Transcript for 403 - The Coronation
The Coronation
Written By: Tim Hedrick
Directed By: Melchior Zwyer
Storyboard By: Sol Choi, Elsa Garagarza, Shaun O'Neil, Owen Sullivan
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "After All These Years" and "Korra Alone".]

Radio Broadcaster: So much has changed these past three years. Mako is a bodyguard for the future Earth King, Prince Wu, while Bolin works for Kuvira, the Earth Kingdom's interim leader who has brought stability to a nation plagued by chaos. Meanwhile, after wandering the World trying to heal herself, a spirit led Korra to The Swamp, where she met Toph Bei Fong. Will this earthbending master be the key to Korra regaining her Avatar mojo?

Act I

(Episode opens up to a shot of City Hall in the background with a group of leaf spirits chasing each other in the foreground.)

Wu: (off-screen) So then the crowds are gathered, (the camera focuses properly on City Hall and we can see a stage and a couple of huge crates in the area in front of the steps of City Hall) all excited to see my coronation, (camera zooms in to Wu talking excitedly to Mako while a metalbender cop is reading a parchment behind the prince and President Raiko is talking to two cops in the background) when all of a sudden, these boulders come rolling through. (cut to a close up of Mako looking bored while Wu starts to gesticulate) And guess what pops out of 'em? Earthbender dames! These gals start banging the boulders like drums and sing the song of my royal lineage. It's the most dynamite six-hour show you've ever seen in your life.
Mako: (cut to Mako who looks a little worried) Shouldn't you be getting ready to... I don't know- rule the whole nation?
Wu: (switch to a profile shot of the two with the crates which are flattened bleacher seat columns in the background) Now, now, now. Don't get yourself (points a finger to Mako) in a tizzy. (lifts a finger up) I'll have ministers for all that. (Wu drapes an arm on Mako's shoulder and pulls his bodyguard close) No sir, Mako. (Mako doesn't look pleased) when we get to Ba Sing Se, it'll just be (raises two fingers) two kooky pals livin' the life! (pats Mako's chest)
Mako: (sarcastically) Yay...
Raiko: (walks into frame and stands between the two men while two cops metalbend the bleacher columns in the background) Getting excited for your big day? (the cops bend one column of bleachers off-screen with an audible clang)
Wu: Does a (looks off-screen) platypus-bear poop in- Hey! (runs off and we cut to a cop extending the bleacher column out into a proper seating area) You can't put bleachers there! (the cop stops bending and looks at Wu with surprise) There won't be enough room for the dance of the badgermoles! (stands up straight) Look, it's gonna go like this.

(Wu dances sideways and punches his arm up and then to the side repeatedly, humming music to himself. Return back to Mako looking concerned while the President just stares at Wu.)

Mako: (raises an eyebrow) You sure that's the guy you want running the Earth Kingdom?

(Tenzin steps into frame in front of them.)

Raiko: Trust me. (cut back to Wu, still dancing while the cops stare at him with looks of exasperation on their faces) We'll be sending a delegation of experienced advisors (Wu does a swimming motion) to handle day-to-day governing. (Wu swiftly turns on the spot, facing the men and he closes his eyes as he moves sideways)
Tenzin: (dryly) I see the Prince is (cut back to trio) becoming accustomed to the burdens of leadership.
Raiko: You know royals. They love a ceremony. Have you received any word (Tenzin turns around to face Raiko) on the Avatar's location?
Tenzin: (switch to a close up of Tenzin) Not yet, but I have airbenders all over the World on the lookout for her. (his expression changes to worry) I hope they find her soon. (turns serious) I'm concerned about reports I've heard regarding Kuvira's growing military. They say she's throwing some of her dissenters into prison camps.
Raiko: (camera returns back to a shot of the trio) Well, she'll be stepping down tomorrow. (Mako looks at the President) We can worry about correcting any of her mistakes after that.
Mako: And (the two leaders turn to him) you're not worried about her handing power over to Prince Wu?
Raiko: When Kuvira started cleaning up the Earth Kingdom, (furrows his brows slightly) she knew her position wasn't permanent. (looks to the prince) She gave me her word that she'd step down.

(Cut to the prince as bends down and moves his knees in and out quickly repetitively. As he goes down, he pushes his hands down in an alternating manner before standing up and repeating the move shortly after.)

Tenzin: Still, I'd feel a lot better if Korra were here.

(The prince continues to hum as he does a few hip thrusts. The cop in the background is scratching his head at the sight.

Scene changes to Toph's tree in The Swamp and we can see Korra and Toph near the entrance of the dwelling. Camera switches to a close up of the entrance.)

Korra: (to Toph who is seated cross legged on a rock with a tea cup in hand) You've gotta help me get back into Avatar fighting shape. (cut to a close up of Korra who turns a little sheepish) I'm getting my butt kicked by (frowns) losers all over the Earth Kingdom. The World needs me.
Toph: (off-screen) Get over (Korra looks shocked) yourself. (switch to a shot of Toph being dismissive) The World doesn't need you one bit.
Korra: (switch to a profile shot of Toph with Korra in the background) But while (places a hand on her hip) I've been the Avatar, (frowns a bit) I've stopped some really bad people from doing some really bad things.
Toph: Listen, (walks towards Korra) when I was Chief of Police of Republic City, (passes Korra and heads to her kitchen area) I worked my butt off busting criminals. (picks up a kettle and pours more tea into her cup) But did that (puts the kettle down and raises an eyebrow) make crime disappear? Nope. (turns towards Korra) If there's one thing I learned on the beat, it's that the names change, but the street stays the same.
Korra: (frowns) So, basically, you're saying that everything I've ever accomplished has been pointless. And I thought Bei Fong was grumpy.
Toph: (points her thumbs to herself and smiles) I'm the original Bei Fong. (arms akimbo)
Korra: (turns towards Toph) So, you're not gonna train me?
Toph: (glowers) Well, I was planning on (smiles slightly) soaking my feet (taps her foot on the ground) in mud for a few weeks. (sighs) But I can't stand you being so pathetic and getting your butt kicked all the time. (smiles) All right. I guess I can help.
Korra: (jumps with glee) Thank you!

(Korra spreads her arms open in an attempt to embrace Toph but before the Avatar can take a step, Toph raises her arm up and earthbends up a wall of earth, causing Korra to smack right into it.)

Toph: Nah-ah-ah-ah. (Korra falls backwards, off-screen) You want to hug something, (bends the wall back down to the ground) go hug a tree. (cut to a close up of Toph as she grins) We're here to work.

(Scene changes back to the hotel Prince Wu is staying in. It is evening now. Cut to the reception area where some guests are carrying their luggages towards to the reception counter. Bolin runs into the foyer with excitement.)

Bolin: Hello, Republic City! (switch to a back view shot of Bolin as the guests past and we see Desna and Eska in the background) Bolin is back!

(Eska stops talking to her brother and camera zooms in on her as she turns towards Bolin. Cut back to Bolin as he reels back in surprise.)

Bolin: And Eska's also here.

(Switch to a profile shot of Bolin as he stands at attention while Eska slides in and stops in front of him.)

Eska: I see you have replaced me (turns to the side) with a new girlfriend. (camera pulls back to reveal Kuvira signing on a clipboard) Well done. She seems very threatening.
Bolin: Oh, (waves his arms in a 'no' gesture) no, no. That's Kuvira. She's kind of my boss.
Eska: (switch to a shot of Eska and Desna) Boss. Girlfriend. Same thing.
Front Clerk: (off to the side) I'm afraid (the twins turn towards the clerk as the camera pans to the side to reveal the slightly harried man) there's been a mistake, Your Eminence. We have you and your brother booked in the same room, with only one bed.
Eska: It's no mistake. Desna sleeps in the tub. (Eska looks at Bolin for a split second before walking away with her brother)

(Cut Varrick waiting at the side while Zhu Li walks into frame with numerous luggage bags on her back.)

Varrick: Never thought I'd be (Zhu Li grunts and struggles) allowed back in the Republic City Four Elements. (Zhu Li manages to get all the bags on the floor) Raiko must have turned purple (Zhu Li stands up) when Kuvira made him pardon me of my alleged crimes.
Zhu Li: You're an upstanding citizen again, Sir.
Varrick: (does a sideways fist pump) Upstanding is right!(whispers to Zhu Li) And don't forget to fill the extra bag with as many of those little soaps as you can grab. (smiles happily) Love the lavender scent.

(Cut to Mako and Prince Wu walking through the front door. Switch to a back view shot of Bolin as Mako walks into frame.)

Mako: (calls out) Bolin!

(His brother turns around and walks up to him. Switch to profile shots of the brothers as they get into attacking positions. Bolin sends a punch towards Mako but the detective ducks and moves behind his little brother. They then stand up and embrace.)

Mako: (pulls away) Look at you! (shoves his hands into his pockets) My little brother got all... important. (smiles fondly)
Bolin: (beams) I know, right? I see myself in the mirror sometimes, and I think I'm in trouble before I realize, it's only me.
Mako: So... (sneaks a peak over Bolin's shoulder) what's it like (cut to Mako's point of view and we can see Kuvira talking to her fiance from behind Bolin) working for Kuvira? From what I've heard, she's pretty harsh.
Bolin: (return back to a shot of the brothers) No! I-I mean, she can be tough, sure, but we're turning around the Earth Kingdom like you wouldn't believe. You remember how bad grandma's neighborhood in Ba Sing Se was? (moves his arms in the shape of an 'X' before splaying them open) All that's completely changed. I mean, we are really... helping people. But what have you been up to? Fighting crime? (punches the air) Busting triads? Chasing the ladies, (playfully nudges his brother in the stomach) Mako style? (Mako steps back slightly)
Mako: Well, I've been (turns around and camera pans to the side to reveal Wu staring at his reflection in the window pane) working for Wu.

(Cut to Wu's reflection as he grooms his fringe and then tugs on his scarf before turning away. He quickly turns back and points at himself in the mirror with a wink. Cut back to the brothers with deadpan expressions on their faces.)

Mako: And, uh... (lowers his head) yeah.
Bolin: (there is a bit of awkward silence before Bolin speaks) So have you seen Korra yet?
Mako: (looks up and face his brother) No. She was supposed to come in with Tonraq, but he says she left the South Pole months ago. (concerned) No one knows where she is. (cut to Bolin who is also looking worried)

(View changes to Su collecting her keys from the front desk while a Zaofu guard stands behind the matriach. Baatar Jr. walks into frame and greets her.)

Baatar Jr.: Mother.
Su: (turns towards her son and frowns slightly) Hello, Baatar Junior.
Baatar Jr.: (cut to Baatar Jr. who doesn't look amused) It's just "Baatar" now. (switch to profile shots of the two) So, now that you've seen all the good we've done since we left Zaofu, (turns serious) you must be sorry that you didn't come and help us.
Su: (places a hand on her hip) I don't if I'd call marching all over the Earth Kingdom, forcing people to bow to Kuvira, "doing good."
Baatar Jr.: (cut to a stoic Baatar with Kuvira signing autographs for some Kuvira supporters in the background) You're going to have to get over your grudge with her. I'm sure you've heard that we're engaged. She's going to be (grins smugly) an official member of our family.
Su: (nonchalantly) I'm just glad that she'll be stepping down after tomorrow.
Baatar Jr.: You prefer (turns around as Wu walks up to Kuvira) to be ruled by that royal idiot?

(Switch to a close up of Wu as he tries to suavely ease his way in towards Kuvira when her supporters disperse. )

Wu: I hope (Kuvira looks at Wu) I'm not out of order saying this... (puts a hand on his chin and wiggles his eyebrows suggestively) you're pretty easy on the eyes for a military type. (Kuvira looks away while Wu gets a little closer) I'll put in a good word for you with the hotel staff, maybe get you a little upgrade. (steps back and crosses his arms) I've been living here for years. They love me.
Kuvira: (coolly) I won't be needing your help. We've reserved the Presidential Suite.
Wu: (amused) Well, I think someone is pulling your chain, gumdrop. See, I'm in the Presidential Ssuite.
Kuvira: (turns to the prince) Not anymore. (smiles at Wu) I had you moved out.
Wu: Wait, what? (grabs the lapels of a nearby butler's coat) Cam, where's all my stuff?
Front Clerk: We moved you into a very nice Junior Suite on the seventh floor.
Wu: (whines slightly) Junior Suite?
Kuvira: (camera gradually zooms in on Kuvira as drum music plays) Something you should know about me... I always get what I want. (grins smugly)

(Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to Prince Wu pacing up and down inside City Hall which has a spirit tree growing right through it. Mako stands off to the side with his arms crossed.)

Gun: (off-screen) Your Royal (Mako & Wu look up) Cabinet is here, Your Majesty!
Wu: (impatiently) Where have you been? (cut to a view of Gun and two royal attendants walking into City Hall) My coronation is in ten minutes. (switch to a profile shot of Wu as the royal cabinet walks up to the prince and bows) Where's everyone else? (the royal cabinet stands up) Where are the seven sacred chests of exquisite finery? Where are my grandfather's taffeta pantaloons?
Gun: Sadly, most of your servants were scattered and the royal things were looted after the Queen was... (looks to the side uncomfortably) removed from office. So your coronation may not have some of the usual items... like... the crown.
Wu: (aghast) There's no crown? (panics) How can you have a coronation without a crown? How will people know when I'm officially the King?
Gun: We still (cut to Gun opening a jewellery box containing one side of a golden, jewel embellished earring) have one of the royal jewels we can pin on you.
Wu: (scrutinizes the jewel and raises an eyebrow) An earring?
Gun: (lifts the earring by its hook) Think of it more as a royal brooch. (the brooch glistens in the Sun)
Wu: (disappointed) Are you telling me that there are no dancing badgermoles? (Mako closes his eyes as Wu loses his temper) No acrobat bell-ringers? (leans towards Gun) No horn-blowing announcer-y guy? (Gun reels back)
Gun: It will be a very simple, intimate, elegant ceremony. A wonderful day for your Kingdom. Just try on the brooch, (walks towards Wu) Your Grace. You'll see it will (takes Wu's lapel) look beau-
Wu: (pushes Gun away and storms off) Don't... touch me.

(Scene changes to The Swamp with Korra standing in a defensive position with a small body of water running in front of her while Toph stands on the other side with her hands behind her back.)

Toph: Okay. Bring it!

(Cut to a smirking Korra as she rushes forward and throws her arm down, sending a blast of air towards Toph but the old earthbender angles her body to the side and allows the wind to past by her. Korra does a roundhouse kick and sends out another air attack from her feet but Toph jumps away. Korra punches another air blast at her but Toph bends the mud under her feet to move around Korra as the Avatar bends a stream of water. Before Korra can attack, Toph kicks mud into Korra's abdomen, sending her flying back into the mud. Cut to a close up of Korra with mud and a clump of grass on her face. The grass falls off and a bull frog-squirrel lands on Korra's shoulder, croaking. Korra doesn't look amused.)

Toph: (walks towards Korra) Tell me what you did wrong.
Korra: (picks up the bull frog-squirrel by its tail) Well... I was thinking (puts the creature gently down on her knee) that you were gonna- (the frog scurries away)
Toph: (interrupts) Exactly! (Korra is stunned) You were thinking. (turns her back on Korra) Go again.

(Toph walks off and we cut to an irritated Korra as she stands up. Switch to a scenic profile shot of the confrontation as Korra does a roundhouse kick and sends a blast of air towards Toph. The earthbender merely bends her torso down to avoid it. The Avatar bends up a chunk of earth and sends it to Toph who angles her body to the side again to let the projectile pass by her. Korra slides along the water and kicks out a stream of water at Toph who counters it by bending a small platform of earth beneath her feet and jumping up. The water passes between her feet and the rock.

Korra does another roundhouse kicking air attack again and this time, Toph turns around to face the girl to avoid the attack. Cut to a close up of Toph's feet as it slides along the ground. Camera pans out to Korra as the ground under her turns into mud and she slips. Toph bends a column of mud, causing Korra to fly upwards. Cut to a pool of water a distance away with Toph in the background. Korra lands in the watering hole face down a few seconds later. The mud lands on the dirt behind the Avatar. Cut to Korra in the pool as she struggles and grunts, pushing herself off the ground and rolling on her back in the water in a defeated posture.)

Toph: (Toph's foot comes into frame) Pathetic. (cut to a close up of Toph looking annoyed) Of all the Avatars I've worked with, (switch to a profile shot of Toph as Korra stands up with an elbow leech attached to her) you're by far the worst. (Korra pants) I know there's (Toph walks past Korra) only one other Avatar, (Toph grabs the elbow leech) but still.

(Toph pulls the leech away and Korra yells.)

Korra: Ah! (grabs her elbow and looks at Toph irritably) Hey! It seems like you're enjoying having someone around to beat up an awful lot.
Toph: (switch to a view of Toph with Korra behind her as she casually tosses the leech into the pool before climbing on a tree root) Yeah, the swampbenders out here (sits down on the tree root) really can't take a punch.
Korra: So... what made you want to drop out and disconnect from the rest of the World?
Toph: (cut to the back of Toph's head) I'm more connected to the World than you've ever been. (cut to a scenic shot of Toph seated on the tree root as wistful music plays) The roots and vines, they run all over the World. I can see Su and Lin, Zaofu and Republic City... (cut to a close up of Korra who is a little dumbfounded) I see everything.

(Korra looks down, then up and she quietly lifts up a stream of water with her arm. Pulling her forelimb back, she is about to punch the attack towards Toph but fails in her sneak attack as a torrent of mud enters the frame and knocks her to the ground. Cut to a frontal shot of Toph with an arm out as Korra falls into the same pool of water as before.)

Toph: You're blind compared to me.

(Scene changes to Wu's coronation in front of City Hall. There is a small audience seated on the bleachers in front of the stage. Cut to a close up of Wu kneeling with one knee on the ground as Gun pins the royal brooch on his coat's lapel. Switch to a full view of the stage with Kuvira, Tonraq, Desna, and Eska seated on the left while Zuko, his daughter the Fire Lord, Raiko, and Tenzin are seated on the right. Lin, Mako, the metalbender cops, and Asami are standing in the background.)

Gun: Now rise, Wu of the Hou-Ting Dynasty, (Wu stands up with a smile) King of all the Earth Lands, (camera pans across the left side of the stage) and glorious defender (camera pans to the right side of the stage) of Ba Sing Se. (switch to a view from the bleachers looking at the stage) Long may you reign. (Gun bows and Wu steps up to the microphone)

(There is polite applause coming from the audience.)

Wu Supporter: (quietly) Go Wu. Woo.

(Wu gives a wave from the stage.)

Wu: Thank you (cut to a close up of Wu speaking into the golden microphone) for that incredibly brief but very moving ceremony. I am touched by the love of my devoted countrymen (cut to a view of the audience who look a little bored) who have worked so hard to restore their beloved leader to the throne. (camera returns back to Wu) One of them deserves special attention. (switch to an over the shoulder view from behind Kuvira looking at Wu as the royal turns around and gestures to her) Kuvira? Rise.

(There is more polite applause again and we cut to a frontal shot of Kuvira as she stands up and walks off-screen. Cut to Wu's hands picking up a golden medallion from a pillow.)

Wu: (off-screen) For your service to the realm, (camera returns back to a view of the stage) I would like to present you with the Kyoshi (Kuvira lowers her head) Medal of Freedom, (Wu slides the medal onto Kuvira's neck) our nation's highest honor, which was somehow not stolen, (looks to the side) unlike the royal pinkie rings. Hmph.
Kuvira: (cut to Kuvira as she rises her head with a smile) Thank you. And if you don't mind, (furrows her brows) I'd like to say a few words.
Wu: (cut to a shot of Kuvira and Wu who is looking bored) Why not? We've got six hours to fill.

(Kuvira walks to the microphone and camera zooms out to a full view of the stage)

Kuvira: Growing up in Zaofu with Suyin Bei Fong, I learned (cut to Su in the bleachers) that the idea of a royal family passing a title from one generation to the next was archaic, (Su frowns) and that (camera returns back to Kuvira)technology and innovation should be what drives a nation forward. (glances across the audience as she speaks) It was the pathetic rule of Kings and Queens that caused the Earth Kingdom to descend into such incredible disarray. (switch to a view from the audience looking at the stage) It's taken me three years to get it back on track, and there's no way I will allow it (cut to a close up of Raiko and Tenzin who are frowning) to slip back into the dark ages. (Raiko and Tenzin look at each other and we return back to a close up of Kuvira) I'd like to make an announcement to the World. The Earth Kingdom is no more. (raises an arm) And from here on out, (gestures behind her and camera quickly swings around to an unsuspecting Wu) this man has no authority. (the audience gasps with surprise)
Wu: (shocked) Wait, what? (shows off his brooch on his coat) But I just got the royal brooch.
Kuvira: (switch back to Kuvira as she addresses the audience) I have created a new Earth Empire, and I will continue to lead it into the future myself, bringing about a new era of prosperity for my people.

(Camera angle changes from a view behind Kuvira looking at the audience as some are standing up and cheering.)

Kuvira Supporter #1: We love you, Kuvira!

(Cut to Bolin looking around nervously as Varrick, Zhu Li, and Baatar Jr. have stood up to applaud. Bolin stands up and claps hesitantly. The rest of the audience look confused.)

Kuvira Supporter #2: All hail The Great Uniter!

(Camera returns back to Kuvira.)

Kuvira: And let me assure my fellow leaders of one thing... (tears the medallion off her neck) anyone (suspends the medallion in the air with metalbending) who crosses our borders or stands in our way will be crushed.

(Kuvira clenches her fist and the medallion crumples on itself. Cut to a view of Kuvira's feet as the destroyed medallion drops down to the stage. Switch to a slight overhead shot of City Hall as her supporters continue to cheer and applaud. Camera flashes go off from the stands as well.)

Kuvira Supporter #3: Thank you, Kuvira! All hail The Great Uniter!

(Cut to a close up of a crestfallen Wu.)

Wu: (whispers sadly) Worst coronation ever. (looks down as the cameras continue to go off)

(Scene changes to a shot of the Republic City Four Elements Hotel. )

Bolin (off-screen) Were you surprised? (cut to Bolin and Varrick seated in the Presidential Suite) Because I was really surprised. Won't this turn all the World leaders against us?
Varrick: (switch to a close up of Varrick with an iced cocktail in hand) Relax, kid, what can they do? Kuvira controls the whole nation now,
and Republic City is begging for the metal that we're mining. This train has left the station, and we own the track!

(The door to the suite opens and Zhu Li steps in. A cart containing a spirit vine is wheeled in through the door. Varrick puts his drink down on the table and stands up. Cut to Zhu Li at the door as Varrick enters the frame.)

Varrick: Now that's (touches the vine) a nice-looking hunk of spirit vine. (releases the vine) Let's take it back to the lab and get it stabilized immediately.

(Zhu Li gestures her palm out and the cart is wheeled away. Varrick walks out of the suite. A set of doors behind Zhu Li opens up and camera pans right to Baatar Jr. holding the door open for Kuvira. The dictator looks at the suite's entrance as the spirit vine is wheeled away. She then looks into the suite and we cut to a shot of Bolin looking trouble and in deep thought.)

Kuvira: (off-screen) You look worried, Bolin. (walks into frame)
Bolin (stands up) Yeah, well... I just have some misgivings about how you kind of ambushed Tenzin and the other leaders.

(Switch to an over the shoulder view from behind Bolin looking at Kuvira.)

Kuvira: You believe in the work that we've done for the people of the Earth Empire, right, Bolin?
Bolin I do, (looks to the side) but-
Kuvira: (interrupts with a frown) Then stick with me. I'm going to need your help now more than ever. (Bolin looks to his boss) Raiko and the other leaders want to bully us into accepting some idiot King (raises her fist) who will serve them but neglect the people. (cut to Bolin looking doubtful) We have to stand strong against them.
Bolin I'm just not sure about this whole Empire thing. It seems pretty aggressive. And what was that part about the crushing?

(Return back to a shot from over Bolin's shoulder.)

Kuvira: (walks to Bolin) That was just some tough rhetoric to let people know that we mean business. (softens her expression) Believe me, conflict is the last thing (rests a hand on Bolin's shoulder) I want. (camera returns back to Bolin, still looking hesitant) Will you help me make history, Bolin?

(Bolin looks away and thinks.)

Bolin Hmm. (hardens his expression and turns to Kuvira) I'll stand by you.
Kuvira: (cut back to Kuvira who smiles) Thank you.

(Off-screen, the door opens and a set of footsteps walk in. Kuvira releases her hand from Bolin's shoulder and both of them turn towards the suite's entrance. Camera pans left to reveal Su standing in the suite, frowning. Cut back to Kuvira and a sheepish Bolin in the background.)

Kuvira: Can you give us the room, please?

(Bolin comically walks away. Switch to a full view of the suite with Baatar Jr. at the door as Bolin's boots squeak against the floor. Bolin exits the suite and Baatar Jr. closes the door, leaving his mother and fiancee alone.)

Su: I met with the World leaders, and I've come as their representative.
Kuvira: So now you're taking an interest in World Affairs? (cut to Kuvira as she raises an eyebrow) A little late, isn't it? When the Queen fell and everyone was asking you to help keep the Earth Kingdom from falling apart, all you wanted to do was hide in Zaofu and let others deal with the consequences.
Su: (cut to Su at the door) That's hardly fair. I didn't want to seize power for myself, (frowns) which is what you've done. I'm telling you, for the good of everyone, you have to step down.
Kuvira: (return to a profile shot of Kuvira) I stepped up. (narrows her eyes) I provide stability and equality. Tell your World leaders to stay out of Earth Empire business. We won't accept their hand-picked dictator.
Su: (switch back to Su who is still frowning) What makes you so different? You're just another tyrant. And don't pretend the people put you where you are. I know what happens to cities who don't want to hand over control to you.
Kuvira: (cut to Kuvira as she speaks calmly) Then you know what's coming for Zaofu. (frowns)

(Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to the door leading to Wu's Junior Suite.)

Wu: (off-screen) First I lose my suite, (cut to the inside of the suite with Wu seated on the couch while Mako is folding his uniforms into his luggage) then I lose my throne. (picks up a cushion) My royal brooch is a lie! (flings the cushion away) I know you must be crushed, (cut to a close up of Mako who isn't amused) not getting to come back to Ba Sing Se with me.
Mako: Don't worry about me. (folds his uniform) I'll find a way to make it.
Wu: (cut to Wu as he smiles) Good ol' Mako, my big tough guy. Ugh. (switch to a full shot of the suite) Okay, I just have to go on, move forward, (punches a fist into his palm) take decisive action (stands up) Let's go shopping!

(Someone knocks on the door of the suite and both men turn their attention to it. Mako walks towards the door and we switch to a back view shot of him twisting the door knob to reveal Bolin standing outside. Wu runs up to Mako's back and rests his hands on the bodyguard's shoulders.)

Wu: Ugh. (switch to a frontal shot of Mako as he looks peeved) Get rid of him. (hides behind Mako) He's with her.
Mako: (frowns) He's my brother. (closes the door and steps out into the corridor)

(Switch to a full shot of the corridor.)

Bolin Interesting ceremony, (Mako crosses his arms) huh?
Mako: You aren't going to keep working for Kuvira now that she's going against the wishes of the entire World, are you?
Bolin You don't understand. Kuvira is helping out all the poor people in the Earth Empire. People like our family. This is for the best. (smiles)
Mako: (switch to profile shots of the brothers as Mako frowns) I don't know, bro.
Bolin Okay, why don't you come with me, and you'll see for yourself? We've done a lot of good, and Varrick is working on some new innovations. (rests a hand on Mako's arm) We're making history.
Mako: By crushing (Bolin releases his hand on Mako) anyone who gets in your way?
Bolin (return to the over the shoulder view from behind Mako looking at Bolin) That was just some tough rhetoric to let the people know that we mean business. I mean, Kuvira is basically just like Korra... (cut to Mako who is skeptical and he raises an eyebrow) she might seem hard to deal with, (Mako looks up) but it's just because she's so passionate (Mako places a hand on his face) and-and believes in what she's doing.
Mako: (return back to profile shots of the brothers as Mako drops his hand and angles it towars his brother) It seems like she's just a dictator
who's taking the Earth Kingdom by force.
Bolin (raises both hands up in a 'stop' gesture) Oh, okay, so you think (points to the suite) your new best friend in there would be a better leader than Kuvira?
Mako: Well, no, but still-
Bolin (frowns) Still what? Come on, Mako, (gestures to himself) I'm making a difference out there. What are you doin', huh? (cut to Wu inside the suite, pressing his ear on the door as he eavesdrops on the slightly muffled conversation) You're just some glorified butler for some snotty, rich bozo. (Wu is taken aback and looks offended)

(Return back to the corridor.)

Mako: I'm sorry. (Bolin walks away) I don't want to work for your glorious emperor in her military dictatorship.
Bolin (cut to Bolin as he turns around) Fine! I'm gonna go back to my awesome train, where we bring freedom wherever we go. Enjoy licking the King's boots in your (yells) Junior Suite!

(Bolin storms off and we cut to Mako who looks down in thought. Cut back to Wu inside the suite as the door opens and Mako walks in.)

Wu: Sorry, sport. I heard it all.
Mako: Can't believe him!
Wu: I know! (drapes an arm on Mako's shoulder) Insulting another man's suite? It's beneath low. But I think I know what would cheer you up... (angles Mako towards the door) a visit to little Ba Sing Se Fashion Mall! I'll buy you a smoothie.
Mako: (softens) Yeah. Okay.

(Location changes to a scenic view of The Swamp and Korra and Toph walk away from the camera.)

Korra: That was terrible.
Toph: (switch to a frontal shot of the two and Korra has her arms wrapped around her abdomen protectively) Ha! Maybe for you. (sits down on a tree root) I had a great time! I never realized (crosses her right leg over her left knee) how much I missed tormenting the Avatar. (picks at the gunk between her toes) I wish you were putting up more of a fight. (Toph pulls out some green gunk from between and her toes and flicks it away) But it was still fun. (drops her leg down)
Korra: (cut to a close up of an upset Korra) You were tossing me around like a rag doll all day long.
Toph: (return back to a view of the two) I know! And I'm an old lady. Imagine me (flexes her muscles) in my prime. Ha-ha! (slaps her hands on her knees) I would have (chuckles) destroyed you!
Korra: (drops her arms in dismay) I just don't understand why (Toph stands up and walks away) I can't get back to my former self. It's like... I'm a step slower. (Korra follows after Toph) I'm tentative. I'm out of sync. (switch to a slight overhead shot of teacher and student) I just can't get back in the groove.
Toph: Probably carrying around that metal doesn't help.
Korra: (raises an eyebrow) What metal?
Toph: (turns towards Korra) The little bits of metal poison stuck in your body. (switch to a full body shot of Toph as she chuckles) Are you trying to tell me you can't feel metal in your own body? (frowns) You really are the worst Avatar ever.
Korra: (cut to a surprised Korra) I thought Su got it all out.
Toph: (cut to a profile shot of Toph) No, my girls never really picked up metalbending all that well, if you ask me.
Korra: (switch to a full body shot of the two) That's been (climbs up the root) my problem this entire time! (grabs Toph by the shoulders) I gotta get it out. (speaks excitedly to Toph) You can get it out for me, right?
Toph: Who do you think you're talking to? (places a hand on Korra's face and shoves her off the root)

(Scene changes to the Little Ba Sing Se Fashion Mall. Camera zooms in on one of the streets in the Lower Ring of the mall.)

Wu: (off-screen) Once we're done with these, we can go into the Middle Ring and I'll let you pick out some new suits. (cut to a close up of Wu and Mako seated at a table in the street, drinking their smoothies) Then we'll hit the boutiques in the Upper Ring for me.

(Wu slurps his drink noisily and a couple of girls in Kuvira shirts walk past, catching Wu's attention. The prince spits out his juice onto Mako and stands up, knocking his chair backwards. Cut to back view shots of the girls as Wu runs up to them.)

Wu: Where did you (the girls turn around) get those shirts?
Girl 1: (turns to Girl #2) Aces, right? (Girl #2 nods) Kuvira is my hero. (clasps her hands together)
Girl 2: They're selling them over there. (points to an area behind Wu and the royal turns around)

(Camera zooms in on a shop filled with Kuvira supporters. Cut to Wu, annoyed as he tugs on his hair and runs off. Cut to a close up of the Kuvira shop as one of the shop owners hands a pamphlet to a customer.)

Wu: (off-screen) You can't sell that (the Kuvira supporters glance towards Wu with disdain) junk in here! (switch to a view from behind the supporters looking at Wu as he runs down the street) This is the little Ba Sing Se fashion mall, (cut to a close up of Wu as he stops) and I'm the little King (points a finger down) here! Respect the brooch!

(Return back to the shop as the supporters boo at Wu.)

Kuvira Supporter #4: Stop it, little King! (boos)

(Cut to an aerial view of the street as Mako quickly runs up to Wu.)

Wu: I am the glorious defender!

(Camera returns back to the ground as Wu raises his arm up, preparing to throw his cup. Mako tries to stop him but the prince hurls his smoothie cup off-screen.)

Kuvira Supporter #5: (off-screen) I'm covered in juice! (Wu raises a hand to his mouth in an 'oops' gesture) Get him!
Mako: (grabs Wu's elbow) We need to get you out of here.

(Mako tugs Wu away and exciting drum chase music plays as the two run down the street with the supporters hot on their tails. Cut to a tracking shot of the fleeing pair and camera pans left to the supporters who are running after them. Cut to Mako as he flings Wu behind him and bends fire towards the camera. Switch to a shot of the Kuvira supporters as the fire creates a temporary barricade on the street and the supporters flinch from the flames as they are unable to pursue.

Cut to a view of the street as a passer-by glances at the fire before returning to his book. Camera pans left to reveal Mako and Wu hiding out in an alley. The bodyguard grabs Wu by his cravat and tugs him off-screen. As the prince is dragged away, we see a defaced poster of him on the wall.

Scene changes to a royal pavilion. The elevator dings and the doors slide open to reveal Wu and an annoyed Mako.)

Wu: Ooh! (steps out of the elevator) It's destiny! (cut to a shot of the royal palace replica in the fashion mall) Look where we are, Mako... the royal palace.

(Wu enters the frame and runs towards the structure. Cut to the entrance as Wu runs inside, rudely interrupting a photographer who was going to take a picture of a mother and daughter posing next to a statue of Bosco the Bear.)

Wu: The throne! (Switch to the inside the palace to reveal a buffet restaurant with patrons carrying trays of food. Wu runs in and shoves them, causing the dishes of food to fall on the ground as he heads towards a throne on the stage.) Out of my way!

(Cut to a child seated on the throne with a crown on his head and a sceptre in his hand. A hand reaches for the sceptre and tugs it.)

Kid: Hey! (camera changes to a full view of the throne as the child struggles against Wu's force while the boy's mother stands in the background, aghast) It's my birthday!
Wu: (successfully tugs the sceptre away from the boy) It's my coronation day! (grabs the robe from the mother's arms) You'll have another birthday next year, (jabs the kid out of the throne with the sceptre) but I'll never have this day (grabs the crown from the kid's head as the mother frowns with disapproval and leads her son away) back again! (puts the crown on his head and sits on the throne) Never!

(Wu cries to himself as he drapes the robe over his shoulders. Cut to a view of the back of the throne as Mako slowly climbs up the steps leading to the stage. The mother continues to throw dirty looks at Wu.)

Mako: Okay, you're losing it.
Wu: (cut to a shot of the throne and Wu has tears in his eyes) This is the worst day of my life! (sobs pathetically)
Mako: Why? Do you really want to be the King? (switch to a close up of Mako with a raised eyebrow) I mean, Kuvira might be a power-crazed dictator, (furrows his brows) but at least she spent the last few years working hard to make the Earth Kingdom somewhat better. If you were an Earth Kingdom citizen, (cut to a shot of a despondent Wu) do you think you're the kind of person you want as your King? (Wu looks up at Mako like a sad little boy) What have you ever done for your people? (cut back to Mako as he looks away) I'm sorry. (return back to a full view of the throne) That was out of line.
Wu: No. You're right. (Mako bends down to Wu's eye level) No one ever talked to me like that before. I guess I'm just a joke who got what he deserved.

(Mako looks out of the restaurant and we cut to his point of view as we see Kuvira supporters standing outside the restaurant. Cut back to a shot of the throne as Mako is a little alarmed.)

Mako: Let's get you out (stands up) of here and back to some place safe.
Wu: (looks at Mako) Carry me?
Mako: (deadpans) No.

(Scene changes to an overhead shot of Korra laying down on the rattan bed in Toph's swamp home. Toph is standing on a small rocky platform beside the bed.)

Toph: Okay. If you want me to bend out this metal, you need to relax.
Korra: (cut to a close up of Korra with her eyes closed but she's frowning) I am relaxed.

(Switch back to a view of Korra and Toph.)

Toph: Ha! Seriously? (Korra continues to frown) Your body is like a twisted tree trunk.
Korra: (lifts her back off the bed and opens her eyes) Just do it! I'm ready! (closes her eyes and leans back on the bed)

(Cut to a frontal shot of Toph as she cracks her fingers and pops the joints in her neck. She raises her arms up and we return back to a shot of Korra on the bed as Toph reaches towards Korra's feet and does a pulling motion, similar to what Su did to remove the poison three years ago. As Toph's hands passes over Korra's knees, the Avatar sits up and grabs her calf, grunting in agony.)

Toph: It wouldn't hurt if you would just relax! Stop fighting me!
Korra: I'm not fighting! (plops back down on the bed)

(Toph cracks her shoulder joints and does the pulling motion once again. Cut to a close up of Korra's face as she furrows her brows with worry and her eyes tremble behind her eyelids. Camera flashes white to a memory of Korra in the Avatar State with a bubble of vacuum around her head. Camera flashes to Zaheer clenching his hands.

Cut back to Korra as she opens her eyes and screams, turning on her side and clutching her abdomen.)

Toph: All right, that's it. (Korra sits up on the bed) You're going to have to do this yourself. (cut to a close up of Toph) Clearly, you want to keep the metal in there.
Korra: (switch to Korra turning around to face Toph) What do you mean? (frowns) Why would I want poison inside me?
Toph: (return back to a shot of Toph as Korra looks at her from the side) I don't know. (raises an eyebrow) Maybe so you have an excuse not to go back to being the Avatar. (arms akimbo) If you don't get better, you can't do your job, so you don't have to worry about getting hurt again.
Korra: (lets out a frustrated sigh) What? That's ridiculous.
Toph: Whatever. (turns away) When you want it out, (lowers the rocky platform back to level ground) you can bend it out. (walks away) I can't deal with all your issues for you.
Korra: Wait! (Toph stops in her tracks) What am I supposed to do now?
Toph: (frowns) How should I know? Ask the spirit that brought you here. (climbs onto a raised platform and sits down) The good news is, if you're looking for a place to hang where no one will bother you, (cut to Korra looking downcast) you picked the best swamp in the World!

(Scene changes to beautiful view of Air Temple Island in the evening.)

Tenzin: (off-screen) This is a mission of the utmost importance (cut to a shot of Tenzin's back as he is standing in the meditation pavilion, looking out into the sea) Conflict is coming to the Earth Kingdom, and we need to find the Avatar. (turns around to face the camera) Can I count on you three (camera pulls out to reveal the backs of Tenzin's three oldest children) to bring Korra home?

(Cut to a frontal shot of the children as Meelo stands with his hands on his hip, looking rather serious. He is standing in the middle of the line up.)

Meelo: You can count on one of us. (gestures to his sisters behind him) I don't know about these two ladies. (Jinora and Ikki glare daggers at Meelo as he puts his hands back down on his hips)

(Location changes to a rail track as Kuvira's train passes by. Cut to the inside of the train to reveal a machine with a wide space in the middle. Zhu Li's hand enters the screen and slots the spirit vine, now inside a canister, into the wide space. We can see probes sticking into the vine. Cut to the control panel as Zhu Li adjusts the dials on the panel, causing some bulbs to switch on and flash white. She then pushes a lever upwards and camera pans out to a full view of the intricate machine in one of the train cars. Varrick, now wearing goggles, stares down at the vine. We can also see Kuvira standing on the second floor looking down at the machinery.)

Kuvira: (cut to a close up of Kuvira) From now on, developing this technology is your number one priority.

(Cut to Varrick with oddly colorful goggles as he bends down and touches the canister with the spirit vine inside.)

Varrick: This is going to change everything.

[End Credits]

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