Transcript for 312 - Enter the Void
Enter the Void
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino
Directed By: Ian Graham
Storyboard By: Young Ki Yoon, Christopher Palmer, Elsa Garagarza, Dean Kelly, Steve Ahn, Johane Matte, Shaunt Nigoghossian
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "The Ultimatum".]

Shiro Shinobi: The new Air Nation is in jeopardy! In an effort to force Korra to surrender herself, Zaheer ambushed the Northern Air Temple. Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya attempted to hold off the Red Lotus but were injured in battle. The airbenders were unable to escape and everyone was taken captive, except Kai. Now Korra and Team Avatar race to the temple, hoping to mount a rescue.

Act I

(Episode opens to Team Avatar's airship flying over mountain ridges in the evening. Cut to Su's hand placing a figure of the airship on a map featuring the Northern Air Temple.)

Su: I say we make our approach from the West, drop down from the airship on cables. (camera pans out to everyone surrounding the table and listening to Su who is now armored with a metallic chest plate) Ambush these Red Lotus lowlifes before they know what hit them.

(Tonraq and Lin turn to the matriach and we cut to Korra looking sadly out of the window with the adults behind her.)

Lin: It will never work. That Combustion Lady will pick us off one by one.

(Camera focuses on Su.)

Su: You have a better idea how to save the airbenders?
Lin: Yeah. (camera zooms out as she points to the map) We come up from the valley, scale the side of the mountain, and take them off guard.
Tonraq: That could work.
Su: And give them the high ground? No! If their lavabender spots us, he'll melt the mountainside and us with it.
Bolin: Wait! (the adults turn to him) I got it. (camera pans right as he talks to Asami and Mako) I'll disguise myself as a lost hiker. And once I'm in the temple, I'll distract the Red Lotus with my bird calls. (whistles a bird call) Caw! Caw! (whistles a bird call) Caw! Caw! That's when you all strike!
Mako: (raises an eyebrow along with Asami) Bird calls? Really?
Bolin: Well, I haven't noticed you offering any suggestions.
Korra: (off-screen and everyone turns towards her) It doesn't matter. (cut to a back view of Korra) None of these ideas will work. The second Zaheer realizes we're up to something, (cut to a frontal shot of Korra) he'll wipe out the airbenders.
Su: And Opal is one of those airbenders. (rests a hand on her chest) Believe me, I understand what's at stake.
Korra: Then I think you'll agree. (turns towards the adults) The only plan that will work is for me to give myself up.
Mako: What?
Lin: Korra, no.
Tonraq: We'll figure out another way.
Korra: I talked it over with Lord Zuko, and I've given it a lot of thought. I have to do this.
Asami: (worriedly) You can't expect us to sit by and just let Zaheer take you.

(Cut back to Korra who pleads with them and the camera slowly zooms in on her as she speaks.)

Korra: The World has been out of balance for far too long. It needs the Air Nation back again. I can't let Zaheer destroy it and everyone we love. (closes her eyes and opens them with fierce determination) Help me save the airbenders. Then you can can worry about saving me.

(View changes to Tonraq and Su as they share a look for a moment before returning their attention to Korra.)

Tonraq: We're with you, Korra.
Su: Yes, (Asami nods in the background) whatever you need. We're here.
Korra: I'll go radio Zaheer.

(Korra walks off sadly and we cut to a door as Korra opens it and walks into the room, leaving the adults behind her. The door slams shut soon after.

Location changes to a scenic view of the Northern Air Temple. Cut to the radio room inside the temple.)

Korra: (over the radio) Zaheer, are you there? (a hand enters the screen to pick up the microphone) It's me.

(Camera pans out to Zaheer looking out of the window and speaking to Korra on the radio.)

Zaheer: I've been waiting for your call. So, do we have a deal?

(Cut to Korra looking out of the window on the airship as they negotiate.)

Korra: Yes. You release the airbenders, and then I'll turn myself over.

(Camera fades back to Zaheer.)

Zaheer: And take away the only leverage I have? No. I can't do that. Listen carefully. Here's what I want you to do.

(The music ends on a climax and we cut to Mako seated down and looking annoyed as Bolin walks past in front of him.)

Mako: Will you (camera zooms out to reveal the three teens waiting worriedly) sit down? I'm already tense enough as it is!
Bolin: I'm just worried about Opal. (clasps his hands together) And Pabu's not here to comfort me. I hope he and Naga are doing okay back in Zaofu.

(Scene changes to a guest room in Zaofu as Naga and Pabu play tug of war with their mouths using Mako's scarf. Pabu struggles really hard to pull the scarf away as Naga passively sits on the floor without batting an eyelid. Naga then growls and begins to pull the scarf before standing up. The scarf and Pabu dangles off the ground. Pabu squeaks and Yin walks in with anxiety.)

Yin: (touches Naga's snout as the polar bear-dog releases the scarf) No. (pulls the scarf away and looks at it between her hands) Not Mako's scarf! (frowns and scolds the pets) Bad dog and rat-thingy! (places arms akimbo and the animals' ears droop with sadness) I'm very disappointed in you two.

(Naga and Pabu hang their heads in shame.

View changes to a scenic shot of the airship flying past the mountains at night with a full moon high up in the sky. Cut to a door as it opens to reveal Korra looking sorrowful for a bit and then walks out with determination. Camera angle changes to everyone looking at the map again.)

Tonraq: (turns towards his daughter) Did you speak to Zaheer?
Korra: Yes. (looks dismal again) He told me to come to the top of Laghima's Peak at noon. Alone. Once he has me, he'll release the airbenders over to you at the temple.
Su: (off-screen) I think I figured out a way to play this (cut to Su, Lin, Asami, and Mako at the maps as Korra and Tonraq walks up to the matriach) so the airbenders and Korra all come out in one piece.
Lin: How?
Su: Zaheer doesn't know how many of us there are. So we have the numbers advantage. (picks up two figures in each hand) I say we split into two teams. (cut to the map) Mako, Bolin, and Asami will take (places the airship figure on the Northern Air Temple on the map) the airship up to the temple. (she then places a figure of the Zaofu guards helmet on a plataeu a distance away from the temple) Meanwhile, my metalbenders, Tonraq, Lin, and I (cut back to Su as she turns to Korra who nods) will get into position below Laghima's Peak.

(Scene changes to light streaming in through a circular hole in the wall. View switches to a statue of Guru Laghima as the sunlight shines on it.)

Zaheer: (narrates off-screen) Let go your earthly tether. (camera pans down to Zaheer seated in the lotus position in front of the statue) Enter the void. Empty and become wind. (cut to Guru Laghima's pendant in Zaheer's hand) Empty and become wind.

(Cut to a frontal shot of Zaheer as he looks down at the pendant. From behind him, P'li bends down and passes the archway leading into the room. She stands upright and takes a few steps to Zaheer.)

P'li: The airbenders are secure.
Zaheer: Thank you, P'li. For everything.
P'li: Of course.

(P'li turns to walk away)

Zaheer: I want you to know, (P'li stops in her tracks and Zaheer stands up) not one day went by in that prison when I didn't think of you.

(Cut to P'li looking surprised by his declaration of love. She walks towards Zaheer and we cut to profile shots of them as they walk to each other and hold hands.)

P'li: (softly) The years apart only made my love for you stronger. And deep down, I knew you'd find a way to get me out. (cut to a close up of P'li) Just like you saved me from becoming that warlord's killing machine when I was a girl. (strokes Zaheer's face with the back of her fingers) You've shown me (tears up slightly) what true freedom means.

(Cut to Zaheer as he takes the hand on his cheek.)

Zaheer: And after today, (view changes back to a profile shot of the couple) we'll show (laces fingers with his girlfriend) the entire World what it means. (looks at P'li) No more prisons. (P'li returns her gaze to Zaheer) No more running.
P'li: (leans down towards Zaheer) I love you, Zaheer. (Zaheer smiles)
Zaheer: I love you too.

(P'li places a hand under Zaheer's chin and they lean in to kiss. Camera zooms out to a full body profile shot of the couple in their romantic moment.

Scene changes Laghima's Peak. Camera pans down past the fog and to the airship on the ground below the Peak. Cut to Tonraq with a radio strapped on his shoulder as he walks down the ramp with a Zaofu guard. Cut to Lin handing Korra a radio. The Avatar has her glider staff in hand. She is flanked by Asami and Mako who also has a radio strapped by his side.)

Lin: Radio the second you see those airbenders. (Korra straps the radio across her shoulders)
Mako: I will, Chief. Good luck.

(Lin gives a silent not to Mako and walks down the ramp as the teens watch her go. Asami gives Korra a hug.)

Asami: Be careful, Korra. (the girls part)
Korra: You too.

(Korra turns to Mako and throws her arms around him. He is surprised for a split second and he returns the hug. Wistful music plays and they part with Korra looking at him softly. The Avatar is surprised by Bolin who hugs her from the side with tears in his eyes. Camera zooms out as Bolin whines a bit and Korra rests her head on top of Bolin's.

View changes to the outside of the ship as Korra walks down the ramp. When she touches the grass, the airship's propellerS spin and it takes off from the ground. The ramp raises up and closes. Cut to Korra looking up at the airship with its shadow looming over her for a moment before it moves off, bathing her in light once more. Korra looks to the side at her father who is gazing at the airship. He closes his eyes before turning his attention to his daughter.)

Tonraq: Korra.
Korra: (speaks gently) Don't worry, Dad. (gives him a smile) I'll be all right.
Tonraq: (places a hand on her shoulder) I just want you to know how proud (pulls Korra into an embrace as the hand on her shoulder moves up to the back of her head and his other hand rests across her shoulders) I am of you. (cut to a profile shot of father and daughter with Korra looking rather emotional) The risk you're taking to save the Air Nation will be remembered for generations.
Korra: (closes her eyes and rests her head on Tonraq's shoulder) I love you, Dad.
Tonraq: I love you too, sweetheart.

(Cut to another shot of the duo as Tonraq takes a step back with both hands on Korra's shoulders. He looks at her for a second and then walks away towards Lin, Su, and the rest of the Zaofu guards.)

Korra: (off-screen) And, Dad. (Tonraq turns to Korra and we cut to Korra) Watch out for Zaheer. He's not very fond of World leaders.

(View returns back to Tonraq.)

Tonraq: (gives a smug smile) I can handle him. Just stay focused on your mission.

(He turns back to the mountain and runs towards it. Everyone follows his cue. Cut to the side of the mountain as metal cables shoot up to it and the metalbenders leap up the mountain into the fog. Tonraq jumps into view with both of his hands covered in ice as he uses them to scale up the surface. He swings from one side to another and propels himself into the fog. Cut to Korra looking up at the adults before steeling herself and walking forward, opening her glider. She too, disappears into the fog as she flies up to Laghima's Peak.

Location changes to the Northern Air Temple as Team Avatar's airship ascends from the fog below and flies towards the building. Cut to the brothers looking out the window at the destroyed structure below.)

Bolin: Oh, man.
Mako: Must have been some fight.
Korra: (over the radio) Mako, (cut to Asami at the helm with the siblings behind her) do you see the airbenders?
Mako: (picks up the radio to reply) Not yet. (Asami adjusts the controls) We're just arriving. Don't turn yourself over until I get a visual on them.

(Cut to a profile shot of the airship slowly making its way down to the courtyard. Camera fades to a coil of ropes around a column and Bolin's foot is placed on the column. He grunts as he tugs on the rope, making sure the vessel is secure. Camera zooms out to the trio of teens looking into the temple. Cut to a pathway leading to the courtyard as Ghazan steps out of the shadows and addresses them.)

Ghazan: This way.

(Cut to Asami and Bolin sharing a look of disbelief as they're suspicious. View returns back to Ghazan who looks calm.)

Ghazan: You want the airbenders or not?

(Without another word, Ghazan turns and walks away. Cut to an aerial view of the courtyard as the teens follow him.

Scene changes to a shot of Korra flying towards Laghima's Peak and we can see an airship parked above it. Korra closes her glider and lands on the Peak. Camera then cuts to Zaheer.)

Zaheer: (raises an eyebrow) Drop your staff and surrender yourself.

(Cut to a back view of Korra looking up at Zaheer and P'li at the top. View returns back to Zaheer.)

Zaheer: (warningly) Don't make me come get you.

(We return back to Korra as she looks at Zaheer quietly with a serious expression on her face.

Scene changes to Tenzin with his hands chained together. Ghazan and the teenagers enter the room. Cut to a close up of Tenzin on the floor with his mouth gagged by a piece of cloth tied around his head. The new airbenders are tied up in the background with hoods over their heads. They struggle slightly.)

Korra: (over the radio) Mako, what's going on?
Mako: (cut to Mako as he picks up the radio) They're here. But so is the lavabender.

(Cut to Korra who is a little surprised and she puts the radio down.)

Korra: (furiously) Tell Ghazan to let the airbenders go.

(We return back to a back view shot of Korra looking at the two Red Lotus members again.)

Zaheer: Not until you turn yourself over. This isn't a negotiation.

(Cut to Zaheer and P'li who has fetters in her hands as they look down at Korra. Cut to a profile shot of Zaheer.)

Zaheer: (picks up the radio) Wipe them out.
Korra: (cut to Korra who is startled) No! Wait! I'm coming.

(She frowns and walks forward. Cut to P'li with a smile on her face as she walks down to get the Avatar.)

Zaheer: Stand down.

(Cut to a scenic shot of the Peak as Korra and P'li meet in the middle of the path. View changes to Korra as she stops walking and throws her staff down angrily. She pulls off the radio and lets it slide from her fingers. Her arms up in a surrender position. Cut to the ground as the radio lands on it with a loud thud. Cut to Korra's arms as she brings them together. P'li's hands enter the screen as she fastens the cuffs Korra's wrist. Cut to Korra's boots as P'li cuffs her ankles too. View changes to a full body shot of Korra as she looks at the wrist-ankle interlink chain.)

P'li: (walks behind Korra with a smug expression) And don't bother trying to metalbend out of these. They're platinum.

(P'li gives Korra a shove and forces the Avatar to walk forward.

Location changes to Tenzin on the floor in the temple. Camera pans up to Ghazan looking at the teens. Ghazan picks up the radio and we cut to Ghazan eyeing the youths suspiciously)

Zaheer: (over the radio) We have her.

(Ghazan puts down the radio and gestures to the airbenders. Mako, Asami, and Bolin run towards Tenzin. View changes to the struggling airbenders in the background and Asami helps Tenzin sit up. He wakes up and starts to murmur behind his gag worriedly. Camera pans out to a full view shot of the scene.)

Asami: (reassuringly) It's okay, Tenzin. We're about to get you out of here.

(Bolin proceeds to unlock the cuffs on Tenzin's wrist and Mako walks towards the new airbenders. Cut to a close up of the hooded airbenders as they droop down into puddles of water, revealing Ming-Hua seated right at the back and was the one controlling her water puppets. View changes to the teens who gasp. Bolin stands up and we cut back to Ming-Hua who grins evilly. She stands up and bends a water arm towards the camera.

View changes to Mako as he moves his arms in a circular motion, creating a shield of fire in front of him and the water evaporates upon contact.)

Mako: (picks up the radio) Korra, it was a trick! (cut to the radio on the ground at Laghima's Peak as the Red Lotus and Korra walk to the airship) They're not here! (cut to a close up of Korra who turns around) Don't turn yourself over!
Korra: (livid) We had a deal!

(Cut to Korra tugging on wrist chains. Camera zooms out as Korra jumps backwards and airbends at Zaheer and P'li with her feet. View changes to Lin hanging off the side of the mountain and listening to the radio.)

Mako: (over the radio) Chief, get Korra out of there now!
Lin: (puts down the radio and commands the others) Go! Go!

(Everyone starts to metalbend upwards on cables. View switches to Lin looking determined as she swings a hand towards the screen to propel herself up. Screen turns black and we cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to Korra's chained hands on the ground and camera pans out as she pushes herself off surface and kicks out fire from the bottom of her boots. Camera moves left to Zaheer and he rolls to the side to avoid the flames which dissipate soon after. He rushes to Korra and camera cuts to the Avatar who is on her back and jumps upright from the ground. She earthbends a slab of earth with her hands and jumps back, propeling the projectile at Zaheer by airbending with her feet again.

Cut to the Red Lotus leader as he slides on the ground and camera zooms out to a profile shot as the chunk of rock passes by harmlessly above Zaheer's head. Korra rolls backwards on the ground as Zaheer advances. The Avatar punches a stream of fire at Zaheer and he jumps off to the side. Korra stands up and jumps on the ground as another slab of earth bends up behind her. She cartwheels and sends the earth flying at Zaheer who once again, dodges. As Korra lands on the ground, she firebends at Zaheer with her feet and the man twists his body away from the fire.

Cut to a close up of the chains at Korra's ankles as they're at their maximum extended length. Camera pans up to Korra who groans with frustration and she looks up. Switch to Zaheer spiraling down towards her and Korra takes a step back. When Zaheer lands, he performs a sweeping kick along with airbending, knocking Korra off her feet. Zaheer sends another blast of air at Korra and she rolls backwards.

Scene changes to the cliffside as the metalbenders are nearing the top. Cut to a close up of Lin as she bends her cables one last time and she propels herself to the Peak. Cut to the top as everyone lands on the Peak, crouched, in front of P'li. Su, Lin, and the guards proceed to charge. Cut to P'li with Zaheer, Korra, and the airship behind her.)

P'li: Get the Avatar on the airship. (runs towards Su and company) I'll deal with them.

(View changes to the back views of Su and Lin running to P'li as she jumps off from her vantage point and down to a lower spot in the Peak. Cut to a close up of P'li as she lands and immediately combustion bends. View changes to a frontal shot of Lin and the guards. Lin immediately propels herself off the ground with her cables to avoid the blast but some guards are knocked back.

Scene switches to the cliffside as a couple of Zaofu guards fall off but they shoot out their cables and hang on. Cut to a close up of a male guard as he swings towards the cliff, planting his feet firmly on the side and he metalbends the cable up like a reel. Another guard does the same in the background a short while later.

Cut back to Lin as she pushes herself off the ground with her metal cables to avoid another combustion attack. The two guards from earlier make it back to the top behind Lin. The Chief of Police lands on the ground with a slab of earth bent up from the ground and she does a punching movement, sending the slab off-screen. Lin spins around and kicks up another wedge of earth, sending it off-screen.

View switches to P'li who destroys the chunk of dirt with combustion bending. Cut to Su who slams one foot to the ground and bends up a slice of earth. She twists in the air and does a kicking movement, bending the slab to P'li. Cut to P'li who side steps one slab of earth and then jumps and twists in the air to avoid a second chunk which crumbles onto the ground. Cut to a close up of P'li as she lands.

Camera pans out to the airship as more combustion bending can be seen in the ledge below. Cut to Zaheer firmly holding onto the back and neck of Korra's shirt as the Avatar walks forward. Korra looks to the side angrily. Cut to a view below the airship as a water arm enters the screen and attaches to the bottom of the airship's ramp. We see Tonraq propelling himself upwards. Camera briefly focuses on a surprised Zaheer and we cut to Tonraq letting out a battle cry as he sends his water arm to Zaheer.

Cut to Zaheer as he lets go off Korra and jumps backwards to avoid the water. Korra falls to the ground and rolls off the ramp with a scream. Cut to Tonraq who sends a water arm down to catch his daughter. Camera focuses on Korra as she falls and Tonraq's water arm touches her wrist chains and freezes. View returns back to Tonraq as he throws his daughter up towards Zaheer.

Cut to Zaheer as he runs forward and Korra pops up in front of him, kicking her legs at him with firebending. Zaheer extends an arm out to airbend the flames away but is too late as he gets knocked back. Korra lands on her back and quickly pushes herself upright. View changes to the ropes tethering the ship to a column and a stream of water cuts the twines. Cut to the bottom of the airship as it floats away. View changes to Zaheer standing protectively in front of his daughter.)

Tonraq: Nowhere to go, Zaheer!

(Tonraq swings his water arms around and water hits the screen.

Scene changes to Ming-Hua swinging herself above the rafters as Mako looks at her. View changes to a close up of Ming-Hua as she flies across the room and lands beside Ghazan. The lavabender bends a snake of magma towards Team Avatar and Bolin brings up a slab of earth as the lava collides against it harmlessly. He moves off-screen to confront Ghazan. Camera pans left to Asami and Tenzin while Mako runs to help his brother. Asami pulls out a hairclip from her tresses and uses it to pick the lock on Tenzin's cuffs.)

Asami: Where are the airbenders?
Tenzin: (tiredly) I don't know. (Asami looks at him worriedly and before continuing to lockpick) Zaheer moved them out of the temple.

(Cut to Ming-Hua who swings her water arms around to intercept a burst of fire and jumps backwards.)

Ming-Hua: (irritably to Ghazan) Will you just bury them already?!

(Ghazan leaps and lands on the ground as a small pool of lava forms in front of his feet. He moves his arms up as the lava spreads. Cut to an aerial view of the room as more magma the size of a pond fills up the room. Ghazan spreads the lava off to the side and the volcanic matter burns off a support pillar. Ghazan bends lava to the other side of the room and we cut to an overhead view of the place as the area leading to the exit is completely blocked off by lava. Ghazan and Ming-Hua then run off. Cut to Asami who is in shock and returns back to the task at hand.)

Asami: Come on.

(She twists the hairpin side to side before slamming her fist on top of it. The cuff unlocks and opens with a click. Asami supports Tenzin on the left as he stands up.)

Asami: We have to get back to the airship!

(View changes to an overhanging shot of Team Avatar as the lava continues to flow towards them.)

Bolin: Not gonna happen! The exit's blocked!

(Bolin then bends a line of earth along the floor to act as a barricade. The lava touches the barrier and we cut to an overhead shot of the room again as a pillar crumbles and falls into the magma.

Switch to Tenzin's back view as he stumbles backwards and Mako helps to support Tenzin on his right. View changes to a frontal shot of the trio.)

Asami: Where's Oogi?
Tenzin: Gone. All the bison got scared off during the attack. But I think I know another way out. Bolin, can you get us through that wall?

(View pans to Bolin as the lava has broken through the barricade.)

Bolin: On it!

(Bolin proceeds to bend a tunnel through the wall. Cut to Ghazan in front of Team Avatar's ship and he lavabends the entire courtyard and runs up the ramp to Ming-Hua to steal the teenagers' vehicle. View pans to the airship flying away as lava continues to spew down the mountainside. The courtyard is completely destroyed. A small section of the temple collapses downhill, creating dust.

Scene changes to a room as Bolin runs into it and is followed shortly by Tenzin and the remaining youths. Lava glows outside the corridor and Bolin bends a chunk of earth in front of the door to block off the lava. View pans out to Tenzin looking down at a wooden panel on the floor.)

Tenzin: Through there.

(Bolin bends down to lift the panel up and the earth in front of the door glows orange as lava seeps through the cracks. Cut to an overhead shot of the wooden panel being raised to reveal a flight of steps leading down.

Camera fades to Mako's hand as he bends a ball of fire above his palm to illuminate their path out. View pans to them quickly making their way down the stairs and lava glows behind them. Cut to Bolin who tugs on his shirt.)

Bolin: Is it just me? Or is it, uh, getting really warm (a stream of lava quickly flows towards him from behind) in here? (hearing the rumble of the magma, Bolin turns back) Oh, this is not good. (cut to Bolin's back view as he bends a column of earth from the side to block the flow of lava. View returns back to a frontal shot of the fleeing group.) Let's move it, people!

(Bolin gently ushers them down the stairs.

Location changes to aerial view of Laghima's Peak. P'li combustions bends twice and knocks several guards off their feet. Cut to a frontal shot of Kuvira with her men behind her as they quickly scramble. Return back to a view of the Peak as P'li combustions bends at them. Camera pans up to the upper portion of the Peak.

Korra kicks a slab of earth at Zaheer and does a tuck and roll as Tonraq jumps above her and lands, sending his water arm to the camera. Cut to Zaheer as he uses airbending to guide the chunk of rock off course before extending his palm to break the water arm with air. Cut to Tonraq who side steps and the blast of air sails harmlessly above his shoulders. Another air attack is sent at Tonraq and he swipes it with his water arm.

View changes to a profile shot of Zaheer who punches air and quickly moves to the side to avoid a chunk of rock. A second rock flies at him and he kicks it to the side with airbending. He sends a series of airbending attacks via kicking. Cut to Tonraq who manages to swipe away the first four blasts but is hit by the fifth blast.

Korra comes into view to protect her Dad and she jumps up to avoid an offensive by Zaheer. As she lands on the ground, she punches it and sends a trail of earth at the Red Lotus leader who just leaps up to avoid being hit. As he is in the air, he kicks a blast at Korra and she pushes herself off the ground to avoid it. Zaheer lands soon after and we cut to a close up of Korra as she jumps to the side to reveal Tonraq charging at the screen.

View changes to a profile shot of the confrontation as Korra slides along the ground. Tonraq sends a double helix of water at Zaheer who is pushed back but he quickly recovers by preventing himself from falling on the ground before turning tail. Tonraq forms ice spikes on his hands and he runs after Zaheer. Cut to Korra who rolls herself upright and bends an earth snake at Zaheer who cartwheels backwards but fails to notice the earth that is bending towards him. He trips as the earth snake makes contact with his feet.

Zaheer rolls back and Tonraq jumps up to punch him. However, Zaheer rolls away and the frame rate slows down as Tonraq punches the ground and the ice shatters. Tonraq looks up with surprise and cut to a overhead shot of the scene as frame rate returns to normal. Zaheer bends Tonraq within a vortex of air.)

Zaheer: Say hello to the Earth Queen for me.

(The Red Lotus leader thrusts his palm out and the vortex is moved over the edge of the cliff. Tonraq falls down into the abyss with a scream.)

Korra: (cut to Korra who is alarmed) Dad!

(View switches to P'li combustion bending at some boulders. Cut to a close up of Su leaping about to avoid the attacks. View changes to Lin peering out from behind a boulder as Su rolls on the ground in front of her and quickly runs towards Lin's hiding spot. Cut to the back of the boulder as the sisters shield their faces from the impact.)

Su: We're pinned down!

(Cut to a close up of Lin attempting to peer out from behind the boulder.)

Lin: I'm gonna draw her fire. (turns to Lin) You take her out.

(Switch to a close up of a worried Su)

Su: Lin, no.

(Camera focuses on P'li as she combustion bends at the boulders. Cut to the sisters crouched down with Lin semi-pushing her sister a little further downwards. P'li's attack curves around and slams against the boulder.)

Lin: (places a hand on Su's cheek) I love you. (Lin runs off and we cut to an aerial view of the boulders as Lin leaps across them) Come and get me, you third-eyed freak!

(P'li attacks Lin and the Chief jumps up to avoid it. At the same time when she jumps, she bends a chunk of earth with her. Cut back to P'li who combustion bends again to destroy the slab and moves backwards to avoid the debris. View switches to Su peering out and waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Lin lands on the ground and sends two slabs at P'li who dodges. Lin quickly jumps to the side as P'li attacks. The Chief brings up a column of earth to protect herself but a combustion attack collides against the barrier, knocking Lin backwards near to the edge of the cliff. Cut to a back view of P'li as she approaches Lin who struggles. Switch to a close up of Lin with scorch marks on her face and armor. Camera returns back to P'li who smiles with glee and starts to combustion bend.

Camera quickly switches to Su running out from behind the boulder and she bends her armor off her body. She sends the armor off-screen and we cut to P'li combustion bending as the armor encases around her head. A flash of light can be seen around the seams of the armor. Cut to Zaheer who turns around with horror.)

Zaheer: P'li!

(Camera zooms out at the spot where P'li was and there is nothing except smoke billowing from the ground. Cut to Zaheer who is distraught and camera pans to Korra who takes the opportunity to attack him by kicking out at Zaheer with firebending. Zaheer dodges and runs towards Korra as he avoids another firebending attack from the Avatar. Zaheer leaps off a small ledge as Korra attacks him again. The Red Lotus leader somersaults in the air and kicks out his legs, sending an air blast at Korra which hits her body and she is knocked out cold. Frame rate slows slightly as Korra bounces along the ground and frame rate returns back to normal speed as Zaheer lands beside Korra.

Camera focuses on the unconscious Korra and when it cuts to Zaheer, he has carried her on one of his shoulders and he looks at his airship that floats away unsteadily. Cut to the airship as it slowly moves off-screen. View changes to Lin and Su climbing up to the upper peak on cables and cut to a frontal shot of Zaheer as the sisters land behind him. He turns around to face the women.)

Su: (gets into an attacking stance) It's over, Zaheer.

(Cut to a profile shot of Zaheer as he closes his eyes)

Zaheer: Let go your earthly tether.

(Cut to Lin with her fists raised)

Lin: Release the Avatar!

(Camera returns back to Zaheer)

Zaheer: Enter the void.

(Cut back to the sisters)

Su: This is your last warning!

(Cut to a frontal shot of Zaheer as he opens his eyes)

Zaheer: Empty and become wind.

(Camera focuses on Zaheer's feet at the edge of the cliff as he takes a step back and slips off. Cut to the sisters as they look on with shock.)

Lin: No! Stop!

(The siblings run toward the edge and we see Zaheer casually floating above the fog without aid. The sisters metalbend their cables at him and Zaheer flies upwards. We can see the air temple in the background completely encased by lava . Ghazan's and Ming-Hua's airship also flies to the Peak to get Zaheer. The Red Lotus leader regards Su and Lin for a moment before flying off. Camera returns back to the sisters. Lin is in disbelief while Su is flabbergasted.)

Lin: Did he just... fly?

(Cut to Ghazan and Ming-Hua inside the helm of the airship as they watch their friend fly past the window. Both benders astounded.)

Ghazan: Guess he doesn't need a ride.

(View switches to the cliff side where a metalbender is perched on the surface to ensure the cable above doesn't dislodge while the one below holding Tonraq doesn't snap. Cut to a close up of Tonraq holding onto the cables and we can see Kuvira straining to support their weights. Tonraq looks to the sky as Zaheer flies off with his daughter.)

Tonraq: Korra.

(Cut to a close up of Zaheer as he flies off and he boosts himself forward, flying off-screen. He passes by the ruined air temple and camera focuses on the devasted sanctuary. Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to Mako and Asami carrying Tenzin down the secret flight of steps in the dark. Bolin follows shortly behind them and the tunnel suddenly glows red with lava right on their tails.)

Bolin: (turns back to look at the magma) We can't outrun it! (camera angle changes to a frontal shot of the group as Bolin runs in front of his brother, Tenzin, and Asami) This way!

(Bolin bends an escape route in the wall off to the side. Everyone steps into the newly created tunnel as lava gushes down the steps rapidly. Cut to the mountain side as boulders of rock are pushed out, creating a hole in the side. Camera angle switches to Bolin's back as he looks down to the fog below the temple. Cut to a frontal shot of everyone looking down as lava and debris flows down the side of the mountain.)

Mako: Now what?

(They turn towards the lava streaming past them but a small wave suddenly rushes into the tunnel. Cut to Bolin who initially looks frightened but steels himself with determination. Camera pans out as Bolin runs forward, grunts, and thrusts both his palms out. Lava flies towards Bolin and we cut to a back view shot of the earthbender.)

Mako: (off-screen) Bolin!

(The magma flies over Bolin's head and threatens to engulf him. He yells and a few seconds later, the magma retreats. Bolin grunts again as he does a pushing motion with his hands and the lava immediately flash cools into a huge chunk of pumice stone. Cut to a frontal shot of Bolin with his eyes shut and we can see the other three behind him.)

Tenzin: Incredible. (Bolin opens his eyes)
Mako: You're a lavabender!
Bolin: (drops his hands down and is in awe) I know. (blinks) I just found out.

(Kai flies up with his bison right behind them.)

Kai: Hey, (everyone turns to the boy) you guys need a lift?
Tenzin: (cut to a bruised Tenzin as he smiles with relief) Kai. You're all right.

(Cut to the outside of the tunnel as lava rapidly spews down the mountainside.)

Kai: More or less. (guides the calf to the tunnel opening) Everyone hop on.

(Mako and Asami help Tenzin sit behind Kai. Asami sits behind Tenzin. Mako then slides in between Asami and Tenzin. The baby bison grunts as it drops slightly from the weight. Bolin finally gets on the calf behind Asami. Cut to the baby bison as it whines again from the excess weight. Camera switches to an overhead view of the calf as it flies off anyway. Cut to Tenzin who steals a glance behind him. Switch to a view of the Northern Air Temple as various towers crumble and fall.

Scene changes to a Zaofu guard bandaging Tonraq's arm. Camera zooms out to reveal Tonraq seated on the grass as Kuvira, now with her helmet off, wraps the bandages around his arm. We can see an injured Zaofu guard in the background with his torso armor off and he is just wearing a singlet.)

Tonraq: I owe you my life. Thank you, Captain.
Kurvira: You can call me (cut to a close up of the captain as she smiles) Kuvira.

(Cut to an over the shoulder view from behind Lin as she looks at the injured men and women rest. Su checks on her people.)

Bolin: (off-screen) Caw! Caw! (Su stands up and points to the sky and everyone casts a glance upwards) Caw! Caw! (Lin turns around and looks up) Caw! Caw! (Camera zooms out looking to the sky as the baby bison rapidly descends down to the ground) Caw! Caw!

(Cut to the bison as it lands and skids along the grass, exhausted. Bolin is thrown off from the crash landing. The poor calf whines and Asami gets off the calf. Su, Lin, and Tonraq run up.)

Kai: Hey, everybody. (Mako and Lin help Tenzin disembark from the calf's back while Su helps Bolin up) There's something I gotta tell you.
Lin: How did you guys make it out of that temple alive?

(Cut to an over the shoulder view from behind Tonraq)

Mako: It was all Bolin. (looks at Tonraq) I thought we were done for. (Bolin and Su walk into frame) Then out of nowhere, he lavabends.
Su: (rests a hand on Bolin's shoulder) I knew you had the potential (Bolin smiles widely at Su) for something big. You just had to believe in yourself.
Bolin: You're right. Being moments from death was a pretty good motivator too. Of course, we never would have made it back without Kai.
Kai: (smiles) Glad I could help. So anyway-
Tenzin: (interrupts and Kai frowns) Did Zaheer get away with Korra?
Lin: I'm afraid so.
Su: Apparently, (everyone turns to Su) he can fly now.

(The youths and Tenzin raise their eyebrows with surprise.)

Tenzin: What?
Asami: How?
Bolin: Are you sure?
Lin: I wouldn't believe it either if I hadn't seen it for myself.
Tenzin: I've heard the legends about Guru Laghima's ability to fly. But I never imagined they were true.
Tonraq: So what's our next move?
Kai: (gets off his bison and walks up to the adults) I have an idea.
Lin: (sharply) Not right now, kid! (cut to Kai who is not amused) We need to figure out where Zaheer took Korra.
Tenzin: (off-screen) And find the airbenders.
Kai: (irritably) That's what I've been trying to tell you! (camera pans across everyone looking at his outburst with shock) I know where the airbenders are, and I bet it's where Korra is too!
Mako: Well, why didn't you say something?

(Cut to Kai who frowns and gives a frustrated sigh.)

Tenzin: Where are they? (Kai turns his attention to his teacher) How did you find them?
Kai: (arms akimbo) After I got blasted out of the sky, I woke up on the side of the mountain, (the baby bison walks up to Kai) where this little fellow (rests a hand on the calf's head) found me. (the baby bison whinnies and Kai kneels down to stroke its snout) I tried to sneak back into the temple to see if I could rescue everyone, (cut to a profile shot of Kai with Asami, Mako, Tenzin, and Lin in the background) and that's when I saw the airship leaving. I followed it to some caves a few miles from here. (Mako and Tenzin raise their eyebrows) That giant lady met up with some people who took the airbenders into the caves.
Lin: Was it Ghazan and Ming- Hua?
Kai: No, there were four more of them. (stands up) Didn't look familiar.
Mako: Must be more Red Lotus members than we thought.
Kai: I couldn't fight them all on my own. So I came back here, hoping you guys would show up.
Lin: We need to get to those caves.
Kai: (gives a shrug) How? (pets the calf) I don't think we can all fit on my bison.

(Cut to Tenzin, Mako, and Lin looking at Kai. A shadow passes by overhead and they look up. We hear the grunt from an air bison. Cut to Oogi circling the sky and we return back to Tenzin.)

Tenzin: (calls out) Oogi!

(Oogi lands on the ground in front of his owner and takes a step forward.)

Tenzin: (Tenzin rests a hand on Oogi's head and the bison grunts again) I'm glad to see you too, (rubs his hand affectionately on Oogi's fur) old friend.

(Camera pans across the injured Zaofu guards and stops at the sight of Bolin climbing up Oogi's tail into the saddle containing Tonraq, Su, Lin, and Tenzin. Asami is holding the reins atop Oogi's head. Mako is on the ground looking up at the saddle. Cut to a shot from the saddle pointing down at the ground.)

Kuvira: (walks up to the bison and speaks to Su) I wanna come with you.
Su: (cut to a close up of Su) No, Kuvira. Stay with the injured. We'll be back for you once we have the Avatar.

(Camera switches back to Kuvira who nods. Cut to the baby bison as Kai climbs on it and the calf purrs. Mako walks into frame.)

Mako: Hey, um, I appreciate you coming back for us. Sorry for ever giving you a hard time.
Kai: That's okay. I probably deserved it.
Mako: Yeah, you kinda did.

(Scene changes to the mountain ridges covered in fog and Kai and his bison fly into view. Oogi flies in shortly behind the boy. They fly through the fog, into the distance.

Location changes to Zaheer in the lotus position as he floats in the air among a cave full of stalactites and stalagmites. Ghazan and Ming-Hua walk into frame towards their friend. Cut to a close up of the duo.)

Ming-Hua: (looks up at Zaheer) Why didn't you ever tell us you can fly?
Zaheer: (cut to a close up of Zaheer with his eyes closed) I wasn't sure I could. (opens his eyes) Only one other airbender in history had the ability.

(Cut to Zaheer's back view as Ghazan glances at the area below the Red Lotus leader. Ming-Hua does the same.)

Ghazan: How'd you figure out how to do it?
Zaheer: (cut to a close up of his face) I found true freedom. I am no longer bound to this earth by worldly desires. (turns serious) I have entered the void.

(Switch to a profile shot of Ming-Hua and Ghazan as they glance at each other quietly before looking back at Zaheer.)

Ming-Hua: Where's P'li?

(Camera angle returns back to Zaheer as he slowly lowers himself down to the ground and stands.)

Zaheer: (softly) She sacrificed her life for our cause. Now let's make sure it wasn't in vain.

(Zaheer walks off. Ghazan and Ming-Hua look at each other sadly.

Scene changes to a Red Lotus motif on the wall. Camera zooms out to Korra suspended in the air in the shape of an X and each of her limbs are chained to either the ceiling or ground. She has been stripped of most of her clothing and her hair is down, leaving her in just her light blue singlet and blue pants that reaches her knees. Green crystals surround the area Korra is held in. Zaheer walks up to the platform in front of Korra. Camera switches to a profile shot as Ming-Hua and Ghazan follow their friend. Two more unknown figures are seen standing in the background behind them.

Cut to a close up of Korra as she stirs and opens her eyes with a gasp. Cut to the Zaheer and his two friends looking up at the Avatar and view returns back to Korra.)

Korra: You... You killed my father.

(Korra breathes fire from her mouth and we cut to a side view shot of the scene as the fire doesn't have enough range to reach the Red Lotus members. The flames dissipate soon after. Cut back to Zaheer who gazes at Korra dispassionately.)

Zaheer: I understand your grief. (looks down sadly) I also lost someone I loved today. (frowns and returns to glance up at Korra) But your pain will soon be over. (turns around and steps aside to reveal the two unknown hooded Red Lotus members) Bring the poison.

(They walk forward and we can see one man is holding an intricate basin in his hand while the other has his hands clasped together under the robes. Cut to Korra looking worried and fearful. Cut to the black liquid in the basin as the man with his hands clasped removes his hands from his robe and bends the up the liquid into a small stream.

Camera switches to a shot between the two men with Korra in the middle in the background. Camera slowly zooms in and we cut to a close up of a frightened Korra. The camera gradually zooms in on her face.)

[End Credits]

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