Transcript for 401 - After All These Years
After All These Years
Written By: Joshua Hamilton
Directed By: Colin Heck
Storyboard By: Eugene Lee, Hyunjoo Song, Natasha Presler-Wicke
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

Act I

(A black and white news reel starts to play and Shiro Shinobi begins to narrate with jazzy music in the background.)

Shiro Shinobi: (shot opens up to a view of Yue Bay in Republic City) Welcome to Republic City, the place of hopes, dreams, and Spirit Wilds. (frame slides off to the side to reveal a shot of a few highways snaked around the Spirit Wilds vines and Satomobiles travel on them without incident) This metropolis truly has something for everyone. (frame pulls outwards from both sides to reveal a shot of Air Temple Island with a few air bisons flying above it) Visit Air Temple Island, the hub for all air benders as (switch to an aerial view of a training courtyard on the island where a group of airbenders are practicing their forms and a bison with airbenders fly past the screen) they travel the World helping others. (frame slides upwards to the park Korra visited when she first arrived in the city) Or take a stroll through beautiful Avatar Korra Park, named in honor of you-know-who. (shot changes to a statue of Korra in the same position of herself in the opening credits and there is a group of people practicing tai chi off to the side) We've missed her these past three years and we can't wait to welcome her home. Get well soon, Korra. (frame slides down to reveal a shot of the Spirit Wilds engulfing an apartment complex) And of course you'll want to see our most unique attractions, (view changes to tourists walking inside the Spirit Wilds as various spirits float about) the Spirit Wilds. Here spirits and people live harmoniously together, (view switches to the hobo Korra meets in the very first episode of the series and he is interacting with a bunch of spirits) like this old codger and his new pals. (view switches to another part of the Spirit Wilds where tourists walk past a bridge) Yes sirree, this town is truly on the up and up. (scene cuts to crowd gathered in front of a train terminal with Zuko's statue in the background) Come be a part of the action in Republic City.

(The black and white slowly gives way to a fully colored shot of the scene.)

Raiko: (off-screen) And of course, my biggest thanks (camera zooms up to President Raiko with an older Asami standing by his side in a different outfit and hairstyle from before) goes to Asami Sato (Asami glances at the President and he returns the gaze) and Future Industries. (both turn their heads back to the crowd) She brought our old central terminal into the modern era. (Camera pans to the front of the crowd where Tenzin's family and his three oldest children, including Jinora, have grown their hair out and are wearing new airbender glider suits. Rohan sits on his father's shoulders.) Ladies and gentlemen, the World is entering a new age of peace and prosperity. (view returns back to Raiko) Soon, Prince Wu will take (cut to a young man clad in stylish green clothes posing for the cameras and we can see Mako in a detective uniform along with Lin standing behind the prince) his rightful place on the Earth Kingdom throne. (cut back to Raiko and Asami who have a long red ribbon in front of them) And thanks to our updated rail system, Republic City and the Earth Kingdom will be united like never before.

(The crowd applauds and Raiko holds the ribbon taut while Asami cuts it with a big pair of golden scissors. The camera flashes go off and the two pose for pictures.

Scene fades to Asami getting interviewed by a reporter in front of the train station.)

Prince Wu: (approaches Asami from the side) Hey there, (the reporter and Asami look towards him) Asami right? Great train house. (the reporter walks away while Asami looks a little annoyed) Maybe you can give me a personal tour some time, what do you say?
Asami: (raises eyebrows) I do like the idea of putting you on a train and sending you far, (crosses her arms) far away.
Prince Wu: (chuckles) That's- that's funny. I like funny dames. (steps in front of Asami) Maybe I (rests a hand on his chest) should introduce myself, I'm Prince Wu, future King.
Asami: Yeah... I'm aware of who you are.
Prince Wu: Don't let my reputation intimidate you. I'm still human just like (waves his arm in front of him to the side) everyone else, only more human, like extra-human, or, hmm, (whispers) super-human.
Asami: (skeptical) Super-human?
Prince Wu: So, what do you say? Can I show you a low-key (bounces his shoulders up and down) night out with a super-human soon to be King?

(The prince wiggles his eyebrows suggestively while Asami looks a little offended. Footsteps are heard approaching them.)

Mako: (off-screen) Prince Wu, (view pans out to a full shot of the three) President Raiko has some really important- (moves his hands behind his back) king stuff to talk to you about.
Prince Wu: Now? (sighs) Fine. (to Asami) Think over the offer, (blows a kiss to her and walks away) I'll be back.

(Asami rolls her eyes slightly as she and Mako watch the prince move off.)

Mako: (dryly) He's a real charmer, huh?
Asami: He's... (frowns) something. How can you stand being his bodyguard?
Mako: Well, I just remind myself that once he's on the throne, I go back to being a detective.
Asami: And that works?
Mako: I also go home and smash my head into the wall for an hour. You know, just to get the stress out.
Asami: (chuckles) It's good to see you, Mako. It's been too long. You hear from Bolin lately?
Mako: I haven't talked to him for a while, (wistful music begins to play) but he's coming in a few days for the coronation. (his expression perks up) And Bei Fong told me that Korra is getting in tonight.
Asami: (smiles) I can't wait to see her. It's gonna be weird having the old Team Avatar back in the city after all these years.

(Cut to Raiko, Tenzin, Lin, and Prince Wu at the entrance of the train station. Raiko's bodyguards flank the group from both sides.)

Tenzin: After your coronation the United Forces will escort you to Ba Sing Se.
Prince Wu: Right, about that. Are we all positive that the Earth Kingdom is safe enough for me to return? I don't have to remind everyone what happened to my great aunt three years ago? (He grabs his throat and simulates choking as he slowly sink down on the floor. Lin doesn't look amused. He stops abruptly and puts his hands together in a respectful bow.) May she rest in peace.
Raiko: Prince Wu, I assure you Kuvira has the Earth Kingdom pretty much stabilized at this point.
Prince Wu: (uncertainly) Err... Define "pretty much". (crosses his arms)
Tenzin: Well, the roving bandits have mostly been dispersed.
Prince Wu: Mostly?
Lin: Don't worry kid. The chances of you being assassinated are almost zero.
Prince Wu: (raises his eyebrows as perspiration dots his face) Almost?

(Scene changes to a scenic shot of a town. Cut to the run down streets of the community as a man attempts to sweep the debris scattered on the ground. The sound of an engine is heard and a jeep comes into view behind him. He and the other townspeople scatter to make way for the vehicle. The jeep comes to a stop in front of a shop and all three occupants disembark and walk into the establishment. Camera follows the bandits into the messed up shop and a woman stands up fom behind the counter.)

Shop Owner: Get out of here. We don't have anything left.

(A couple of the bandits start to search through the broken cabinets. The leader of the trio bends a trail of earth towards the wooden counter, smashing it to smithereens and the shop owner ducks for cover. The dust settles to reveal a few sacks of belongings hidden under the counter. The shopkeeper looks fearful as the bandits take the sacks.)

Bandit Leader: Now, you don't have anything left.

(All three of them leave and put the loot into their awaiting jeep outside. Camera pans up to reveal an air bison in the sky. Cut to Opal and Kai standing atop the bison in their new glider suits and they both leap off the creature's backs. Switch back to the bandits who gasp with surprise and we return to Kai and Opal plunging towards earth and they swing their arms open, revealing 'wing'-like fabrics along the length of their knees to their arms. They open up like a flying squirrel and the extra surface area slows their descent.

Cut back to the ground as the driver quickly reverses the jeep and takes off down the road. Kai and Opal fly into screen soon after, chasing after them. Cut to a close up of the bandits in the jeep looking behind them as a figure quickly speeds past the vehicle, catching their attention. Camera switches to an slight aerial view of the confrontation to reveal Kai flying up and above the jeep. He aims his legs towards the jeep and a gust of air comes out from his feet, hitting the front of the jeep and tipping it over. Frame rate slows down as the bandits scream when they're thrown out of the vehicle. Frame rate returns back to normal as the bandits and runaway jeep past the front gates of the town. Opal catches up to them and bends a cushion of air beneath the bandits, lowering them to the ground safely. Cut to a townsfolk and a child peeking out from the windows. View returns back to Kai securing the bandits with a rope.)

Kai: (stands up and look around) It's safe to come out everyone, (camera zooms out a little as Opal detatches the fabric from her elbow and clips it back to her suit) the airbenders are here.

(Cut to a slight overhead view of the town as a man runs towards them.)

Governor: You finally made it! (switch to a close up of the three of them) So, where (gestures his arms out) are the rest of you?
Opal: Actually, it's just the two of us, (the governor clenches his fists) but we're going to do everything we can to help. I'm (rests a hand on her chest) Opal, (gestures her other hand out to her friend) and this is Kai.
Kai: (steps forward and extends a hand towards the governor) It's nice to meet you.
Governor: (in disbelief) What? I called Master Tenzin because my state has been under siege by bandits for months. They blocked all the roads, cut off our supply lines, and all he sent is you two kids?
Kai: Hey, us two kids just took care of those three guys for you.
Governor: There are hundreds more where they came from. My citizens are going hungry. Our entire state is on the brink of collapse.
Opal: (looks down and frowns slightly) Unfortunately, the Air Nation is spread thin right now. (gazes back up to the governor) We're all you have. (the governor looks a little bewildered at the revelation)

(Scene changes to a railway line in the countryside and fast paced drum music plays as a bullet train speeds past and makes its way along the tracks. Cut to the inside of the train to reveal Bolin in Zaofu clothes with his hair slicked back and he has a file in his arm.)

Bolin: (walk towards the camera) We just got some good news. (salutes) Two more Earth Kingdom states (drops his hand) have agreed to join us.

(Switch to a full view of the carriage to reveal Bataar Jr. talking to Bolin, Varrick resting on a couch off to the side with his assistant Zhu Li standing beside it, and there's a woman glancing at a map of the Earth Kingdom in the background.)

Bataar Jr.: Excellent. (Bolin hands the file over to Bataar Jr.) Thank you, (takes the file) Bolin. (turns towards the woman) We're ninety percent there, (cut to a close up profile shot of Kuvira glancing at the map) Kuvira.
Varrick: (cut back to Varrick as he slaps his knee with excitement) That's great! (chuckles) Zhu Li, dish out (Zhu Li gives him a salute) some of that special celebration tea!

(Zhu Li walks off-screen and we cut to Kuvira metalbending two light green colored magnets in the shape of Earth Kingdom regions onto the dark green map, filling up the unified territories. Switch to Kuvira's back view as Zhu Li offers a cup to her.)

Kuvira: None for me. (Zhu Li pulls away and Kuvira turns back to her team) I won't celebrate until the Earth Kingdom is one hundred percent reunited.

(View switches to the other four people in the carriage with Bolin with the cup already on his lips and Bataar Jr., Zhu Li, and Varrick put their cups back down on the saucers dejectedly. Bolin does so too. Suddenly, the brakes of the train are engaged and they yell with surprise as they lose their balance, spilling tea on their clothes. Cut to the outside as the train gradually pulls to a stop. We return back to the inside of the train to reveal Kuvira, still standing tall and proud as she appears unfazed. She takes a step backwards to balance herself and looks out the window. We return back to the other four people in the carriage as Zhu Li tries to soak up the tea stain on Varrick's shirt with a napkin. Kuvira walks forward and camera pans up to reveal a guard in the carriage.)

Kuvira: Why (the guard gives Kuvira a salute) have we stopped?
Guard: (drops his hand and bows his head) Apologies, there are rocks on the tracks. It's most likely bandits. We're sending troops to handle the situation.
Kuvira: Call them off. (gives a smug smile) I will take care of the bandits myself.

(Cut to an overhead view of the train stopped in the middle of a canyon and we can see a pile of rocks on the train track. Switch to view of the train as Kuvira climbs out and stands atop the train. Cut to a close up of her as she looks around and then gazes up the canyon. Camera pans up to reveal people hiding on top of the cliffs. The bandits immediately earthbend a little board of earth underneath their feet as they 'surf' down the cliffside. Switch to an aerial view of the canyon as we can see movements from both sides of the train. Cut to a close up of two bandits sailing down the slope and they earthbend a few chunks at Kuvira.

Camera returns back to Kuvira as she steps aside to the allow the first rock to fly past her harmlessly. She then extends her arms out as she catches the second boulder with her bending and flings it away. Kuvira quickly turns her body back to intercept another chunk, sending it flying to the ground. She swiftly steps to the side again to avoid getting hit by a boulder coming from behind her. Cut to a close up of the back of Kuvira's armor as she rapidly metalbends strips of metal out towards the cliffs. Switch to a full body shot of her as she gets into a bending stance and sends more metal strips on the other side of the canyon. She dodges another boulder and bends out more strips.

Cut to a close up of the bandits as the metal strip wraps around the eyes of the bandit in the foreground, making him yell with surprise. His companion in the background gets the metal strip cuffed around his ankles and he loses his balance, falling off his rocky platform. Another bandit quickly moves further down the cliffside. We return back to Kuvira again as she bends out more metal pieces from her shoulder pad and arm band. As she bends out the last strip, the camera zooms out to the bandits as one gets hit in the eye and falls down. Camera pans across various bandits as they get metal bands wrapped around their eyes, ankles, and wrists. Two bandits manage to run up close to the train and one of them bends up a column of earth and sends it to Kuvira. Cut to a close up of the woman as she fires two strips of metal onto the rock and she spreads her arms apart, separating the rock cleanly into two even pieces and the boulders crash into the cliff behind her.

The two bandits on the ground try to get away but they quickly get subdued by Kuvira who bends the metal strips over their eyes. Cut to Kuvira as she brings her arms together and we see three bandits coming together as their bands are stuck to each other like magnets. We can hear a female bandit cry out. A fourth bandit joins the pile. Return back to Kuvira as she swiftly moves her arms around and another female bandit loses her balance and falls to the ground. Two bandits sail rapidly towards each other as their wrist bands get connected. Kuvira makes more motions and the remaining bandits 'join' up through magnetized bands in their wrists or ankles. The bandits grunt and we cut to Kuvira looking down at them nonchalantly.

View changes to the bandits lined up neatly on both sides of the track with their wrists attached to the rail and camera pans up to reveal Kuvira standing on the track with two of her men standing guard behind her. Kuvira opens her arms and the metal bands on all the bandits faces are bent back into her armor. Cut to a close up of a female bandit as she looks up.)

Female Bandit: You're... (widens her eyes) Kuvira.
Kuvira: (cut to a close up of Kuvira) And you're the bandits who have been causing chaos (camera pans out to a portion of the track with the bandits and Kuvira in view) where I am trying to establish order, aren't you?
Female Bandit: We're sorry. We didn't know this was your train-

(Cut to Kuvira as she opens her hand and bends a strip of metal off-screen. The camera quickly follows its path as the band covers the female bandit's lips, effectively silencing her and she cries out with surprise but her voice is a little muffled. Cut to a close up profile shot of the female bandit wth Kuvira in the background.)

Kuvira: (sternly) Don't talk over me. (puts her hand down and the band falls off the female bandit's mouth)

(Switch to a close up of a male bandit looking at his comrade sadly.)

Male Bandit: (looks up at Kuvira) Please, take mercy on us.
Kuvira: (cut to a shot of Kuvira as she frowns) Stop groveling as if this is the worst day of your life. (smiles) This is a good day. I'm going to give you all (turns herself to face the bandits properly) the opportunity to rehabilitate yourselves (camera pulls back to reveal the rest of the bandits) and become productive members of your nation. Right now, you're lost, but pledge your loyalty to me, (camera cuts to three bandits looking at each other, confused) and I'll give you a new purpose in your lives. Of course, (switch to a profile shot of Kuvira's face as she smiles wickedly) if you don't want to join, you could always stay right here. (angles her body to the side) Hopefully someone saves you before the next train speeds through, (turns her back on the bandits) but I wouldn't count on it.

(Switch to a frontal shot of Kuvira with the bandits in the background.)

Male Bandit: No, we'll join. Don't leave us here.
Female Bandit: We pledge our loyalty to you, (bows her head) Great Uniter.

(The camera focuses on Kuvira as she grins. Cut to commercial break)

Act II

(Episode returns to a shot of a hotel in Republic City and jazzy music plays. Switch to the a back view shot of two butlers as they each open up a door to reveal Prince Wu with a top hat and he twirls his cane as he walks out of the suite. Mako trails after him. The Prince stops twirling his cane and tosses it in the air before it lands on his arm. Cut to a close up of the two as they walk down the corridor. )

Mako: I don't know why we're leaving so early if you're just getting a haircut. The dinner at Air Temple Island isn't until later tonight.
Prince Wu: Because I'm not just getting a haircut, it's a spa day. We're talking minimum four hours.
Mako: (raises his eyebrows) Are you kidding me? (cut to an overhead shot of the two as they reach the elevator and Mako presses the down button to call for the lift) What are you having done that takes four hours?
Prince Wu: (switch to a close up of an excited prince) A rejuvenating tea leaf skin wrap. (the elevator cabin slides up into view) Have you ever gotten one of those, Mako?

(The elevator dings and the doors slide open as Prince Wu steps into the cabin.)

Mako: Yeah, I'm not interested. (walks into the lift and presses a button to bring them down to the ground floor)
Prince Wu: Oh, you will be.

(The doors close and the cabin is brought down. View changes to a close up of the elevator floor indicator dial as the arrow swings down to the extreme left and the elevator dings again. Cut to a close up of the two men as the doors slide open.)

Prince Wu: (enthusiastically explaining the spa procedure to a bored Mako) So while your hands soak in a bubbling milk bath, your feet are in a tub full of these little suckerfish that literally eat your calluses away. (pulls his arm backwards as an exaggeration) Gobble them right up. (twirls his cane upwards) Crazy, huh? (walks out)
Mako: (follows after his charge) That's disgusting.

(Cut to a scenic overhead view of the hotel lobby with guests mingling about as the prince and his bodyguard make their way to the front door.)

Prince Wu: Then they scrape your skin with blocks of sea salt, lube you up with seaweed infused aloe, (cut to a profile shot of the two as they walk on) wrap you in tea leaves, put you in a hot box for four hours and bam, (raises his cane for emphasis) you're done!

(Switch to a back view shot of the men walking towards the front door and we can see silhouettes of a crowd outside. Camera pans across the horde as some cheer and some boo at the prince.)

Prince Wu: (off-screen) Mako, look at all my fans. They must be in town for my coronation.
Mako: (off-screen) Uh... I don't know if all those people are your fans.

(Cut to the front doors outside the hotel as they open up and Prince Wu steps out with fanfare)

Crowd: Boo!

(The royal walks down the red carpet leading towards his vehicle and he quickly poses with two fangirls leaning over the barricade. The photographer on the carpet turns his camera around and takes a picture. Mako walks into view and he looks around. Camera cuts to two people clad in green behaving suspiciously and they're hiding something behind their backs. Cut back to Mako and the frame rate slows down as he looks back to the Prince. View changes to a shot of Wu as a man in green slowly makes his way towards the unsuspecting prince. Frame rate returns to normal and we return back to Mako as he dashes forward and carries Wu in his arms.)

Mako: Wu, we have to get you out of here.

(The prince makes a noise of disappointment as Mako brings him into the car. Cut to a close up of a woman in green as she brings out a pie from behind her back and throws it over the barricade. Camera pans across several of her friends clad in green doing the same. The crowd gasps in horror. View changes to the inside of the car as Mako shoves the prince, who was hit by pie, into the vehicle and he quickly closes the door as a pie lands on the window.)

Mako: Go, go!

(The Satomobile moves and we switch to a back view shot of the car from the outside as fallen pies litter the ground. Two people clad in green run out onto the road and one of them tosses a final pie, and it makes contact with the vehicle. Cut back to the inside of the prince's car and Mako looks out the window.)

Prince Wu: (he is in a dodging position) What just happened out there?
Mako: (turns his head to Wu) I think those were Kuvira supporters in the crowd.
Prince Wu: (gasps as he looks down at his robe) Oh, no! Mako, (clutches his abdomen) I've been hit. It's a gusher! (moans in pain)
Mako: (dryly) That's not blood, it's strawberry pie.
Prince Wu: (relaxes and tastes a bit of the strawberry filling with his finger) Oh, yeah, you're right. (rests a hand on Mako's shoulder) But that was close. I don't know what would've happened if you weren't there.
Mako: You would've (pushes Wu's hand away) been hit by a pie. It's really not that big of a deal.
Prince Wu: Or I could've been killed. I don't know what I'd ever do without you. (Mako looks out the window again) Wait a second, did you say strawberry pie? (grabs his throat) I'm allergic to strawberries. (gasps for air as he kneels down on the floor) I don't think I can breathe. Get me to the hospital, Wu down.
Mako: (looks over to Wu with annoyance) You're allergic to bee stings.
Prince Wu: (relaxes) Oh, right. (sits on the floor and rests his elbow against Mako's knee as the detective doesn't look too pleased) I always get those two mixed up.

(Scene changes to Kai and Opal feeding Lefty some hay on a grassy hill.)

Kai: (stands up) Look! (camera pans up to reveal a train pulling into the State of Yi) A train made it through.
Opal: Maybe they brought food and supplies!

(Cut back to a close up of the rail track just beside the town and the townsfolk gather to see who pulled in. Opal and Kai push through the crowd. Hydraulics hiss and two men in Zaofu uniform step out, followed by Bolin.)

Kai: Hey, what's your boyfriend doing here?
Opal: (cut to a close up of Kai and a worried Opal) If he's here, he must be with Kuvira and my brother. This isn't going to be good.
Kai: (calls out) Bolin!

(Cut to a frontal shot of Bolin as he turns at the sound of his name.)

Bolin: Kai! (runs forward and Kai dashes into his arms as Bolin lifts him up) Wow, you are a lot (puts Kai down and they part) heavier than you used to be, you're really growing up.
Kai: What's up with your new hair? You look like a stiff.
Bolin: (cut to a close up of Bolin as he frowns slightly and we can see more of Kuvira's men stepping out of the train) Hey, Kuvira says it makes me look intelligent (fingers his cowlick on his forehead) and professional.
Opal: (off-screen) Don't believe (reaches into the frame and messes the back of Bolin's hair, making him look like his old self) everything she says.

(Camera zooms out fully to reveal Opal and Bolin reacts with surprise.)

Bolin: Opal, I can't believe you're here too. (he embraces his girlfriend) I missed you so much.
Opal: I missed you, too.

(Bataar Jr. and Kuvira disembark from the train behind the couple.)

Bataar Jr.: Look who it is. (switch to a profile shot of the scene as Bataar Jr. walks up to Opal who is frowning) It's good to see you again, little sister. (Bolin quickly slicks his hair back into a neat style)
Kuvira: (walks up) What a wonderful surprise. A happy reunion for my favorite couple.
Bataar Jr.: (friendly) How's Mom doing?
Opal: (frowns) Like you care. (narrows her eyes) She still hasn't forgiven you.
Bataar Jr.: (raises an eyebrow) You know, for someone who claims to be so enlightened, Mom can really hold a grudge.
Opal: I guess when her son betrays her-
Kuvira: Please. (steps forward) Opal. We're not here to bicker with you about something that happened three years ago. We're here to help this town, just like you.
Opal: I've heard how you help towns- by conquering them.
Kuvira: (looks sympathetic) I know the rumors about me can be pretty nasty, but I am giving everyone in this nation a better future. And (turns to Bolin) with Bolin's help and (angles her head to Bataar Jr.) my fiance's ideas, (turns back to Opal) we're laying the groundwork for the people to achieve their own greatness.
Opal: (shocked) Your fiance?
Kuvira: You haven't heard? (she and Bataar Jr. gaze at each other affectionately) Your brother and I are getting married.
Bolin: (laughs nervously) Isn't that (clasps his hands together) great, sweetie? (smiles broadly awkwardly and Opal gazes at her boyfriend)
Kuvira: (off-screen) I know things got heated with your family (walks up to Opal and rests a hand on her shoulder while Kai slides comically off-screen) when Baatar and I left Zaofu, (Bolin glances nervously back and forth between Kuvira and Opal) but don't you think it's time to forgive and forget?
Governor: (off-screen) What are you doing here?

(Kuvira drops her hand from Opal's shoulder and the trio look off-screen. Cut to a shot of the governor with his people behind them. There is a brief silence as the camera switches angles to a shot from behind the governor looking at Kuvira.)

Kuvira: (turns towards him) Hello, Governor. (cut to a close up of Kuvira as she takes a step forward) I was wondering if you and I could talk privately.

(Switch a scenic view of the train.)

Kuvira: (off-screen) So, (cut to the inside of the train carriage as the governor takes a seat at a table and Kuvira is standing, looking out the window) have you had time to rethink my generous offer?
Governor: Generous? (cut to a close up of the governor looking at the contract on the table) You want to take everything. How is that generous?
Kuvira: (switch to a view of Kuvira as she speaks calmly) Governor, your state has been overrun by bandits. (walks up to the table) They have you outnumbered and out-supplied. (rests a hand on the table and closes her eyes) The question's not if they'll take over, it's (opens her eyes) when. (cut to a view of her gloved hand on the contract) Unless you sign (pushes the treaty towards the governor) our deal. Agree to the terms (pulls her hand away and camera pans up to the governor frowning) and you'll have the full force of my army backing you. You will remain in charge, just under my supervision. (switch to a close up of Kuvira with a hand on her hips) I will save your life, and the lives of your citizens. (smiles) I think that's pretty generous.

(The governor shoves the treaty and ink bottle off the table, making Kuvira frown. The ink splatters down one side of the table.)

Governor: (stands up to defend himself) I know how you manipulate states and force them to join up under you. I know the only reason you want this region is because it's rich in ore. (cut to a close up of Kuvira with a blank expression on her face) They might call you "The Great Uniter," but you're destroying everything. (cut to a close up of the governor as he shakes his head) I'll never turn the great State of Yi over to you.

(Kuvira steels herself with determination and we cut to a slight overhead view of the scene as Kuvira closes in on the governor.)

Kuvira: You have a lot of pride, (the governor backs away and sits down in his chair out of fear) but it cannot protect your people. (rests a hand on the back of the governor's chair and leans in) Your pride will not stop the hordes (switch to an over the shoulder view from the governor looking at Kuvira) as your city crumbles to the ground, and your pride certainly will not feed your hungry (view changes to the governor who looks fearful) when all that is left is rubble.
Governor: (frowns) Leave! Get out of my state.
Kuvira: (cut to a close up of her as she frowns) You will perish, (softens her expression) unless you take my generous offer.

(Return back to the governor who appears jittery. Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to an overhead shot of the train rail and the State of Yi. Cut to a close up to Kuvira's people on the ground with Opal and Kai as the governor storms out and the others look on in bewilderment. Kuvira appears at the entrance of the train carriage with the treaty in hand.)

Kuvira: It's time to go, (everyone looks to her) we're not wanted here.
Bolin: What happened?
Kuvira: It appears we can't make a deal right now. (turns to walk away)
Kai: Wait, (Kuvira stops and Kai walks up to the train) aren't you guys gonna stick around and help?
Kuvira: (hands out the contract to Kai) Here's the contract, (Kai takes the paper) we'll wait at the border for one day. You get the governor to sign it, (lets go of the contract) and you'll have all the help you need.

(Bataar Jr. looks over to Bolin before stepping into the carriage. Cut to a close up of Bolin and Opal.)

Bolin: I guess I gotta go.
Opal: (pleads) Don't, please! (rests her hands on Bolin's chest) You can't turn your back on these people!
Bolin: I'm not. I want to help, but if the governor wants us gone, (looks downcast)there's- there's nothing I can do. (Opal steps back and Bolin leans in to embrace her) I'm sorry- (his girlfriend shoves him away) Hey! Opal, (his expression changes to sadness) please.
Opal: (frowns) Leave (crosses her arms and turns her back to Bolin) if that's what you're going to do.

(Bolin sighs and walks into the train with the rest of the guards. The doors close and we cut to a profile shot of Opal glaring at the train as Kai steps towards her.)

Kai: You know, we might not need their help after all. (gives Opal a reassuring smile) The roads may be impassable, but not the skies. (the train starts to pull away) We can use Lefty to fly to all the nearby villages, pick up supplies and fly back.
Opal: (determinedly) You're right. (switch to an overhead shot of the State of Yi and the tracks as Kuvira's train picks up speed) We can save this town ourselves.

(Scene changes to a herd of cow hippos grazing on hay. Camera pans out to Lefty with supplies on its back and Opal and Kai are on the ground talking to the farmer.)

Farmer: Sorry we couldn't give you more, that's all we could spare.
Opal: (cut to a close up of Opal as she gazes up at the supplies) Every little bit helps. (looks to the farmer) Because of you and the other farmers around here, we have more than enough food to feed the town until we can get some reinforcements.

(Opal and Kai do the kung fu bow and the farmer returns the gesture. )

Kai: Thanks.

(Camera pans across more farmers harvesting their crop in the fields. Lefty takes off in the background and flies into the air. The scene fades to Kai and Opal seated on Lefty's head.)

Kai: (looks to Opal) So... (Opal look at her friend) you and Bolin doing okay?
Opal: (slouches her posture) I don't know. (looks up) It's really tough having a long-distance relationship, (frowns) and I can't stand that he's working with Kuvira.
Kai: I can tell. But it does seem like he found his calling, doesn't it? He loves helping people.
Opal: (looks away) Maybe, it's just- he's changed a lot since he's been around her.
Kai: (smiles) He's growing up.
Opal: I just hope we're not growing apart. (Kai stops smiling and there is an awkward silence between the duo) Speaking of long-distance relationships, how are you and Jinora doing?
Kai: Actually, we're doing fine. (the roar of an airplane engine is heard and both of them look around) You hear that?

(Cut to a view behind Lefty as a plane rapidly flies up from the clouds and quickly glides towards the air bison. )

Kai: (off-screen) It's more bandits!

(Cut to a bandit on the wing of the plane and he fires a grappling hook off-screen. Cut to the supplies on Lefty's back as the hook fastens itself on the netting covering the provisions. Switch to a frontal shot of Lefty as it groans and Opal and Kai look behind.)

Kai: We're hooked.

(Return back to the bandit as he attaches himself to the zipline of the grappling hook and pushes off, sliding down the rope. An air blast hits him and the bandit swings himself around the rope unharmed and continues down the zipline. He smiles as he dodges one more attack from Kai. The bandit lands on the supplies and unfolds his dual blades, slicing off the harness attached to the netting. Cut to Kai as he runs forward and we return back to the bandit as he gets knocked back by a gust of wind but he holds onto the net. Camera changes angles and Kai kicks out his leg, knocking the bandit off the bison.

The bandit still remains secured to the zipline and he swings around the bison before landing on the creature again. He moves his blade down towards Kai and the boy quickly propels himself upwards, causing more of the harness to be sliced off. Cut to the supplies as Kai jumps over it and lands with his hand holding onto the net. He punches an air blast to the bandit but the man dodges. The bandit quickly pulls himself in towards the supplies and swings his blade at Kai who pushes himself off the bison, hanging perpendicular to the supplies. Kai quickly lets go and stumbles back to Opal. He kicks a powerful blast of air at the bandit who ducks. The man swings his blade forward and cuts Kai's airbender suit. Kai trips and Opal grabs him to make sure he doesn't fall off.

Switch to a full view of the bison as the bandit makes off with the supplies and it slowly reeled back to the airplane, thanks to the zipline. Cut back to an angered Kai.)

Kai: (runs towards their provisions) No! (he falls off the Lefty) Ah!

(Switch to a scenic view of the confrontation as the plane quickly pulls away. Kai continues to fall. Cut to a close up of Kai as he opens his glider suit but is quickly blown off course.)

Kai: Whoa!

(Switch to a frontal shot of Kai to reveal a huge cut in the 'wing' part of his suit. Cut to Opal looking down and she narrows her eyes and stands up. Opal pushes herself off Lefty's head and twists in the air before launching herself towards Kai with her arms tucked at the side. As she reaches Kai, she grabs his arm and she opens up the wings in her glider suit, slowing their descent. Lefty quickly comes to their aid and flies beneath them and they hold onto its fur. Cut to a frontal shot of Lefty with Kai and Opal safely on its back. Lefty grunts and we switch to a profile shot of the air bison as it flies through the air.

Scene fades to the governor and townsfolk waiting at the entrance as Lefty lands on the ground. Kai and Opal jump off and we cut to a close up of the governor with his hands clenched as the two teens walk up to him.)

Governor: What happened? Where's all the food?
Opal: (cut to Opal and Kai who look despondent) We were attacked in mid-air. We lost everything.
Kai: It might be time to make a tough call.

(Kai reaches into his suit and pulls out the contract, handing it to the governor. View switches to the governor as he looks at his people who are hungry and desperate. Cut back to the governor as he frowns. View changes to the contract as the governor takes it in his hand. Switch to a profile shot of him and the teens as the governor signs on the paper.)

Governor: (hands the contract over to Kai) Here, (Opal storms off) tell Kuvira to save my people.
Kai: (takes the contract, folds it, and keeps it in his suit) For what it's worth, I think you made the right decision.
Governor: Did I ever really have a choice?

(The governor walks away while Kai looks on sadly.

Scene changes to a beautiful view of Air Temple Island in the evening. Cut to the dining room with Prince Wu talking to the President and First Lady in the background while Mako and Lin stand off to the side. Camera pans left to the dining table as Tenzin's family and Asami sit to eat. )

Meelo: When Korra gets here, (cut to a close up of the table as Jinora feeds Pabu) I bet she's not even gonna know who I am.
Ikki: Why is that?
Meelo: Because (cut to a close up of Meelo with sparkly, colorful cartoon drawings in the background) Meelo the Boy has turned into Meelo the Man. (Meelo flexes his muscles and the background has monsters in them and hard metal music plays. The music comes to an abrupt stop as the camera returns back to the present.)
Ikki: (raises an eyebrow) Right, you're completely unrecognizable.

(Meelo contains to flex his biceps and camera pans left to the Prince, Raiko, and Buttercup.)

Prince Wu: (chuckles) You've never had the tea leaf wrap? (switch to an over the shoulder view from behind Prince Wu as Raiko has a forced smile on his face while his wife listens politely) You have no idea what you're missing. The face massage alone is to die for.
Mako: (camera zooms in on Mako and Lin in the background) Ugh. This coronation cannot some soon enough. (cut to a close up of Mako and Lin) I can't wait (smiles wistfully) to go back to being a detective.
Lin: (looks uncomfortable) Right. Um, yeah, about that.
Mako: (frowns) What?
Lin: I don't know how to tell you this. (rubs the back of her neck nervously) You're going to Ba Sing Se (Mako is aghast) with the prince.
Mako: (grabs Lin by her shoulders) No!
Lin: (looks away) I tried to get you out of it, but it's over my head. (Mako pulls away and sighs) Wu personally asked Raiko. (cut to a close up of Mako as he breaks out in cold sweat) He said he doesn't know what he'd do without you.
Mako: This can't be happening. I'm not even an Earth Kingdom citizen, I work for the Republic City Police Department.

(Switch to a view between chief and detective as Raiko and Wu laugh heartily in the background and the president claps a hand on the prince's shoulder.)

Lin: (quietly) Not anymore. You're just a pawn in Raiko's diplomatic game. (view returns back to profile shots of Mako and Lin) You can try talking to him, but I don't think he's going to let you quit.

(Mako sighs and footsteps can be heard off-screen as they turn their attention to it. Cut back to a view of the dining room as an air acolyte walks in.)

Air Acolyte: There's a Southern Water Tribe ship pulling up to the dock.

(Switch to a close up of the dining table as Ikki stands up.)

Ikki & Meelo: (simultaneously) Korra!

(Ikki and Meelo run off-screen and we cut to a close up of Tenzin as he grins.

Scene switches to an overhead shot of the State of Yi in the evening and Kuvira's train has pulled up into the town. Cut to a close up on the ground as troops in 'Stormtrooper'-like armor march into the town. Switch to a view of the train as one of the guards opens the door and two mechatanks with the Zaofu symbol steps out. Cut to a crate with the Zaofu stamp on it being handed out to the townspeople. Camera pulls out as a mother and child walk away happily with their provisions while her neighbors patiently line up to take their rations. View switches to a young boy with his arm wrapped around his stomach and a Zaofu soldier bends down and hands the kid an apple from the food supply box. The boy eagerly grabs the apple and quickly takes a bite from the fruit. Both the soldier and the lad smile at each other. View switches to the children playing with the mechatank as its pilot ensures their safety.)

Kid #1: Cool!
Kid #2: Yeeeah!

(Cut to Bolin handing out a supply box to a man and a sack of rice to a woman. Switch to a pair of boots making contact with the ground and they walk off-screen. View changes to Kuvira, her men, and the governor at the front entrance of the town.)

Kuvira: The State of Yi is now under the full protection of my army.

(Camera zooms out at the townsfolk cheer and applaud. Cut to a view of Kuvira's back as she turns around.)

Kuvira: Proclaim your (camera pulls back to reveal the governor in the foreground) loyalty, if you wish to keep your post.

(Cut to the governor as he looks afraid but places his hands into his robes and bows anyway.)

Governor: (speaks without emotion) I pledge my loyalty to you, (looks up at Kuvira with a frown) Great Uniter.

(Camera focuses on the gates as a banner unfurls and the camera quickly zooms out as Kuvira stands with pride with the banner behind her. There is more applause and we cut to Opal in the crowd looking at the fanfare. She looks to the side to see Bolin handing out supplies to the citizens. Cut to a close up of Bolin as he blushes and smiles at Opal. Cut back to a close up of Opal amongst the cheering townsfolk and she walks away sadly. View returns back to Bolin looking disappointed. He distracts himself by handing out the provisions.

Scene changes to the dock of Air Temple Island at night and a Southern Water Tribe ship has anchored at the jetty. Cut to a close up of the docks as Tenzin and the others wait. Naga dashes out of the ship and flops down on its back in front of Ikki and Meelo so that they can rub her belly. Tonraq steps off the ship shortly after and walks towards Tenzin. Cut to a profile shot of Tornaq, now with some gray in his hair, and Tenzin shaking hands.)

Tenzin: Tonraq, it's good to have you back in the city, (both men pull away from the handshake) and everyone is excited to see the Avatar again.
Tonraq: (cut to a close up of a surprised Tonraq) What do you mean? (raises an eyebrow) Isn't Korra already here?
Tenzin: (switch to Tenzin and the others who are equally perplexed) No, we thought she was coming with you.
Tonraq: (return back to Tonraq as he looks passive) Korra left the South Pole six months ago. She's written me letters. She said she was here in Republic City.
Tenzin: (worriedly) I assure you, your daughter's not here.
Tonraq: (camera focuses on Tonraq again) Then where is she? (he looks at Tenzin with a subdued expression)

(Scene changes to a warehouse at night and cheers can be heard from inside the building. Cut to a close up of Korra, now with her hair in the bob cut, as she pants and quickly brings her arms up in front of her. A chunk of earth flies into view and smashes against her forearms. Another rock hits her head from the side while a small jagged piece of earth juts out to her belly. Korra cries out in pain and two more smaller pieces of rock fly towards her, pushing her backwards onto the ground.

Camera zooms out to reveal fans in the stands cheering loudly and we can see a caged arena in the middle where Korra is fighting against her opponent. There is an Earth Rumble tournament insignia etched on the floor. Cut back to Korra who stands up and she gets into a defensive position.)

Korra: (taunts) Is that all you got?

(Cut to her ponytailed opponent with a hairband and wristbands as she swings her arms forward and sends a chunk of earth at Korra who quickly slides along the floor to dodge the attack. Korra kicks off a piece of earth from the ground and sends it to her opponent. The other party dodges and she quickly punches two more rocks at Korra while also bending a wall of earth at her. Korra cartwheels to the side and lets out a battle cry before sending her own wall of earth to her competitor. The woman quickly brings up a slab of earth to protect herself before launching herself upwards with a column of rock. The challenger runs along the wall as Korra chucks another rock at her. The woman dodges it and leaps off from the wall, bring a slab of rock from behind her and punching it towards Korra. The rock hits the Avatar and she groans, rolling along the ground before slamming into the wall. Korra tries futilely to get up but she collapses soon after. Her competitor relaxes her stance and the crowd cheers.)

Promoter: We have a winner!

(The woman flexes her muscles in victory and the camera quickly zooms out to a full view of the arena and the crowded stands. A bell dings to signal the end of the battle. Scene fades to an empty arena as Korra removes her wrappings from her arm on the stands and the promoter walks towards her. Cut to a profile shot of Korra as she removes the bindings completely.)

Promoter: Here, (throws a wad of cash at Korra and it lands beside her) for your lackluster participation.
Korra: (picks up the money) Thanks. (stands up and carries her gym bag)

(Switch to a back view shot of Korra as the promoter scrutinizes her.)

Promoter: You know, you look very familiar. (smiles) Yeah, you kind of look like that Avatar girl.

(Cut to a close up of Korra, now sporting a bruised eye.)

Korra: I get that a lot.

(Korra turns and walks away. Switch to a slight overhead view of the arena.)

Promoter: Whatever happened to her anyway?

(Return back to a close up of Korra looking morose as she walks into the corridor connected to the arena.)

Korra: I wouldn't know.

[End Credits]

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