Transcript for 405 - Enemy at the Gates
Enemy at the Gates
Written By: Joshua Hamilton
Directed By: Ian Graham
Storyboard By: Chris Palmer, William Ruzika, Steve Ahn, Dean Kelly, Matt Humphreys, Carli Squitieri, Jason Zurek
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "The Metal Clan", "After All These Years", and "The Calling".]

Shiro Shinobi: After three years, Kuvira has united the former Earth Kingdom states under her new Earth Empire banner. But one holdout remains: Zaofu. During that same time, Asami rebuilt the company her father create and helped redesign the city's infrastructure. And most recently, the airbender kids found the Avatar. Korra rid herself of the residual poison in her body and is ready to return to action.

Act I

(Episode opens up to a shot of two mountain ridges in the morning and flocks of birds fly away as an airship passes in between the ridges. Switch to a scenic view of the closed petals of Zaofu and in the background, we see a fleet of airships making their way towards the city. Cut to a close up of the fleet of at least eight airships as they continue to make their way forward. Cut to a guard outpost in Zaofu as a guard is alarmed and quickly picks up a telephone communicator nearby.)

Guard: We have an emergency!

(Scene changes to a close up of a worried Su as the train she's seated in makes its way through a tunnel. Camera pulls back to reveal her husband walking towards her and their twin sons.)

Baatar Sr.: (grabs a pole for support) I'll contact President Raiko. He'll send the United Forces.

(The train pulls to a stop and exits the tunnel, casting harsh sunlight onto Baatar Sr. as he squints from the change in lighting. Su stands up and turns around to look out the window. In the distance, the fleet of airships is now accompanied by a battalion of troops on the ground.)

Su: Call whomever you want, but they'll never make it in time. Kuvira's already here, (cut to a close up of a neat line up of tanks and mechatanks as they march towards Zaofu) and she brought her entire army.

(Camera pans across the mechatanks as they stop in position and the airship slowly descend. Cut to an aerial view of the full strength of Kuvira's force.

Cut to a hand buttoning a cuff on the end of a sleeve. Camera pans out to reveal Baatar Jr. adjusting his sleeve for a brief moment before turning away from the unification map towards his fiancee.)

Baatar Jr.: (walk towards Kuvira smugly) By this time tomorrow, (switch to the couple's reflection in the window as they look out of it) my mother will have signed our treaty, and the Earth Empire will finally be united.
Kuvira: Don't get ahead (Baatar Jr. is taken aback) of yourself. (return back to a view of the couple as they look at each other) Securing your hometown won't be like every other city. (Kuvira walks away)
Baatar Jr.: (frowns) Zaofu stopped being my home long ago. (switch to a view of his clenched fist with Kuvira in the background, looking at the map) I'm ready to take it by force.
Kuvira: (firmly) No. (turns towards her fiance) The eyes of the World are on us now. (frowns as Baatar Jr. relaxes his fist) We must do this right. That's why we need Bolin.
Baatar Jr.: (switch to a view of the couple as Baatar Jr. is concerned) Do you really think we can rely on him?
Kuvira: (looks down) Su trusts him. She'll listen to him.

(Location changes to Pepper flying past trees and mountains.)

Jinora: (off-screen) Are you sure we should be going to Zaofu? (cut to a close up of the occupants on Pepper) Dad wanted us to bring you back to Republic City.

(Camera zooms in on Korra, Meelo, and Ikki in the saddle.)

Korra: If Kuvira's heading to Zaofu, so am I. She needs to know that the Avatar is back. The World needs to know.
Meelo: (stands up excitedly) Whoo-hoo! Avatar fight! This is going to be awesome!
Korra: (amused) Meelo, there's not gonna be a fight. Kuvira saved my Dad. She was a captain in Su's guard. I-I think she can be reasoned with.
Meelo: (in disbelief) What? No fight? (frowns) Why did we go through all that trouble to save you if you're not going to beat someone up? (pouts)

(Scene changes to Kuvira's train speeding down the track. Cut to someone's point of view looking through the viewfinder of a camera as Varrick peers into it.)

Varrick: Zhu Li, (pulls back) is this thing on?
Zhu Li: (off-screen, presumably behind the camera) We're rolling, sir.
Varrick: (relaxes) Okay, I'm Varrick of Varrick Industries International, (gestures to the numerous vines held in small canisters around him) and this is Spirit Vine Experiment 3-02. (Zhu-Li enters the frame wearing a lab coat and a pair of colorful, protective goggles as she carries a canister containing a big spirit vine within her arms) Hand me the thing. (Zhu Li slides the capsule into Varrick's arms and he grunts from the weight and comically trods over to the capsule holder of the machine behind him) In this stasis capsule (Zhu Li picks up an end of a red cable on the ground) is a preserved spirit vine sample (Zhu Li connects the cable to the machine)weighing approximately two Zhu Lis. (Varrick turns around and pushes a lever) I have postulated (switch to a shot of the capsule as the machine begins to hum and the spirit vine glows purple like Vaatu when he was charging up his energy beam) that these spirit vines are a form of pure energy (Varrick walks towards the camera while Zhu Li stands off to the side) that's unstable in what we call (does air quotes with his fingers) "typical earth conditions." (return back to a view through the viewfinder of the camera) This machine should transfer the energy from the vine into a battery using electrical currents, reverse magnetic polarity, and a little-known phenomenon I call the Varri-Effect. (walks back to the capsule)

(Cut to a close up of the canister as it continues to glow purple. Camera pans up to a glass chamber above it and it steadily glows purple.)

Varrick: (off-screen) It's working. (cut to a slight overhead shot of Varrick squeeing in front of his machine) It's registering five Varricks of power. (the purple glows even brighter) Now seven Varricks!

(The machine begins to overload and electricity arcs and sparks along the machine. Cut to a close up of the control panel as the alarm goes off and the light bulbs on the panel shatters.)

Varrick: (off-screen) Whoa. (the alarm continues to chime) What is this? (cut to a close up of the stasis capsule as the glass surrounding it begins to crack) What's going on?

(Cut back to a shot through the viewfinder of the camera as the glass on the capsule shatters and sends an energy beam in Zhu Li's direction.)

Zhu Li: (yelps and dodges) Ah!

(Varrick dives towards the floor, knocking the camera down.)

Varrick: Ahh! (turns to Zhu Li who is off-screen) Zhu Li, shut it down. (crawls towards the camera) There are too many Varricks.

(Switch to Zhu Li pulling the lever down but nothing happens. She looks towards the still overloaded machine and she tugs on the lever repeatedly. Zhu Li lets go of the lever in fear. Suddenly, a massive purple beam of energy shoots out from the capsule and we cut to the outside of the train as the beam punches a hole straight through the back of the train. Return back to the train carriage as Zhu Li and Varrick fall.)

Varrick: Ahh!

(Cut to a view facing the gaping hole of the train as Zhu Li tumbles out of it.)

Zhu Li: Ahh! (Switch to a view from the outside as Zhu Li hangs on to the edge of the train for dear life. Cut to an overhead shot of Zhu Li as she looks worried) Sir...!

(Varrick's head enters the frame and we switch to a full shot of the gaping hole as Varrick grabs Zhu Li's wrists and tugs but his assistant isn't pulled up.)

Varrick: (grunts) You're too heavy. You know, you could stand to lose a few Zhu Lis.
Zhu Li: (return back to an overhead shot of Zhu Li) I think you're just weak, Sir. (frowns) Pull harder.

(Cut to a close up of Varrick's face as he gets serious. With a loud grunt, he successfully pulls Zhu Li up. Return back to the inside of the train as Zhu Li lands on top of Varrick.)

Varrick & Zhu: (simultaneously as they fall back into the train) Aah!

(Varrick widens his eyes at the position they're in and wistful music plays. Zhu Li pushes herself off him slightly and pushes the goggles up onto her forehead. Varrick sits up just a bit.)

Zhu Li: (softly) Varrick, you saved me.
Varrick: (places one hand on Zhu Li's cheek) Of course I saved you. (places the other hand on the other side of her cheek and slowly leans in) I can't clean this place up (turns Zhu Li's head to the mess in the carriage) by myself! (pushes Zhu Li off him and his assistant glares at him) Grab a broom!
Kuvira: (off-screen) What happened? (switch to Kuvira and Baatar Jr. entering the carriage) Were we attacked?
Varrick: (stands up and dusts himself off) No, we were spirit-vined, (places a hand on the lever holding the energy supply) but don't worry. (tugs the lever down and the smaller canisters of spirit vines are deactivated) I'm putting the kibosh on this project. (walk forward)

(Switch to a view of Kuvira and Baatar Jr. as Varrick enters the screen to pull down more levers.)

Kuvira: No, you're not. Do you realize what we can do with this kind of power?
Varrick: Yes, I do. And that's why we've got to put an end to it. What if it fell into the wrong hands?
Baatar Jr.: (skeptical) Since when does that matter to you?
Varrick: (cut to a close up of Varrick) I know. (look to the side) It's not like me, right? Usually, (gets excited) I look at a project like this, and all I think is, "Wow, I can make a ton of money off this." (softens his expression) But recently, I've been having these strange feelings (camera slowly pulls back) inside. It's like I'm... concerned (camera pulls back to reveal the backs of Kuvira and her fiance) with others. And there's this nagging voice (Zhu Li enters the frame, sweeping the floor) in my head constantly telling me what's right from wrong.
Zhu Li: I believe that voice is your conscience, Sir. (continues sweeping)
Kuvira: Well, I'm the other voice in your head, and I'm telling you, you will continue this project.
Varrick: (places a hand out at Kuvira) Sorry, no. I (places a hand on his chest) just really got to stand my ground on this one. (the epaulettes on his uniform suddenly get metalbent against his throat and he is lifted off the ground) Whoa! (grabs his throat)

(Switch to a view of Kuvira in a bending stance.)

Kuvira: Now there's a voice in my head (walks forward as she guides Varrick out through the gaping hole of the train carriage) telling me to drop you on the tracks. (cut to the outside as Kuvira pushes Varrick far out on the tracks) Should I listen?

Varrick: (switch to a shot of Varrick's legs as they struggle and dangle in the air) No, no! (return to a view from behind Kuvira with Varrick in the air in the background) Head voices are liars! What do head voices know? I'll work on the project! (cut back to Kuvira who smiles) Please don't drop me! (Kuvira pulls her arm back) Ahh!

(Varrick is tossed back into the carriage and he falls to the ground. Kuvira then casually walks over his body. Switch to a full view of the carriage as Kuvira walks away. Zhu Li bends down to ensure her boss is alright and she glares at Kuvira and Baatar Jr as they casually stroll off.

Scene changes to a building in Republic City with vines creeping all over it from the outside. Cut to a pair of hands and a stack of sealed letters on a table. Switch to Asami seated pensively at the table as footsteps are heard.)

Hiroshi: (off-screen) Asami, you came.

(A hand enters the screen to pull back the chair on the other side of the table. Cut to a view of a drastically aged and slimmer Hiroshi in a simple prisoner's uniform, now with a head full of grey hair as he takes a seat. Behind him, a a prison attendent stands guard. He looks at the letters on the table sadly. Cut to a profile shot of the scene.)

Asami: (pushes the stack of letters towards her father) I'm here to return these.
Hiroshi: You never opened them.
Asami: Stop writing me. I never want to see or hear from you again. (stands up)
Hiroshi: Please, (Asami stops in her tracks) just let me say one thing, then I'll never contact you again. (Asami sits back but continues to look away from her father as he speaks with remorse) I can't forgive myself for all the horrible things I've done, and I never expect you to forgive me. I tore our family apart and destroyed our good name. But in a life of regret, (switch to a shot of Asami's face as she listens quietly) you're the one thing I look back on that makes me smile. (Asami closes her eyes and we switch to a close up profile shot of her with tears welled up in her eyes as Hiroshi continues to talk to her in the background) I just want you to know I'm so proud of you, Asami. (Asami's eyes begin to quiver) You are the greatest thing I ever created. (Tears roll down Asami's cheek and she runs off. Hiroshi look down with regret.)

(Location changes to Kuvira's train speeding down the tracks. Cut to a close up of Bolin seated on a chair inside one of the carriages as he glances back and forth nervously.)

Bolin: (furrows his eyebrows worriedly) Am I in (hunches over, scared) trouble?

(Switch to a full view of the carriage and we see Baatar Jr. lounging on a sofa opposite Bolin while Kuvira stands in front of the young man.)

Kuvira: (gently) No. In fact, I have good news. (smiles) We want you to be part of our inner circle.
Bolin: (excitedly) Inner circle! (fist pumps) No way! Yes! (coughs) Ahem, (acts like a proper gentleman) that is a great honor. What does it mean, exactly?
Kuvira: It means you've proven your worth. (gestures to the unification map) We're so close to uniting the Empire, but Su has some resentment towards me and Baatar that might cloud her judgment and stop her from making a wise decision. (return back to a close up of Bolin) We believe you can help her see clearly.
Bolin: (smiles) I can do that. By the time I'm finished telling her all the great things we've done, she'll be begging to join.
Kuvira: (cut to Kuvira as she returns the smile) Good, because we're here. (moves an arm up as she bents the window blinds behind Bolin open)

(Cut back to Bolin as he is eager and he turns around to look out of the window... which is a view full of Kuvira's troops making camp on the grass plains outside Zaofu.)

Bolin: (glances back at Kuvira, concerned) Aren't all these troops gonna send the wrong message?
Kuvira: (cut back to Kuvira as she still acts friendly) The army is here to project strength. You're here to present peace.

(Switch to a scenic view of the grass plains as the train speedily makes its way down the rail towards one of the petal cities in Zaofu. Even if it's day out, the metallic petals on all the "flowers" are still closed.

Scene changes to the Zaofu diorama inside Su's office, looking at the door which Baatar Jr. pushes open with both hands to reveal Kuvira and Bolin. Camera pulls back to the rest of Su's family, waiting. Camera pans across Huan, now with a dyed streak of green in his hair, standing beside with his brothers Wing and Wei. All three brothers have their arms crossed. Baatar Sr. and Su stand in similar tense poses. Opal stands up and places her hand on her hips.)

Bolin: (off-screen) Opal, (switch to a view from behind Opal as Bolin walks towards her with his arms spread open) you're here too!
Opal: (crosses her arms and turns away from him) No! (Bolin stops in his tracks) You've chosen your side.

(Camera pans to a full view of the room.)

Bolin: Sides? There shouldn't be sides. I know, why don't we all (beckons his boss and her fiance towards him) stand in a circle, huh, maybe hold hands? (clasps his hands hopefully)
Su: I'm not giving up Zaofu. I don't care if you brought your entire army.
Kuvira: (raises an arm up in a 'stop' gesture) Su, I didn't bring my army to threaten you. (cut to a close up of Kuvira and Baatar Jr. as Kuvira smiles gently) I wanted to show you all that your son and I have accomplished.
Su: (switch to a shot of Su, her husband, and Opal as she addresses her eldest child) You must realize what you're doing goes against everything your father and I tried to teach you.
Baatar Sr.: Son, you belong here.
Baatar Jr.: (cut to a close up of an angered Baatar Jr.) Why? (frowns with hatred) So that I can go on living in your shadow?

(Return back to profile shots of Su and Baatar Sr. The latter reacts with surprise.)

Su: Don't say that. (Baatar Sr's expression changes to sadness) Can't you see she's brainwashed you.
Kuvira: (cut back to the power couple as they're amused) Ha! I didn't brainwash him, I set him free. And now he's accomplished more with me (glares at Su) than he ever could have with you.

(Cut back to a full view of the room.)

Bolin: (interrupts) Okay, guys, obviously, there's a lot of personal, painful history here. So what do say we just all forget about that stuff, huh? I mean, that's the past. (cut to a close up of the twins as Bolin stands up comically in between them) Right, Wing? Right, Wei? You guys know (rests both arms on their shoulders) what I'm talking about. (raises a palm out in a 'high five' position) High five.

(Bolin moves his hand between the twins who do not react and they glare at him.)

Bolin: All right. (walks away) No, it's cool. (return back to a full view shot of the room) You know what I think we need to do? Focus on the future. And the future is bright. Let me tell you. I've seen it. Yeah, saw it last month. (angles his body towards Opal) We went to this town that had nothing. Most of the people there had never even seen a Satomobile before. But now they have (raises up two fingers) two Satomobiles, (raises another finger) running water, (raises a fourth finger) and a magnet train that goes right through their town. I mean, how awesome is that?
Opal: (cut to a close up of a frowning Opal) They might have been happy when you first arrived, (Bolin drops his shoulders) but I've seen what happens after you leave. Citizens are forced to work as slave labor. (deepens her frown) Dissenters are sent off to who knows where.
Bolin: (return back to Bolin who turns serious) You're wrong, Opal. Now, I don't know what you think you've seen, but (rests a hand on his chest) I'm giving you the 100% Bolin Guarantee that we're making the Earth Empire a better place to live.
Su: (switch to Su as she reacts furiously) I can't believe you brought Bolin here (walks up to Kuvira) to try to sway us. (stops in front of Kuvira) Leave. Zaofu will never accept you as their leader.
Kuvira: Then you leave me no choice. (cut to a close up of Kuvira) You have twenty-four hours to agree to join the Empire, (furrows her brows to show that she means business) or we take the city by force.

(View switches to Bolin who is aghast at Kuvira's threat. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to Pepper flying past some mountains. Cut to a close up of Korra and Meelo standing up on the saddle. The young boy is looking through a spyglass.)

Meelo: I see it. Zaofu. (pulls his head away from the spyglass) We made it! (puts the spyglass back against his eye and camera suddenly cuts to a view of Kuvira's army camped outside Zaofu) And a bunch of other people are here too.

(Pepper enters the screen and speeds up.)

Korra: (off-screen) Oh, no. (switch to a close up of Korra who is worried) I hope we're not too late.

(Location changes to the door of Su's study as Korra pushes them open and enters the room with the airbender kids behind her. Switch to a full view of the room as the Avatar walks in, catching the attention of Su and her family.)

Su: Korra? (switch to a full body profile shot of Korra) I can't believe it. (Su enters the frame and embraces the young adult) Where have you been? You disappeared. (pulls away from the hug) Everyone was so worried.
Korra: (cut to a close up of Korra) I'll tell you the whole story later. (furrows her brows) Right now, I want to help you stop Kuvira. What can I do?

(Location changes to a high tech tent in the campsite of Kuvira's army with a group of mechatanks standing guard in a circle around the perimeter of the tent.)

Bolin: (off-screen) You were just bluffing, right? (Cut to the inside of the tent and it looks like Kuvira's office. Bolin and Baatar Jr. are standing in front of Kuvira's table.) I mean, you're not really going to attack Zaofu... Are you?
Kuvira: (calmly) When people don't cooperate, we must find other ways of convincing them to join.
Bolin: (doubtful) Other ways? (shifty eyes) How many times have we used these other ways in the past?
Kuvira: (stands up from her seat) It's not for you to worry about.
Bolin: So... what does happen to all of those towns and villages after we leave? (Kuvira starts to walk towards Bolin) I just realized I've never really gone back and checked on them.
Kuvira: Those people are my loyal subjects, (stops in front of Bolin) and they contribute to the Empire however I see fit. (turns serious) Now that you're in the inner circle, you're going to have to accept some hard truths.
Bolin: (cut to a close up of Bolin as he looks to the side nervously) Maybe I'm not really an inner-circle kind of guy. (has an idea) Or- or maybe we don't take over Zaofu. We could just let them be on their own. (excitedly) Then yay, the Empire's united. Congratulations to us. (Kuvira enters the frame)

(Switch to full body shots of Kuvira and Bolin as they former advances on the young man in an intimidating manner and Bolin has no choice but to walk backwards.)

Kuvira: I didn't know your personal feelings for Opal (Bolin backs into another table and braces himself with his arms as Kuvira looms over him threateningly) were stronger than your loyalty to me. (switch to a view from Bolin's back with a displeased Kuvira in the background) Zaofu will join us. (continues to frown) The only thing I'm second-guessing is the decision to bring you along.(cut to a shot of Bolin who looks confused) Maybe you need to spend some time in a re-education camp.
Bolin: I thought that's where we send people to learn new trade skills...

(Switch to a back view shot from behind Bolin again but this time, the power couple are in the background.)

Baatar Jr.: Hard truths, Bolin.
Kuvira: Your loyalty seems to be wavering.
Bolin: (return back to Bolin who is a little scared) No, no, I'm totally on your side, completely one hundred percent loyal. (salutes)

(Cut to a close up of Kuvira as she seems doubtful.

Scene changes to Su standing in a pavilion in the metalbending training courtyard outside of her own home. Korra joins her.)

Korra: How did things get so bad between you and Kuvira? I thought she was your protÈgÈ?
Su: (switch to profile shots of the two as the matriach speaks sadly) She was more than that. She was like a daughter to me. I took her in when she was eight years old and nourished her talents. (switch to frontal shots of the both of them) Kuvira was smart, a natural leader, and quickly rose through the ranks. (looks down sadly) I saw myself in her.
Korra: What happened? (Su turns towards Korra)
Su: (cut to a close up of Su as her expression hardens) Three years ago, after the fall of the Earth Queen, (camera fades to a slightly green tinted flashback of Su's study) Raiko and Tenzin came to see me.

(Raiko and Tenzin are seated on the couch across from each other while Su and Kuvira stand near the matriach's desk.)

Raiko: The Earth Kingdom is in chaos. (cut to a close up of a worried Raiko) There's a vacuum of power, and I'm concerned about what will happen if someone doesn't take control of the situation.

(Camera changes to a full shot of the room.)

Su: (arms crossed) And do you think I should be the one? (looks away from Raiko)
Tenzin: You're the perfect person to take charge. The World leaders trust you, and as a Bei Fong, you have credibility in the Earth Kingdom.
Su: (Cut to a slight close up of Su and Kuvira. The latter has a different hairstyle from what she has now as she has a long braid down her back.) I'm honored that you thought of me, (Kuvira glances at Su with a concerned look) but I'm not interested in imposing my ideals on an entire nation. (drops her arms to her sides) I'm afraid I can't help you.
Kuvira: (speaks up) Suyin, I know this isn't my place, (steps forward) but I think you should do this. Zaofu has always been a beacon of modern progress, and now you can share that with everyone.
Su: What would you have me do, (gestures a hand out and gazes into the distance) march into Ba Sing Se with an army? We'd be seen as conquerors and greeted with nothing but war.
Kuvira: There are already wars. The Earth Queen nearly destroyed our nation. This is our opportunity to change things.
Su: (cut to a close up of Su as she contemplates for a few seconds before frowning) It's not going to happen.

(Switch back to a shot of Kuvira who doesn't look too pleased by Su's decision.)

Su: (voice over) I didn't realize at the time, but that moment created a rift between us. (the flashback fades to various airships waiting at the hangar area of Zaofu) Kuvira turned my own son against me. (cut to a close up of Kuvira packing something in an attache case while Baatar Jr. picks up and box and walks away) And together they plotted behind my back.

(Camera pans left to reveal Su approaching Kuvira from behind.)

Su: What do you think you're doing?

(Switch to a view from behind Su looking at Kuvira's back.)

Kuvira: (doesn't turn around to talk to Su) We're doing what you don't have the guts to do. We're going to Ba Sing Se to help bring order back to the Earth Kingdom.
Su: (cut to a close up of an incensed Su) No! You will stay here.
Kuvira: (return back to Kuvira as she finally turns around to address the matriach) And who's going to stop me? Your security force was more than happy to join my cause. They're some of the best fighters in the World, (glares at Su) and they are tired of being treated like exotic birds in your cage.
Su: (cut back to Su) If you leave now, you will never be welcomed back.
Kuvira: (return back to Kuvira who speaks calmly) When I choose to return, it will be on my own terms.

(Switch to a shot of the propellers of the airship as they begin to revolve.)

Su: (voice over) Kuvira and Baatar left that day (the airship starts to ascend) with Varrick, (cut to a close up of a worried Su) my security force, and a few of Zaofu's wealthiest citizens. (switch to a view of all the airships taking off from the hangar) After Kuvira proved herself by stabilizing Ba Sing Se, (scene fades back to present day) Raiko and the other World leaders made her the provisional head of the Earth Kingdom. Once she refused to step down, (switch to profile shots of Su and Korra) I knew it was only a matter of time (looks away from the Avatar) until she made her way back here.
Korra: (cut to a frontal shot of Korra looking worried) I want to fix this.
Su: (turns back to Korra) You can. (cut to a close up of Su who is serious) Go into the Avatar State and demolish her army. Remove Kuvira from power once and for all.
Korra: (return back to a close up of Korra as she looks down) Fighting is something the old me would do, but that always made things worse. Let me talk with Kuvira. Maybe I can reason with her.
Su: (cut back to a frontal shot of Su as she narrows her eyes) Kuvira doesn't listen to reason!

(Location changes to Avatar Korra park and we see a quartet of people practicing tai chi near Korra's statue while the rest of the park goers walk around. Camera switches to a profile shot of Asami seated on a bench with her hands on her head. She puts her hands down on her lap and sits up straight. Cut to a close up of Asami as she watches something off-screen and we can hear a little girl chuckling happily. Switch to an over the shoulder shot from behind Asami as she watches a little girl play Pai Sho with her father. The young child makes the finishing move to end the game and places a hand on her hips victoriously. The girl's father reaches over the table to pick his daughter up and happily gives her a hug. Cut to a close up of Asami as she smiles softly.

Scene changes to Varrick's reinforced carriage where he carried out the spirit vine energy experiment. Cut to a close up of Varrick as he slowly loses it. In the background we can see Zhu Li preparing a pot of tea.)

Varrick: I can't believe Kuvira locked me in here like a prisoner. (breaks out into cold sweat as he places one hand on his head while his other hand checks the pulse on his neck) I'm not feeling well, (grasps his throat) I think I'm running out of air. (panics) Zhu Li, hold your breath.
Zhu Li: (cut to a close up of Zhu Li as picks up the kettle and pours the beverage into a cup) I'm not holding my breath.
Varrick: (throws his arms up in the air) Great! Now we're both gonna die. (grabs a nearby railing and bends his body down in despair)

(Switch to a close up of Varrick and we can hear the sound of a hatch opening off-screen.)

Bolin: (whispering off-screen) Varrick. Varrick.
Varrick: (stands up and glances around nervously) Augh, and the head voices are back.

(Cut back to Zhu Li as she points a finger up and the camera pans up to Bolin poking his head into the carriage through a hatch in the roof of the train.)

Varrick: (looking up) Bolin, thank goodness you're here. (crosses his arms) Where did that hatch come from? (throws his hands in the air) Forget the hatch. (shoves his arms down and we cut to an overhead shot of him) There's something important I've got to tell ya.
Bolin: (cut to a close up of Bolin) Well, there's something important I've got tell you too. (drops down into carriage)

(Bolin stands up and he and Varrick immediately grab the lapels of the other party's uniform.)

Bolin & Varrick: (simultaneously) Kuvira's crazy!
Bolin: (cut to a close up of Bolin who is surprised) How'd you find out?
Varrick: (switch to a close up of Varrick) When I refused to build her a super weapon, she threatened my life.
Bolin: (return back to a shot of a fearful Bolin) She threatened me too, and she's threatening Zaofu. And it turns out she's been threatening villages this whole time. (camera pulls back to a full shot of Bolin, Varrick, and Zhu Li) We've got (both Varrick and Bolin release their hold on each other) to get out of here.
Varrick: (places a hand on his chin) I couldn't agree more, kid.

(Varrick angles his body towards Zhu Li and beckons her with a finger before pointing the finger up. Zhu Li climbs on to a bookshelf before leaping up to the open hatch. A pair of hands enter the frame and Varrick grabs his assistant's hands and he is quickly pulled up. Bolin climbs the bookshelf and makes his escape as well.

Scene changes to the temporary campsite of Kuvira's army as the petals of Zaofu still remain closed in the background. Cut to Baatar Jr. escorting Korra into the campsite.)

Baatar Jr.: We have an unexpected guest. (camera pans left to Kuvira talking to a couple of soldiers) The Avatar is here to see you. (Kuvira gives a nod to the soldiers and they walk away)
Kuvira: (turns around and greets Korra with a smile) Korra, it's such an honor to see you again. (takes a few steps towards the Avatar) The last I heard, you were still healing in the South Pole.

(Switch to full body shots of the three of them.)

Korra: (gives a shrug) Well, I'm feeling much better now.
Kuvira: (cut back to Kuvira who is still smiling) That's wonderful news.
Korra: (switch to a shot from behind Kuvira looking at Korra) I'm here to ask you to back down. (gestures an arm out) Please, (looks around the campsite) take your army and leave.
Kuvira: (return to Kuvira as she looks a little bored) I think we both know that's not going to happen.

(Cut a profile shot of Korra who is at first disappointed but then she frowns. Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to the stand off between Kuvira and Korra. Cut to a close up of Korra as she narrows her eyes.)

Korra: I can't let you take Zaofu.
Kuvira: (switch to a view of Kuriva as she relaxes her posture) Look, I was tasked with bringing stability to the Earth Kingdom. Zaofu is the last holdout. (slides her hands behind her back) Why should I treat it differently than any other state?
Korra: (return to Korra as she still has a frown on her face but she speaks calmly) What you're doing isn't right.
Kuvira: (camera cuts back to Kuvira) I understand you're just trying to do Su a favor, but you can't come to me as I'm on the verge of reuniting my nation and tell me to stop. (cut to Korra as she listens) The World was descending into chaos while you (Korra widens her eyes and they shimmer) were gone. (Korra looks down, a little ashamed) In order to fix it, I had to make some tough decisions.
Korra: (furrows her brows) I know what that's like. (glances back at Kuvira with some sympathy) I've had plenty of people mad at me about decisions I've made.
Kuvira: (switch to profile shots of the two as Kuvira walks up to Korra) Exactly. (stops in front of the young adult) Korra, if you really want to help, (places a hand on Korra's shoulder) go back to Su and try to talk some sense into her. (camera switches to a close up of Kuvira as she speaks coolly) Let's call a temporary truce. I won't make any moves until you talk to her and get back to me.
Korra: (return back to a close up of Korra as she look down and contemplates) Maybe that will be for the best.

(Scene changes to Baatar Jr. walking up to a pair of lookouts standing outside Varrick's train carriage.)

Baatar Jr.: Have you seen Bolin?
Lookout: He came by to see Varrick, but we turned him away.
Baatar Jr.: (cut to a close up of Baatar Jr. as he narrows his eyes suspiciously) Open the door.

(Cut to the open hatch in Varrick's compartment and camera pulls back to Baatar Jr. and the lookouts staring at it.)

Baatar Jr.: (switch to Baatar Jr. as he glowers) We have some fugitives to catch.

(Scene changes to three platinum colored mechatanks on a hill, walking away from Kuvira's campsite near sunset. One of the mechatanks stops and turns around while the other two continue to walk forward.)

Bolin: (inside the mechatank looking at the campsite) Okay, (lifts a robotic finger up in the air) I say we go up and around the mountains (turns around) and (the helmet on the tank pulls back to reveal Bolin's head) sneak into Zaofu from the rear.

(Switch to a shot of Varrick and Zhu Li. The inventor is standing up from his compartment in the mechatank. Zhu Li lowers her helmet.)

Varrick: We're not going to Zaofu. that place is doomed. We've got to head to Republic City.
Bolin: (cut to a close up of Bolin has he frowns slightly) What? No. No, no, no. We've got to help here.
Varrick: (return back to Varrick and Zhu Li) We'll be helping by warning the World about Kuvira's potential super weapon.
Bolin: (cut to a shot featuring all three of them) Well, that is helping, (the robotic arms of Bolin's mechatank moves along with him as he gesticulates) but it's a completely different type of helping. (puts a robotic hand on his chin) Hmm, let me think about this. (an arc of electricity shoots at Bolin from off-screen, knocking him off his feet) Ahh!

(Cut to a shot of three mechatanks, one colored black while the others are colored green as they run down the hill towards the fugitives. Cut to a close up of Baatar Jr. in his black mechatank as he lets out a growl. Return back to a shot of his mechatank from the outside as he leaps towards the screen. Camera quickly cuts to Varrick as he shrinks back into his compartment with his hands covering his head protectively. Zhu Li enters the frame and stands in front of Varrick's mechatank in a defensive position.

Cut to a scenic shot of Baatar Jr. slamming a fist down on Zhu Li and a cloud of dust is created. We cut to Zhu Li with her arms raised and grabbing Baatar Jr's arm. Bolin comes barreling towards Baatar Jr. and knocks him to the ground. Baatar's backups begin to charge at Zhu Li and Varrick, sending a blast of electricity to inventor and assistant. Varrick quickly scurries away while Zhu Li side steps the attack. Cut to a close up of a determined Zhu Li as the helmet slides shut over her head.

Camera pans out to a full shot of Zhu Li's mechatank as she does an uppercut but mechatank pilot #1 blocks it with his arms. Zhu Li then punches the shoulder of her opponent, knocking him off his feet. The assistant then faces the screen and raises an arm, shooting out a cable. Cut to Varrick with his helmet rapidly opening and closing above his head. Mechatank pilot #2 advances towards Varrick but Zhu Li's cable snags him and his mechatank gets tied up before falling to the ground beside Varrick.)

Varrick: (taps the neck of his mechatank with his robotic arm) That's not the flamethrower. (the helmet stops opening and closing) What idiot designed these things?
Zhu Li: (enters the frame and speaks from within the safety of her mechatank) You did, Sir.
Varrick: (stands up and points to something behind Zhu Li) Less lecturing, more saving my life! (pilot #1 enters the frame and punches Zhu Li's mechatank in the shoulder)
Zhu Li: Oh!

(Switch to a full shot of the scene as Zhu Li takes a step back. Pilot #1 punches Zhu Li again and her mechatank is sent flying backwards.)

Zhu Li: Ahh!

(She does a somersault and lands back on her feet. Pilot #1 leaps up to land the finishing blow but camera quickly cuts to the legs of Zhu Li's mechatank as a long metallic spike shoots out from the ankle and burrows into the ground for stability. Camera zooms out as Zhu Li does a roundhouse kick and sends pilot #1 flying off towards a tree. Camera pans right to Baatar Jr. grabbing Bolin's mechatank and throwing him against a boulder.)

Bolin: Ugh!

(Cut to a close up of a perspiring Baatar Jr. in his mechatank as he growls menacingly. Switch to the outside of his mechatank as he does an uppercut. Cut to Bolin's mechatank as Baatar Jr's arm lands on Bolin's chestplate, sending him flying backwards.)

Bolin: Ahh! (lands and skids along the ground) Oof!

(Cut to Bolin inside the mechatank as he grunts in pain. He then looks towards the screen with his eyes wide open in fear. Cut to his point of view as Baatar Jr. has jumped up and is about to punch Bolin once again with his arm sparking with electricity. Switch to a full shot of Bolin's fallen mechatank as the torso section of the mechatank is pushed open and Bolin quickly leaps out and backwards. Baatar Jr. slams and crushes Bolin's empty mechatank.

The head of Baatar Jr's mechatank looks up at Bolin. Cut to the earthbender as he bends a trail of rocks towards Baatar Jr. Return back to the latter as he raises both arms and shoots cables from it, pulling himself upwards. Switch to the top of the trees as Baatar Jr. releases his left arm and dangles from the tree with his right limb. He activates the flamethrower with his left arm. Cut to Bolin as he rolls along the dirt to avoid the fire attack and bends up a wall of earth to protect himself.

Camera pans to the left to reveal Zhu Li taking on two mechatanks by herself. Cut to a close up of Zhu Li as she shoves the first mechatank away and then raises her leg to kick the second mechatank behind her. Camera pans up to Varrick perched on a tree trunk with one robotic arm sparking with electricity.)

Varrick: Hey, I think I figured it out.

(Cut to his point of view as he aims at a mechatank Zhu Li is holding to. She quickly throws the pilot away and Varrick accidentally fires the electric current at Zhu Li's mechatank.)

Zhu Li: (screams) Ahh! (cut to a close up of Zhu Li's mechatank as it falls to the ground and we switch to a close up of the assistant in the fallen mechatank) Sir, you're making this (closes her arms with displeasure) very difficult.

(She widens her eyes and we switch to the outside of the tank as one of the pilots picks Zhu Li up and tosses her away. In the background, we can still see a torrent of flame hitting the protective earth wall Bolin is hiding behind.)

Zhu Li: Wh-ahh!

(Switch to a shot from behind Baatar Jr. and Bolin tosses a slab of earth at the man who quickly steps to the side to avoid the chunk. Switch to a shot of Bolin as he cartwheels to a tree.)

Bolin: Argh! (bends the earth beneath the tree) Yah! (tosses the tree off-screen)

(Cut to Baatar Jr. as he tries to get away but the tree trunk collapses on top of him and he grunts. Cut to Varrick with his the arms of his mechatank tied up against the machine's torso. There is a mechatank pilot grabbing Varrick's mechatank and shaking it. The inventor quickly slides out of the mechatank and onto the ground before quickly standing up and running away. The pilot tosses the empty mechatank aside and pursues Varrick.

Camera pans to the right as Zhu Li tosses the second mechatank pilot over her head and the latter lands on the ground and quickly stands up. Zhu Li shoots out a pair of cables from both arms towards the ground beside the pilot and quickly hauls herself towards him with her legs outstretched, kicking him away. Zhu Li lands on the ground and quickly pushes herself up. Cut to the helmet of the mechatank as it pulls back to reveal an angered Zhu Li.

Switch to a shot of Varrick climbing a wall of earth as the first pilot chases him. Return back to Zhu Li as she narrows her eyes and quickly rushes off-screen. Cut back to the previous shot as Zhu Li enters the frame and shoots a cable at a rock, pulling it up and throwing it to the first mechatank pilot. Cut to a close up of the fallen pilot as Varrick continues to scale the wall. Zhu Li runs up close to the pilot and is about to punch him but she is knocked to the side by a blast of electricity.

The two mechapilots regroup and run off-screen. Cut to Bolin on the cliffs above the pilots and he propels himself off the cliff with a small chunk of earth beneath his feet and he lands on the ground below, cushioning his fall with a tuck and roll. Still on his knees, he slams his fists down on the ground and they turn to lava. The lava snakes towards the pilots who are attempting to apprehend Zhu Li's mechatank. The magma hits the pilots and Zhu Li rolls away from the lava, unharmed.

Cut to a close up of the trapped mechatanks as the pilots open their suits and quickly escape, running on top of the mechatanks to avoid being burned. Camera pans left to Bolin as he rushes forward and earthbends towards the pilots. Cut to the pilots as they get pinned to the wall behind them.)

Baatar Jr.: (off-screen) Stop! (Camera pans up the wall to Baatar Jr. standing atop the cliff with the helmet of his mechatank down and he dangles Varrick's body off the ground by his head in one hand. Varrick is visibly angry and has his arms crossed.) Turn yourself over or else.
Varrick: (irritably) Thanks a lot, Zhu Li.

(Cut to a shot of Bolin and Zhu Li. The former is in the background with his mouth agape. In the foreground, Zhu Li looks to the side glowers with frustration.

Location changes to Asami waiting in the prisoner meeting room as a guard brings Hiroshi over to her. Switch to a close up of Asami as Hiroshi enters the frame and takes a seat.)

Hiroshi: You came back.
Asami: (frowns) When I first came here, it was because I wanted to tell you face-to-face that I never wanted to see or hear from you again. (cut to an over the shoulder view from behind Asami looking at Hiroshi) I wanted my words to hurt you, so that you would know how you hurt me.
Hiroshi: (looks down, ashamed) I'm sorry.
Asami: (switch to profile shots of father and daughter) But when I saw you, it wasn't anger I felt. It was sadness. (looks down) You tainted our past and destroyed our future together.
Hiroshi: I want to make amends.
Asami: (looks up at her father) I'm not sure I'll ever be able to forgive you, (return back to a frontal shot of Asami as her expression softens slightly) but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try. (picks up her bag from under the table and we switch to a shot of her hand sliding a Pai Sho board onto the table) I thought we could play some Pai Sho, (cut back to Asami as she gives a soft smile) like we used to.
Hiroshi: (cut to Hiroshi as he smiles as well) Nothing would make me happier.

(Switch to a full shot of the room as Hiroshi makes the first move on the Pai Sho board.

Scene changes to a metal door sliding open to reveal Baatar Jr. and he walks into Kuvira's office. Behind him, we see Varrick, Zhu Li, and Bolin handcuffed. The metalbender soldiers with Stormtrooper-like face masks roughly shove them into makeshift tent. Cut to a close up of Kuvira as she looks at them coolly and a scare chord plays. Switch to a full view of the inside of the tent.)

Bolin: (pleads) Don't torture us.
Kuvira: (stands up and we cut to a close up of Kuvira and her fiance) Send these three away on the next train. (switch to a view of Bolin and Zhu Li as they listen to their punishment with blank expressions on their faces) Bolin and Zhu Li will be going to the re-education camp (camera pulls back to reveal Varrick) for our most severe dissenters. (Kuvira steps into frame and is almost nose to nose with Varrick) And you will continue work on the spirit energy project under close, armed supervision. (walks away and we switch to a shot from the floor of the room looking up) I want it weaponized immediately.
Zhu Li: (takes a few steps forward and drops to her knees behind Kuvira) Please, have mercy on me! Don't send me away, (opens her palms out to Kuvira) take me back!
Kuvira: (switch to a back view shot of Kuvira as she turns around and scrutinizes Zhu Li) Why would I?
Zhu Li: (cut to a close up of Zhu Li with her boss and Bolin behind her) Because my only mistake was being loyal (her eyes gaze to the side to Varrick behind her) to the wrong person. (Varrick is shocked by the revelation and Zhu Li looks down sadly) I was blindly devoted to Varrick, (Varrick frowns in the background) and I looked past all the times he ridiculed me (closes her eyes) or ordered me around or (opens her eyes) made me clean his disgusting feet, (Varrick raises a confused eyebrow) because I thought he possessed the most brilliant mind in the World. But when I met you, I realized I was wrong. Compared to you, Varrick's a fool.
Varrick: (outraged) Hey, come on. I'm right here.
Zhu Li: (ignores Varrick) I believe in everything you've done, (return back to Kuvira who is now listening with a raised eyebrow) and I believe in your vision. I want to devote my life to you. I pledge my allegiance to you, Great Uniter.
Kuvira: You two could learn something from her. Rise, Zhu Li. I'll give you another chance.

(Switch to a full shot of the room as Zhu Li stands up.)

Varrick: (walks up to Zhu Li and pleads) Think about what you're doing. We're partners. We have history.

(Cut to an over the shoulder shot from behind Varrick looking at Zhu Li and Kuvira.)

Zhu Li: (angered) I did everything you ever asked of me, and you never appreciated it. Guards, (points at Varrick) do the thing.

(A metalbender enters the frame and grabs Varrick's arm, dragging him off-screen.)

Varrick: No, (cut to a close up of a panicked Varrick as two metalbenders drag him out of the room) not the thing! (opens his palms out to Zhu Li) Zhu Li! (the door slides close)

(Location changes to Baatar Sr. pacing up and down a flower garden near Su's residence with his arms crossed. Korra enters the frame and runs up to him.)

Korra: Where's Su? (cut to a close up of Baatar Sr. as Korra stops in front of the architect) I have to talk to her.
Baatar Sr.: (lowers his arms) She's not here. (the camera slowly zooms in on the duo) She took Wing and Wei. They're going to sneak into Kuvira's camp and put an end to this.
Korra: (cut to a horrified Korra) No.

(Tense music continues to play before it ends abruptly.)

[End Credits]

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