Transcript for 407 - Reunion
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino
Directed By: Colin Heck
Storyboard By: Eugene Lee, Hyun Joo Song, Natasha Wicke, Olga Ulanova
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Psycho Silver

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "The Battle of Zaofu".]

Shiro Shinobi: Kuvira has defeated the Avatar and now controls the entire Earth Empire! Luckily, the airbender kids and Opal rescued Korra and escaped Zaofu. For the first time in three years, Korra will finally be back in Republic City. Meanwhile, Varrick and Bolin escaped from Baatar Jr. and are on the run. But will they make it back to the city in time to warn everyone about Kuvira's new spirit energy super weapon?

Act I

(Episode opens up to a shot of a rock sculpture on Air Temple Island. The camera pans left to reveal Pabu peeking its head out of the corner from behind a building. It chirps and runs out into the open before getting into a stalking position and wagging its little red bushy tail in the air. The fire ferret jumps a couple of steps forward and camera pans down to reveal a mass of white fur. Pabu then pounces and sinks its teeth in the fur. Camera angle changes to a sleeping Naga in the courtyard, unbothered by Pabu biting her tail. Pabu lets go and stalks the tail for a bit before pouncing again. Naga growls and suddenly she perks her head up and looks up to the sky. Cut to Pepper flying into Air Temple Island and we can see a silhouette of Korra standing up in the saddle and waving. Switch to a close up of Korra and the airbender kids.)

Korra: (excitedly) Naga!

(Naga sits up and wags her tail as Pabu continues to chase it. The polar bear-dog then pushes herself off the ground and runs off-screen with Pabu holding onto her tail in its mouth. Switch to a slight aerial shot of another portion of the courtyard as Pepper lands. Poki and Ikki's sugar glider descend on the roofs of the sheltered pathway nearby. Naga enters the frame towards Pepper. Switch to Korra jumping off the saddle and cushioning her fall with airbending. Naga pants and enters the frame, nudging Korra's belly with her snout and lifting her friend off the ground. Korra leans against the top of her companion's head and Naga growls happily as her tail continues to wag. The creature puts a paw on Korra's waist to pull her close. Naga then licks Korra's face and runs around the Avatar, wanting to play. Naga nuzzles Korra's face again and the young adult embraces Naga once more.)

Korra: I missed you so much, girl.
Meelo: (off-screen) Mom! Dad! (Meelo and Ikki run into the frame) We're back! And we got Korra! (both run completely off-screen)
Bumi: (enters the frame and Bumi is now trim and fit) Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes! (Bumi embraces Korra and lifts her off the ground) Bum-Ju and I (Bum-Ju flies into frame and chirps happily) sure (puts Korra down) missed you. (Bum-Ju perches on Bumi's shoulder)
Korra: (rests a hand on Bumi's shoulder) It's so great to see you again, Bumi. And you too, Bum-Ju. (the bunny spirit thrills happily)

(Cut to Tenzin and Pema as Ikki hugs her father while Meelo embraces his mother.)

Tenzin: Well done, kids. I'm proud of you all for finding Korra.
Meelo: (pulls away from Pema and looks towards Tenzin) Proud enough to get me (points a thumb to himself) my tats? (wiggles his eyebrows suggestively)
Tenzin: (deadpans and walks away) No.

(Meelo doesn't look happy and Pema chuckles.

Cut back to Korra, Bumi, Opal, and Pepper.)

Tenzin: (enters the frame) Welcome home. (envelopes Korra in a hug)
Korra: I missed you, Tenzin. (Opal walks towards them)
Tenzin: (pulls away from the hug) Now, I hate to get right down to business, but I want to hear what happened in Zaofu.

(Korra looks away sadly and Bum-Ju chirps gloomily too.)

Bumi: Way to ruin the moment.
Opal: Kuvira's whole army was there. She captured Mom, Dad, and my brothers.
Korra: (dismal) I thought I was strong enough to stop her. I feel like such a failure.
Tenzin: (gently) No one expected you to handle Kuvira on your own. It's up to all of us to find a way to deal with her. (smiles) We're just glad to have you back.
Bumi: Where's Bolin? He's not still on Kuvira's side, is he?
Opal: (glances down) I can't believe he would stay with her after what she did to my family. (furrows her brows with worry and looks up to Bumi) But we don't know where he is.

(Cut to a close up of Bolin panting. Camera zooms out to reveal Bolin with his hair all frazzled while he piggybacks Varrick who has mud stains on his uniform. The inventor looks bored and has a five o'clock shadow on his chin.)

Bolin: How about (stops walking) you use your own legs for a while?
Varrick: You know, when I fled Republic City with Zhu Li, (switch to a profile shot of the two with Bolin slightly hunched) she carried me (extends his legs out for emphasis) twenty miles in one day. And that was after she sprained her ankle.
Bolin: (stands up angrily) Well, Zhu Li's not here, (drops Varrick on the ground) okay?! (turns around)

(Cut to a close up of a dejected Varrick on the ground as he looks away from the lavabender. )

Varrick: That's fine. (waves a hand to shoo Bolin away) Leave me here. Let the worms gobble me up. I deserve it.
Bolin: (off-screen) No way, mister. (enters the frame) You're not getting off that easily. (return back to full body shots of the duo) You're responsible for that weapon Kuvira's trying to make. Which, may I remind you, could hurt a lot of people!
Varrick: (sits up slightly) No, don't remind me! (curls up in a foetal position) I know, I'm a horrible, (shakes his body from side to side and grabs his head) horrible person. (sits up straight)
Bolin: (calmly) Okay, look, Kuvira fooled us both into doing her dirty work and I'm not happy about it either. (cut to a close up of Varrick as he raises his eyebrows silghtly) But you know how we're gonna make it up to the World? (return back to a shot of Bolin) By getting back to Republic City and warning everyone what she's up to. (stretches a palm out towards Varrick) So I want you to take my hand, and march with me out of this forest! (points off-screen)

(Switch to the inventor as he gives a wry smile. Cut to Bolin's outstretched palm as Varrick grasps his hand. Return back to a full body shot of the two as Bolin pulls Varrick up.)

Varrick: You really have a way with words, kid. (pats Bolin's face) No wonder I made you a mover star. All right, (stretches his arms) I'll take the driver's seat for a while. (bends down slightly) Hop on.
Bolin: (sighs with relief) Great. (grabs Varrick's shoulders) My feet could use a break.

(Bolin hops onto Varrick's back and the inventor's height suddenly shrinks to half its original height. Varrick's legs tremble as he tries to walk.)

Varrick: (struggling) Okay. Oh, boy. (sighs) Here we go.

(Varrick grunts as he takes one slow step forward onto the grass but it activates a net trap beneath the turf and both are ensnared as the net closes and flings them both upwards.)

Bolin: Ah!
Varrick: Oh!

(View cuts to both of them hanging from a tree branch.)

Bolin: Are you kidding me?!

(Jazzy music plays and we cut to a job advertisement on the cover of a magazine. Camera pans out to reveal Asami reading the magazine and Korra enters the frame, wearing her Water Tribe outfit which catches Asami's attention.)

Korra: I hope (Asami gives a small smile) you haven't been waiting long.

(Switch to a profile shot of Korra as Asami stands up and embraces her friend.)

Asami: Only three years. (pulls away) It's so good to see you again.
Korra: You too.
Asami: And I'm loving the hair.
Korra: (tugs on her locks) Thanks. (blushes bashfully from the compliment) You're looking snazzy as always.
Asami: Come on, (she and Korra start to walk off-screen) Mako got us a table at the restaurant.

(Cut to Mako leaning against a pillar beside an empty table. Korra and Asami enter the frame, catching Mako's attention.)

Mako: Korra! (walks towards her)
Korra: (waves) Hi, Mako.

(Switch to a profile shot of the two as they embrace. When the two pull apart, Wu stands up comically in between them.)

Wu: (in Korra's face) Hello there, (Korra is stunned) Prince Wu, rightful heir to the throne, (he takes a step towards Korra as she steps back) and (nudges his elbow against Mako's ribs) this guy's boss. (chuckles) I bet he's told you a lot about me.
Korra: (deadpans) Nope. Not a thing.
Wu: (drapes an arm on Korra's shoulder and she looks shocked) Then we have so much (turns Korra away and pushes her towards the plush seats of the table) to talk about. (switch to Wu pushing Korra further into the seats) You are going to love the food here. I know the chef personally. (a waiter enters the frame and bows to Wu who turns around and addresses the steward) Let's start with a round of your spicy octopus fritters. And keep (raises a glass of greenish-blue beverage) the cucumber-aloe water flowing. (glances at Korra who doesn't look amused) Got to keep this princely skin hydrated. (sips from his straw)

(Asami and Mako slid into the booth.)

Asami: (whispers irritably to Mako) I thought it was just going to be the three of us.
Mako: (apologetic) Sorry, I couldn't ditch him. But he promised to be on his best behavior.
Wu: (rests his elbows on the table and leans towards Korra) Hey, pop into the Avatar State for me. I want to see your eyes glow.
Korra: What? (frowns) No.

(Wu whines and we cut to a close up of Asami.)

Asami: So can you go into the Avatar State again? (concerned) I was worried when you told me you couldn't.
Mako: (off-screen) Wait. (camera pans left to reveal Mako looking worried and confused) When did she tell you she couldn't?

(Switch to a full view of the table as Korra and Asami glance at each other nervously while Wu continues to slurp his straw noisily.)

Mako: (frowns) What's going on with you two?
Korra: (apologetic) I wrote to Asami while I was away. I asked her not to tell you. I'm sorry.
Mako: (concerned) Well, why didn't you ever write to me? Or Bolin?
Korra: I don't know. (look down, ashamed) I guess I didn't know what to say.
Mako: (crosses his arms and leans back into his seat) A "hello" would have been nice.
Wu: Mako, if it makes you feel any better, she didn't write me either.
Mako: (annoyed) Why would she... (sighs and looks away) Never mind.
Korra: I'm sorry I didn't stay in touch, but I'm back now. And I want to know everything about what's been going on with you two.
Asami: Well, I kind of have some big news. (cut to a close up of Asami as she glances down) I went to visit my father for the first time. He'd been writing me letters and I guess I finally felt ready to try and forgive him.
Korra: (cut to Korra as she is concerned) You sure you can trust him? He might just be manipulating you again.
Asami: (return back to Asami as she lashes out) You think I don't know what my own father is capable of?!

(Switch to a shot of the two women as Korra raises her hands up in an appeasing gesture.)

Korra: No. No, I didn't mean-
Asami: (interrupts) You don't get to disappear for three years and then act like you know what's best for me.
Korra: It's not like I planned to be gone that long. I wanted to come back, but I never felt ready until now.

(Wu slams his empty glass on the table, catching their attention. Switch back to a full view of the table as Wu stands up.)

Wu: As much as I'm enjoying this little catch-up, my royal bladder is about to explode. (snaps his fingers) Mako? (brings his elbow up) Come on, I need you to stand guard.
Mako: I'm not gonna hold your hand every time you have to empty your royal bladder. Go to the bathroom on your own for once.
Wu: Fine. (walks dejectedly off-screen)
Korra: Do you always go to the bathroom with him?
Mako: I don't go "with him" with him. (raises both hands out) I just stand there in the general vicinity while he- (stops and slumps back into his seat) I don't want to talk about it.

(Location changes to the gleaming gold and polished bathroom with an attendant standing near the sinks with a towel draped over his arm. Wu opens the door and enters the bathroom.)

Bathroom Attendant: Good afternoon, (brings out a cologne bottle from underneath the towel) Sir. Perhaps a spritz of cologne to freshen up?
Wu: (stretches both arms out happily) Make it a double, buddy.

(Switch to a profile shot of Wu who is smiling with a shot of the attendant in the background. The attendant brings the towel up to his nose before he sprays a red fog out of the bottle. Wu opens his eyes in shock and we switch to a frontal shot of Wu waving the red cloud of smoke away as he coughs. )

Wu: (yells) Mako, help! (slowly sinks down to the floor) Wu down. (cut to Wu's blurry point of view as he looks at the attendant before collapsing on the tiled floor at the attendant's feet) Wu... down.

(Wu groans and the screen goes black as he loses consciousness.

Location changes to Bolin and Varrick in the net as the former tugs on it in vain.)

Bolin: Ugh. (cut to a close up of Bolin as he looks forlorn) I wish Pabu were here. He could just chew us out of this.
Varrick: You know (camera pans right to reveal Varrick) who else has incisors sharp as a knife? Zhu Li.

(Footsteps are heard off-screen, catching the duo's attention.)

Ahnah: (off-screen) Well, look what we caught. (switch to a shot from behind the net looking down at a group of prisoners walking on the ground towards them) Wonder if they were tracking us after we escaped.

(Cut to a shot from behind the prisoners looking up at the net.)

Bolin: (waves with his arm and legs from within the net) Hello, fellow travelers! I don't suppose you could help us out of this net?
Ahnah: (change to a close up of Ahnah and Baraz sharing a look of doubt before Ahnah glares at Bolin) Why would we free a couple of lowly Earth Empire soldiers?
Varrick: (return back to the previous shot) Lowly? We were part of Kuvira's inner circle!
Bolin: Were! Not anymore. We jumped ship. Please just let us out.
Baraz: (cut back to Baraz and Ahnah) I think I know (walks forward) just what to do with a couple of Kuvira's top men.

(Camera pans out to show him stopping in front of a rope before bending a small dagger flame from his fist. Cut to a close up of Bolin and Varrick as they glance at each other apprehensively. We can hear the rope snapping off-screen and they drop soon after.)

Bolin & Varrick: (simultaneously) Ahh!

(Bolin and Varrick land on the ground off-screen with an audible thump.

Scene changes to a hand laying down a platter of seafood and unusual delicacies. Camera zooms out to Team Avatar at the table, glancing down at the odd spread of food. The waiter gives them a nod and walks away.)

Mako: I wonder what's taking Wu so long. He's not one to miss out on lunch. (stands up and walks off) I'll go check on him.

(Camera pans left and follows him as he pushes apart a set of curtains and heads down a corridor. Cut to Asami and Korra sharing a worried look.

Location changes to the now empty bathroom. Mako opens the door and walks in. Cut to the inside of a darkened bathroom stall looking at the door and we can see a bowl of fruit placed on top of the closed toilet seat.)

Mako: (off-screen) Wu, you in here? (opens the bathroom door and peers in) Come on, (looks around) your octopus fritters are getting cold.

(Cut to Asami and Korra waiting at the corridor outside the bathroom. Something catches Korra's attention off-screen and she turns her head to look. Switch to a view from behind her head looking at an open doorway at the end of the corridor as the bathroom attendant wheels a trolley of dirty laundry. Return back to the previous shot as Korra looks suspicious.)

Korra: I'll be right back. (goes to investigate)

(Location changes to the loading bay behind the restaurant and the attendant tips the laundry into the back of a truck while his colleague keeps the door of the truck open. Korra walks into the bay.

Cut to the inside of the truck looking out as Korra walks up to the bathroom attendant. There is also another man inside the truck handling a sack of laundry.)

Korra: Excuse me, did you happen to see if Prince Wu came out this way?
Bathroom Attendant: Sorry, miss. Haven't seen him.
Wu: (muffled and drowsy) Hmm. (pokes his head out of the laundry pile) I'm in laundry. (rolls down the pile)

(Cut to a close up of Korra as she looks angered but before she can react, she is shoved upwards.)

Korra: Ah!

(Camera pans out to the bathroom attendant in a bending stance as he has earthbent a slab off the floor to slam Korra up to the ceiling. The attendant quickly runs into the truck and closes the doors. Korra lands back on the ground with a grunt and Mako and Asami rush up to her. The truck screeches and pulls away.

Cut to a shot of Korra pushing herself off the ground.)

Korra: They've got Wu! (to Mako and Asami) Get the car, (rushes off-screen) I'm going (Asami and Mako turn around and run down the corridor) after them!

(Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to various Satomobiles driving down the busy streets of Republic City. A white truck swerves out of an alley and brakes sharply as it nearly veers to the opposite traffic. A vehicle in the opposite lane brakes too and quickly moves around the white truck. Once the white truck gets its bearings, it continues to drive forward. Korra runs out of the alley to chase the getaway car but it speeds up and leaves her behind. The Avatar jumps up and slams a hand down on the ground and bends a trail of earth towards the truck. The vehicle skids a bit but manages to drive over the broken road anyway. Return back to Korra as Asami pulls up next to her in a blue Satomobile with Mako in the passenger's seat.)

Asami: Get in!

(Korra hops into the backseat and Asami quickly speeds off. Cut to an aerial view of the road as Asami weaves in between the other vehicles on the road and they sound their horns at her. They quickly gain on the white truck as it sharply turns right into another road, skidding along the ground. Cut to one of the kidnappers opening the passenger's seat door of the truck and leaning his body out as he punches an arm upwards.

Cut back to a view behind the truck as a wall of earth is bent up behind them. The kidnapper closes the door and they resume their getaway. Return to Team Avatar as they turn towards the wall and Asami quickly swerves to avoid a collision.)

Korra, Mako, and Asami: (simultaneously) Ahh!

(Asami pulls back onto the road and we cut to a close up of frustrated Korra. Camera pans out to a full shot of the Team Avatar trio.)

Korra: We're losing them!
Mako: Hang a right at the next block. We can cut them off on seventh.

(Asami pushes on the accelerator and we cut to an aerial shot of Asami passing by a crowded intersection, braking briefly but she continues to move forward anyway. Return back to the trio and Mako looks irked.)

Mako: You missed the turn! (plants both hands on his head with frustration) Where are you going?
Asami: I know these streets better than you. I built some of them. (Mako pinches his nose bridge)

(Camera pans out to Asami's Satomobile as she heads onto an flyover. The camera continues to follow the vehicle as it speeds down the road and we switch to an aerial shot of the car catching up to the white truck on the street below the overpass. Cut back to a shot of the trio as Korra stands up.)

Mako: (looks to Korra) What are you doing?! (Korra moves her arms in a circle) Sit down!

(Korra jumps off the Satomobile and bends up a gust of wind around her. Switch to the white truck as Korra lands on it gently. She then stands up and metalbends a hole in the top of the truck. Cut to Korra's point of view as she glances at the strewn laundry in the truck but Wu is not in sight. She then looks up at the bathroom attendant in the driver's seat who is glancing up at her fearfully.)

Korra: (off-screen) Where is he?

(Cut to a close up of Korra as she jumps down. Switch to a shot of the bathroom attendant as he is pulled out of the seat by a gust of airbending.)

Bathroom Attendant: Whoa!

(Korra quickly takes the wheel and we cut to her foot slamming down on the brake and the tyres screech on the asphalt. Change to a shot of the white truck careening towards a huge spirit vine but Korra twists the wheel and swerves the truck, bringing it to a complete stop.

Asami pulls her vehicle up beside the truck. Korra opens the door to the driver's seat and pulls the kidnapper out. Cut to a close up of Korra with her hands on bathroom attendant's vest.)

Korra: (to Mako and Asami) Wu's not here. This guy was the only one in the truck.

(Mako enters the frame and grabs the attendant's vest before slamming him against the truck with a loud clang.)

Mako: (cut to a close up of an angered Mako) Where's the Prince?

(Switch to a close up of the kidnapper.)

Bathroom Attendant: (grunts) Halfway to Kuvira by now. (Mako slams him against the truck once more but the attendant gives a gleeful smile) All hail The Great Uniter.

(Cut to a shot of an irate Mako with Asami and Korra in the background.)

Asami: They must have moved Wu to a different vehicle (a police vehicle with its sirens blaring pulls up to them) when we lost sight of them.

(Switch to a shot from the inside of the police vehicle as Mako opens the door and shoves the handcuffed bathroom attendant inside before slamming the doors shut. Change to a profile shot of the policeman as Mako addresses him.)

Mako: Take this guy in for booking. Charge him with kidnapping. And tell Chief Bei Fong that Prince Wu is missing. Put out an all points bulletin. We'll keep looking. (the policeman drives off)

(Cut to a slight overhead shot of the trio as they watch the lawman drive away.)

Asami: Where do we start? There are thousands of cars in the city and he could be in any one of them.
Mako: (crosses his arms) Or they might try (Korra starts to walk towards a spirit vine) smuggling him out on an airship.
Asami: Or maybe a boat.
Mako: (cut to a close up of Mako as he throws his arms up in the air) He could be anywhere! Ugh! The one time I don't watch him pee and (gestures an arm behind him) this is what happens!

(Camera pans to the side to reveal Korra standing in front of a vine with colorful spirits hanging out on it. Switch to a frontal shot of Korra as she extends a hand out and walks forward. Cut to a close up of her hand as she lays it on the spirit vine. As her hand makes contact, the vine glows. Cut to a close up of Korra with her eyes closed and magical music plays. Return back to a shot of her hand and a golden trail of spiritual energy shoots out from the area beneath her palm.

Switch to Korra's point of view as she spiritually travels down the vine and when she reaches the end of the vine, she sees a vision of a Satomobile pulling up to the Central Train Station that has Zuko's statue outside. Her vision changes to a shot of an unconscious Wu on the floor of the Satomobile with a puddle of drool pooled under his chin. Cut back to Korra as she opens her eyes. Switch to a back view shot of Korra as she turns around.)

Korra: They're taking Wu (camera pulls back to reveal Mako and Asami in the foreground) to the train station!
Asami: Are you sure? How do you know?

(Cut to Asami's Satomobile as Korra quickly jumps into the backseat.)

Korra: I'll explain on the way, just drive! (Mako and Asami get into the vehicle and slam the doors shut) We're running out of time!

(Asami drives off quickly.

Location changes to Bolin, Varrick, and the prisoners standing by a stream. Cut to a close up of Ahnah bending some water into the pouch on her hip with Varrick, Bolin, and the other prisoners behind her.)

Bolin: So how did a bunch of water and fire benders (Ahnah turns around and walk towards them) end up in one of Kuvira's reeducation camps?
Ahnah: (switch to a profile shot of Baraz as Ahnah stops beside him with frowns on their faces) Call it what it is- a prison.
Baraz: Kuvira's been purging states of anyone who's not of Earth Kingdom origin and locking them up.
Bolin: (the camera quickly switches to Bolin who is surprised) Purging?
Baraz: (return back to Baraz and Ahnah) What are you acting so surprised for? (angered) You must have known what she was up to, being part of her "inner circle" and all.
Bolin: (cut back to Bolin and Varrick) No, I swear. And the inner circle thing lasted, like, (looks down at his hand and tries to count) less than a day.
Varrick: (irritably) Will you at least tell us where you're taking us?

(Switch to a full shot of the group as another prisoner stands in a bending stance beside the two ex-soldiers.)

Baraz: The border checkpoint. You're gonna help us talk our way past some Earth Empire soldiers.
Ahnah: And once we're through, we'll see about letting you go.

(Cut to a frontal shot of Bolin and Varrick as they look at each other before dashing forward. Switch to full body shots of Varrick and Bolin as the former jumps up while the latter stomps his feet on the ground to create a "rolling" carpet of earth, tripping the prisoners off their feet. Bolin rushes forward and the ground in front of him turns into lava. The young man quickly bends down and kicks his leg out, bending the lava into a protective moat in the shape of a semi-circle in front of him and Varrick. Cut to an aerial view of the scene as all the prisoners are on the other side of the lava moat.)

Varrick: Ha ha! Lava time! (switch to Baraz and Ahnah on the ground as they scoot away from the magma) Bet you didn't expect that!
Bolin: (cut back to Bolin and Varrick as the former stands up) Look, (snaps the heated bindings on his wrist) I'm sorry (gets into a bending stance) for what happened to all of you, but as I've been trying to explain, we don't work for Kuvira anymore.

(Camera changes angles to a full shot of the confrontation. Baraz and Ahnah stand up and get into attacking positions.)

Varrick: Yeah, if our handsome mugs get recognized trying to go through that checkpoint, we're goners!
Baraz: If you really are fugitives, you better listen up! We've been scouting this region for days. (camera pans across Varrick and Bolin as they listen intently) There's a wall stretching along the entire border (switch back to Baraz and Ahnah) and patrols guarding every part of it. That checkpoint is our only way out.
Ahnah: It's not worth the risk, Baraz. How do we know they won't turn us in?
Baraz: If he wanted us gone, we'd be at the bottom of a pool of lava right now. If any of us want to get out of the Earth Empire alive, we'll have to trust each other.

(Cut to Bolin as he pushes his arm back and the lava cools down into pumice.)

Bolin: All right, where's this checkpoint?

(Scene changes to Asami's Satomobile speeding down the streets of Republic City. She swerves harshly to the left at the end of the T-junction as a spirit vine is blocking the way. Switch to a close up of the trio in the vehicle.)

Mako: So how do you know where Wu is just by touching some spirit vines?
Korra: I earned how to connect to people's energy through them.
Asmai: Who taught you that?
Korra: Lin's mom. (Mako and Asami react with surprise) I found her in The Swamp. That place is like one giant Spirit Wild. (smiles)
Asami: You met Toph? What was she like?
Korra: (raises an eyebrow) A cranky, more miserable version of Lin.
Mako: (raises his eyebrows too) Is that even possible?
Korra: (smiles fondly) You'd be surprised.

(Location changes to the Central Train Station and Asami pulls their vehicle up to the waiting area. Cut to one of the front tyres of her car as it brakes loudly to a stop. Return to a shot of the trio as they get out of the car and quickly run towards the station. As they do so, Asami pulls an electrical glove onto her hand.

Cut to the inside of the crowded train station as the trio runs into the viewing platform that overlooks the multiple train tracks.)

Mako: Which train is Wu on?
Korra: (perspires nervously) I don't know!
Mako: Split up and start looking.

(All three head in different directions.

Scene changes to the border checkpoint. Cut to a close up of the head soldier, metalbenders, and mechatanks standing guard at the checkpoint. Camera pans to the backs of the stationary mechatanks looking down at Bolin and Varrick with a line of handcuffed prisoners filing in behind them. Cut to a close up of Bolin and Varrick, now clean shaved and presentable as they glance around tensely.)

Bolin: (whispers to Varrick) Follow my lead.

(Switch to a profile shot of the scene as Bolin and Varrick come to a stop. The duo and head soldier salute each other.)

Head Soldier: Good afternoon, Sir. Can we help you?
Bolin: (cut to a close up of Bolin as he acts tough) You sure can. (points a thumb behind him) We captured these escaped prisoners. We need to get them to a secure facility.
Head Soldier: (glances to the prisoners) Where'd they escape from?
Bolin: Camp 14.
Head Soldier: (frowns) Then why are you bringing them through here? Camp 14's back the other way.
Bolin: (frowns and takes a step forward) You think we don't know where Camp 14 is? (points to the prisoners) Kuvira wants them transferred.
Head Soldier: (deadpans) Then I'll need to see the transfer order.

(Bolin glances back at Varrick nervously as the inventor gets more annoyed.)

Varrick: (jabs a finger on the head guard's chest and speaks into his face) Listen, pal, I had to fight off 2 badger-moles, 6 wolf-bats, and 18 hog-monkeys to get these guys. (grabs the head soldier's uniform) So sorry if I don't have the paperwork. I was too busy cramming it in a hog-monkey's mouth while it was trying to eat me. (camera pans to Bolin and the prisoners as they watch the scene with amused expressions) I am in sore need of a shower and (cut to the metalbender soldiers with their eyes wide open in awe) I have blisters that are the size of cantaloupes (one of the soldiers recoils in horror) and twice as juicy! (return back to Varrick) So you can let us through, or you can give me your name and rank and I'll pass it on to Kuvira. You know what happens to soldiers who question her orders, don't you? Bad stuff!

(Switch to a frontal shot of the head soldier as he reels back with cold sweat and he looks at the closed gate behind him.)

Head Soldier: Let them through!

(Cut to the gate as the two metalbender soldiers bend it down. Bolin, Varrick, and the prisoners walk into frame as the soldiers bring down the other gate on the other side of the checkpoint. Cut to the party walking past the guard post station as one of the staff manning the station inside glances over to them.

Switch to the inside of the guard post booth where we can see two wanted posters of Bolin and Varrick pasted on the wall off to the side of the guard. Bolin walks past tensely while Varrick gives a smile, winking and saluting to the guard. The soldier looks over to the posters and then quickly turns his head back to the wanted duo.

Cut to the outside of the door to the guard post as it opens and the soldier rushes out.)

Guard Post Soldier: Wait! Stop them! (camera quickly pulls back to Bolin, Varrick, and the prisoners) They're traitors to the Empire!

(The escapees quickly dash forward. Cut to the feet of the mechatanks as they jump off from their posts. Switch to back view shots of Bolin and Varrick as the mechatanks land in front of them. The duo looks behind them fearfully. Change to an overhead shot of the fugitives being surrounded by mechatanks and soldiers. Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to a shot of Bolin, Varrick, and the escapees surrounded by Earth Empire soldiers and mechatanks.)

Baraz: There's no way I'm going back to prison!

(Baraz burns off the rope around his wrists with a small flame from his middle fingers, then does a jumping roundhouse kick that sends a wave of fire at the soldiers, who earthbend up stone pillars to shield themselves. The soldiers launch rocks at the escapees, who free themselves from the ropes and start to fight back. A mechatank shoots a torrent of flame at Bolin and Varrick from its wrist. Bolin blocks it by bending up a stone wall while Varrick cowers behind him. Varrick looks up to see the fire before crawling away.

Cut to Baraz facing down a charging mechatank. It throws its fist at him, but Baraz rolls behind it and the mechatank punches the ground. The mechatank turns to chase Baraz, and Baraz punches out two fire blasts while Ahnah creates an ice slick on the ground. The mechatank slides over the ice as the fire blasts knock it into the air. Cut to a close up of the mechatank's heel as it lands on the ice, and spikes shoot out from the back of its legs and into the ground, anchoring it and keeping it from slipping. The mechatank raises its arm and begins charging an electric attack. It shoots it at where Baraz and Ahnah are standing. They jump out of the way as the attack makes the ground explode. The mechatank turns to the side and shoots a torrent of fire at Baraz, who punches at it and blocks the fire with his own firebending.

Meanwhile, three mechatanks run at Bolin. Bolin throws two large rocks at two of them, halting their charge. Bolin then jumps forward and thrusts his palms at the ground, creating a lava pool. He swings his arms to the side to widen it, and then thrusts his palms forward to send the lava at the mechatanks. One mech leaps high above the lava, and starts aiming its electric attack at Bolin. Bolin begins to run out of the way, but the explosion from the attack sends him flying. He quickly rolls back to his feet and assumes his stance. Cut to Varrick hiding inside the gateway as he watches a waterbender being knicked back by a large rock. He winces a moment, and then looks inside the gateway's office and sees a power generator, then smiles.)

Varrick: Hahaha!

(Varrick goes inside and grabs a screwdriver from the desk, then lifts the lid from the generator. Cut to him throwing a nearby table over and then removing one of its metal legs with the screwdriver. Cut to a closeup of Varrick grabbing a roll of wire from the floor. He looks out the window at the fight outside worriedly as he holds the screwdriver in his mouth and wraps the wire around the table leg before going back to the generator.

Cut to Bolin waving his arms to his side and then sending out a wave of lava at a mechatank. It dodges to the side as it runs at Bolin, then jumps over a second attack and rolls as it lands. The mech slams its fists down at Bolin, who rolls to the side. Bolin grunts and raises his fists up to send a wave of stones at the mech that knock it over. Another mech steps forward and shoots electricity at Bolin. Bolin propels himself upward on a stone pillar to avoid it, and the stone is blasted into rubble.

Cut to a close up of Varrick driving the table leg into the ground, then running back inside the office, the wire leading back into it. Cut to Bolin grunting and rolling back after being hit by an attack. He raises his arms and creates a stone barrier just as three torrents of fire shoot at him. The mechs begin to close in on Bolin as he hides behind his cover. Cut to a close up of Varrick as he clamps two ends of the cable to two terminals on the generator's battery. He wipes his brow with his sleeve.)

Varrick: Boy, I sure hope this works.

(Varrick turns the power switch on. Cut to a close up of the table leg and then zoom out as it creates an electromagnetic pulse. Cut to Bolin as he looks up at one of the mechs about to grab him when suddenly the pulse causes it and the other two mechs shooting fire at him to collapse. Cut to a shot of a mech about to swing its fist at Baraz and Ahnah before it sparks and crumples over. Baraz and Ahnah look confused then glance at each other. Cut to Varrick as he clenches his fists and grins triumphantly.)

Varrick: Hahaha! I still got that Varrick touch.

(Varrick runs out of the office. Cut to the outside as Bolin peeks out from behind his cover. Varrick runs past him.)

Varrick: We're clear. Come on!

(Bolin looks on as the escapees continue to fight the remaining soldiers. Ahnah bends out water as Baraz lifts up an unconscious waterbender. Cut to a close shot of Bolin as he gains his resolve. Cut to Varrick as he stops when Bolin calls out to him.)

Bolin: Varrick, wait! We can't leave them.

(Bolin jumps over his stone barrier and runs forward. Cut to a low angle shot of a waterbender and firebender attacking the soldiers who are hiding behind their own stone barriers. The firebender is knocked back by a rock thrown at him. Cut to Bolin as he runs out in front of the escapees. He jumps and swings his elbow towards the ground, creating a large pool of lava that erupts. Bolin then sends the lava at the soldiers, who quickly fall back behind the gateway.)

Head Soldier: Retreat!

(Bolin thrusts his palms forward and sends the lava at the gateway behind the soldiers, partially melting the metal wall and blocking the entrance.)

Baraz: Thanks. You didn't have to come back.
Bolin: Yeah, I kind of did. Let's go.

(Scene changes to the interior of the Central Train Station. Cut to Mako as he looks through the windows of a departing train.)

Train Conductor: (over the announcement system) The 4:15 bound for Omashu is now leaving on track number six. All aboard!

(Mako does not see anything and runs off. Cut to Korra looking round as Asami approaches her.)

Asami: If we don't find Wu soon, we might never find him.

(Cut to a close up of Korra kneeling down and touching the floor. The spot under her hand glows golden again, and the camera tilts up to her face as Korra looks up and then to the side. Cut to a shot of Korra looking at a train as its doors close and it begins to depart. Korra runs fter it.)

Korra: He's on that train!

(Korra, Asami, and Mako manage to get into a train car before it leaves. Cut to them entering the car and walking through it.)

Mako: How do you know for sure he's here?
Korra: I don't. But I had a feeling, okay?
Mako: And I'm just supposed to trust "Avatar feelings"?
Korra: You wouldn't have to if you had guarded the prince like you were supposed to!

(Mako and Korra continue, and the camera tilts down to show two of Kuvira's supporters sitting across from each other. They look to each other. Cut to a shot inside the darkened luggage car as Asami opens the door to it and lets in light.)

Mako: Oh, so it's my fault Wu disappeared.
Korra: It's certainly not mine!

(A large suitcase begans to tap from the inside.)

Asami: Guys, shh. Listen.

(Mako closes the door and walks over to the suitcase. He opens it and Wu sit up, flailing his arms and blubbering with fright. Mako grabs his shoulders.)

Mako: Wu! Wu, it's me.
Wu: Mako? Where am I? Am I dead?
Mako: No, you're on a train. We're gonna get you out of here.

(The door to the luggage car opens and they look to see the Kuvira supporters. The male one throws metal strips at Korra, who dodges and deflects them. Korra backs away as she does so and then throws out a strong gust of wind at them which lifts them up, knocking them into the ceiling. They fall with a thud, but a third supporter is seen running towards them. Cut to Asami as she turns to see even more Kuvira supporters coming from the car behind them. Korra metalbends the door in front of her shut, then turns and waves her arms to the sides to metalbend the car's ceiling, spliting it open.)

Korra: Everyone out.
Wu: I'm not going up there!

(Cut to a close up of Korra frowning in annoyance. Cut to the outside of the train car as Wu is flung out from below on a gust of wind, landing on top of the car behind. Korra jumps after him and helps Mako and Asami up. The train is passing through the countryside. Cut to a bird's eye view as the train passes over a large river on a bridge. Korra, Mako, Asami, and Wu begin jumping train cars going towards the back.

Cut to a low angle shot from between cars as they jump over, and Mako tossing Wu over to Korra as the prince yells in fright. We then see the Kuvira supporters exit the train car from below them and use metal cables hidden up their sleeves to pull themselves on top of the train. Mako attempts to firebend at them, but one supporter snares his ankle with a cable and pulls Mako off balance and makes him fall on his back. The supporter throws the cable at Korra as she holds onto Wu. The cable wraps around her wrist as she grabs it. Two more Kuvira supporters jump up behind her and Asami.

Cut to a shot from the side as Asami ducks under and kicks the supporter's hand before he can metalbend, then thrusts her gloves palm into his chest, shocking him and sending him flying back. The female supporter behind him them metalbends the top of the car, peeling it up towards Asami. Cut to Mako as he gets up and kicks, and sending an arc of fire at the supporter in front of him, cutting the cable holding Korra. Mako punches a fire blast at him, but the supporter backflips out of the way, and the other supporter begins to peel up the other end of the train car. Cut to a far shot as both ends of the train car's top are peeled up towards Korra and her friends. Cut to a closer shot as Korra airbends a whirlwind around them and grabs everyone before jumping off the side.)

Korra: Jump!

(The group yells as they fall down towards the ground below near the water. They bounce off the bridge's support column before hitting the ground, cushioned by Korra's airbending and all yell as they tumble down. Cut to a closer shot as the train passes out of sight and they all get up, Korra sighing in relief. Mako helps Wu up.)

Mako: You all right?
Wu: (hugging Mako) Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. You are definitely getting a raise, buddy.
Mako: You should be thanking Korra. We never would have found you without her.
Wu: (bowing) I owe you my life, Avatar. If only there was some way to repay you. Ooh, I know. (takes Korra's hand) How about I take you out for a night on the town?
Korra: Really? You're asking me out right now?
Wu: So... I'll put you down for a "maybe"?
Korra: How about a never?

(Korra frowns and takes her hand way from Wu before walking up to Mako and Asami.)

Korra: Not exactly what I imagined for our first day back together.
Asami: But it was kind of like old times. Except for the getting on each other's nerves part.
Mako: Actually, that is like old times for me and Korra.
Korra: I'm sorry things got so tense earlier.
Asami: It's all right. I guess after being apart for three years, there's bound to be a bit of an adjustment period.
Mako: Yeah, but it's great to have you back.
Korra: There's no place else I'd rather be.

(Korra, Mako, and Asami share a group hug. The camera zooms out as Wu walks towards them to share the hug, but Korra pushes his face away. Wu manages to reach his arms out and touch them anyway.)

Wu: Mmph. You guys are the greatest friends a guy could have.

(They break the group hug and Korra turns to Wu.)

Korra: So what are we gonna do with him? It's too dangerous to take him back to the hotel.
Wu: Whoo. You're telling me! I need a cushy safe house somewhere.
Mako: I think I know just the place.

(Scene changes. Dissolve into a high angle establishing shot of Asami's estate in the evening. Cut to Korra, Mako, Asami, and Wu at the front door.)

Wu: Nice digs, Mako. You didn't tell me you came from money.
Mako: I don't. This is Asami's place. She was nice enough to let my family stay here after they fled Ba Sing Se.

(Grandma Yin opens the door.)

Yin: Mako! It's so wonderful to- (gasps) are you...

(Cut to Yin's point of view as she looks at Wu, the focus becoming soft around him as he smiles at her.)

Mako: Grandma, this is Prince Wu. He needs to stay with you and the family for a little while.

(Wu kneels down in front of Yin and takes her hand.)

Wu: It's an honor, Grandma Mako.

(Wu kisses Yin's hand and she faints, Mako catching her.)

Mako: She loves royalty.
Wu: I think I'll fit right in here. Thanks for looking out for me, Mako. Now where's the nearest bathroom? I have been holding it all day!

(Wu rushes inside, past the other family members.

Scene changes to Bolin, Varrick, Baraz and Ahnah on a dock by a small, rickity boat holding the rest of the escapees.)

Bolin: I know it might not mean much coming from a guy wearing this uniform, but I'd like to apologize for what Kuvira's put you through.
Baraz: I appreciate that.
Bolin: Guess this is where we part ways.
Varrick: It's been a blast!
Ahnah: We're heading North too. Why don't you come with us? It's the least we can do after you saved our necks.
Varrick: On that hunk of junk? No thanks. I'm allergic to drowning. (Bolin elbows his ribs) Oof! I mean, uh, we'd love a lift!

(Varrick frowns as he and Bolin walk towards the boat. Bolin hops in while Varrick slowly steps in unsteadily, making the boat rock.)

Varrick: Ew. Uh.

(Varrick falls in the boat, then stands back up, hands on his hips as Baraz and Ahnah join them.

The scene changes to a close up of a mallet driving a small spike into a tree root, connected to a meter with a wire. The dial on the meter goes to the max, and an electrical noise like a radio is heard. Cut to a shot of Baatar Jr. holding the meter while Kuvira stands behind him, both on top of a giant tree root.)

Baatar Jr.: This area is overrun with spirit vines and they appear to be even more powerful than the samples we took from Republic City.
Kuvira: Perfect. Harvest these vines until there's nothing left.

(Cut to a wider shot as Kuvira gestures to several mechatanks that are with them. Cut to a close up of a chainsaw extending from a mech's arm and spinning. Cut to a shot of the mechs sawing into the roots of the giant tree. The camera tilts up past the canopy to Earth Empire airships above them. Dissolve to a wide shot revealing several airships surrounding the Banyan Grove Tree in The Swamp.)

[End Credits]

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