Transcript for 302 - Rebirth
Written By: Joshua Hamilton
Directed By: Colin Heck
Storyboard By: Olga Ulanova, Natasha Presler-Wicke, William Ruzicka
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "A Breath of Fresh Air".]

Shiro Shinobi: After one hundred and seventy years, there are new airbenders in the World, and Bumi is one of them. So too is the mysterious Zaheer, who escaped from his remote prison thanks to his new ability. Now exiled from Republic City, Korra has made it her mission to find all the new airbenders. But will she and Tenzin be able to bring back the Air Nation?

Act I

(Episode opens up to an aerial shot of a Future Industries airship slowly gliding its way to Air Temple Island. We can see a bunch of people on the ground walking to the courtyard to receive the airship. Camera pans across the airship's spinning propellers. Cut to the ground as a couple of Air Acolyte men hold on to a couple of tethers to slowly guide the ship in. Switch to an overhead shot of Korra, Bolin, Tenzin and his siblings and family looking up at the airship. View changes to a ramp extending out of the airship as the doors slide open to reveal Asami.)

Asami: Did someone order (camera zooms in on the girl) a fully-equipped Future Industries airship?

(View returns back to Korra and the others.)

Korra: It's perfect. (Asami walks down the ramp to Korra) Thanks, Asami.
Asami: I figured if we're (turns around and looks at her vehicle fondly) going to Ba Sing Se to search for airbenders, (switch to a profile shot of them in front of the ramp) we should do it in style.
Meelo: (runs to the ramp) Yay! Airship!
Ikki: (runs up to her brother) I wanna see! (bends an air scooter underneath her and moves up the ramp)
Meelo: (Poki enters the screen) Come on, Poki.

(Poki jumps on Meelo's head and he then bends an air scooter as well, joining his sister.

Scene changes to Kya, Tenzin, Jinora, and Pema who is supporting little Rohan as he stands.)

Kya: (bends down) While you guys are gone, Pema and I will hold down the fort. (Kya picks up her nephew, Rohan and speaks to him in a baby voice while bouncing him gently up and down) Who's excited to spend some time with your Auntie Kya? (Rohan pukes all over Kya's clothes) Oh.
Pema: (Rohan coos) Aww. He likes you. (she rests a hand on Rohan's back)

(Kya use waterbending to wash the vomit away. Cut back to Korra and the others as they watch the cute scene. Korra hears something from off-screen and camera pans right to reveal Mako in his civilian outfit, walking towards them. Cut to a profile shot of Mako as Korra runs up to meet him.)

Korra: Mako, (the firebender unstraps a tube holder from his back) I'm so glad you're here.
Mako: Of course, Korra. (awkwardly) Avatar. Avatar Korra. (stands at attention) Once I received your message, I proceeded to contact various locations within the Earth Kingdom as ordered by you, (relaxes a bit) the... (stands straight again) Avatar.
Korra: (humors him) Right. The Avatar thanks you for your loyal service. Did you find any more leads?
Mako: There are reports of airbenders popping up all over the Earth Kingdom. I marked the villages on this map. (hands the tube holder container holding the map to Korra) You guys can take it with you.
Korra: (takes the tube and then looks back at Mako) Actually, I was kind of hoping you could come too.
Mako: Really? (cut to a close up of his face as he looks away uneasily) Um, it's probably better if I sit this one out.

(Return back to a profile shot of the two.)

Korra: I know things have been weird between us since we broke up, but you're a part (takes a step towards Mako) of Team Avatar and we can't do this without you.
Mako: (steps away) I'm sorry, I can't. (turns and walks off)

(Cut to a close up of Korra looking a little confused and hurt while Bolin looks surprised in the background. Camera pans left to reveal Kya holding her nephew in her arms. Tenzin and Pema stand in a lovers embrace.)

Pema: I'll miss you, Sweetie. (leans up to kiss her husband's cheek)
Tenzin: I'll miss you too. Once we find the airbenders, I'll send word. You can join us at the Northern Air Temple then.
Ikki: (off-screen) Hey! (their parents look up to their daughter and we cut to a shot of Ikki and Meelo riding their air scooters towards them) How come Jinora gets to go with you (Ikki and her brother leap off their scooters angrily) but we don't?! (Poki jumps off Meelo's shoulder) That's so (cross her arms) not fair!
Meelo: Yeah, what (points to his sister) this girl said. (crosses his arms) Not fair!

(Switch to a back view shot of the siblings with their parents and Aunt in the background. Tenzin and Pema share a look, uncertain how to answer.)
Kya: (speaks up) Because if airbenders show up here, they're going to need some guidance from you two. (cut to a Ikki and Meelo who listen attentively) It's a very important job.
Ikki: Really? (places a hand on her chest) Me, a teacher? (squees excitedly) Yay!
Meelo: Those maggots will bow to me!

(Cut to the parents as they look on with amusement.)

Tenzin: Go easy on them, son.

(Scene changes to the docks of Air Temple Island as Mako makes his way to the speedboat tethered there. His brother Bolin runs towards him from behind.)

Bolin: Mako, wait a sec.
Mako: (turns back to face his brother) Korra already asked, bro. I can't just leave Republic City. I have a life here and a job.
Bolin: (raises an eyebrow) A life? You sleep under your desk. And what's a more important job than helping the Avatar rebuild an entire civilization?
Mako: (turns away and takes a few steps forward) It's not just that. I feel like I've been drifting apart from everyone.
Bolin: (extends his arms out) Well, drift back! (takes a step forward) We need you. Come on, Mako, we're going to Ba Sing Se where Dad grew up. What if I meet our grandma for the very first time? And she asks me, (he hunches over, furrows his forehead, and speaks in an old woman's voice) "Where is your sweet brother?" (stands up and reverts back to his normal voice) And I have to say, (turns to the side and talks to an imaginary person) "I'm sorry, grandma. He had some really important police paperwork to file." (clasps his hands together) And she starts to cry those grandma tears and is like, (hunches and returns back to an elderly grandmother's voice) "Mako! Why? Why, Mako? (Bolin steps towards Mako) I can't go on. (grasps Mako by the shoulders) I can't-" (look up to his brother and suddenly changes back to his normal voice) and then she dies.
Mako: (weirded out) Okay, (shoves his brother away and takes a step back) all right! I'll come with you. (sighs) I guess I gotta call Bei Fong. She's not going to be happy.

(Cut to the back views of Kya, Pema, Ikki, and Meelo as they look up and wave goodbye to the airship which is turning and pulling away.)

Meelo: Bye. We'll miss you.

(Cut to everyone standing at the windows waving to the people below. Switch to Naga on the deck of the airship as she sticks her tongue out and lets the wind dry it. Oogi walks up to the polar bear-dog and does the same as well. Change to a scenic view of the airship pulling away from Air Temple island. Cut to the inside of the airship with a pilot at the helm. Camera sails past the cockpit and down to the meeting area below where everyone is gathered around a table.)

Mako: As of now, (cut to an over the shoulder view from behind Mako as he looks at the map where there are red Xs dotted through the Earth Kingdom) these are the towns where we've gotten reports about airbenders. (camera pans out to Korra and the others at the table) It looks like we can hit up most of them before we get to Ba Sing Se.
Korra: (smiles enthusiastically) We're going to bring the Air Nation back from the brink of extinction after nearly 200 years. (looks to the side and camera zooms out to reveal that she's looking at Tenzin)
Tenzin: And it's all because of you, Korra. (the Avatar smiles)

(Cut to an aerial view of a wooden prison in the middle of the ocean. Camera pans to two guards standing at their watch towers. The camera then focuses on a squarish wooden cell in the middle of the prison and the White Lotus insignia is on the roof. Cut to a view of a shirtless man's tattooed back as he does multiple pull ups. Camera pans out to a scenic view of the prison as a speedboat enters the frame and heads towards the prison. Cut to two guards looking out to the speedboat.)

White Lotus Guard #1: Finally, (turns to his colleague) our shift change is here.

(Both guards turn and walk off-screen. Camera focuses on the mysterious tattooed man's wooden cell as the guards walk past it. The speedboat pulls in and there's only one White Lotus guard in the driver's seat.)

White Lotus Guard #1: Hey, (cut to a close up of Guard #1 as he frowns) where are the other guards?

(Cut to a close up of the guard in the speedboat as he turns his head towards them. It is Zaheer and he has given his beard a neat trim.)

White Lotus Guard #1: Zaheer?!

(Zaheer immediately jumps out to avoid two firebending attacks and he sails over their heads as his hat drops due to gravity. We can see that his long hair is neatly tied behind his head. When he lands on the wooden deck, he kicks out his leg with airbending and knocks the two guards into the water. Zaheer jumps off and air kicks again. Switch to a view of the watch tower as he knocks off two more guards from the stairs of the tower. A third guard behind them waterbends from an urn positioned at the side. Cut to Zaheer as he deftly dodges the water. He rolls on the ground to avoid a blast of fire from another guard.

Cut to the gaps in the wooden cell as the man notices the commotion and runs up to the bars to peek out. He returns to the middle of the cell and prepares himself. Switch to a shot of Zaheer cartwheeling backwards and propelling himself up to the roof of the cell with airbending to evade a stream of water. Cut to the roof as Zaheer agilely maneuvers himself past the roof and down to the ground, behind the cell. He throws something into the cell and we cut to the inside of the prison as three rocks land at the mysterious man's feet. Cut to a close up of the prisoner as he smiles gleefully.

Cut to Zaheer running across the deck and a guard in the background bends fire at him. Zaheer leaps and cartwheels in the air. As he lands, he uses the air to knock the firebender guard back. A few more guards run into view. Switch to Zaheer pulling himself up with airbending to a bridge between the watch towers and he then rolls along the wood to avoid a blast of fire.

Switch to the rocks on the ground as it levitates upwards between the mysterious man's hands. The rocks quickly spin around and they glow red hot, forming a lava shuriken. The man uses it to cut the wooden bars of his cell and he kicks at the weakened beams. Cut to the outside of the cell where three guards are standing in front of it and one guard gets hits by the bars from the back. The lavabender knocks the second guard to the side with the lava shuriken and he then somersaults on the deck to avoid a water attack from the third guard. As the tattooed man lands, he uses his shuriken to knock the third guard off the deck. A figure appears behind him and the man turns around. Cut to a profile shot of Zaheer as the man stands up and grasps Zaheer's hand in a brotherly handshake.)

Zaheer: It's nice to see you again, Ghazan.
Ghazan: (both release their hands) Thanks for busting me out. (crosses his arms) Where'd you pick up the new skills?
Zaheer: I have Harmonic Convergence to thank for that. I was given a gift. (cut to a close up of Zaheer) I believe it's a sign that our path (smiles) is a righteous one.

(Scene changes to dusk with an aerial view of a terrace farming village. Team Avatar has disembarked from the airship and the mayor is making his way towards them. Cut to close up of the party on the ground.)

Mayor: (walks to Korra and welcomes her) Avatar Korra! (bows deeply) Oh, it is such an honor to have you come (stands up straight) to our humble village.
Korra: Thanks.
Tenzin: I hate to get down to business, (walks towards the Mayor) but is the airbender here now?
Mayor: Kuon and his family will be joining us shortly for a special dinner. Please, (gestures his hands to the side) right this way.

(Cut to the whole of Korra's party, the mayor, and Kuon's family seated down at a table filled with a spread of food.)

Mayor: Kuon has been the talk of the town ever since he got airbending. He's like a local celebrity.
Tenzin: (cut to a close up of Jinora, Asami, and Tenzin turning towards Kuon) I just want to say that it's an honor to meet a fellow airbender.
(View pans across Kuon's family on the other side of the table. He is a middle-aged balding man.)

Kuon: Oh, I still just think of myself as a simple farmer... (he spreads his arms out and a gust of wind is released from his palms, sending a pie dish in front of Bolin to smack into his face as the other watch in shock.) Who can airbend. (The pie dish drops into Bolin's hands. Cut to a remorseful Kuon) Oh, I'm so sorry. I still don't have any control.

(Switch to an over the shoulder view from behind Kuon looking to Bolin with pie on his face.)

Bolin: (sets the pie dish down on the table) No worries. (Pabu climbs up Bolin's shoulders and licks his face) I love pie. (Pabu leaps to the table and drags the pie dish off the table) And so does Pabu.

(Bolin gives a wide smile and Kuon turns towards Tenzin. Camera pans to the right to reveal the airbending master.)

Tenzin: Well, you're so much more than just a farmer now. (cut to a full shot of the table as Kuon reels back, confused) Harmonic Convergence changed everything. (rests a hand on the table and leans forward) You represent the future of a culture that is being reborn. You're going to help us rebuild the Air Nation.
Kuon: (puzzled) I'm gonna do what now? The only thing I'm planning to rebuild is my barn.
Tenzin: (insistent) But you must come with us to the Northern Air Temple.
Kuon: Well, I can't do that. (Kuon's wife turns to him) I have a family and a farm.
Tenzin: (still pushing) Of course you can come. This is of the utmost importance! Your wife will understand.
Wife: (perplexed) Wait, what? No, I do not understand.
Little Girl: (grabs her father's arm) Daddy, (her parents turn towards her) where are you going? Why does the bald man want to take you away?
Wife: No one's going to take Daddy away, sweetheart.
Korra: Actually, (everyone turns to the Korra and camera pans right to show more of her) this bald man does want to take him, but it's for an important cause. Your Dad is an airbender, and he should learn about his culture.

(Cut to a back view of Korra with a shot of the whole table.)

Kuon: I think there's been some sort of misunderstanding. (turns towards Tenzin) I'm not going with you. I might be able to airbend, (rests his arm against the table) but I'm no Air Nomad! I'm no monk!
Mayor: Okay, (lays his hands on a pie dish) uh, maybe we should just have some dessert, huh? (stands up with the pie in hand) Who's up for dessert?
Tenzin: (calmly) Sir, you must understand. You're an airbender now, and there are thousands of years of culture you must learn about. Skills you must master.
Kuon: You expect me to abandon my entire life? My family? No! (stands up) No, sir! I'm not going anywhere with you and (points his finger towards the door) I think it's best that you leave!

(Cut to Tenzin looking bewildered by Kuon's outburst. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to a view of the ocean on a starry night with Team Avatar's airship slowly sailing through the air above the waters. Cut to a view of the back of Asami's head at the meeting table.)

Korra: In my head I saw that playing out very differently.
Asami: (turns her head to the right and the camera follows) Maybe we should have stayed and tried harder to convince him to join us.
Bolin: Or we (camera stays on Tenzin, Bolin, and Bumi playing with Bum-Ju on the couch) could've thrown him into a potato sack and forced him into the ship.
Bumi: That's how they got me to join the United Forces.
Tenzin: No, we can't coerce people. (raises an eyebrow in amusement) Or throw them in potato sacks. They must come freely. But not to worry, (smiles hopefully) there are plenty of other airbenders out there who will be happy to come with us once they find out what the Air Nation's all about.
(Cut to a cartoon version of the World map with all of the crew represented as cute emojis of themselves on a ship with happy expression on their faces. Scene changes to the back view of a mother and her son standing at an open door as Tenzin speaks.)

Tenzin: (enthusiastically) When your son becomes a master, he'll get tattoos all over his body, (points to the arrow on his head excitedly) just like me.

(The mother closes the door abruptly. She hugs her son who is sniffling. We return back to the map again as the emoji of the team has them with hopeful faces. The cartoon ship travels to the next destination in the Earth Kingdom. Cut to the back view of Tenzin talking to a burly man in stained clothes chewing on a huge meaty drumstick.)

Tenzin: There's nothing more nutritious than our vegetarian diet.

(The man widens his eyes in surprise and slams the door on Tenzin. Return back to the map once more as the team still has hopeful expressions on their emjois. Cut to a side view shot of Tenzin talking to a beautifully dressed woman.)

Tenzin: I can tell that (points to the woman) you're going to love wearing our (Tenzin lifts up a part of his robes to show off) ancient airbender robes. They're very breathable.

(The woman turns her back on Tenzin and closes the door loudly. We come back to the map again as the cartoon ship makes it way to the next point on the map. The expression on the emojis look like they're in shock. Cut to someone's point of view in a nice neighbourhood looking at Tenzin.)

Tenzin: You'll never have to worry about your worldly possessions again because you won't have any.

(We see the door slam shut and only Tenzin's head can be seen through the diamond shaped glass panel on the door. The airbending master looks disappointed. Scene jumps to yet another person's point of view looking at Tenzin in another house.)

Tenzin: (talks excitedly as he points to his head) You'll get to shave your head!

(Door closes once again in Tenzin's face. Cut to the last person's point of view as Tenzin is now desperately excited.)

Tenzin: Your best friend will be a giant bison!

(The door slams shut for the last time. Cut to an emoji of the team on the map and everyone is disappointed. Bolin and Bumi have crying expressions. Camera zooms in on the crying cartoon Bolin and the view fades to present day Bolin looking downcast while Pabu squeaks sadly. Camera pans out to a slight overhead shot of the area as Bolin starts to cross off an area on the map.)

Tenzin: (sighs) I really thought I had that last guy. (leans back in his seat) Who doesn't want a bison as their best friend?
Bumi: It's okay, (rests a hand on his chest) Tenzin. I still want to be an airbender.
Korra: Okay, we've tried it your way, and people just don't seem to be responding. (punches a fist into her palm) It's time for a little tough love.

(Cut to the inside of a door as a series of knocks rings on the wood. A hand clad in a green outfit enters the screen to slide open the door, revealing Mako, Korra, and Bolin who are smiling.)

Ryu's Mom: (hand claps on face with excitement) Oh, are you the Avatar?

(Scene changes to the dining room area of the house as the mother brings the trio in.)

Ryu's Mom: When my son got airbending, my husband and I were so happy. We thought this could open a lot of doors for him. (nudges Korra's shoulder playfully) And maybe he could finally move out of the basement. (starts to chuckle)
Korra: (laughs) How old is he?
Ryu's Mom: He's twenty-two, and, you know, still just figuring his life out.
Korra: Well, I have a great opportunity for him. (glances at Mako and Bolin behind her) We're looking for airbenders to join us at the Northern Air Temple.
Ryu's Mom: (squeals) That sounds wonderful! I'll get him. (turns her head towards the basement and screams in an annoyed motherly voice) Ryu! Get up here!

(The mother smiles hopefully at Team Avatar. Korra gives thumbs up to the brothers and they return the gesture. Cut to a profile shot of the dining area as Ryu climbs up the stairs and enters the dining room. His clothes are a little dirty and he has a pink slipper on only one foot.)

Korra: (extends a hand out) Hi, I'm Korra.
Ryu: (stares at her hand) So, you're like the Avatar or something? (looks to the side and refuses to shake hands) Big deal.
Korra: (awkwardly) Uhh... (smiles) I just wanted to talk to you about an opportunity.
Ryu: Yeah, I heard you talking to my Mom, (turns away) and I'm not interested.
Korra: (frowns) Well, you're gonna be interested!

(As Ryu walks off, Korra grabs him by the back of his collar and kicks her leg out, airbending at a chair so that it changes positions. She shoves Ryu into the chair as he sits down. Cut to the table as Korra slams her hand on it. Camera zooms out as Ryu still remains uninterested.)

Korra: You're an airbender now, and you have a responsibility as a citizen of the world.
Ryu: Whatever. I didn't ask to become an airbender, you know.
Korra: (gives a short huff of irritation) Well, I didn't ask to be the Avatar, (her friends and Ryu's mother keep looking back and forth between Ryu and Korra as they speak) but I am, and I'm fulfilling my duties.
Ryu: (still looks away) So? You don't have to.
Korra: Yes, I do have to.
Ryu: (looks to Korra) No, you don't. (looks away)
Korra: (arms akimbo) Yes, I do.
Ryu: (glances at Korra again) No, you don't.
Korra: Well, (sighs) if I didn't embrace my role, then our entire world could be thrown into chaos. Think about that. Is that what you want?
Ryu: Maybe.
Korra: No, it's not!
Ryu: So what? Who cares?
Korra: (angered) Everyone cares!
Ryu: I don't care.
Korra: (slams hands on table) Yes, you do!
Ryu: No, I don't.
Korra: Well, you're about to care, (grabs Ryu's collar) you little slacker, because you're coming with me!

(Korra walks away, dragging Ryu out of the chair.)

Ryu: (places her hands on Korra's arm) Stop pulling on my collar, you're stretching it out. Mom, are you just gonna just let her take me? (Mako and Bolin look worried in the background)
Ryu's Mom: (enthusiastically) I think it's a great opportunity. (Cut to the doorway as Ryu plants one leg on the door to stop Korra from pulling him out of the house. Ryu's Mom joins Korra by pushing on her son's back but he doesn't budge.) Just try it for a week and see how it goes.
Ryu: No! Let me go!

(Ryu slams his hands on the door frame and airbends which causes him to fly out of his jacket, tearing it in two pieces which Korra now holds in her hands.)

Ryu's Mom: Aah!

(Cut to the kitchen as Ryu's Mom lands on her stomach while her son is seated on top of her. Cut to Korra who is furious and she flings the remains of the jacket away.)

Korra: That's it!

(Mako and Bolin enter the screen, each taking one of Korra's arms to prevent her from bursting into the house.)

Mako: Korra, enough! (the brothers drag her away) Let's get out of here.
Bolin: (gives a wave) So nice to meet you. Good luck with your son. (Team Avatar completely walks off-screen.)

(The mom shoves her son angrily while Ryu looks at her with surprise.

Cut to a volcanic area with a fortified prison in the background. Scene changes to the top most part of the prison which is a bell. The camera slowly pans downwards to reveal many levels of metal walkways and there is a cage at the lowest floor suspended in the middle above some hot lava beds. Cut to the back view of the cage and it changes to the inside of the cage to reveal an armless woman looking haggard and her cheeks are sunken.)

White Lotus Guard #2: (off-screen) We're under attack! (the woman opens her eyes) Look out!

(Switch to a view from inside the cell looking up and we can see a stream of fire being bended from the upper walkways followed by a gust of air. Cut to a close up of the upper walkway as a White Lotus guard is thrown off by Zaheer in his disguise uniform. Zaheer then propels himself upwards with airbending. View changes to a close up of the woman's eyes as she carefully observes.

Cut to the upper walkway again as Zaheer lands and kicks a guard over the railings. Ghazan jumps in and lands beside Zaheer, throwing a barrel in the air. Zaheer jumps up and and kicks the barrel away. Camera follows the barrel as it gets sliced in half with airbending and water falls out of the container. Cut to a close up of the armless woman as she quickly stands up and uses the water to form water arms. She shoots a water arm forward, knocking the door to her cage open and she swings herself up, using the water appendages as an extension of herself.

A guard firebends at the cage but the waterbender swings herself away. She then propels herself up to the walkway and knocks two guards out with her water arms. As the woman lands, she quickly cartwheels away to avoid a fire blast and she swings under the walkway. Cut to a scenic view of the middle of the prison as fire enters the screen but the woman dodges. Another guard earthbends a chunk of rock at her and she shoots her arm forth, breaking the rock and also knocking the earthbender back. A firebender on the top floor bends at her and she swings herself around the walkway.

View changes to Zaheer and Ghazan holding their ground. Ghazan throws a lava shuriken off-screen to intercept a blast of fire. The armless woman swings herself up to her friends. Cut to a close up of the end of her water arm as it turns into a sickle and she uses it to grab a guard's waist. She uses her other arm to grab another guard's neck. The waterbender throws one guard over the railing and another on the walkway, knocking him out cold. The woman stands up and we cut to an overhead view of her gazing at her prison cage. Zaheer and Ghazan run up to her.)

Ming-Hua: (turns around to Zaheer and gives a little smile) I never thought I'd be so happy to see your (glances to Ghazan) ugly mugs again.
Ghazan: Great to see you too, Ming-Hua.
Ming-Hua: (to Zaheer) I'm flattered, you busted me out before that girlfriend of yours.
Zaheer: (switch to a close up of Zaheer as he smiles) We're getting her next.

(Cut to the inside of the airship as everyone sits dejectedly around the table with the map on it.)

Tenzin: Well, I guess we should just go to Ba Sing Se and try our luck there.
Korra: I don't know what to do. I just thought more people would be excited about coming with us.
Bumi: Well, (extends both palms out) maybe you gotta do more to get them excited. You need to add a little (shakes his hands) razzle dazzle. (places his hands on the table)
Bolin: Yeah, razzle dazzle. We could put on some sort of airbending street performance.
Bumi: I was going to say we could cover Tenzin's robe in sequins, (points to Bolin) but that's even better.

(Bolin and Bumi give hopeful smiles to someone off-screen. Cut to Korra and Tenzin leaning back in their chairs, unamused.)

Korra: (to Tenzin) It sounds ridiculous, but it might work.
Tenzin: I'm willing to try anything at this point.

(Return back to an excited Bolin.)

Bolin: (fist pumps) Yes! That is the kind of enthusiasm I like to hear.

(Cut to a village by a cliffside as the airship docks at the edge. The team has disembarked, leaving Tenzin on the stairs. A crowd has gathered in front of the ship.)

Bolin: Come one, come all and witness the amazing airbenders! (cut to a close up of Bolin with a fake moustache on his face and an intricate megaphone in hand) An airbending show that will leave you (whispers) breathless (hollers) with wind! First up, the tattooed master himself. You know him as the son of Avatar Aang. (camera pans to the stairs behind him and Tenzin's back is to the audience) He shaves every hair on his head, every single day. (cut to a back view of Tenzin) It's the one, the only guy with an arrow pointing to his nose- (Tenzin turns towards the audience and pulls off his robes, revealing his shirtless form) Tenzin!

(Tenzin waves his arms around and forms his air cycle that hasn't been seen since Book 1. He moves the cycle along the ground in front of the audience and the crowd applauds. Switch to an overhead view as Tenzin stops bending and stands up with both hands out.)

Bolin: Now, now, (walks to the crowd) ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, please be quiet. (cut to a close up of Bolin as he looks worried) I have some serious news. We've heard that an escaped firebending convict has been spotted near here. (everyone starts to whisper) Now, I don't want to panic anyone, (goes up really close to a couple in front) but if you see a firebender (Cut to Mako with his arms crossed behind a couple of people in the crowd. He doesn't look too happy.) with a red scarf...

Guy in Crowd: I see him. He's right there!

(Mako steps forward, out into the open.)

Mako: (flatly) I am the escaped convict, and you will all reap my fire.

(Switch to a view of the crowd as Mako raises his fist and bends a small flame of fire. The crowd whispers in fear. Cut to a close up of Bolin.)

Bolin: Oh, no, who will help us?

Korra: (off-screen) I will! (cut to Korra with her arms on her hips as she hams it up) With my airbending skills.

(Korra moves her arms around and creates a gust of wind which becomes a little vortex that sucks Mako up into the air. Mako gasps with surprise. She releases him and he almost drops to the ground before he gets caught on a bed of air. Korra makes the vortex typhoon again and spins Mako around.)

Mako: Whoa! Aah! Oh! Aah! Aah! Hey! Let me go! (cut to the top view of the vortex to show Mako as he looks panicked) This is not what we rehearsed! Korra!

(Cut to Korra who chuckles as she is enjoying herself. She looks backwards and the camera pans to the side to reveal Asami who laughs in amusement too. Cut to a view of Oogi as it sails through the air.)

Bolin: With the power of airbending, even this beast can float like a feather! (cut to Bumi on the ground as he thrusts out four gusts of air from his palms) Look what can be done in only a few short weeks of practice. (Jinora flies above the crows with her glider and bobs and weaves for a moment before twirling her glider in the air and landing gently on top of a column) No, no, don't worry, folks, she might be young, but she is in full control.

(The crowd applauds for Jinora and we switch back to an aerial view of the group.)

Bolin: Ladies and gentlemen, if you or anyone you know is an airbender, (Bumi and Korra give a wave) please send them our way. Master Tenzin and Avatar Korra would love to teach them all they know.

(Switch to Korra giving Tenzin a hopeful smile. Return back to a shot of the crowd as they disperse but a figure runs up to them. Cut to a close up of a boy with green eyes around the age of ten running towards Team Avatar.)

Kai: Hey. Hello. If you're looking for airbenders, you just found one. (camera zooms out to the back of Korra and Tenzin's heads as the boy thrusts his palms out and airbends twice) I want to join you guys.

(View changes to the back of the Kai's head looking to Team Avatar who smile with delight.)

Bolin: Get outta town!
Korra: (she walks up to Tenzin and smiles) We got our first recruit.

(Both of them grin and then look at the camera hopefully. Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to a full shot of Team Avatar talking to Kai.)

Korra: Just to be totally clear, we're going to be heading to Ba Sing Se, (camera zooms in on them) then the Northern Air Temple to live as nomads and rebuild the Air Nation. All that sound good to you?
Kai: (repeats without thought) Yeah, Ba Sing Se, rebuild the temple, Air Nomad whaddyado- I'm in. Let's go right now.
Bolin: (jumps for joy) This is going to be so great! You are gonna love it- (raises his eyebrows) Uh, ah- Real quick, what's your name?
Kai: Kai. (to Tenzin) So when do we hit the road?
Tenzin: (raises a hand up as a 'stop' gesture) Hang on a second, Kai. Where are your parents? (cut to Kai who looks saddened) We can't have you come with us without their permission.
Kai: (looks down) My parents are... (sighs) gone.

(Switch to Korra looking at Tenzin worriedly. Camera pans right to Mako and Bolin.)

Bolin: You're an orphan?
Kai: (nods and sad music begins to play) It happened about a year ago. My hometown was raided by outlaws, but my parents fought back against them. (camera pans across the other who listen intently) I was so scared, but they told me not to worry. They would protect me. And they did. My parents saved me and the entire village, but they died in the fight. (cut to Korra and the brothers as tears well up in Bolin's eyes) Mom and Pop meant everything to me. They were my whole life.

(Bolin sniffles and wipes a tear from his eye.)

Kai: Ever since then, I've been on my own and on the run. Those same outlaws are still after me.
Bolin: Well, you don't have to be on the run anymore. Right, guys? Tell him.
Tenzin: (solemnly) I'm so sorry about your parents. I know we could never replace them, (rests a hand on Kai's shoulder) but we're here for you.
Korra: We'll keep you safe. (gestures to the ramp) Come on. (everyone except Bolin walk up the ramp)
Bolin: (rests an arm across Kai's back) When you board this airship, you're gonna leave your old life behind and start a new path. That's some big brother advice. (he and Kai walk up the ramp to board the ship) Just think of me as your big brother.

(Kai smiles gleefully as they leave. Cut to the inside of the entrance as Mako pauses and walks to a nearby window. The revving of motorcycle engines can be heard and five motorcycles can be seen pulling up to the area where the team was just at.)

Mako: Guys, I think we got trouble.

(Cut to the rest of the gang as they turn around with worried faces. Scene changes to a back view of the Sheriff on his bike as he stops the engine, parks, and gets off the vehicle. He walks forward, pushing his goggles up to his helmet before removing his headgear.)

Sheriff: Release the boy (raises an arm up) or we'll take him by force.

(The Sheriff clenches his hands and the other four deputies earthbend one rock each from the ground. Cut back to the inside of the ship.)

Kai: (frightened) The outlaws- they're after me. (grabs Korra's arm) L-let's get out of here!
Korra: (surprised) We're not running from anyone. (Korra furrows her brows with determinationa)

(Cut to the outside of the ship focusing on the doors as they slide open to reveal Korra in a defensive posture.)

Korra: If you want Kai, you'll have to go through me!

(Korra pushes herself off and out of the airship with airbending. The deputies immediately launch their rocks to Korra but the Avatar breaks them with a blast of air. Korra lands on the ground and pushes herself up before kicking her legs out and airbending the Sheriff and his deputies off their feet. The Sheriff lands near a fountain and he quickly stands up, earthbending a piece of rock with him and he sends to to Korra. She quickly bends up a column of earth to intercept the projectile.

The Sheriff sends another rock chunk at Korra and she stretches a hand out, bending the rock into dust. Korra earthbends an underground snake towards the Sheriff, knocking him backwards to a nearby fountain while the rest of his deputies remain unconscious on the ground near him.)

Korra: (stands up and frowns) Your days of harassing an innocent boy are over. (walks to the Sheriff) You outlaws are going to prison.

(Cut to the Sheriff who is surprised)

Sheriff: Outlaws? Innocent boy? (looks down at his badge) I'm a sheriff and these are my deputies. (cut to Korra who is shocked and we can see Jinora and Tenzin behind her) And this kid is a thief. (Korra widens her eyes and view returns back to the Sheriff) Whatever he told you is a lie. We've been chasing him for months.
Korra: (her expression of shock changes to anger and she looks back to her team mates) Where's Kai?
Mako: (off screen) Right here. (Camera pans to the left to reveal Mako with Kai's satchel in one hand and holding onto Kai's collar in the other. They walk towards Korra.) I found him slipping away.
Kai: I was going to the bathroom.
Mako: (lifts up a satchel for emphasis) With your sack of gold?

(Mako tosses the sack towards the lawmen. The bag lands on the ground at Korra's feet and gold and jewellery fall out from it. Camera pans up as Korra has an unreadable expression on her face.)

Kai: (off-screen) I told you, I found that on the road!

(Pan out to a full view of Team Avatar, the Sheriff and his colleagues surrounding Mako and Kai.)

Mako: Enough with the lies, kid. I want the truth.
Sheriff: (arms akimbo) The truth is, he's the outlaw. (Korra turns her head towards the boy) He spent his entire life as an orphan until (Two deputies step forward, forcing Mako to let go of Kai. The deputies stand on each side of Kai, grabbing hold of his arm) he got adopted by a real nice family about six months ago. (switch to a close up of the Sheriff and Korra as she turns towards him) And how did he repay them? By taking their entire life savings. (turns to Korra) We've been after him ever since.
Korra: (to Kai) Is that true?
Kai: (pleads with puppy dog eyes) The person who stole that stuff was the old me. Once I got airbending, (opens his palms) I changed. I don't know how to explain it, (camera pans across to Bolin with his hands clasped together while Jinora looks at the scene sadly) but I feel like airbending chose me for a reason. Like I'm a new person. I'm sorry! (he drags his feet on the ground as the deputies lead him away) Please! You have to listen to me.

(One of the deputies picks up the sack of gold and he walks off with the Sheriff.)

Bolin: (sadly) Are you taking him back to the orphanage?
Sheriff: No. He's headed to jail.
Korra: (Korra looks down to think for a moment) Wait! (the rest of the crew look at her with surprise) You guys (the lawmen glance back at her) got the family's life savings back. Now let us take Kai.
Tenzin: (to Korra) Do you really want our first new member of the Air Nation to be a liar and a thief?
Korra: (smiles at her teacher) He just needs some guidance, Tenzin. And who better to give it to him than us?
Sheriff: Do you want this kid or not?
Tenzin: (scratches his beard in thought) Yes. (Bolin smiles in the background) You can release the boy into our custody.

(Cut to Kai who looks ecstatic. Switch to a side view shot of Korra as he gives her a hug.)

Kai: Thank you.
Korra: Don't make me regret it.
Bolin: Welcome to the family, little bro.

(Bolin hugs Korra and Jinora hugs Kai. Bumi gives Tenzin a hug, much to his brother's disdain. Cut to the Team boarding the ship again as the Sheriff and his colleagues drive off on their motorbikes. Camera angle cuts to a close up of Kai as Mako grabs him by the head and turns the boy around to face him.)

Mako: (bends down to his level) I just want you to know, I'm going to be watching you, kid. I know exactly what you're all about because I've been there before. You don't have me fooled.
Kai: (takes a step back with both hands out in front of him in a protective gesture) Whoa, hey, lighten up. (puts his hands in his pockets) I'm turning over a new leaf. Making a change. (turns away) Don't you worry about me.

(Kai walks up the plank and the camera follows him up the ramp to reveal Jinora shyly waiting for him in the middle of the walkway.)

Jinora: Hi, I'm Jinora. (cut to a close up of the two as Jinora blushes and we can see Tenzin walking into the airship in the background) If you need any help with airbending I could show you what I know.
Kai: (tugs on his suspenders) Thanks. (Tenzin appears in the doorway again) That's real nice of you.
Tenzin: Jinora! (the two children are startled and they look at him) We're leaving now.

(Jinora smiles at Kai. Cut to a side view shot of the airship as everyone boards.

Scene changes back to the prison in the volcanic area where Ming-Hua recently escaped. Camera slowly pans through the top of the prison, down to the various metallic walkways before lingering on the empty prison cell before panning upwards to a pair looking down at the cage. Cut to a low profile shot of a very familiar character with a white beard and a distinctive red scar on the left side of his face.)

White Lotus Guard #3: They came out of nowhere. (the camera slowly pans up to reveal more of Zuko's aged face) I'm so sorry, (bows his head in shame) Lord Zuko.
Lord Zuko: How could you let this happen?
White Lotus Guard #3: They caught us by surprise. And Zaheer is an airbender now.
Lord Zuko: (camera angle changes to a full shot of Zuko as he reacts with surprise) No! This can't be. Do you have any idea the power these criminals possess? Individually, they can take down any bender. Put them all together, they could take down the entire World. And now you're telling me their leader is an airbender?
White Lotus Guard #3: We can track them...
Lord Zuko: We don't need to track them. (turns away from the guard) I know exactly where they're going. (Zuko begins to walk off screen and the White Lotus guard follows. Cut to a back view shot of the two as they walk through a brightly lit doorway.) Notify the new chiefs of the Northern Water Tribe that an attack on their prison is imminent. (camera zooms past Zuko and the guard to reveal a big, imposing red dragon waiting on the other end) And send word to Lin Bei Fong in Republic City. The Avatar must be protected.

(Camera angle changes to full side view shot of the scene as the dragon lowers its head so that Zuko can climb on it. They are on a little walkway extending out to the cliff side.)

White Lotus Guard #3: Where are you going?

(Cut to a back view of the guard as Zuko is already seated. The dragon lifts its head and lets out a roar, spreading its majestic wings.)

Lord Zuko: To stop them.

(Return back to the side view shot as the dragon takes off and begins to fly towards the camera as exciting, mysterious music plays in the background. Cut to a back view shot of the dragon as it rapidly flies further and further away from the camera. As it reaches the horizon, the episode ends.)

[End Credits]

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