Transcript for 309 - The Stakeout
The Stakeout
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino
Directed By: Ian Graham
Storyboard By: Young Ki Yoon, Christopher Palmer, Justin Ridge, Haiwei Hou, Matthew Humphreys
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "The Terror Within".]

Shiro Shinobi: Zaheer infiltrated Zaofu and attempted to kidnap the Avatar. After a harrowing battle, Korra was saved, but she soon discovered a shocking truth. Aiwei, Su's trusted advisor, has been working with Zaheer. This Truth Seer turned traitor managed to escape, but Su tasks Team Avatar with tracking him down. Now the hunted to becomes the hunter as Korra searches for answers.

Act I

(Episode opens to a few rocks dotting the desert landscape and we can see some spirits casually mingling about. In the background, Team Avatar has arrived in a desert town and Naga is seen stopping to sniff the ground. Cut to a close up of the group as Asami pulls in the jeep behind Korra.)

Korra: (looks up) Aiwei's definitely been through here. (pets Naga's side) Nice tracking, girl.
Mako: Let's ask around. Maybe someone's seen him.

(Cut to the inside of a tavern as Mako pushes the curtain aside at the entrance. A couple of customers glance at them. As the team walks in, something catches Bolin's attention from the side and camera pans to reveal a wanted poster of him on the wall.)

Bolin: Ooh, look, they have a mover poster of me! (Mako looks at the poster with mild surprise) Must be big Nuktuk fans. (rubs hands together) Yeah. (he starts to walk forward) I should go over (Mako grabs Bolin by his sleeve) and say hello.
Mako: No, those are wanted posters, (camera zooms out to reveal the wanted posters for the other three members on the team) and there's one for each of us. (Cut to a close up of Korra's poster as Mako reads the details off-screen) "Wanted by Her Majesty, the Earth Queen, for crimes against the kingdom." (Cut to Mako as he raises an eyebrow while Korra is fuming behind him.) I'm guessing this is because we took her airbenders?
Korra: They weren't hers to keep! I swear, if i ever see her pinchy (Asami glances back into the tavern) little queen face again, I am gonna-
Asami: (interrupts with alarm) Uh, guys.

(Camera pans across the various patrons of the bar and one guy pulls out his sword while another shows off his spear.)

Asami: We should get out of here.

(The teens leave the establishment and Korra does an "I'm watching you" gesture to the customers before she departs.

Scene changes to an aerial view of Su's house in the morning with the remnants of the battle lingering in the shot. View switches to Su talking to two guards on the bridge as Lin walks towards her sister.)

Lin: Where is everyone? I've been waiting to leave for half an hour.
Su: And good morning to you too, Lin. Now, don't get mad. Korra's fine. I'm just waiting to hear if she tracked down Aiwei yet.
Lin: (furrows her brows) What? You let Korra go?! I thought we were on the same page about this, and then you go stab me in the back?
Su: Oh, don't be so overdramatic. You can't control the Avatar's every move.
Lin: (storms off) I can try.

(Exciting music plays and we cut to Naga running with Korra on her back. Camera pans out to an aerial view of Team Avatar making their way down a path on the road. The jeep follows closely and Naga runs up a small slope. View switches to Naga sniffing the ground near a bunch of rocks.)

Korra: Naga found something.

(Korra gets off her mount and Naga sits. The Avatar earthbends a giant boulder aside to reveal a jeep hidden behind a small clearing. Naga then gives Korra a nudge and awaits a reward.)

Korra: Oh, sorry. I forgot to bring treats, (Naga whines and bends down as Korra affectionate rubs the polar bear-dog's face.) but good girl.

(Naga whines once more and turns to walk away. Her tail slaps against Korra's face and the Avatar groans in shock. Asami and the brothers are seen walking up to the escape vehicle in the background. Korra hunches her shoulder's from Naga's cold shoulder attitude.)

Asami: This must be Aiwei's jeep. He can't be far.
Mako: (walks to the edge of the slope) Bolin and I (Cut to a view of a town nearby in the background) will investigate the Misty Palms Oasis and see if he's holed up there.
Bolin: Yes, I love it when you talk like a cop!
Korra: I'm coming too.
Mako: No. You and Asami wait here in case he comes back. Besides, we don't want to call too much attention to ourselves.
Korra: (reluctantly) Alright.
Bolin: (excitedly) Ooh. Mako, Mako, Mako, we should wear disguises and pretend we're going undercover. That way, (places a hand over his mouth and another on his forehead) no one will recognize us. (laughs) Police work is so exciting!

(Scene changes to a hand unzipping a bag of supplies. Camera pans out to a back view of Bolin as he pulls out a bright yellow raincoat and drapes it over his head and body. Cut to his eyes as bright green goggles are worn. Camera pans out to the brothers dressed in identical outfits. Cut to Korra and Asami as they look at each other, not convinced by the disguises.)

Bolin: (off-screen) All right, now we need our undercover identities. (Camera focuses on Bolin now as he regales a sad story) I'm an ex-United Forces operative named Ting-Ting. War was the only woman I ever loved, until Ivy came along and showed me what real love is! Tragically, she was taken from me by my arch enemy Dr. Razor, and he-
Mako: (interrupts) Enough. (starts walking) Let's just find Aiwei.
Bolin: (sad) But I haven't even told you your backstory.
Mako: I'm a cop. I don't have a backstory.
Bolin: (catches up to his brother) Ooh, you're good at this!

(Camera fades away to the brothers walking up to the town entrance. View changes to the spirits perched on the rooftop and telephone lines of the town as they look down at the brothers. Cut to a close up of the brothers as they make their way down the street. View focuses on the ice spring of the Misty Palms Oasis and we can see that the ice has grown significantly since "The Library" episode back in the original series. A few spirits lounge about on the cooling ice. The brothers pause and watch a tavern owner pushing three tiny kiwi bird-like spirits out of the door with a broom.)

Tavern Owner: Shoo. Human customers only.

(The spirits scurry off.)

Mako: Let's see if this guy knows anything. (the brothers walk up to the tavern owner sweeping his stoop) Excuse me, sir. (the owner stops sweeping) We're looking (Mako and Bolin pull off the goggles from their faces) for a man about sixty, balding, wearing glasses, and a long green robe.
Bolin: And he's got this weird piercing that goes from his nose (points to his nose) to his ear. (points to his ear) Freaks me out.
Tavern Owner: Yeah, sure. Sounds like a guy who came in last night. I told him I had the best drinks in the Earth Kingdom, and he called me a liar.
Mako: (smiles hopefully) That's him. Any idea where he is now?
Tavern Owner: No, afraid not. But he was right. (his posture looks defeated) My drinks are terrible.

(The owner walks away dejectedly into his bar while the brothers look on in shock.

Scene changes to Korra sitting on a cliff, looking at the Misty Palms Oasis in the background. View changes to a frontal shot of Korra with Asami in the background glancing at her friend as she checks out the jeep.)

Asami: Are you okay?
Korra: (sighs) I'm just frustrated. What does Zaheer want with me? What's his plan?

(Asami slides up the driver's seat as she reaches for something in the glove compartment. Cut to a close up of Sato as she pulls out a note.)

Asami: I don't know, (smiles) but I think I found a clue.

(Korra turns around and gets off her perch. Walking to Asami, the older teen hands Korra the message.)

Korra: "Xai Bau's Grove, sundown." This must be where and when Aiwei's going to meet Zaheer.

(Asami pulls out a map from Aiwei's jeep and lays it on jeep's bonnet.)

Asami: (drags her finger across the map) All right, Xai Bau's Grove. (Cut to Asami's gloved hand on the map of the Si Wong Desert.) Where are you?

(A blue crow spirit lands and makes a caw. Cut to the girls to see that more crow spirits have landed on the car. Both of them wave and shoo the spirits away.)

Asami: Go away. I'm trying to find something.

(View changes back into the Misty Palms Oasis and we cut to Bolin leaning against the wall next to an earthen pot. A dark purple bunny-like spirit with extremely long ears and sharp teeth emerges from the jar, catching Bolin's attention.)

Bolin: Well, aren't you (bends down with a hand extended) a cute little- (the spirit bites him) Ow! Hey!

(The earthbender sticks a finger in his mouth and glances at a couple across the street inside a booth. The male nudges his female companion and the woman looks up at him, confused. He then nudges his head towards Bolin and the woman turns to the indicated direction. Cut to a close up of Bolin's green eyes as they widen. Camera pans out to the bunny spirit slinking back into its hiding spot as Mako steps out of the building.)

Mako: (to his brother) No luck here.
Bolin: (whispers) I think there might be a couple bounty hunters (Mako looks up) over there who recognize me.

(View changes to the couple in the booth looking a little serious and they step out. Cut back to the brothers.)

Mako: We've been made. Let's lose 'em.

(Exciting chase music plays as they run down the street with the couple following after them. The brothers duck into an alley and hide behind a pile of crates as the couple runs past. The female stops and looks into the alley as Bolin crouches some more from behind the crate so she won't spot him. The woman then walks off. The brothers carefully peer out from behind their safe spot.)

Mako: Okay, I think we're clear. We should head back to Korra before someone (Aiwei walks past the alley just behind Mako) else recognizes us. (Bolin grabs his brother and pulls him to the wall)
Bolin: (whispers) We could, or we could follow Aiwei instead. Look.

(Bolin points off-screen and view changes to Aiwei eating from a take-out box as he walks down the street. The brothers peer out of the alley to spy on him.)

Mako: All right, (brings the goggles up to his face) play it cool. (walks out of the alley to trail Aiwei) Follow me lead.
Bolin: (holds his goggles) Ting-Ting always finds his man.

(Bolin slaps the goggles onto his face and we cut to an overhead shot of the brothers running up and taking cover behind an inn. Aiwei continues to walk forward, unaware of the commotion behind him. Cut to a close up of the siblings and they peer around the corner. Camera pans right to reveal Aiwei entering a room.)

Mako: Keep an eye on him. I'll go get Korra.

(Location changes to the cliff where Asami and Korra are glancing down at the map. Naga can be seen sleeping in the foreground. Mako's head pops in from the background and he is holding the yellow raincoat in his hand.)

Mako: We found Aiwei hiding in an inn.
Korra: (turns around to face Mako and smiles) That's great.
Asami: We found something too. (holds the paper out to Mako who takes it) It looks like he's going to meet Zaheer at sundown (Mako glances at the letter) at a place called Xai Bau's Grove, (she lifts up the map, frustrated) but I can't find it anywhere on the map.
Korra: Let's go bust Aiwei's door down and finally get some answers.
Mako: No. Once Aiwei knows we're on to him, we lose our advantage. I say we stake out his room, and when he leaves for this meeting, we follow him.
Korra: (Cut to Korra who looks serious) And he'll lead us straight to Zaheer.

(Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to a view of a desert and camera pans down to an aerial view of the Misty Palms Inn. Naga sits outside the building while Team Avatar walks into the establishment. Cut to a close up of Naga looking at down Pabu play with a yellow bean-like spirit. View changes to the check-in counter at the inn.)

Mako: (smiles and speaks politely) Good afternoon. We'd like a room on the ground floor across from 102, please.
Innkeeper: Forget it. Last time a bunch of teenagers came in here, they trashed the whole room.

(Mako frowns and the stalkers from earlier stop at the inn's entrance.)

Muscly Man: We found you!

(The team turns around in alarm and get into fighting poses. Mako lights up a ball of fire above his palm and Korra bends fire daggers in both hands.)

Innkeeper: Hey, no bending in here! Take it outside.
Muscly Man: (places both hands out to appease the team) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. (a goofy smile appears on the couple's faces) We're not here to fight you. We're here to meet Nuktuk.

(The theme song from the Nuktuk mover plays and the woman reaches behind her to undo the cap on a cylindrical container before removing a poster from it. She walks towards Bolin with a pen in hand as well and Mako along with Korra stop firebending. Everyone relaxes their stances. The woman unfurls a poster of Nuktuk carrying Ginger.)

Intense Woman: We're your biggest fans. (camera pans up to the woman's slightly crazed expression) Could you make it out to Lily and Macao?
Bolin: (awkwardly) Uh, I'd be happy to. (Mako gives a "Really?" expression in the background as Bolin takes the pen) Always love meeting my fans.

(Bolin gives a forced smile as he signs the poster and glances to Lily nervously. The woman straightens her hair out and bites her lip before realizing that she forgot something. Reaching to her side pocket, Lily pulls out a Nuktuk plushie.)

Intense Woman: I made this Nuktuk doll for you.

(The woman is obviously in high heaven that she is meeting Bolin and she pushes the doll at Bolin's face, making the doll squeak.)

Bolin: (starts to smile) Aww... It's... cute.

(Lily squeaks the doll in a sound of agreement. We cut back to the innkeeper at the desk as Mako and Korra look on.)

Innkeeper: Why didn't you tell me your friend was a mover star? I'd be happy to rent you any room in the inn.
Mako: We'll just take the one across from 102.
Innkeeper: But that room is too small for the four of you.
Mako: (crosses his arms and smiles) Trust me. It'll be perfect.

(Cut to a close up of Bolin looking miserable.)

Bolin: I'd just like to state for the record that this room is not perfect. (Naga's tail wags and slaps against Bolin's face, causing fur to fly about) Naga!

(View changes to a full view of the very cramped room as Naga lies on her back on the bed while Pabu naps on top of a chest of drawers. Bolin coughs and spits out the fur that got into his mouth. Asami sits in front of the drawers while Korra sits on a stool to look out the window alongside Mako who is standing and has the drapes gently pulled aside. Cut to a close up of the duo in front of the window and we switch to Mako's point of view looking out as Aiwei pops up from the window of his own room.)

Korra: (off-screen) There he is.

(View switches to a close up of Aiwei glancing around before looking a little dejected and dropping his hands, allowing the curtains to close fully. Scene returns back to the inside of Team Avatar's room. Bolin is now walking around the room with his arms crossed behind his hand.)

Bolin: I thought stakeouts were supposed to be exciting. This isn't. At all. (he pauses in front of the drawers and it catches his attention) Ooh, I wonder if there's any snacks in here.

(Cut to a close up of Bolin's hand as it opens up the top drawer which contains a yellow book that Gang had in his drawer back in the police station in Book 2. Bolin shuts the drawer and pulls out the bottom one which reveals a Pai Sho Rules handbook along with the tiles and board used for the game.)

Bolin: (gasps off-screen) Hey look! (view changes to Bolin pulling out the board) A Pai Sho board. Mako, you want to play?

(View changes to Mako who continues to look out of the window)

Mako: Kind of busy here, bro.

(Cut to Bolin looking a little disappointed and Asami gives Bolin a smile)

Asami: I'll play.
Bolin: Oh, well... No offense, but I learned Street Pai Sho from Shady Shin, (waves a hand down in dismissal) and I am pretty good, so wouldn't really be a fair game.
Asami: (arches an eyebrow) So? I learned to play from my Dad, the diabolical genius. (smirks) I'll destroy you.
Bolin: (switch to a close up of Bolin looking very smug) Well, looks like we have ourselves (camera zooms in rapidly on his green eyes as they turn serious) a Pai Sho-down.

(View changes to the duo setting up the tiles on the board in front of the bed with Pabu and Naga looking at them curiously)

Bolin: (gestures a hand out to Asami) Ladies first.

(Asami makes the first move, followed by Bolin. Both of them make their second move after that. Asami is about to make the next move before she puts a hand on her mouth to think. Wistful music plays.)

Asami: Hmm.
Bolin: I don't want to rush you, but let's speed things up a bit.

(Asami puts her hand back on the board and she looks at Bolin, a little amused.)

Asami: Why? This game is all about slow, methodical strategy.
Bolin: No, it's not; this is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat game of chance. Don't think. Just go.
Asami: I don't know what Shady Shin taught you, but it wasn't the real Pai Sho.
Bolin: Oh, really? I think our friend (picks up the rule book and waves it as Asami) Mr. Rule Book might disagree with you. (reads the book and we can see that both Naga and Pabu have fallen asleep) "The origins of Pai Sho date back over ten thousand years. It is a game of both strategy and chance." (confused) Wait, how could it be both?
Asami: (takes the book from Bolin) Let me see that. (narrates) "There have been countless variations of Pai Sho through the centuries, and each culture has its (frowns slightly) own rules and variations on the game."

(Cut to a shot from outside the window looking into the room)

Bolin: That's no help at all. Korra, as the Avatar, you need to standardize these Pai Sho rules.
Korra: (sarcastically) Okay. I'll put that on my to-do list right after "Bringing back the Air Nation" and (turns to Bolin and gestures a hand out) "Taking down the group that tried to kidnap me."
Bolin: (missing the point) That's cool. Whenever you get to it.
Mako: Assuming we (Korra turns towards Mako) do find Zaheer, what then?
Korra: (frowns) Then I make (punches a fist into her palm) him talk.
Mako: (calmly) He was locked away for thirteen years, Korra, and never broke. I don't think a little bending is going to intimidate this guy.
Korra: You have a better idea?
Mako: Yeah, we spy on them. If Aiwei and Zaheer don't know they're being watched, they'll talk freely. Then we'll know who they are and what they want.
Bolin: (off-screen) That's just like Pai Sho! (Cut to Bolin reading from the rule book again) "In order to defeat your opponent, you first have to know your opponent."
Asami: Then I guess I know you pretty well. (Asami reaches down and jumps her a tile over a few of Bolin's.) I win.
Bolin: (grabs his hair in shock) What?! (relaxes) All right, all right. You know what? That was just a fluke. Best two out of three.

(Jazz music plays and we cut to Asami's hand jumping over the tiles and winning again. View changes from outside the window looking in once more. Korra and Mako continue to keep watch and casually ignore what's happening behind them.)

Bolin: Oh, come on! Best four out of seven.

(Switch to Asami's hand laying the winning move on the board and a takeout food box rests at the side of the board. Cut to Bolin eating out of his box with Pabu on his shoulder and the fire ferret has noodles all over its body.)

Bolin: Eight out of fifteen.

(Pabu digs his head into the food again. Camera slides to a profile shot of Asami laying the winning move again.)

Bolin: (View switches to Bolin who looks distressed) Seventeen out of... (pauses to think) thirty-three?

(View changes to the duo keeping watch on the window. Camera fades to Korra stretching and yawning as Asami looks amused while continuing to play Pai Sho. Camera fades again and we can see the change in lighting, indicating that the sun is about to set. Korra is standing up now and grabbing the drapes to peer out of the window. The teens on the floor continue their game. Camera fades to an overhead shot of Bolin's hand on the board making a move.)

Bolin: Haha! (Asami looks surprised) Looks like you're on the ropes this time.
Asami: I can't believe it. You might actually win this one.

(Bolin looks smug until Pabu jumps down on the board with the Nuktuk plushie in his mouth. The fire ferret messes and fcscatters the tiles.)

Bolin: (in horror) No, Pabu! Why?

(Bolin falls to the floor in a fetal position and we can hear a ripping noise followed by a squeak. The head of the Nuktuk doll rolls into screen. View changes to the outside of the rooms surrounding a pool at sunset. We return back to the inside of Team Avatar's room.)

Korra: It's almost sundown. (gestures an arm out) Why hasn't Aiwei left yet? (crosses her arms)
Asami: Maybe he slipped out when you weren't looking.
Mako: No, I just saw him peeking out the window fifteen minutes ago. (lifts up a black logbook) It's in my logbook.
Korra: (turns and walks away) I'm going over there.
Mako: (shocked) Korra, wait. You're gonna blow our element of surprise.

(Korra opens the door and leaves anyway. Mako follows. View changes to the outside as Korra stalks across towards Aiwei's room with her three friends running to catch up to her. Cut to the door inside Aiwei's room and it opens inwards to reveal that Korra kicked it in with airbending.)

Korra: It's over, (walks in) Aiwei. Where's- (widens her eyes and camera pans to Aiwei seated in the lotus position on his bed with his eyes closed) What?

(Cut to a full view of the room as Korra is dumbfounded. The remaining trio walk into the room and Bolin peers at Aiwei curiously.)

Bolin: That's a weird way to nap.
Korra: He's not sleeping. (furrows her brows) He's meditating. (widens her eyes) Wait. (turns to Miss Sato) Asami, those spirits were trying to tell us something earlier. Xai Bau's Grove isn't on the map because it's not in the Physical World. It's in the Spirit World! (sits on the bed in front of Aiwei) I'm going in after him.
Mako: We'll watch him in case he wakes up. (Korra inhales and exhales) Be careful.

(Korra looks up at her friend and she puts her hands together, closing her eyes. Camera zooms in on her face and it flashes to Korra in the Spirit World. She opens her eyes and looks around. The grove is bathed in an orange hue with trees and rocky cliffs surrounding it. A giant whale spirit flies by above Korra. The Avatar walks up a small slope and stops beside a tree. She sees Aiwei waiting near a big rain tree and she's about to storm up to him before ducking behind her tree. Zaheer materializes under the rain tree and glares at Aiwei.)

Zaheer: What happened back in Zaofu? You told me we wouldn't have any problems getting the Avatar. Because of you, we've all been compromised.
Aiwei: (raises both arms up) No, any evidence was destroyed (clasps his hands) when my library burned.
Zaheer: (walks up to Aiwei) Where is your physical body now?
Aiwei: (a little nervous) At the Misty Palms Inn. But there is no need to worry, I was not followed.
Zaheer: You left a loose end.
Aiwei: I assure you no one knows anything about us.
Zaheer: No, (Cut to a close up of an enraged Zaheer) you are the loose end.

(Zaheer grabs Aiwei and we cut to Korra coming out from behind the tree.)

Korra: Zaheer!

(View changes to Zaheer who is surprised but quickly disappears. Cut to a view of a cliff above The Fog of Lost Souls as the airbender materializes on it and tosses Aiwei down into the fog below. The truth seer screams as he falls. Zaheer looks down with no sympathy before vanishing. Scene changes back to Korra waiting near the rain tree and looking around suspiciously. Zaheer materializes behind her and the Avatar turns around to face him.)

Zaheer: It seems Aiwei was mistaken. (gives a small smile) He was followed.
Korra: That's right. We knew he'd lead us straight to you. So what did you do with him?
Zaheer: He'll be spending eternity in The Fog of Lost Souls, (Cut to a close up of Zaheer looking rather malicious) which just leaves the two of us.

(He gives a smile again and we cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to Zaheer and Korra confronting each other at Xai Bau's Grove. View switches to Zaheer's feet as they shuffle.)

Korra: (off-screen) Don't move, Zaheer. (his feet stops) You're gonna give me some answers.

(Cut to Korra in an offensive stance. View returns back to Zaheer who sits down in the lotus position under the huge rain tree.)

Zaheer: There's no need for aggression. Neither of us has our bending, and I'm not going anywhere. I'll answer whatever questions you have. You deserve that much. (Korra is confused and relaxes her stance just a bit. Zaheer softens his expression to help convince her.) What would you like to know?
Korra: First off, who are you people, and why do you keep trying to take me?
Zaheer: We are part of a secret society dedicated to restoring freedom to the World. We are the Red Lotus.
Korra: Red Lotus? Are you related to the White Lotus?
Zaheer: We are what the White Lotus was meant to be. But after the hundred year war, the White Lotus lost its true purpose. Its members came out of hiding and openly served the Avatar. They became nothing but glorified bodyguards who served corrupt nations. So a great man named Xai Bau broke from the White Lotus and began his own society.
Korra: (warily) That's a great story, but it doesn't explain why you tried to take me when I was a kid.
Zaheer: That was Unalaq's idea.
Korra: (her eyes are wide with surprise) What? (she takes a step back) My uncle was part of the Red Lotus?

(Scene changes to a cave at night with the crickets chirping in the background. From the outside, we can see a campfire burning inside the cave. Cut to the inner part of the cave with Zaheer meditating in the lotus position and the rest of his friends are resting in the background.)

Zaheer: (whispers) Avatar Korra. (the trio turn towards him) Misty Palms Inn. (Ghazan and P'li lean forward to listen closely) Find her.
P'li: (turns her head to the earthbender and waterbender) You two go. I'll stay here and make sure Zaheer's body is safe.

(Without another word, Ghazan and Ming-Hua stand to leave the cave. Location changes back to Xai Bau's Grove and Korra has taken a seat in the lotus position on the grass in front of the rain tree.)

Zaheer: I met your uncle when I was a teenager after we had both joined the Red Lotus. We learned about Raava and Vaatu and how Avatar Wan foolishly severed them, disrupting the balance of the World forever.
Korra: (frowns) Avatar Wan wasn't foolish. He was trying to restore balance.
Zaheer: He closed the portals, severing humans from spirits. Even you realize the error in his ways.
Korra: So all along, you and my uncle planned to use me to open the portals and release Vaatu? That's why you tried to take me when I was a kid?
Zaheer: Yes, and with members of the Red Lotus as your elemental masters, we could've taught you so much.
Korra: Sounds like you wanted to brainwash me so I'd do whatever you wanted.
Zaheer: No, Korra. All I wanted was to show the Avatar a better path for the World.

(Cut to a close up of Korra who looks uncertain. Camera fades back to Korra with her eyes closed in the Physical World. Everyone else is resting but Mako stands beside the window and continues to keep an eye outside. He suddenly looks alarmed. Cut to his point of view of Ghazan and Ming-Hua walking around the swimming pool.)

Mako: Uh, I don't know how, (Bolin starts to wake up) but Water Arm Lady and Lava Guy found us. (Bolin gasps loudly)
Asami: (stands) How?
Mako: I just said I don't know how.
Bolin: (shakes Korra's shoulders) Korra, come on, wake up.
Asami: What do we do?
Mako: (carries Korra) Get Korra out of here.

(Cut to Naga and Pabu as they wake up. Camera pans to the left to reveal that Mako has placed Korra on Naga's back.)

Mako: Bolin and I will hold them off.

(View switches to Ming-Hua with Ghazan peering into a room. A door opens off-screen and camera angle changes to Mako opening the door in Aiwei's room. Naga runs out soon after with Asami holding the unconscious Korra. Asami glances at two Red Lotus members as they make their escape.)

Ming-Hua: (switch to a close up of Ming-Hua) The Avatar!

(Cut to an alley leading into the sleeping area of the inn as Naga runs into it and off-screen. Three shards of ice fly in soon after and smashes against the building. Ming-Hua propels herself off the ground towards the alley and extends a water arm out but a burst of fire from Mako evaporates the liquid. Mako sends another fire blast and Ming-Hua swipes it aside. Bolin bends a trail of earth towards Ghazan who jumps back. The lavabender changes the earth into lava and sends it back to the brothers as they tuck and roll away from the lava. As they land in squatting position, the camera focuses on Ming-Hua and Ghazan who are smiling.

Scene changes back to Xai Bau's Grove.)

Korra: If my uncle came up with a plan to abduct me when was a kid, why wasn't he caught?
Zaheer: He wasn't with us that night, and he covered up his involvement afterwards.
Korra: So he betrayed you just like he betrayed me.
Zaheer: (closes his eyes and nods) Yes. (opens his eyes) He allowed me and my friends to remain imprisoned while he pursued his own selfish goals. Unalaq becoming a Dark Avatar was never part of our mission.
Korra: And what is your mission exactly?
Zaheer: I want what you want, to restore balance to this World.
Korra: (gives a short laugh) I don't think our ideas of balance are the same.
Zaheer: Are you sure about that? You kept the spirit portals open, but why stop there? Bringing the spirits back should only be the beginning.
Korra: What do you mean?
Zaheer: The idea of having nations and governments is as foolish as keeping the human and spirit realms separate. You've had to deal with a moronic President and a tyrannical Queen. Don't you think the world would be better off if leaders like them were eliminated?
Korra: (shocked) No. (hestitant) I mean, I don't really agree with what they've done, but taking out World Leaders isn't the answer.
Zaheer: It wasn't too long ago that the airbenders were nearly all wiped out thanks to the Fire Lord's desire for World Dominance. True freedom can only be achieved when oppressive governments are torn down.
Korra: (frowns) But that won't bring balance. It will throw the world into chaos.
Zaheer: Exactly. The natural order is disorder. Do you know who once said, "New growth cannot exist without first the destruction of the old"?
Korra: (glares) No.
Zaheer: The wise Guru Laghima, an airbender.

(Korra's expression changes to that of doubt. Scene changes to Mako running and rolling across a wooden plank on the roof top while dodging Ming-Hua's water arm. He sends out a blast of fire but Ming-Hua intercepts the attack, creating steam. Before it can clear, she unleashes another attack at Mako, breaking the plank under his feet. The firebender jumps and rolls away. As he stands up, he ducks to avoid Ming-Hua's water arm and he throws up fire to block the second attack.

Mako jumps off the roof top as Ming-Hua slams her arm down into the rock at just where Mako was standing. Cut to the ground as Mako lands with a tuck and roll and quickly pushes himself off the ground to run away from Ming-Hua who jumps down and pursues him. Bolin comes into screen holding a slab of earth protectively in front of his body. A stream of lava comes in frame and shatters the earth shield. Bolin bends another chunk of earth at Ghazan who jumps against the chunk, making it crumble into dust. The lavabender goes after Bolin.)

Bolin: (taking a step back) I can't beat this guy! (he earthbends a mound of earth as more lava collides again it) It's like I'm giving him ammo. Want to trade?

(View switches to Mako as a water arm from Ming-Hua shoots out to attack his feet but he runs up the wall and does a quick cartwheel. While he's upside down, the frame rate slows down as Mako chops the water arm with his fire. Frame rate returns to normal as Mako lands on his feet and he punches more fire but a stream of water comes in and encases his hand in ice and he is pushed against the door behind him. Cut to a profile shot of Mako as Ming-Hua brings her face close and gives him a slasher smile. With him still attached to her water arm, she swings it out, causing Mako to fly about in an arc before smashing into a wooden door.

Bolin comes into frame and casts a quick glance at his fallen brother before turning his head back to Ghazan soon after. The earthbender bends up two slabs of earth but Ghazan jumps over the mound and turns them into lava. Ghazan bends up three lava chunks and sends them to Bolin. Cut to Bolin running alongside the pool as he dodges the lava rocks. He then dives into the pool and scene changes to underwater as more lava is sent into the water. Bolin kicks his legs and propels himself forward to avoid the attacks. He presses himself against the wall of the pool and two more lava slabs fly into the water. Cut to a close up of Bolin who is disoriented and looks like he's about to run out of air. Switch to his point of view looking up at Ming-Hua standing at the edge of the pool. The waterbender waves her arms around and encases Bolin in a bubble. Cut to a full view of Bolin inside the water sphere as he is slowly lifted out of the pool. Scene changes to an aerial view of the skirmish as Ming-Hua has both arms raised.)

Ming-Hua: Go get the Avatar. I have these two under control.

(Ghazan runs off and he passes by an unconscious Mako who is laying on a pile of broken wood. A water arm reaches in and lifts Mako's body and Ming-Hua holds the brothers high up. Bolin pops his head out of the water sphere, gasping for air.

View changes to Naga running out of the Misty Palms Oasis and camera zooms in on Asami who was initially looking to the side but turns her head to the front suddenly and gasps. Naga attemps to stop running and we cut to an overhead shot of the polar bear dog stopping just short of a slab of earth in front of her. Three more slabs are bent on all sides soon after to form a pyramid, trapping Asami, Korra, and Naga inside. Asami yelps and Naga barks.

Camera cuts back into the Spirit World.)

Zaheer: You know, being locked away for so many years, I was beginning to lose hope. (stands up) But when I awoke with airbending, I knew I would be the one to destroy the Old World and plant seeds for a New World to flourish.
Korra: (stands and looks concerned) Zaheer, please. As an airbender, you could help make a positive difference in the world instead of destroying it.
Zaheer: You're a very smart young woman, Korra. But you must realize that once change begins, it cannot be stopped, even by the Avatar.
Korra: (annoyed) Enough with your philosophical mumbo jumbo. I want to know one thing. If you do capture me, what are you gonna do with me?
Zaheer: You'll have that answer soon enough. The Red Lotus should have you by now. (smiles) See you in the Physical World. (he dematerializes)
Korra: Zaheer!

(The Avatar runs towards the spot where Zaheer recently vacated. Cut to a close up of Korra who looks worried and camera flashes back to the Physical World. Korra is muzzled and is wearing straightjacket. She looks down in surprise and camera cuts to an overhead shot of Korra bound and tied by various straps against a dolly.)

Korra: Zaheer, you tricked me. Let me go! (she looks to Asami who has her hands handcuffed above her head) Asami, are you okay? Where's the rest of the Red Lotus?
Asami: (looking defeated) What's the Red Lotus? And Zaheer didn't capture us. The Earth Queen's forces did.
Korra: (off-screen) Where are we?
Asami: (looks down) I'm not sure. (Cut to a full view of the cell) Some camp by the desert? (both of the girls look at the camera) They're taking us back to Ba Sing Se.

(Camera pulls back through a slit in the cell door. Location changes to the cave the Red Lotus is hiding in.)

Ghazan: (off-screen) The Earth Queen's army snatched up the Avatar before I could.

(Cut to the floor of the inside of the cave as Mako and Bolin fall to the ground, tied up. Bolin has a bruise on one eye.)

Ming-Hua: But we figured (camera pans up to Ming-Hua and Ghazan) you could find a use for (smiles) these two.

(Camera switches to an overhead view of the cave with Zaheer and P'li standing and looking down at the brothers.)

Zaheer: Load them in the truck. (Cut to a close up of Zaheer as he smiles) We're taking a trip to Ba Sing Se.

[End Credits]

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