Transcript for 402 - Korra Alone
Korra Alone
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino
Directed By: Ian Graham
Storyboard By: Christopher Palmer, William Ruizika, Steve Ahn, Jen Bennett, Brendan Clogher
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Venom of the Red Lotus" and "After All These Years".]

Shiro Shinobi: The Avatar has gone missing! Three years ago, Zaheer poisoned Korra, severely injuring her. While her friends moved on with their lives, Korra remained in the South Pole. Everyone thought she was still recuperating, but six months ago, Korra left home and hasn't been seen since. Even Chief Tonraq was shocked to learn that his daughter's whereabouts are unknown. What has become of the Avatar and when will she return?

Act I

(Episode returns to a reflection of Korra in a shattered mirror that suspiciously looks like it got punched in by Korra herself. Camera zooms out fully to reveal the back of her head as she looks at her bruised self in the mirror. She looks down and camera angle changes to a profile shot of her in front of a faucet with running water. She raises her injured elbow and uses her other hand to bend the handle on the faucet to its maximum, increasing the amount of water flowing out. Korra bends a glowing stream of water from the sink to heal herself. She is interrupted by a series of knocks on the door and she stops, suspicious and afraid.)

Man: (off-screen) Hurry up in there! (cut to the outside of the bathroom as a man stands with his knees pressed together and he clutches his stomach) Come on, (he trembles and shivers) I got an emergency situation!
Korra: (opens the door and walks out) Knock yourself out.

(The man runs into the bathroom for a few seconds before remembering to slam the door shut. He sighs with relief off-screen. Cut to profile shot of Korra deep in thought, walking down an alley and onto the road where a vehicle is coming close to her. Korra stops and looks at the headlights shining on her as the Satomobile horns at her. She quickly runs forward and rolls across the road before running to the other side. The Satomobile abruptly brakes and spins on its axis, coming to a stop. Korra lays a hand on a building to support herself and she grabs her head. Suspicious music chimes and Korra looks into the alley.)

Korra: Huh?

(Switch to Korra's point of view as she sees an apparition of her barefoot self in the Avatar State from the time when Zaheer poisoned her. The vision has chains wrapped around one arm and stands hunched over. Cut back to Korra.)

Korra: (frowns) You again.

(Camera returns back to the apparition as it looks up and the chains clang on the floor. She lifts her arm up and swings the chain towards Korra. Cut to Korra as she punches a fire blast but the chain wraps around her leg, knocking her off balance and she hits the ground. Korra raises an arm up protectively and chains wrap around that limb. Switch to a view from behind Korra looking at the apparition walking towards her menacingly. Cut back to a close up of a fearful Korra.)

Korra: Leave me alone!

(Korra punches her arm and sends out another wave of fire. Camera quickly zooms out to a slight overhead shot of some townsfolk gathered around the alley as Korra is seemingly attacking nothing but air. The fire dissipates.)

Man: What's wrong with her?

(Cut back to Korra with the passer-bys behind her.)

Woman: Young lady, (Korra looks behind her) are you all right? (switch to a view outside the alley as Korra stands up) Can I take you to a doctor? (Korra says nothing as she slings her bag over her shoulder and walks out of the alley.)
Korra: No, I don't need any help.

(Two men part to allow Korra to walk on and everyone eyes at her suspiciously. Cut to a close up of Korra's face as suspicious music plays again. The camera quickly zooms in on Korra's face and the screen flashes white to a shot of the docks at Air Temple Island on a clear day. There is a huge, intricate ship docked at the bay. Cut to shot of Korra in a wheelchair with Tenzin and a newly anointed Jinora beside her. Bolin, Mako, and Asami walk up to the Avatar. This scene is obviously a flashback from three years ago.)

Bolin: (puts his hands on his hips) Now don't take this the wrong way, (Asami walks to behind Korra's wheelchair) but I can't wait for you to leave.
Mako: (crosses his arms and glares at his brother) How else is she supposed to take that but the wrong way?
Bolin: I mean because I've never had a pen pal before. I'm going to write you so many letters, (reaches a hand into his pocket) and just to get the ball rolling, (he hands a green envelope to Korra) here. Spoiler alert. (Pabu squeaks and Korra takes the letter) Pabu and I already miss you. (the fire ferret shrills adorably)
Korra: (gives a small smile) Thanks, that's sweet.
Asami: (rests her hands on Korra's shoulders) Are you (Korra looks at her friend) sure you don't want some company in the Southern Water Tribe? I'm happy to come with you.
Korra: (looks down) No, I appreciate it, but I'll only be gone a couple weeks. (Asami drops her hands from Korra's shoulders) A little time alone will be good for me.
Tenzin: Now, (rests a hand on Korra's back reassuringly) I don't want you to worry about a thing while you're gone. Your recovery should be your number one concern. (cut to Korra with a worried expression on her face) Jinora, the airbenders, and I have everything under control.

(Scene fades to Naga, Senna, Tonraq, Korra, and Kya on the boat as it pulls away from the docks. Korra's friends stand below and wave goodbye to her.)

Asami: Bye, Korra!
Mako: Get better soon!
Bolin: Don't forget to write!

(Cut to a close up of Korra waving to her friends before she drops her hands and look away sadly.

Scene fades to a shot of the Southern Water Tribe palace at night with the green auroras dancing in the sky in the background. Cut to Korra asleep in bed with the covers askew. Korra grunts and she moves her arms around slightly. Cut to a close up of her with cold sweat dotting her face and she continues to moan in pain. Camera flashes white to Zaheer moving his arms in a circle and the scene flashes to Korra in the Avatar State with a bubble of vacuum swirling around her head. Camera flashes to a close up of Korra's eyes in the present and she opens them, wide with fear.)

Korra: (gasps) Ah!

(Switch to a profile shot of the bed as Korra sits up abruptly and Naga wakes up, making a worried whine. Korra continues to pant heavily.

Scene changes to Korra seated in her wheelchair outside on the balcony, looking up at the aurora in the sky. Senna, clad in her night robe, walks up towards her.)

Senna: (puts a hand on Korra's back) Can't sleep again? (Cut to a frontal shot of Korra and Senna as the Avatar lowers her head to evade the question. Senna bends down to be at eye level with Korra.) Honey, (strokes Korra's hair and head) your father and I have tried to give you as much space as you've needed, but we're worried. You're not sleeping, you're barely eating. We don't want to push you, (cut to a profile shot of Korra as Senna continues to stroke her hair soothingly) but it's been three weeks. Will you please go see Katara?
Korra: (closes her eyes) All right. (opens her eyes) I'll go.
Senna: (switch back to a frontal shot of the two again) You're going to get through this. (Korra looks at her mother and Senna hugs her daughter) Oh, I love you so much.

(Korra rests a hand on Senna's arm. Camera changes to a close up of Korra with her face pressed against her mother's shoulder. She closes her eyes and a tear slides down her cheek.

Scene changes to Katara in her healing hut and we see Korra in a pool of glowing water in front of the old woman.)

Katara: (waterbends the liquid in the healing pool) The poison did a lot of internal damage.
Korra: (cut to a close up of Korra completely submerged in the water, save for her head which is above the surface) Can you fix it?
Katara: (switch to a close up shot of Katara as she continues to move her arms around) I can help guide your healing process, (stops bending and the water pool stops glowing) but whether you get better or not is up to you. (Return back to a despondent Korra as she stares blankly into the water. Camera pulls out to show both Korra and Katara.) I know what it's like (sympathetic) to go through a traumatic experience, and I promise you, if you dedicate yourself to getting better, (gives a small smile) you'll recover stronger than ever.
Korra: That's what I want, (looks up at Katara desperately) more than anything.
Katara: Then try something for me. (presses her fingers together in a triangle) Concentrate (gazes down into the water) on your big toe. (Korra looks down and camera cuts to a shot of Korra's right foot in the water) Visualize it moving. (switch to a shot of Korra in deep concentration) Breathe.

(Korra closes her eyes and exhales, visibly relaxing. She opens her eyes and camera returns back to a shot of her foot. Her big toe starts to twitch for a second before slowly pulling away from its neighboring digit. Cut back to a surprised Korra.)

Korra: (looks up at Katara with a smile) Did you see that? (cut to the old waterbender as she smiles at the Avatar fondly) It worked!

(Scene fades to Katara guiding Korra through her rehabilitation at a set of parallel bars on the other side of the healing hut. Naga is behind Korra and is curled up and asleep.)

Katara: The mind can be a powerful ally (switch to a close up of Katara as she looks at her student) or your greatest enemy. (encouragingly) Now, I want you to try taking (cut to Korra as she looks down at the floor nervously with her hands gripping the bars on both sides) a step.

(Korra perspires and hesitates, her breathing speeds up. Cut to Korra's point of view as she grunts and moves her left foot slightly, a little unsure. Cut back to close up of Korra's face.)

Korra: (gasps as her eyes widen in fear and she tenses up) Ah! (The camera flashes white to Korra tied up at the Red Lotus hideout and she screams in pain when the poison is forcibly pushed into her body. Camera flashes again and we return back to the present as Korra is shellshocked and her hands are off the bars. She falls down onto the wooden floor.) Ugh!

(Naga looks up and lets out a worried whine.)

Katara: (off-screen, reassuringly) You're okay. (Korra grabs her head in fear and we cut to a full shot of her on the ground as Katara kneels down and rests a hand on the young girl's head to comfort her) Your body thinks it's still in danger, but you're safe here. (Naga walks into frame and looms over Korra) Use your mind to overcome the pain. (Korra looks up) Try again.
Korra: (rests her elbows on the floor but still grabs her head) I'm done for today.

(Scene changes to Korra in her bedroom at night with Naga resting at the foot of the bed. Korra is looking down at a piece of parchment in her hands.)

Asami: (narrates her letter) "Dear Korra, I miss you. It's not the same in Republic City without you. How are you feeling? (cut to a close up of gloomy Korra) Things are going well here. I just got a big contract to help redesign the city's infrastructure, so I'll be keeping pretty busy for awhile."

(Scene fades to Korra reading letters on her bed again but this time, there is a tall stack of notes on the bedside table.)

Mako: (narrates his letter) "Hey, Korra. So, I'm not very good at writing letters. It's 2:15 in the afternoon. Weather is fair. Chance of snow showers later today. But enough joking around. (switch to a close up of Korra looking dismal) I hope you're doing well. Me? I'm back on the beat. Bei Fong has me staking out the Red Monsoon hideout, you won't believe what's going down."

(Scene fades again and there are much more letters for Korra on the bedside table as she reads her friend's notes with a sorrowful expression on her face.)

Bolin: (narrates his letter) "My dearest, Avatar Korra. Though several fortnights have passed since your departure, to convalesce in the homeland of your tribesmen, (Korra reads the next page) I feel our friendship knows neither time nor distance. (Korra lowers the page and the camera focuses on a cute, colored, kid-like drawing of Korra and Bolin on top of the sheets) You will be most pleased (Korra places a drawing of Pabu, Zhu Li, Varrick, and a smiling Kuvira down on top of the previous illustration) to learn that I found gainful employment with Sir Varrick (there is another drawing of stars, flowers, and waves off to the side) and the Lady Kuvira. I set off on the morrow with some trepidation, (cut back to Korra still looking sombre) but I am eager to offer any aid I can in stabilizing the Earth Kingdom!"

(Korra narrows her eyes sadly and camera cuts to a floating letter falling down to the floor strewn with more notes from Korra's friends. Cut to a scenic shot of the Southern Water Tribe palace at night as the lights in one room, presumably Korra's, goes out at and the entire building becomes dark.

Scene changes to Korra on the wheelchair looking towards the camera with pessimism. The camera pulls back to reveal the support bars at the side in Katara's healing hut. Camera pans across the room with Naga resting on the other end of the bars while Katara is seated on a chair beside the Avatar, sipping from a cup. Cut to a close up of master and student.)

Katara: (lowers her cup) Whenever you're ready.
Korra: (sighs) What's the point? (frowns) We've been at this for almost six months and (looks away from Katara) I can barely take a couple of steps without collapsing.
Katara: (assuringly) I know you're frustrated, but-
Korra: (interrupts with a yell and we switch to an over the shoulder view from behind Katara looking at Korra) Of course I'm frustrated! A crazy man poisoned me, (goes off on a rant filled with bitter sarcasm) and now I can't dress myself or cook for myself or do anything for myself, (grabs the arm of her wheelchair irritably as she looks at Katara) and this whole time my friends have been off helping the World while I'm stuck with you, and you can't even heal me!

(Cut to Katara who looks a little taken aback. Switch back to Korra as she looks regretful.)

Korra: That came out wrong. (rests a palm against her head)
Katara: (return back to Katara) It's all right. (sets her tea cup down before standing up and walking towards Korra) Let your anger and frustration flow like water.

(Cut to a full body shot of Katara and Korra as the former stands in front of the latter.)

Korra: I am trying to understand why this happened to me. (pushes her arm away from her forehead) But nothing makes any sense. (leans back in her wheelchair, dejectedly) I'm tired, Katara. I'm so tired.
Katara: (kneels down and gives the Avatar a smile) Korra, I know you feel alone right now, but you're not the first Avatar who's had to overcome great suffering. (furrows her brows slightly) Can you imagine how much pain Aang felt when he learned that his entire culture was taken from him?
Korra: (cut to Korra as she looks down, ashamed) That must have been so awful.
Katara: (off-screen) But he never let it destroy his spirit. (Korra looks up at Katara, a little confused and we switch to a profile shot of the two) He chose to find meaning in his suffering, (rests a hand on Korra's hands) and eventually found peace.
Korra: And what am I gonna find if I get through this?
Katara: (switch to a close up of a worried Katara) I don't know, (smiles up at Korra) but won't it be interesting to find out?

(Cut to the parallel bars as Korra grabs them and supports herself. She still looks a little unsure as she trembles slightly. Switch to a full shot of the room as Naga is now sitting up straight and alert.)

Katara: Close your eyes. Visualize yourself walking over to Naga.

(Cut to a shot of Naga as she whines a bit at the sound of her name. Cut to a close up of Korra with her eyes closed and Katara is in the background.)

Katara: Can you see it?
Korra: Yes. (her arms wobble a little more)
Katara: Now, (smiles) take that first step.

(Korra furrows her brows in concentration and we cut to a shot of her tip-toed feet on the floor as she lifts her right foot forward and plants it firmly on the wooden surface. Camera returns back to Korra's face, her eyes still closed as she gradually makes her way forward, her hands still grabbing the bars tightly. Cut to a profile shot of the scene as Korra is three-quarters of the way through. Cut to a frontal shot of Korra as she opens her eyes. She takes a step and stumbles but the girl quickly pulls herself up with help from the bars and soldiers on. Camera pans to Katara who is beaming at the young woman. Return back to a profile shot of Korra at the end of the bars with her eyes closed and when she clears the bars, she opens her eyes and stumbles to Naga, hugging her polar-bear dog. The creature lets out a little happy whine and rests its head against her master's back. Cut to a frontal shot of Korra, smiling and triumpant.

Scene fades back to profile shot of Korra in the present day, still bruised, and she continues to walk down the street. Camera zooms out to Korra's back and a shadowy figures darts past the screen from behind her. The Avatar stops and looks around the foggy streets. Cut back to Korra as she turns her head forward and reels back in surprise. Switch to a shot of a little white puppy on the ground, happily wagging its tail and it barks before sticking its tongue out and panting.)

Korra: (walks to the dog and kneels down) Where'd you (rubs her hand against the dog's head) come from, little cutie?

(The puppy shrills and pants happily. Korra stops petting the dog and she looks up. Cut to a shot of the back of Korra's head and the camera zooms out to reveal an apparition of Korra in the Avatar State again, standing at the top of a flight of steps. Tense music begins to play.

Cut back to the puppy as it turns around and growls threateningly at the vision.)

Korra: You can see her, too?

(Switch to a close up of phantom Korra with an haunting smile on her face. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to an overhead shot of the street as the puppy continues to growl at the apparition. Switch to a close up shot of the dog and Korra on the ground.)

Korra: If you can see her, too, (stands up) maybe I'm not going crazy.

(Cut to a close up of the angered puppy as it barks and growls defensively. Switch to a shot from behind the puppy facing the staircase and the apparition disappears as it gets seemingly swallowed up by the fog. The creature lets out a whine and camera cuts to a shot from the stairs looking down at Korra and the dog.)

Korra: (looks down at the puppy) How'd you do that?

(The puppy pants and climbs up the stairs before turning around briefly and barking at Korra.)

Korra: (cut to a close up of Korra as she raises her eyebrows skeptically) You want me to follow you?

(Cut back to the dog as it barks twice and then turns and runs off. Return back to Korra who is still unsure.)

Korra: All right, let's see what I find.

(Korra runs off-screen and we cut to an aerial view of the street as Korra follows the puppy. Camera slowly pans upwards to a scenic shot of the mountains close by.

The camera flashes white and we return to a flashback. A scenic overhead shot of the White Lotus compound in the Southern Water Tribe is seen and Oogi flies towards it with Tenzin on its back. Cut to a view inside the compound as Korra and Katara await. Oogi lands and Tenzin climbs down from the side. Cut to a close up of Tenzin as Korra runs towards him and envelopes her master in a big hug. Katara walks towards her son with a smile.)

Korra: (excitedly) It's so good to see you! (pulls away)
Tenzin: How have you been, Korra? You look great.
Korra: I feel great. (grabs Tenzin's hands) Come on. (pulls him towards the screen) I want to show you how much better I'm doing. (Korra and Tenzin run off-screen)

(Scene changes to a shot of the arena where Korra showcased her firebending talent in the very first episode of the series. Camera pans across the three firebender guards as they get into position. Cut to Korra in her training gear as she punches out two blasts of fire, followed by a roundhouse kick which is also sent out as a stream of fire.

Cut to the guards as one quickly ducks to avoid the first blast while the second attack gets intercepted by the next guard and the fire dissipates. Finally, the third shot hits the last guard and he moves his arms in a circle to put out the fire. Cut to an aerial shot of the arena.)

Korra: (beckons the guards) Attack! (gets into a defensive position) I can take it.

(Return to a shot of the three guards as the one in the middle looks to his colleague uncertainly for a moment. They turn their heads to the front and run towards the screen. Sparring music from the very first episode plays and we switch to profile shots of the guards as the first one kicks out a blast of fire towards Korra. Cut to the Avatar as she swipes the attack down with her foot, extinguishing the fire. Switch back to a shot of the guards as the second one punches out two successive shots before kicking a fire attack. The third guard leaps up and kicks out more fire.

Cut to Korra on the ground, swiftly dodging all the attacks. She kicks out an attack of her own to intercept the blast before standing up to tackle a huge fireball head on. With her hands out in front of her, she rushes into the fireball and parts the fire. Cut to a close up of a very eager Korra with a smile on her face before she stops suddenly and the camera flashes to memory of Zaheer flying down towards the screen. Camera flashes again and we return to Korra with her hands covering her face as an attack enters the screen and collides against her arms, pushing her back as she grunts. Korra stumbles backwards with her eyes closed and blindly punches the air with her firebending. A blast of fire hits her and she falls to the ground, defeated.

Tenzin runs towards her and puts a hand on her back while his other hand is raised up in a 'stop' gesture towards the guards.)

Tenzin: All right, the sparring match is over.

(Switch to a shot of the guards as they relax their stances and walk off. One guard removes his helmet as he leaves. Camera pulls back to reveal Korra and Tenzin. Korra pushes herself off the floor, into a kneeling position, and pulls off her helmet. Tenzin holds her elbow and helps her stand. He releases his hold on her when she's fully upright.)

Korra: (disappointed) I thought I was ready.
Tenzin: (sympathetic) There is no shame in taking the time you need to make a full recovery. Being the Avatar can wait.
Korra: (looks up at her teacher worriedly) But what about the Earth Kingdom? (furrows her brows) I hear it's still a mess out there.
Tenzin: The situation has been stabilizing since Kuvira took charge.
Korra: (looks down) But that should be me out there fixing things, (closes her eyes) not her.
Tenzin: I know you want to help, but trust me, everyone has this under control. I just think you need to... (Korra glances at Tenzin and he stops, surprise written on his face)
Korra: (cut to a close up of a visibly annoyed Korra) If you say, "be patient," (frowns) I swear I'm gonna water-smack you in the mouth.
Tenzin: (fumbling) No, I was going to say you need to... (shifty eyes) not worry about the future. (switch to a full shot of the two) Be grateful for where you are now and the progress you've made.

(Korra walks away and throws her helmet to the side as Tenzin looks sad. Scene fades to Korra practicing firebending at the edge of an snowy cliffside on a starry night.)

Korra: (narrates her letter) "Dear Asami, I'm sorry I haven't written (Korra bends up to two chunks of earth and bends it outwards) to you sooner, but every time I've tried, (Korra bends a stream of water and directs it off the cliff) I never knew what to say. (Korra gets into the next bending posture and the screen fades to Katara healing Korra in the water pool inside the healing hut) The past two years have been the hardest of my life. Even though I can get around fine now, I still can't go into the Avatar State. (scene fades to a back view shot of Korra seated on top of the temple in the Southern Water Tribe in the lotus position) I keep having visions of Zaheer and what happened that day. Katara thinks a lot of this is in my head, (camera slowly zooms in on Korra's back as the wind blows) so I've been meditating a lot, but sometimes I worry I'll never fully recover. (cut to a shot of Korra in her night robes, penning a letter on the table in her bedroom) Please don't tell Mako and Bolin I wrote to you and not them. I don't want to hurt their feelings, but it's easier to tell you about this stuff. (Korra puts down her pen and looks to the side) I don't think they'd understand."

(Scene changes to a shot of Korra and her parents partaking in their meal inside an intricate dining room. Her parents are eating their noodles heartily but Korra is moving the noodles around with her chopsticks. Cut to a profile shot of Korra deep in thought. Switch to a shot of Korra's untouched plate as Senna looks down at the food.)

Senna: (looks to her daughter) Everything all right, sweetie?
Korra: (cut to Korra who looks unsure at first before putting on a face of determination) There's something I need to tell you both.

(Cut to a slight overhead shot of the dining room.)

Tonraq: (concerned) What is it?
Korra: I want to go back to Republic City.
Senna: Are you sure?
Korra: I know I'm not one hundred percent yet, but I feel like I've hit a wall. I need to be where the action is, (smiles) where my friends are.

(Tonraq and Senna share a look before glancing to their daughter.)

Tonraq: (smiles) I'll have the White Lotus prepare a boat (cut to a shot of a sail opening in the wind) and they can take you back to Republic City as soon as you're ready. (switch to a shot of Korra on her boat as it departs from the bay, waving goodbye)
Korra: (off-screen) No, I want to go alone. (the boat slowly sails into the background) And have some time to clear my head. It will be good for me.

(Cut to Senna standing beside her husband, waving goodbye. Naga stands beside them and lets out a sad howl.

Scene fades to a scenic shot of Korra's boat in the middle of the ocean and Korra, now with her winter coat off, walks to the front of the boat and shields her eyes, trying to look out for something. All of a sudden, a school of flying fish appear out of the water and soar above the water's surface, catching the Avatar's attention. Cut to a close up of Korra as she smiles with wonder.

Scene fades once again to an aerial view of a fishing village. Korra has parked her boat at the docks and she walks on the wooden walkway towards a shop. Cut to a close up of the planks as fishmonger fans himself while waiting inside his stall. Switch to an even closer view of the fishmonger's table that showcases his cooked fish.)

Korra: (walks up to the stall) Two (the fishmonger opens his eyes) lobster crabs, please.
Fishmonger: (widens his eyes with surprise) Why, (switch to an over the shoulder view from behind the fishmonger looking at Korra) you're the Avatar, ain't ya?
Korra: (smiles) Yep, that's me.
Fishmonger: (stands up and slams his hands on the table with glee) I can't (Korra looks shocked) believe it! (cut to a close up of the old man's overjoyed face) Mind if I take a picture (stands aside and points his fan to a picture of Aang on the wall behind him) for my wall of Avatars?

(Camera rapidly zooms in on the picture of an adult Aang with an expression of mishief on his face and he is doing his 'spinning marble' trick from the original series with two seaweed wraps. Cut to a hesitant Korra.)

Korra: (looks away) I'm kind of in a hurry.
Fishmonger: (enters the frame) It'll only take a second. (camera changes angles to a full shot of the stall to reveal the fishmonger grasping the front of the table and leaning in close to Korra) Avatar Aang (walks into his shop and rummages) was a big fan of my seaweed wraps, (tosses out a pot) you know, (tosses out a cleaver that lands near Korra's feet and she reacts with shock) so I named them (two pigeon-like birds squawk and fly over Korra and she covers her head with her arms) "Aang Rolls." (comes out of his shop with a tripod camera which would be an antique in our real world) Now they're my biggest seller! (places the tripod in front of Korra) And they ain't even got fish in 'em.

(The fishmonger goes under the hood and holds out the flash bulb as he chuckles. Cut to the man's point of view as he looks through the viewfinder and sees an upside down image of Korra.)

Fishmonger: Now smile.

(Korra gives an awkward grin and the flash goes off. We return back to a close up of Korra flinching from the bright light and she opens her eyes.)

Fishmonger: (cut back to the fishmonger) But if could have met any Avatar, (comes out from under the hood) I'd have to pick Kyoshi. (excitedly) Taking down a shark squid with (looks at his palm) one hand? (acts a little sultry) Now that's a lady I'd like to get to know.
Vendor: (off-screen) Thieves! (Camera pulls back as Korra turns around and she and the fishmonger look off-screen. Cut to a shot of two people running away from a shop as an old woman waves her arm at the stall's entrance.) Get back here!
Fishmonger: (return back to Korra and the fishmonger as he calls out) Oh, don't worry. (points to Korra) The Avatar's (Korra widens her eyes in shock) right here. (Korra looks at the man) Well, what are you waiting for? (points both fingers forward) Go get 'em!

(Korra puts on a serious expression and she runs off-screen. Cut to a back view shot of Korra as she jumps off the walkway and surfs herself on top of the water with her bending. Switch to a shot of the fleeing thieves as Korra steps onto the beach in front of them. The burglars stop in their tracks.)

Korra: Hand over the bags or else.

(Cut to a close up of the thieves and one of them bends a wave of sand at Korra while the other bends a chunk of earth at her from behind the cover of the sand. Cut to a profile shot of Korra as she avoids wave of sand but is struck in the back by the rock. She cries out in pain and falls down on her back. Cut to a close up of Korra as she grabs her head and breaks out in cold sweat. Shadows of the thieves can be seen as they flee past her. She opens her eyes as a third shadow looms over her. Switch to a shot of the vendor scrutinizing Korra while the fishmonger runs up to them with a cleaver in hand. He stops beside the vendor and pants, catching his breath.)

Vendor: You sure she's the Avatar?

(The vendor frowns and looks at the fishmonger before both of them gaze down at Korra. Cut to a close up of Korra as she appears ashamed and she closes her eyes.

Scene fades a beautiful shot of Yue Bay at night and the camera pans across the waters with Republic City and Air Temple Island in the background. Korra's boat enters the frame and sails across the water. Cut to a close up of Korra standing on her boat, looking a little unsure. Switch to a full shot of the boat as it makes its way through the mist in the bay and we can see a figure standing on a rock in the waters looking down at Korra. Return back to a close up of Korra as she gasps with surprise and recoils in shock. Cut to a shot of phantom Korra frowning. Camera goes back to a profile shot of Korra with cold sweat and she closes her eyes. Cut to the mast and sails as they change direction. View changes to a shot of the boat again as Korra sails away, leaving Republic City behind her.

Scene changes to lake in the Earth Kingdom and Korra has anchored her boat on a small dock. Cut to Korra's reflection in the water and we can see she's wearing Earth Kingdom garb and her hair is down. She slips off her Water Tribe arm band and throws it in the water. Cut to a profile shot of Korra as she uses both hands to smooth her hair up into a ponytail. She releases one hand and the camera follows it to show her grabbing a small dagger laying on top of a container. Switch to a frontal shot of Korra with her eyes closed as she brings the blade up to her hair. She pauses for a second and camera switches to a close up of Korra's eyes as they open. We cut to a back view shot of Korra's head as she slices through her hair, leaving her with a short bob haircut. Stray strands of cut hair fall down.

Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode opens to a back view shot of Korra with a green winter coat on, walking through a snowy tundra in a blizzard. She stops and gazes up at the orange Northern Spirit Portal in the distance before continuing her journey.

Scene changes to the portal from inside the Spirit World and Korra walks through the portal. Cut to a view of the Tree of Time as various spirits linger on its branches and a spirit whale 'swims' in the air behind the tree. Korra walks into frame and stops.

Camera fades to Korra, with her winter coat off, seated in the lotus position with her eyes closed as she meditates inside the Tree of Time. Camera pans across Korra peacefully concentrating. Switch to a view from Korra's back looking at the mouth of the tree and a cute, yellow bean-like light spirit pops up at the entrance and gazes at Korra. Cut to a close up of the light spirit who is at first shocked but then smiles and turns around. Switch to a view from the outside of the Tree of Time.)

Light Spirit: (beckons the other spirits) Everyone, come here! It's the Avatar!

(The spirits start to fly towards the tree and we cut to a close up of the mouth of the tree as the spirits gather. A snail-like spirit stops beside the bean spirit.)

Skeptical Spirit: You sure? (looks towards the light spirit) I don't sense any Raava energy around her. Besides, she's not dressed like the Avatar. (cut to a close up of Korra) And doesn't the Avatar (Korra frowns) have ponytails?
Korra: (opens one eye) Do you mind? (closes her eye) I'm trying to concentrate here. (return back to a view from the mouth of the tree) And, yes, I am the Avatar. I'm just wearing different clothes and I cut my hair.
Light Spirit: (glances over to the skeptical spirit) See? (it jumps into the tree) I told you guys it was her. (the other spirits follow) How come you've been away so long?

(The spirits gather in front of Korra and the bean spirit eagerly runs up to Korra, touching her leg with its little arms.)

Korra: I was hurt pretty bad awhile ago, and lost touch with my Avatar Spirit.
Skeptical Spirit: (to the light spirit) No wonder I couldn't feel Raava's energy.
Korra: (looks a little dismayed) I came to the Tree of Time hoping to reconnect with Raava and turn on the Avatar State again. But it's not working. (the bean spirit clambers onto Korra's lap) The last time I was here I saw all sorts of visions. Now I don't see anything.
Light Spirit: Maybe we can help you get better.
Korra: (cut to a profile shot of Korra) I'm sorry, (picks up the bean spirit and gently lowers it on the ground in front of her) but for years people have been saying (stands up and grabs her bag) they can help me get better. (walks off) Nothing's worked. (turns around to face the spirits) I need to figure this out on my own.

(Korra leaves the Tree of Time as the spirits watch her walk away.

Scene fades to Korra's boat sailing the seas somewhere near the Northern Water Tribe. Cut to a close up of Korra and she looks to the side. Camera pans out to reveal phantom Korra standing atop of an ice ridge, looking down at her.)

Korra: (narrates her letter) "Dear Mom and Dad, (cut to a close up of Korra's apparition) I arrived in Republic City a couple weeks ago and (view returns back to Korra as she turns away and looks forward) couldn't be happier. (scene fades to a shot of Korra trekking through a volcanic landscape with lava spewing in the background) It's nice to be back at the temple, and it's great to see my friends again. (cut to a profile shot of Korra with her phantom standing on a ledge surrounded by flowing magma in the background) Don't worry, I'm taking it easy, (Korra stops and looks at her phantom and the camera cuts to a frontal shot of her with perspiration dotting her face) but hopefully I'll be back (Korra frowns at the sight of the apparition and turns away) in action soon. (scene fades to Korra trekking through a desert in a sand storm) I miss you both very much. Please give Naga (camera zooms in on Korra as she shields her eyes with her arm and looks up) a big hug for me. Love, Korra."

(Cut to a back view shot of Korra and the camera pans up to reveal Raava looming at the top of a sand dune.)

Korra: (cut back to a surprised Korra) Raava? (runs up the side of the dune) Raava!

(She struggles a bit but gains momentum to climb up. When she reaches the top of the dune with a smile on her face, the happy expression disappears and we cut to an aerial view of the desert to show Korra alone in the vast expense of sand. Raava was just a mirage. Korra sinks to her knees in despair.

Scene fades to Korra walking down a street in town as two townsfolk sit down and admire something off-screen. Cut to a close up of Korra walking with her head down before she stops and looks up. Switch to her point of view to reveal an apparition of Korra standing at the end of the street. Cut to a close up of the phantom as it walks away.)

Korra: (return back to a close up of Korra who looks a little confused but frowns) I am ending this.

(Switch to an aerial shot of Korra running into a dark alley and camera angle changes to a shot from Korra's back looking at a fence as the phantom scales and disappears behind it. Korra runs forward and boosts herself up. Cut to a shot of the other side of the fence which leads down to a roof of a building and Korra jumps onto the rooftop. Korra stands up and gazes downwards and camera cuts to a slight overhead shot of a building which houses the Earth Rumble fighting tournament.

Phantom Korra is standing at the entrance of the building. Cut to a close up of the apparition staring towards Korra. A man walks in front of the vision and it disappears when he clears his path. Cut back to Korra on the roof and she jumps down. A bell dings and we are shown a shot of the arena. Korra walks into frame and Korra's apparition appears in the ring. In the background, we can see one of the competitors directing a chunk of rock to her opponent, knocking her out.

Cut to a close up of the phantom glaring up at Korra. Return back to a frontal shot of Korra with fervent fans in the stands behind her. Korra frowns and walks towards the promoter who is collecting money from the crowd.)

Korra: (places a hand on the promoter's shoulder) Excuse me, (the promoter turns towards her and Korra drops her hand) who do I talk to about getting in the ring?

(The promoter gives her a look and camera immediately cuts to the scene of Korra in the arena in the last episode. She brings her hands up to shield her face as a chunk of earth smashes against her forearms. Another rock hits her head from the side while a small jagged piece of earth juts out to her belly. Korra cries out in pain and two more smaller pieces of rock fly towards her, pushing her backwards onto the ground.

Cut to a close up of Korra on the ground as she pushes herself off the ground slightly. We cut to her point of view as her vision swims about and suddenly her opponent turns into phantom Korra. The audience stands are completely blacked out. Cut back to Korra who stands up and she gets into a defensive position.)

Korra: Is that all you got?

(Cut to phantom Korra as she lashes her chains out at Korra. Camera zooms out as Korra slides along the floor and earthbends at her phantom but the apparition swiftly jumps up to avoid the attack. The phantom chucks a rock at Korra, knocking her out. Camera focuses on her quivering elbow and pans across it, returning the hallucination back to normal with fans cheering in the stands.)

Promoter: We have a winner!

(Korra's competitor raises her arms up in victory as the poor Avatar collapses to the floor. Scene quickly fades to Korra healing herself in the bathroom earlier in the episode.)

Man: Hurry up in there!

(Scene changes to Korra dodging the Satomobile earlier. Scene flashes white to a close up of the white puppy barking. The screen flashes again to a shot of a hill with the town in the background. The puppy runs up the slope and Korra follows shortly after. Korra stops and we switch to a scenic shot of the trees in The Swamp.)

Korra: Why did you bring me to The Swamp?

(Korra runs forward and we switch to a shot of her sliding down the hill as the white puppy waits for her at the bottom. As Korra runs up to the dog, the creature turns away, barking, and runs past a tree. We can see a white glow from behind the tree and the camera follows. The puppy has turned into the bean spirit seen in the Tree of Time and Korra jumps down from a ledge. The spirit stops running.)

Korra: Wait, I met you at the Tree of Time. (cut to a close up of Korra as she frowns) You should have told me who you were.
Light Spirit: (cut to the spirit as it turns around to face Korra) If I did, would you have followed me?
Korra: (return back to a shot of Korra) I get your point. (switch to scenic shot of the two) But why did you bring me here? What am I gonna find in The Swamp?
Light Spirit: (cut to the light spirit as it looks at her passively) Not a what. (turns away from Korra and opens its wings, flying into The Swamp) A who. (disappears behind some trees)
Korra: (cut back to Korra as she exclaims) No, wait! (runs forward and camera switches to a trailing shot of her pushing away some vines) Come back!

(The vines smack against her as she pushes through and when she clears the obstacles, she falls into a pool of water at the end and her apparition is standing in the water, waiting for her. The frame rate slows down as it closes up on Korra's face. She reacts with shock. Frame rate returns back to normal as Korra slowly stands up and backs away from the phantom.)

Korra: You're just in my mind. (cut to a close up of phantom Korra) You're not real.

(The phantom narrows her eyes before moving her arms in a circle, punching fire blasts out from both fists towards Korra. Switch to a profile shot of Korra as she is thrown backwards from the attack and she hits a tree behind her. She falls down into the water and pushes herself up. Cut to her point of view as she looks at the apparition lumbering past some broken vines towards her.

Return back to Korra as she swiftly bends two streams of water towards the phantom. Cut to the apparition as it seemingly teleports from side to side to avoid the water blasts. When the attack is over, the vision punches out fire, kicks a stream of water, and bends an earth chunk from behind her towards Korra. Switch to the Avatar as she cartwheels backwards to avoid the fire and water but as she lands, the earth chunk hits her in the abdomen, knocking her to the ground and causing her to tumble backwards into a ditch.

The apparition chases after her and leaps in the air, performing a cartwheel and lighting her foot on fire. Cut to the bottom of the ditch as Korra rolls away to avoid getting fire stomped on. Korra gets up and runs away but the phantom sends another blast of water at her, causing her to fall and slide along the muddy ground. Korra quickly recovers and pushes herself up, running away from the apparition which teleports a few feet and punches fire at Korra. Cut to a back view shot of the Avatar as she ducks, allowing the attack to sail over her head harmlessly. She earthbends a piece of earth towards the screen before propelling herself off the ground by airbending with her feet. Korra lands on a tree branch and propels herself up again.

Cut to a close up of phantom Korra as she violently shakes her arm down and unwinds the chains around her wrist before slamming the length of the chain to the ground like a whip. She swings the chain upwards and the camera follows the makeshift whip as it coils itself around Korra's ankle. Cut to Korra, in the midst of climbing up a tree branch, as she gets yanked down by the chain and she grabs a branch vine to support herself. Return back to a slight overhead shot of the apparition again as the mud beneath her feet gradually turns into the metallic liquid poison that the Red Lotus used in the previous book.

Return to Korra as she props her foot on another vine, trying to pull herself up to the top of the tree branch. Cut back to the phantom as she slowly descends into the metallic poison like quicksand, pulling Korra down with her. Switch to Korra as she grunts and valiantly continues to hold onto the vines to prevent herself from being tugged down. Cut to the phantom, now chest high in the poison with her chained arm still held up as she continues to sink into the ground. Cut to Korra as one of her hands loses her grip on the vine and she lets go, now dangling from the vine with her remaining hand. Cut to the phantom as her whole head and arms completely go under the poison.

View changes to Korra struggling really hard but the vine she's holding breaks and she falls down into the pool of meallic poison. Cut to an overhead shot of her as the poison wraps around her limbs and she trashes about, freeing an arm and reaching upwards.)

Korra: Help!

(The poison coils around her arm and torso and forcibly pulls her into the liquid. The screen goes black.

Color returns back to the screen to reveal a close up of an unconscious Korra laying in a dark place illuminated in a blue glow. She opens her eyes and the camera briefly goes to her hazy point of view as it tries to focus. She is looking up at a hole in the ceiling and moonlight is shining through the crevice. Camera pans out to a full body shot of Korra sitting up on a wicker bed and rubbing her head. She looks around and we cut to her point of view looking at the walls of a dark cave.)

Toph: (off-screen) Feeling better?

(Korra turns her head to the sound of the voice and spots an old woman stirring a steaming pot over a fire.)

Korra: (cut back to Korra with a hand still rubbing her head) Where am I? What happened?
Toph: (off-screen) I was hoping you could tell me. (cut to a scenic shot of the cave with the old woman on one side and Korra on the other) I found you passed out in the mud.
Korra: How did you know I was out there?
Toph: I'm pretty tapped into the goings-on around here. (Korra puts her hand down) What brings you to The Swamp, anyway?
Korra: (cut to a slight close up profile shot of a confused Korra) A spirit led me here and told me I was supposed to find someone. Is that you?

(Camera focuses on the lower portion of the old woman's face with Korra in the background. The elderly woman is wearing familiar green robes...)

Toph: Beats me. But if your Avatar senses called you here, (she stirs the pot audibly and camera focuses on the bubbling cauldron) you should probably listen (pulls the spoon out of the pot) to them.
Korra: (cut to Korra as she gets off the bed) Wait, you recognize me? (stands up and starts to walk towards the old woman)
Toph: (off-screen) In a manner of speaking. (Korra is now suspicious as she slowly makes her way towards the stranger) We were good friends in your previous life.

(Korra bends a small flame above her palm to provide more illumination to the cave. Cut to a back view shot of the old woman and she turns around. We finally have a good view of her face. It's an elderly Toph!)

Korra: (cut to Korra who is in disbelief) I can't believe it. Toph?
Toph: (cut to Toph as she chuckles) Nice to see you again, Twinkle Toes. (smiles)

[End Credits]

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