Transcript for 308 - The Terror Within
The Terror Within
Written By: Joshua Hamilton
Directed By: Colin Heck
Storyboard By: Eugene Lee, Natasha Presler-Wicke, William Ruzicka
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Rebirth", "In Harm's Way", "The Metal Clan", and "Old Wounds".]

Shiro Shinobi: Korra is now the first metalbending Avatar! After training with Su Bei Fong, Korra quickly picked up the new skill and Bolin is hoping to follow in her footsteps. Meanwhile, the airbender Zaheer is closing in on Zaofu. By his side, are the lavabender Ghazan, the waterbender Ming-Hua, and the combustion bender P'li. But what do these mysterious criminals want with the Avatar?

Act I

(Episode opens up to the city of Zaofu in the day. Cut to a close up of Korra's eyes and the view switches to her hip where the metal cable holders are clipped on. She is in a stand off against Wing who smirks. Wing moves the meteorite behind him and divides it into two, sending them towards Korra. The Avatar metalbends the two chunks of rock away and unleashes a cable from her hip towards Wing who ducks. Korra whips the cables around against him and he manages to step on it, before metalbending it up in a loop and sending it back towards Korra. The cable entraps her and Korra falls to ground, tied up. She looks at Wing annoyingly.)

Wing: (fist pumps) I can't believe I'm sparring with the Avatar!

(Camera pans down to his twin brother.)

Wei: (bored and frowning) I can't believe I'm stuck with her friend.

(Camera angle changes to an aerial view of the practice area and Wing earthbends a trail towards Korra who jumps and dodges. We can see Bolin standing in front of Wei.)

Bolin: Hang on, (holds a meteorite in his hands) I think I got it. Let me just try this.

(He groans and presses the rock as hard as he can but it falls out of his palms.)

Bolin: No? Okay, maybe if I- (two metal plates bend up and smack him on either side) ow!

(Cut to Wei with his arms raised in a bending position. In the background, Mako and Asami walk towards them.)

Wei: Trial by fire! It's the best way to learn metalbending.

(Wei bends another meteorite at Bolin and he gives a yelp before ducking. The earthbender sweeps one foot up, bending a small piece of rock from the ground and he sends it towards Wei. The rock smacks against Wei's forehead and he grunts, dropping the meteorite.)

Mako: Oh, nice shot, Bolin. (Wei grabs his face with both hands and makes little moans of pain) But I thought you were supposed to be practicing metalbending, not earthbending.
Wei: (rubs his red forehead) Yeah, cheater. (crosses his arms)
Bolin: Mako, metalbending is extremely difficult. No one gets it right away, if they can get it at all! It's not normal!

(He looks to the side and view changes to Korra with hands tied up against her waist by the cables. She spins around and kicks away a meteorite aimed at her. Korra kneels down and Wing enters the screen with a meteorite in hand but the Avatar whips a cable at him, knocking the boy off balance. The cables loosen and completely retract into the holder once Korra is done.)

Korra: (jumps) Whoo-hoo! (flexes her biceps) Metalbending champion!
Bolin: Oh, sure. She's the Avatar.
Asami: Guys, it's time to get cleaned up. Tonight's Opal's farewell dinner.
Bolin: Aw, now I gotta say bye to Opal? This is the worst day ever! (walks away sulking)

(Scene changes to the dining room where Opal is seated with her parents in the middle section of the table. The chef walks in with plates of food in hand and lays a dish of vegetable wraps in front of Opal.)

Opal: Thanks for making my favorite meal.
Chef: I'm really going to miss you, Opal. No one appreciates my raw veggie wraps like you do. (walks away to serve the remaining plates of food)
Bolin: Every time I eat raw kale, I'm gonna think of you.
Opal: You're so sweet.
Bolin: This stinks. We were just starting to get to know each other and now you're off to the Northern Air Temple.
Opal: We'll be together soon. You guys are heading up after finding more airbenders, right?
Bolin: Yeah, but that's... in the future. Oh, I hate the future.
Opal: Until then, (grabs one veggie wrap and extends it towards Bolin) we'll always have kale.

(Bolin munches on the pre-offered food and Opal looks at him with a wistful smile. Cut to Bolin who chews his food and stares at Opal with goo-goo eyes. Camera pans to the left to reveal Varrick seated next to Bolin.)

Varrick: Kid, can I give you some relationship advice?
Bolin: (swallows) Um, no.
Varrick: Well, your loss. (sits straight in his chair and camera pans further left to reveal Asami next to Varrick) Zhu Li! (snaps his fingers) Bring the, uh, thing.

(His assistance appears behind him in a flash and hands him a contraption from a bag.)

Varrick: Check out my latest invention. (Cut to a close up of the device with a knob in the centre and a red, yellow, and green indicator on top.) An airbender finder.

(Camera pans back to the dining table to reveal Korra sitting next to Asami)

Korra: (points her fork at the device) Wait, that can find airbenders?

(Asami takes the equipment and points it at Korra. Camera switches to Asami's point of view as she moves the device up and down. The indicator doesn't move at all.)

Asami: (Korra looks confused) Uh... (camera pans out to the trio) I think (hands the gadget back to Varrick) it's broken.
Varrick: It's not broken. She needs to (waves his hands around in a bending motion) airbend into it! (grabs the airbender finder) How else do you expect the thing to work?!

(Varrick doesn't look pleased and we cut to the other side of the dining table where Mako strains to hear the conversation.)

Mako: What's going on? I can't hear anything, I hate sitting down here. (He grabs his glass and camera pans down to reveal Aiwei watching his outburst. Mako looks to the Truth Seer awkwardly.) Not because of you.
Aiwei: (dryly) I can tell you're lying.

(Mako slumps in his chair and drinks from the cup. A metallic object tapping against the glass three times is heard. Camera pans back to the middle of the table again and Su has stood up with a glass raised.)

Su: Everyone, if I could have your attention, please. Tonight, my beautiful little girl leaves for the Northern Air Temple. (places a hand on her necklace) Opal, none of us could be more proud of you. You're an incredible daughter, sister, friend, (lays a hand on her daughter's shoulder) and soon-to-be (Su bends down a bit and Opal rests against her mother's shoulder) airbending master.

(Su gives a kiss on Opal's head. Cut to Huan, Wing, and Wei who watch the slightly emotional scene. The twins sniffle and Huan rolls his eyes.)

Su: (raises her glass up high) Here's to Opal. May she help lead us into the new era.

(Everyone raises their glasses. Scene fades to the docking bay at sunset and an airship takes off. Cut to Opal standing at the window of the ship and waving goodbye to her family and friends. Camera angle changes to an aerial view of the docking bay where we can see a small crowd looking up at the airship and some are waving to Opal. Cut to a female guard, Kuvira, behind the group as she pulls out a radio from a metal bag near her hip.)

Kuvira: Lock it down for the night.

(Cut to Korra, Lin, and Bolin. The latter stops waving and looks a little sad.)

Lin: (gives Korra a smile) We'll head out first thing in the morning.

(Bolin sighs solemnly and Korra rests a hand on his back. The duo walk away and the metal petals of the city close up. Cut to an aeral view of all of Zaofu where all the metal flowers close up in harmony.

Scene changes to a Zaofu guard patrolling the guest houses at night. Cut to an aerial view of the surrounding parks and the guests houses as various guards walk up and down the perimeter. Below, we can see a small group running across a trail in the park towards a bridge. Cut to Zaheer and his gang quietly peering out from under the bridge. In the background, a guard has a metallic staff in hand and he looks down at the bridge for a few seconds before walking off. Zaheer waves his hand and signals to everyone to continue moving forward.

Cut to another guard patrolling the sheltered walkway as the bad guys use the cover of darkness to sneak past the walkway undetected. They head towards a guest house in the far end. View changes to a snoring Bolin in his pajamas with a blanket over him. Pabu is curled up on top of the blanket and the fire ferret perks up with a squeak.)

Bolin: (snores) Kale, kale, kale.

(Pabu leaps off the bed to the nearby window ledge and sees the four bad guys outside the window. Pabu paws against the glass and starts to shriek, jolting Bolin awake.)

Bolin: What? (his pet continues to shrill) What's going on? (lays down on the pillow with annoyance) Pabu, sleep!

(Cut to P'li and Ghazan ducking down an alley between two guest houses while Zaheer and Ming-Hua hide under a window. Ming-Hua raises a water tentacle up and forms a small sickle at the end. She uses the ice sickle to scratch the glass in a circle. Cut to the inside of the room that Ming-Hua is attempting to break into and we see Naga sleeping in front of the bed. Camera pans right to Korra in her pajamas, deeply asleep.

Camera returns back to the sickle on the window as it makes a complete circle. Water encases the cut glass and it pulls away quietly off-screen. Then another water tentacle arm holding three red darts is raised. Cut to Naga whose ears flap a bit and she wakes up with a growl. The polar bear-dog stands up and snarls but three darts fly past and embeds itself in Naga's shoulder. The beast whines and falls to the floor. Camera pans up to Korra sitting up on the bed.

Cut to Zaheer at the hole in the window where he airbends another dart into the room. View changes to Korra who leaps up with fire in her hand but the dart makes contact with her thigh. She grunts and falls to the ground in a sitting position. Cut to a close up of Korra as she groans. She raises an arm up shakily before collapsing on Naga. A door opens and we cut to Korra's point of view where her vision is blurry and she sees Ghazan and P'li looming over her.

Scene changes to Pabu at the window and he jumps onto Bolin's bed, waking the earthbender.)

Bolin: (startled) What? (Pabu is on his chest and keeps squeaking) Huh? What? Pabu. (the fire ferret jumps to the window and Bolin turns his head towards his pet) It's not play time right now. Okay, (Cut to a close up of Pabu and we can see Zaheer and his gang running past with Korra on Ghazan's shoulder) we are seriously going to have to have a talk- (Cut to Bolin who widens his eyes with surprise) What the heck! (Mako stirs and camera cuts to Korra laying limp in Ghazan's hold.) They got Korra! (View changes back to Bolin and Mako sits up in his bed) They've got Korra!

(Bolin yells at his brother and the firebender tosses the blanket aside, opening the door and his brother follows shortly after. Cut to the doors of the brothers' guest house as it opens to reveal Mako and he punches fire at the criminals.)

Mako: Let her go!

(Bolin stomps on the ground, bending up a sizeable boulder towards Zaheer and his gang. Cut to the bad guys as P'li intercepts the fire with her hands and bends it away. Ming-Hua jumps up and slices the boulder in half with her water tentacles. She stretches out a water arm towards the brothers. Cut to Mako and Bolin as the former kicks out a flame to evaporate Ming-Hua's water. View changes to P'li, Zaheer, and Ghazan unleashing a three elemental attack. We cut back to Bolin who bends up a small wall of earth and a boulder collides against it, making it crumble. Bolin pulls his brother towards the pillars in the nearby walkway as they dodge the fire and air blasts. Another rock flies into screen.)

Mako: (peers from behind the pillar) They've got Korra!

(Cut to a guard shining a spotlight on the criminals and an wailing alarm sounds throughout the city. Camera cuts onto another guard who also shines a search light. Cut to an aerial view of the park as the two lights move and converge onto one single point. View changes to Zaheer and his friends as they get illuminated by the lights.)

Ming-Hua: So much for the element of surprise.
Ghazan: Back up plan.

(P'li inhales and firebends with her mind. The attack takes out one spotlight. She combustion bends again to destroy the remaining search light and it is dark once more. P'li turns to the side and bends one last time and her attack curves in the air, around the corner towards Mako and Bolin. Cut to the brothers as the attack hits the pillar with a fiery explosion, knocking them backwards. Cut to Asami opening the door to her guest house as the siblings tumble to a stop in front of her. Mako lands on top of his brother and Asami runs forward, kneeling down, and resting a hand on the firebender's shoulder.)

Mako: (struggles to sit up) We can't let them take her.
Asami: I don't think they're going to get far. Look.

(The trio turn their attention off-screen and we see that Zaheer and his team have made it to the middle of the courtyard. Two Zaofu guards flank them but they get taken out by firebending and airbending. The villains run forward but are stopped by three metal plates that suddenly stand upwards. Cut to Lin as she makes a few bending movements. View changes to the criminals as they get enclosed by the plates. Cut to Su and her twin sons as they bend too. Camera angle changes to an aerial view of the confrontation and Zaheer and company are boxed in by the metal plates.)

Kuvira: (steps forward and stands in a defensive posture alongside her colleague) We have you surrounded, it's over. Release the Avatar!

(Tense, exciting music plays and the pro-bending brothers along with Asami run up near the guards. Cut to the grass beneath the metal plates as the ground gradually turns red hot and into lava. Lin bends up a mound of earth and jumps back to safety. Kuvira and her companion shoot out metal cables to propel themselves backwards, away from the lava. Cut to Lin as she lands near the three teens. Switch to an aerial view of the stand off as the metal plates slowly give way from the heat. Cut to Zaheer and his team in defensive poses behind the metal shielding. We return back to Lin and the youths.)

Bolin: (awestruck) No way! (gestures his hands out) That guy's lavabending, that's awesome...-ly (raises his eyes up nervously) not good for us.

(View changes to the villains on their protective island with a lava moat around them. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to an aerial view of the lava moat with Lin and company ducking behind a metal plate to avoid P'li's attack. Cut to Korra with her eyes open on the ground but she's still quite drowsy. We change to her slightly hazy point of view as she looks at her captors.)

Zaheer: I'm going to create some cover. We're getting out of here.

(Zaheer twirls his glider staff rapidly, gathering as much smoke as he can from the hot lava. A Zaofu guard shoots out a cable and binds both of Zaheer's wrists, pulling him across the moat and back onto land. Ghazan tries to intercept by shooting a molten rock but another guard shifts the metal plate just in time, saving his colleague.

As Zaheer lands on the ground, he does a quick spin and frees himself from the cables. Noticing another guard behind him, he airbends her against a nearby pillar. The guard who managed to grab Zaheer earthbends a slab and sends it flying to the airbender. Zaheer turns around just in time to smack away the rock with his glider.

Cut to Lin standing up from behind the metal shield as she bends a chunk of earth towards the centre of the moat. She goes back into cover and the brothers stand up to shoot their attacks. Bolin ducks but Mako fires one last blast. Cut to P'li who is looking away from the teen but Ming-Hua steps in front of her and extinguishes Mako's flame. P'li combustion bends and once again, the attack moves in a curve towards the group hiding behind the metal plate. Another metal plate slides up just in time to cover the side, protecting Lin and the youths. View changes to Su and her youngest sons in bending stances, showing that they bended the plate. All three run forward to seek cover from behind the two plates.)

Lin: How did they get in here?

(Another explosion occurs and all of them grimace.)

Su: I don't know, but we're not letting them escape.

(View changes to two guards rapidly firing dirt at the villains but Ghazan manages to knock them away. Cut to another side of the moat where a team of guards have metalbended the plates into a temporary bridge to cross the lava moat. Two guards run across the bridge and we cut to the middle of the island where Ghazan has noticed the intruders. He brings his arms out and a stream of lava shoots upwards, destroying the metal bridge.)

Guards: (surprised) Whoa!

(The two guards are tossed in the air briefly before slamming hard on the ground at their colleagues' feet. Cut to Asami peering over the metal shielding.)

Asami: There's no way to cross that moat.

(Camera pans to Su who looks up at the closed dome.)

Su: We don't need to cross it. Lin and I can drop in from the dome on cables.
Lin: That's a great idea. Except we'll get blown up the second that third-eyed freak sees us.

(P'li can be heard combustion bending and another explosion is fired, making everyone flinch.)

Su: She's a combustion bender. If one of you can stun her, her powers will be knocked out temporarily.
Mako: Bolin can land a shot.
Bolin: (disbelief) I can?
Su: You have to take her out right before we drop down.
Bolin: (a little confused) I do?

(Scene changes to the plains outside Zaofu and the camera focuses on a closed up metal petal city. Cut to the roof top where Lin and Su have tied cables around their torsos which are attached to a big reel and two security personnel stand guard over them. Cut to a frontal shot of Wing and Wei in front of their mother and aunt. Wing pulls out a radio from the radio case strapped across his body.)

Wing: Open the hatch.

(Cut to an overhead view of the hatch as it drops down a few feet into the roof before sliding open, giving them a perfect view of the lava moat. Su wraps the excess cable around her hand and walk towards the open hatch with her sister.)

Su: (to Wei) If we get in trouble, metalbend us up.
Wing: We're in position.

(Cut to Mako on the ground talking into the radio device.)

Mako: Copy that. It's Bolin time.

(Another explosion occurs and they wince again.)

Bolin: (motivates himself) All right. Bolin time. Bolin time!

(Cut to the other side of the shield as Bolin stands up to bend a small rock at the criminals. Camera pans backwards to the little island as P'li ducks and combustion bends. She dodges again as another rock flies by. Cut to a frontal shot of P'li with both of her hands raised and a water tentacle comes into frame, catching a third rock and swinging it away.

Ming-Hua sends out some water and Ghazan backs her up by shooting out some lava. Mako bends a huge stream of fire to intercept the lava and it gets pushed away. Cut to a close up of the brothers as they continue to bend. Ming-Hua's water attack collides against the outside of the metal shield harmlessly.)

Bolin: (grabs his head) I can't get a clean shot!

(The brothers duck just in time as lava collides against the metal plate, spilling a little over the shielding, and a stream of water flies over Bolin's head.)

Mako: You have to!
Wei: (off-screen) Are we a go?

(Camera pans out to the radio on the ground as Mako picks up the receiver.)

Mako: No go.

(Another attack of lava collides against the shield.)

Wing: Copy that. We're a go.
Mako: (yells into the speaker) I said no! Wait!

(Cut to roof as the twins give each other a thumbs up. Su and Lin jump down the hatch. Cut to Mako and Bolin as they peer over the shield towards the island. Frame rate slows down as we cut to P'li who returns her attention to the brothers but then looks up suddenly. Frame rate returns to normal and camera cuts to the Bei Fong sisters plunging downwards into battle. View returns back to the teens.)

Mako: (stands up and punches fire) Bolin, take the shot!

(Cut to P'li as she gets into a stance. Camera cuts back to Bolin as he steels himself and stands up to earthbend a small piece of earth. The camera follows the rock as it sails across the moat and successfully makes contact with P'li tattoo, stunning her. A blast of combustion bending happens over the little island, knocking the villains to the ground. Lin and Su enter the frame as they continue to descend.)

Mako: (fist pumps and laughs) Nice job, little bro.

(Cut to the inside of the island as the sisters land on it. Ghazan pushes himself off the ground and Su bends up a slab of earth at him, pushing him back and making him grunt. Lin picks up the unconscious Korra and she tugs on the cables. The sisters are pulled upwards but a water arm snakes around Lin's thigh to reveal Ming-Hua struggling to retain her grip on Lin. Fire enters the screen, extinguishing the liquid and freeing Lin. Ming-Hua turns back to the brothers angrily and Mako continues to fire off another blast as Ming-Hua swipes it away. Cut to an aerial view of the moat as they continue to trade attacks. View pans off to the side where Zaheer is fighting with the two guards seen earlier. He is seen pushing himself off the ground with his staff and landing behind the guards.

Cut to a close up of Zaheer as he swipes away a rock with the glider and airbends an attack shortly after. One of the guards firebend at him while the other chucks rocks at Zaheer. The airbender dodges it swiftly and swipes out another air blast, catching the guards by surprise and they are knocked backwards. Zaheer then looks up with surprise and we cut to Lin with Korra on her shoulders as the cables quickly pull her upwards. We return back to Zaheer again.)

Zaheer: No!

(He opens up his glider and flies up to the sisters. As he gets close, he maneuvers his body and kicks out an airbending attack. Lin swings herself aside to avoid the air blast and she grits her teeth as Zaheer comes at her. Suddenly, Su swings in and grabs Lin's cable to move her out of harm's way. Su also tugs at her necklace and fires four metal shards which punctures Zaheer's glider, causing him to lose balance and tumble down to the island below. Cut to the Bei Fong sisters as they continue to be pulled up.)

Lin: (to her sister) Thanks.

(Cut to an overhead view of the island as Zaheer cushions his fall with airbending. Ming-Hua is seated defeatedly on the ground while Ghazan looks after a dazed P'li who has her eyes closed with discomfort.)

Zaheer: We failed!

(Zaheer swings his glider up and lets out a yell. The smoke around him covers his team and spreads out to Mako, Bolin, and Asami who cover their eyes. As the dust clears, the lava is flashed cooled and the little refuge island is now empty. Cut to the dome's roof as everyone looks down at the moat.)

Lin: Where did they go?
Su: They can't be far. (picks up the radio from her son's hand) Guards, search the entire estate!

(Camera pans down to an unconscious Korra. Scene changes to Su's office where Korra is laid on a couch and Aiwei is bent down to her level, opening a bottle. Su and Lin loom over the Avatar. Cut to a close up of Korra with her eyes open but she looks weak.)

Aiwei: (off-screen) This should neutralize (his hand slides under Korra's head and a green bottle is placed on her lips) the Shirshu toxins.

(Korra sips the antidote and camera focuses on her hand as she slowly twitches and lifts a finger. Su is relieved.)

Lin: How could you let this happen? (Korra brings a knee up) You assured me this was one of the most (Korra tries to sit up) secure places in the world.
Su: It is. I don't know how this happened. Obviously this was a well-planned operation, so (frowns at Lin) don't blame me.

(Kuvira walks to the open doorway leading to the office.)

Kuvira: We searched the entire estate but there's no sign of them.
Lin: Well, keep looking!

(Kuvira gives a bow and departs. Aiwei stands up.)

Aiwei: It would seem they had some inside knowledge of Zaofu. They must have been working with someone.

Korra: (sighs) The- (puts a hand on her head and sits up) the guards. It had to be one of them.
Aiwei: I agree.
Su: Question them all! Whoever betrayed my city will suffer the consequences!

(Su storms off and view changes to the open petal city at day time. Cut to an interrogation room where Aiwei questions a Zaofu guard with Korra, Mako, and the Beifong sisters behind him.)

Aiwei: What is your full name?

(Camera fades to a close up of Aiwei as he questions a second guard.)

Aiwei: Where were you last night?

(Camera fades again to another shot of Aiwei questioning yet a different guard.)

Aiwei: Do you have any knowledge of the people who tried to kidnap the Avatar?

(Camera fades to a young male guard.)

Guard #1: My name is Xu Guan.

(Camera fades again to an older male guard.)

Guard #2: I was patrolling the South wall of the Bei Fong estates.

(Camera fades to another younger male guard.)

Guard #3: I have absolutely no knowledge of the people that tried to kidnap Korra.

(Camera pans out to Aiwei who turns around and shakes his head. Korra looks at Lin defeatedly and Lin nods to Aiwei to question the next suspect. Cut to a view of Varrick's hands on the table.)

Varrick: What was I doing last night? (camera pans to Varrick's face) Same thing I always do. From nine to ten, I checked my body for ticks. Lyme Disease is a serious killer. (Cut to everyone else in the room looking at him with disbelief) Then I did my nightly (view changes to Varrick standing up with a leg on a chair and exercising. Zhu Li is standing in the background.) Varri-calisthenics followed by (stops exercising) thirty minutes of breath holding. I filmed the whole thing if you want to watch it.

(Cut to Aiwei with a hand on his head. Korra has a hand on her mouth and she looks like she's about to laugh. Mako pinches his nose bridge from annoyance. Su has two hands clasped in front of her mouth.)

Aiwei: That won't be necessary.

(Varrick and his assistant leave the interrogation room and close the door behind them.)

Lin: Maybe it wasn't a guard after all. Maybe it was someone a little higher up the food chain. Aiwei, why don't you question Su?
Korra: Lin, stop. Your sister wasn't involved.
Su: No, (walks over to the chair) I'll gladly be questioned. (sits down) I have nothing to hide.
Aiwei: (looks to the side, a little reluctantly) What is your full name?
Su: Suyin Bei Fong. I'm the daughter of Toph and (glances at Lin) the only sister to Lin, and I had nothing to do with the attack last night.
Aiwei: (turns to Lin) She is telling (Korra sighs with frustration in the background) the truth.
Korra: This is a waste of time. Just bring in the next guard.

(Another young male guard steps in and takes a seat.)

Aiwei: Give me your name and tell me where you are from.
Hong Li: I'm Hong Li. I was born and raised here in Zaofu.
Aiwei: Do you have any knowledge of the people who tried to kidnap the Avatar?
Hong Li: No.
Aiwei: (leans forward and suspicious music plays) Did you help the attackers enter Zaofu last night?
Hong Li: No, of course not.
Aiwei: (calmly) You're lying.
Hong Li: (shocked) What? No, I'm not!
Su: (storms up to Hong Li) How did they get in and out?! (grabs him by the armor and pulls him out of the chair to slam him against the wall) Where are they now?

Hong Li: (fearful) I don't know! I'm telling you I didn't help them.

Su: You're a traitor to the entire clan.
Aiwei: I suggest we search his place.

(Hong Li's eyes widen and quiver with fright. Location changes to an apartment complex. Cut to the inside of an apartment with Team Avatar and Aiwei searching for clues. Bolin walks to the kitchen and opens the oven before closing it in disappointment. He stands up and opens a small cupboard above. Cut to Mako's hands separating some papers on a desk and he picks up a small written note.)

Mako: I got something!
Bolin: (mouth full of cookies) What?

(Bolin puts away the cookie jar and starts to eat.)

Mako: It looks like it's from them. (Cut to a close up of the writing on the note) "Team assembled. Ready to rendezvous."
Asami: (hands a book to Aiwei) And look at this.
Aiwei: (takes the book and opens it as Mako leans over to look) These are the guards' log books. All their schedules and routes are in here.
Korra: That guard knows everything. (Aiwei closes the book) We have to get him to talk.
Mako: Let's go confront him with this evidence right now.
Aiwei: No. (the teens are confused) Let's give him a little time to sweat it out. He will talk eventually.

(Aiwei walks off and Mako glances at the truth seer suspiciously. Location changes to an overhead view ofTeam Avatar checking out the cooled down moat from last night. Naga is perfectly fine now and she walks around to sniff the rocks. A few Zaofu guards watch over the crime scene.)

Mako: I don't understand why we're not talking to that guard right now. (camera changes to a close up of team on ground) Every minute we waste here, those guys get further away. I mean, (his friends gather around him) how does a random guard get involved with a group of super criminals, anyway?
Asami: What do you mean?
Mako: That guard is only eighteen years old, and has lived in Zaofu his entire life. Zaheer and his gang have been in prison for more than thirteen years.
Korra: I don't know, but we all saw the evidence. It's pretty overwhelming.
Varrick: (stands up from the back of a metal shield just behind Mako and Asami) Maybe a little too (the teens reel back in surprsie) overwhelming?
Bolin: Hey, Varrick! (Zhu Li walks into screen with a few rocks in hand.) What are you doing here?

(Varrick shimmies over the plate and stands next to the youths.)

Varrick: (raises one porous stone) Collecting pumice stones with Zhu Li. That lavabender did a lot of damage, but he makes a nice exfoliating rock. And when you got calluses like mine, (nudges Asami with an arm and she looks weirded out) you take all the pumice stones you can get your hands on. Or in my case, (Cut to a shot of Varrick's sole as Zhu Li vigorously scrubs it with a pumice stone) feet!

(Cut to the teens who are disgusted except Mako who is unamused.)

Korra, Bolin, and Asami: (simultaneously) Ehh...
Mako: (walks up to Varrick) What were you saying about the evidence?
Varrick: I was saying that I can smell a conspiracy when I see one. Look, if I was trying to set someone up, I would tell everyone he's guilty, and then plant the evidence in his apartment as proof.
Mako: (crosses his arm and gives him a look) Oh. (leans towards Varrick) You mean exactly like what you did to me?
Varrick: Yes! (raises both arms with glee) Just like that. Remember how great that worked? (Mako continues to glare at Varrick) Well, not for you.
Mako: You're right. (camera pans out to the group as Zhu Li continues to exfoliate Varrick's foot) All the evidence points to this guard, but maybe he's just the fall guy.
Bolin: But for who?
Mako: For the only person who can truly keep a secret in this city, Aiwei.

(Cut to the other three teens who are a little skeptical and surprised but consider the plan anyway. Scene changes to an aerial view of the moat and camera pans off to the right to a house on a cliff. Cut to the inside of the home looking out the window as Bolin comically stands up before popping his head down. Cut to the outside of the house where Team Avatar are crouching.)

Bolin: He's not home. Or he's hiding in there. (gasps) Or he's invisible.

(Mako gives him a "Really?" stare.)

Bolin: Probably just not home.
Mako: We have to get in there and find some evidence that links Aiwei to Zaheer, otherwise Su won't believe us.

(Cut to the door handle inside the house as it tilts down and the door opens inwards. Mako's frame walks in followed by Korra, Bolin, and Asami. Camera pans out to the living room area as the teens walk in. Cut to Asami flipping all the pages of an unfilled book.)

Asami: It's just an empty book.

(Camera focuses on Korra as she looks at two books on a shelf. Putting them back down, she looks around behind her. Cut to the brothers as Mako opens a drawer in a desk and Bolin admires a bookshelf with some artefacts dotted throughout on them. Cut to a frontal shot of Bolin who is curious and he picks up a small, orange clay jar.)

Bolin: Oh, it's like a desert on a jar.
Mako: (turns to his brother) Bolin, put that back. We don't want Aiwei to know we were in here if we can't find anything.
Bolin: (puts the jar on a shelf beside a bigger pot) Uh...

(He pulls the jar away and hesitates.)

Mako: (takes the jar) You forgot where it goes, didn't you?

(He places it on the shelf near a yellow book. View changes to scuff marks on the floor and Mako bends down to investigate. His fingers feel the marks.)

Mako: Look at these scuff marks. I think this bookshelf slides open.

(He stands up and begins to push. Cut to a view from behind the shelf as it opens to reveal Bolin looking down at the camera. Mako and Korra walk up to Bolin and the earthbender walks down a hidden staircase. Switch to Bolin's back view as there a mysterious door at the foot of the steps and he pauses.)

Korra: What do you think is down there?
Bolin: (optimistic) Could be a storage cellar.
Mako: (smiles) Or it could be how Zaheer got in and out.
Asami: (off-screen) Aiwei's coming back. (Korra and the brothers look alarmed) Quick!

(Cut to the bottom of the shelf as various legs run up the stairs and back into the living room. Mako slides the shelf close but it is too near to the adjacent shelf. It is obvious that the shelf is not back to its original position. Mako scampers away from the evidence and we cut to a back view of Team Avatar as a door closes and Aiwei walks into the living room. He looks at the youths with astonishment.)

Aiwei: (frowns) What are you doing in my house?

(Cut to a close up of Aiwei as he looks like a deer in headlights. Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to Aiwei confronting the group of teenagers in his house.)

Aiwei: You are trespassing on the property of one of the highest-ranked officials in the city. You had better have a good explanation.
Bolin: (pacifies Aiwei and his brother gives him a look) We do, we do. We actually knocked on your front door, and we thought we heard you say... (falsetto) "Come in! I'm in the bathroom!" (the other three teens glare daggers at Bolin) I don't even know (drops his posture down, defeated) why I'm saying that. You know I'm lying. And you don't even sound like that.
Korra: (takes a step forward) We came here because things weren't adding up, and we thought you might have some answers.
Aiwei: (gestures to the sofa) Sit. If you want to talk, let's talk over some tea.

(The youths glance at each other with puzzled expressions on their faces. Cut to an empty cup as clear, green liquid is poured into it. View changes to a wide shot of the room with the teens seated and the tea cups are on the table.)

Aiwei: (places the teapot aside) So, (walks towards the small flight of steps leading to his bookshelf with his back facing the teens) what is not adding up, exactly? Hong Li was clearly lying, and we found evidence in his apartment.
Mako: But don't you think it's weird how young he is? How did he ever get mixed up with this group?
Aiwei: (climbs the steps) Perhaps through a relative. Or maybe he was bribed. (Korra and Bolin have nervous sweatdrops on their temples) We will find out those answers in time. But if it wasn't him, (casts a side glance to the group) who do you think it was?

(Once again, the youths look at each other nervously)

Asami: We don't know.
Aiwei: You don't think I had (brings a hand up to move the jar Bolin touched back into position) something to do with this, do you?

(Bolin looks down, knowing that he messed up.)

Korra: We're just looking for answers.
Aiwei: And you think you found something, don't you?

(Aiwei glances at the scuff marks on the floor.)

Aiwei: (glances to the side again) You have no idea what is coming for you, Avatar.

(He brings his hands up, bending up a protective wall of metal to separate him and the teens. Mako firebends at Aiwei but the flames collide harmlessly against the wall as it is fully erected. Korra gives a grunt and punches against the wall, creating a sizeable dent but it doesn't give way. The Avatar pants from the exertion.)

Mako: Come on! He's getting away!
Korra: (annoyed) I'm still a little new at this, so back off!

(She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath before bending the metal again, creating a deeper dent on the wall. Korra stands up and prepares herself for one last blow. View changes to the other side of the crumpled war as it finally tears open. Korra and company proceed to walk through the hole in the wall. They carefully descend the stairs and stop at the door. Cut to Korra's hand on the handle as she pushes it open to reveal a detonator attached to a can of blasting jelly. An explosion occurs soon after and the camera slows down a bit. Cut to the fire being reflected in Korra's eyes as she is dumbfounded. View pans out to the living room as the explosion rocks the house.

Cut to Kuvira patrolling atop a cliff nearby as she brings her hands up to shield herself from the impact. She glances down at the destroyed house. Cut back to the teens who have crouched down to the floor and Korra has airbended a protective shield around them. When it is safe, Korra stops airbending and she and Mako glance up.)

Korra: (stands up) Argh!

(She and Mako walk into the secret room. View changes to the inside of the remains of the smoking room and the benders put their arms out protectively in front of them. After a few seconds, they relax their stances.)

Mako: He's gone.
Korra: Look. (Cut to a hole in the wall at the end of the room completely covered by dirt) He must've escaped through there. (turns to Bolin) Help me clear it out.

(The duo swing their arms to the side and the debris parts in the middle.)

Lin: (off-screen) What happened? (view changes to the Bei Fong sisters entering the secret room) We heard an explosion.
Su: Where is Aiwei?
Korra: Your trusted advisor was the one who betrayed us. (Su is slackjawed) He was lying about the guard.
Su: (widens her eyes) What? (her eyes shift around side to side) No.
Korra: We confronted him and he bolted through (gestures to the hole in the wall) here.

(Lin takes a step forward and slams her foot on the floor. Camera changes to a black and white shot of Lin's earthbending seismic sight. The waves move out from her foot towards the gaping hole. Lin retracts her foot and camera returns back to its original colored shot.)

Lin: He must have collapsed the tunnel behind him.
Mako: And he rigged an explosion to destroy any evidence that might have been here.
Korra: This is where Zaheer got in and out. Aiwei was the traitor.
Su: (disappointed) I... (narrows her eyes) trusted him.

(Kuvira runs into the room.)

Kuvira: Is everyone okay?
Lin: (to the guard) Aiwei is a fugitive. Get all available guards to search the mountainside and find out where this tunnel exits immediately!

(The guard climbs up the stairs to leave the house. Lin lays a hand on Su's shoulder as a gesture of comfort. Scene changes to the front doors of Su's house. View switches again to everyone hanging around in Su's office-study. Running footsteps are heard off-screen and we soon see Kuvira enter the room, standing at attention.)

Lin: What did you find?
Kuvira: We located the end of the tunnel, but there's no sign of him. Just some fresh tire tracks.

(Lin gives a nod to the guard and Mako steps away from the table he was leaning against.)

Mako: He had an escape plan all ready to go.
Su: (slightly hunched over on the sofa) I trusted him with my life. I thought we were family, (closes her eyes) but it was all a lie.
Mako: Whoever these guys are, they're more powerful than we thought. And more dangerous.
Korra: That's why we have to find them. We're going to hold off our search for airbenders and hunt down Aiwei. Naga can track his scent.
Asami: And I bet if we find Aiwei, we'll find Zaheer.
Lin: No. (the teens are taken aback and Lin stands up) We're not hunting this group. There could be other secret agents in other parts of the world looking for you right now. I'm taking you back to Republic City where I can protect you.
Korra: (raises an eyebrow slightly) If I wasn't safe here, then I'm not safe anywhere! I have to stop them.
Lin: It's too dangerous. You are not going!
Korra: (irritated) Stop trying to protect me. (narrows her eyes) I'm the Avatar, this is my job!
Lin: (talks back) Don't lecture me about jobs!
Su: Enough! (stands up) Korra, listen to Lin.
Korra: (surprised) But. They-
Su: (interrupts) Please. Lin's only looking out for you. I promise you Aiwei and everyone he's working with will be brought to justice.
Korra: (glances to the side) Fine. If you really think it's best.
Su: I do.
Lin: (smiles and lays a hand on her sister's shoulder) Thank you, Su.
Su: Everyone should get some rest tonight. I'll have my people prep your airship and you can leave first thing in the morning.

(Wistful music plays and we cut to one of the guest house apartments. View changes to the inside of the room where the teens are not asleep but are seated on the chairs and steps in the living room. They obviously have a lot on their mind. There is a knock on the door, catching their attention. Cut to Su's back view outside the door and it opens to reveal Korra.)

Korra: Su.
Su: You really think Naga could track Aiwei?

(Su walks into the room and Korra takes several steps backwards.)

Korra: Definitely.
Su: Then here. (raises a single metal key) There's a jeep packed (Korra takes the key) with supplies by the East gate. (Korra looks at the key uncertainly) It's all gassed up and ready to go.
Korra: (slightly astonished) What? Why?
Su: Because I want you to hunt down Aiwei and bring him back to me.
Bolin: But you said-
Su: I said what Lin wanted to hear, and I bought you guys some time. (gives the teens a soft smile) Go. I'll deal with Lin in the morning.

(Cut to a frontal shot of Korra with her friends behind her and she turns around to address them.)

Korra: Let's get this guy.

(They smile. Cut to Su as Korra throws her arms around the older woman, giving her a hug. Su is shocked by the gesture.)

Korra: Thanks.

(Su returns the hug and smiles. Scene changes to an aerial view just outside the city. Naga and a jeep come into frame and move forward on the dirt road. Cut to a close up shot of Korra looking determined as she rides Naga. Asami is seen driving the jeep behind her.)

[End Credits]

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