Transcript for 404 - The Calling
The Calling
Written By: Katie Mattila
Directed By: Colin Heck
Storyboard By: Eugene Lee, Hyunjoo Song, Olga Ulanova, Natasha Wicke
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "The Coronation".]

Radio Broadcaster: After Korra failed to return to Republic City, everyone's been worried about her fate. So Tenzin tasked Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo with finding the Avatar. Unbeknownst to the kids, Korra found refuge in The Swamp with Toph, who discovered there was still metal poison in her body. But when Toph tried removing it, Korra resisted. Will the airbender kids find the Avatar and help her return to action?

Act I

(Episode opens to a shot of an air bison and some airbenders in the courtyard on Air Temple Island. Cut to back view shots of Pema and Tenzin standing in the walkway as they watch Meelo suddenly throw a piece of luggage towards Ikki, much to her disdain. Meelo then throws the other bag up, making it land in the saddle.)

Pema: (turns towards her husband) Tenzin, are you sure you can't go with them?
Ikki: (in the background as she jumps off the saddle and chases after her brother) Meelo! (both children run off-screen)
Tenzin: Raiko asked me to stay here and help figure out a diplomatic solution to this Kuvira problem.
Ikki: (pops out in front of her parents and leans against the railing) Mom, we'll be fine. (Meelo pops out with Poki and leans against the railing too) Grandpa Aang and his friends were around our age when they traveled the World.

(Switch to an opposing shot and we can see that Pema has a sack of food on the railing. Jinora walks into frame to join her siblings.)

Pema: Well, at least I won't have to worry about you (pats the food sack) starving out there.
Meelo: Mom, we're going to be in the wild, (turns away from Pema slightly and raises an arm out) living off the land. We don't need your food. (Meelo jumps off the railing and turns his back towards Pema, crossing his arms as Poki chirps)
Pema: (reaches into the rucksack) But I made your favorite treat. (pulls out a package wrapped in a leaf)
Meelo: (turns towards his mother) Sweet buns with happy faces on them? (Pema nods and we cut to her point of view with her hand extended out) Well, (walks towards Pema) I guess we're not officially on the road yet.

(Leans against the railing and takes the leaf wrapper into his hand. He then loosens the string that is tied around the leaf with his teeth, revealing a bun with orange-brown icing on it. Poki steps onto the railing with a chirp and he looks at the food.)

Meelo: Aw, this one is smudged. (shows the bun to Pema and a bit of the eyebrow and smiling mouth is smudged) I can't eat this.
Pema: (switch to a profile shot of Pema with her son) You know, sometimes, (gently pokes Meelo on the nose) things get smudged in the wild.

(Cut to a hand pulling on a rope containing the sack of sweet buns, fastening it securely. Switch to a full shot of the air bison and Tenzin's family as Jinora jumps off the saddle and lands in front of her father, cushioning her fall with airbending. In the background, Ikki and Meelo are hugging their mother before pulling away. Ikki then bends down and gives her youngest brother, Rohan, a hug as well. Jinora embraces her father.)

Tenzin: (pulls away from the hug) Were you able (Meelo and Ikki propel themselves up into the saddle with their airbending) to get a read on Korra yet?
Jinora: No, but once we're further out, I'll be able to hone in on her spiritual energy. (Pema walks into frame) We should be able to find her within a few days. (Jinora embraces her mother)
Tenzin: (angles his head upwards to the saddle) Good luck, and be careful. Remember, Jinora's in charge.

(Switch to a shot from behind Tenzin's back as he looks up to the saddle. Jinora has propelled herself up onto the bison's head with airbending and she takes the reins.)

Meelo: (standing up in the saddle with his arms akimbo) I answer to no man (turns to Jinora) or girl, even if she does (draws an imaginary line across his forehead) have tattoos.
Tenzin: (sternly) Meelo...
Meelo: (puts a leg on the saddle and points to the front) Now, let's move out, soldiers.
Jinora: (sighs) Pepper, (tugs on the reins) yip yip.

(Pepper grunts and flies off-screen. Tenzin turns to the side as he watches his three oldest children leave. Pema enters the frame and looks at them worriedly. Tenzin looks at his wife and we switch to back view shots of the couple as Pepper flies off into the sky. The airbending master places a reassuring arm on Pema's shoulder and pulls her in slightly as they watch their children go.

Scene fades to Pepper flying across some hills. Scene fades again to Pepper landing on a small outpost above a rocky column. Meelo quickly jumps off the saddle and cushions his fall with airbending. )

Meelo: Finally! (cut to a frontal shot of Meelo as he grabs his groin and runs off-screen) I've been holding my pee for an hour.

(Switch to another view of the little outpost as Jinora walks around and observes the spirits lounging on the roofs of the small towers on the outpost. She then takes a seat in front of a tower and we cut to a close up profile shot of her as she closes her eyes.)

Ikki: (pokes her head around the corner of the tower behind Jinora) If you get through to Korra, tell her I said hi.

(Ikki moves away and Jinora opens her eyes before closing them again. Ikki peeks around the corner once more.)

Ikki: Do you feel anything yet?

(Jinora lets out a frustrated groan and Ikki moves away before appearing out of the corner again with her hands on her hips.)

Ikki: What's taking so long?
Jinora: (opens her eyes, visibly annoyed) Ikki, I can't concentrate if you keep talking. (switch to a frontal shot of the sisters and we see a group of raccoon-like spirits flying in the background) Why don't you go play with one of those spirits?

(Ikki sighs and moves away slightly, leaning against the tower. Meelo runs into frame.)

Ikki: (to Meelo) Jinora's spirity powers are broken, and she doesn't know where Korra is.
Jinora: (opens her eyes) My powers are not broken. I just need more than two seconds (switch to a close up of Ikki and Meelo) and some quiet.
Meelo: (Poki climbs onto Meelo's shoulder) While you try to pull yourself together, Poki and I are going to go into town and find out if anyone's seen Korra.
Ikki: Sounds like a good plan to me.
Meelo: (points a finger up) Enough chit chat. (cut to Meelo's point of view, looking at a confused Ikki) You can hold the picture (unfurls a parchment) of Korra I drew.
Ikki: (surprised) Wow! (takes the drawing into hand and we switch to her point of view looking at a very realistic drawing of Korra) I didn't know you could draw. (pulls down the portrait slightly)
Meelo: You don't know a lot of things about me, sister. Let's roll. (runs off-screen)

(Switch to a scenic shot of the outpost as Meelo jumps off the pillar and opens the wings off his glider suit to head towards the town in the background. Ikki follows suit.

Cut to a street inside the town as Ikki and Meelo approach an elderly woman in front of a fruit stand. Cut to a frontal shot of the old lady.)

Meelo: Have you seen (points to the portrait of Korra that Ikki is holding) this woman?
Elderly Woman: Well, aren't you an adorable little thing?
Meelo: (flexes his arms slightly) I'm not adorable. I'm dangerous.
Elderly Woman: (pinches Meelo's cheek) Dangerously cute with those cheeks. (walks away)
Ikki: Aww...
Meelo: This never happened. Let's split.

(Scene fades to Pepper flying across a grass plain in the evening. Scene fades to a man with a nose ring and multiple piercings on his ear.)

Seedy Guy: The Avatar? (switch to a full shot of the man with Ikki and Meelo standing in front of him in what appears to be a tavern) We still have one of those? (places his tanker on the counter) Haven't seen her, kid. Sorry.

(The kids walk off dejectedly as Meelo groans with frustration.)

Meelo: Man!

(Scene fades to night and the kids are around a campfire. Jinora reaches into the sack of food and throws sweet buns to her siblings.

Scene fades to Meelo peeking out from a rooftop. Camera pans down to a beautiful girl selling orange flowers on the street. Meelo opens his glider suit and quietly floats down towards the girl. A passer-by walks past and when he clears the frame, Meelo has tucked the wings of his suit and is standing beside the unsuspecting girl.)

Meelo: Can I trust you?
Tuyen: I guess so.
Meelo: (cut to a close up of the two as Meelo bends down and whispers) I'm on a top secret mission to find the Avatar. (lifts Korra's portrait and the girl looks at the picture) Have you seen her?
Tuyen: I haven't, sorry. Top secret mission, huh?
Meelo: (stands up) Yeah, it's been pretty dangerous. (camera pulls out to full body shots of the two) I've seen (rolls the parchment) some things.
Tuyen: (intrigued) Really? (stands) What kind of things?
Meelo: Crazy things.
Tuyen: Cool.
Meelo: (tucks the scroll behind his back) I'm Meelo. What should I call you, (takes a step suavely towards the girl) other than, beautiful?
Tuyen: I'm Tuyen. Nice to meet you.
Ikki: (off-screen) Ooh! (Meelo and Tuyen look up and camera pans upwards to reveal Ikki eavesdropping on them from the roof) Meelo found a girlfriend.
Meelo: (cut to a slight overhead shot of Meelo and Tuyen) Go away, Ikki!

(Switch to a back view shot of the duo as Ikki lands in front of them and cushions her fall with airbending.)

Ikki: Jinora's been looking for you. We're moving on.
Tuyen: Looks like you got to get back to your mission. (hands an orange flower to Meelo) Good luck, Meelo.

(The young boy takes the flower and Tuyen walks away, rubbing Meelo's hair affectionately as he blushes. Cut to a close up of Meelo as he gives a goofy, lovesick smile. Camera pans to the side to reveal Ikki who is also smiling at the cute sight.)

Meelo: Thanks a lot, Ikki. You drove away the love of my life!

(Location changes to the fishing village Korra visited six months ago. It is evening now. Cut to a close up of Meelo as he walks past the fishmonger's stall, looking into the shop. He stops in his tracks as he spots a picture of Korra hanging in the back of the stall.)

Meelo: Jinora, (the fishmonger turns towards Meelo) Ikki! (cut to a frontal shot of an excited Meelo) It's Korra!
Ikki: (runs into frame and speaks rapidly) Where, where, where, (places her arms on her brother's shoulders) where, where, where, where?

(Jinora walks into frame and Meelo points towards the back of the shop. The camera zooms in on the goofy picture of Aang with a new neighbor which is a portrait of Korra giving an awkward smile.)

Jinora: (off-screen) It's just a photo of Korra.
Meelo: (return back to a view of the siblings) At least it's something.
Fishmonger: Pretty neat, (camera pans out to reveal the fishmonger) huh? (looks at his photographs) She came by here about a... (scratches the back of his neck) six months ago.
Meelo: (to Ikki) Looks like someone just drummed up (points a thumb to himself) a good old-fashioned lead. (to the fishmonger) Then where did she go?
Fishmonger: Oh, I don't know, (looks down, concerned) but she wasn't looking too good. (the siblings react sadly from hearing that)
Meelo: (to his second oldest sister) Ikki, this is all your fault.
Ikki: (raises an eyebrow) What? I didn't do anything.
Meelo: (raises a finger up) Exactly, you (jabs a finger in Ikki's direction) need to start pulling your weight. (turns to Jinora) That goes for you too, so-called leader. (Meelo storms off and his sisters look at him, unamused)
Ikki: Remember when he used to be so nice and sweet?
Jinora: No.

(Scene changes to a shot of the trees in The Swamp. Cut to Toph reclined on a rock and whistling.)

Korra: (walks into frame and stretches her arms) So... What's the plan for today?
Toph: (replies with a smile) You're looking at it.
Korra: (cut to a close up of Korra as she looks disappointed) But we didn't do anything yesterday or the day before that.

(Takes a seat on a tree root and places a hand on her chin.)

Korra: I know! (gets excited) Tell me the story about how you taught Aang to earthbend.
Toph: What's there to tell? I threw some rocks at the Avatar, he got all whiny, and Sokka fell in a hole.
Korra: (raises an eyebrow) I thought there'd be more to it than that. What about the time you guys took down the Fire Lord? That must have been epic!
Toph: (sarcastically) Oh, yeah. (crosses her arms) It was hot, I was on a blimp, and I think a giant turtle showed up. Wow, what a day.
Korra: Okay, you're terrible at telling stories.
Toph: You're terrible at listening to them.

(Cut to a full view shot of the two as Korra sighs and starts tapping her foot on the ground. Toph gets annoyed and stretches a hand out as she earthbends a small platform beneath Korra's feet.)

Toph: Quit making all that racket. (sits up as Korra pouts) If you're so antsy to do something, why don't you go and collect some mushrooms for dinner?
Korra: (stands up and walks away) You got it.
Toph: (switch to a shot from behind Toph as she addresses Korra) Take the path (Korra walks down the path) till you see the boulder with a hole in it. Then go to your left. Oh, and make sure you get the big, slimy ones. (chuckles) They're the tastiest!

(Scene changes to Jinora meditating under a tree. Cut to Ikki rummaging through their belongings with a frown as Meelo runs into frame with a stick in hand and Poki chases after the stick.)

Ikki: Hey, (Meelo throws the stick up into the air and the lemur flies off-screen to get it) where's all the food Mom gave us?
Meelo: (casually) I threw it in the river.
Ikki: You did what?! That food was supposed to last us two weeks!
Jinora: (yells in the background) Hey, keep it down! I'm trying to meditate.
Meelo: Yeah, (Poki lands on Meelo's shoulder with a stick in its hand) keep it down, Ikki.
Ikki: (to Jinora) Meelo threw away all our food!
Meelo: From now on, (takes the stick and points it like a sword) we hunt for our meals.
Ikki: Meelo, we're vegetarians. We don't hunt.
Meelo: Enough whining. (starts to walk away) Poki and I will go find some grub.

(Cut to an aerial shot of the campsite as Ikki lets out a discontented scream that reverberates around the campsite before walking away. Camera pans across a tree and then to Ikki jumping across some small rocks along the forest floor.)

Ikki: (imitates her brother) My name's Meelo. I like to throw away food and fart at inappropriate moments. (cut to a frontal shot of Ikki as she speaks serenly like her sister) I'm Jinora. (places both hands flat against her chin) I'm so above it all because (places a hand on her nostrils and pushes it up) I'm meditating all the time.

(Tall grass enters the frame in front of her feet and Ikki punches out a blast of air. Cut to the ground as the grass is blown away and we see a little squirrel-like creature with a piece of food in hand, trembling in fright from the sudden intrusion.)

Ikki: (cut back to Ikki as she is surprised) Oh, I'm sorry. (smiles gently at the creature) I didn't see you there.

(Camera returns back to the squirrel as it drops its food and proceeds to quickly climb up a tree and a branch before jumping off and opening its little wings to fly away. It is a flying squirrel! Cut back to Ikki.)

Ikki: Wait! (picks up the scrap of food the flying squirrel was eating) You dropped your breakfast!

(Ikki propels herself off the ground and chases after the animal. Switch to a shot of the flying squirrel as Ikki enters the frame with her airbender glider suit open and she attempts to hand the food back to the creature. The flying squirrel retaliates by flying upwards and Ikki turns her head to see where it went to but she doesn't take notice of a tree branch in her flight path and she smacks into it.

Switch to a shot of a barren piece of land with fallen logs as Ikki rolls and tumbles along the dirt. She comes to a stop and sits up, her face is now smudged with the food she was holding. The flying squirrel lands on her head before climbing down to her shoulder to lick the food off her cheek.)

Ikki: Hey. (the creature licks up all the food as Ikki chuckles) Does this mean we're friends?

(The flying squirrel chirps and Ikki looks around her and stands up. Cut to the back of Ikki's head as she glances at the destruction to the forest.)

Soldier #1: (off-screen) You're trespassing! (Ikki turns around and we switch to a full body shot of the girl with two men, one fat and one skinny, in Kuvira's army uniform standing in the background) Hold it right there.

(Ikki quickly runs off and we cut to a close up of the two soldiers as the skinny soldier, soldier #2, starts to earthbend. Cut back to Ikki as the ground moves up like a venus fly trap and tries to capture her legs. She successfully dodges the first two and she proceeds to fly off but the dirt grabs her ankles and pulls her to the ground. Ikki yelps. Her hands get encased in dirt and she lets out another surprised yell. Return back to the soldiers as the one who was earthbending relaxes.

Cut to Ikki looking distressed as the flying squirrel climbs into her suit, leaving its little tail outside the collar. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to a shot of a guard house on a small hill. Cut to the inside of the guard house with a bunk bed for two on the left, a kitchenette on the right, and a dining table in the middle with a plate of macaroons. Ikki is currently tied up on a chair while the soldiers loom over her. Her flying squirrel friend rests on a worktop beside the stove.)

Soldier #1: All right, little airbender. Tell us what you're doing in the Earth Empire. Are you spying?
Ikki: (cut to a close up of Ikki as she frowns slightly) No. I swear I'm not a spy. (looks to soldier #2) I've been traveling with my brother and sister. (looks at soldier #1) It's our first big mission, and my Dad, Tenzin, is counting on us. (tears well up in her eyes) But if we don't find the Avatar, he's going to be really disappointed. (pretends to be sad)

(Switch to a shot of Soldier #1 as he is surprised at the revelation and he looks over to his colleague.)

Soldier #1: Can I talk to you for a second?

(Soldier #1 & #2 walk off-screen and we switch to a shot of the duo standing in front of the door with Ikki in the background.)

Soldier #1: (drapes an arm over his colleague's soldier and whispers) This girl (points to Ikki) is Tenzin's kid, (Ikki manages to free her arm from within the rope and she wipes her nose and eyes with her fingers) and she's looking for the Avatar. (Ikki returns her arm back within the confines of the rope) Do you know what that means?
Soldier #2: No, (lifts up an orange colored macaroon in his palm) but try this macaroon. (puts the macaroon in front of soldier #1's mouth)
Soldier #1: (unamused) Get that (slaps soldier #2's hand) out of my face! (soldier #2 looks down at the fallen food sadly) Look, if we capture these three airbender kids (soldier #2 bends down, picks up the fallen macaroon, and plops it into his mouth) and bring them to Kuvira, (rests a hand on soldier #2's soldier excitedly) I bet we'd get a big-time promotion.
Soldier #2: (intrigued) You mean we'd get out of this dump? (soldier #1 nods)

(Both soldiers look back at Ikki and we switch to a shot from behind Ikki's head looking at the soldiers.)

Soldier #1: Sorry, little lady. (he and soldier #2 put their hands behind their backs and walk towards Ikki with friendly smiles) It looks like we got off on the wrong foot. (stops in front of Ikki and places his hands on his knees as he bends down slightly to Ikki's level) So you're out here with your brother and sister. Where's your campsite?
Ikki: Why do you want to know?
Soldier #2: We just want to get the family back together again. (grabs the plate of macaroons from the table) Maybe we could sit everybody down (switch to a frontal shot of Ikki as she looks at the plate get laid down in front of her) and have a nice plate of macaroons.
Ikki: (frowns suspiciously) Where did you get those?

(Return back to the previous shot as soldier #2 pulls up a sack of Pema's food from under the table.)

Soldier #2: I found a whole sack of food down by the river, (reaches into the sack and pulls out a letter) and with each delicious snack comes a lovely, handwritten note. This one says, "You're my handsome little man." (rests a hand above his heart) That is so touching.
Ikki: (cut to a close up of a slightly angered Ikki) My Mom wrote those notes. (frowns) That's our sack of food!

(Switch to a full shot of the inside of the guard house.)

Soldier #1: (exasperated) Enough with the cute notes! Where are your brother and sister? (gets irritated)
Ikki: Who cares? I don't want to see them. (cut to a close up of Ikki as she smiles up at the soldiers) I'd rather hang out here with you guys. Hit me with one of those macaroons. (opens her mouth)

(Switch to a profile shot of the scene as soldier #2 tosses a macaroon into Ikki's mouth while soldier #1 looks at his colleague in disbelief. Ikki munches on the food happily and soldier #2 does a happy fist pump as his aim was successful.

Location changes to Korra walking down a path towards a rock with a hole in it. The animals gaggle and make noises around her. Cut to a close up of Korra as she glances around anxiously as the unseen animals continue to make their sounds of nature. Switch to a shot of the back of Korra's head as she heads towards a bunch of vines with green line emanating from behind them.

Cut to the other side of the vines as Korra pushes it aside and she looks at the scene in front of her in shock. Switch to a shot of Korra's calves and we can see, in the background, a flashback of Korra getting her bending taken away by Amon in Book 1: Air. Korra backs away hesitantly as her vision slumps to the floor. Cut to a close up of Korra's face as she turns away but gasps. Switch to a full back view shot of her as she sees a vision of herself from Book 2: Spirits getting Raava pulled out of her by UnaVaatu. Korra trips and we cut to a shot of her as she falls flat on her butt. Behind her, there is a flashback of Zaheer and two other Red Lotus members in the Red Lotus cave in Book 3: Change where the metal poison is forced into Korra. Camera pans up to a vision of Korra in chains and camera zooms in on the tortured apparition as she flashes in and out of the Avatar State, clearly in pain.

Cut to a close up of Korra's face which is now covered in cold sweat and she lets out a yelp. Switch back to Zaheer and the two cult members as they turn around and look towards Korra upon hearing her. Camera suddenly flashes white to Korra on her hands and knees in the present day and Korra looks around, seeing that she is safe in The Swamp. Korra looks down and inhales in an attempt to calm herself. Switch to a overhead shot of her with her knees in the water.

Location changes to Jinora meditating in front of a monkey statue with Air Nomad-like swirls carved on its chest. A bird chirps and flies past Jinora. Meelo enters the frame groaning as he clutches his stomach with one hand while dragging a purple stained rucksack along the grass with the other. Poki chirps sadly as it drags its stomach along the floor. Jinora opens her eyes and looks over to her brother.)

Jinora: Are you okay?
Meelo: Yup, (gives a thumbs up) totally fine. (switch to a slight close up of Meelo with purple juice stained around his mouth) I hope you're hungry, (lifts up the rucksack) 'cause we found some- (gags and places a hand on his mouth before moving it to his stomach and addressing his sister again) We found some berries.

(Jinora takes the rucksack and looks into it but she and Meelo suddenly look towards Poki who is gagging off-screen. Cut to a close up of the lemur as it dry heaves for a few seconds before finally vomiting out purple goo onto the grass. Switch to a full shot of the siblings and the lemur as it sits up straight, now comfortable after throwing up the berries. Meelo gags and quickly runs towards a bush and vomits into it.)

Jinora: (cringes) Ugh. (Poki licks his vomit and chews) Looks like you got some bad berries. (throws the rucksack away) So much for living off the land. (Poki continues to lick its puke)
Meelo: They're fine. I just ate too many of them because (cut to a close up of Meelo with a creepy smile on his face and tears on his eyes) they're so- so delicious. (wipes off the juice from his mouth)

(Cut back to a shot of Jinora as Meelo walks towards her.)

Jinora: Did you run into Ikki while you were picking your poisonous berries?
Meelo: Uh, no. What, did she run off or something?
Jinora: I think so.
Meelo: (turns around irritably) Great, now I got to go find the Avatar and her. This mission is getting worse by the day. (Meelo storms off)
Jinora: (frowns) This isn't only your mission, Meelo. I thought we were doing this as a family.

(Scene changes to an empty plate on a table and camera pans up to the soldiers, now seated on chairs as they listen to Ikki.)

Ikki: It seems pretty lonely out here. Where is everybody else? (looks to soldier #1)
Soldier #1: (turns his head away) I don't want to talk about it.
Soldier #2: Aww, he's just upset because Kuvira's taking all the troops to Zaofu, and we had to stay here. (Ikki looks over to soldier #1 sympathetically)
Soldier #1: (stands up) Well, it's the last city left, and then the whole Empire will be united. (rests an arm on the top bunk) And you know (slams his fist down on the mattress) there's gonna be a huge party afterwards.
Ikki: It's tough to be left out, huh? I know exactly what you're going through. (smiles)
Soldier #1: (turns towards Ikki) You do?
Ikki: (cut to a close up of Ikki as she nods) Yeah. My brother and sister are always leaving me out of fun stuff. I mean, we're supposed to be looking for the Avatar together, but they won't even let me help.
Soldier #2: (switch to a shot of soldier #2 as he frowns sadly) Well, that's not fair. Maybe we can help you out. (stands up)

(Cut to a shot of the table as soldier #2 removes the empty plate and lays down a map of the immediate area in front of Ikki.)

Soldier #2: (off-screen) So, where have you looked for her?
Ikki: (removes both arms from the rope and points to the West side of the map) We've been traveling down the West coast, and the only lead we have is some guy Who said he saw her six months ago.
Soldier #1: (enters the frame and looks at the map) Well, we have troops pretty much everywhere. If anyone saw her, they would have reported it. (Ikki frowns sadly)
Ikki: (camera focuses on a green section on the map) What about this place?

(Return back to a back view shot of Ikki with a full view of the room and soldiers.)

Soldier #1: Oh, that's The Swamp. No one goes there.
Soldier #2: (gives a small smile) Don't get discouraged, Ikki. You're a valuable member of the team, and you have a big heart. I know you're gonna find her. Now, let's get you out of those ropes. (stands up)

(The door to the guard house gets blasted inwards by Meelo, revealing him and Jinora standing at the doorway. The young boy cartwheels into the room before sending an air attack at soldier #2 while Jinora knocks out soldier #1. The map gets lifted up by the wind and flies up towards Ikki's face. Cut to a close up of the soldiers as they slam against the wall behind them and slide down to the ground. Cut to Ikki as she stands up, pushes the map down on the table, and glares at her siblings. She looks back at the soldiers and quickly glances back to her family with another glare.)

Meelo: (cut to a close up of Meelo as he folds his arms) You're welcome, Ikki.
Ikki: (return back to a shot of Ikki as she pushes the rope down and stands on the chair) Why did you do that?
Jinora: (switch back to a shot of Jinora and Meelo) We're saving you! (turns away) Let's go.
Ikki: (return back to Ikki as she jumps down from the chair) I had everything under control. (slings the sack of food over her shoulder) I just found our food, and I have an idea where Korra is.

(Return back to a full shot of the room with the trio.)

Jinora: You do? Then let's get going!
Ikki: (puts the sack down on the floor and rummages) Hold on.

(Cut to a shot of the unconscious soldiers as Ikki enters the frame. The flying squirrel sits up on the worktop and chirps.)

Ikki: (places a sweet bun on soldier #2's left knee) Sorry my brother and sister knocked you out. (puts a sweet bun on soldier #2's right knee) Nice chatting with you. (walks away)
Soldier #2: (grunts and sighs with his eyes still closed) Macaroon...

(Return to the siblings as they walk out of the guard house and the flying squirrel sails towards Ikki and lands on her head.

Location changes to Korra seated on a tree root and hugging her knees to her chest.)

Toph: (off-screen) There you are. (Korra is startled and we switch to a shot of Toph climbing up the tree root) You got my dinner yet?
Korra: (looks away) No, this swamp, (switch to a frontal shot of the two as Toph walks up to the Avatar) it did crazy things to my mind. I had visions of all the times my enemies hurt me.
Toph: (sticks a pinky into her ear and digs) Yeah, I figured something like that might happen.
Korra: (frowns) What?! (Toph flicks her booger away) You wanted me to see those visions? You are one twisted old lady, (hugs her knees) you know that?
Toph: (sits down next to Korra) Look, I know you want to get better, and so does The Swamp. (cut to a shot of a huge horned frog with master and student in the background) It can sense you're out of balance. (a dragonfly passes by and the frog leaps up and eats it before diving intothe water) It'll teach you what you need to learn, (return back to Toph and Korra) if you're open to listening.
Korra: (sighs and gets into the lotus position) Okay, Swamp. I'm all ears.
Toph: You said you saw your past enemies. Now, why do you think that is?
Korra: (frowns) I don't know, because they've made me and a lot of other people suffer.
Toph: (crosses one leg over her knee and crosses her arms) Sounds like you're carrying around your former enemies, (switch to the water filled with swamp flora as it showcases a reflection of the two) the same way you're still carrying around that metal poison. You ever consider maybe you could learn something from them?
Korra: (return back to the duo as Korra raises an eyebrow) Sounds like The Swamp's messing with your mind too.
Toph: My mind is just fine, thank you. (cut to a close up of Toph) Listen, (camera pans off to the right into the empty space behind her) what did Amon want? (a shot of Amon with the equality symbol appears) Equality for all. Unalaq? (the vision of Amon fades away and is replaced with a shot of a possessed Unalaq and UnaVaatu) He brought back the spirits. (the vision of Unalaq fades and is replaced by Zaheer, P'li, Ming-Hua, and Ghazan) And Zaheer believed in freedom. (the camera pans towards Korra)
Korra: I guess.
Toph: (switch to a profile shot of the scene) The problem was, those guys were totally out of balance, and they took their ideologies too far.
Korra: (return back to a close up of a frowning Korra) Okay, fine. But that doesn't explain why they keep haunting me.
Toph: (cut to a close up of Toph) Because you need to face your fears. (turns her head towards the Avatar and camera switches to a shot of Korra) You can't expect to deal with future enemies if you're still fighting the old ones. (Korra looks to the side)
Korra: (accepts Toph's words) Maybe you're right, (turns to her teacher) but how am I supposed to move on?

(Return back to a full body shot of the two.)

Toph: Boy, you Avatars (sticks a finger into her ear) sure need a lot of hand-holding. (stands up) Get up. (walks away) We're going to the Banyan Grove Tree.

(Cut to Korra who looks confused a first but she pushes herself off the root and follows anyway.

Scene changes to a shot of the trees in the Swamp in the evening. Pepper enters the frame with a growl and flies deeper into The Swamp.

Cut to a close up of the airbender kids.)

Ikki: Those soldiers said there weren't any troops here, and I figure if Korra's not feeling good, (switch to a scenic view of The Swamp as Pepper continues to fly inwards) she might come to a spiritual place like this to get better.

(Cut to a close up of Jinora as she lets go of the reins and starts to meditate. Switch to a slight aerial view of Pepper and The Swamp as wistful music plays. Return back to Jinora as she opens her eyes and the camera pulls back to reveal Ikki and Meelo glancing down at her.)

Jinora: There is an enormous amount of spiritual activity here, (frowns slightly and looks out to The Swamp) but I don't feel Korra.
Meelo: (places a hand on his chin) Well, that's what we get for listening to (turns towards his second oldest sister) Ikki.
Ikki: (pleads) Guys, we just got here. Let's at least look around.
Jinora: (turns to face her sister) I'm sorry, Ikki, but I'm with Meelo on this. I don't think we're going to find her here. (return back to a scenic shot of Pepper and The Swamp) Let's go, Pepper.

(The air bison grunts and turns around but vines suddenly shoot out from The Swamp below and ensnares Pepper's legs. The beast growls as it gets pulled down and the children scream.)

Jinora, Ikki, Meelo: (simultaneously) Aah!

(Cut to an aerial shot of the trees as Pepper gets fully pulled down into the canopy. Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to the airbender kids screaming as Pepper gets pulled down into The Swamp. The air bison lands and skids along the water as more vines start to take interest in the intruder. Cut to the saddle wrapped around by vines as Meelo stands up and takes charge, slicing the vines away with airbending while his sister looks on in horror at her brother's sudden ferocity. The boy leaps up and when he lands on a vine, he farts on it, slicing it on half. Camera pans out to Pepper as it pulls a vine away with its teeth with a growl. All of the vines finally retreat. Cut back to the inside of the saddle as Poki and Ikki's new flying squirrel fly in to join their owners.)

Meelo: (arms crossed) Why did those stupid vines pull us in here anyway?
Ikki: Because (her siblings turn to face her) they want us here. (clenches her fists togeter as she pleads) I'm telling you, Korra's got to be close.
Jinora: I don't know, Ikki. I still don't sense Korra.
Ikki: Well, you (leans towards Jinora) haven't sensed her the entire time we've (waves her arms to the side in frustration) been looking for her.
Meelo: (Poki jumps on Meelo's head) Next time I go on a mission, it's going to be boys only, just Poki and (points a thumb to himself) me. (Ikki sighs in annoyance)

(Scene changes to Toph and Korra climbing to the top of a tree root in the evening. Switch to a view behind their backs as the camera slowly pans upwards against the thick root and suddenly pulls back to reveal a beautiful and scenic shot of the Banyan Tree Grove.)

Korra: (off-screen) It's beautiful.
Toph: (camera returns to a scenic shot of Korra and Toph standing on one of the roots which spread out into The Swamp) The roots of the Banyan Grove Tree spread out for miles in every direction, connecting this whole swamp. (cut to a close up of the two as the wind blows their hair) Your problem is you've been disconnected for too long, disconnected from the people who love you and disconnected from yourself.

(Korra takes a few steps forward to a more even part of the root before she kneels down and places a hand on the root. Cut to a close up of Korra's face as she closes her eyes. The camera returns back to a view of her hand on the root and a golden trail of energy shoots forth from the spot beneath her hand and down the long root. The camera follows it from behind and pans up to a shot of the trees in The Swamp. Cut back to Korra with her eyes closed as she is deep in concentration.

Switch to her point of view as she travels through the root like a tunnel, heading to the light at the end of it. When she emerges from the tunnel, she spots a green tinted vision of Ikki and Meelo arguing on Pepper's back as Jinora watches.)

Meelo: (voice is slightly muted) I'm tired of listening to you!

(The vision clears up and returns back to its normal color.)

Jinora: (turns around abruptly) Korra. (excitedly) I know where Korra is!
Ikki & Meelo: (simultaneously as they jump for joy) Yeah!

(Cut back to Korra as she opens her eyes.)

Korra: (gasps excitedly) I can't believe it! (to Toph) I saw Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo. They're here!
Toph: Good. Hopefully, they're here to take you home.

(View changes to Pepper meandering through the vines in the forest. Cut to a scenic shot of the Banyan Tree Grove as Pepper emerges from the canopy. Switch to a shot of the airbending kids on Pepper.)

Jinora, Ikki, Meelo: (simultaneously) Korra! (Jinora and Meelo wave to her)

(Return back to a shot of Korra she stands up and we can see the air bison flying close from behind. Cut back to Pepper as all three children leap off Pepper and open the wings of their airbender suits to fly towards Korra with wide smiles on their faces. Cut back to Korra who is smiling as well and she wipes away the happy tears from her eyes.

Cut to Toph standing to the side and smiling as Jinora lands and rushes towards Korra, embracing the Avatar's waist. The camera pans right as Jinora does so. Ikki and Meelo throw their arms around Korra's waist as well and the young adult hugs the back of their heads.)

Ikki: Oh, (cut to a close up of Ikki as she looks up at Korra with tears in her eyes) we missed you so much, Korra.
Korra: (return back to a full body shot of the group hug) I missed you so much too. How did you find me (the children pull away from her) all the way out here?

(Switch to a shot of the kids with Toph behind them.)

Ikki: (smiles) Jinora sensed your energy.
Jinora: (looks at her sister) But we never would've been here if it weren't for Ikki.
Ikki: (looks to Meelo) I never would've (Meelo smiles to himself) stormed off and found those soldiers if it weren't for Meelo.
Meelo: I was trying to toughen up these ladies, but I guess it was a team effort.
Ikki: I love your hair.
Meelo: (switch to a shot of the children and Korra) It's so you.

(Toph clears her throat loudly off-screen and the kids turn towards the sound. Cut to Toph putting her hand behind her back.)

Korra: (off-screen) I'm so sorry. (return back to a shot of the Avatar and the airbender trio) This is Meelo, (Meelo starts to pick his nose) Jinora, (Jinora bows) and Ikki, (Ikki gives a wave) Aang and Katara's grandchildren.

(Switch to a profile shot of the scene.)

Toph: (steps towards the group) Your grandpa was a real pain in my butt.
Meelo: (removes his finger from his nose) Wait a minute, (flicks his booger away) cranky, (raises an eyebrow) old, (places a hand on his chin) blind... (waves his hand in front of Toph's face) You must be Toph! (clenches his fists excitedly)
Toph: (smiles) Oh, (points a thumb to Meelo) I like this one.
Jinora: (turns to Korra) You need to come home, Korra. Kuvira is taking over the Earth Kingdom.
Ikki: You have to stop her.
Korra: (switch to a close up of an uncertain Korra) I don't know. I'm not the Avatar I used to be. I can't even go into the Avatar State.
Ikki: (return back to a shot of the sisters as they plead) Please, Korra.
Jinora: (camera slowly zooms in on Korra) The World needs you back.

(Korra lowers her head, unsure.

Scene fades to Pepper and Poki resting outside Toph's swamp home while the airbender children, Toph, and Korra hang around a campfire inside the house. Switch to a close up of the group. Cut to a close up of Korra looking down at the flames determinedly. Switch to Korra's back as she turns around.)

Korra: All right, I'm ready.
Toph: (off-screen) I'm not bending it (Korra widens her eyes with shock) out of you. (switch to a shot of Toph looking concerned) You got to do this on your own.

(Return back to Korra as she nods. Camera pans to her feet as she gets into the horse stance. Switch to a scenic shot as Korra stands with her arms raised to her torso at the side, palms facing up. The Avatar inhales and exhales.)

Toph: Close your eyes. (Korra does so and we cut to a close up of Toph with her eyes closed as well) Clear your mind. (opens her eyes) And don't freak out like last time. (cut to Korra as she looks a little irked) Now, (Korra closes her eyes again) focus your energy. (switch to a shot of Korra's arms hanging at the side of her) Find the metal. (Korra brings her arms up) Let it move through your body.

(Cut to a frontal shot of Korra as she lowers her hands and bends down slightly, bringing her hands together. She then stands up as her hands move up in a straight line before parting outwards at the top, as if she's drawing a circle. Her hands stop in front of her and the camera flashes white. A flashback of Korra pushing herself off the ground in the Avatar State is seen. Camera flashes white again to Zaheer moving his arms out to part the finishing blow. Camera flashes white again to Korra with a bubble of vacuum around her head. Camera flashes back to the present as Korra gasps and opens her eyes, clutching her hands close to herself. She has cold sweat on her face and she looks to Toph.)

Toph: (camera pans to Toph) That fight is over. (cut back to an anxious Korra) Release the fear.

(Korra closes her eyes briefly before opening them with a frown. Switch to a shot of her hand as it opens outwards. Return back to a frontal shot of Korra as she exhales and draws a circle in the air again, gathering and focusing on her chi as she inhales. She then pushes her arms forward with a loud exhale. Cut to a shot of her trembling left bicep as little droplets of liquid metal form on top of her skin and moves down her forearm. Korra brings her arms in and we switch back to a full shot of Korra as she brings her arms up before bring her arms in and pushing them out again. The liquid metal moves down to her arm bands.

Cut to a shot of Korra's fingertips as the liquid metal seemingly fly off from both hands in two separate blobs and they merge into a big globule. Return back to a frontal shot of Korra as she pulls her arms back and turns her waist before swiveling back and pushing her arms out again. Two more droplets of poison fly down her arm to join the globule in front of her. She then pushes the poison off-screen.

Switch to a shot of Toph as she brings two halves of a rock together to capture the poison in its centre. Behind the old woman, the airbender kids have wide smiles on their faces. Toph spins the rock around quickly, sealing the seams of the rock.)

Toph: (smiles) Well done, Korra.

(Cut to a shot of Korra's eyes as they open and flash white in the Avatar State. Switch to a shot of her face as she stands up with pride. Cut to a shot of the kids.)

Meelo: The Avatar (jumps for joy) is back in business!

(Jinora rushes off-screen and her siblings follow. Cut to profile shots of Korra and Toph. Korra's eyes stop flashing white and she returns back to normal as the children enter the frame.)

Korra: (looks at her hands) I feel so much lighter. (cut to a frontal shot of Korra) Thank you so much for helping me. (gives a small smile) I'd like to give you a hug now if that's okay with you.
Toph: (switch to a profile shot of Toph as she closes her eyes and leans her head forward) All right. (opens her eyes and smiles) You earned it.

(Korra wraps her arms around Toph's neck and camera zooms out to reveal a full shot of the scene as the airbender children look at them. Toph pats Korra's back a couple of times.

Cut to the outside of Toph's swamp home with mostly everyone in Pepper's saddle. Meelo propels himself up into the saddle with airbending. Switch to a shot from behind Toph as she looks at the Avatar and her friends' grandchildren wave farewell to her.)

Korra: Bye, Toph! (Pepper slaps its tail down and takes off)
Meelo: Bye, see you later.
Ikki: It was so nice to meet you!
Meelo: We're gonna miss you!

(The air bison grunts and flies into the trees. Cut to a slight overhead shot of Toph.)

Toph: Finally, (turns away and walks into her home) some peace and quiet.

(Wistful music plays as Toph fully retreats into her humble abode.)

[End Credits]

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