Transcript for 311 - The Ultimatum
The Ultimatum
Written By: Joshua Hamilton
Directed By: Colin Heck
Storyboard By: Eugene Lee, Natasha Presler-Wicke, William Ruzicka
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Long Live the Queen".]

Shiro Shinobi: Ba Sing Se has fallen! After Zaheer and the Red Lotus toppled the Earth Queen, the city descended into chaos. Meanwhile, Korra and Asami tried to escape their captors but crashed in the desert. After getting to safety, they met up with Lord Zuko, Tonraq, and Bei Fong. Back in Ba Sing Se, Zaheer freed Mako and Bolin, giving them a vital message to deliver to Korra. But will the brothers find her in time?

Act I

(Episode opens to an aerial view of the Ba Sing Se palace and smoke emits from various parts of the palace grounds. An Earth Kingdom airship takes off from the landing area. Cut to a looter grabbing an intricate porcelain vase. View changes to another looter grabbing a vertical scenic painting of mountains and trees. Cut to Mako and Bolin walking out of the palace entrance as looters rush in. Bolin looks around in shock.)

Mako: (looks around) I can't believe it. The Upper Ring is in chaos.

(Switch to a trio of looters confronting a royal palace guard who is armed with a spear.)

Looter: (points at the guard) Don't try to stop us. We're taking back what's ours.
Royal Guard: Stop you? (pulls off his hat) I'm gonna join you. (smiles) I know where the good stuff is.

(The guard points his spear towards the inside of the palace and runs off. The looters follow him. Cut Bolin who steps back to allow a looter with a vase on his head and a small bench in hand to pass.)

Bolin: Should we do something? (Another looter passes behind Bolin, carrying a changing screen.)
Mako: This isn't our battle. (walks off-screen) We have to deliver Zaheer's message to Korra immediately.
Bolin: (follows Mako) Right. Okay. Find Korra, deliver message. (Cut to an overhead view of the brothers and more looters rush up the stairs leading into the palace. We can see a more airships taking off in the background.) Yeah, this should be easy. We just gotta get out of the city and get to the desert, then somehow find her in the vast, expansive wasteland (Switch to a close up of the brothers as Mako scans the sky while Bolin slowly grows defeated) that goes on for thousands and thousands of miles. (sighs) This isn't gonna be easy.

(View focuses on an airborne airship and we cut back to Mako.)

Mako: We need an airship.

(Scene changes to one lone airship left on the ground as the looters continue to head to the palace. View switches to the inside of the airship as Mako runs into it. Mako raises a hand up and Bolin runs smack into his brother's hand.)

Bolin: Ooh!

(Both of them look into the inside of the ship with mild surprise. Camera pans out to reveal four looters tinkering with the airship parts.)

Mako: Excuse me, (the looters turn to look at Mako) may I have your attention please? I'm with the Republic City Police, and I need to commandeer this airship to help the Avatar.

(One of the looters peels off a panel from the the wall. Everyone ignores Mako and continues to raid the ship. Cut to a dismayed Mako while his brother quietly stares at the looters.)

Bolin: Let me give it a shot. Hey, the Queen's gold (points out) is on the third floor of the palace! (the looters stop and smile) Second door on the right!

(The raiders leave and Mako smiles at his brother.)

Bolin: (arms akimbo and feeling accomplished) You just gotta know how to talk to them, bro.

(The brothers run to the controls and Bolin sits down in the pilot's chair. Mako is alarmed by the property damage.)

Mako: They took everything. (picks up a couple of frayed wires) I mean, who rips out a transmission radio?
Bolin: Some folks just do not (Mako throws the wires down angrily) have respect For other people's property. (cracks his fingers) Now let's steal this airship! (Bolin sticks a tongue out of his mouth and lands both hands on two different levers)
Mako: You know how to fly this thing?
Bolin: Technically speaking? No. But, come on, how hard can it be?

(A piece of broken glass pops out from its socket. Bolin pushes a lever forward and we immediately cut to the outside where the airship barrels down and scraps along the ground. The civilians begin to panic and they start to run away.)

Mako: (off-screen) Up! Up!
Bolin: I don't see any "up" button. I see levers and switches. Oh, (the airship begins to pull up) there it is.

(The airship finally takes off and scene fades to fires ravaging the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se. Through the smoke, we can see the brothers' airship slowly making its way out. Cut to an overhead view of some citizens looking at an apartment complex burn down. Cut to Mako looking down from the window. Ash and ember float upwards and surround the airship.)

Mako: The whole city is falling to pieces.
Bolin: (glances at his brother worriedly) Mako, our family's down there.

(View changes to Bolin at the pilot's seat and Mako shoves him away, taking over the controls.)

Mako: Move over.
Bolin: Ahh!
Mako: We're getting them out.
Bolin: (sits up) Oh, you think (Mako adjusts a knob off to the side) just because you dated Asami, you know how to fly this better than me?
Mako: Yeah.

(Mako tugs on a lever and we cut to the airship speedily making its way to Yin's apartment and the surrounding buildings are covered in flames. Cut to Bolin who lands on the roof and then slides down a ladder. Cut to the inside of a window as Bolin pops his head in.)

Chow: Bolin? (Camera pans out to Yin's family gathered in the living room and the relatives turn to look at the earthbender) What are (stands up) you doing here?

(Bolin climbs in through the window.)

Bolin: I came to get you guys out. This whole block is about to go up in flames. (Cut to a frontal shot of Bolin as he waves his hand towards the window and we can see Tu, his grandmother and some relatives seated on the ground.) Come on, Mako and I have an airship on the roof. (Bolin starts to move away)
Tu: We can't. (Bolin stops in his tracks and turns around to look at his cousin) Grandma won't go.
Yin: (Cut to a close up of a stubborn Yin) This place is my whole world. (slams a fist down on her lap) I will not leave. (softens her expression) Oh, but I'm so glad (stands up and loops her arms around Bolin's elbow) my little Bolin has come back to visit. Sit down. (tugs her grandson forward but Bolin resists) Would you like some tea?
Bolin: Grandma, (grabs Yin by the shoulders) we don't have time for tea.

(Everyone turns to look at the flames licking the entrance to the apartment and the outline of the doors glow red hot.)

Chow: Mom, please.
Yin: (looks at her son and waves both fists down) No! I can't abandon the place where I raised my family. (turns back to look at Bolin) It's my home.
Bolin: (holds Yin's hands and speaks gently) Grandma, there's one thing that Mako and I have learned from all our years on the street. (Cut to a close up of Yin with tears shining in her eyes) It doesn't matter where you go. If you have your family with you, you'll always be at home.
Yin: (closes her eyes and speaks stubbornly) I'm not going.
Bolin: Fine! (hoists Yin onto his shoulder) You leave me no choice. (gestures to the window) We're rolling out!
Yin: (gasps) Wait. (view changes to the Earth Queen's portrait and Yin takes it in her hands) Okay, let's go.

(View changes to the roof as the family climbs up the ladder and into the airship. Switch to the inside of the apartment complex as it is completed consumed by the inferno. An explosion occurs and glass breaks. The airship sails above the apartment to safety. Cut to a slight aerial view of the Lower Ring as the fire starts to spread. The airship flies into frame and continues to move forward. Scene cuts back to the inside of the airship with Bolin at the controls and Mako along with Tu standing behind him.)

Tu: Thanks for getting us out of there. (Tu starts to brag and Mako crosses his arms and raises an eyebrow.) I mean, I probably could have handled it myself if you guys didn't show up, but thanks.

(The brothers smile and we cut to a close up of Yin hanging the Earth Queen's picture on a wall of the airship.)

Yin: (kisses at the portrait with her hands and puts them in a praying gesture) May she rest in peace. (Mako walks into frame with a map in hand and Yin turns towards him.) This airship is nice. Is it our new home?
Mako: (rests a hand on Yin's shoulder) No, Grandma, I'm not sure where we're gonna take you. But right now, we need to find Korra.
Chow: (walks in) Did something happen to the Avatar?
Mako: (grabs the map) I'm afraid so. (Cut to a close up of the map being rolled open to reveal a map of the Earth Kingdom and its military bases) Her airship went down somewhere in the desert. (points to the desert on the map) She was coming from a military base near the Misty Palms Oasis and heading (points to the walled city on the map) to Ba Sing Se. (Cut to a full view of all the relatives listening to Mako's plan) If we retrace her route back to the base, we should find the wreckage.

(Location changes to the Si Wong Desert shrouded in darkness but the Sun rises, illuminating its rays on the sand. Camera fades to a view of all the relatives gathered on both sides of the ship, looking out the window. Camera fades to a pregnant relative with a hand on her belly looking out the window and we can see her reflection in the glass. She looks a little despondent. Camera fades again to the outside of the ship looking in and we see the relatives at the windows slowly growing tired. A young girl yawns. Tu has a telescope in hand. Camera fades to the children sleeping either on the floor or in their mother's lap. Cut back to Tu still looking through the spyglass.)

Tu: Guys, (an older man beside him stirs) it's the wreckage! (Cut to Mako at the controls and he along with Bolin turn their attention to Tu) I found it. (switch to an over the shoulder shot of Tu as he points to ruins in the distance) There.

(Cut to the shambles on the ground as the airship hovers above it)

Mako: (off-screen) That's a Ba Sing Se airship, all right. But where's the rest of it?

(View changes to the brothers and Tu at the window.)

Bolin: I don't know, (points out and camera cuts to an aerial view of the wreckage) but there are some tracks.

(Camera pans out to a winding curvy trail of the sandsailer's route from the previous episode. The airship follows and scene changes to Zuko's dragon sleeping outside the Misty Palms Oasis. It lifts its head up suddenly and beats its wings, flying off the ground with a roar. The airship roughly lands at the spot the dragon was on. Cut to an aerial view of the village as the airship creaks. We can see that Zuko's mount has perched itself on the walls of the Misty Palms Oasis. View changes to the controls of the airship. Mako's hair is messy, Bolin is splayed out on the control panel while Tu is on the floor rubbing his head.)

Bolin: See? I told you, landing is hard.

(Mako looks at Bolin tiredly. Scene switches to a fish spirit flying down to the ice fountain and we see a myriad of spirits playing in the frozen water. The brothers walk in followed by their extended family.)

Female Relative: (gasps in awe) Spirits!
Bolin: (jumps and stands on the side of the fountain to address his relatives) Okay, guys, we think Korra found her way back here. (Pabu squeaks and climbs up Bolin's legs) Now let's split off into teams and scour the town. (Pabu perches on Bolin's shoulder and he notices) Yes, we'll need your help too, Pabu. (Cut to a close up of Bolin) Now just give me a second while I- (gasps as he takes a look at Pabu once more) Wait. (grabs his fire ferret with both hands) Pabu? (he has tears in his eyes) Pabu!

(Bolin swings his pet in the air for a short while before hugging the creature close to his body and yelling with joy. Pabu squeaks happily. Cut to a close up of Yin and Chow looking at Bolin with disbelief.)

Yin: (whispers to her son) Why is Bolin hugging that big rat? (Chow shakes his head and Yin puts both hands on her mouth) Ew. (turns away) Now he's kissing it.

(Cut to Bolin kissing Pabu's snout.)

Bolin: I'm never gonna let you go again.

(Cut to Tu pointing off-screen in alarm)

Tu: Guys, look out! (rushing footsteps can be heard) Giant dog-beast thingy!

(The relatives disperse, leaving Mako alone as he turns to the side with his eyes wide open. Switch to an side view shot of Mako as Naga pounces on him, throwing the firebender down on the ground. The polar bear-dog licks Mako happily.)

Mako: (puts both hands up in an attempt to stop Naga's licking) Okay, all right, Naga. (Bolin runs up to his brother) It's good to see you too. (Cut to a close up of Mako's face as Naga licks all of it) Ahh, stop. (turns to the side and Naga licks Mako's ear) You're licking my mouth.

(Naga finally stops and Mako sits up, coughing and wiping his lips against the back of his glove.)

Bolin: (off-screen) Asami! Korra!

(Mako looks up with surprise. View switches to both girls running out from an establishment.)

Mako: You guys are okay!

(Mako pushes himself off the ground and both brothers rush up to them. Bolin hugs Asami and lifts her off the ground while Mako embraces Korra with a wide smile on his face. Korra is stunned for a second before placing a hand on his back to return the hug.)

Mako: (awkwardly pulls away) Sorry, (nervously) I was just- (Korra continues to smile up at Mako) It's so good to see you.
Korra: It's really good to see you too, (Bolin walks up to Korra and she turns to her friend) both of you.
Lin: (off-screen) Good. (The teens turn their attention towards the voice and we cut to the adults stepping out of the tavern) You guys aren't dead.
Mako: Don't get all mushy on me, Chief. (bows) Tonraq, sir.

(Cut to Tonraq who gives a nod of acknowledgement. Bolin comically slides in and gawks at Zuko with admiration. Zuko and Lin look at the earthbender's antics.)

Bolin: Oh, my gosh. (whispers to Mako behind him) It's Lord Zuko. (starts to squee) I can't believe it.

(Bolin whimpers and flails about as he tries to reach out to touch Zuko but stops himself. Mako pulls his brother back.)

Mako: Uh, forgive my brother. (bows to Zuko) We're just really honored (Bolin bows as well) to meet you, sir.
Lord Zuko: (returns the bow) It's a pleasure to meet you as well.

(Cut to Asami looking on and Yin walks in and takes Asami's hands in her grasp.)

Yin: You must be the Avatar. (Asami smiles nervously) Mako told me so much about you. (Asami cringes a bit but maintains the smile) You are even more beautiful than I imagined. (Mako walks to his grandmother with Korra beside him and Asami looks up.)
Mako: Uh, actually, (Asami gives another nervous grin) that's Asami. (he gestures to Korra) This is Avatar Korra. (Yin releases her hold on Asami and turns to the Avatar) Korra, this is my Grandma, Yin.

(Korra extends a hand out for a handshake but Yin holds Korra's arm with both hands and examines them.)

Yin: You are very... muscular for a woman. (smiles)
Korra: (awkwardly) Um, thanks. You too?

(Yin holds Korra and Asami in each hand.)

Yin: What lovely young women. (Korra smiles at Yin) Mako, why aren't you dating any nice girls (all three teens widen their eyes in shock) like them?

(There is a brief silence as Korra and Asami smirk while Mako still looks apprehensive.)

Asami: (breaks the silence) Uh... so what happened to you two? Where have you been?
Mako: We were captured by Zaheer and taken to Ba Sing Se. (turns to Korra) We were there when the Earth Queen was overthrown.
Korra: What? (turns to Bolin as he walks in) How did you escape?
Mako: Zaheer let us go.
Korra: (glances at Bolin) Why would he do that?
Bolin: Because he wanted us to find you and deliver a message.

(Cut to a close up of a concerned Mako.)

Mako: Zaheer is headed to the Northern Air Temple as we speak. He said he's gonna wipe out the new Air Nation and everyone in it, unless you turn yourself over to him.

(Camera switches to a profile shot of Korra as she widens her eyes with horror. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to Team Avatar and the adults gathered around in a circle.)

Korra: (sadly) Zaheer's threatening innocent lives, just to get to me.
Tonraq: He (Lin, Bolin, and Mako turn towards him) could be bluffing.
Mako: He's (Lin & Bolin turn to the firebender) already taken out the Earth Queen. I don't think he bluffs.
Korra: We need to radio Tenzin and warn him that the Red Lotus is coming.
Mako: I agree. Unfortunately, We don't have a radio on the airship.
Tonraq: (off-screen) There's a portable radio in the jeep, (cut to an overhead shot of the whole group) but the signal will never make it to the Northern Air Temple.
Lin: We need to get to a place that has a strong radio transmitter. The Metal Clan will have one.
Korra: Let's go. We'll radio Su on the way. (looks down) Hopefully she can get ahold of Tenzin at the air temple by the time we get to Zaofu.

(Location changes to the airship and Zuko's dragon flying towards the docking platform in Zaofu. View changes to the docking bay itself as Su waits for everyone to disembark from the airship. Cut to a close up profile shot of Su with her hands clapsed together and looking worried.)

Korra: Did you (camera pulls out a bit as Korra, Tonraq, and Lin walk up to the matriach) have any luck getting through to Tenzin?
Su: (frowns slightly) No one's answering. (perturbed and hunches over slightly) What if Zaheer is already up there? I should never have let Opal go.
Lin: (walks up to her sister and rests a hand on Su's shoulder) It's going to be okay, Su.
Su: I hope so.

(Cut to a hand adjusting a couple of dials on the radio. There is some static followed by silence on the other end of the radio. Camera changes angles to a frontal shot of the radio operator looking back at Korra.)

Radio Operator: We have a strong signal, but no one's answering.
Korra: I can't just sit around here while a madman is on his way to the Northern Air Temple. We have to do something!
Su: I'll ready my airship. (determined) With the full force of the Metal Clan Security backing us, we can take them. (Su turns and walks out of the radio room)
Mako: We'll never make it up there before Zaheer.
Korra: There might be another way to stop him. It's a long shot, but Zaheer is always meditating into the Spirit World, and I know exactly where he goes. Xai Bau's Grove. If I could find him there, maybe I could somehow trap him.
Lin: We can't protect you in there. I don't like it.
Korra: I'll be fine. I have to try.
Asami: I'll watch over her as she meditates.
Bolin: I guess in the meantime, Mako and I will stay here and try to get through to the temple.
Tonraq: We'll help Su ready the airship.

(Tonraq, Asami, and Korra turn to exit the room. As they leave, Yin is revealed to be in the background, looking out of a window. View changes to the window outside looking in at Yin.)

Yin: I'm going to take a nap.

(Yin walks away too. Scene changes to Korra seated in the lotus position in front of a small tree. Asami sits on her knees beside her friend. Calming, spiritual music plays as the camera slowly zooms in on both girls. Cut to a close up of Korra's face with her eyes closed and the camera slowly fades away to her in the Spirit World. Korra opens her eyes and camera zooms out to reveal Korra standing under the rain tree at Xai Bau's Grove. The area around the tree is surrounded by thick white fog.)

Korra: (looks around) Zaheer, come out! (camera zooms out slightly to show Korra alone at the grove) Face me! Leave the airbenders out of this.

(Cut to Korra again as she first looks angry, then dismayed, and followed shortly by mild surprise as a shadow appears behind her beyond the fog. She turns towards the approaching person.)

Korra: There you are.

(Camera switches to a close up of the bulky figure as it contiues to walk forward.)

Uncle Iroh: Please don't hurt me, (Iroh breaks through the mist and we can see his face clearly) Korra. I'm just an old man.
Korra: (amazed) Iroh? What are you doing here?
Uncle Iroh: (walks up to the Avatar) I was just out searching for a new teapot to add to my collection, but instead I found you. (opens his arms wide and chuckles heartily) In the Spirit World, you always seem to find something you didn't know you were looking for.

(Iroh smiles and camera switches to Korra who returns the smile briefly before looking depressed. Cut back to Iroh who is concerned.)

Uncle Iroh: You look troubled.
Korra: (avoiding his gaze) I am.
Uncle Iroh: Sit. (both of them sit cross legged on the grass) What is on your mind?
Korra: (frowns) There's a maniac on the loose, (Iroh listens intently) and he's threatening to destroy the new Air Nation. I don't know what to do. (looks to the ground helplessly)
Uncle Iroh: Just because you are the Avatar doesn't mean you will have all the answers.
Korra: I know many Avatars have needed guidance, but I'm the only one since Avatar Wan that can't get help from my past lives. I wish I could talk to Aang.
Uncle Iroh: (touches his beard) You know, Zuko and Aang were close friends.
Korra: Lord Zuko, of course.
Uncle Iroh: Yes, my nephew. Their relationship started off (closes one eye and waves one hand around from side to side in a so-so gesture) a little rocky, (puts his hand down and opens his eye) but they grew to become lifelong friends. (smiles wistfully) Best friends.
Korra: (looks at Iroh with realization) Thank you. Thank you so much. You're right about the Spirit World. (smiles wistfully at Iroh) I came here looking for someone else, but I'm glad I found you.

(Iroh looks at Korra fondly as she slowly fades away. Cut back to the physical world as Korra stirs, catching Asami's attention.)

Asami: Did you find Zaheer?
Korra: No, he wasn't there. But there's someone I need to talk to.

(Scene changes to Zuko strapping his bag to his dragon as Korra walks up to him.)

Korra: You're leaving? (Zuko tugs on the straps) Aren't you coming to the air temple with us?
Lord Zuko: I'm sorry, (stops his movement) but I can't. I'm going back to the Fire Nation. If it's true that the Red Lotus is targeting the Nation's leaders, I need to protect my daughter.
Korra: I understand, you have to keep the Fire Lord safe. But before you leave, I was wondering if you could help me with something.
Lord Zuko: I was often Aang's council, (turns to Korra and gives her a smile) and I'd love to be yours.
Korra: That's just it, you knew Aang better than anyone. I was wondering if you knew what he might do if he were in my situation.
Lord Zuko: (places a hand on his chin and closes his eyes) Hmm, rebuilding the Air Nation was Aang's biggest dream. (opens his eyes and pulls his fingers away from his beard slightly) He would be beside himself with joy with what you've done, and if he accomplished that goal, he might have sacrificed anything to protect it.
Korra: (dismayed) So he would give himself up to save the Air Nation?
Lord Zuko: I don't know for sure. The airbenders might have been closest to Aang's heart, but as the Avatar, he was concerned with people of all nations. No one knew better than Aang that in times of turmoil, (places a hand on Korra's shoulder) the World needs its Avatar the most.
Korra: (smiles) Thanks. (Zuko removes his hand from Korra's shoulder) Your uncle was right. It was helpful talking to you.
Lord Zuko: (mild surprise) Wait, (speaks quietly) you spoke with my uncle?
Korra: Yes, in the Spirit World. A couple of times actually.

(Cut to a close up of Zuko with his eyes wide open in bewilderment.)

Mako: (off-screen) Guys, (camera pans out to Mako who runs up to Korra and Zuko) we got through to the air temple!

(The three of them run off. Scene changes to Bolin looking frustrated in front of the radio with a hand on his head. Korra, Mako, and Zuko enter the room behind the earthbender.)

Meelo: (off-screen, over the radio) Who is this?
Bolin: I told you, (grabs the microphone irritably) it's Bolin!
Meelo: Bolin's not here (a frame of Meelo slides into view and occupies half the screen) right now, (digs his nose) can I take a message? (pulls out the booger and wipes it under the table)
Bolin: No, I'm not looking for Bolin, (Meelo looks bored) I am Bolin! Ahh, look, I need you to find your dad.
Meelo: He's outside with the bison. (exicted) Did you know we found a whole herd full of baby bison?
Bolin: No. A whole herd, really?

(Korra shoves Bolin away roughly and grabs the microphone)

Korra: Meelo, this is your commanding officer. Go get your dad, now.
Meelo: (salutes) Yes, sir.

(Meelo leaves the room and we cut to Korra as she occupies the whole frame.)

Korra: Come on. Come on.
Tenzin: (off-screen, over the radio) Hello, (Korra smiles with relief) this is Tenzin.
Korra: Tenzin, listen to me carefully. Zaheer is on his way to the temple. He's coming for the airbenders. You have to get everyone out of there immediately. Drop everything. Leave now!
Tenzin: (over the radio) Oh, no.
Korra: What? (Cut to Tenzin with his jaw slightly agape as he looks out the window) What is it? (the whirring of propellers can be heard) Tenzin! Tenzin, what's happening?
Tenzin: It's too late. (View changes to the window looking out as the Red Lotus stand at the entrance of their airship) He's here.

(Cut to a close up of Zaheer with his glider in hand as he stares down at the air temple. His girlfriend, P'li, can be seen behind him. Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to a scenic shot of the Northern Air Temple. Tense music plays as Zaheer's airship slowly pulls in towards the temple. Cut to Meelo and Tenzin looking out of the window of the radio room as the airship passes by.)

Meelo: (glances at Tenzin) What is it, Daddy?
Tenzin: (looks at his son) We need to get everyone out of here. (picks up his glider staff leaning against the window) Stay close to me.

(View changes to the outside of the window as Tenzin and Meelo open their gliders and fly out. Scene changes to a courtyard as the airship casts a shadow on it when it passes by. Tenzin and his son can be seen heading towards the courtyard. Cut to a close up of the people in the courtyard with prominent members like Bumi and Kai looking up at the airship. Tenzin lands, catching Bumi's attention.)

Bumi: What's going on, Tenzin?
Tenzin: It's Zaheer. Round everyone up. We need to get to the bison and evacuate immediately.

(Everyone runs off. Scene changes to the pole balancing course as Daw and another airbender practice circle walking in front of the poles while the other airbenders spectate. Kai runs in.)

Kai: Guys, we got an emergency. We're evacuating the temple. (waves a hand) Come on.

(They start to run off but before they can leave, the ground in front of them suddenly turns into lava.)

Kai: Look out!

(The airbenders propel themselves backwards, away from harm. Kai and the others look up at the roof and we can see Ghazan studying them from his vantage point.

Location changes to a group of female airbenders, including Opal and Kya, meditating in a room. The door opens and they look towards it. Cut to Bumi who appears a little anxious.)

Bumi: It's Zaheer. We have to leave.

(Scene changes to a walkway outside as Kya and her brother run off with the airbenders. A female screams loudly off-screen as the sound of water is heard. Everyone turns around and view changes to Ming-Hua who has Opal coiled up in one water arm while her other water arm is now an ice scythe.)

Ming-Hua: No one's going anywhere, (Cut to a close up of Ming-Hua as she slowly brings the scythe close to Opal who is terrified) or she gets it.

(Cut to Tenzin and his family running along a corridor. As they make their way to the walkway outside, Tenzin stops and Zaheer folds his glider staff and lands in front of him.)

Zaheer: Good, the entire family is here.

(Zaheer gives an evil smirk and we cut to Tenzin with an arm out, shielding his family. Scene changes to a satellite building seen in "The Northern Air Temple" episode on ATLA. Cut to the courtyard inside of the building as everyone is huddled on the ground in front of Zaheer and Ming-Hua. Ghazan walks in and shoves Kai towards his fellow airbenders. Cut to a frontal shot of the airbenders with Tenzin's family right in front and Pema clutches Rohan tightly while Tenzin has his arms around his wife. Kya can be seen hugging Opal at the back.)

Zaheer: (steps up) It's a pleasure to finally meet a true airbending master.
Tenzin: What is it you want from us?
Zaheer: Nothing at all. In fact, if everyone cooperates, you will all walk out of this situation unharmed.
Tenzin: Then what are you doing here?
Zaheer: I want Korra, (view pans out to show Ming-Hua and Ghazan in bending stances) and I'm tired of chasing her.
Tenzin: You're using us as leverage?
Zaheer: Yes.
Tenzin: (stands up) I will never let you get to Korra.
Zaheer: (darkly) Unfortunately, you don't have a choice.
Tenzin: (seriously) Yes, I do.

(Tenzin thrusts both his palms out and airbends the three Red Lotus members as they slam into the wall behind them. Cut back to Tenzin.)

Tenzin: Jinora, get everyone out of here! Bumi, Kya, help me hold them off.

(P'li's combustion bending can be heard and Tenzin bends a protective arc of air in front of him as he jumps back. P'li's attack lands on the spot where he was just standing on. Cut to Tenzin who bends the resulting smoke away and he gazes up at the airship. Camera switches to P'li standing at the doorway of the airship and we return back to Tenzin with the airbenders standing behind him.)

Tenzin: (points to the airship) And stay out of her line of sight. Go. (Zaheer and the others can be seen getting up in the background) Go!

(The airbenders run off, leaving Tenzin and his siblings behind. Cut back to P'li as she unleashes another attack and view switches back to the ground as the airbenders retreat with Kai being the last one. He jumps up to avoid P'li's charge which hits the ground. She sends another blast even when the airbenders have cleared the area.

View changes to Ghazan, Ming-Hua, and Zaheer who have recovered from Tenzin's air attack. Cut to an overhead shot of the airship as it pulls away from the courtyard, revealing the Red Lotus members walking towards Aang's children who stand their ground. Cut to a close up of the siblings as Kya pulls a stream of water from the nearby fountain and she along with her brothers get into defensive stances. Switch to the Red Lotus members as Ghazan gets into a horse stance, Ming-Hua bends her water arms while Zaheer twirls his staff.

Location changes to Kai and the other airbenders taking refuge at the end of a sheltered corridor leading to the bison stables outside. Kai and Jinora pause at the mouth of the entrance. Cut to a close up of the air bisons which are unaware of the commotion. View changes to a close up of Kai with his back pressed against the wall as he peeks out at the sky. He waves at them to move forward but as soon as they do, P'li strikes the ground in front of them and the airbenders retreat back into the walkway. P'li sends another attack at the spot where Kai was just at. Cut back to the inside of the corridor as Kai gives a yelp and presses his back on the wall again.)

Pema: (clutches Rohan closer to her body) It's too dangerous. (View switches to the camera looking out of the walkway as the airship slowly circles in the air) We'll never make it to the stables with her up there.

(Kai looks defeated and the camera zooms in on him. Scene changes to Zaheer cartwheeling in the air and landing on the ground as Tenzin chases him. Tenzin sends a blast of air at Zaheer and the Red Lotus leader somersaults backwards to avoid the attack. Tenzin attacks him once more and Zaheer leaps onto a nearby statue, using it to climb up to the second floor. Cut to an overhead shot of Zaheer as he grunts when he grabs the railing of the second floor. Tenzin can be seen jumping upwards to follow him. Zaheer bends himself to the third floor and we cut to the rooftop as Zaheer appears but his jump gets interrupted by Tenzin bending a gust of air at him from below.

Zaheer lands on his shoulder on the roof but he quickly pushes himself off the ground as Tenzin appears on the rooftop, sending another attack at Zaheer who shifts his body to the side and he continues to run across the roof. Tenzin sends a second blast but Zaheer still dodges, leaping up the wall of a nearby building to land a small rooftop sticking out of the wall. Tenzin propels himself to the roof in one clean movement. Cut to an overhead view of the confrontation as Zaheer bends at Tenzin who swipes the attack away. Zaheer cartwheels backwards to kick a blast of air at Tenzin but the airbending master swipes it away with his hands again. Zaheer kicks again but Tenzin continues to knock the air away.

Zaheer then leaps up a few smaller rooftops to land on a long ledge and assumes he is safe from Tenzin but the master leaps up from behind him and kicks a blast at Zaheer, knocking the Red Lotus leader backwards. Cut to Zaheer who catches himself on the ground and spins his legs to right himself. As he does so, he sends an attack to Tenzin. Zaheer somersaults forward and sends a second attack from his feet. Cut to Tenzin who jumps up and twists his body to avoid the blast. As he lands, Zaheer is very close to him so Tenzin thrusts both palms out to bend a gale at Zaheer. However, Zaheer jumps above Tenzin's head and the frame rate slows down as Tenzin glances at Zaheer leaping over him. The frame rate returns back to normal when Zaheer lands on his feet and quickly places a hand on the ground, pushing himself off the ledge and angling his legs at Tenzin with yet another attack.

Scene fades to Kya getting pushed backwards by a stream of water and she intercepts the liquid, allowing it to accumulate in front of her before it bursts, throwing her off momentarily. Ming-Hua jumps up and Kya gasps, running off to the side and rolling on the ground. Ming-Hua slaps her water arm at the spot where Kya was just at. Ming-Hua swings and extends her water arms as they turn into ice scythes. The first swing decapitates a statue and Kya dodges the second swing. Cut to a close up of Kya as she ducks again to avoid the third swing and the frame rate slows down when the fourth swing slides very close to Kya's torso. Kya moves her hands up and breaks the ice, creating a shard. The frame rate returns to normal and she tosses it at Ming-Hua like a boomerang. Ming-Hua catches the fragment with her water arm and sends it to Kya along with a second shard. Ming-Hua also sends a third ice chunk.

Cut to Kya swiping the first ice piece away, followed by the second but she stops and looks at her arm weirdly when she's done with the second chunk. Kya doesn't notice the third piece and it slams head on into her and she is pushed backwards against the wall. Ming-Hua takes the opportunity by forming her water arms into an ice drill and she smiles with glee as she drills her way towards Kya. Katara's daughter rolls on the ground and bends more water from the fountain and sends it towards Ming-Hua. Cut to the balcony outside as Ming-Hua is thrown out of the courtyard and off the balcony into the abyss below as the water follows her.

Camera focuses on the huge puddles left on the ground as Kya walks into the balcony, holding onto her injured shoulder. The puddles slowly disappear and Kya is alarmed. A few seconds later, Ming-Hua pulls herself back up and she now has six water arms.)

Kya: No!

(Cut to a close up of Ming-Hua as she grins evilly and sends three arms at Ming-Hua. View changes back into the courtyard as Kya is pushed back into it and she skids along the ground. Ming-Hua swings in like a spider and Kya runs off. Upstairs, we can see Bumi running along the second floor and the corridor above him turns into lava, forming a hole. Ghazan runs along the third floor and drops in down from the hole to chase Bumi. The lavabender than turns the corridor into lava and it quickly catches up to Bumi and he jumps upwards with airbending to go over the ledge before heading back on the ground. Bumi rolls on the ground to protect his head and when he properly lands, the earth beneath him glows red hot.

Camera pans out to Ghazan punching his arm upwards as a stream of lava shoots up from the ground beneath Bumi but the commander uses airbending to leap away in time. Ghazan bends the lava and sends it to Bumi who runs up the wall and propels himself from the surface with airbending, sending him towards Ghazan. Cut to the ground behind Ghazan as Bumi slides on the ground in between Ghazan's legs. Bumi pushes himself off the ground and jumps onto Ghazan's back, wrapping both arms around his neck in an attempt to choke him. Ghazan flails around comically and he attempts to reach backwards to grab Bumi but the airbender tugs on Ghazan's long hair, causing the lavabender to yelp.

Cut to a close up of Bumi as he sinks his teeth in Ghazan's shoulder. Camera pans out and Ghazan earthbends a pillar behind him, flinging Bumi off his back. View changes to Bumi on the ground as he gets up and Kya can be seen entering the frame in the background as she avoids two shots of water from Ming-Hua. The armless waterbender swings in anyway and slaps Kya back to her brother. The siblings stand back to back and pant as they get into bending stances but also looking afraid at the same time.)

Bumi: (still panting) I see you're having as much fun as I am.

(Scene changes to an overhead view of the airship with multiple pockmarks on the ground as P'li combustion bends again. Cut back to the sheltered walkway where the airbenders are still hiding.)

Kai: I can't wait any longer.

(He walks up to Daw and grabs a glider staff from him before heading out of the tunnel.)

Jinora: Wait, (Kai stops in his tracks) what are you doing?
Kai: (glances back at Jinora) Whatever I can. (runs out into the open) Get to the bison! Get out of here!

(View changes to P'li who takes aim. Cut back to Kai on the ground as he runs forward and narrowly avoids getting hit by P'li twice. He gets thrown off the balcony at the second blast but he opens his glider and flies. P'li blasts the spot beside him and there is a lot of turbulence as the glider shoots forward. Cut to another shot of Kai as he flies past the airship and P'li tries to hit him but her shot lands on the mountainside. Cut to P'li who returns her attention back to the other airbenders who are desperately running to the air bison stables.

Cut back to Kai who notices that P'li isn't attacking him and he angles his glider, sending him back to the airship. Cut to P'li as Kai flies into view and she has just combustion bended but Kai bends a gust of air at her, causing her to lose aim and hitting more of the mountain above the fleeing airbenders. View changes to P'li as she turns her head slowly to track Kai's movements in the air. Cut to Kai as he hears the combustion attack and he quickly airbends a sphere around him. The blast hits the air shield and we cut to Jinora who turns around and sees Kai falling.)

Jinora: (tears in her eyes) Kai! No.

(Switch to an unconscious Kai as he plummets down the mountain. Cut to the air bisons in the stables but P'li scares them away with combustion bending, leaving the airbenders stranded with no hope to escape. Everyone looks up at the airship and we cut to P'li glancing down at them with an unreadable expression on her face.

Scene changes to Bumi getting hit by water and landing in the balcony Ming-Hua recently fell from. Cut to an overhead shot of the balcony as Kya walks into frame with a stream of water surrounding her. She uses to water to bend up a wall of ice to intercept a chunk of earth. The siblings' clothes are torn and blackened. Another earth attack shatters Kya's ice, causing Bumi to lose his footing briefly and he glances at the hole in the ledge behind him. Cut to Ghazan as he punches the ground, sending an earth snake at Kya and Bumi who are thrown off the balcony.

As they fall, Bumi slows his descent with airbending and manages to grab onto a ledge below. He grabs onto his sister with the other hand and the dangle precariously.)

Bumi: I got you.

(Cut to a close up of Bumi holding Kya's wrist. Camera pans up to Bumi who strains and something catches his attention off-screen. Cut to a shot of the airship circling around the corner towards the siblings. Camera focuses on P'li for a split second before it cuts to an overhead shot of Bumi and Kya.)

Kya: Bumi, let go.
Bumi: But we could die.
Kya: We're gonna die if we hang on.

(Cut to P'li who unleashes her attack and a flash of bright light emits from her forehead as the frame rate slows again. Cut back to Bumi with his eyes closed and the frame rate returns to normal as he releases his hold on the ledge and brother and sister fall. A second later, P'li's shot hits the ledge. Bumi and Kya scream as they pass through a small bush on the cliffside. They slide along the length of the cliff wall before rolling off the ledge and hitting two more tree branches and landing roughly on another ridge below. Both groan with pain but are unable to get up.

Scene changes to Tenzin on a walkway avoiding an air attack as he sends one back to Zaheer who dodges. Tenzin leaps over Zaheer when he airbends again and Zaheer quickly kicks backwards. Tenzin swiftly avoids the blast by standing on one leg and bending back in a T-shape position in the same pose as Aang in the opening sequence. As he does that, he shoots a stream of air from his fingers, sending Zaheer back. Tenzin runs up to Zaheer and jumps up to land a finishing blow. As he jumps, P'li combustion bends the mountain beside Tenzin, knocking him off course down to the courtyard below.

Cut to Tenzin who cushions his fall with airbending and his robes are now singed. He lands on the ground in a bending pose but he gets hit by a stream of water and a slab of rock from off-screen, making him fall to the ground. Tenzin stands up and spins around in a circle to avoid small ice spheres. One ice orb shatters against his outstretched palm. A small chunk of rock hits him when he's distracted and another ice ball along with an additional rock strikes him. A gust of air from off-screen knocks him to the ground.

View switches to Tenzin sliding along the ground in front of Ming-Hua as Ghazan and Zaheer surround him. Cut to a haggard Tenzin as he struggles to stand and camera quickly pans out to him sending blasts of air in all three directions, catching the Red Lotus members by surprise. He forms a protective shield of air around him but P'li strikes him from the airship. Cut to a pillar as Tenzin slams against it and falls to the ground. Tenzin places a hand on the wall and slowly stands up. Cut to a close up of Tenzin as he groans with pain and grabs his shoulder with one hand. One of his eyes is bruised. Zaheer steps into frame and we cut to an overhead view of the Red Lotus having Tenzin surrounded.)

Zaheer: Give up. It's over.

(Cut to a profile shot of Tenzin's bruised face.)

Tenzin: As long as I'm breathing, (opens his eyes to look at Zaheer) it's not over.

(Camera pans out and Tenzin weakly attacks Zaheer who avoids the shot. Zaheer retaliates by air blasting Tenzin back to the pillar. Cut to a close up of Tenzin as he pants. View changes to Zaheer as he narrows his eyes. Cut to the back of the courtyard with the Red Lotus far behind in the background. Camera slowly pans left towards a wall as the Red Lotus members take turns to attack Tenzin who doesn't fight back and grunts with each hit. As the camera finally hits the wall, we can't see the showdown any more but we can hear Tenzin let out a cry of pain.

Scene changes to a close up of an unconscious Kai and a bison tongue enters the frame to lick his face. Kai stirs and opens his eyes.)

Kai: Whoa!

(Camera zooms out quickly to reveal Kai hanging upside down with one of his legs stuck in between a pair of tree branches. We can see a curious baby bison flying beside him. The bison flies down off-screen and Kai slowly sits up to grab the branch, freeing his leg. He drops down and camera pans down to him landing on the baby bison's back.)

Kai: (rubs the bison's head affectionately) Thanks, buddy. Yip-yip.

(The calf turns around and flies away from the camera, off into the distance)

[End Credits]

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