Transcript for 307 - Original Airbenders
Original Airbenders
Written By: Tim Hedrick
Directed By: Mel Zwyer
Storyboard By: Sol Choi, Hyunjoo Song, Shaun O'Neil
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "A Breath of Fresh Air", "In Harm's Way", and "The Metal Clan".]

Shiro Shinobi: The Air Nation is reborn! Thanks to the energy shift during Harmonic Convergence, certain people have acquired airbending abilities, including Bumi, Kai, and Opal. But although the new recruits show a lot of promise, they still have a lot to learn. So while Korra remains safe in Zaofu, Tenzin has brought the airbenders to the Northern Air Temple to begin their training.

Act I

(Cut to a scenic view of a grass plain with hills and the Northern Air Temple in the background. Various colorful spirits mingle and fly about.)

Tenzin: (off-screen) His pupils once again pleaded with their master (Camera cuts to a close up of the air temple) to eat something, but he refused, (Cut to Tenzin who tells the story excitedly) just like he had each day the entire summer. (Cut to the new airbenders as most of them are not paying attention except for two students) Instead, he simply meditated, getting his nourishmen from the universe. So Monk Tang Xu completed the ninty-seventh day of his historic fast on which island?

(A male airbender with glasses raises his hand.)

Otaku: Ooh! Ooh, ooh!
Tenzin: Anyone besides Otaku, who already studied this in his acolyte training?
Otaku: Ooh, ooh, ooh!
Tenzin: And is answering every question?
Otaku: Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! (Tenzin finally looks at Otaku for an answer) Whaletail Island!
Tenzin: That is correct. Again. Now, on day ninty-eight-

(The new airbenders begin to giggle and laugh. Tenzin is not amused. Cut to Bum-Ju stuffed in Bumi's air nomad outfit and the spirit's head "replaces" Bumi's.)

Bumi: (in a high pitched spirit-y voice) Greetings, Air People. I come seeking boring stories to take back to the Spirit World.

(Bum-Ju squeaks and flies out of the shirt, causing Bumi to stumble for a bit. All the new airbenders laugh, including Jinora who stops laughing when Tenzin gives her a look. Jinora clears her throat.

Cut to the clouds in the sky as Tenzin rides Oogi through the clouds, performing a beautiful aerial display. He passes over his students' heads and they look up in awe. Tenzin lands Oogi near the students. Tenzin disembarks.)

Kai: That was incredible! When do we get to fly around on our bison like that?
Tenzin: Only after many years of practice and intense training. (the new airbenders start to groan off-screen) Besides, (touches his beard) we don't have enough bison here for all of you.

Kai: (off-screen) What about those? (Tenzin raises his eyebrows with surprise) It's a whole herd of bisons.

(Cut to an overhead view of the students standing at the balcony as they view a herd of air bison flying by. Tenzin walks up to them.)

Tenzin: Actually, the plural of "bison" is "bison."

(Camera cuts to a close up of the group of adult bison.)

Kai: (off-screen) Whoa!
Daw: (off-screen) Cool!
Yung: (off-screen) Wow, look at that.

(We return back to Kai and the others on the balcony)

Kai: Can we ride those?
Tenzin: No, that's a wild herd. It would take many years to tame them. Now let's get back to our lessons.
Meelo: (off-screen) Dad! (Tenzin raises his head and camera pans up to reveal two sky bison with people on them flying towards the temple. Ikki waves excitedly to her father while Meelo points to the bison behind him.) We brought you more airbenders!

(The bison land in the courtyard and the airbenders walk up to meet the newcomers.)

Tenzin: Okay, everyone is dismissed. We'll just... pick this up... (sighs) tomorrow.

(Camera changes angles to Pema who has disembarked and is carrying Rohan in a little baby seat on her back. Kya drops down from the saddle. Tenzin walks up to his wife and sister.)

Tenzin: How was everything in the city?
Pema: Well, we had a little scare, but everything is okay. Zaheer infiltrated the Air Temple.
Tenzin: (shocked) What? Is everyone all right?
Kya: Everyone's fine. (gestures to herself) I fought with him, but he got away. And he stole some old necklace that had something to do with Guru (pauses) Lak... (hesitates for a moment but says it anyway) schmeer.
Tenzin: Guru Laghima.
Kya: (humors her brother) Right. You know, I can never keep all those gurus straight. There were, like, a million of them. Remember that long, boring story about the guy who never ate?
Tenzin: (unamused) Yes, I remember.

(An Air Acolyte appears in the background behind Tenzin.)

Air Acolyte: Avatar Korra is calling on the temple radio.

(Cut to the radio buzzing with static as a hand reaches in to pick up the microphone speaker.)

Tenzin: Are you all right? Where are you?

(View changes to Korra on the radio and the brothers Mako and Bolin are hanging around close to her.)

Korra: With Bei Fong's sister in Zaofu. (smiles) We're totally safe, (frowns a bit) unless we get caught in another fight (Bolin smiles) between Su and Lin.

(A frame of Tenzin slides in and he now occupies half the screen on the right while Korra occupies the half the screen on the left.)

Tenzin: Lin willingly took you to her sister?
Korra: Not exactly. We got a call about a new airbender, and it turned out to be Su's daughter, Opal. She'll be headed your way soon.
Tenzin: (pleasantly surprised) Really? That's wonderful!

(Bolin, who is seated beside Korra leans in suddenly and Korra is nudged aside. The earthbender begins to gush about Opal over the radio.)

Bolin: She is wonderful (He grabs the microphone and blushes like a love bird. Korra and Tenzin give weirded out faces.) and pretty and so smart! (Korra changes her facial expression to annoyance at Bolin for hogging the radio) And she smells like flowers. (he pauses and looks at Korra before putting the microphone back on the table) Sorry. Bolin out.

(Bolin slides off-screen and Korra resumes speaking to her mentor.)

Korra: How's the training going?
Tenzin: Not so well, I'm afraid. No one seems to be interested in the hard work required to become a part of the Air Nation.
Korra: (Cut to a close up of Korra now as she occupies the whole frame) You need to give yourself a break. Let Jinora and the kids help you out. And what about Bumi? He was a naval commander. Maybe he has some ideas about how to get people motivated.

(View changes to Tenzin in the air temple)

Tenzin: (raises his eyebrows with slight irritation) Bumi? He's my worst student!
Korra: (off-screen, over the radio) Yeah, but he loves to organize people. If you ask him for help, you can trick him into taking more responsibility by making him think the whole thing was his idea.
Tenzin: (relaxes his facial expression) Hmm. That actually sounds like a good plan. (smiles fondly) You're turning into a pretty wise Avatar after all.

(We cut back to Korra who is also smiling.)

Korra: Conflict resolution. It's what I do.

(Scene changes to Kai and Jinora seated on the balcony ledge looking down at the sky bison herd.)

Kai: We should go down there. I want to fly one of those bisons.
Jinora: I don't know. We might get in trouble.
Kai: Come on, let's have some fun. We'll be back before anyone realizes we're gone.
Jinora: (smiles a little) I guess it will be all right.

(Both children pick up their own air gliders to open them up before dropping down and flying themselves on the gliders. A group of spirits on the ground look up at the sight. A little bird-like spirit squeaks and flies in front of Jinora along with other kinds of flying spirits. Jinora gives a smile at the bird-like creature. Cut to an aerial view of the pair flying over a little mountain ridge as they catch sight of bison below near a watering hole.)

Kai: Look, baby bisons. (Cut to a close up of three very cute baby bison as one grooms itself and the other two play fight with each other) How come they're all on the ground?
Jinora: (View changes to a frontal shot of the duo) Air bison calves can't fly for a week or two after they're born, so the entire herd will stay near the ground in the valley.

(Kai angles his glider downwards and flies off-screen)

Kai: Let's go see the babies.
Jinora: Be careful. The mothers are very protective.

(Cut to the ground as Kai lands in front of the babies and closes his glider. The calves make little coos and grunts. All three look up at him with curiosity. One walks towards Kai and he lays a hand on its head, stroking it affectionately.)

Kai: Aw, look how cute.

(The calf licks Kai's face)

Jinora: (off-screen) Kai, get out of there!

(Cut to an overhead view of Jinora still on her glider but we can see that down below, a mother bison is a short distance away from her babies and Kai. Cut to Kai who turns around to face the mother which growls at him. She stomps her foot a few times and growls menacingly. Kai drops his glider staff in fear. The mother then charges at the boy but Kai remains rooted to the spot. Cut to a side view shot as Jinora flies in and wraps her legs around Kai's torso, lifting him out of harm's way.)

Kai: Whoa!

(The babies huddle together from the commotion as their mother lands beside them. View changes to a foot on the ground. Camera zooms out to Kai standing while Jinora closes her glider and lands beside Kai. They have taken refuge at a small rocky column.)

Kai: Wow, you really saved me down there.

(Jinora drops to the ground and sighs with relief)

Kai: You know, you're an incredible airbender.
Jinora: Well, I've been training for a long time.
Kai: Then why don't you have tattoos like an airbending master?
Jinora: (looks away, downcast) My Dad says I'm not a master yet.
Kai: (sits down on the grass) You can do everything your Dad can, (Jinora looks at Kai, wide-eyed) plus you have all those spirit-y powers. If anyone's a master, you are.

(The girl blushes. View changes to an aerial view of the courtyards outside the air temple.)

Bumi: (off-screen) So we bring the net down on (Cut to Bumi regaling his tale to three airbenders. He has removed his Air Nomad top and is now wearing just a singlet.) the head pirate, and he looks around real sad and says, (does his best impression of a pirate) "I knew I should have followed my dreams and become a dentist."
Yung: (chuckles) How come you grew up to be so cool, while Tenzin became such a stick in the mud?
Bumi: Well, I guess "cool" is just something you're born with.

(Walks out from a small passage way leading to the courtyard.)

Tenzin: Bumi, can I talk to you?

(The airbenders who were listening to Bumi's story disperse.)

Bumi: Let me guess. You want to criticize me for something.
Tenzin: Actually, I need your help.
Bumi: (begins to dig his ear with his pinky) Oh, yeah? With what?
Tenzin: I don't think I'm doing very well with the new airbenders, and everyone knows you're a natural leader. (smiles awkwardly at his brother)
Bumi: (removes his pinky from his ear with a pop) True, I did win the Admiral Tung Natural Leadership Award. Twice.
Tenzin: (looks a bit skeptical but forces a pleasant smile) What would you do if you were in charge? Help me be more like you.
Bumi: I'd love to. (Bumi stands up and then stands at attention) You've gotta use military discipline to whip these troops into shape. The only way to deal with new recruits is to (punches a hand forward) break them down, so you can (brings both hands up) build them back up. Rule with an iron fist! (clenches his hand into a fist) Show them who the master is. (waves his fist very close to Tenzin's face)
Tenzin: Thanks for the insight. (smiles at Bumi)
Bumi: (returns the smile) My pleasure.

(View changes to a scenic shot of the air temple in the morning and the sun has barely risen. Cut to the inside of a room facing a door and it bursts open to reveal Tenzin. He lifts a horn up, takes a deep breath, and blows into the instrument, sending sound waves and air throughout the dormitory. Cut to Yung and Bumi as they suddenly sit up. Yung rubs his eyes sleepily.)

Tenzin: Dawn patrol! Everyone up!
Bumi: (stands up and yawns) What are you doing? (rubs the back of his head) It's barely light out.

(View switches to Tenzin who stands at attention with the horn behind his back.)

Tenzin: I'm taking your advice. I'm going to break you down and build you back up. (Cut to Bumi who is in disbelief) Now get moving, recruit!

(Bumi closes his eyes and sighs. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to a scenic view of a cliff with the air temple in the background. We can see airbenders hopping up the cliff face with their bending. Cut to the top of the cliff as Tenzin and Jinora land on it smoothly and cushioning their feet with airbending. Kai leaps up but falls flat on his face. Two other airbenders climb up and struggle.)

Tenzin: Nothing like a ten mile hike first thing in the morning.
Yung: (shivers) Don't these robes come in a warm, bison fur version?
Tenzin: (off-screen) No, of course not!

(Yung scowls and Bumi stands up.)

Bumi: Oh! (falls back down to the ground, exhausted) If it weren't so cold, (another airbender collapses behind him) I'd go right back to sleep.
Tenzin: Then this is the perfect time to learn meditation and proper breathing technique. (walks away) Airbenders are able to warm themselves with only their breathing. (sits down in the lotus position) Everyone get into the lotus position. Ah, (Bumi crawls towards his brother) this is so much more refreshing than sleeping.
Bumi: (whispers) You know, when I said that thing about an iron fist-
Tenzin: (interrupts) Hush. Meditation time. Focus.

(Bumi looks sad and he crawls to a spot behind Tenzin before getting into position. Peaceful, serene music plays and we cut to a view behind Tenzin. The camera slowly zooms in on the Northern Air Temple in the distance.

Scene fades away to another courtyard in the air temple with several poles a few metres tall dotting the area. Cut to the airbenders and they have visible eye bags from lack of sleep.)

Bumi: Can we go back to bed now?
Tenzin: Now that we're refreshed and loose from our hike and meditation, it's time for a balancing exercise.

(Tenzin airbends himself upwards and lands on the pole upright on just his right foot while the other leg is crossed against his right thigh. He presses his palms together.)

Tenzin: The key is to maintain your heaven and earth connection.

(He pulls a white feather out from his pocket and airbends it in a circle above his right palm.)

Tenzin: Now you try.

(Camera fades to a shot of some of the airbenders struggling to keep their balance on the pole.)

Tenzin: Back on the posts!

(Cut to Bumi as he sways this way and that, sticking one leg out to maintain balance.)

Tenzin: (off-screen) It's not hard if you concentrate!

(Bumi manages to move in a circle while standing on the pole but he loses his balance at the end and falls to the ground. Cut to a profile shot of Bumi on the ground and footsteps are heard. Tenzin pops his head in a second later and stares down at Bumi with his face inches away from his brother.)

Tenzin: Get back up! (Switch to a close up of Tenzin who looks a little deranged) What's the matter? You can't handle it, soldier?

(Cut back to the previous view as Bumi comically slides on the ground off-screen. A feather lands on his nose. Cut to a view behind Jinora looking at the airbenders as her father stands up.)

Jinora: Don't you think you're being a little hard on them?
Tenzin: Don't worry. They can take it. You'll see. Ignore the lemurs digging in your ears. (Cut to Otaku who is quite perfectly balance on the pole) Concentrate on your breathing, (However, the lemurs are all over his body and they start to fidget and squeak.) and you won't even know they're there.

(Otaku loses his balance and falls.)

Otaku: Whoa, uh, ugh, oh!

(The lemurs fly up a bit before settling on the post to look down at Otaku.

View changes to mid-morning at another courtyard. Tenzin is shaving someone's head. Cut to a close up of Daw.)

Tenzin: When the head is shaved, (Daw solemnly stares at his hair as it falls) an airbender is able to feel the wind around him. (Camera pans out a bit to reveal Jinora leaning against a wall nearby.) It is both humbling and freeing.

(Cut to a close up of Jinora)

Kai: (whispers off-sceen) Hey, (Jinora is startled) you wanna (camera pans to the right to reveal Kai) sneak away and go check on the baby bisons?
Jinora: (puts a finger to her lips) Shh. You should be paying attention.

(Kai gives a whatever gesture and walks away. Cut to Tenzin using his robe to shine Daw's head and the bald scalp glints and shines.)

Tenzin: All right, who's next?
Yung: (raises his hand) I'm not sure I want to shave my head.

(Daw touches his head and stands up)

Tenzin: That's fine. Shaving your head is a personal choice.

Daw: (looks at Tenzin in horror) Wait, what?!
Tenzin: Anyone else? (the airbenders shake their heads vigorously) Fine, then we can get right to our next training exercise. Obstacle course!

(The airbenders aw with frustration and Daw walks away dejectedly.)

Jinora: (walks to her father) You're pushing too hard. Maybe we should give them a break.
Tenzin: Jinora, I have this under control.

(Tenzin walks away and cut to Jinora who frowns a bit. Exciting action music begins to play. View changes to a set of cliffs and camera pans down to an intricate obstacle course. An airbender standing up on a platform begins to move.)

Tenzin: (off-screen) Concentrate! (Cut to a close up of the female airbender as she dodges the swinging bells) Remember, airbenders move like the wind.

(The girl smiles when she successfully dodges all the bells but she is soon hit by a watermelon and she falls down into the mud below. Camera focuses on Ikki who is happily loading watermelons into a canon and Meelo is gleefully shooting out the fruits in rapid succession with airbending.

Cut to a tight rope as Otaku hangs upside and another female airbender attempts to cross it. She gets hit by a watermelon and falls down. Kai runs across the rope and Otaku falls as Kai steps on his hands. Cut to Kai's back view as he runs up the ramp to the next platform and he bobs and weaves to avoid the watermelons.)

Tenzin: (off-screen) Stay light (Kai jumps off the platform and lands on various wooden posts scattered among a small patch of rash-cactus) on your feet, (Kai jumps across several posts successfully while other airbenders balance precariously on them.) and you'll never feel the stinging rash-cactus.

(Kai continues jumping forward but on his final jump, he doesn't see Yung on the pole and crashes into him. Both of them fall comically into the cactus below.

View changes to the camera looking up a cliff face. Kai rapidly jumps the various ledges to get to the top. Cut to the top as Kai lands on it smoothly and Otaku struggles to climb up. The other airbenders are waiting at the top as well. As Otaku clears the ledge, we see one airbender stranded on a ledge below.)

Tenzin: Everyone is waiting for you, Bumi! (Cut to Bumi who looks terrified) If you don't make it over in the next thirty seconds, they'll all have to run through the course again.

(Camera changes angles to a slight far away shot of Bumi as he glances at a ledge to his left.)

Yung: (off-screen) You can do it, Bumi!

(Bumi leaps to the ledge with airbending and he grunts.)

Daw: (off-screen) Come on!

(Bumi catches the ledge with one hand and attempts to climb up but he loses his grip and falls down several ledges, back down into the mud. Cut to a close up of Bumi with part of his muddy robes over his head.)

Tenzin: (off-screen) Get back on that wall, recruit! (Bumi seethes with irritation) You're letting your fellow airbenders down.
Bumi: (Growls and pulls off the clothing on his head, yelling up to his brother) I'm finished! (points a thumb to himself) I never wanted to be an airbender, and I'm too old (waves one arm to the side angrily) to be back in boot camp! Count me out.

(Bumi walks away and we cut to Tenzin who is annoyed. The airbenders behind him are muddy as well.)

Tenzin: Fine, quit! We don't need your attitude in the new Air Nation.
Daw: Master Tenzin? (Tenzin turns around) When do we get to go home and visit our families?
Tenzin: Go home? You just got here.
Female New Airbender #1: When's dinner? I'm starving.
Yung: Can I change out of my robe now? It's itchy.
Kai: This is just as bad as the Earth Queen's prison.

(Cut to Tenzin who has a hand on his face)

Tenzin: (swipes his hand aside angrily) I'm tired of all this complaining! (turns to his children) Jinora, take over.
Jinora: (raises an eyebrow) Does this mean (smiles) I'm the master now?
Tenzin: Yes. Just lead them through some basic exercises.

(Tenzin stars to walk off but is stopped when his daughter speaks up)

Jinora: Well, since I'm a master, (takes a hopeful step towards her father) when do you think I can get my tattoos?
Tenzin: What brought this on?
Jinora: I was just talking to Kai, and he was asking me, so-
Tenzin: (interrupts) Kai! (Tenzin points to the airbenders and Jinora is taken aback) What does he know (Kai comically slides and hides behind Yung as the airbenders watch the quarrel) about when you should get tattoos?! The answer is no! You're just a little girl.
Jinora: I'm not a little girl anymore! I can airbend just as well as you. I know everything about our culture and history, (frowns) and I have a stronger connection with the spirits than you ever will. (shoves her father in the legs and he steps aside) Lead your own class!

(Tenzin is slackjawed at her outburst.)

Tenzin: Ikki, Meelo, you're up. (Cut to the younger siblings as they look excited. Meelo has a devilish look) Just lead them through the Ba Gua circle.

(Meelo grins and slides in front of the students)

Meelo: (points to his right) Look to your left! (the airbenders turn their heads in that direction) Look to your right! (He points to his left and the airbenders do the same.) One of those people will not make it out of here alive.

(Peaceful music plays and we cut to an aerial view of the wild bison herd flying above the watering hole. Camera pans down to Jinora looking at them from the balcony ledge. Kai walks up to Jinora.)

Kai: Sorry if what I said got you in trouble with your Dad.
Jinora: It's not your fault. (turns around and leans against the ledge) He just can't believe that I'm grown up now and I don't need him telling me what to do like one of his recruits.
Kai: I know (smiles) something that'll cheer you up.

(Cut to the plains below as both children fly down on their gliders and land on the ground. Jinora looks around with a puzzled expression on her face. Cut to an aerial view of the empty plains.)

Jinora: Where did all the spirits go?
Kai: (Cut to a close up of Kai) Where are the babies?

(A device is fired and a net envelopes Jinora. She screams and Kai turns around. Using his glider, he airbends at the person who fired the net gun. A wall of earth appears in front of Kai and he turns around to see two more people behind him with net guns. Kai is obviously cornered and one of the captors fire a net to Kai.

Scene changes to an aerial view of a campsite. Cut to the wheels of a truck as Jinora and Kai are tossed down on the ground, still in their nets. They grunt from the impact. View changes to a back view of a man seated in front of a fire and wearing a pelt of baby bison fur.)

Bison Rustler Leader: What are these kids doing in my camp?

(View changes to a close up of two bison rustlers.)

Bison Rustler: We caught them sneaking around. We thought they might tell someone we're here.

(Camera zooms in on the leader's back.)

Bison Rustler Leader: They're those new airbenders. Must be living up at the temple. (stands up and turns around to order his crew) Hurry up and gather the rest of the gang, and let's get out of here before someone comes looking for these kids. (Cut to a close up of Jinora and Kai who look uncertain and worried) We'll take them to Ba Sing Se with the rest of the fresh meat.

(Camera slowly zooms in on the duo and we cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to a scenic view of the air temple. Cut to Tenzin meditating in a room.)

Tenzin: Tattoos. How can she think. (inhales sharply) Focus. Breathe. (inhales) Bumi ruins everything. Inhale. (inhales again) Focus.

(Pema walks in and takes a seat beside her husband.)

Pema: Taking a little break from teaching?
Tenzin: (opens his eyes) I failed. Bumi quit, and the rest of the airbenders want to go home. Can't they see that I'm trying to rebuild an entire culture?
Pema: You know, just because these people can airbend, (raises one eyebrow slightly) it doesn't automatically make them Air Nomads.
Tenzin: Tell me about it.
Pema: I remember when (gestures to herself) I moved out of my parents' house to become an Air Acolyte. That first night, I was so scared and lonely, (cringes) and the bed was so hard.
Tenzin: It's actually better for your back. (Pema gives him a glare) Sorry.
Pema: The point is, (softens her expression) I really wanted to be there, but it still took time for me to adjust and feel like I was a part of it all. These people are probably feeling the same way. You have to be patient.
Tenzin: Now I know how Korra feels when I'm talking to her. (he kisses Pema on the cheek and rests a palm on her face) Thank you, Pema.

(Cut to the courtyard outside where Bumi are talking to two airbenders. Tenzin steps out and noticing his brother, he walks towards him.)

Tenzin: Bumi, (his brother glances at the side casually) I want to apologize for losing my patience.
Bumi: (crosses his arms) I'm not talking to you.

(He turns and walks away as Bum-Ju chirps on his shoulder.)

Tenzin: Hey, get back here!

(Bumi walks off-screen and Tenzin looks back at Yung.)

Tenzin: (sighs) Where's Jinora?
Yung: I saw her fly off on her glider with her boyfriend.
Tenzin: (surprised) What? Her boyfriend?! (storms off) Kai.

(We return back to campsite and the bison rustler leader walks up to a truck where they have locked the baby bison up. He slames a fist on the truck to intimidate the baby and it whines sadly.)

Jinora: (off-screen) How can you steal (camera pans up to reveal Jinora locked in a cage above with another calf.) these bison? They're endangered.
Bison Rustler Leader: That's why they're worth so much. The Earth Queen and her fancy friends pay big money for bison steaks and other weird meat. (smiles evilly) I even heard she ate her Dad's pet bear.
Jinora: You're disgusting.

(The leader walks away with another smile. Kai is shown in the adjacent cage next to her and he is also locked up with a calf.)

Kai: Hey, do that spirit beaming thing (Jinora hugs her legs) you did to find me. Go to the temple for help.
Jinora: I can't, I'm all cramped in here, and I need quiet and time to focus. (widens her eyes in realization) But maybe I can send a message.

(Cut to a close up of Jinora as she closes her eyes and concentrates.)

Jinora: (whispers) Spirits, I need your help.

(The same bird spirit from earlier appears in front of her with a squeak. Jinora opens her eyes and looks up. The spirit gives a series of chirps.)

Jinora: Go find Bum-Ju. Tell him we're in trouble.

(The bird spirit flies out of the cage and we cut to an overhead view of Bumi seated in the courtyard talking to Bum-Ju.)

Bumi: No, I don't think I should apologize. Tenzin just wants to boss everybody around. I'm too old for that.

(Bum-Ju sits up and chirps and thrills.)

Bumi: Well, let's face it. I'm just not cut out to be an airbender.

(Bum-Ju waves its arms and continues to squeak.)

Bumi: Well, that's your opinion.

(Bum-Ju gives a sad chirp and rests its head on its hands sadly. The bird spirit appears out from the bushes behind them and flies towards Bum-Ju. It lands with a squeak and Bum-Ju's ears raise up and the rabbit spirit looks at the new friend. The bird chirps and Bum-Ju squeaks. Then the bird flaps its wings up and down hurriedly as it continues to chirp urgently. Bum-Ju immediately clambers onto Bumi's lap and rests its paws on his owner's chest, thrilling out loud.)

Bumi: Wait, did Jinora send this spirit? (picks Bum-Ju up worriedly) Is she in trouble?

(Bum-Ju gets out of Bumi's grasp and begins to fly away with its ears. Bumi and the bird spirit follow shortly after. Cut to Meelo instructing the new airbenders in balance by making them stand on one leg.)

Bumi: (runs in) Jinora's in trouble! We have to go get her.
Yung: How do you know?
Bumi: Bum-Ju's friend told me.
Otaku: (surprised) You are able to communicate with the spirits?
Bumi: More or less. I get the gist. (waves his hand) Let's go!

(Bumi turns and is about to run when Daw interrupts, making him pause in his step.)

Daw: Shouldn't Master Tenzin be dealing with this? (rubs his head nervously) I don't want to get into trouble.
Bumi: Master Tenzin isn't here. It's up to us. Ikki and Meelo, grab some bison. Airbenders, move out! (punches a hand in the air)

(Scene changes to an aerial view of the watering hole and the bird spirit followed by two bison fly towards the location. The bison land quietly on top of a cliff. Cut to Bumi's point of view looking at the rustlers through a telescope.)

Bumi: (off-screen) Bison rustlers. (moves telescope's view to the kids) They've got Kai and Jinora locked in crates. (Cut to a frontal shot of Bumi, Daw, and Yung laying on their stomaches to do reconnaissance) Looks like they're getting ready to leave. We'll have to move fast.
Daw: I don't know if I'm ready to get in a fight with some bison rustlers. (hugs himself) I can tell without the telescope that they're mean-looking.

(View changes to a slight overhead shot of the airbenders and Bumi stands up to address his fellow friends.)

Bumi: Listen, this is what we've been training for.
Daw: We haven't been training that long. (stands up)
Bumi: That's not important now. Remember how we persevered together on the obstacle course?
Otaku: (dryly) You actually quit.
Bumi: Well, I'm not quitting now. (An airbender behind Otaku stands up) I know we've had a tough time, me more than anyone. (Camera pans across the airbenders as they all stand up) But we're airbenders, and there aren't many of us, so we've got to stick together. They've got two of our own in cages out there, and we're not leaving until we bring them home.
Meelo: (stands in front of his uncle and raises his fist) Leave no airbender behind!

(Cut to a rustler lowering the bars of the cage and locking up a calf inside. He walks away and Kai seizes the chance by lockpicking the lock with two short twigs.)

Kai: In, down, and... twist.

(The cage is unlocked and the lock falls. Kai opens the cage up with an audible twang and he jumps out of the truck. The baby bison that was with Kai drops to the ground, helpless. Kai climbs onto the truck to reach Jinora.)

Jinora: Free the bison first.

(A hand reaches in and grabs Kai, hauling him up in the air.)

Bison Rustler: Hey, what are you doing out?

(Kai grabs the rustler's arm and airbends himself down to the ground, throwing the much bigger man off his feet. The rustler slams into his colleague and two more rustlers rush at Kai. The airbenders run out of their hiding spots to assist their friend and it catches the attention of the rustler leader and his lackeys. As the airbenders surround the poachers, they airbend at the bad guys and the rustler leader earthbends up a column of dirt to protect himself from the wind.

With them distracted, Kai takes the opportunity to airbend at the leader but he dodges and earthbends a snake trail at Kai, knocking the boy off his feet. Cut to a side view shot of the airbenders continuing their air attack. Daw steps into frame and airbends too. Camera suddenly changes angles to a frontal shot of Daw and the frame rate slows down drastically. A net is deployed behind Daw and it is about to snare him. Cut to a profile shot of Daw as the back of his head tingles. We return back to a close up of Daw as he turns around and ducks. The net passes harmlessly above his head. Frame rate returns back to normal as Daw airbends at the poacher who attempted to trap him.

Cut to the poacher leader and his grunts hiding behind their earth shields. The leader stands up and sends heaps of earth at the airbenders who side step. Meelo jumps over the earth and lands in front of the leader who attempts to earth spike him but the little boy levitates himself in the air and sends an air blast at the man, knocking him to the ground. In the background, Ikki comes with back up on an air scooter and the two older female airbenders jump off the airball and airbends at another rustler who is knocked back into the column of earth behind him.

Cut to Bumi who lets out a battle cry and the airbenders charge forward. Scene changes to an aerial shot of Meelo jumping up to avoid an attack by a rustler and airbends the man forcefully away. In the background, the airbenders run in to help while in the foreground, the rustler leader runs off-screen. We cut to the truck as the leader climbs into the driver's seat and drives off, leaving Kai behind.)

Jinora: Kai!

(Kai grabs his glider and flies after the fleeing vehicle. Cut to Tenzin on Oogi's back and three adult bison swoop past Oogi, startling Oogi and his rider.)

Tenzin: (squints) What's going on down there?

(Cut to an aerial view of Kai's glider tailing the truck.)

Jinora: Kai, help!
Tenzin: (shocked) I'm coming, Jinora.

(His expression changes to anger and he flies off-screen. Cut to the trees on the side of the road and the camera follows the chase scene. Camera angle changes to a frontal shot of the truck as Kai manages to catch up to the truck. He grabs onto the side and jumps into the open window of the driver's seat, using airbending to hit the leader's face. The truck swerves unsteadily before gaining momentum. Shadows of the adult bison loom over the vehicle as it resumes its course. We cut to the inside of the truck as Kai is pinned down by the leader with one hand. A bison appears in the window behind him.)

Bison Rustler Leader: (looks out of the passenger seat's window with surprise) What the-

(We see that it is Tenzin who is outside the window and he slams Oogi against the truck. The truck attempts to slow down and Kai escapes out of the window and climbs on Oogi. A mother bison lands in the path of the truck and airbends with her tail. The leader screams and the air attack hits the truck and sends the leader tumbling along the ground. He rolls towards Oogi and the other adult bison which glare at him. Cut to Kai who is enraged and he disembarks from Oogi. He is followed shortly after by Tenzin.)

Bison Rustler Leader: You got me. (stands up) I- I give up. (raises his arms in surrender)

(Kai walks towards him and uses his glider to airbend the leader into the front of the truck. The leader grunts in pain as he lands on the ground and he struggles to get up.)

Kai: (furiously storms towards the leader) You think you can kidnap Jinora and all these baby bisons?!

(He uses his glider to bring the leader up in the air and airbends again to slam the man into the truck once more. Kai is about to perform another attack when Tenzin grabs the glider.)

Tenzin: Kai! That's enough. (the leader moans in pain) An airbender never attacks a defenseless opponent.

(There is a pause as we cut to Tenzin who looks serious at first but softens his expression.)

Tenzin: (smiles at Kai) But that was very good technique.

(Cut to a scenic view of the watering hole in the evening and the wild bison herd gather around the pond. Spirits fly by as well. Cut to the cages of the truck as the leader is tied up and inside the compartment. The bars slams down and a hand engages the lock. Cut to Bumi and two other airbenders looking smug.)

Bumi: Maybe you boys haven't heard, but there's some new airbenders around these parts. And you never mess with an airbender's bison.

(Camera pans out to the rest of the poachers locked up in the small cages. They walk away. Cut to Daw rubbing his scalp and talking to his friends. Tenzin observes the speech as he walks past behind Daw.)

Daw: Without my shaved head, I never could have dodged that net. I really felt it coming at me. You guys should totally get shaved.

(Bumi walks towards his brother)

Tenzin: I'm proud of you. Your connection with the spirits and natural leadership... You remind me of Dad.
Bumi: (remorseful) I'm sorry I've been causing you so much trouble. I guess I was just scared of not being able to measure up as an airbender. You know, even though I'm Aang's son, I never really felt like I was part of the Air Nation before.
Tenzin: (places a hand on Bumi's shoulder and smiles) You are now.

(Wistful music plays and we cut to a shot of Tenzin's three older children and Kai playing with the calves. The mother bison gives Jinora a lick and she giggles in happiness, petting the bison's snout.)

Kai: They're so friendly now.
Tenzin: (walks in) The bison are the original airbenders. They recognize their own kind.

(He bends down to Jinora's level and his daughter runs to him, throwing her arms around his neck. Tenzin returns the hug. Kai watches the reunion with a smile in the background.)

Jinora: I'm sorry for running off.
Tenzin: We're just lucky no one was hurt.

(Jinora pulls away from the hug)

Jinora: I know.
Tenzin: (smooths Jinora's fringe affectionately) But I also realize that perhaps I was too harsh with you.
Jinora: Does that mean I can get my airbender tattoos?
Tenzin: It's hard for me to believe that my little girl has grown up enough to have her tattoos. But I promise I'll think about it. Fair enough?
Jinora: Yeah.
Kai: (off-screen) Jinora, look! They're flying!

(Cut to a view of the calves as they float upwards. One baby bison is visibly confused at what is happening. Then we cut to an overhead shot of the calves as they slowly get used to it and they fly even higher. Camera focuses on the father-daughter pair.)

Tenzin: I guess everyone is growing up.

(Camera pans out to the bison calves with them wiggling their legs and tails adorably.)

[End Credits]

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