Transcript for 306 - Old Wounds
Old Wounds
Written By: Katie Mattila
Directed By: Ian Graham
Storyboard By: Young Ki Yoon, Christopher Palmer, Johane Matte, Matthew Humphreys
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "The Metal Clan".]

Shiro Shinobi: Lin Bei Fong has a sister! After arriving in Zaofu, Korra met Opal, a new airbender, whose mother is Lin's estranged half-sister. Suyin and her daughter welcomed Lin with open arms, but she wanted nothing to do with them. Meanwhile, Zaheer infiltrated Air Temple Island looking for the Avatar. After battling with Kya, he escaped and is now a wanted man in Republic City!

Act I

(Episode opens up to a scenic view of Zaofu in the morning as a flock of doves fly past. The metal petals of each flower gradually open up, allowing sunlight into the city. Cut to the dining room in Su's house.)

Mako: Hey, has anyone seen Chief Bei Fong?
Korra: (scrapes a bit of her food onto her spoon) She's probably off sulking in her room.
Su: I know she has a problem with me, but she had no right to yell at Opal last night.

(Running footsteps are heard, catching Korra's and Asami's attention. The twins, Wei and Wing, run up to the table and Wing grabs a red fruit from the fruit basket on the table.)

Su: All set for your power disc game today, guys?

(Wei nudges his brother by the hips, shoving him aside as he helps himself to three fruits.)

Wing: Yeah, all set to kick Wei's butt.

(Wei is about to eat an orange fruit but Wing nudges Wei's arm, making him throw the fruit up by accident and Wing catches the free fruit.)

Wei: I'm going to power disc your face.

(Wing is about to chew on his fruit but Wei punches him in the stomach really hard, making Wing's face turn blue from discomfort. After a second or two, Wing swallows audibly.)

Wei: (to Korra) You should come play with us.
Korra: Oh, I don't think I'd be much competition since I can't metalbend.
Su: (concerned) Really? (raises her eyebrows) Lin never offered to train you?
Korra: Nope, and I guess I never thought to bring it up because I was learning to airbend, then there was the pro-bending, then I got tied up fighting the Equalists. It was a busy few months.
Su: Well, it's probably for the best. (gives a sly smile) I'm sure Lin would be a horrible teacher. (Su and Korra chuckle) As the Avatar, (Bolin is the only one at the table who keeps shoving food into his mouth) you should have mastery over all the elements. I'd be happy to show you the basics.
Korra: Really? That would be great.
Opal: (turns to Bolin) You should try it too.

(Bolin's eyes widen and he stops chewing.)

Bolin: Uh, nah, I'm more of an Earth guy. The dirt, rocks, you know, maybe some light gravel- That's kind of where my heart is.
Su: Okay, Earth guy. Well, let me know if you change your mind.

(Su's metal necklace suddenly floats up and the sound of buzzing can be heard in the background. The metallic silver and tableware on the counter start to vibrate and shake. The spoon in Bolin's mouth trembles as well and it flies out of his mouth along with all the metal objects on the table. They all get seemingly sucked onto a metal suit of samurai-like armor.)

Varrick: (lifts the armor's face plate up) It worked! Zhu Li, mark it down. (everyone at the table slowly peek out at Varrick) Magnet suit test successful. Power down.

(Zhu Li appears on screen tugging a metal cable. The buzzing noise ceases and all the metal objects fall to the floor after the magnet is switched off.)

Varrick: (raises two fingers in the air) On to phase two- (Shakes off the things at his feet) Zhu Li cleans up this mess.

(Thanks to the weight of the armor, he walks away cumbersomely. Zhu Li hangs her head in sadness.

Cut a courtyard outside where two Zaofu guards are talking to each other. Camera pans out to show Lin walking into frame with a hand on her head. She sees the guards and walks down the stairs towards them.)

Guard #1: How many push-ups (the sound of footsteps can be heard as he speaks) did you do last night? 'Cause I did, like, fifty.
Lin: What do you two think you're doing?! Get back to work!

(Lin grunts and shakes with discomfort and puts a hand to her forehead again.)

Aiwei: (walks in) Is everything all right here?
Lin: The Avatar is in danger, and these two knuckleheads are just standing around chitchatting.
Aiwei: Don't worry. (rests a hand on Lin's shoulder) Zaofu is the most secure city in the World.
Lin: (shrugs Aiwei's hand off roughly) I'll be the judge of that. I'm going to check every inch of this place.

(She begins to walk off but Aiwei steps in front of her, stopping the Chief.)

Aiwei: Lin, you do not have to work while you are here. You need to relax.
Lin: I'm fine!

(Lin grunts in pain once again and perspiration is visible on her head.)

Aiwei: Doesn't take a Truth Seer to know that you are under a dangerous amount of stress. If you don't deal with your repressed feelings, there will be severe consequences to your health. And your job.
Lin: I'm not interested in talking about my feelings.
Aiwei: You won't have to say a word. (rustles with his robe and pulls out a green colored card) I know a great acupuncturist in town (angles the business card towards Lin) who will be able to help you.

(Lin takes the card and scrutinizes it.)

Lin: Hmm.

(Location changes to the Spirit Wilds in Republic City where vines have completely grown through an abandoned building. Various spirits swarm about. A police siren can be heard in the background. Cut to Zaheer and his gang resting in a dilapidated living room. Ming-Hua makes herself comfortable on a tree branch, Ghazan sits on the sofa, Zaheer is seated on the floor, and P'li is standing up with one foot on a small table.)

P'li: Seems like you made quite a stir on Air Temple Island. The cops are swarming the city looking for us.
Ghazan: You still want to try to take out the President?
Zaheer: No. He'll have to wait. We leave today.

(Cut to an aerial view of an alley and camera focuses on a truck with its back doors open. Cut to a frontal view of the gang as they perch on top of a cliff to look around.)

Zaheer: There's our ticket out of here.

(Cut to the inside of the truck as the delivery man lifts one last box into the cargo hold. As he attempts to close the doors, a water arm sneaks out and yanks him away, slamming him against the side of the truck. He yelps with surprise and Ming-Hua angles him towards Zaheer and P'li. The waterbender changes one of the fingers in her water hand into a spike pointing at his throat.)

Delivery Man: (breaks out in cold sweat) There's no money. I just made my last delivery.
Ming-Hua: We don't want money.

(Cut to a tray of acupuncture needles on a table. All the needles move upwards and camera turns to Lin who has her torso armor off so she is now clad in a singlet. She watches as the needles hover above her.)

Lin: How many of those things are you gonna stick in me?

(Cut to an aerial view of the room.)

Acupuncturist: I'll be placing several needles on each of your acupoints. (Brings the needles above Lin's body) There's nothing to be scared about.
Lin: (raises her neck) I'm not afraid of needles!
Acupuncturist: Please close your eyes and take a deep breath.

(Lin lays her head back on the table. The needles are right above her now and she inhales and exhales. The needles descend down into various acupoints located on her wrist, palms, arms, and neck.)

Acupuncturist: This process will correct the imbalances in your chi. Please tell me if you feel any pain or pressure.
Lin: I can't feel a thing.
Acupuncturist: That's unusual. (places a hand on his chin) Your chi must be powerfully blocked. We're going to need more needles. (more needles descend on Lin's arm) Acupuncture often taps into people's buried memories. (the physician focuses on one single needle still in the air) These memories can sometimes be difficult to process.

(He brings his hands down as the needle moves in the direction he indicates. Cut to Lin who looks smug.)

Lin: Heh. Buried memories, uh-huh.

(As the needle lands on the acupoint between her eyebrows, the camera zooms in and flashes white to three teenagers examining jewellery in a living room. We are in Lin's memory. The sound of a door opening is heard. The two teenaged boys put down their loot as footsteps walk into the room. Cut to a young Lin in her early twenties without any scars on her face. She is clad in a police uniform.)

Young Lin: Su, what are you doing home?
Young Su: (chuckles) Wow. You almost look like a real cop.
Young Lin: (crosses her arms) You're supposed to be in school.
Young Su: Oh, no. Are you gonna tell Mom? (one of the guys begins to push all the jewellery into a bag) It's not like she's going to care.
Young Lin: Where'd you get all that stuff?
Guy #1: (secures the bag with a clasp) Uh, fell off the back of a truck.
Young Lin: What are you doing hanging out with these losers?

(All the young teens are visibly not pleased with Lin's statement.)

Young Su: They're my friends,(gets off from the sofa and stands up) and you have no right to call them that! (She picks up the satchel and begins to walk out) Come on, guys, let's get out of here.

(Lin grabs her sister by the shoulder before she can step out of the door.)

Young Lin: Su, stop!
Young Su: (pushes Lin's arm away) Get your hands off of me!
Young Lin: You have so much potential. You're ruining your life!
Young Su: At least I have a life.

(Su closes the door and Lin stares angrily. We return back to the present with Lin still on the table but now she's perspiring and twitches occasionally.

Location changes to the courtyard outside as Su and Korra walk towards various meteorites perched on pedestals.)

Su: These meteorites are perfect for beginning metalbenders. The metals have a unique property, (Su bends a small portion of meteorite off the parent chunk) making them easier to bend.

(Su shapes the meteorite into a six-pointed star before changing its shape into a diamond.)

Korra: That's amazing!

(Su bends the metal back into a lumpy, rectangular shape.)

Su: Here, try it.

(She bends the metal towards Korra who holds it in both hands.)

Korra: Okay.

(Holding the meteorite in her right hand, she lifts her left hand up and wiggles her fingers, moving it above the metal. Soft, calming music plays and we cut to a close of Korra who is concentrating intensely. A twig snaps and Korra looks off-screen. Camera zooms out to reveal Bolin and Pabu ducking behind a small meteorite wall.)

Korra: Bolin, is that you?
Bolin: (Pabu squeaks and chirps) No.
Korra: What are you doing?
Bolin: (walks out from behind his hiding spot) Oh, hey, ladies. I was just, uh- I was just looking for Pabu. Pabu!
Korra: He's on your shoulder.
Bolin: (his eyes comically glance to right where Pabu is perched) Oh, look, there you are. You know, I thought something was chewing on my ear. I'm probably gonna need to get a shot. Pabu has sort of a venom- a venom. (walks toward the women) Anyway, so what are you guys doing? You're metalbending over here or something?
Su: Want to give it a shot?
Bolin: (look to the side, a little downcast) Nah, it's okay. I mean, only, like, one earthbender in a hundred can metalbend.
Su: Well, don't believe everything you hear. The only thing limiting you is your attitude.
Bolin: You know, well, maybe I'll just- I'll just stay and watch.

(He moves his hands up and bends a little stool of earth behind him. Korra returns her attention back to the metal and moves her left hand over the meteorite again.)

Su: Try to focus on the fine pieces of earth within the metal.

(Korra heeds her words and concentrates. Cut to her fingers as the meteorite shivers and trembles in her palm. Finally, Korra metalbends a shape of a wave.)

Korra: I can't believe it. I'm metalbending!
Bolin: (in awe) Wow, you picked that up really, (looks to the side) really quick. I guess you're that one in a hundred.
Su: (places a hand on Korra's shoulder) Great job, Korra.

(Scene changes back to Lin in the treatment room. Camera focuses on her face again before fading white to a memory of a radio on a moving Satomobile.)

Police Dispatcher: (over the comms) Calling all units. Robbery reported on the corner of Fifth and Harbor. Suspects' vehicle headed South on Hao Boulevard. (a hand enters the screen to pick up the radio) Units responding, identify.

(Cut to a close up of Lin.)

Young Lin: Unit three responding.

(A Satomobile speeds by and Lin jerks the steering wheel to follow the vehicle. A truck behind Lin brakes in time, narrowly avoiding a collision. The vehicle turns sharply into an alley. Cut to an aerial view of a street as the robbers' vehicle makes another turn to drive down the street. The police mobile is right on their tail. Lin swerves the car this way and that to avoid the pedestrians and the carts of goods. The innocent by-standers gasp and step aside to make way for the chase. Cut to Lin as she metalbends a cable to the runaway mobile's wheel, pulling it right off the axle.

The vehicle teeters dangerously on the road. Lin stops her car and gets out, running after the two suspects who are attempting to flee from their busted ride. Lin metalbends her cables out and grabs the two teenaged boys by their angles, making them trip and fall onto the screen. The wire spools on Lin's hips spark with friction.)

Young Su: (off-screen) Leave them alone!

(Lin is surprised by the familiar sounding voice. Cut to the damaged Satomobile as Su clambers out of the driver's seat with sweat on her face. She looks at her sister uneasily. Cut to Lin with her eyes wide with shock.)

Young Lin: Su?

(Camera zooms in on young Lin's face and it flashes white. We are back to the present and Lin is visibly uncomfortable. She gasps and sits up, bending all the needles off her body. The needles fly around blindly in the room, breaking the mirrors, picture frames, and vases as they make contact. Cut to a profile shot of Lin who is drenched with sweat as she pants to catch her breath. She begins to slide off the table.)

Acupuncturist: (off-screen) Wait! (he pops into frame and we can see three stray needles on his almost bald head) Leaving in the middle of a session could make you sick.

(Cut to a frontal shot of Lin as she staggers towards the door.)

Lin: I'm done here.

(She grabs the doorway and grunts before forcing herself to carry on walking. Lin is obviously not feeling well. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to Lin back in her own guest house where she is seated on a chair with a hand on her head. The door opens and it catches her attention. Young Su's voice begins to speak.)

Young Su: Are you gonna (switch to Lin's point of view where her vision is hazy and she sees a younger form of her sister standing at the door) stay in your room feeling sorry for yourself all day? (Cut to Lin looking confused and she blinks) You owe Opal an apology...

(The voice and form switches to Korra and it appears Lin was hallucinating.)

Korra: For the way you treated her last night. (Korra looks concerned) Are you okay? (walks towards Lin) You don't look good.
Lin: (stands up) I'm fine.

(As she reaches the entrance, she grabs the door unsteadily and grunts before walking off.

Cut to the acupuncturist who is re-arranging his needles. The door behind him suddenly opens to reveal Lin. The Chief loses her balance and grabs another door beside her.)

Lin: What did you do to me?
Acupuncturist: I tried to warn you. (walks to Lin and begins to support her) Come with me. (aids Lin to the treatment table) Let's go finish the session. (Cut to an overhead shot of Lin as she lays on the table and grits her teeth) Just relax and breathe.

(The needle makes contact at the Yintang acupoint again. Camera flashes white to Lin's memory where a younger version of herself slams against the getaway vehicle, denting it.)

Young Lin: So you're robbing stores with the Terra Triad now?

(Cut to a wide shot of the scene as the sisters confront each other in the middle of the road. Su's accomplices sit quietly at the side, watching the commotion.)

Young Su: I didn't steal anything! I just drove the car. I owed my friends a favor, it's not a big deal.
Young Lin: I'm not letting you get away with this.
Young Su: (laughs) Oh. What are you going to do, officer, arrest me?

(Su dismisses her sister and turns her back to walk off.)

Young Lin: Don't even think about taking one more step!

(Su is surprised at Lin's threat and she looks a little serious but continues to walk on anyway. Lin metalbends a cable from her hip and it catches Su's right wrist. The younger teen is enraged and she springs out a hidden knife from an arm gauntlet in her left hand, cutting the cable. The action slows down as the cable flies back to Lin and it makes contact with her with a loud smack and a bright flash. Lin is seen clutching the right side of her face and yells in pain. Cut to Su who stares dumbfounded at what she has done. Camera flashes back to Lin in the present with her eyes closed but she still twitches from the agonizing memory.

Location changes to a bridge in Republic City where the vehicles are held up by a police road block at the end on both sides of traffic. Cut to a police officer stepping up to the delivery man's truck and he visibly has cold sweat on his face.)

Police Officer: Good afternoon. Where are you off to today?
Delivery Man: I, uh, got a delivery to make in Bao Yu. (Cut to the inside of the truck as he reaches over to the passenger seat to grab a small set of documents. We can see that behind him, Ming-Hua has a sharp ice spike pressed onto his abdomen.) I should be back later today.

(The delivery guy hands over the papers to the police officer outside the window.)

Police Officer: You all right?
Delivery Man: Yeah, just a little tired. (tugs on his shirt) One more pickup, then I'm clocking out.
Police Officer: I thought you said you had a delivery.
Delivery Man: (realizes his mistake) Did I?
Police Officer #1: (takes a step backwards as his colleagues head to him for back up) I'm gonna need you to step out of the vehicle (Cut to the inside of the truck as Zaheer and company overhears the conversation) and open the back of the truck.

(Cut to the outside of the truck as the delivery man gets out and slams the door shut behind him. He takes a few steps as he glances behind him. Then he bolts away and a second officer chases after him.)

Police Officer #2: Hey, get back here!

(The first officer senses that something is up and runs to the back of the truck.)

(Tense music plays and the officer lays a tentative hand on the handle of the door. He tugs it down and before he can open it, Zaheer airbends the door open, pushing the officers off their feet.)

Zaheer: Let's get out of here!

(Ming-Hua is at the driver's seat now and starts the engines, breaking through the barricade. Police sirens are heard and five police mobiles chase after them. P'li firebends with her mind, taking out two of the cop cars while the remaining three drive around the attack and continue the pursuit. P'li takes out one more vehicle while Ghazan bends a small portion of the bridge into lava. The last two cars drive into the lava and are trapped. Cut to Ming-Hua as she glances at the side mirror and then looks forward to continue driving.

Location changes to a meteorite perched on a pedestal in Zaofu. Whistling can be heard and Bolin comically stands up, continuing to casually whistle as he glances to the side to make sure no one sees him. He takes the meteorite in his hand and steps backwards. Then he puts one leg forward and begins to press against the rock really hard as he makes all sorts of groans and grunts, trying his very best to metalbend. He changes his position to the horse stance and repeats the procedure again to no avail.)

Opal: (off-screen) Hey, Bolin!

(Bolin is startled and looks to the side to reveal Opal standing a short distance away from him.)

Bolin: Opal! (hides the meteorite behind his back) Oh, wow. You really know how to sneak up on someone.
Opal: What are you doing?
Bolin: Oh, nothing, you know, (steps closer to the pedestal) just- Just thinking (places the meteorite back onto the pedestal) about my body and mustaches that I might have in the future.

(The metal chunk falls down to the ground anyway.)

Opal: You're acting weird again.
Bolin: (relaxes his posture) Sorry. I wasn't really thinking about all my mustaches. I'm just- I'm just frustrated. I've been trying to metalbend, and I can't figure it out. Don't tell anyone, okay?
Opal: Why not?
Bolin: Because it's- it's embarrassing. This isn't the first time I've tried. I mean, I've been wanting to metalbend ever since I heard about Toph. (Opal walks towards Bolin) Your grandmother is my biggest hero.
Opal: (lays a hand on Bolin's shoulder) My Mom grew up learning from Toph. Just go train with her. Stop being so scared.
Bolin: You know what? Maybe I am scared, but what about you? (Opal removes her hand) I know that you want go to the Northern Air Temple to train with Tenzin, but you haven't done it because you're afraid too.
Opal: (turns away from Bolin and looks out at Zaofu) You know what? You're right. I don't want to leave my family and disappoint my Mom.

(Camera pans out to an aerial view of the two teens with a beautiful shot of the city in front of them.)

Bolin: (nudges her playfully) Look at us... Talking about our feelings, (gives Opal a one-arm hug) supporting each other.
Opal: (embraces Bolin) It's nice.

(Location changes back to Lin on the treatment table once again. Cut to an overhead shot of Lin and the camera zooms in on her face once again before flashing white to reveal young Lin with a bandage on her cheek while young Su has her arms crossed and she glares at her sister. Both are seated in front of a desk. Footsteps sound and the back of someone's armor is seen. Cut to a frontal shot of an older Toph.)

Toph: What were (points to Su) you thinking?! And what were (gestures a palm to Lin) you thinking? (puts her hand behind her back) You two have put me in an impossible position!
Young Lin: You're mad at me? (turns to glare furiously at Su) She's the one who was running around with criminals!
Young Su: This is all your fault!
Young Lin: I was doing my job!
Toph: Ugh, all right, enough! (The sisters cross their arms and Toph places a hand on her head) Here's what we're going to do. (gestures to her younger daughter) Su, you need to leave the city as soon as possible. (crosses her arms)

Young Su: (leans forward with surprise) What? Where am I supposed to go?
Toph: (gestures to Su again) You'll go stay with your grandparents. (extends her hand out towards her older daughter) Lin, give me the arrest report.

(With the report in hand secured with a paper clip, Toph tears the document in half.)

Young Lin: (shocked) Mom, what are you doing? You can't cover this up. There were witnesses.
Toph: I'm the Chief of Police! I can't have a daughter in jail.
Young Lin: So, once again, Su gets to do whatever she wants, and there are no consequences.
Toph: (sighs with both hands on her head) This is our only option.

(Camera flashes back to the present with the acupuncturist watching over Lin. He begins to metalbend all the needles off her body.)

Acupuncturist: You're going to feel a bit fragile, (sends the needles off-screen) so it's probably best if you take it easy for a little while.

(Lin sits up.)

Lin: I don't need to rest. I need to do something I should've done a long time ago.

(With perspiration still on her body, she begins to walk out of the room.

Scene changes to an aerial shot of the metalbending training courtyard. Su is seated on a little earth bench observing Korra with a hunk of meteorite "floating" in her hands and the Avatar changes the shape into a pentagon.)

Su: Congratulations. You're the first metalbending Avatar.

(Korra smiles and stops metalbending, allowing the meteorite to rest on her hip. Footsteps are heard and camera pans right to Bolin as he walks and stops next to Korra.)

Bolin: So, um... I've been thinking, and I'd like to try to learn metalbending. (Su stands up and heads to Bolin) I mean, I'm sure you have a waiting list or something, like, a couple years, so...
Su: (rests a hand on Bolin's shoulder reassuringly) Let's get started.

(The camera shakes and it pans out to the ground and the metal plates on the dirt behind them quaking. The meteorites fall off their podiums. Cut to Lin who is panting but visibly angry. Cut back to Su with the two teens behind her.)

Bolin: (whispers to Korra) I think Lin is mad about something.

(They both look to Lin and camera cuts to the Chief.)

Lin: (continues to pant) Su, it's time we talk.

(Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to a side view shot of the sisters in a stand off.)

Su: After thirty years, you're finally ready to talk?
Lin: (walks closer to Su) When we were in Mom's office that day, you could have taken responsibility for what you did, but instead you stayed quiet and let Mom throw her whole career away.
Su: Mom didn't throw her career away. She retired the next year. She was a hero.
Lin: (incensed) You think she wanted to retire? She was so guilt-ridden about what she did to protect you, she didn't feel worthy of her badge.
Su: Look, I admit that I was not a perfect kid and I've made some mistakes in the past, but-
Lin: You made some mistakes?
Su: Lin, Mom and I already talked about this years ago and worked things out. If you had gotten together with us like we'd asked, you would know that I'm a different person now. I've been a different person for a long time.
Lin: You think just because you live in a big, fancy house and have a chef who cooks you fancy food, that you're a different person? Maybe you can fool everyone else, but you can't fool me. I see right through you.
Su: You know what, Lin? You're the one who hasn't changed. You're still a bitter loner who only cares about herself. No wonder Tenzin ended things with you years ago.

(Lin stomps her food and sends a chunk of earth at Su who lifts her hand up and it collides against her fist into small pieces.)

Su: Okay, I guess this is how it's going to be.

(Su earthbends a trail towards Lin, disrupting the metal plate Lin is standing on and causing the various meteorites to fall. Su also sends three meteorite chunks at her sister. Lin is thrown backwards and she does a roll before standing up and running towards Su. The Chief punches the ground to send a series of earth columns at her sister but Su lifts a metal plate up from the ground to shield herself. Su chucks the metal plate at Lin but the older woman jumps over it and lands on the ground. Lin proceeds to earthbend small pieces of earth up and sends it to Su who dodges from side to side. Cut to Korra and Bolin who are observing from the sidelines. As they talk, the earth continues to rumble around them.)

Korra: Should I stop them?
Bolin: You don't have any siblings. Fighting is all part of the healing process.

(Su cartwheels into screen and a wall of earth chases after her. Cut to Su's sons and husband walking up to a nearby pavilion to see what's going on.)

Wei: (hollers) Go, Mom!

(Su spins around in a circle and dodges a rectangular piece of earth and she runs off to the side. Lin stomps the ground and metalbends Huan's Harmonic Convergence sculpture at Su who catches it just in time with her own bending. Su sends it crashing into a wall.)

Huan: (gasps) My sculpture!

(He runs to his smoking sculpture and the smoke clears to reveal an artistic mess.)

Huan: (places a hand on his chin) Actually, it looks kind of better now.

(Su earthbends three metal plates on the ground and directs them at her sister who punches the first two away but is hit by the last. Lin grabs the plate and tosses it behind her. The Chief proceeds to chuck more rocks at Su who continues to duck and weave around. Lin earthbends a sizeable chunk or earth and throws it at Su who metalbends the wall behind her around herself in a protective circle. She metalbends the other part of the wall and slams it into Lin who is thrown back into the pavilion her nephews and brother-in-law are standing on. Cut to Lin who is visible exhausted and pants for a while before frowning.)

Su: (walks across the bridge towards the pavilion) You got it out of your system?
Lin: Not quite yet!

(Lin earthbends the stairs behind her and hovers it over her head. In response, Su earthbends a huge boulder above her own head too. Cut to a side view shot as they run towards each other and Opal lands in the middle of the two women and airbends both chunks of rocks away. )

Opal: (raises voice) What are you two doing?! You're sisters! Why would you want to hurt each other?

(Cut to Su who pants for a bit before looking to the side sadly. Cut to Lin who is trying to catch her breath but her eyes roll backwards and she starts to faint. Camera switches to her point of view looking at her niece and sister as her vision begins to black out. Cut to an overhead shot of Lin who is about to fall into the ground but Korra slides in and catches her body just in time.

Camera fades to an overhead view of Su's home. Cut to Korra, Mako, and Bolin who are standing outside standing along the corridor outside Lin's guest room.)

Korra: Uh... who's gonna knock?

(Korra pushes Bolin towards the door and he prevents himself from crashing into it.)

Bolin: Oh! No, no, no, no, no, no. Not me. (walks backwards) You're the Avatar. Why can't you do it?
Korra: (uncertainly) Uh, I can. But I just thought that you-
Mako: (walks towards the door) I'll do it. (He knocks on the door and leans his body against it to listen for any noise inside the room) Uh, Chief, you've been sleeping for sixteen hours. We just wanted to make sure that you're okay.

(The door opens and Mako falls into the room. Cut to Mako on the ground looking up and the camera pans up to reveal Lin dressed in Zaofu robes. She stretches and yawns.)

Lin: (walks out of the room with a smile) Good morning.

(Korra and Bolin stare at the Chief with surprise. Mako stands up and he is bewildered too.

Scene changes to a glass of green juice being placed in front of Lin. Camera pans up to Lin who looks at the drink suspiciously.)

Lin: What's this?
Chef: (leans against the table with one hand) I call it the kalenutsco. It's a mixture of kale, coconut water, and walnuts.

(Lin takes the glass and chugs the whole beverage down quickly.)

Lin: (smiles at the chef) Not bad.

(Foot steps are heard and Lin turns her head towards the door of the dining room. Cut to the doorway with Opal looking in and she proceeds to walk off.)

Lin: (off-screen) Opal, don't go.

(Opal stops and pulls back. Cut to Lin who stands up and gestures to the seat beside her)

Lin: Please, sit down. I want to talk to you.

(Lin sits down. Cut to Opal who is a little taken aback and her expression changes to pensive sadness. She walks in and take a seat diagonally across from her aunt.)

Lin: (apologetic) Look, I'm just not really comfortable talking about these kinds of things, and, well... I wanted to say I'm sorry about the other night.
Opal: It's okay.
Lin: Your mother and I have a complicated relationship and-
Opal: It's probably difficult for you to be here.
Lin: (gives a smile to her niece) You're a smart young woman and an excellent airbender. I think it would be a wonderful opportunity for you to train with the other airbenders at the Northern Air Temple.
Opal: There's a part of me that wants to go, but I don't want to upset my Mom.
Lin: When I was younger, all I wanted to do was please my mother. I became a Police Chief because I thought it would make her happy, (furrows her brows sadly) but it didn't. You need to make decisions based on what you want. Don't make the same mistakes I did.

(Opal smiles before standing up and to give her aunt a hug which Lin reciprocates.

Scene changes to the inside of a room and the door opens inwards to reveal Opal.)

Opal: Mom? Dad? (Cut to an area behind Opal looking into the room where her parents are drinking tea.) Can I talk to you?

(Opal walks in and closes the door behind her.

Scene changes to a statue of Toph and a flock of birds fly past. Camera pans down to reveal Lin looking up at her mother's sculpture. Cut to an overhead view of the sisters as Su walks towards Lin.)

Su: Opal has decided to go to the Northern Air Temple. I'm guessing you had something to do with her decision.
Lin: (softly) Well, I was just-
Su: It's okay. (smiles at Lin) I'm glad she was honest with me. I want her to do what makes her happy. (looks a little downcast) Mom gave us too much freedom, but I feel like I've made the mistake of giving Opal too little. I think it's time I let her choose her own way. (closes her eyes for a moment before opening them) I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time when we were younger. I can't imagine what my life would've been like if Mom hadn't sent me away, if I had stayed in the city.
Lin: (dryly) You'd probably be in prison.
Su: (chuckles) You're probably right. Mako told me that you're an excellent Police Chief. Republic City is lucky to have you. I know Mom is proud.

(Lin looks down for a short while and turns back to Toph's statue. Cut to a close up of the statue's face. Camera pans out to the sisters again looking at the figure.)

Su: Can we move on? I'd love for you to be a part of my life again. There's plenty of space for you in the house, (Cut to a frontal shot of the siblings) and the kids would love having their aunt around. (Lin looks at her sister) I do need a co-director for my new dance performance.
Lin: Whoa. (raises two hands up and pushes down) Slow down. (gives Su a smile) How about for now, I just promise not to show up at your house and attack you again.
Su: Deal.

(Su extends a hand out and we cut to a close up of a handshake. Camera focuses on Lin who is genuinely relieved and happy.

Location changes to a road near some hills and a grass plain. Camera pans right to the delivery truck and Zaheer's team hiding behind some rocks.)

Ming-Hua: We should've grabbed one of those cops. (Cut to a close up of Ming-Hua, Ghazan, and P'li huddle around a fire.) Maybe they know something about where the Avatar is hiding.
Ghazan: She could be anywhere.

(Cut to a close up of P'li.)

P'li: We'll find her. (She looks behind at Zaheer who is meditating. View changes to a frontal shot of Zaheer in the lotus position.) It's just a matter of time.

(Cut to a close up of Zaheer's face.)

Zaheer: (opens his eyes) She's with The Metal Clan.

[End Credits]

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