Transcript for 304 - In Harm's Way
In Harm's Way
Written By: Joshua Hamilton
Directed By: Melchior Zwyer
Storyboard By: Sol Choi, Hyunjoo Song, Shaun O'Neil
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, with clips from "The Earth Queen".]

Shiro Shinobi: Airbenders are mysteriously disappearing in Ba Sing Se, including Kai. The Earth Queen denied any knowledge that they exist but Korra refused to give up her search. Meanwhile, Mako and Bolin met their long lost relatives who told them that Dai Li agents have been rounding up airbenders for the Queen's army. And at a prison in the North, Tonraq and Lord Zuko prepare for Zaheer's imminent attack.

Act I

(Episode opens to a frontal shot of P'li who stares and exhales angrily at the camera. Camera fades out to the guards standing in front of her prison and it pans upwards to the various metallic bridges filling up the height of the chasm. Cut to Tonraq, Eska, and Desna, standing guard on the surface outside the compound. Change to a side view shot of the scene as Zuko's dragon lands with a roar, sending snow bouncing up.)

Tonraq: Did you see Zaheer?
Lord Zuko: The only thing I saw was a snowstorm heading our way.

(Zuko glances behind him and camera pans to a cloud of smoke and snow at the nearby hills. Cut to Tonraq who looks serious.

Tonraq: That's not a snowstorm. That's him.

(Tonraq frowns and runs off-screen. Cut to the "snowstorm" and camera manages to move past it, revealing a figure standing atop a vehicle, making spirals of air around the truck. Cut to Ghazan in the driver's seat as the windshield wipers do their work. Camera pans upwards to show Zaheer waving his arms around to keep up the illusion of a storm. Cut to a side view of the cloud as the truck surges forward. Camera now focuses on Zaheer who jumps off the vehicle followed by Ming-Hua. They hit the ground running. Cut to Tonraq and the other three running to confront the duo.)

Tonraq: I put you away once Zaheer, and I'm gonna do it again.

(Tonraq jumps up and waterbends at Zaheer. Camera pans out as Zaheer slides down on the ice to avoid the attack while the others keep running forward. Tonraq bends a pillar of ice but Zaheer cartwheels to the side. The Chief then sends dual water spirals at Zaheer who leaps over Tonraq and the latter turns to face him. Cut to a close up of Zaheer as he bends backwards and an arc of water sails past his head. Zaheer runs forward and camera pans out as he airbends, knocking Tonraq off his feet.

Cut to the twins as they are mirror images of each other. They send ice off-screen before kicking up some more ice and shooting them forward rapidly. Cut to a frontal shot of Ming-Hua as she side steps the ice and casually looks behind. She continues to run forward. The twins perform some bending movements and camera pans out to show that they created ice spikes from the ground to prevent Ming-Hua from advancing. Ming-Hua jumps into screen and uses her tentacle arms to grab a hold of the top of the ice spike. Cut to a profile panning shot of Ming-Hua as she swings herself effortlessly across the spikes. Cut to the back of the twins as Ming-Hua lands and waterbends an ice column which Desna dodges but Eska is knocked aside. Soon after, they are partially encased in separate blocks of ice.

Cut to Ming-Hua as she leaps into the air and her tentacles form an ice drill which tunnels into the chasm. View changes to the inside of the prison as the waterbender easily breaks through. Cut to a view of the chasm as the camera follows Ming-Hua who is free falling. She grabs onto a metal structure to dodge a fire attack from a White Lotus guard. She jumps down on top of the guard, knocking him out. Camera changes angles to the front of the prison cell. The remaining guard begins to water bend but Ming-Hua shoots out her tentacle, throwing the guard against the wall and encasing him fully in ice.

Cut to P'li inside the prison cell looking a little frightened as she has heard the commotion. Camera changes angles to the back of the cell looking at the door. Water fills the prison doors and camera zooms in, showing the liquid turn into ice, pushing the door out of its hinges. The ice turns back into water and retreats. The door gives a whine as it drops down. Ming-Hua casually strolls in. Cut to a view behind Ming-Hua walking into the cell.)

P'Li: Ming-Hua.

(Camera focuses on a close up of Ming-Hua.)

Ming-Hua: Let's get you out of here.

(She proceeds to tear through the various chain links holding P'Li captive with waterbending. The broken links fall to the floor and we cut to an area behind Ming-Hua with a view of the firebender in front of them. P'li stands up and camera cuts to her face as she lifts up the metal mask covering her forehead, revealing a tattoo similar to Combustion Man back in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Cut to the icy cliffs around the chasm as an ice hook appears on screen.. Camera pans out to reveal P'li being piggybacked by Ming-Hua and the waterbender has fashioned her tentacles into icy climbing hooks. She gradually scales the surface.)

P'Li: (dryly) We could have just taken the elevator.

(Ming-Hua ignores her and she keeps climbing)

P'Li: Show off.

(Cut to the surface as a water tentacle grasps the edge. Both women leap out and land on their knees. Zuko's dragon roars, which catches P'li's attention. Cut to a close up of the dragon as it breathes orange fire on them. Cut to a side view shot of the scene as P'Li intercepts the flames, causing them to pass around them harmlessly in a bubble. View changes to P'li within the vortex of flames as she firebends them away. Cut to a close up of her face as she smiles.)

P'Li: I've waited thirteen years to feel this warm.

(P'li moves her arms around and the fire dissipates but a stream of air shoots out from her tattoo, hitting Zuko's dragon quite violently in a powerful explosion. The beast howls in pain.

Cut to Zuko dodging a rock and shooting a flame at Ghazan who is off-screen. Another boulder flies into screen and Zuko dodges that too, sending another stream of fire at Ghazan. Cut to the back view of Zuko facing Ghazan who is on the back of the truck filled with boulders. Ghazan jumps up and bends on rock along. Zuko firebends again and we cut to a side shot of Ghazan taking refuge from behind the boulder as the fire collides against the rock harmlessly. Ghazan separates the boulder into two different pieces and sends them flying to Zuko. Cut to Zuko's back view as he uses firebending to force the first rock away but gets hit by the second piece.

Camera follows Zuko as he gets knocked backwards into the snow. Zaheer lands behind Zuko followed by Tonraq who chases after him by propelling himself with a slab of ice and raining more ice chunks on Zaheer. Switch to a close up of Tonraq as he turns to the side and looks at P'li. Cut to a close up of her as the woman immediately firebends with her mind towards the Chief. Camera pans out back to Tonraq again. He quickly brings up a thick sheet of ice to protect himself but is blown back when the explosion collides with the ice. Camera follows the fallen Chief as he rolls on the snow, unconscious.

Cut to Zuko on the ground as he pushes himself up. Off-screen, the sound of an engine starting up catches his attention. Cut to the truck as it rolls away. View changes to the inside of the truck with P'li and Zaheer locked in an embrace.)

P'Li: I thought I would never see you again.
Zaheer: I never doubted.

(The couple kiss and camera zooms out a bit to reveal Ghazan looking to the side at the couple. He is visibly uncomfortable.)

Ghazan: Really? Right now?

(Cut to an overhead view of the vehicle as it continues to press forward.

Location changes to the apartment complex in the Lower Ring. Cut to the inside of Yin's apartment doors as it bursts open to reveal Tu, holding something in his hand as he walks into the house confidently.)

Tu: I got them. These passports should get you into the Upper Ring.

(Cut to Bolin who has his arms raised up happily. Mako smiles. Behind them, the rest of the family smile too.)

Bolin: Awesome! Tu, you're the best cousin a guy could have!

(The rest of the family behind look a little downcast at his proclamation. Bolin realizes his gaffe and turns around to address them.)

Bolin: And my other cousins as well. Yeah. Yeah, you're all the best.

(Cut to a side view shot of Tu as the brothers stand up to take the fake passports.)

Mako: Thanks. I know this wasn't easy.
Yin: It's such a shame you two must leave so soon.

(Camera pans right to Yin who walks up to her grandchildren)

Mako: I wish we could stay. But if it's true the Earth Queen is forcing airbenders into her army, we have to do something about it.

(Cut to a side view shot of Yin who reaches forward and holds Mako's hands.)

Yin: I love you both. Come visit again.

(Yin hugs Mako and Bolin joins in by hugging her from the side. Tu joins in the group hug as well by embracing Mako from behind.)

Mako: We will, grandma.

(Chow and the other family members stand up to hug the brothers too. Cut to a close up of Bolin with his cheek pressed against grandma's hair.)

Bolin: I love you too, grandma. (Cut to an overhead shot of the family hug as Bolin glances around.) And Chow. And Tu. (Bolin's voice starts to break) And Meng Meng. And Chow Junior and (Camera pans out to a shot of the apartment complex as Bolin continues to address the rest of the family.) there he is, Big Ti and Little- Little Ti and Medium Yu and... and- and what was your name again?

(Cut to Korra punching cushion arm paddings twice and grunting. Camera pans out to show Asami in training gear. The Avatar continues to rain punches on the cushions as she speaks.)

Korra: I know that Earth Queen (misses a punch) is lying to me! (Asami dodges and sends an empty punch at Korra who avoids it as well) I can tell (Korra lifts up her leg to kick the cushion) by that stupid little queenie (Cut to a close up of the girls as Korra sends two quick punches on each of Asami's arm padding) smirk of hers! (Korra punches Asami's right arm padding twice and Asami flinches a bit.) And I can't believe I helped her! (Cut to a close up of a furious Korra) I should have known she was (punches) using me!

(Camera pans out as Korra jumps up, spins around with airbending and kicks the padding, sending it flying off Asami's arm. Miss Sato groans. Cut to a close up of Asami who is a little tired.)

Asami: Whoa! Hey! I think (raises both hands up in a calming gesture) I could use a break. (Camera pans out to a slightly side view shot of the girls) You letting off steam is (Asami begins to undo the straps on the remaining padding) starting to... (she pulls off the padding) Hurt. (raises her arm and looks at it) A lot.
Korra: Sorry.

(Pabu scurries into view and squeaks. The sound of running is heard and the fire ferret sits up. Both girls look off screen to see what Pabu is staring at.)

Asami: Mako! Bolin!

(Cut to the brothers who run into the courtyard. Bolin pants heavily.)

Korra: You're okay. Where have you been?

(Bolin pants some more and tries to catch his breath.)

Bolin: (has two fingers in a running motion) We chased Kai. Train. Slipped away. (points behind him) Lower Ring. (does a sleeping motion with his hands) Slept in trash pile. (hugs his abdomen) Met our family! (presses two fingers under his eyes) Grandma tears. (points to his brother, catching him by surprise.) Mako's scarf. (he puts Pabu on his head, mimicking the head dress Hou-Ting wears) Earth Queen... (he sink to the floor in exhaustion) lying.

(Cut to the grass as Bolin collapses on it while Pabu jumps off his head. Camera pans upwards to the girls.)

Asami: (to Mako) Can you interpret that?

(Cut to Mako)

Mako: The Earth Queen's been secretly taking airbenders, and forcing them into her army.

(Camera changes view to Korra who raises her fists in anger.)

Korra: (incensed) She was lying! I knew it! (one fist shakes in anger as her eyebrows twitch) I swear the next time I see her-

(The camera pans left as Asami walks up to her.)

Asami: (interrupts Korra with a whisper) It's the Queen.

(Korra relaxes and looks up in surprise. Cut to a side view shot of the scene as the Earth Kingdom guards carry the Queen's palanquin towards Korra. Cut to Bolin as he opens up his coat.)

Bolin: Quick! Pabu, shirt!

(The fire ferret jumps in with a chirp. Bolin buttons up his coat and the ferret squeaks as it fidgets around.)

Bolin: I know. Sorry. Kinda sweaty.

(View changes to Hou-Ting walking towards them with Gun trailing meekly behind.)

Queen Hou-Ting: Good. You're here. Gun, tell her the news.
Gun: We've received word from the Yang province. There have been reports of airbenders there.
Queen Hou-Ting: Wonderful, isn't it? It's the very thing you've been looking for.

(Cut to Team Avatar who looks at her passively.)

Korra: (speaks with forced enthusiasm) Thank you. That is just the most wonderful news. Ever. (puts her arms up to squee) Yay.

(Camera looks at the Queen and Gun in between Mako and Bolin)

Queen Hou-Ting: So, I assume you and your... friends (Pabu fidgets and Bolin's coat visibly moves) here will be leaving immediately- Ahhh ah choo! Ah choo! (she looks really funny sneezing) Ahhh choo!

(The Queen turns to Gun and grabs him by the collar. Cut to a close up of the confrontation.)

Queen Hou-Ting: Is there an animal in my presence?!
Gun: No, Your Majesty. (Cut to a discreet shot in between the pair looking at Bolin as Pabu's tail peeks out of Bolin's coat.) I would never allow (Bolin notices and grabs Pabu's tail. There is an animated sweat drop running down his forehead.) an animal near you!

(Bolin comically slides off-screen. Cut back to a side view of Gun and Hou-Ting.)

Queen Hou-Ting: Ah choo! Ahhh ahh ah choo!

(The queen's head dress is in disarray now. She picks up Gun's sleeves and wipes her nose with it.)

Queen Hou-Ting: If I find one within fifty feet of me, (she taps Gun's forehead with a finger) it's your head. (turns to address Team Avatar) Anyway, if you need any assistance packing, let Gun know. He'll see to it that you're on your way. By evening.

(The Queen turns to start to walk away)

Korra: (off-screen) Err... this evening?

(Gun and the queen turn back towards Korra. Cut to Korra who is doing a bad job at lying and Asami looks at her friend.)

Korra: I'm not sure about leaving so soon...
Asami: (speaks up to help Korra) Because our airship is having engine trouble. It'll take me until tomorrow to finish the repairs.

(We return back to the Queen and Gun.)

Queen Hou-Ting: Ah ahh ahh AH CHOO! (Gun backs away but Hou-Ting manages to turn around and sneeze in his direction) Ah choo!

(Cut to Asami, Korra, and Mako giving them a look.)

Korra: (to Asami) Thanks for buying us some time.

(Cut to the whole party, minus the pilot, inside the house in the living room.)

Tenzin: I can't believe the Earth Queen is conscripting airbenders.

(Camera focuses on Korra while Bolin sits beside her with his arms crossed.)

Korra: Those people should not be forced to join an army.

(Cut to Bumi with his arms crossed too.)

Bumi: Well, technically the Earth Queen has a right to conscript her citizens.

(Cut to a slightly aerial view behind Bumi as the rest shoot him dirty looks. Camera returns back to Bumi.)

Bumi: What? It's true.
Jinora: (off-screen) Guys, what if (Cut to Jinora looking worried with her fingers laced together) Kai was spotted airbending? He might have been taken too.
Bolin: Probably not. He's surprisingly difficult to catch. (clutches his hands together) Like a- like a little greased hogmonkey.
Jinora: But, what if he was?

(Korra gets out of her seat and walk to Jinora to comfort her. Cut to side view of Jinora as Korra bends down to be at her level.)

Korra: Don't worry, Jinora. We'll find him. We just need to figure out where to look.

(Camera focuses on Mako with one arm on his face in thought.)

Mako: I bet they're under Lake Laogai.

(Cut to Jinora, Korra, Bolin, and Asami who give him confused looks. Camera returns back to Mako who puts his hand down.)

Mako: What? I've been reading some of Jinora's books. (Cut to an overhead view of the living room) The old Dai Li agents used to have a secret fortress beneath the lake.
Jinora: Mako's right. It's the perfect spot to hide airbenders. (Cut back to a close up of Jinora) And I know how to check it out without being caught. I can project my spirit into it.

(Korra and Bolin raise their eyebrows in surprise. View changes to Bumi and his brother who are surprised too.)

Bumi: You mean that out of body thing you did to help giant spirit-y Korra?
Tenzin: Who can still do that?

(View changes back to Jinora.)

Jinora: It's not as powerful as it was during Harmonic Convergence, but if I can get close enough, I think I can do it.

(Korra rests a hand on Jinora's shoulder)

Korra: Let's go get Kai out. (camera slowly zooms in) Let's get all the airbenders out.

(Cut to commercial break)

Act II

(Episode returns to the Earth Kingdom symbol in the underground training camp. Camera pans down to a Dai Li sergeant addressing the new airbenders who stand in a straight line on both sides of him.)

Dai Li Sergeant: You are the property of The Earth Kingdom. (Cut to a close up of Kai as he glares at the sergeant while he speaks.) You'll become the Earth Queen's elite fighting force and protect her at all cost. (Camera switches back to the sergeant who looks strict and bored) It is your duty to serve The Earth Queen.

(Cut to two airbenders as they fire their attacks. Camera switches to their opponents on the other end. One dodges and sends a volley of air back while the other at the back intercepts the air and sends it flying back. Cut to Kai in the background and an airbender's torso in the foreground. The latter gets smacked by a gust of air. Kai dodges the attacks and spins around on his heel and raises one leg up but stops.)

Yung: Go easy on me! (Cut to a view from over Kai's shoulder looking at Yung who has both arms raised in front of his face protectively) I-I'm not that good.

(Cut to Kai who puts his feet back on the ground and smiles. He punches his hand out, sending a small gust of air towards Yung. Cut to Yung who dodges and gives Kai a smile. We return back to Kai again as the sergeant is now behind him.)

Dai Li Sergeant: Never show mercy! Now attack your opponent and this time, like you mean it!

(Camera zooms out to a full view of Kai as he roughly thrusts his hand forth, sending an air attack at Yung who gets hit head on in the torso and is flung backwards. Cut to Kai who looks remorseful.)

Kai: Sorry.
Dai Li Sergeant: A soldier never apologizes to his enemy.
Kai: (turns towards the sergeant angrily) I'm not a soldier.
Dai Li Sergeant: (Cut to the sergeant who looks at him coolly) You will be when I'm through with you.

(He turns around and walks away. Camera pans to a side view shot of Kai with a new airbender in the background clutching his stomach. Kai looks down to the ground sadly.

Scene changes to Lake Laogai as Oogi flies towards the small piece of land in the middle of the water. Cut to an overhead view of Jinora seated cross legged on the ground while Tenzin crouches down to her level with a hand on her shoulder. Korra stands over them protectively. Oogi takes a short nap behind Jinora.)

Tenzin: If anything goes wrong, come back immediately.

(Cut to a close up of Jinora who beams her dad a smile.)

Jinora: I will.

(She closes her eyes and soothing meditation music begins to play. Camera pans out to a scenic view of the lake and the island. Cut back to a profile shot of Jinora with her eyes closed. Camera pans downwards through the ground and into the secret Dai Li facility that is now underwater and overgrown with weeds. Various sea creatures swim about. Jinora appears as a blue apparation floating within the water. She looks around briefly and we cut to a different part of the facility where the Dai Li agents were hiding in the ceiling when they ambushed Aang many years ago. Most of the ground is covered by water. Jinora's spirit flashes in briefly before disappearing. Cut to another tunnel underwater with weeds as Jinora appears from one of the holes in the wall. She swims forward and stops. Cut to a close up of the girl who looks confused and she "flies" upwards before disappearing again.

Camera pans back up to the surface and Jinora opens her eyes before standing up. Korra and Tenzin walk onto screen.)

Korra: What happened? (Jinora turns towards Korra) What did you see?

(View changes to a close up of Jinora who looks worried.)

Jinora: The airbenders aren't there. It's completely deserted.

(Cut to a close up of Tenzin and Korra. The airbending master widens his eyes with surprise.)

Tenzin: They're not down there?
Korra: Jinora, you've read all about Ba Sing Se. Can you think of any other places the airbenders might be?

(Cut to the camera being in between master and student looking at Jinora. The camera zooms in slowly as she speaks.)

Jinora: I guess they could be in the catacombs beneath the Upper Ring. (looks aside uneasily) Or the ancient sewers beneath the Lower Ring. Or the maze of tunnels that (she points her fingers together) connects the rings together. Or they could be-

(Camera angle changes to a side view shot of the trio.)

Tenzin: (interrupts with a sigh) There are just too many places. There has to be another way to locate them.
Korra: (looks at Tenzin) Maybe there is. (walks up to Jinora and scoots down to her level) How did you find me during Harmonic Convergence?
Jinora: I don't know. (Cut to an over the shoulder shot from behind Korra looking at Jinora with a hand on the young girl's shoulder) I just kind of focused on your energy. I think our spiritual connection led me to you.

(Camera returns back to the angle from before)

Korra: Maybe you can find Kai the same way. I know you two have a connection.

(Tenzin's eyes widen with surprise again.)

Tenzin: What do you mean a connection?

(Tenzin strokes his beard with one hand. Camera changes angles to a slightly wider shot of the trio)

Jinora: I don't know. (Jinora sits back down on the ground again) Let me try.

(Cut to a close up of Jinora with her eyes closed. Camera fades into another shot of the green crystals underground. Camera pans down to the Dai Li sergeant with one stack of earth discs on either side of him. He sends a series of earth discs out one at a time.

View changes to the airbenders standing in a line. The first one sends a blast of air forward with both hands but gets smacked in the torso. The second one shoots a stream of air with one hand followed by an upper cut of air with the other but he gets hit by the earth disc as well. He sinks to the ground, holding his stomach. The third sends an arc of air and stretches one arm out in anticipation of another attack. Soon after, he gets hit by a disc. The forth one in line is Kai who blocks the shot with a couple of air blasts. Cut to the sergeant as he sends one more earth disc flying. Cut back to Kai who spins around and kicks, deflecting the disc away from Yung who is cowering once again.)

Yung: Thanks.

(He waves to Kai in relief)

Dai Li Sergeant: (off-screen) You again! (View changes back to the sergeant) If you have time to help your friend, maybe you're not getting enough rocks for yourself!

(He sends a volley of discs to Kai. Cut back to the boy who successfully swipes away the first two discs with airbending and dodges the next two by ducking and cartwheeling. He subsequently gets hit in the stomach with the fifth and sixth shots. Cut to Kai who rolls and skids to the ground, holding his abdomen. Cut to Kai's back as he struggles to push himself up. Camera pans upwards to the sergeant looming over him.)

Dai Li Sergeant: I guess you're not as good as you thought.

(Cut to an over the shoulder view behind the sergeant looking at Kai who sends a blast of air at his face. Camera angle changes to the agent who dodges the attack and raises both arms up. Cut to Kai as his arms and lower body are encased by rock. Angle changes to an area behind Kai looking at the sergeant.)

Dai Li Sergeant: Throw him in the hole.

(He turns and walks away. Two agents come in and grab Kai by each shoulder. The rock gets bent away and they haul the boy backwards as the screen fades to black. Cut to an overhead view of a detention cell as the door slides open, sending a sliver of light into the room. Kai gets tossed in soon after and he stumbles backwards, colliding with the bench behind him. Cut to a close up of Kai as the door closes, leaving him in the dark. He looks downcast and turns to the side to rest his head on his arm. A short while later, Jinora's spirit flashes in the dark, catching his attention. He freaks out and grabs the bench as Jinora continues to blink and flash in front of him. Cut to a back view of Kai as Jinora finally materializes. Kai scoots backwards in fear.)

Kai: Jinora?
Jinora: (raises her arms in glee) It worked!

(Cut to a profile shot of Kai as he looks confused)

Kai: How are you here right now?

(Jinora steps into frame with a finger on her lips)

Jinora: Shh. Quiet. It's a high level airbender move with a little spiritual stuff thrown in.
Kai: (sighs in relief) For a second there, I thought you were a ghost.
Jinora: (chuckles) It's good to see you. (Cut to an area above Kai's ear looking at Jinora) We've been looking for you and the other airbenders. We're going to get you all out of here. (looks up) Where are we anyway?

(Camera angle changes to a slightly aerial view of the pair.)

Kai: Underground somewhere. Other than that, I don't have a clue.

(Jinora stands up and sticks a hand out at Kai to reassure him.)

Jinora: I'll figure it out. Don't worry.
Kai: Jinora! Thanks.

(Cut to a close up of the girl as she blushes. Then she floats upwards and her spirit disappears. Camera pans through the ceiling, more of the green crystals before finally reaching the surface. Jinora's head and shoulders pop up from the ground. She looks up and glances behind. Camera pans out to reveal the construction work of a building the Queen was admiring in the previous episode.)

Jinora: The Earth Queen's temple.

(Location changes to a view of Team Avatar's apartment from the outside.)

Korra: (off-screen) I can't believe Miss Queenie Smugface had them right under our noses the whole time!

(Cut to the whole party gathered at the foyer.)

Tenzin: We have to get into that compound tonight, and get those airbenders out.
Bumi: Alright, (Cut to a close up of Bumi seated on the stairs) we go in under the cover of darkness. (raises both pointer fingers) Two small insertion teams and (raises a pinky) a third on the outside. (clasps hands together) Then all we'll need is twelve tons of blasting jelly, a medium sized bulldozer, (Cut to Asami, Tenzin, and Korra look skeptical) and does anyone have a badgermole that knows morse code?

(Tenzin sighs and a series of knocks are heard on the wooden door. The trio turn towards the noise.)

Asami: Oh great. Not the Queen again.
Korra: Everyone, (Tenzin walks towards the door) act normal. And Bolin-

(Cut to Bolin with Pabu perched on a railing)

Bolin: I'm on it! (Bolin opens his coat and Pabu reels back) What? (grabs the back of his coat) Hey, I'm not sweaty this time!

(He gestures towards the inside of the coat, silently requesting Pabu to hide inside. The fire ferret goes in reluctantly and Bolin buttons up his coat. The ferret fidgets inside the coat and pushes its tail out outwards, startling Bolin who looks at his ferret with no amusement. Cut to Tenzin at the door looking back as Asami and Korra. He turns towards the door and opens it. Camera zooms into the door opening to reveal Lin at their doorsteps. Cut to Tenzin who is surprised as Lin walks into the apartment.)

Tenzin: Lin? (closes the door) What are you doing here?

(Cut to the rest of the party)

Lin: We need (she gets to her position and stops, turning to face Tenzin) to get Korra (crosses her arms) out of here immediately. Her life's in danger.
Korra: What? (Cut to profile shots of Tenzin and Lin as they silently stare at each other. Korra walks towards them and stands in the middle.) What's going on?
Lin: (addresses Tenzin) I just got word from Lord Zuko and Tonraq.
Korra: Why is Lord Zuko with my Dad?
Lin: (still ignores Korra and talks to Tenzin) Zaheer and the others have escaped.
Tenzin: (surprised) How is that possible?
Lin: Because Zaheer is an airbender now.

(Cut to a close up of Tenzin as he is in shock.)

Tenzin: No.

(Camera angle changes back to the previous view of the trio.)

Korra: Alright, (thrusts both hands out in irritation) hold on. (turns towards Lin) Will you quit ignoring me and tell me (turns to Tenzin) what's going on? (raises both arms in confusion) Who's Zaheer? (turns to Lin and back to Tenzin) Why is my life in danger?

(Lin and Tenzin glance at each other silently. Cut to an over the shoulder shot of Korra looking at Tenzin.)

Tenzin: (relents) Shortly after we found out you were the Avatar, Zaheer and three others attempted to kidnap you. Luckily, your father, Lord Zuko, Chief Sokka, and I were there to stop them. (Cut to Korra who is in disbelief) We apprehended the criminals and locked them away in prisons designed to impair their abilities.
Korra: (looks down as the answers click in her head) So that's why you and my Dad sheltered me away.

(Cut to Lin, Tenzin, Bolin, and Asami listening to the news.)

Tenzin: It was for your own safety.

(Mako steps forward)

Mako: Why were they (Korra, Lin, and Tenzin turn towards the firebender) trying to kidnap Korra?
Lin: We spent thirteen years interrogating them, but they never broke. To this day, no one knows what their motive was. (takes a step towards Korra) Now we need to get you back to Republic City where I can protect you.

Korra: No. (Tenzin turns towards his student) I'm not running.
Lin: (closes her eyes to calm herself) Korra, you don't understand. (opens her eyes to look back at the Avatar) These criminals are like nothing you've ever faced before.
Korra: (Cut to Korra who is serious) Look, I'm not a little kid any more. You don't need to protect me. I came here for one thing, to find airbenders, and I'm not leaving without them.

(We cut back to Lin)

Lin: Fine. Let's get them and get out of here. Where are they?

(Camera angle changes back to a close up of Korra)

Korra: In a military compound, (her expression changes to anger) and we're busting them out.

(Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to the walls outside the construction site at night as two guards patrol the perimeter. One of them holds a lamp in hand as Jinora waits for them at the corner. Cut to a close up of the guards as they spot Jinora. Camera pans left as the girl gives a wave.)

Jinora: Hi.
Earth Kingdom Guard #1: Hey, what are you doing here?
Earth Kingdom Guard #2: Ah, it's just that little airbender girl who came with the Avatar. (arms akimbo) You shouldn't be walking around here all alone.
Jinora: I'm not alone.

(Points off screen and camera pans to the side to reveal, Korra, Mako, Bolin, Tenzin, Bumi, and Bum-Ju all in battle ready positions. There is a brief silence and camera cuts to a lamp falling to the floor. Camera pans up to reveal the guards tied up and unconscious as Jinora scurries away.

Cut to a wide shot of what appears to be the foyer of the compound. Tenzin peeks out from the entrance and sneaks in followed by the others in one straight line. They run towards an opening in the wall. Cut to two openings in the wall as Bolin is the last to run to safety to the opening on the left. Two Dai Li agents walk down the stairs on the opening to the right. They pass by the adjacent opening. Cut to Tenzin and the others pressed up against the wall in the stairwell. Silhouettes of the agents pass by them without any fanfare. Cut to the back of Tenzin's head as he watches the Dai Li walk away. He turns back to the rest of the party. Bumi and Bolin are each carrying a suitcase slinged on their shoulders.)

Tenzin: Bumi and Korra, you two will come with me to find the airbenders. (Camera angle changes to the opposite view facing the rest of the crew.) You three find Kai. We'll meet on the surface shortly. Radio us if anything goes wrong.

(Tenzin turns away and we cut to the other side of the foyer facing the opposite corridor and a shot of the stairs. Jinora, Mako, and Bolin run along the corridor while the other three rush down the stairs.

Location changes to the inside of a dormitory and the doors open to reveal Korra and Tenzin. Light streams into the room. Cut to Yung and the other airbenders asleep in their bunks which are just holes in the stone wall. Yung sits up and shields his eyes from the light.)

Yung: What's going on? Who are you?

(Cut to a shot from behind Yung looking at the duo.)

Korra: (calmly and quietly) I'm the Avatar. And I'm getting you all out of here.

(Cut to an aerial view of the room.)

Yung: We're leaving? Where are we going?
Tenzin: Everyone, please. (raises both arms up to soothe them) You must stay calm and quiet if we want this to work.

(Several of the airbenders have gotten out of bed. We return back to Yung.)

Yung: What to work? We're sneaking out?

(Cut back to Korra and Tenzin as the former takes a step forward.)

Korra: Yes, and we must leave now.
Tenzin: We're going to get you away from the Earth Queen and out of the city.

(We return back to an aerial view of the room again as Tenzin turns away and flees while the airbenders follow them. We cut to the outside of the dormitory as the others file out. Yung is the last to leave and he addresses Korra and Tenzin who turns their attention to him.)

Yung: There's an airbender that's not here. His name is Kai. We need to get him.
Tenzin: We're already taking care of it.

(Camera pans down to reveal Bumi crouched down with the suitcase open which is a radio communications device. He speaks into the receiver.)

Bumi: (whispers) Tough Sight, this is Papa Bear. The Breezies are in the hole, cue the Balloons!
Lin: (off-screen over the radio) What? Are you in trouble?
Bumi: (exasperated) No, we got the airbenders and we're headed out. Bring the airships! (he puts the phone down and hugs himself sadly) No one likes code names any more.

(Cut to Lin inside her police airship with a radio in hand.)

Lin: Copy that. Asami and I are on our way.

(She puts the receiver back and we cut to the outside as Asami's airship takes off the ground followed by Lin's aircraft. A growl is heard and Oogi joins them in the air. Cut to Kai seated on the bench in his detention cell. The door slides open, revealing Mako and Bolin's shadows. Cut to Kai's point of view looking up at the brothers.)

Mako: C'mon. We're getting you out.

(Jinora walks into view)

Jinora: Kai!

(She squeezes past the brothers and camera angle changes to Kai who stands up. Jinora throws her arms around his neck and plants a kiss on Kai's cheek. The boy blushes and has a goofy expression of happiness. Cut to a side view of Mako not looking amused and Bolin behaving like a happy gossip girl.)

Bolin: Whoa oh!! Tenzin is not (clasps his hands together and looks at his brother) going to be happy about this.
Mako: Then don't tell him.
Bolin: How can I not? This is too juicy!

(Mako looks to the side in annoyance. Kai walks into screen.)

Kai: Thanks for coming to get me. (Camera focuses on Kai now.) I'm really sorry about stealing your wallets. And running away. (Cut to an area behind Kai looking at the brothers as they glare at him sternly) And getting you stuck on that train.
Bolin: (bends down to hug the boy) Aww, we can't stay mad at you.
Mako: Yes, we can. I have a lot of money in that wallet.

(Jinora comes into frame.)

Jinora: Guys, come on!

(They leave the cell and camera angle changes to the corridor of the detention area as the four of them round the corner and come to a sudden halt. Camera pulls back to reveal the backs of three Dai Li agents. Cut to a frontal shot of the agents.)

Dai Li Sergeant: Deserting Her Majesty's army is high treason. Punishable by death!

(All of them perform the same movements by pulling back and shooting their rock glove hands forward, enveloping the screen in darkness. Fade to Korra peeking out from the entrance of the yet-unfinished temple. She puts a hand on the side of the entrance and peeks out. Cut to a profile view of Korra as she looks around carefully. Cut to a frontal shot of Korra with the rest behind her.)

Korra: Come on. It's clear.

(They all run out. Camera pans up to reveal numerous Dai Li agents hidden, perched on the scaffolding. They leap off and we cut to an aerial view of Korra and the rest of her party as the agents land in front of them in a semi-circle. Two lines of Dai Li agents run up the stairs, criss crossing each other and forming another concentric semi-circle. Cut to Korra and the others in shock.)

Queen Hou-Ting: (off-screen) So you've (Cut to a Dai Li agent as he steps to the side to reveal Hou-Ting) discovered my elite army. (Camera changes to an aerial view of the confrontation as the queen walks forward.) I see their loyalty still needs some work.

(Cut to Korra who is furious.)

Korra: These airbenders shouldn't be used as weapons! They have a right to choose their own paths.

(View changes to a frontal shot of the queen who continues to walk forward with a serious expression on her face.)

Queen Hou-Ting: These airbenders are Earth Kingdom citizens and I am their Queen. (she stops walking) Taking them will constitute an act of war. (Camera changes to a shot from behind the agents as it pans through the group) If you disobey me, I will bear down on you with the entire force of my kingdom!

(We return back to Korra again)

Korra: They're leaving with me.
Queen Hou-Ting: No, they're not!

(Cut to a profile shot of the queen. She turns away and swipes her hand out. Camera pans back as the agents fire out the rock hand gloves. Cut to Korra as the new airbenders retaliate by bending gusts of wind. The rock gloves collide against the air and shatter. View changes to the back view of the agents as they are assaulted by the fierce winds. Cut to a Dai Li agent gritting his teeth. He gets his arm into a bending position. Cut to his feet as it slides along the floor and the mud collects on the other side of his boot. Cut to an aerial view of the party as Tenzin and Korra join in the airbending. Cut to the back of Bumi's head as a shadow passes by him. He looks up and camera changes angles from the ground looking up at an airship.)

Bumi: (waves a hand) Come on!

(Cut to the rungs of a ladder as a hand hesitates for a moment before getting a grip on the ladder. A woman climbs up. Camera pans out to Korra, Tenzin, and Yung holding the fort with more airbending. Behind them, Bumi oversees the airbenders' escape.

Location suddenly changes to the inside of the detention area as rock hands fly towards Mako and Bolin who dodges them. Mako sends a blast of fire towards the camera and his brother leaps over his head, kicking a huge chunk of rock from the wall towards the screen. As the rock moves off-screen, Mako jumps and turns, sending another stream of fire at the Dai Li. Cut to the agents as the sergeant rolls on the ground while the other two men run up the wall to avoid the fire attack. The sergeant on the ground earthbends his rock gloves while one agent get slammed against the wall by a heap of rock.

His partner dodges at the side and runs forward. Camera pans out to behind Mako and Bolin as the agent runs on the wall and kicks a slab of earth at the brothers who avoid it. Bolin presses one hand on the ground and kicks the side of the wall, sending the agent to the other part of the corridor. Cut to a close up of the sergeant who dashes forward and raises his arms up, bringing up a chunk of earth up to shield him from Mako's fire. He runs up his barricade and lands with one hand aimed out, bending his glove. The camera follows the rock glove as it grabs Jinora's arm. Cut to the brothers as the girl flies in between them back to the sergeant. Jinora yelps in pain and grabs the back of her head when she lands in the sergeant's grip.

Cut to Kai in shock but he becomes determined and dashes forward. Return back to the sergeant as he slams his foot down, bringing up a small chunk of rock and pushing his hand out, sending it flying towards Kai. Cut to Mako and Bolin as they press themselves up against the wall to avoid the attack. Kai slides under the rock, across the floor and kicks out his leg, shooting an arc of air forward followed by thrusting his palms out.

We return back to Jinora and the sergeant as she escapes from his hold by airbending upwards to avoid Kai's attack and the first air blast knocks the sergeant off his feet while the second one hits him square in the torso. The Dai Li sergeant is sent flying backwards to his fallen colleagues. Cut to a close up of the sergeant with scrapes on his face. Camera pans up to Kai and Jinora who loom over him.)

Kai: I guess I am as good as I thought.

(Location changes to inside of an airship hangar bay as the airbenders are safely on board. Cut to Lin at the controls with a hand on a lever.)

Bumi: (over the radio) Everyone's in! Let's go.

(Lin pushes the lever forward. Cut to Dai Li agents scaling the scaffolding at the Earth Queen's temple and one gets knocked back by a gust of air. Camera changes angles and looks up at the scaffolding with Tenzin and Korra on the high ground, sending streams of air down at the agents to knock them away. Cut to an area behind Korra looking out as a Dai Li agents earthbends a tall pillar of rock to jump upwards to get Korra. She punches a stream of air, knocking him out. Cut to a profile shot of Tenzin as the ships move away, leaving Oogi behind.)

Tenzin: (whistles at his bison) Oogi!

(Oogi flies towards the duo. Cut to a full shot of the pair as they airbend themselves upwards like a coil and jump. Korra lands on Oogi's head and takes the reins while Tenzin lands in Oogi's saddle. The air bison flies away. Cut to a panning shot of the queen as she looks up at the fleeing animal and airships.)

Queen Hou-Ting: (turns around and points to the sky) Take down those airships!

(Cut to an aerial view of the Dai Li agents sending chunks of rock upwards. Cut to Korra as the first rock sails past them harmlessly.)

Korra: Where are the others?

(The second rock passes by over Korra's head but she doesn't take notice of it.)

Bumi: (off-screen) We need (Cut to Bolin, Mako, Jinora, and Kai running down the stairs) heeeeeelp!

(Camera pans out to the temple as various Dai Li agents pop up from behind the building on tall earth columns. Cut to the agents as they earthbend in sync, pulling their arms back and forth to shoot out small pellets of rock. Cut to the four members of the party as they run for their lives with the pellets hitting the ground just behind their feet. View changes to Korra as she steers Oogi back. Cut to an overhead shot of the remaining party. Cut to the back of Bolin's head as he turns and addresses everyone while the bison gets closer.)

Bumi: Everybody! Hang on!

(We switch to a full side view shot as Bolin shoots his arms upwards, earthbending a giant slab of rock, propelling them up into the air. Cut to them flying in mid-air and Oogi flies in to catch them. All of them land in the saddle except Bolin who clings onto Oogi's side. The bison turns away to join the airships and sheds some fur in the process. Cut to Kai in the saddle as he looks down.)

Kai: Whoa! That was awesome!

(Mako turns behind him and helps haul his brother into the safety of the saddle. Cut to the Earth Queen on the ground, furious and pointing at the airships once again.)

Queen Hou-Ting: Bring me those airships now! (Oogi's fur rains down on her) Ah ahh choo! (waves her arms around) Oh, get it off me! Ah choo! (shakes her head around) Get this fur off of- AH CHOO!

(The sound effect of a balloon deflating is heard and the Queen's head dress flops down on her forehead. Cut to an aerial view of the airships and the bison as they continue to fly off.

Location changes to an aerial view of a barren city by the cliffs where the airships are parked.)

Tenzin: (off-screen) I know that none of you chose to become airbenders. (Cut to a back view of Korra and Tenzin addressing the new airbenders who are seated on the ground) But now, you do have a choice. We can relocate you somewhere safe (view changes to behind the airbenders looking at Tenzin) or you can come with me to the Northern Air Temple to live in peace and train as Air Nomads. (Switch to a close up of Yung with the rest of the airbenders listening intently)You are no longer anyone's property. What path you decide, is up to you.

(Yung and the others contemplate their decision for a moment before Yung stands up. Camera pans out.)

Yung: I want to go with you.

(Another guy stands up with his arms raised)

New Airbender #1: Me too.

(A third guy stands up too)

New Airbender #2: Count me in.

(Cut to Tenzin as he slowly smiles.)

New Airbender #3 & #4: (simultaneously) I'll go too!

(Tears form in Tenzin's eyes at the sound of everyone joining them. Cut to a far away shot of Korra and Tenzin. It is now dusk and the sun is setting. Camera cuts to a close up of Korra's face.)

Korra: Good luck at the Northern Air Temple. I'll send more airbenders your way when I find them.

(Camera changes angles to Tenzin)

Tenzin: Be careful out there, and stay safe.

(We return back to Korra)

Korra: I'll try. Seems like where ever I go, I make a new enemy.

(Camera goes back to Tenzin again)

Tenzin: But you made some new friends too. (he rests a hand on Korra's shoulder) You did well, Korra.

(We switch to a close up side view shot of the two as Korra embraces her teacher who returns the hug.)

Korra: This is only the beginning.

(Cut to an aerial view of the cliff as both airships take off from the ground. Lin's airship heads to the left while Asami's airship heads off to the right. They fly in separate directions until they are just off-screen.)

[End Credits]

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