Transcript for 310 - Long Live the Queen
Long Live the Queen
Written By: Tim Hedrick
Directed By: Melchoir Zwyer
Storyboard By: Sol Choi, Hyunjoo Song, Shaun O'Neil
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "The Terror Within" and "The Stakeout".]

Shiro Shinobi: The Red Lotus is the World's newest threat! After confronting Zaheer, Korra learned he is part of a secret society whose mission is to take out all the nation's leaders and destroy World order. But before Korra could warn anyone, she and Asami were apprehended by the Earth Queen's forces. And the Red Lotus nabbed Mako and Bolin. Now both parties are headed toward Ba Sing Se.

Act I

(Episode opens to a building in the desert and we can see a group of people walking towards an airship. Camera cuts to ground level as two people push the dolly Korra is on while Asami walks forward with her head bowed down.)

Korra: You have to let me out! The Earth Queen is in danger from a group of terrorists calling themselves the Red Lotus! (turns her attention to the captain as she is pushed up the ramp leading into the airship) I talked to one of them in the Spirit World yesterday. He- he's insane.
Captain: (with a toothpick between his lips) Screaming about terrorists in the Spirit World? You're the one who sounds insane.

(The middle aged captain turns and walks into his ship and the hatch closes. The airship takes off the ground soon after. Cut to a hand locking a chain from Korra's dolly to the wall. Camera pans out to Asami looking at her friend being locked up. An airman wearing a bandana then walks to Asami and grabs the girl's chains to tie her to a bar on the floor.)

Asami: Do I (kneels on the ground) have to be chained to the floor the whole way? (looks back at Arik pitifully) It's going to be so uncomfortable.
Arik: (continues to loop the chain around the bar) Sorry, ma'am. I'm under orders.
Asami: Can't you just (looks at the railing on the wall) chain me to that railing? (Arik turns and looks) I mean, where am I gonna go? Please.

(Asami pouts and Arik reconsiders.)

Arik: Well, as long as you're chained up, I guess it doesn't make a difference.

(Camera pans to Asami chained to the railing against the wall.)

Asami: (smiles) Thank you, Sir.
Korra: Can I have some water?
Arik: (points a finger at Korra) No water. We're also not gonna bring you any rocks or fire, so don't ask. (places a hand on his chin) I guess there's air, but there's nothing we can do about that. We're not opening your compartment until we reach Ba Sing Se.

(Arik turns to leave the room.)

Korra: I hoped Mako and Bolin (Arik slams the door shut off-screen) would have shown up to save us by now. I wonder if they're okay.

(Scene changes to a truck driving along a desert road. Cut to the inside of the truck and we can see Zaheer is driving while his girlfriend is in the passenger's seat.)

Mako: (off-screen) If you think(cut to the back of the truck where Ghazan and Ming-Hua are seated on a bench and looking at the brothers tied up together on the floor) holding us hostage will give you some leverage to use against the Avatar, you're gonna be very disappointed.
Ming-Hua: (acidly) Can't we just enjoy our time together in silence?
Mako: And why did you need Korra alive back in Zaofu? You had her paralyzed, why didn't you just take her out when you had the chance?
Ghazan: Look, all you need to know is that the World is about to change, for the better.
Bolin: So you guys were, like, locked up for fifteen years, huh? That must have been, like, crazy boring.
Ghazan: Actually, it was only thirteen years, but it felt like thirty.
Bolin: I mean, what did you do with all that time? Did you sing songs, work on crafts?
Ming-Hua: Not a lot of craft supplies in a volcanic prison cell.
Ghazan: (softens his expression) And I must have renamed the constellations about a thousand times. When it rained, that was a big event.
Ming-Hua: Oh, I would've killed for some rain. Mostly I just made up stories about the guards. (her eyes glance up wistfully) Who was having trouble with his girlfriend? Which one secretly wished he'd become a pastry chef?
Bolin: Ooh, okay, that sounds like fun. Let me try that on you guys. (glances at Ghazan) You were raised by an older sister. Your mustache grew in when you were ten. And I'm sensing- just sensing- an unspoken attraction (Ghazan and Ming-Hua look at each other awkwardly) between you two.

(Ming-Hua gives Ghazan a sulking look and turns away, surprising the lavabender.)

Ghazan: (smiles at Bolin) Two out of three. Not bad.
Mako: (annoyed) Bolin, will you stop making friends with the bad guys?
Bolin: Sorry.
Zaheer: Ghazan, gag those two. We're almost there.

(Cut a view of the truck approaching the outer wall of Ba Sing Se. Scene changes to the Earth Kingdom airship flying over the Si Wong Desert. Cut to Korra struggling against her dolly with all her might but the lock holds firmly.)

Korra: (looks at Asami) We have to find a way out of this prison before we get to the Earth Queen.
Asami: Don't worry, I have a plan. These airships that Cabbage Corp sold to the Earth Kingdom are way cheaper than the ones Future Industries built.

(Asami plants both feet against the wall and pushes against it. Camera switches to a close up of the bars on the wall as Asami pulls it away with a grunt. She jumps over the bar so her hands are now in front of her instead of behind her. Asami tosses the bar in the air to get it into the right position.)

Asami: (catches the railing and gives it a once over) Now, that's just shoddy workmanship. (walks up to Korra's dolly to inspect) There's no way I can get these locks off. I need the keys.

(Miss Sato glances around the compartment before looking down at the floor with a smile. Using the railing as a lever, Asami pries off the metal tile from the floor and we can see pipes and light below.)

Asami: (to Korra) Give me five minutes, then start yelling for help.

(Asami bends down and puts the railing aside before crawling into the vents under the floor. Location changes to the Earth Queen's palace in Ba Sing Se. Cut to her throne room.)

Queen Hou-Ting: When is the Avatar scheduled for delivery?
Gun: The airship already left Fort Bosco and should be arriving in a few hours.
Queen Hou-Ting: Excellent. (laces her fingers together) Bring her to me as soon as it lands.
Gun: Yes, Your Majesty. But first there are some people here who captured two of the Avatar's friends. (Cut to the queen who scowls) They would like to present them to you personally.
Queen Hou-Ting: You know I don't meet with bounty hunters!
Gun: (shrugs a little) And of course I told them that, but they say they have some information that might interest you about the location of your stolen airbenders.
Queen Hou-Ting: Really? (gives a smile of amusement) Fine, send them in.

(Cut to the brothers gagged and tied as they are shoved on the floor in front of the throne. Switch to a close up of the queen as she glares at them.)

Queen Hou-Ting: Ah, yes. I remember these two. (view changes to the brothers and the feet of the Red Lotus members standing behind them) We'll find an acceptable home for you in prison with the rest of the dissidents. (camera pans up to a full view shot of the Red Lotus crew) Now, I'm told you have some information for me. I hope this isn't just some ruse to try to increase your bounty.
Zaheer: We don't want any bounty, Your Majesty. (gestures an arm out to Mako and Bolin) You can consider these two a (smiles) thank you gift for simply taking the time to talk to us.
Queen Hou-Ting: (a little suspicious) How very magnanimous. So, where are my airbenders?
Zaheer: (grins) I'd be happy to tell you once you hand the Avatar over to me.
Queen Hou-Ting: Who told you that we have the Avatar?
Zaheer: (smirks) How I know is not important. (turns serious) But if I found out, others will too. And that could put you in a difficult position.
Queen Hou-Ting: (patronizing them with a hand on her cheek) Is that so?
Zaheer: Your Majesty, imprisoning the Avatar will cause the other nations to turn against you and demand her freedom. Before long, you'll be in the midst of a sticky international incident. (gestures to himself) But if you let me take her today, no one need ever know she was here, and you can get your airbenders back without interference. We both win.
Queen Hou-Ting: (still being a little arrogant) And what do you plan to do with the Avatar, should I see fit to grant your request?
Zaheer: All I can say is that I have business with her. But she won't be bothering you again, (Bolin and Mako look at each other worriedly) I can assure you of that.

(Cut to the queen who ponders over the deal while tapping her long finger nails on the arm of the throne. She then sits up straight with a smile.)

Queen Hou-Ting: I find these terms agreeable. Gun, escort them to the antechamber until the Avatar's arrival.

(Gun gestures a palm out of the throne room and the Red Lotus leaves along with him. Cut to an overhead shot of the throne room.)

Queen Hou-Ting: Send these two to the dungeon.

(Two Dai Li agents step forth and bend the floor under the brothers as they fall through the trap door. The siblings give a muffled yell and the ground closes above them soon after.

Scene changes to the Earth Kingdom airship still flying over the sea of sand in the Si Wong Desert. Cut to Arik standing outside the door of Korra's compartment)

Korra: Guard! (Arik is alarmed and slides open the viewing slot into the cell) Get in here! Something happened to my friend! She needs help!

(Arik's eyes glance left and right. We cut to his point of view looking into a relatively empty compartment unit.)

Arik: Where is she?

(The airman is roughly shoved against the door and he slides down comically to reveal Asami behind him in a "chopping" pose. She bends down and we cut to the inside of the compartment as the door opens inwards. Asami no longer has chains on her wrists and she twirls the keys around her finger repeatedly in a circle. Cut to the ground as the straightjacket falls on it in a heap. Camera pans up to a freed Korra.)

Korra: Nice work. (removes the muzzle) Now let's take control of this ship.

(She tosses the muzzle aside and scene changes to the cockpit where the captain relaxes with his feet on the dashboard while his co-pilot is at the steering wheel. Korra kicks the door open and the co-pilot rushes towards her but he is knocked back into the steering wheel with airbending. The wheel sparks as it is damaged from the impact. View changes to the outside as the airship shakes from the lost of control.)

Captain: (off-screen) Mayday, mayday! (cut to the captain talking into the radio as his co-pilot struggles to stand up) The Avatar has escaped. (the alarms buzz and flash red) We're going down in Quadrant Four of the Si Wong Desert.

(The co-pilot runs towards Korra again and she unleashes another attack which slams the co-pilot back into his captain. We can see bits of the radio flying as well. Asami steps in and grabs the steering wheel.)

Asami: I think you might have been a little (tugs the wheel back into position) overaggressive with the airbending. (cut to a frontal shot of Asami who looks a little distressed and Korra appears concerned behind her) The controls are busted. (she picks up the radio that is broken into two and are connected by frayed wires) Also, you broke the radio.
Korra: (defensive) Sorry, but it's not my fault this airship's a hunk of junk.

(View changes to the outside as the airship slowly descends.)

Asami: (off-screen) Hang on to something!

(The airship angles downwards and crashes into a sand dune. Cut to an overhead view of the accident as a cloud of smoke is emitted from the airship before everything is still. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to the airship crash site. Cut to a close up of the ship as the hatch on the roof opens to reveal Korra and Asami. Both of them look out into the desert.)

Asami: Well, they say any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. But given our location, (a small breeze blows by them) I'm not so sure about that.
Korra: You're the engineer, (camera pans to the busted propeller of the airship) what do you think? Can we get it flying again?
Asami: It doesn't look good. I mean, even if you metalbend the propellers back into shape, (Arik, Kong, and the co-pilot climb out of the hatch) we'd have to dig this whole thing out of the sand.
Korra: (to the men) Is everyone all right?
Arik: (has a hand on his head) Like you care.
Kong: What the heck happened?
Arik: (points an accusatory finger at Korra) She said her friend needed help. Then they knocked me out!
Korra: I'm sorry, but I couldn't let you take me to the Earth Queen as a captive. There are dangerous forces at work that you don't know anything about.
Kong: (worriedly) More dangerous than being stranded in the desert?
Captain: (climbs out of the hatch) Don't worry, Kong. (walks towards his crew with his hands in his pockets) I radioed Ba Sing Se before we went down. We just need to sit tight. Someone will be here soon to rescue us.
Korra: I'm not waiting around for that. We need to get out of here now.
Asami: If we all work together, we might be able to get the ship up and running.
Kong: Not likely. I just tunneled out of the engine room, it's like a sandbox in there.
Captain: This ship isn't going anywhere, and neither are you. You're our prisoners, and it's our duty to transport you to the Earth Queen.
Korra: (smiles coyly) You realize that I'm the Avatar, right? (frowns and points a finger at the airmen) You don't wanna fight me.
Captain: I'm afraid you aren't giving us much of a choice. We have our orders.

(Something shifts along the sand in the distance, catching Asami's attention.)

Asami: (places a hand on her forehead to shield out the sun's rays and squints at the sand) Wait, did that sand dune just move?
Captain: It was probably just a mirage. The desert will play tricks on you.

(Switch to an overhead view of the crash as we see something tunneling beneath the sand and moving around like a small sand dune.)

Asami: That's no mirage. Look.

(Cut to a close up of the shifting sand and we return back to the party on top of the hatch.)

Kong: I heard that since all the spirits came back, this desert has been haunted by them.
Korra: (raises an eyebrow) Oh, right, so I guess that's my fault too. (arms akimbo) Do you want to help us get this ship up and running, or do you wanna wait around (the sand dune continues to move in the background) and meet (points a finger at the moving object) that thing?
Kong: We wanna fix the ship. (smiles at his captain) Right, Cap? (Arik and the co-pilot grin and nod at their captain as well.)
Captain: Hm, let's get to work.
Korra: Everybody, stand back!

(The airmen stand behind Korra as she gets into a the horse stance and bends a strong gust of air at the sand.

Scene changes to the corridor of a prison cell as an Earth Kingdom guard has a baton outstretched and lets it roll across the bars of each cell he walks past. Cut to Mako seated on the bed and Bolin leaning against the bars in their cell. The baton smacks against the earthbender's head and he grunts.)

Mako: We have to find a way out of here before Zaheer gets his hands on Korra.
Prisoner: (reaches a mirror out from his cell to the brothers' cell) Take me with you. (Switch to a full view of both jail cells and we can see a man with white hair holding the mirror and talking to the siblings) I haven't seen my wife and five kids in four years.
Bolin: Four years?
Prisoner: (smiles wistfully) The first few months were great. I could finally get some sleep. (dismayed) But now I really miss them.

(We return back to Mako and Bolin in their cell.)

Mako: (looks at his brother) Listen, Bolin, this is up to you. I know you can metalbend.
Prisoner: (pops out a mirror to their cell again) You can metalbend?
Bolin: (stands up) No.
Mako: (stands and gestures at his brother) Yes, you can. I believe in you.
Prisoner: (off-screen) I believe in you too, Bolin!
Bolin: I appreciate that, Mako and (looks at the mirror) fellow... (hesitates for a while) prisoner man, but I've been trying and trying and trying, and I've never (thrusts both hands in a "no" gesture) been able to do it! Not even (leaves a gap between his thumb and pointer finger) a little.
Mako: You've always had the ability deep down. You just haven't had the right motivation. But (points at his brother) this is your time. Get us out (points out of the cell) of here to save Korra. (holds his brother by the shoulders) You can do it! (chants and pumps his fist as he addresses the other prisoners) Bolin! Bolin!
All: (everyone sticks their fists out between the bars and chant to encourage him) Bolin! Bolin! Bolin! Bolin!
Bolin: (touched) You're right. Okay. (gets into the horse stance) Here I go. (draws his arms in) Metalbending! (shoves both hands out towards the bars) Agh!

(He makes strained battle cry noises but nothing happens. Bolin pushes both arms to the side in an attempt to bend the bars aside but once again, nothing moves. He drops to the floor with tears in his eyes and he sniffles.)

Bolin: I can't metalbend.
All: (dismayed) Aww.

(The prisoners then retreat further back into their cells. The prisoner with the mirror extends the object to the brothers' once more.)

Prisoner: Hey, you guys didn't happen to bring any toilet paper, did you?

(Scene changes to Lin driving a jeep along rocky, desert path. Something catches her attention as the tyre tracks turn into a slightly shady clearing between a couple of boulders. The Chief stops the car at the rocks and changes gears, reversing the car, and then turning her wheel into the clearing. Cut to an overhead shot of two abandoned jeeps that belong to Aiwei and Team Avatar. Lin pulls up, stops her car, and gets out to inspect the team's vehicle. She is about to search the back seat when a flash of white jumps at Lin and we cut to Naga as she snarls at the Chief who yells with surprise. The polar bear-dog then looks friendly as she circles around Lin and licks the cop's cheek, messing up a bit of her hair.)

Lin: (dryly) First you scare the life out of me, now you want to lick me.

(Naga licks Lin again and Pabu pops out from the jeep, jumping onto Lin and circling around her body. The chief grabs him by the scruff of the neck and glares at the fire ferret as it whines. Lin places Pabu on Naga and the cop reaches into her pocket. Naga sits and waits. Lin hands out a couple of sticks of dried meat jerky.)

Lin: Here. (Pabu and Naga eat the jerky greedily) Chew on this, and leave me alone.

(Walks over to the radio in her own jeep and picks up the receiver.)

Lin: Tonraq, you read me?
Tonraq: (over the radio) Yes. We copy.
Lin: I found Korra's jeep, but the kids aren't here. Meet me at the Misty Palms Oasis.

(Location changes to the Earth Kingdom airship as it is now free from the sand dune and is perched above flat ground. The vehicle looks decent and worthy of flying. Someone is welding at the back of the ship. The door leading to the ship opens and two people walk out. Cut to an overhead view of the welder and it is revealed to be Asami. Korra and Kong walk towards the back of the ship and look up at Asami.)

Asami: (stops welding and turns to Korra) How's it (pulls up her welder's mask) looking in there?
Korra: I just airbent all the sand out of the engine room. I think it's clean.
Kong: It hasn't been that clean since it floated off the showroom floor.
Korra: How's it going out here?
Asami: Well, she's still pretty banged up, but I think she might be able to limp out of the desert. Kong, you want to see if you can get the engine started?
Kong: (salutes) Aye, aye.

(Cut to the propellers as it rotates and camera pans down to everyone looking at it.)

Arik: (raises both arms with glee) All right!

(The ground rumbles and shakes. A sandshark pops out of the sand and bites the airship with its mouth, breaking it into two. Cut to Korra and Asami on the ground looking a little terrified with their mouths open. They turn and run off with the rest of the airmen. Cut to a frontal shot of the group as they flee and we can see the monster leaping up behind them. They are soon knocked over by a wave of sand. As the dust clears, the creature dives down into the sand, creating a crater as the remains of the airship go down with it.)

Korra: That's no spirit!

(The rest of the smoke dissipates and everyone stands up. Camera pans over to a partial skeleton of the ship and focuses on Kong at the driver's seat, looking shellshocked.)

Korra: I think it's gone for now.

(Arik and the co-captain run towards their crew mate.)

Arik: Kong, are you all right?

(Cut to a shot of the blazing sun and we return back to the stranded group.)

Arik: (panics) What are we gonna do? All of our supplies were on the ship. We've got no food, no water.
Captain: (reassuringly) Easy, Arik. Another ship is on the way. We just need to hold our position for a few hours.
Asami: We might not have a few hours.
Korra: How far are we from the edge of the desert?
Captain: Too far to walk, if that's what you're thinking.
Arik: (sits on the ground) We can't just wait around for that thing to pick us off one by one!
Captain: (chides Arik) You'll do as you're told, airman. Now get a hold of yourself!
Asami: (looks at the scattered debris) Maybe we can still build something to get us all out of here. (she touches and looks at a metal sheet)
Captain: You wanna make some wings out of scrap metal and flap real hard?
Asami: No, (gives a smile as an idea pops into her head) but we might have enough material to construct a makeshift sand-sailer. Like the sandbenders use to get around. All we need is a sail and some kind of sled to attach it to.
Korra: (turns to the captain) It's worth a try.
Captain: (to his crew) Gather every piece of metal you can find. We'll give that sandy beast a run for his money yet.

(Scene changes to the Red Lotus waiting in the antechamber. P'li has a golden goblet adorned with jewels in her hand as she reclines on a couch while her boyfriend sits on the edge of the couch with his back facing her. Ghazan stands next to the door with his arms folded while Ming-Hua is perched on top of a chair. A Dai Li agent scurries past the doorway in front of the antechamber, catching their attention.)

Zaheer: Looks like he's in a hurry. Wait here.

(He walks off and we cut to the corridor as he steps out quietly and looks around. Zaheer then runs towards the screen and camera angle changes to a back view of the Dai Li agent as the tall doors of the throne room open. The agent walks through and the doors are about to shut but Zaheer jumps on the walls and squeezes past the gap between the doors and lands on the rafters of the throne room. Cut to the throne as the Dai Li agent walks forward. We then switch to a close up of the agent as he bends down on one knee.)

Dai Li Agent: Your Majesty, (we can see Zaheer skulking about in the rafters to get closer to the throne so he can eavesdrop on the conversation) we received a distress signal from the airship carrying the prisoners. (cut to a close up of a displeased queen) We believe the ship crashed in the Si Wong Desert and the Avatar may have escaped.
Queen Hou-Ting: (a little frenzied) This is outrageous! (cut to Zaheer on the rafters) Send another airship to retrieve the Avatar immediately.
Dai Li Agent: It's already on its way, Your Majesty.

(Zaheer turns to leave. We return back to the antechamber.)

Ming-Hua: (whispers fiercely) What are we going to do now?
Ghazan:There's no way we can track her down in the desert before the Queen gets to her.
P'li: You really think they'll be lucky enough to capture her again? (to Zaheer) She'll be long gone by the time they arrive.
Zaheer: (glances at P'li) It doesn't matter, we're through chasing her. (turns his head to the camera with a serious look) It's time to make her come to us.

(Cut to the doors of the throne room as they are blasted open by airbending. Zaheer and his team stroll in.)

Queen Hou-Ting: (stands up from her throne and points a finger at the Red Lotus) What is this riffraff doing in my throne room unannounced?
Zaheer: (bows apologetically and speaks politely) Apologies, Your Majesty, but I couldn't help overhearing that the Avatar won't be joining us today.
Queen Hou-Ting: (unmoved) The Avatar is still in my custody. (arms akimbo) However, eavesdropping on royal conversations will land you (gestures a finger at the Red Lotus) in a cell right next to those boys you brought in. Now, (crosses her arms) if you value your freedom, you'll tell me where the airbenders are right now.
Zaheer: (quiet anger) That wasn't the deal.
Queen Hou-Ting: (outraged) I will not bear any words with bounty hunters. (orders her Dai Li agents) Seize these hoodlums (Camera pans out to the Red Lotus as they stand in a circle in defensive positions. Two Dai Li agents circle them.) and throw them in prison until they decide (more agents surrounded the bad guys) to show proper respect for the crown!

(P'li combustion bends at the ground, knocking two agents back. Cut to three Dai Li agents as they bend out their rock gloves at Ghazan who punches them back into their stomachs, knocking them off their feet. Cut to Zaheer as he runs toward an agent who earthbends the ground beneath the airbender but he jumps over the boulder and kicks out an airbending blast at the operative. Another guy runs up from behind Zaheer to catch the airbender by surprise, earthbending a chunk out from the pillar but Zaheer once again ducks and air blasts the man against the pillar. A third agent runs up to Zaheer and the airbender kicks him upwards with an air attack. Ming-Hua sends water to the flying agent and freezes him high up the pillar. Cut to a close up of Gun as he makes frightened squeals and runs off. Camera pans to the side as he runs off-screen to reveal the queen hiding behind her throne.)

Queen Hou-Ting: Gun! Get back here and lay down your life for your Queen, (shakes a fist at Gun) you coward!

(She notices Zaheer walking up to the throne and steeling herself, the queen walks out from behind the protection of her throne to confront Zaheer.)

Queen Hou-Ting: (furiously) You wouldn't dare attack a Queen!

(Zaheer airbends himself onto the top of the throne and the queen follows him in her line of sight.)

Zaheer: Maybe I forgot to mention something to you. (gets into a bending stance with both arms out) I don't believe in queens.

(He moves his arms around and we cut to the Earth Queen as a small blanket of air streams out of her mouth and she looks at it leaving her. She clutches her chest and gasps as Zaheer airbends a swirling vortex of vacuum around her head, preventing her from breathing. Cut to a side view shot of the gruesome scene as Zaheer continues to maneuver his arms around. The queen takes a few steps back and grasps a railing for support but she falls to the ground on her knees.)

Zaheer: You think freedom is something that you can give (camera switches to a close up of the queen's bloodshot eyes as they tremble) or take on a whim. (cut to Zaheer) But to your people, freedom is just as essential as- air. (view returns back to the queen) And without it, (he moves his arms around as the vacuum sphere breaks and leaves the Queen's head) there is no life. (The Earth Queen reaches up in an attempt to grab for the air. Camera pans to her fingers as they shake.) There is only... (cut to a close up of Zaheer looking dispassionate) darkness.

(Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to a view of a radio communications tower in Ba Sing Se and the camera slowly zooms in. Cut to the inside of the control room with an engineer manning a desk. P'li, Zaheer, and Ghazan walk in, catching the engineer's attention. He stands up defensively.)

Engineer: Hey, you can't be in here.
Zaheer: (steps forward and speaks calmly) No need for alarm. I just need to make an announcement to the entire city. How do I do that?
Engineer: Who do you think you are?

(Ming-Hua rushes forward and holds the man up by his collar using her water arm. The engineer groans and makes little noises of despair.)

Ming-Hua: He's the man who just took down the Earth Queen. You wanna be next?
Zaheer: (rests a hand on the waterbender's shoulder) Ming-Hua, please. We're here to help citizens like him, not hurt them. Now, can you help me?

(The engineer nods and Ming-Hua tosses him into the chair at the control desk. He stands up, turns the dial on a machine in front of him, and ducks under the microphone to allow Zaheer to sit down in the chair.)

Zaheer: (speaks into the microphone) Attention, citizens of Ba Sing Se. I have an important announcement to make. (cut to a rich family of three looking to the radio) Moments ago, the Earth Queen was brought down (scene changes to Yin and her family as they gasp with shock. Yin has a hand on her mouth.) at the hands of revolutionaries, including myself. I'm not going to tell you my name, (cut to an overhead view of the Lower Ring with its citizens looking up at the speakers mounted on tall poles) 'cause my identity's not important. I'm not here to take over the Earth Kingdom. (view changes to Mako and Bolin in their prison cell hearing the announcement with surprise) I think you've had enough of leaders telling you what to do. (camera cuts back to Zaheer in the communications room) It's time for you to find your own path. No longer will you be oppressed by tyrants. (cut to an overhead shot of the wall separating the Upper Ring from the Middle Ring) From now on, (camera cuts to Ghazan on the ground) you are free. I deliver Ba Sing Se (view changes to a shot of the wall as it slowly pans down to Ghazan standing in front of it) back into the hands of the people.

(Ghazan gets into the horse stance and moves his arms about in an arc before slamming his foot down on the ground. He then strikes the floor with both hands and the bricks pop up with lava, sending a trail towards the wall. The bottom bricks of the wall glow red hot before turning into lava and Ghazan stomps down with his foot. Cut to a shot of the Middle Ring as the wall crumbles, creating clouds of smoke. View changes to the citizens behind the wall shielding their faces with their hands. As the dust clears, they cheer and run towards the hole in the wall.

Location changes to the corridor in the prison cell block as the detainees are still locked behind bars but have thrown various items into the corridor. They are making a lot of noise. Cut to two fingers burning off the bars to the cell and camera changes to Mako who is the one attempting to escape. He stops bending for a moment and shakes his hand to get rid of any cramps before continuing to cut through the bars.)

Mako: We have to get out of here, Bolin. (turns around to face his brother) Zaheer came here to take out the Earth Queen, and now Korra is next.
Prisoner: (sticks a mirror out into the brothers' cell again) You know (Mako turns to the mirror) that guy? He's my hero!
Mako: (frustrated) Shut up! (the prisoner frowns and Mako returns his attention back to Bolin) You have to metalbend us out of here. (camera pans to Bolin seated on the toilet dejectedly) Come on, I know you can do it! This is your time!
Bolin: You said before was my time.
Mako: I know I did, but now it's really your time .(Bolin takes position in front of the bars) Do it!

(Bolin closes his eyes and waves his arms about in a bending movement and punches the bars. Camera abruptly cuts to the corridor as all the doors to the cells open, except for the brothers. The prisoners cheer.)

Bolin: (surprised and grabs the bars) Did you see that? (prisoners run past him) I did it! I mean, not for us, but I metalbent all the other cells open!

Mako: (has a hand on his face) I don't think that was you.

(Zaheer walks into view and stops in front of the brothers' cell and both of them get into bending stances. Mako sends a stream of fire at Zaheer and the airbender sidesteps the attack. He punches a blast of air, knocking Mako into the bed.)

Zaheer: (off-screen) Listen to me. (Mako looks up and we cut to Zaheer) I'm going to set you free, but I want to talk to you first. (view changes to the brothers sprawled on the bed and floor) I have a message that I need you to take to Korra.

(Scene changes to Arik wearing a welder's mask and welding the runners of the sand sailer with a blow torch. Camera pans to the wooden planks and the sail of the makeshift vehicle. Cut to an overhead view of the sand sailer as Arik stops welding.)

Asami: She ain't pretty, but I think she'll do the job.

(Korra notices the sandshark swimming towards them from behind.)

Korra: No time for a test run. Let's move!

(Everyone climbs aboard the sailer with Asami at the back holding onto the steering paddle. Korra airbends at the sail to propel them forward. It moves for a short distance and we cut to an overhead view of the escape as the sandshark follows them closely. Cut to Asami looking worriedly at the creature. Switch to a side view shot of the chase as the sandshark slowly gains up on them. As it pops out of the sand, the sand sailer changes course and avoids the shark when it lands back into the sand. The beast pops its head back up again behind the sand sailer. Cut to an aerial shot of the sand dune as they glide away and head up a new dune. Switch to everyone inside the sand sailer.)

Arik: I think he's gone. We did it!

(A cloud of sand obscures the viewer's vision and we cut to a shot of the sand sailer in the air and the sandshark leaping with its mouth open. Switch to an overhead view of the creature's open maw as the sailer slowly falls into the cavity. Cut to the inside of its dark mouth as Korra firebends into its throat. View changes back to the side view shot as we can see fire coming out of the monster's gills and the sand sailer rushes out of its mouth. The shark fall back down into the sand, hurt, and creates a tsunami wave comprising of sand. The vehicle returns back to the ground as it rides on top of the wave that helps them push forth and escape to freedom.

Camera fades to an aerial view of the Misty Palms Oasis as the sand sailer makes its way to the walls of the town. We can see a red dragon laying on the sand outside the wall. Cut to a close up of the makeshift sand sailer as it parks beside a group of sandbenders on their own proper sailer. Korra stops airbending and the mast breaks, causing it and the flag to fall. The sandbenders look on with quiet amusement.)

Asami: (humors) You want to buy a slightly used sand-sailer?

(Everyone disembarks from the vehicle onto the wooden docks.)

Captain: Thanks, Asami. You've got a good head on your shoulders.
Korra: I'm sorry for getting us stranded out there. I didn't mean for that to happen.
Captain: You know, whatever the conflict between you and the Queen is, I'm sure (extends his hand out but it is made of a metal hook instead of flesh and bone) it's above my pay grade. (Korra shakes the hook hand) You got a tough job. (they end the handshake) Good luck, Avatar.

(The captain gives Korra a salute and turns back to his crew)

Arik: Captain, have we been in the desert too long, (he points off-screen and the rest follow his line of sight) or is that really a dragon over there?

(Cut to Zuko's red dragon intently eyeing a pair of camels tied up to a tree. The ropes on the camels are taut as the animals pull away from the dragon in fear. View returns back to the Captain and his team.)

Captain: Ugh. Let's go get a drink.

(Everyone walks off-screen and camera angle changes to Korra watching them walk off. The sound of a dog grunting is heard and Naga tackles Korra down on the wooden planks.)

Korra: (surprised) Ah! (Naga begins to lick her master's face and Korra laughs) Easy, girl. Did you think we weren't coming back for you?

(Korra gives her mount an eskimo kiss with their noses. Cut to the curtains inside a tavern as it is pulled aside to reveal Korra and Asami. Jazz music plays and view changes to the inside of the establishment with Tonraq, Zuko, and Lin seated at a table at the back of the tavern. Korra and Asami runs up to them.)

Korra: What are you all doing here?

(Everyone at the table turns their heads towards the teens)

Tonraq: (stands up) Korra, you're safe.

(Father and daughter share a hug.)

Korra: Yeah, we made it out of the desert, (looks to her friend) thanks to Asami.

(Tonraq gives a nod of gratitude at Asami. Korra walks to Zuko as the ex-Fire Lord stands up to greet her.)

Tonraq: Do you remember Lord Zuko?
Lord Zuko: I met you when you were a very young girl. It's good to see you again, Avatar Korra.
Korra: It's good to see you, Lord Zuko.
Lin: (gives Korra a little glare of annoyance) Thanks for ditching me back at Zaofu.
Korra: Yeah, sorry about that. But how did you all find us?
Lin: (dryly) I am (raises an eyebrow) a detective, you know.
Asami: Did you find Mako and Bolin?
Lin: Some people at the inn saw them get captured by Zaheer's crew. (Korra and Asami frown with concern) We don't know where they are.
Tonraq: Did you hear about the Earth Queen?
Korra: What about her?

(The radio at the bar blares to life and everyone turns their attention to it.)

Radio Broadcaster: Once again, the Earth Queen's reign has come to an abrupt and violent end. (camera slowly zooms in towards the bar) Ba Sing Se has descended into chaos. (cut to a close up of the radio) Rioters and looters have overrun the palace.

(Cut to Korra looking down in quiet anger.)

Korra: The Red Lotus.
Tonraq: (scowls) What's that?
Korra: The name of the group that's been trying to capture me and just took out the Earth Queen. I'm afraid (looks at her father with a soft look on her face) this is only the beginning, Dad.

(Switch to a view of the Misty Palms Oasis bathed in orange light as the Sun is about to set.)

[End Credits]

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