Transcript for 305 - The Metal Clan
The Metal Clan
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino
Directed By: Colin Heck
Storyboard By: Eugene Lee, Natasha Presler-Wicked, William Ruzicka
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "A Breath of Fresh Air", and "In Harm's Way.]

Shiro Shinobi: Is there any place safe for the Avatar? First, President Raiko banished her from Republic City, then The Earth Queen declared her an an enemy of the kingdom after Korra rescued a group of airbenders from Ba Sing Se. And now Korra has learned that Zaheer and his fellow criminals are after her. With Tenzin busy bringing the new recruits to the Northern Air Temple, Korra's protection now rests in Bei Fong's hands.

Act I

(Episode opens up to Naga leaping in the air and catching a ball with her mouth. Behind her, scenic hills can be seen. Naga returns the ball to her master and Korra uses airbending to fling it far away.)

Lin: While you're playing fetch, four of the most dangerous criminals in the world are hunting you down. We should get moving.
Korra: Relax, we just got here. Besides, no one knows where I am right now except us.

(Naga returns and drops a ball to Lin's feet. Korra pets her beloved mount.)

Korra: I think she wants you to throw it for her.

(Lin looks down at the ball and it is covered with drool and grass.)

Lin: I'll pass, thanks.
Asami: We just got a call on the radio about another airbender!
Korra: Finally! Where are they?
Mako: A city called Zaofu, (Lin is visibly uncomfortable) the home of The Metal Clan.
Korra: You know the place?
Lin: (crosses her arms uneasily) Er, never been. But I don't want you going there. I'd rest a lot easier if you were back safe in Republic City.
Korra: Sorry, but if there's an airbender in Zaofu, then that's where we're going next.

(Lin glares to the side. Naga bends down and nudges the ball to Lin with her nose. The metalbender regards the polar-bear dog for a moment before bending out her cable, slapping it against the ball as it punctures and deflates. Naga looks down at the deflated ball and lowers herself down, pawing at it, attempting to roll it on the ground. She makes a sad whining noise and her tail sags.

Cut to an aerial view of the plains with the airship flying through the clouds. As the clouds past, a huge gleaming city made entirely out of metal in the shape of a lotus flower is seen. There are smaller metal flowers around the city too. Cut to the dashboard of the ship as all four teenagers look out the windows.)

Bolin: (excitedly) Wow, wow, WOW! An entire city made of metal! Oh hoho! You should be right at home, Bei Fong.

(Lin is seated on a bench far away from the windows with her arms crossed. Naga and Pabu are near her.)

Lin: Hmm...

(Korra regards Lin sadly. Camera pans out to the landing pad of the city. A metalbender bends a string of cable out and it loops itself around a hook under the airship. Two more metalbender guards bend an intricate flight of metal stairs connecting to the airship. Cut to the inside of the ship as Bolin runs enthusiastically. The rest of the team follows after him with Lin still seated in the background.)

Bolin: Yeah!

(Asami stops and turns to Lin)

Asami: Aren't you coming?
Lin: What's there to see? It's metal, big whoop. Just find the airbender and let's get moving. (points to the team) And don't tell anyone I'm here.
Korra: Why not?
Lin: I don't need to explain myself to you, just do what I say.
Korra: Fine. (rolls her eyes and walks away) You got it, Chief Crankypants.

(Outside, the team walk up to a man in green and yellow robes flanked by guards.)

Aiwei: Avatar Korra, it is an honor to meet you. (bows with his hands clasped) My name is Aiwei.
Korra: (returns the bow) Thanks for having us.
Aiwei: Is this everyone?
Korra: (looks behind) Yup! (looks back at Aiwei) Just us. So, can I meet the new airbender?
Aiwei: (speaks a little stiffly) Of course. (gestures his palm out) Right this way.

(They step onto a platform and the guards bend the gates up containing the Earth Kingdom symbol before bending downwards, sending the platform down. It is a giant elevator. Cut to an aerial view of the landing bay as the platform can be seen traveling down the side of tall metal structure.

Location changes to Air Temple Island. Cut to the inside of the dining hall as Ikki and her brother Meelo show new airbenders around.)

Ikki: And this is the Air Acolyte dining hall where everyone eats. (Daw stops eating and puts his utensils down) And this is Daw, he's a new airbender too, (he airbends himself upwards) like you guys.
Daw: (bows down) It's so nice to meet you! How exciting, new friends.
Zaheer: (off-screen) Excuse me, hello? (he opens a door to the side and we can see he is hooded) My name is You Ru, (pushes down his hood and he is now bald and clean shaven) I heard this was the place to come if you're a new airbender.
Meelo: You got that right, stranger.
Zaheer: Well, a couple of weeks ago, I woke up and suddenly I could do this.

(Zaheer airbends a small little cyclone on his palm)

Ikki: (hollers excitedly) Mom! (Pema and Kya who are seated in the background glance over) Aunt Kya! (raises both arms with glee) We got another one!

(Zaheer gives a smile. Cut back to a scenic view of Zaofu and camera angle changes to inside the city where a tram passes by on a rail line. Cut to Team Avatar inside the tram with Aiwei. Bolin is pressed up against the window as he marvels at the city. We are shown a little more of the city where its citizens wear uniform green and silver robes. The tram continues to move along the rail and camera cuts to a statue of Toph with her arms raised, holding an up an intricate octagon.)

Aiwei: That statue honors the first metalbender, Toph Bei Fong, who expanded the possibilities of what benders were capable of. Here, everyone is encouraged to reach his or her highest potential.
Bolin: Does Toph live here?! Are we gonna get to meet her??
Aiwei: I'm afraid not. She used to visit from time to time but years ago, she left to wander the World, in search of enlightenment. No one has seen her since.

(The team looks a little downcast and the tram is shrouded in darkness as it enters a tunnel. Cut to an aerial view of the rail line as the tram makes its way to another metal flower. The tram comes to a stop at the end. Camera shows an overhead view of this flower which has numerous terraced slopes along with various buildings like a house, courtyard, waterfall, arena, lake, and a small stadium.)

Korra: Wow. Is this where the airbender lives?
Aiwei: Yes. But first, her mother wants to meet you.

(Cut to the inside of a building as the team enters it. Camera pans to the middle of a room with a group of dancers standing on a small metal flower prop.)

Korra: Training?
Aiwei: Not exactly. They're rehearsing for a dance premiere next month.

(The troupe begins an intricate dance as dancers fall from the ceiling and land on the flower petals which bend upwards to bounce the dancers around. A pair of girls hold hands as they drop down into a flower which closes its petals immediately. Then the petals open up to reveal the girls with one leg raised up and crossed in an X-shape while the girls' arms are in a pose. Cut to a woman in her forties. She looks behind to see that she has guests.)

Su: (claps her hands) That's it for today, everyone.

(She walks up to the Team)

Aiwei: Allow me to introduce the matriach of The Metal Clan, Su Yin.
Su: Please, call me Su. (presses a fist into her palm as a greeting) Great to finally meet you, Avatar Korra. (Camera pans out to the rest of the Team and Korra is bowing too) And this must be Mako, Bolin, and Asami.
Mako: You've done your research.
Su: I make it my business to know who's visiting my city.
Korra: So, you're a dancer?
Su: (begins to count with her fingers) Dancer, leader, wife, mother, collector of rare meteorites. You'll find people here have many skills and interest.

(Aiwei leans into Su's ear and begins to whisper. Su's eyes widen and she narrows them suspiciously.)

Su: Korra, why did you lie when Aiwei asked if there was anyone else with you?

(Cut to Korra who is surprised. Behind her, Bolin claps a hand over his mouth and he is nervous.)

Korra: What? I- I didn't. I mean...
Bolin: Oh...
Korra: How did you know I was lying?
Aiwei: I am a Truth Seer. When people lie, their heart rate and breathing increase. (Camera pans across Team Avatar who are bewildered) I can sense the most subtle of changes.
Su: Thanks to Aiwei, there are no secrets in our city.
Korra: (relents and is remorseful) We came with Republic City's Chief of Police. She didn't want anyone to know she was here. I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
Su: (excitedly) Lin's here? Well, I would love to say hello.
Korra: Wait, you two know each other?
Su: You're joking, right?

(There's silence from the teens as they stare at each other awkwardly. Su sighs and looks to the side sadly)

Su: Lin never told you about me.
Korra: No... why would she?
Su: I'm Lin's sister.

(The team are slack jawed. Cut to Lin who has pressed an arm on the airship's window and is looking out at Zaofu.)

Korra: (off-screen) I found out (Lin turns back in alarm) why you were so against coming here. (View changes to show the Team and Su on the ship) Why didn't you ever tell me you had a sister?
Lin: (crosses her arms) Half-sister.
Su: Same Mom, different Dads. So what? (puts her hand over her heart) We're blood Lin, and after thirty years, the least you could do is say hello.
Lin: (Cut to Lin who turns away from Su) I have nothing to say to you.

(Camera angle changes to a close up of an angry Lin with the rest of the party looking sad in the background. Korra is a little annoyed. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to a view of Lin's police airship on the hangar bay.)

Korra: (off-screen) You two haven't spoken in thirty years?? How come?

(View changes to the inside of the ship with the Bei Fong sisters.)

Su: (gestures a palm out to Lin) Ask her. (points back to herself) I've tried.
Lin: Oh, don't put that on me. (Lin points a finger to Su and her sister places her arms akimbo) You're the one who tore our family apart.
Su: (replies back coolly with a smile) And you've done a bang up job of keeping it that way.
Lin: You haven't changed one bit, have you?
Su: Look, we can stand here arguing about the past all day but that's not the reason the Avatar came here. My daughter is thrilled to meet you.
Korra:(Korra smiles and turns towards the Chief) Lin, your niece is the new airbender! Isn't that amazing?
Lin: (Cut to Lin who looks bored) Yeah. Terrific.

(Location changes to a small arena as the party watches from above. Two boys bend a metal disc around three pillars in the middle of the arena.)

Su: Those are my two youngest, Wei and Wing. They're playing a game called Power Disc, they invented it all on their own.

(Camera angle changes to Wing as he kicks the disc away. His brother Wei manages to deflect it with a kick of his own. Cut to an area inside Wing's goal post as it flies straight in. Wing attempts to catch the disc but he is too late. Cut to the nets in the goal post as a red buzzer above it rings and flashes red. We cut back to Wing on the ground as he pounds his hands in defeat.)

Su: Oh nice power, Wei.

(Wei cheers for himself)

Wei: Ha! Wing goes down!
Su: I'm so proud of those two.

(The Team walks away and we cut to an open air courtyard littered with various metal sculptures. A teenaged boy wearing green and silver robes is seen metalbending a sculpture. Cut to a frontal shot of Huan who has a piercing on his eyebrow. He eyeballs his sculpture with a hand on his mouth.)

Su: Huan, I want you to meet the Avatar and her friends, and your Aunt Lin.
Korra: Nice to meet you.
Huan: (he doesn't turn back to greet them properly) Hey.
Bolin: Wow, that's a really nice... banana? Yes, very- very life-like.

(Cut to Huan's back view)

Huan: (sighs) It's not a banana! (turns to Bolin and speaks irritably) I was inspired by Harmonic Convergence. It represents the dawning of a new age. Obviously.
Bolin: Oh yeah, no, I could- I could totally see that. (Mako and Asami look amused in the background and they start walking off) Oh, let me stand here, yes, I could see that now. Yes. Thank you. (whispers to Mako) Banana. I mean that's a banana, right?

(Cut to a view of a mountain and camera pans down to a slightly younger teenaged girl dressed in green reading a book on a bench.)

Su: And this is my daughter, Opal.
Opal: (turns towards the guests) Wow, Avatar Korra. (stands up) I can't believe you're really here. You are so amazing.
Korra: It's great to meet you, Opal.
Bolin: Opal. That's a beautiful name.

(Opal blushes and pushes some hair behind her ear.)

Opal: Thanks.
Bolin: I'm Bolin.

(He extends a hand out)

Opal: Opal. (shakes Bolin's hand) But uh- you already knew that.

(Korra glances back and forth between the two with amused curiosity, knowing that love is building up between them.)

Lin: Great, we found the airbender. Let's take her back to the airship and get out of here.
Su: And the woman apparently trying to abduct you is your Aunt Lin.
Opal: (excited) Really? I've always wanted to meet you! My Mom has told me so many stories about you.
Lin: (replies coldly) I'm sure she has.

(Opal looks confused by Lin's behavior)

Su: So I've set all of you up in the guest houses while Korra trains Opal.
Korra: Oh, I'm sorry. But I was hoping she could train with rest of the airbenders at the Northern Temple.
Opal: That sounds amazing!
Su: Nonsense. This is where Opal's home and family are, you can train her here.
Korra: I guess I could help her get started.
Lin: Absolutely not! We're leaving.
Korra: She's just a little worried because there are a bunch of crazy criminals after me.
Su: If you're concerned about security, don't be. (Lin rolls her eyes) This is the safest city in the World. Now I will see you all at dinner and come hungry, my chef will blow the taste buds right out of your mouth.
Korra: (smiles at Lin) Why do you have such a problem with your sister? She seems nice. Come on, we can stay a little while.

(Lin looks to the side and growls. Cut to a pavilion area above a waterfall at sunset.)

Korra: Okay, let's see what you got.
Opal: I'm not very good.
Korra: That's okay. I've never been a teacher before so, we're in the same boat. (puts her arms out, one in front and one slightly behind) You want to keep your elbows in, (camera pans out as Korra demonstrates the air walk) torso straight, feet just skimming the ground.

(Opal watches with her hands behind her)

Korra: Why don't you try it with me?

(Opal mimicks Korra and walks as well. They then face each other and walk in a circle. Then, both girls perform some bending movements with their arms and gently bend arcs of air around them. Both arcs join each other and encircle both of them as they continue to walk around in a circle.)

Korra: Wow, you're a natural.
Opal: You really think so? Thanks.

(Cut an overhead view of both of them as they continue to walk before bending and making the air spin the other direction. Camera fades in to the spinning gates at Air Temple Island. A new airbender walks in but gets tossed and smacked around by the gates. She returns back out to Meelo, a little disoriented as she drops to the ground and rubs her head.)

Meelo: You call yourself an airbender? Disgraceful!

(He looks to Daw and points off-screen as a silent gesture to Daw that he's up next. Daw runs into the gates and smacks himself on it, being tossed around briefly before he is thrown back out. Meelo looms over Daw angrily.)

Meelo: Be the leaf!
Daw: But, I don't know what that means!

(Zaheer steps out and navigates through the gates with ease. Kya joins her nephew and watches. Zaheer does the kung fu salute to Meelo and walks up to the boy.)

Meelo: Now that man's a leaf!
Zaheer: (he presses both fists together and bows) A student is only as good as his master.

(Meelo returns the bow)

Kya: (excited) Great news! I just got a message from Tenzin, he's with a whole group of other airbenders at the Northern Temple and he wants all of you to join them! We leave first thing in the morning.
Zaheer: (asks curiously) And the Avatar is with them?

(Kya looks at him oddly)

Kya: No... apparently she had to split off from Tenzin.
Zaheer: (feigns sadness) That's unfortunate, I was really looking forward to meeting her.

(Location changes back to Zaofu as the metal petals surrounding the metal flowers bend close like a sealed flower bud. Cut to the dining room in Su's home. A burly man is the chef and explains the dishes.)

Chef: Tonight, for your dining pleasure, I present a seared wild Kyoshi-Elephant koi (Camera pans out to the table to show everyone has three dishes of food in front of them) paired with a ginger infused pea tendril, and hibiscus root salad.
Su: Stunning.

(The chef bows and walks away. Camera pans to right to show more of the table to reveal Lin is seated on Su's left. Cut to the room leading into the dining room as the chef leaves and bows to a man at the door.)

Baatar: Sorry dear, I'm going to have to take dinner (a younger man who looks just like him runs up with a stack of papers and pauses in front of the door) in my office. I just had a major breakthrough on the tram station remodel.

(Cut to Su who loks at her husband fondly)

Su: Well don't let me stand in the way of inspiration.
Baatar: (off-screen) You're the best!
Su: (turns to Korra who is seated to her right) That was my brilliant architect of a husband, Baatar, and our oldest son. He engineers all my husband's projects.
Lin: (blandly) Five kids, what a nightmare.
Su: No no, my children are a blessing.

(Su takes a bite off her plate)

Lin: Yeah, Mom used to say that too but she never meant it.

(Su gives a glare. Camera angle changes to Opal and Bolin who starts to eat.)

Bolin: Mmm, (points to the food with his chopsticks) I have to admit, (places the chopstick down on the table) I was pretty skeptical when he said pea tendril. (laughs) But this is delicious!
Opal: (chuckles) I know, right? (places her own chopsticks down too) I don't think I've ever had a bad meal in my life.
Bolin: Oh, I had plenty when Mako and I were living on the streets. (Opal turns towards Bolin, concerned) I mean, you'll be surprised how bad food from a dumpster can be.

Opal: I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Bolin: (shakes his head) No it's okay, it's okay, it's all in the past. Things are great now. (counts with his fingers) I got to be a pro-bender, fought against a dangerous revolution, become a mover star, and now I'm helping the Avatar rebuild a whole nation!
Opal: Wow, your life sounds so exciting.

(Cut back to Su and Korra)

Su: How's your search for the new airbenders going?
Korra: Honestly, not great. We had to rescue a whole group of them from the Earth Queen.
Su: (frowns) Oh, she's horrible! (Cut to a close up of Su with Lin taking a sip from the glass in the background) She thinks she can just do whatever she wants.
Lin: Sounds familiar.
Su: (turns to Lin) What?

(Lin puts down her cup)

Lin: Nothing.
Su: I mean the idea of even having a queen is so outdated, don't you agree Korra?
Korra: I- I haven't really thought about it too much.
Su: Well, you should start. The World is evolving and the Earth Queen can evolve with it. (flings one arm out) Step aside.
Lin: (forced enthusiasm) Hey everyone, (Su turns to Lin) my little sister is an expert on World Affairs now.
Su: You want to talk about what's really bugging you (glares at Lin and has a hand on her waist) because I'm right here!

(Lin returns the glare and is very tense. Her body is positioned to fight. Su relaxes in her seat. Cut to the door as Varrick and Zhu Li, both wearing the Zaofu robes, enter the dining room.)

Varrick: Sorry we're late, everyone.

(He walks off-screen. Cut to Bolin, Mako, and Asami at the table.)

Bolin: (gasps with excitement like a fan) Varrick!

(Mako looks at his brother and Bolin drops his expression)

Asami: What are you doing here?

(Camera pans to the right as he sits down.)

Varrick: Great question, Asami. I mean, what are any of us doing here? Wow. Food for thought. (leans back in his chair back and places his feet on the table) Anyhoo, how's our company doing?
Asami: You mean (places a hand on her collar) my company? Future Industries reverted back to me (glares at Varrick) after you plotted to abduct the President.
Varrick: Allegedly plotted to abduct the President. Never convicted.
Mako: Err, that's because you escaped prison.
Varrick: No, the universe decided to set me free. (puts his feet back on the ground and the chair springs back to position to reveal Zhu-Li positioned behind him near the wall) So, I looked up my old friend Su Yin here, pitched her a few ideas, and (slams hand on table) BAM! We're in business together!
Su: Varrick's setting up my new technology division.
Varrick: I've seen the future and the future is- (brings out a classic U-shaped magnet) Magnets! (tosses it casually off-screen) I'm working on a high speed rail that would revolutionize transportation and shipping as we know it! But that's not all, I'm-
Lin: (interrupts) Alright, enough! (Cut back to Lin, Su, and Korra as Lin stands up irritably) I'm trying to keep the Avatar safe and you're harboring a criminal?

(Lin swipes her hand to the side.)

Su: Ease up, Lin. Sure Varrick's made a few mistakes in his past but that doesn't mean he should pay for it the rest of his life. My chef was a pirate but now he's a culinary master. People change.

(Cut to Lin as she points an accusing finger at Su.)

Lin: You haven't!

(Lin turns away and storms off. Cut to an aerial view of the room as Lin roughly shoves her chair, sending it flying backwards.)

Korra: Lin!

(Cut to a back view of Lin's wire spools as she continues to walk out of the door. She lifts her arm and a cable shoots out from her armor which she aims behind to use the cable to close the door roughly. Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to a hand dipping into a small jar of green gel. Running water can be heard in the background. Camera pans out to Mako and Bolin freshening up at the sinks. Bolin is brushing his teeth.)

Mako: So, you (rubs gel in his hair) and Opal seemed to hit it off at dinner. I think she's really into you.
Bolin: (his voice his muffled due to the toothpaste and toothbrush in his mouth) Yeah you know, she's sweet and pretty and super nice. Too bad she's not my type.
Mako: (styles his hair) Right, I forgot. Your type is dumb mover star or (gels his eyebrows too) psycho ice princess.
Bolin: (spits into the sink) You know, that hurts a little bit. (places a hand on his heart) Right here.

(Bolin turns and looks into the mirror. Then he gazes into his reflection and starts to touch his chin. Bolin gives a suave smile.)

Bolin: Maybe you're right, bro. (licks his fingers and proceeds to use them to smooth out the little cowlick on his forehead) Maybe Opal is Bolin material. Thanks. (points to himself) Yeah.

(Scene changes to a diorama of Zaofu. Korra steps into frame and looks at the models with interest.)

Su: (off-screen) You know, (Korra turns to the side) before I built this city there was nothing here. (Camera pans out to an opulent green office with a high ceiling as Su walks in) I wanted to make my mark on the World
Korra:(gestures to the diorama) It's amazing. Thank you for being so welcoming. (Su walks to a green sofa and takes a seat) And I'm sorry for how Lin's been acting.

(Korra takes a seat on a similar sofa behind her)

Korra: Can I ask, what happened with you two?
Su: (crosses her legs over the knee and rests her head in her right hand) It's complicated. We didn't have a normal childhood. Neither of us knew our fathers and Toph was always busy being Chief of Police. Because Mom grew up in such a strict house, she gave us all the freedom in the World hoping we figure out our own paths.
Korra: That sounds like a good thing.
Su: And in a way, it was. But we both ended up fighting for Mom's attention. Lin followed in her footsteps and became a cop. I was... (gives a small smile) more of a rebel. Mom wasn't too happy with how either of us turned out. When I was sixteen, I left home to explore the World. (Cut to a shelf filled with trinkets. On one section, books, a primitive telescope, a black and white picture of a junk boat, a box of jewellery, and a monkey statue can be seen) I sailed the seas on a pirate ship, (Camera pans down to another section, revealing a toy Painted Lady statue, a blue and red mask, a black and white picture of a circus troupe, a camera, a pair of sandbender goggles, and more books) joined a traveling circus for a while, and lived in a sandbender commune in the desert. (Cut to a shot of Su's desk with a blue book and another book splayed open with blank pages. On the left, there is another black and white photo but this time, it shows Su, her husband, and their five children. On the right, there's a black and white photo of a baby.) It took me a while but, I finally realized what I was looking for was a family. So I bought this plot of land, found a brilliant architect who later became my husband and created a place I could truly call home.
Korra: It sounds like you created a perfect life here.
Su: (speaks sadly) Almost. I always wanted Lin to be a part of it but I gave up hope long ago of her ever coming around.

(Korra glances to the side sadly too.

Scene changes to Opal practicing her airbending on a small pavilion. Cut to a frontal shot of Opal in her stance.)

Bolin: (off-screen) Hey, (Opal steps to the side to reveal Bolin standing at an archway behind her) little lady. (Bolin walks up to the pavilion and he attempts to flirt but he speaks in an off putting sultry voice.) Wow, you really blowing me away with your airbending. Whoosh.

(Bolin starts to use his hands to fly and makes flying noises. Cut to Opal who isn't amused and she frowns.)

Opal: Why are you acting weird?
Bolin: Why are you acting weird?
Opal: (turns away from Bolin) I don't like how you're talking to me.

(The girl starts to walk off. Bolin is hurt and realizes his mistake.)

Bolin:(chases after her) Look, I'm sorry. I just get really self-conscious when I know a girl likes me and I end up acting stupid.
Opal: (still frowning) Who said I liked you?
Bolin: Oh no. But I thought... (Opal begins to smile) Mako said...
Opal: Just kidding. But do me a favor and stop trying. (Bolin slumps his posture) Well, don't stop trying. Just stop trying so much, just be yourself.
Bolin: Huh. Be myself. Yeah, I guess I could give that a shot.

(The young teens stare at each other quietly. Cut to a close up of their face very close to each other but in the background, we can see an outline of Korra.)

Korra: Ahem.
Opal: Oh. Hey, Korra.
Korra: Can I steal you away from Bolin for a minute? I need your help with something.

(Opal waves a farewell to Bolin and he waves back.

Location changes to a scenic view of Air Temple Island at night. Cut to inside of Tenzin's study near a running fountain. The room is mostly shrouded in darkness except for the light streaming in from the doorway. Zaheer walks in quietly and heads towards the praying altar. He picks up a golden amulet. Camera cuts to a close up of the amulet with a carving of an airbender floating above the clouds. Zaheer opens the amulet to reveal an inscription in Chinese inside.)

Zaheer: (narrates inscription) Let go your earthly tether, enter the void, empty, and become wind.
Ikki: (off-screen) What are you doing? (Camera pans down to Ikki who is standing behind Zaheer) No one's allowed in Daddy's study except Daddy.

(Steps towards Ikki)

Zaheer: I'm sorry, I couldn't sleep.
Ikki: What were you reading?

(Bends down to Ikki's level and shows her the amulet.)

Zaheer: A poem by Guru Laghima. The wisest airbender who ever lived.

(Foot steps can be heard)

Kya: (off-screen) Ikki. (Cut to Kya at the doorway) You should be in bed. Come on.
Ikki: (waves goodbye to Zaheer) Night.
Zaheer: Good night.

(Kya waits for her niece to leave the room.)

Kya: (turns towards Zaheer and furrows her brows in suspicion) You seem to know a lot about airbender history for someone who just got airbending.
Zaheer: (his facial expression is calm) I've always admired the culture.
Kya: And you moved through those gates like a natural. (raises her brows) Where did you say you were from?
Zaheer: A small village up North. You probably never heard of it.

(Cut to a side view shot of the two as they stare at each other in silence. Tense music plays.)

Kya: Wait. (widens her eyes in fury) Zaheer!

(Kya bends water from the fountain and sends ice chunks to Zaheer. He dodges them with airbending and grabs a hold of Tenzin's air glider staff from the altar. Zaheer breaks the window pane to escape. View changes to the outside as he runs along the roof top of the sheltered walkway below Tenzin's study. He opens up his glider and begins to fly. Kya jumps out of the window with both arms covered with water, similar to how Katara used to fight.)

Kya: (waterbends her "arm" towards Zaheer) I need some help!

(She manages to grab a hold of Zaheer and the glider before jumping down into the pond below and slamming him into the water. She freezes Zaheer's foot but he jumps up, breaking the ice. Kya sends a stream of water at him but he swipes it aside with airbending. The waterbender is enraged and she uses the water to propel herself forward. When Kya lands close to Zaheer, she sends the water to the criminal but he jumps up before sending a blast of air in her direction, slamming her away. Kya rolls along the ground.

Zaheer runs towards his glider and attempts to pick it up but he is interrupted by a stream of fire hitting the ground beside the glider. He jumps backwards to avoid the flames.)

White Lotus guard: (off-screen)Hold it right there!

(Cut to two White Lotus guards running up to the commotion and both firebend at Zaheer. Cut to Zaheer who rolls on the ground to avoid the attack. He successfully picks up his glider and swings it around, extinguishing the fire. Then he airbends the guards to the roof of the nearby walkway, knocking them unconscious and they drop into the pond. A wave of water moves up and slides off-screen. Camera cuts to Kya as the water swirls around her protectively. Cut to a close up of Kya as she silently regards Zaheer and plans her next attack. Then she shoots out a double spiralled water attack at Zaheer but he side steps it easily. He uses the glider and sends a gust of air to Kya, knocking her backwards again to the stone foundations of one of the buildings.)

Zaheer: Sorry I wouldn't be joining you at the Northern Air Temple. I'm afraid I have other plans.

(He turns away and opens the glider, flying off to safety.

Scene changes to a corridor in Zaofu as guards patrol the area. Camera focuses on a guest house to the right. Cut to the inside of the house to show Lin with her torso armor off, seated on a chair and reading a newspaper. Cut to the back of newspaper itself featuring a picture of a woman. A series of knocks is heard and Lin flips the newspaper down.)

Lin: Who is it?

(The door opens slightly and Korra steps in.)

Korra: (politely) Hey. It's me. (smiles) I brought someone who wants to talk to you.

(The Avatar opens the door fully to reveal Opal standing at the doorway.)

Lin: (folds the newspaper) You want to talk? (sets the paper on the table in front of her) Then talk.

(Lin crosses her arms protectively.)

Opal: I'm sorry being here has been so hard for you. (walks into the room and heads towards her aunt) When you showed up, I was so excited to get to know you. I heard so many great things about you from Mom and Grandma Toph. So, I guess I was kind of sad that you didn't want to get to know me.

(Cut to a close up of Lin who is unresponsive but she narrows her eyes a little bit.)

Opal: Believe me, I know my family can be a little crazy and overwhelming sometimes (Lin closes her eyes) but (Opal clasps her hands together in front of her chest in a hopeful posture) I would love it so much if you would be a part of it.
Lin: (opens her eyes) Get out.
Opal: (Camera focuses on a shocked Opal) Sorry, did I say something wrong?

(Cut to Lin who bares her teeth and shouts at Opal)

Lin: Get out!

(Cut to Opal as tears form in her eyes and she turns away, allowing the tears to fall. The poor girl ignores Korra and runs out of the room.)

Korra: What's your problem? Don't get mad at Opal, (frowns) I asked her to talk to you because I thought it would help you snap out of whatever funk you're in. And I guess I was wrong.
Lin: (stands up and faces Korra) Why don't you focus on fixing the World and (raises her voice) stop trying to fix my family!
Korra: Su's right. You're never gonna change. (Lin turns away from Korra) You're always going to be a bitter, lonely woman.

(Cut to a back view of Lin as Korra turns and leaves the room, slamming the door shut off-screen. Camera then cuts to a profile shot of Lin with a hand on her face as tears flow freely down her cheek.)

[End Credits]

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