) these vines are causing major problems all over the city.
Fruithog: Spirits? Vines? (turns away) We're all the same. Seems like the Avatar would know that. (walks away and disappears)
Asami: (Korra sits down in the driver's seat in thought) Korra, you okay?
Korra: I think that spirit just gave me an idea how to get rid of these vines. (puts a hand on her chin) But I'm gonna need a lot of water.
(Cut to Tenzin sitting down on a hill overlooking Avatar Aang Memorial Island.)

Tenzin: It's like a dream, Dad. After 170 years, new airbenders.
Ikki: (off-screen) Dad? (Tenzin turns to the side. Switch to a full view of Tenzin as his children run up to him. Ikki leaps onto Tenzin's lap while Meelo sits on his father's shoulders) When a new guy gets airbending, (Jinora takes a seat beside Tenzin) does that make him our brother?
Tenzin: Well, in a way, all airbenders are our family.

(Camera zooms in a little closer on them.)

Ikki: Does that mean I have to share my room? Because I like my personal space.
Tenzin: Of course not. But we might have to get used to not being the only airbenders around any more.
Meelo: I hope we have enough for an army. (jumps off Tenzin's shoulders) I wanna be a commander like Uncle Bumi.
Jinora: Air Nomads don't have armies, Meelo.
Tenzin: But maybe there will be (tears well up in his eyes) enough to fill the temples again.
Jinora: (looks worriedly at Tenzin) What's wrong, Daddy?
Tenzin: I just wish your grandfather were here to see this.

(Cut to Meelo with his grandfather's statue behind him in the background.)

Meelo: Will you be Airbender President?
Tenzin: (cut to Tenzin as he shakes his head) No. But I think the new airbenders will need lots of help and guidance to understand what it means to be a part of our nation. (switch back to Meelo who listens in awe) That's a big responsibility.
Meelo: (smiles) Don't worry, Dad. (walks towards Tenzin with his arms wide open) We'll help you.

(Return back to a full shot of the family as Meelo embraces his father. Ikki and Jinora join in the group hug.)

Tenzin: I know you will. (Tenzin puts his arms around his children)

(Scene changes to an apartment complex covered in vines in Republic City. Camera pans down to Korra with her glider standing on a bridge along with Bolin and Lin. Cut to a close up of Korra.)

Korra: I hope (people can be seen approaching her from the back) this works.

(Camera pans to the side to show Raiko and a few reporters behind her as the trio on the bridge turn their heads towards them.)

Korra: What are you guys doing here?
Raiko: I was alerted that you had a new plan to wipe out these noxious weeds. (gives a smile) So I thought you'd want everyone to be here to watch.
Male Reporter #1: (raises his hand) Avatar Korra! (cut to Korra who is irritable) Do you really think-
Korra: (interrupts and puts her hand up) No questions! Just stand there. Silently!

(Switch to a full view of the bridge as Korra walks forward. Mystical music begins to play. Cut to a frontal shot of Korra with her eyes closed. As they open, they flash white in the Avatar State. Korra begins to move her arms in a circular motion. Return back to a view of the bridge as two streams of water come out from the river and head up towards the vines. They circle around the apartment complex in a double helix shape.

Cut back to Korra as she raises her arms up. View pans out to the apartment complex as the water helix glows golden. The vines begins to retreat. Camera pans across the President and the reporters looking up at the spectacle. Return back to a view of the bridge as the vines completely retreat into the water along with the water helixes. Cut to a profile shot of Korra bowing.)

Korra: Go in peace.

(Korra exhales and running footsteps are heard. Camera pans left to the reporters behind her.)

Male Reporter #2: How did you know what to do? (Korra turns to them with a look of disbelief)
Male Reporter #1: Will you send the spirits away now?
Female Reporter #1: How soon can we expect public water service to resume?

(The ground and camera shakes suddenly and vines suddenly pop out from the water. Korra looks up and cut back to a view of the bridge as vines return back to encase the complex. The vines are thicker and more in number this time. The creepers also head towards another apartment complex on the other side of the bridge and we cut to a child looking out the window as the vines move up the building. The little boy reels back in shock.

Switch to a full view of the complex as the vines completely cover it and brings the building down slightly. Return back to the bridge as the reporters scramble.)

Korra: Look out! (Korra grabs her glider.)

(Cut to Raiko as two bodyguards quickly pull him way. Cut to Lin and Bolin running up to the collapsing complex and they earthbend two support pillars to stop it from falling. Switch to the inside of the complex looking out at the entrance as Korra bursts the door down with airbending. Cut to a view of the citizens inside the first floor. Cut to a profile shot of Korra.)

Korra: Let's go, people. (the residents run and scramble past her) Hurry!

(Cut to the outside of the complex as the people quickly leave. Korra opens her glider and flies up. She lands on a vine where the little boy from before looks out the window. Korra extends a hand to the boy and she gazes up, gasping. Switch to a view from the bottom looking up as part of the roof tears away from the building and starts to fall. The boy jumps into Korra's arms.)

Korra: (holds the boy) Hang on!

(The Avatar jumps down with her glider in hand and we cut to the ground as they land. Korra lets go of her staff and rolls on the ground before moving her arms up. Korra uses airbending to catch the falling roof and the citizens scramble. She slowly lowers her hands in an attempt to set the roof down as gently as possible. The roof makes contact with the ground with a thud. Cut to an overhead view of the carnage as Bolin and Lin walk up to Korra. Switch to a close up of the trio and the both earthbenders have their arms crossed.)

Bolin: (dryly) I think that could've gone better.

(Cut to commercial break)


(Episode returns to a shot of the meditation pavilion in Air Temple Island near evening. Cut to a back view shot of Korra seated on the floor of the pavilion in the lotus position. Tenzin walks into frame behind Korra.)

Korra: Can't talk. Meditating.

(Cut to a frontal shot of Korra with her eyes closed.)

Tenzin: You must be at the end of your rope. You hate meditating.
Korra: (opens her eyes and slumps her shoulders) I thought that if I really tried I might be able to contact my (stands up) past Avatars, (walks up to the railing) someone who knows something to help me. But I can't. They're gone, and I'm all alone. (Tenzin walks up to her and Korra turns around) Did I ruin everything by leaving the spirit portals open?
Tenzin: You didn't ruin anything. You did what you thought was best for the World, (walks to Korra and rests a hand on her shoulder) and now things have changed. Change can be good or bad. Depending on your point of view.
Korra: (sighs and shrugs off his hand) I know (walks forward slightly) the people's point of view. It's bad.
Tenzin: You're not the President, Korra. Your job isn't to fix the daily problems of every person in Republic City. Your responsibility is to bring balance to the entire World. And that means no matter what you do, some people (Korra sits back on the floor again) are not going to be happy about it.
Korra: Great.
Tenzin: (walks up to Korra) In the other hand, (sits next to the Avatar) some people will be very happy. Like me. (Tenzin turns to his student and she looks up at him) What you did during Harmonic Convergence may have brought back the Air Nation. And that can only be good for restoring balance. That is the act of a great Avatar.
Korra: (looks away in thought) It's scary. I have all this power and all these people depending on me, (hugs her knees to her chest) but I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing half the time. (cut to a back view shot of the two in the pavilion) It seems like I should be... wiser.
Tenzin: True wisdom begins when we accept things as they are. You started a new age, Korra. (running footsteps are heard) There's no going back to the past.

(Bolin's legs enter the screen.)

Bolin: Mako called! (cut to a frontal shot of Bolin) The cops found the new airbender guy. But when they tried to bring him in, (twirls his fingers in a circular motion) he ran away and climbed to the top of Kyoshi Bridge and he won't come down. Ooh! Sorry. Did I interrupt an Avatar wisdom session?
Korra: (walks up to Bolin) Avatar wisdom is a thing of the past, (rests a hand on his shoulder) Bolin. Come on! (walks off and Tenzin follows)
Bolin: (rubs the back of his head) Oh, okay. Is that a good thing?
Korra: (off screen) Depends who you ask. (Bolin runs off-screen)

(Cut to an aerial view of Kyoshi Bridge as Oogi flies into screen carrying Tenzin, Korra, and Bolin on its back. View changes to inside the bridge as Oogi lands and its occupants disembark. There's a police cordon behind them. Cut to a frontal shot of Lin and Mako with the other cops looking up. Korra and others join them.)

Lin: (raises a megaphone and speaks into it) Come down immediately, (camera angle changes to a view of the bridge) or we will be forced to take action.

(Cut to Daw at the top of the bridge standing on one of the ledges. His hands hug the support beam behind him. The poor man pants with anxiety and looks around. Camera zooms out to show various metalbender cops positioned along the main struts at the sides.)

Daw: Stay back! I'm dangerous!

(Cut to a profile shot of Daw with the cops above him as he continues to panic. Switch to one of the policemen as he shoots out a cable from his armor. Cut back to Daw as he spreads his arms out and airbends outwards. Camera zooms down as all the cops are blown off the bridge.)

Daw: Sorry!

(The cops metalbend their cables to the struts and swing themselves back onto the bridge. Switch to a view of Lin and the others as they watch their comrades land on the bridge safely. With her glider in hand, Korra runs forward and opens it up. Camera pans up as Korra flies up the bridge to Daw. Cut to the top of the bridge as Korra closes her glider and lands on a bracing slightly above Daw.)

Korra: Don't panic, I'm just here to talk.
Daw: (beseeches) Please! I don't know what I'm doing, and I don't wanna hurt anyone.
Korra: (softens) Tell me about it. Rough day, huh? I'm having kind of a rough day myself. (points down) You mind if I sit down here?

(Cut to Daw as he continues to make frightened sounds.)

Korra: (off-screen) Look, (cut a frontal shot of the two as Korra sits down) I know you're scared. You've gone through a big change, and it's kind of my fault. (switch to a slight aerial shot of them) But you're not alone. There are other airbenders (Daw looks to her) and they wanna help you. Actually they're really excited to meet you.
Daw: I don't wanna be an airbender. Please! (reaches his hands towards Korra and shuffles his feet along the edge to her) You're the Avatar. Make it stop! (he notices how near he is to the edge and he gasps, immediately pressing his back against the support column)
Korra: I'm sorry, I can't. But I promise you, things will get better if you just give it a chance. (Daw looks to her again) Let me take you over to Air Temple Island and we can talk this through, okay?

(Korra stretches her hand out to Daw and he attempts to take it. As he does so, the camera cuts to his feet and one of them slips off the ledge. Camera immediately zooms out to the bottom of the bridge looking up as Daw falls down with a scream. Korra immediately throws herself off the bridge and dives down towards Daw. Catching him by the waist, Korra opens her glider just in time before they touch the ground and they drift upwards. Cut to a full shot of the bridge as the onlookers applaud and Korra lands near the police cordon. Tenzin walks up to the new airbender.)

Korra: Daw, this is Tenzin. He's going to help you.
Tenzin: (gives a bow) It is absolutely my pleasure to meet you, Daw. I've never met a new airbender before. Well, at least no one whose diaper I didn't have to change.
Daw: Actually I just fell off a bridge, so I could use a fresh diaper right about now.

(Cut to Korra and Tenzin as he raises an eyebrow. A sound is heard off-screen and they both look up. Cut to the police cordon as a cop metalbends one barricade inwards to allow Raiko to enter.)

Raiko: We have a crisis every other day now, thanks to you.
Korra: (walks up to face the President) Listen, I know you're having a tough time getting used to these changes, and I'm sorry for that. But you and everyone else are gonna have to learn to live with it. The vines and the spirits are here to stay.
Raiko: Well, you know who's not here to stay? (points to Korra) You! (Korra is taken aback) I order you to leave this city. You've caused nothing but trouble since you arrived!

(Camera pans across to the citizens behind the police cordon as they gasp with shock. Cut to Korra who is at first confused but she frowns at him.)

Korra: Don't worry. (turns away from Raiko) I was already leaving.

(She walks up to Tenzin while Raiko turns and walks off. Cut to a close up of Korra who smiles.)

Korra: I can see my path now. There are new airbenders out there, and I'm gonna find them and rebuild the Air Nation.
Tenzin: Don't think I'm not going with you. (rests a hand on Korra's back) It's so exciting. Who knows who's out there right now, (both of them walk off and we cut to an aerial view of the bridge) discovering the gift of airbending for the first time?

(Scene changes to an area with various peaks and cliffs. A metal bridge slowly extends out from one peak to the other. Cut to the other peak as the bridge makes contact with it. Many feet enter the screen. Switch to a back view shot of a group of White Lotus guars standing in front of an intricate metal prison. The bridge behind them retracts. The guards immediately get into defensive positions. Cut to a frontal shot of one guard without a hat carrying a tray of food. The guard beside him stretches his arms forward before closing his fists and pulling his arms back.

Cut to the door of the prison in the shape of the eight trigrams as they rotate and turn. The middle dial sinks in and the doors open. View changes to inside of the prison cell as sunlight shines in. There's a man with long hair seated cross legged on the floor. Cut to the back of the prison looking out to the guards.)

White Lotus Guard: You know the drill, Zaheer.
Zaheer: (his face is off-screen) Of course. (stands up)

(Cut to an aerial view of the prison cell with a bed off to the side. Zaheer is facing the wall with his arms raised and placed behind his head.)

White Lotus Guard: Hope you still like rice. (places the food tray through a slot at the bottom of the gate)
Zaheer: Have you ever read the poetry of the great airbending Guru Laghima?
White Lotus Guard: What?
Zaheer: (cut to a close up of Zaheer's bearded jaw as he speaks) Guru Laghima lived four thousand years ago in the Northern Air Temple. It is said that he unlocked the secret of weightlessness and became untethered from the earth, (camera switches to a close up of his green eyes) living his final forty years without ever touching the ground.
White Lotus Guard: (cut to the outside as the guard raises his eyebrow) Is that how you plan to escape, (smiles wryly) with something you picked up from an old airbender children's story?

(The guard turns to walk away but when he doesn't hear a reply, he stops, frowning, and turns back. Return to the inside of the cell looking out to the prison entrance. The other White Lotus members continue to stay in defensive positions.)

Zaheer: (camera zooms out to show more of Zaheer's face as he speaks) Laghima once wrote, "Instinct is a lie. told by a fearful body. Hoping to be wrong."
White Lotus Guard: What's that supposed to mean?
Zaheer: (the camera zooms out enough to finally show Zaheer's mug) It means that when you base your expectations only on what you see, (slightly parts his arms behind his head) you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality.

(Zaheer quickly turns around and pulls his arms back, airbending the guard to the barred gate.)

White Lotus Guard: Ugh!

(Zaheer quickly propels himself towards the bars with airbending. Cut to a close up of the guard as Zaheer quickly turns him around and his back is now pressed against the bars. Zaheer wraps his arms around the main guard's neck and has him in a choke hold. Switch to a shot of the other guards as they start to bend.)

Zaheer: (off-screen) Ah, ah, ah. (they stop bending and we cut to an overhead shot of the area outside the prison) You wouldn't wanna singe your friend, would you?
White Lotus Guard: How? You're not a bender!
Zaheer: (cut to a close up of the perspiring guard) Nature is constantly changing, like the wind.

(Zaheer moves one of his hands down and we cut to the guard's waist as Zaheer rips the keys dangling from it. Switch back to the inside of the cell as Zaheer unlocks the bars and opens it inwards. He airbends and pulls the main guard into the cell. Zaheer immediately dashes out. Camera immediately cuts back outside as Zaheer slides along the ground to avoid a firebending attack. The man then kicks out his legs with airbending to knock two guards off their feet. Zaheer quickly pushes himself off the ground and cartwheels towards the first firebender guard. He pushes himself off the ground with airbending just as the guard firebends at him. The guard bends again but Zaheer lands on his shoulders and twists his arms, making the guard stop bending. Zaheer then tosses him into the cell with his legs.

Cut to a close up of Zaheer as he dodges a slab of earth and we switch to an overhead view of the platform outside as one guard bends a wall towards Zaheer but as usual, he dodges. Zaheer then scales up the prison structure and a second firebender guard attacks him. Camera switches to a scenic view of the peak as Zaheer leaps off the prison and lands near the edge. He kicks the secibd firebender guard into the cell with airbending. The remaining two guards, the last firebender and the earthbender from before attack Zaheer one after the other but Zaheer bobs and weaves.

Switch to a close up of the platform as the earthbender kicks up a slab of stone and sends it to Zaheer who is scaling the prison structure again. Zaheer quickly jumps up to avoid the rock. The firebender guard kicks a stream of fire at Zaheer and the airbender quickly pushes himself off the prison and back to the ground. He slides along the ground to avoid another fire attack and Zaheer trips the guards with airbending. Zaheer then airbends them into the cell.

Camera changes to the back of the cell where the two guards are slammed against the wall to join their fallen comrades. The sound of a gate closing is heard. Switch to a view of the inside of the prison looking out to Zaheer standing outside.)

Zaheer: Now you might wanna ration (the main guard stirs and lifts his head up) that bowl of rice. (cut to a close up the main guard with a fallen bowl of rice beside him on the floor with spilled grains) You've got three weeks until the next shift change. (cut to a close up of Zaheer) It's the dawning of a new age, (camera gradually zooms in on him) the end of the White Lotus, and soon, the end of the Avatar.

(Zaheer turns away and we switch to an overhead view of the peak as he walks to the edge and looks down into the void below. Without hesitation, Zaheer leaps off the edge. Cut to the bottom of the peak looking up as Zaheer slowly makes his way down by jumping on the various ledges scattered along the cliff face while using airbending to cushion his falls.)

[End Credits]

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