Transcript for 313 - Venom of the Red Lotus
Venom of the Red Lotus
Written By: Joshua Hamilton, Tim Hedrick
Directed By: Melchior Zwyer
Storyboard By: Sol Choi, Hyunjoo Song, Shaun O'Neil, William Ruzicka
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Enter the Void".]

Shiro Shinobi: The Red Lotus has captured the Avatar! Korra gave herself up in exchange for the airbenders but Zaheer double crossed her while Ghazan trapped Team Avatar in the temple. All seemed lost until Bolin saved their lives by lavabending! But he's not the only one with new skills, Zaheer unlocked the ancient airbending ability of flight. Will Team Avatar save the Air Nation and Korra before it's too late?

Act I

(Episode returns to a profile shot of Korra chained and suspended in the middle of a cave in a Red Lotus hideout with Zaheer and company standing in front of her on a viewing platform. Korra struggles audibly and we cut to a close up of her tugging on the chains desperately.)

Korra: (enraged) When I get out of here, none of you will survive!
Zaheer: You won't get out. Unless The Metal Clan taught you a way to bend platinum. (view focuses to a Red Lotus member suspending the poison in mid-air.) Once we administer this poison, your body will naturally react, forcing you into the Avatar State in an effort to keep you alive. Sadly for you, you'll be entering it for the last time.
Korra: (switch to a close up of a desperate Korra) No! The Avatar Cycle...!
Zaheer: (calmly) Yes. When we dispatch you in the Avatar State, the Cycle will end. (camera zooms out to a full shot of the platform to include Ming-Hua and Ghazan) So we lucky few, this band of brothers and sisters in anarchy, are witnessing the beginning of an era of true freedom. (Korra looks fearful) Together we will forge a world without Kings and Queens, without borders or nations, where a man's only allegiance is to himself and those he loves. We will return to the true balance of natural order. And though you will never again be reborn, your name will echo throughout history. (cut to a close up of Korra who looks unnerved) Korra, The Last Avatar.

(View switches to the back of the cave to reveal Jinora in her spirit projection form peering out from a bunch of crystals. She looks shocked for a few moments before furrowing her eyebrows and dematerializing from her hiding spot. Cut back to Jinora who wakes up in her material body. Camera pans out to the airbenders with chains on their wrists that are attached to a column on the floor. Behind them, two unknown men stand guard.)

Opal: (whispers to Jinora) Did you find any way to escape?
Jinora: No, not yet. But don't worry. We'll find a way out soon.
Daw: (glances to Kya who has her head in an airbender's lap) They might not make it that long.

(Camera pans to Kya and her brother who are badly injured and unconscious. Everyone peers at them worriedly. Cut to a close up of Ikki and Jinora.)

Ikki: (to her sister) Korra will come (Jinora looks down sadly) to save us, right?
Jinora: I think we're going to have to do this on our own.

(Jinora turns back to the guards and camera switches angles to a frontal shot of the two Red Lotus guards as the sisters look at them in the background. Cut back to Zaheer.)

Zaheer: (looks to the side) Administer the poison.

(Zaheer walks away and the bender behind him moves the poison about in the air before sending it off-screen. Camera follows the poison as it heads to Korra who pants in fear. The poison splits into four globs. Cut to Korra's legs as two blobs of poison make contact with her shins and she hisses in pain. Camera pans up to Korra to reveal the poison on her arms as well. Korra continues to groan. Cut back to the bender controlling the poison as he clenches his fists together. Switch back to Korra as the poison on her arms are seemingly absorbed into her skin. The Avatar cries out in agony. Cut to a close up of Korra's head as she looks up with her eyes wide and afraid. Cut to her right leg as the poison completely permeates into limb, leaving no trace of it on her skin. Switch to a full shot of Korra as she gasps and cut to a close up of her eyes as the flash white on and off. Cut back to Zaheer.)

Zaheer: Get ready. (to Ming-Hua) As soon as she's in the Avatar State, take her out.

(View switches to Ming-Hua who forms both ends of her water arms into ice sickles. Cut to Ghazan as he gets into the horse stance and punches his hands in a downward movement. Switch to an overhead view of Korra as the pit beneath her turns into a pool of lava. Korra struggles and we cut to a close up of her attempting to resist the poison. She continues to moan in pain and throws her head down with her hair covering her face. Cut to a close up of her eyes again as they continue to flash in and out of the Avatar State. We return back to Zaheer and his two friends.)

Zaheer: (puts a palm out) Wait.
Ghazan: (looks at Zaheer) Why isn't she staying in the Avatar State?
Zaheer: Give it time. She can't resist for long. (Zaheer frowns slightly)

(Scene switches to an overhead view of the mountain ridges as the bisons soar through the sky above the ridges. Cut to a close up of Oogi's saddle as the occupants look to Kai.)

Kai: (to the people in the saddle) The place where I saw them taking the airbenders is around here.
Mako: That's gotta be where they took Korra.

(Switch to a view of five airbender statues carved into the side of a mountain. The statue in the middle is the biggest.)

Kai: (off-screen) That's it! (cut to a close up of the bisons) Down there, Lefty.

(Lefty moos and flies down. Oogi follows soon after. Camer angle changes to a back view shot of the two bisons as they land in front of an opening in the mountain. Cut to Tonraq and Bolin supporting Tenzin as he gets down from the saddle. Tenzin groans in pain as he holds onto Oogi for support. Su walks towards him.)

Tenzin: (to Su) Find the airbenders and my family.
Su: Don't worry. (rests a hand on Tenzin's shoulder) I'm not coming out without our children and the rest of your people.

(Cut to a close up to the biggest statue of what appears to be a figure of Guru Laghima. Camera pans down to the able bodied men and women running into the opening of the secret Red Lotus hideout. View changes to Tenzin briefly as he looks at them go.

Scene changes back to Korra struggling in the cave with the Red Lotus crew watching her carefully. Cut to a close up of Korra who now has perspiration dotted on her skin. )

Zaheer: (view cuts to Zaheer) It's working.

(Switch back to Korra's eyes as they flash on and off. Cut to her point of view looking down at the Red Lotus members. Her vision blurs for a bit and we cut back to a shot of her eyes.)

Amon: (off-screen) I told you, (Korra widens her eyes, terrified) Korra. (cut to Zaheer as the skin on his head cracks off like porcelain to reveal Amon's mask) The World doesn't need you anymore.

(Korra's eyes flash once again and she looks to the side to Ghazan. Cut to a close up of the lavabender as he head rotates backwards and the hair style changes. When the face returns back to its original position, Ghazan's face has been replaced with Unalaq's mug.)

Unalaq: (sinisterly) The time of the Avatar is over, Korra. (cut to a close up of Korra's eyes as they shake with fright) Give up.

(She returns her gaze back to the centre. Cut to Ming-Hua as she bows her head and her hair suddenly lengthens into tendrils. Ming-Hua's body folds on itself and the figure becomes a form of Vaatu.)

Vaatu: You're too weak to resist (return back to an overhead shot of Korra looking down at the platform as Vaatu flies up to her) and I'm stronger than ever. (Vaatu gets in front of Korra) There's no use fighting. Let go.

(Cut to a close up of a horrified Korra who is perspiring profusely and her pupils are constricted while she grits her teeth.)

Amon, Unalaq, and Vaatu: (in unison off-screen) Let go. Let go. Let go.

(Scene changes to the captured airbenders and Jinora nods to her sister.)

Ikki: (to the guards) I'm thirsty!

(Cut to a frontal shot of the guards who look annoyed.)

Meelo: (rolls to the ground) I gotta go pee!
Daw: Me too.

(Guard #1 turns around and the camera follows him.)

Red Lotus Guard #1: Hey. Keep it down over there or you're all going to (points to Kya and Bumi) end up like them.
Pema: (turns to Guard #1 and pleads) Sir, please. (we can see Rohan in her arms looking uncomfortable) Could we just have some water? There are children and a baby here.

(Guard #1 turns to Guard #2 and the latter gives a shrug. The former looks at his water pouch and unhooks it from his belt. He walks towards the children and bends down. Cut to a close up of an angry Jinora as she pushes her hands forward. Camera pulls out a bit to showcase Jinora, Opal, and Ikki as Jinora's bending causes the guard's robes to fly up. )

Red Lotus Guard #1: Ah!

(A ring of keys can be seen flying up too. Cut to the keys as the frame rate slows down. Switch to a close up of Meelo on the ground and frame rate returns back to normal as he thrusts his hands out and airbends the keys into Opal's hands. Opal catches the keys and hides them on top of her lap. The guard's robes return back down.)

Red Lotus Guard #1: Oh, so you just called me over to attack me. Fine. (uncorks his water pouch) Now nobody gets any water. (he gulps the water in front of the airbenders and starts to return back to his position) Ah. (corks his pouch as the airbenders watch him leave) I don't know how we ended up here in day care while everyone (Ikki and Jinora nod to each other) else gets to watch the Avatar being destroyed. (cut to a close up of Opal as she lifts the keys to the lock on her cuffs) I can hold a bowl of poison.

(She inserts the key into its slot and smiles when the cuff unlocks.)

Red Lotus Guard #2: (off-screen) Hey! (Opal is startled and camera pans right to Guard #2 who is starting to walk up to her) What do you think you're doing?

(A chunk of rock enters the screen from the side, knocking Guard #2 out cold when he collides against the wall. Cut to a profile shot of Guard #1 as he runs forward slightly before looking to the side at Lin and company. The guard bends the two slabs of rock behind him towards them. Cut to Su who bends up a protective wall of earth and the projectiles collide against the wall, making the top half crumble. Asami leaps over the remains of the wall and ducks as the guard sends another slab at her. She reaches up to grab the guard's arm and proceeds to electrocute his back as she brings him down to the floor. Switch to a view of Lin and the others in defensive stances and they relax when the guard falls unconscious. Su looks to the side.)

Opal: (cut to a happy Opal) Mom!
Su: (runs to her child and rests her hands on Opal's shoulders) Oh, honey, I'm so (embraces her daughter) glad you're safe.

(Bolin enters the frame and roughly shoves Su away, hugging Opal as well.)

Bolin: Me too.

(Su sits up and glares at Bolin. Cut to Asami unlocking a cuff. Camera pans out to the other airbenders who are freed. Lin helps to support Bumi. Cut back to Asami as she unlocks the remaining cuff on Jinora's wrist and the girl rubs them when the cuff is off. Asami walks away, revealing Kai in the background.)

Jinora: (runs to Kai) You're alive! (switch to a profile shot of the two as Jinora throws her arms around Kai) I can't believe it.
Kai: Why? (Jinora pulls away) Just because I was blown out of the sky and fell hundreds of feet down a cliff? (rubs the back of his head sheepishly) Don't you know it takes more than that to get rid of me?

(Kai grins widely, showing his teeth. Jinora punches his shoulder playfully. Cut back to Lin holding onto Bumi who looks tired and we can see Kya being supported by Otaku and another female airbender in the background.)

Lin: We have to get these two out of here now. (casts a glance to Bumi) They don't look so good.
Bumi: (coughs weakly) What are you talking about? (punches his arm in the air) I feel great. (coughs weakly again)

(Switch to Tonraq addressing the rest of the team.)

Tonraq: You guys get everyone out of here. I'll search for Korra.
Mako: (he, Bolin, and Jinora step forward) We're going with you.
Jinora: You don't (Tonraq and the brothers turn their attention to the girl) have to search for her. (cut to a close up of Jinora as she furrows her brows) I know exactly where she's being held. (Kai looks worried in the background)

(Scene switches to Korra as she continues to resist the poison. Her eyes flash non-stop. She closes her eyes briefly before opening them again when she lets out another groan of pain. Her eyes flash once more and we cut to Zaheer who is waiting in anticipation. Cut back to a frontal shot of Korra who struggles briefly before her eyes permanently glow white and the air swirls around her protectively. She has entered the Avatar State. Cut back to Zaheer.)

Zaheer: Now! Destroy the Avatar.

(Ming-Hua hurls a chunk of ice at Korra and she breathes fire from her mouth, melting the ice. Her right arm tugs at the chains, pulling out a part of the wall where the chains were attached to. Cut to Zaheer and he jumps back as Korra aims the boulder at him. Korra drags the chain to the side and the boulder slides along the ground, knocking Ming-Hua against a wall, creating a dent on the surface. Cut to Ghazan who is shocked and he runs forward. Switch to a slight aerial view of the cave as Korra twirls right arm to allow the chains to wrap around her limb. As she does so, Ghazan bends up a stream of lava from beneath her. Cut to a close up of Korra who is done wrapping the chains and she punches her hand forward airbending the lava to Ghazan. He is surprised and quickly jumps to the side to avoid being incinerated.

View changes to Korra's ankles as she breaks free of the chains and cut to a frontal shot of Korra who is almost free. She swings herself back and forth on the remaining chain connected to her left wrist and she sends a gust of air forward. Korra sways a little more before aiming her hand backwards and she bends a torrent of fire behind her, propelling her forward. The momentum causes her to breaks the chain on her left wrist and she leaps towards the camera. Cut to Zaheer on the ground as he flies up while the two guards behind him scurry away. Korra lands into frame a second later, creating a small crater beneath her feet. She then raises her hands and four columns of rock are bent up. Camera changes to a close up of an infuriated Korra as her arms struggle slightly from the weight of the boulders. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to Korra bending the boulders around her and then sending them out in all four directions with airbending. Camera cuts to an overhanging shot as Zaheer, Ghazan, and Ming-Hua avoid the rocks hurled at them. Switch back to Korra who yells a battle cry as she breathes fire out of her mouth. Cut to Tonraq, Mako, and Bolin running up to an opening at the side of the cave.)

Tonraq: Korra!

(Korra ignores him and sends out streams of fire to Zaheer and he dodges, flying upwards into a hole in the ceiling. The Avatar propels herself from the ground by blasting fire from the soles of her feet to chase after Zaheer. Her father and friends look on helplessly.)

Tonraq: We have to help her!

(We can hear a boulder being bent and Bolin quickly steps in front of Tonraq, shoving the Chieftain aside.)

Bolin: Look out!

(Bolin bends up a protective wall of earth as a small chunk of rock collides against it. Camera pans to Ghazan in a bending position, gritting his teeth. Cut back to Tonraq and the two teens.)

Mako: (to Tonraq) You help Korra. We got this.

(Tonraq turns and heads away in the other direction. The brothers tense up and wait for the next attack at the mouth of the tunnel.

Scene switches to a profile shot of an underground passage filled with green crystals. Zaheer enters the screen and effortlessly flies through the tunnel, heading off-screen. Korra enters into frame, landing on the stone floor with a loud crunch and she jumps off-screen.

Cut to the outside of the Red Lotus sanctuary as Zaheer flies out into the open. Korra rips the mountain side apart and continues to pursue Zaheer. Switch to a close up of Korra sailing through the air and she punches her arms forward, sending two boulders to Zaheer. Cut to the Red Lotus leader as he dodges the first rock and then kicks away the second one with airbending. Korra boosts herself forward with firebending and tackles Zaheer, grabbing his waist. He responds by grabbing Korra's mid-section and flipping her upwards, using airbending to kick her away. Cut to Korra as she falls and lands onto the top of a rock column.

Camera angle changes to a view from the ground looking up as Korra slips off the column towards an adjacent pillar of rock and she slides down the length. Camera pulls back to show Tenzin using Oogi as a support to stand up. He is watching the fight from a distance. Cut to Korra sliding down the length of the rock with her feet before boosting herself off the surface with firebending. Cut to Zaheer as he angles his body down and shoots forth like a rocket.

Cut to Korra who leaps from pillar to pillar with firebending. As she reaches the third rock column, she twists her body and flies around the circumference, seemingly cutting off the top of the structure with earthbending. Camera returns back to Tenzin looking on helpessly as Korra throws her new weapon at Zaheer but the airbender dodges. The boulder crashes against a pillar and the tall structure crumbles. Cut to a frontal shot of Tenzin clutching his waist.)

Jinora: Daddy!

(Tenzin looks back and gasps with surprise. Camera pans out to reveal the airbenders running out into the open towards Tenzin.)

Tenzin: Oh, thank goodness you're all right.

(His three older children throw themselves at him and hug his waist. Tenzin lets out a grunt from the discomfort but laughs, putting his hands on their backs. Pema rushes up to her husband with a happy Rohan in her arms.)

Pema: (worriedly to her husband) Honey, are you okay?
Tenzin: I'll be fine.

(Pema and Tenzin look back to the mountain opening as Kya and Bumi walk out with assistance. They sink to their knees, exhausted. Tonraq rushes out of the entrance towards Tenzin while looking up to the sky.)

Tonraq: We have to help Korra.

(Tenzin's children and Pema gaze up with concern. Cut to a scenic view of the fight as Korra bends off the tops of another two pillars in an attempt to squash Zaheer in between. Zaheer deftly dodges and Korra sends a barrage of boulders at the man. Cut to a close up of Korra leaping down from her vantage point and she propels towards the camera angrily.

Camera fades to Mako punching fire and dodging a small piece of ice that flies over his shoulder. Ming-Hua avoids the fire and jumps up, swinging around the crystals on the ceiling with her water arms. Mako chases after the armless waterbender and camera pans to Bolin bending a rock at Ghazan who punches it into smithereens. Bolin sends another boulder again and Ghazan raises a wall of earth to protect himself. He then bends the wall to Bolin who bends it in clean in half. As he does so, Ghazan has been following the wall closely and he now tackles Bolin by the waist, causing them to roll along the ground. Bolin throws the older lavabender off and when Ghazan lands on the ground, he quickly sends two slabs of rock towards Bolin. The teen dodges the first one and punches the second one into dust. )

Bolin: (peeved) What are you smiling about?!
Ghazan: (smugly) I was just remembering the last time we fought.

(Ghazan turns the ground in front of him into lava and sends it to Bolin who lavabends it away.)

Bolin: Well, a lot (bends two streams of magma to Ghazan) has changed since then.

(Ghazan leaps back to avoid the molten rock and we cut to Bolin who gives him a cheeky wink. Camera returns back to Ghazan.)

Ghazan: (impressed) So that's how you got out of the temple. Not bad. Let's see what you've got. (Ghazan bends more lava at Bolin.)

(Scene changes to Zaheer flying through the air, cautiously looking behind him and he flies down to avoid a series of boulders bent at him. The camera follows his every move from here onwards in a trailing shot. He flies past a snowy looking mountain before sailing under the clouds and then finally back out into the open over some more mountain ridges. He flies up and more boulders are flung at him from off-screen. Zaheer continues to fly on and Korra finally enters the screen, flying with her firebending. She lands on a small jutted rock before earthbending a small platform under her feet, sending herself flying upwards as she boosts herself towards Zaheer with more firebending under her feet. She punches fire at Zaheer twice but as always, he avoids the attacks.

Camera quickly zooms in to Zaheer as he bends wide arcs of air at Kora. Cut to Korra levitating herself off the ground with her fire boosters and she moves from side to side, avoiding the first two air blasts but is hit in the torso by the third gale. Korra rolls along the ground near the edge of a cliff and grunts from the impact. Zaheer quickly takes the opportunity and swoops down at her. Cut to Korra on the ground getting up on her knees but Zaheer flies past her, bending her off the edge. Switch to a back view of the cliff as Korra tries to use firebending to hover above the rocks below but she loses balance, sending herself tumbling down the rough surface.

She lands on the ground and the Avatar State chimes as she stands up. With renewed determination, Korra rushes forward with a burst of fire and moves the rocks behind her as one huge rock. Cut to a view of Zaheer as a huge shadow looms over him and he stops to look back. Cut to Korra with a massive boulder above her head and she spins around, sending the projectile at Zaheer. Camera pans out to a scenic view of the area as Zaheer flies towards another mountain ridge and is seemingly crushed by the rock. Cut to a close up of the cloud of dust from the impact and Zaheer flies out of it, unharmed, and he angrily flies to Korra.

View changes to the Avatar as she gently lowers herself down to a small waterfall and she bends streams of liquid towards Zaheer. Camera returns to Zaheer as he dodges the water stream but his right foot gets caught by the third attack and the water freezes, encasing his limb in ice. This causes him to lose balance and plummet into the canyon below. Cut to Korra who examines Zaheer's movement and she leaps off of the water, heading to Zaheer. Switch to Zaheer free-falling unsteadily and he looks up. Cut to Korra who yells out a battle cry and moves her hand in a punching movement. The sound effect of the Avatar State waning is heard and the fire from her feet disappears as Korra clutches her chest in pain. She returns back to normal briefly and tries to pursue but she doubles over in pain again and she loses altitude, crashing into a rocky surface below.

Zaheer is seen dropping down quickly in the background and camera cuts to a close up of him as he punches the ice away. Switch to a view of the ground as he almost smashes into it but he catches himself at the last second and hovers over the dirt. He flies forward for a short distance before heading up. Cut to Korra standing up and she turns around when Zaheer is in view. Korra breathes fire but it soon dissipates as she collapses.)

Zaheer: You can't fight me and the poison.

(View changes to the ground looking up at the cliffs and camera zooms out to the airbenders watching the confrontation. Cut to a frontal shot of the group.)

Kai: I can fly up on my bison to help her.
Lin: You'd never be able to keep up with Zaheer. He's too powerful.
Kai: We have to do something!
Bumi: (leaning against a small rock with his sister) How can he fly like that?
Tenzin: (seated with his immediate family) He's unlocked powers of airbending that haven't existed for thousands of years.
Jinora: (to her father) There haven't been this many airbenders in one place for a long time, either. We have power together. (stands up and addresses the airbenders) Hurry! Everyone form a circle. Follow me.

(Jinora runs off to a little flat area of land nearby and her companions follow. When she is in the middle, Jinora does a circle walk and soon, a spinning vortex of air forms above her head. The others wave their arms along with Jinora, bending more air into the vortex as it grows bigger in size.

Scene switches to Ming-Hua cartwheeling on the floor with her water arms and Mako jumps in soon after to pursue, shooting fire as he chases her. Cut to Ming-Hua bobbing and weabing behind a small pillar of rock as she intercepts the flames with her water arms but they evaporate. She scurries backwards and trips, falling and rolling into a small ledge below. She sits up as Mako stands at the top in a bending position. View changes to a back view of Mako as Ming-Hua is backed up against a wall.)

Mako: You have no water. It's over.
Ming-Hua: (furrows her brows) Not yet.

(She dashes off to the side and jumps into a crevice below as Mako fires a warning shot. Cut to the mouth of the pit looking up as Ming-Hua jumps into some water off-screen. Mako runs to the breach and frowns, jumping in anyway. View changes to Mako landing in a big pond under the cavern. He looks around and bends a stream of fire from his hands to illuminate the area. Sensing danger behind him, Mako turns around and sees Ming-Hua above the water with multiple water appendages on each arm.)

Ming-Hua: Now it's over!

(She swings forward and Mako immediately extinguishes his fire and runs forward to avoid the onslaught. Ming-Hua has encased the lower half of her body in water and she continuously whips her numerous water arms at Mako. The firebender roll backwards into a pillar and dashes off to the side, climbing and supporting his weight in between two columns of earth as he shoots lightning at the water with one arm. Cut to a profile shot of the scene as the entire area lights up. Switch to a close up of Ming-Hua as she screams from the electrocution and she stops bending as she is thrown backwards to the ground. Cut back to Mako who appears to be in shock.

Scene changes to Ghazan sending a molten rock to Bolin and he blocks it with a pillar. Bolin rolls on the ground and bends a stream of magma to the older man. Ghazan jumps up and bends more lava down from behind Bolin and the teen quickly runs off to the side. Cut to a frontal shot of Bolin running away from the flowing lava behind him and he leaps off a ledge and jumps to another area below. He rolls on the ground and stands up to flash cool the lava. As he does so, Ghazan leaps over the ledge and lands behind the boy. Ghazan bends up a chunk of earth but is knocked back by fire hitting the rock and he is thrown backwards. Bolin smiles and looks happy. Cut to Mako in a bending stance and he runs forth, propelling himself off the ground with firebending and passes over Ghazan's head to join his brother.

Ghazan bends up a chunk of earth but Mako quickly cuts it with fire. Mako lands on the ground and he and Bolin send a barrage of earth and fire to the lavabender. Ghazan bends up a small chunk of earth as fire enters the screen and hits it. The older man is then hit in the stomach by a rock and he stumbles backwards. Cut to a close up of Ghazan standing up as the brothers flank him from a distance behind.)

Bolin: Give up, Ghazan! You can't win!
Ghazan: I'm never going back to prison. (turns around to face the brothers) If I'm going down today, (punches the ground beneath him) you're coming with me!

(The cavern shakes as rocks fall from the ceiling and the walls turn into lava. Ghazan shoves his hands down and lava drips down in an attempt to collapse the floor. Cut to the brothers with falling rocks above them.)

Bolin: Mako, hang on!

(Bolin bands a platform of earth and slides them up a slope of flash cooled lava. The brothers reach to safety and in the background we can see the Red Lotus motif on the wall breaking up and disintegrating, leaving a small quarter behind. The area continues to collapse. Cut to a frontal shot of the brothers glancing at each other before turning away and running off.

Scene changes to Korra on the ground as she struggles to stand up. Camera pans up to Zaheer as he dives down to Korra, flinging her from one ledge to another with airbending. Zaheer swoops down again and sends Korra over the edge of the cliff side and she tumbles down the length of the cliff. Camera hovers above Korra as she plummets down and lands with both legs planted on the ground. She rolls along the rocky surface and grunts in pain towards the edge of another cliff.

Camera zooms out to a scenic view of the scene and we cut to Zaheer floating in the air.)

Zaheer: (looks down to Korra) The poison has done its work. The Avatar Cycle will be over momentarily.

(He waves his arms and camera pans out as Korra is lifted off the ground by swirling air. Cut to a close up of the fallen Avatar as the air curls up her neck and surrounds her head. Korra's head is brought up from the movement and we can see the air leaving her mouth, into the vaccum around her head. Korra gasps softly. Cut to Zaheer as he closes his fingers slightly before a gust of wind blowing in from the side catches his attention. Switch to an aerial shot and we can see a tornado heading towards Zaheer.

Scene changes to Bolin and Mako leaving the mountain to the outside and they shield their eyes from the wind. Cut to a shot from the brothers' backs to reveal Jinora and the airbenders controlling the tornado in the background. Cut to Jinora in the eye of the twister and she moves her arms around in a circle before she pushes her hands forward.

Camera returns back to Zaheer and he look back to Korra. Camera pans down to the Avatar as the swirling air around her body and head gets dissipated from the raging winds of the cyclone. Korra's body begins to slide off the top of the pillar and Zaheer swiftly flies down and catches her, carrying the teen on his shoulder. He flies towards the screen but the twister behind him gets closer. Zaheer strains to get away but he is sucked in by the force. The chains on Korra's arm unravel and they fly down into the tornado.

Cut to a full body shot of Zaheer in the twister as he holds onto the back of Korra's shirt. He then grasps her from under the armpits and tries to fly out but the winds pull her out of his hold. Zaheer quickly grabs Korra's wrist so she doesn't fall. Switch to close up of Zaheer with the mouth of the twister above him and he turns back to regard Korra. View switches to Korra as she awakens in Zaheer's hold, still in the Avatar State. Cut to Zaheer as he strains and grunts to hold on but in the end, Korra is freed from his grasp and falls.

Korra whips the chains up and we cut to a close up of Zaheer's leg as the chains wrap around his limb. Zaheer looks back with surprise and we cut back to Korra who pulls Zaheer down the tornado and she lands on the ground below. Korra tugs on the chains, slamming Zaheer into the earth. Switch to an overhanging shot as the tornado dissipates soon after. Cut to a close up of a slightly angry Korra but her expression changes to pain and she falls down. Jinora runs up to her and the other airbenders look worried.

Cut to a view of Zaheer on his back as he groans and he is encased by a rock pyramid which pulls him upright. Switch to Lin and Su in bending stances and Tonraq, Mako, and Asami rush past them in the background. Switch back to Korra splayed out on the ground with her eyes open in the Avatar State. Tonraq runs to his daughter and picks her up in his arms. Cut to a close up of a weakened Korra.)

Tonraq: (off-screen) Korra, sweetheart. (camera angle changes to show father and daughter and Tonraq looks heartbroken) It's me, (rests a hand on Korra's face) Dad. (view changes to Korra who turns towards her father) Please hang on.

(Korra's eyes widen and she reaches out for her father but before she can touch him, her hand drops and she falls unconscious. Cut to Tonraq who laces fingers with his daughter's hands and tears form in his eyes. Switch to a full view shot as the camera slowly zooms in on Zaheer in the background. He is chuckling like a mad man now. Switch to a close up of of the Red Lotus leader and the Beifong sisters cast dirty looks at him.)

Lin: What are you laughing about?
Zaheer: (looks at Lin) You're too late! (cut to a close up of Zaheer as he is gleeful) The poison's been in her system too long. The Red Lotus has won.
Jinora: (walks up from behind Zaheer) You can (camera pans up to Jinora) save her. The poison is metallic.

(Cut to the Beifong sisters who are surprised by the revelation and Su quickly runs forward. In the background, Tenzin and his family walk towards the commotion. Switch to Jinora's back view as Su follows after her and drops to her knees at Korra's side. Cut to a close up of Korra as Su's hands rest on her forehead and shoulder. Switch to a close up of the matriach as she closes her eyes in concentration. She opens them soon after and camera pans down to Korra's legs as Su makes pulling movements above it. The sound of swishing liquid can be heard. Cut to Asami with her hands clutched on her chest along with Mako and the other airbenders looking on worriedly in the background. View switches to Kai, Meelo, and Ikki as they all look despondent. We can hear the liquid still being moved around in Korra's body. Cut to Lin and a teary Bolin.

Camera returns back to Su still doing the pulling motion and camera pans up to Korra's face. Su's hand moves above Korra's head and the teenager opens her Avatar State eyes. A stream of metallic liquid is pulled out of her mouth and Korra coughs. Su bends the poison to the ground and it falls down in blobs. Cut back to Korra who opens her eyes and she is now out of the Avatar State. She turns towards her father.)

Korra: (weakly) Dad? (gives a small smile) You're alive.

(Switch to a full body shot of Tonraq holding his little girl and the children smile fondly in the background.)

Tonraq: I'm here for you. (hugs Korra tightly) I'm never going to let you go.
Zaheer: (off-screen) No! (cut to a Zaheer as he becomes unhinged) No! You don't understand. The revolution has already begun. Chaos is the natural order of all-

(A hand enters the screen and shoves a sock into Zaheer's mouth as his voice becomes muffled. Camera zooms out to reveal Bolin with one foot bare and he was the one who did the sock shoving. In the background, Lin and Opal look on, slightly disgusted.)

Bolin: (to Opal who is standing beside him) You see what I did there? I put a sock in it. Literally.
Opal: (dryly) Classic Bolin.
Bolin: I do what I do.

(Switch to an aerial view of the scene and the camera slowly zooms out. Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to day time on Air Temple Island in Republic City. A few airships and boats surround the island. Cut to a golden hairpin held between Asami's lips and she takes it with her hand. Camera angle changes to Asami inserting the golden pin into the white and blue hair bun cover behind Korra's head, keeping it in place. View switches to a full shot of Asami standing behind Korra who is seated. We can only see a little bit of Korra's eyes.)

Asami: There you go. All fixed up for a (reaches off-screen to grab something) formal Avatar appearance. (cut to Korra's point of view looking out the window as a mirror slides in front of her face.) Take a look.

(Korra looks downcast and she has dark circles under her eyes.)

Korra: (looks at her reflection and speaks half-heartedly) It's great. Thanks.

(Asami sets the mirror aside and we switch to a profile shot of the two girls.)

Asami: You know, (gets in front of her friend and bends down slightly) nobody expects you (rests a hand on the Avatar's shoulder) to bounce back right away. It's only been two weeks. You need time to heal.

(Cut to a close up of Korra who remains unresponsive. Cut to Korra's hands clasped on her lap as Asami's hand enters the screen and grasps Korra's fingers reassuringly.)

Asami: (off-screen) I want you to know that I'm here for you. (camera switches a shot of a concerned Asami) If you ever want to talk, or anything. (gives a small smile) But let's just try to enjoy this today. (view changes to Korra) For Jinora.
Korra: (widens her eyes slightly from realization) You're right. (closes her eyes and steels herself with determination before opening them again) Okay. Let's go.

(Asami stands up and goes behind Korra. Cut a full view of the room as Asami pushes the green wheelchair Korra is seated on. Korra is dressed in the formal outfit she wore in "The Voice in the Night" episode.

Scene changes to the new airbenders climbing up the steps leading into the main tower of Air Temple Island. Cut to Korra's parents, Lord Zuko, President Raiko, the Beifong sisters, Tenzin along with his siblings and his immediate family at the base of the stairs receiving Avatar Korra as she is wheeled in by Asami. Kya has crutches while Bumi has his arm in a sling. Zuko gives Korra a Fire Nation bow.

Cut to a despondent Korra who gives Zuko a nod. Senna enters the screen and embraces her daughter. Korra's expression softens slightly as she gives her mother a one-armed hug. Senna pulls away and rests a hand on Korra's cheek with a smile. She drops her hand as her husband enters the screen and bends down in front of Korra.)

Tonraq: You look beautiful, sweetie.

(Switch to a profile shot of the two as Tonraq kisses Korra's forehead and she gives a small smile. View changes to Su, Zuko, Raiko, Tenzin, Pema with Rohan in her arms, and Kya off to the side.)

Tenzin: (gives a smile) You're looking stronger every day, Korra.
Raiko: (softly) I'd like to officially welcome you back to Republic City. (he walks up to Korra and camera angle changes to a wide shot) I know that the last time we saw each other, it didn't end on the best terms, but I want to thank you for taking down those Red Lotus terrorists.

(Cut to Korra who looks down sadly and Asami notices her friend's change of mood.)

Asami: (politely) We should go inside.
Ikki: (runs to Asami and grasps one of the handles of the wheelchair) I can help.
Meelo: (runs and climbs up the wheelchair into Korra's lap) I wanna ride with Korra. (Korra gives a small smile as she holds Meelo securely on her lap) Jinora's already inside. (Asami pushes the wheelchair forward) It smells like shoe trees.

(Cut to an overhead shot of the flight of stairs as Asami reaches the base of it.)

Ikki: Sandalwood, Meelo.
Lin: (walks up to Asami) I got this.

(Lin bends a raised square platform from beneath them. Cut to a close up of them back on the ground.)

Lin: (rests a hand on Korra's shoulder) Hang in there, kid.

(Lin thrusts her arms forehead and we cut to a side view shot of the scene as the platform slowly moves up the stairs. Cut to the adults who look on worriedly.)

Raiko: She's not looking good.
Tonraq: (curtly to Raiko) Neither would you if you'd gone through what she had.
Tenzin: She'll be fine. She just needs time to heal. (Raiko walks up to Tenzin) The poison took a great toll.
Raiko: Of course. (Tenzin looks at the President) I'm just saying, with the Earth Kingdom (looks up the stairs) in complete disarray since the loss of the Queen.
Lord Zuko: And even with Zaheer locked up again, (turns to look at Raiko and Tenzin) we still don't know how many Red Lotus members might be out there, hiding.

(Cut to an over the shoulder shot from behind Zuko looking at a concerned Raiko. Tenzin and Pema look troubled as well.)

Raiko: Exactly. With the World getting more and more dangerous, we need the Avatar now (Tenzin looks to the side) more than ever. Who will protect us (Tenzin strokes his beard in thought) while she's in a wheelchair?

(Scene changes to urns filled with incense sticks in front of an altar. Cut to the audience seated cross legged on cushions on the floor looking up at the stage. Jinora's family and friends stand on both sides of the stage. Jinora is wearing a yellow robe that covers her whole body and she has a hood concealing her head.)

Tenzin: Jinora, come forward.

(Cut to a close up of Jinora as she nods and takes a step forth before kneeling down on the ground on one knee. Switch to a shot above Jinora's head looking at Tenzin.)

Tenzin: (addresses the audience with a smile) Today we welcome the first airbending master in a generation, (looks at his daughter fondly) and I couldn't be more proud of my daughter. (view changes to Jinora who gives a smile and camera cuts back to the audience looking up at the ceremony) When the existence of our people was threatened, when the Avatar's life hung in the balance, Jinora never gave up hope. (camera focuses on Pema holding Rohan, the Beifong sisters, Raiko, along with the probending brothers beaming at Jinora) Thanks to her leadership, I see a very bright future for the Air Nation. (switch to a profile shot of Tenzin with Korra and the others in the background) Of course, there would be no Air Nation without Avatar Korra. She opened the portals and somehow the World began anew for us. (cut to a depressed Korra) And she was even willing to lay down her own life (Korra widens her eyes slightly and still looks saddened) in order to protect ours. (view changes to an overhanging shot of the ceremonial hall) There's no way we can ever repay her for all she's done. But we can follow her example of service and sacrifice. (cut back to a close up of Tenzin) So while she recuperates, the Air Nation will reclaim its nomadic roots and roam the Earth. (camera pans across the new airbenders standing behind Jinora) But unlike our ancestors, we will serve people of all nations, working wherever there is corruption and discord, to restore balance and peace. (At the end of the line of airbenders, we can see Ryu in Air Nomad clothes and his arms are crossed. Cut back to a profile shot of Tenzin as he addresses Korra) Avatar Korra, (Korra looks up at Tenzin) I vow that we will do everything in our power to follow in your footsteps and bring harmony to the World.

(Tenzin bows to Korra and she gives a small smile as she nods. Cut to Jinora on the ground with her father looming behind her.)

Tenzin: Now, let us anoint (Jinora bows her head and we can see a little bit of the airbender tattoo arrow peeking out from under the hood) the master who will help lead us (walks up to Jinora) in our new path.

(Beautiful, touching music plays as Tenzin lowers the hood with both hands and we can see that Jinora has earned her airbending master tattoos. She raises her head to the audience and Jinora looks like a spitting image of Aang when he was a boy. She undos the clasp on her robe and stands up to reveal more of the tattoos on her bare arms.

Scene switches to the new airbenders bending the smoke from the incense sticks in a circular motion and camera pans out to the audience as the smoke spirals outwards and upwards. The smoke hits the windchimes hanging above the hall and sweet, melodic tunes begin to chime. Cut to Jinora as she hugs her dad around his waist. Switch to Pema and the others as they applaud.

Cut to a close up of a despondent Korra with tears welled up in her eyes as the others behind her continue to clap for Jinora. The tears fall from her right eye, trailing down the side of her cheek.)

[End Credits]

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