Transcript for 408 - Remembrances
Written By: Joshua Hamilton, Katie Mattila, Tim Hedrick
Directed By: Michael Dante DiMartino
Storyboard By: Joaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu, Lauren Montogomery, Michael Dante DiMartino
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "And The Winner Is...", "Night of a Thousand Stars", and "Reunion".]

Shiro Shinobi: Avatar Korra is back and yours truly, Shiro Shinobi, couldn't be more thrilled! It's been my honor to bring you news of Korra and her friends over the years. So many heart-pounding moments! Who can forget Amon and his Equalist revolution? I still have nightmares! Then there was that time I covered the Nuktuk mover premiere. Boy, was that fun. But enough about me. Sit back, relax, and take a trip down memory lane.

Act I

(Jazz music plays and the episode opens up to a panshot of Asami's estate in the day with a flock of birds soaring above it. Cut to the inside of the estate and we can see Mako and Wu in gymwear, standing inside the gym that's beside the swimming pool which was last seen in "The Aftermath" episode.)

Wu: You know, there's something about being kidnapped (cut to a close up of Wu and Mako who are each wearing a probending helmet, singlet, track pants, boxing gloves, and gym shoes) that makes a guy realize he needs to get his act together.
Mako: Yeah, I agree. (gets into a fighting stance) Let's toughen you up.

(Switch to a frontal shot of Wu as he raises his arms up protectively in front of his face. Return back to a full shot of the two as Mako slides across the carpeted floor and gently jabs Wu's abdomen. The royal freaks out and jumps away, landing on the floor crouched with his arms on his head.)

Wu: Ahh! I wasn't ready! (lays on the floor, clutching his stomach) Wu down!

(Cut to Mako with a raised eyebrow.)

Yin: (gasps off-screen and camera pans to the side to reveal Yin and Tu standing behind Mako) What's going on? (Tu slurps his drink through a straw)

(Cut to Wu curled up on the ground, whining as Yin walks towards him.)

Yin: Mako, (bends down and cradles Wu's head in her arms) how dare you injure the prince? (Switch to a full shot of the scene as Mako still doesn't look amused. Yin communicates with Wu using baby talk language.) Would His Royal Highness like a cherry-berry lemonade? (Mako crosses his arms)
Wu: And maybe some (camera angle changes to a shot of Wu looking pitiful) of those sticky dumplings too?
Mako: (off-screen) Look at you. (Yin and Wu turn their heads towards him and we return back to a full shot of the room) You're so weak, "Wu down" is your catchphrase.
Wu: (slides out from Yin's grasp and sits on the floor dejectedly) I know, I'm a wimp. But it's not my fault. I was born that way. I'm not like you, Mako. I wasn't raised by a pack of cops in the woods.
Mako: (cut to a close up of Mako glancing at Wu with an unamused expression) You don't know anything about me, do you?
Wu: (return back to Wu as he thinks) Yeah, I'm drawing a blank. Why is that? (Wu stands up and we switch to a shot of Wu and Mako) How do I not know stuff about you?
Mako: Uh... you never asked?
Wu: (opens his arms) Well, I'm asking now. (places his hands on Mako's shoulders) What's your favorite food? What's your favorite color? Is there a special lady in your life?
Mako: Not since Korra and I broke up.
Wu: (surprised) What? (tugs on Mako's singlet) You dated the Avatar? (points a finger down to the floor) Sit. (rubs his hands together gleefully) You and I need to have a little gab session (places his hands on Mako's shoulders and pushes him down) right now. (Mako and Wu take a seat on the floor) How'd you guys first meet?
Mako: (narrates) Bolin and I (a flashback from "A Leaf in the Wind" plays, featuring the brothers in the first probending match that Korra spectated) were playing for the Fire Ferrets.
Wu: (a little white bubble of emoji Wu appears in the top left corner of the screen) You were a pro-bender?
Mako: (an emoji of Mako pops on the screen in the top right corner, sighing) Yes. Will you just let me tell the story?
Wu: (closes his eyes) Carry on.

(Both emoji bubbles pop and disappear from the screen. The flashback of the probending match continues to play.)

Mako: (narrates) Bolin and I grew up dirt poor, so once I became a pro-bender, I wanted it all: Riches, fame, accolades. But all that changed when I met Korra.

(The flashback changes to Korra meeting Mako for the first time in the probending arena in "A Leaf in the Wind".)

Bolin: Come here. I want you meet my brother, Mako.
Korra: Mako? Wow, I heard you play on the radio.
Mako: Come on, Bolin, we're up.

(The flashback pauses and Wu's emoji appears in the top right corner of the screen.)

Wu: Whoa, that was the first time you met? Kind of rude there, buddy.
Mako: (Mako's emoji appears in the bottom left corner of the screen and glares up at Wu's emoji) Know what else is rude? (the bubbles disappear and Mako continues the story as the flashback changes to Korra single handedly knocking out her opponents near the end of "The Spirit of Competition") Interrupting. Korra proved to be an amazing pro-bender, (flashback changes to "The Revelation" where Korra and Mako spot Bolin and the rest of the Triple Threats being taken by the Equalists) and a loyal friend. She helped me save Bolin when he was taken by the Equalists.

(The flashback changes to Korra catching The Lieutenant off guard in "The Revelation".)

Mako: (continues to narrate) After going through such a crazy experience, (flashback shows them asleep next to each other in "The Revelation") I felt like Korra and I had a powerful connection.
Wu: (speaking off-screen, suggestively) So then you smooched her real good? Huh? Huh?
Mako: Erm... Not exactly.

(The memory changes to how Mako and Asami first met in "The Voice in the Night".)

Mako: Ah!
Asami: Oh, no. I'm so sorry. I didn't see you.
Mako: How could you not see me? I mean, I was ju- I was- I- I- wow. (coughs) That was- (clears throat)

(The flashback pauses and Wu's emoji pops in the top right corner of the screen.)

Wu: Wait. That was the first thing you said to Asami? (frowns) You really got to work on your introductions.

(Mako's emoji appears in the bottom left corner with a wry smile.)

Mako: Hey, when you got charm like mine, you don't need introductions. (the screen changes to a flashback of Mako and Asami at their first dinner date in "The Voice in the Night") Hanging out with Asami was awesome, (flashback changes to Korra and Mako walking to the preparation stands after winning their first match in "The Spirit of Competition") but it made things with Korra... complicated.

(The memory plays out.)

Korra: So I was thinking we should spend some time together. Look, I really like you and I think we were meant for each other.
Mako: Korra, I'm really sorry but... I just don't feel the same way about you.
Wu: (narrates off-screen) That's harsh, Mako. (flashback shows a scene of Asami kissing Mako's cheek in the same episode)
Mako: (narrates as well) I know, and the worst part about it is, it wasn't totally true.

(Memory switches to Mako confronting Korra after their second match in "The Spirit of Competition".)

Mako: We need to talk.
Korra: Save your breath. You've already made it clear how you feel about me.
Mako: No, I haven't. What I'm trying to say is... As much as you drive me crazy, I also think you're pretty amazing.

(Korra kisses Mako in the flashback and the clip pauses there. Wu's emoji pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen and he looks elated.)

Wu: Hot dog! Smooch city here we come. You player.

(An emoji bubble of Tu pops up in the top right corner of the screen with a drink in hand.)

Tu: (slurps) Whoa. I thought you were dating Asami.

(Mako's emoji pops up in the top left corner of the shot.)

Mako: Tu, (Tu continues to slurp his drink) get out of here!

(An emoji bubble of a displeased Yin pops up in the bottom left corner of the screen.)

Yin: (glares up at Mako's emoji) Naughty Mako. You take after your grandfather.
Mako: (facial expression changes to troubled ">_<") Guys, Grandma, everything wasn't so cut and dry. I wasn't dating Asami.
Tu: (rolls eyes) Denial.
Mako: (admits to the truth) Okay, maybe I was dating her. It was all very confusing. (the screen flashes white and we are brought to a flashback of Korra returning back to Republic City on Naga at the end of "Out of the Past") But my feelings for korra became clear when Tarrlok captured her. It felt like a piece of me was gone.

(The memory continues to play.)

Mako: I was so worried. Are you all right?
Korra: I'm fine. I'm glad you're here.

(The flashback pans to Asami looking hurt and confused.)

Wu: (narrating off-screen) Oof. (flashback switches to Asami confronting Mako in the kitchen in "Turning the Tides") I bet Asami wasn't too happy about that.

(The memory of the confrontation plays out.)

Asami: I've noticed how you treat Korra... How you acted when she was missing. You have feelings for her, don't you?
Mako: Things are crazy right now. Can we deal with our relationship problems later?
Asami: Well, there might not be any relationship to worry about later.
Mako: Asami! (sighs)

(The flashback pauses and Wu's emoji pops up in the top left corner of the screen.)

Wu: (sympathetic) Ouch.

(Mako's emoji pops up in the bottom right corner.)

Mako: (in agreement) Yup. turns out she was right. It was time to man up and call it quits.

(Screen flashes white again and we are brought to a flashback of Mako and Asami saying goodbye to each other in "Skeletons in the Closet".)

Mako: Asami, I'm sorry things got so messed up between us. But whatever happens today, I want you to know how much I care about you.
Asami: I care about you too.

(The flashback pauses and Wu's emoji appears in the top left corner of the screen, looking displeased.)

Wu: Wait, was that supposed to be you breaking up with her?

(Mako's emoji pops up in the bottom right corner.)

Mako: (annoyed) Yes. That was a breakup.

(Tu's emoji pops up below Wu's.)

Tu: Didn't sound like a breakup.
Mako: It was mutual. We had an understanding. (looks down) We both knew- (his expression changes to ">_<" briefly before he continues to speak irritably) Can I just get on with the rest of my story or what?
Wu: Fine. But I hope you weren't as ambiguous with Korra as you were with Asami.
Mako: Trust me, I wasn't. (screen turns white and we are brought to a flashback of Mako running up to Korra after she leaves Katara's healing hut in "Endgame") Korra and I ended up stopping Amon together and after that, I was finally able to tell her how I felt. Exactly how I felt.

(Flashback jumps to Mako confessing to Korra.)

Mako: I love you, Korra.

(The memory changes to Korra regaining the elements she lost and coming out of the Avatar State later in the "Endgame" episode. She spots Mako behind her and she runs up to him.)

Korra: I love you too.

(The couple kiss and the flashback pauses as Yin's and Mako's emojis appear near the bottom of the screen.)

Yin: (gushing over the cute scene) Aww. And then you two lived happily ever after?
Mako: (looks away uncertainly) Um...

(Screen flashes white to a memory of Mako and Korra on the boat on their way to the Southern Water Tribe in "Rebel Spirit".)

Mako: Tenzin's just trying to help you become the best Avatar you can be.
Korra: Of course you take his side.
Mako: I'm not taking his side.

(Flashback switches to a scene from "The Southern Lights".)

Korra: You know, sometimes I wonder whose side you're on.
Mako: There aren't any sides.

(Scene changes to a memory of Mako and Korra arguing in the former's apartment in "Peacekeepers".)

Korra: How could you take his side?
Mako: What's with you and sides?

(The screen flashes white to another scene of the couple arguing in the same episode.)

Korra: Well, excuse me, officer! Don't let me stand in the way of you writing tickets. I'm just trying to save the World!

(Screen flashes white once more to the scene of the couple confronting each other in the police station near the end of the episode.)

Mako: Well, I guess that if we're both putting our jobs first, maybe there's no room for our relationship.
Korra: So what? Are you breaking up with me?
Mako: Yeah. I guess I am.

(The memory of Korra airbending Mako's desk is shown and the scene pauses there as Wu's emoji appears in the bottom right of the screen looking rather amused.)

Wu: Now that's a breakup!

(A flashback of the beginning of "The Sting" is shown.)

Mako: (continues to narrate) After that, I dove into my work. Someone had been taking out supply ships heading to the Southern Water Tribe. (scene changes to a memory of Mako and Asami on the ship during the sting operation) Asami's company was one of the victims, so she and I worked together to catch the perps. The stakeout was the perfect way to get my mind off Korra. (Mako and Asami are escaping from the ship in the flashback) It was an intense night. Asami and I discovered the triads had double crossed us. We barely got away, (the flashback changes to the empty Future Industries warehouse) but by then Asami's warehouse had been cleared out.

(The memory continues to play on screen.)

Asami: My company... It's over. I give up.
Mako: Well, I'm not giving up on you.

(Asami then kisses Mako in the flashback and it pauses there as Wu's and Mako's emojis pop up at the bottom of the screen.)

Mako: I know, I know. Don't tell me. I had no right kissing Asami.
Wu: No, actually, I'm completely fine with that. You officially broke up with Korra and therefore, (smiles) you're free to smooch whoever you wish.
Mako: (looks down uneasily) If only it had been that simple.

(Screen flashes white and we are brought to a memory of Korra reuniting with Mako in the police station in "Night of a Thousand Stars".)

Korra: Mako, I missed you so much!
Mako: Korra, hey, I missed you too. So you're not still mad at me? We had that fight before you left, remember?
Korra: Not really. I got attacked by a Dark Spirit and I lost my memory for a little while. Maybe it hasn't all come back yet. Was it a bad fight?
Mako: Ahh... Hmm... No. No. It wasn't that bad.

(The flashback pauses, Wu's and Mako's emojis pop into the screen once more. This time, Wu's emoji bubble is positioned diagonally above Mako's and the prince glares down at his bodyguard.)

Wu: Whoa, whoa, whoa. So you were back with Asami, but then Korra came back and thought you guys were still together and you didn't tell her you weren't?!

(Yin's emoji pops up beside Mako, glaring at her grandson with disapproval.)

Yin: Just like your grandfather.
Mako: Well, me and Asami were never officially back together.

(Tu's emoji pops up beside Wu and he glares down at Mako.)

Tu: Really? That again? (Mako's expression changes to annoyance and embarrassment) You know, it seems like you're so afraid to disappoint anyone that you end up disappointing everyone.
Wu: Truer (Mako's emoji glances up at Wu's) words have never been spoken. High five!

(Tu and Wu extend their hands out of the emoji bubbles and high five. Once more, Mako has a ">_<" expression and he sticks his tongue out.)

Mako: Well, eventually, I did tell Korra but by then she already knew.

(A flashback from "Light in the Dark" is played.)

Korra: Why didn't you just tell me the truth in the first place?
Mako: I know I should have, but... I didn't want to hurt you all over again. I guess part of me wanted to forget about the breakup too.
Korra: I think we both know that this... Us... doesn't work.
Mako: You're right.
Korra: It's over. For real this time.

(Screen flashes to a memory of the ending of "Light in the Dark" where the camera pans up to the sky full of flying spirits.)

Mako: After Harmonic Convergence, the World changed. Team Avatar traveled around searching for new airbenders. (the flashback changes to Mako behaving awkwardly between Asami and Korra in "A Breath of Fresh Air") At first, it was awkward being around Korra and Asami.

(The memory continues to play out.)

Mako: As you were. Ladies.

(Mako narrates as a flashback of Korra persuading Mako to come with her in "Rebirth" is played.)

Mako: But then I realized I had to realize who I was without a lady in my life.
Wu: (narrates) I know what that's like. (scene returns back to the present where Mako and Wu are seated on the floor while Yin and Tu are standing off to the side and eavesdropping) I mean, to need distance from women, because I have so many all over me, all the time.
Mako: (cut to a close up of Mako who ignores Wu's statement) Anyway, (the screen flashes white to Mako and Ming-Hua fighting in "Venom of the Red Lotus") I eventually helped Korra defeat Zaheer (the flashback changes to Korra giving Mako a farewell hug in "Enter the Void") and save the airbenders and we did it as friends. (flashback changes to Korra standing up tall in the Tree of Time in "Light in the Dark") Korra showed me the importance of putting others before myself. (memory switches to Korra entering the Avatar State after she regained the elements in "Endgame") And whenever I think of her, she continues to inspire me.

(Scene returns back to the present as Wu listens in awe.)

Wu: Wow. (pushes himself off the floor and stands up) That story is amazing and I really learned something.
Mako: (cut to a close up of Mako as he looks surprised) You did? (stands up as well) Good.

(Camera angle changes to a full view of the room.)

Wu: Yeah, I learned that I really didn't know anything about you. Crazy! Also, I realized that ladies are complicated. No offense, grandma.
Yin: (smiles) None taken.
Wu: I better just focus on being a better King. (gets into a fighting stance) Okay, come at me. (Mako gets into position) I can take it. (Mako gently jabs Wu in the face and the prince falls flat on his back dramatically) Ah! Wu down!

(Yin slaps Mako's arm and he looks at his grandmother with a shocked expression. Tu continues to slurp from his cup. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to a shot of the meditation pavilion on Air Temple Island in the evening. Cut to a close up of Korra seated on the railing and leaning against the pillar as she gazes out into ocean. A series of footsteps off-screen can be heard.)

Asami: (off-screen) I brought you some tea. (Korra looks to the side and the camera pans left to reveal Asami with a cup of steaming tea in hand) I thought you might be cold out here.
Korra: (slides off the railing) You're so sweet. (takes the cup of tea from Asami) Thanks. (Korra looks at the tea forlornly before putting it on the railing)
Asami: (concerned) Are you okay? You seem out of sorts.
Korra: Sorry. I've just been thinking about something Toph said. (glances to Asami) She told me that the World doesn't need me and it's basically pointless to try to stop Kuvira.
Asami: That's ridiculous.
Korra: (looks down) At the time, I thought so too. I figured she was just being her normal, cranky self, (gazes up to the sky) but I'm beginning to think she had a point.
Asami: (cut to a close up of Asami as she turns serious) No, she doesn't. The World does need you. You're the Avatar.
Korra: (return back to a shot of Korra) But no matter what I do, the World seems to always be out of balance. (a flashback of Korra's firebending test in "Welcome to Republic City" starts to play) Growing up, I couldn't wait to be the Avatar. I thought I was really gonna change things. I was so naive. (the memory changes to Amon taking away Lightning Bolt Zolt's bending in "The Revelation") The first time I saw Amon take someone's bending away, I was terrified.

(The scene from that memory plays out.)

Amon: Your firebending is gone. Forever.

(The flashback changes to the moment where Amon bloodbends Korra into a position to take her bending away in "Endgame")

Korra: (narrates) Then my worst nightmare came true.

(That painful memory continues playing out on screen.)

Mako: Korra!
Korra: No! (gasps)
Amon: I told you I would destroy you.

(The scene flashes to the later part of the episode where Amon, now with his face paint washed away, waterbending a spout just outside the probending arena with various onlookers witnessing the scene.)

Asami: (narrates) Korra, you're forgetting about all the good that happened after you exposed Amon as the fraud he was. The Equalist movement lost its leader and its power. (a scene of Raiko and Buttercup waving to the crowd from a podium is shown) Free elections were held in the United Republic and non-benders finally had a voice. (the memory of Korra shaking hands with Raiko from "Peacekeepers" also plays) People had hope again and it was all because of you.

(Switch to a memory of Korra smiling fondly at her friends at the end of "Endgame".)

Korra: (narrates) And I was hopeful too. (the flashback changes to Korra meeting her uncle in the throne room in "Civil Wars, Part 1") But that feeling didn't last long. (the memory of Korra finally seeing her uncle's true motives from "A New Spiritual Age" is played) As soon as I defeated Amon, a new enemy took his place.

(The scene continues to play out.)

Korra: I can't believe I trusted you. You made me think you wanted to restore balance with the spirits, but this- this isn't balance. It's madness! Now let her go!
Unalaq: If you want your friend to make it out of the Spirit World, you'll open the other portal now.
Korra: (narrates as the memory of Korra opening the Northern portal plays out on screen) Because of Unalaq, I betrayed Tenzin, opened the portals, and threw the sprit and human worlds into chaos.

(A flashback of Vaatu being released from his prison from "Harmonic Convergence" plays out.)

Korra: It was my fault he fused with Vaatu (the scene where Unalaq rips Raava out of Korra from "Darkness Falls" plays on the screen) and became a Dark Avatar.

(The scene of Unalaq beating Raava into shreds later in that episode is shown on screen.)

Korra: (narrates) And I was helpless to stop him from destroying Raava and cutting off my connection to my past lives. (a memory of the line up of Avatars disappearing plays out on screen) With Raava gone, (a scene of UnaVaatu merging and growing in size is shown) Unalaq and Vaatu became more powerful than ever.

(The flashback of UnaVaatu attacking Republic City from "Light in the Dark" plays.)

Asami: (narrates) But you became more powerful too. (the memory of Giant Korra emerging from the Tree of Time from the same episode plays out on screen) I mean, you turned into a giant spirit.
Korra: (comments softly) Yeah, that was pretty awesome.

(A flashback of Korra opening the Southern Portal in "The Southern Lights" is shown.)

Asami: (narrates encouragingly) And opening the spirit portals turned out to be a good thing. (the scene of all the new airbenders standing up in "Original Airbenders" is shown) You brought back the airbenders and (the screen flashes to Jinora's anointment ceremony at the end of "Venom of the Red Lotus") caused a positive shift in the World.
Korra: (continues to narrate and the memory of Zaheer flying away with an unconscious Korra from "Enter the Void" is shown) Yes, but Zaheer got airbending too, and nearly killed me.

(The flashback of Korra hitting the ground and Zaheer suffocating her in "Venom of the Red Lotus" plays out. The flashback then changes to Zaheer murdering Queen Hou-Ting in "Long Live the Queen".)

Korra: If it weren't for Zaheer, the Earth Queen would still be alive. There would have been no crisis in the Earth Kingdom, (the flashback of Kuvira negotiating with the bandits from "After All These Years" plays out) and Kuvira wouldn't be in power. (a flashback of Kuvira's army lining up outside Zaofu in "The Battle of Zaofu" is shown) Things are more out of balance than ever now. Nothing's changed!

(Camera flashes back to the present and Tenzin is shown to be standing behind Asami and Korra in the meditation pavilion.)

Tenzin: You're right, Korra.
Korra: (shocked) I am?
Asami: (doubtful) She is?
Tenzin: (takes a step towards his student) It's true, there will always be new conflicts and enemies to face. But the important thing is to learn from your enemies and better yourself over time, which you have. (a flashback of Korra fighting against and destroying the wind gates in "A Leaf in the Wind" is shown) You've changed so much since you first arrived on Air Temple Island. When you first came here, you were hotheaded and a bit selfish. (the memory of Korra talking to Daw on Kyoshi bridge in "After All These Years" is shown as well) But you've matured into a thoughtful young woman who puts the needs of others before herself. (the flashback changes to the airbenders lining up in the ceremonial hall for Jinora's anointment ceremony in "Venom of the Red Lotus") The New Air Nation is a testament to that. You sacrificed everything to save them. (a scene of citizens enjoying their time in Avatar Korra Park from "After All These Years" plays out on screen) You're an inspiration to the World.

(Cut back to the present and we see a close up of Korra, touched by her mentor's words.)

Korra: Thank you both. (looks away) I know that this Kuvira problem is only going to get worse. (switch a shot of the trio as Korra looks out into ocean) But no matter what happens, (Tenzin and Asami follow her gaze) no matter how crazy things get, (camera pans out to the beautiful sunset, with the rays reflecting off the waters) I'll always try to restore balance.

(Wistful music plays and the episode cuts to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to a shot of a boat sailing the seas at night.)

Baraz: (off-screen) And that's when I made a solemn vow never to eat bark-onion soup again. (cut to a close up of Baraz and Ahnah as the former tells his story) Been six years, four months, and fourteen days- (shudders) Ugh. I can still taste it.

(Switch to an overshot of the boat where the prisoners, Varrick, and Bolin are seated in a circle on the deck. Most of the prisoners are asleep.)

Bolin: Does anyone else feel like throwing themselves overboard?
Varrick: (raises his voice slightly) Not me! (the prisoners suddenly wake up and look at him) I've spent the last few hours tuning out all these incredibly boring stories...
Baraz: Hey!
Varrick: All the while (stands up) mentally composing (poses dramatically with a finger in the air) the most exciting tale (bends down to Bolin's level excitedly) ever told, (jumps into the middle of the circle) soon to become the greatest mover ever made! (cut to a close up of Varrick) I present to you now: (uses his arms to form a circle around Bolin who is in the background) Bolin, (the screen flashes white to a title card of Nuktuk, Hero of the South from "The Sting") as Nuktuk, Hero of the South- (an emoji bubble of Varrick appears in the bottom right corner of the screen) Trademark Varrimovers International- (raises his brows with sheer enthusiasm) In the (a memory of Bolin fighting off the kidnappers in "Night of a Thousand Stars" is shown) incredible true story of Bolin! Hero of the World!
Bolin: (narrates off-screen) Wait, am I playing Nuktuk, or is Nuktuk playing me?

(Return back to the present and Varrick is seen forming his fingers into the shape of a rectangle frame and he scrutinizes Bolin through it.)

Varrick: Both. It's your true story, but we'll capitalize on the audience of the Nuktuk franchise. Duh.
Bolin: (cut to a close up of Bolin) How can you call me the Hero of the World? (looks down despondently) I left my friends and family to join up with a psychotic dictator who imprisoned me, and now I'm running back home with my tail between my legs.

(Switch to a full shot of the deck.)

Varrick: Nya, ba, ba, ba, ba. You're emphasizing the wrong story beats. Let me tell it. The story of Bolin begins in an exotic (screen flashes white to a panning shot of the Southern Water Tribe from "Rebel Spirit") port of call. A wise sage, the richest merchant in the World, and a handsome devil all sit (the flashback moves to a shot of Varrick's yacht) on a single pillow in the living room of a luxury yacht. How do they all fit on one pillow?
Bolin: (answers excitedly off-screen) Ooh! (the memory changes to Varrick seated on a pillow inside his yacht) Giant pillow!
Varrick: (continues narrating off-screen) Wrong! They're all the same man! Me! I try to teach a Swami the power of levitation, but he's too stupid to understand it, so I kick him out. "Upon whom can I bestow my awesome knowledge?" I ask myself. (the flashback changes to Bolin and Asami walking into Varrick's yacht) Then in walks Nuktuk with a twinkle in his eye, a gorgeous dame on his arm, and a song on his lips. He bursts into a rapturous melody- (the flashback pauses at the moment when Bolin opens his mouth inside the yacht) "Where can I find (the flashback pans across Varrick and his guests in the yacht) my teacher?"

(Camera returns back to the present where Varrick has a hand on his chest and his other arm is outstretched as he is sings.)

Bolin: (stands up in disbelief) Oh, come on! (annoyed) I wasn't singing, (points to Varrick) you were not levitating. And Asami is just a friend, thank you very much. (the camera slowly zooms in on Bolin) If you want to tell my true story, you should start from when I met Korra. (camera switches to a flashback of Korra seeing the probending ring for the first time up close and personal in "A Leaf in the Wind") She came to the bending arena one fateful night...

(The memory continues to play.)

Korra: This place is even more amazing than I imagined!
Bolin: Name's Bolin, by the way.
Korra: Korra.
Baraz: (the flashback pauses) Boring! (return back to the present with an overhead shot of the deck) When does the singing start?
Bolin: (crossly) There wasn't any singing!
All on boat: (simultaneously booing) Boo!

(Bolin reels back in shock and we cut to a close up of him looking confused by everyone's reactions.)

Varrick: (looks to Bolin) You're onscreen talent, kid. Leave the storytelling to the masters. (a memory of Korra and Jinora seemingly eaten by a crocodile-like spirit in "A New Spiritual Age" plays) So the trouble begins when the Avatar is trapped in the Spirit World. (a shot of Korra falling off from a waterfall plays on the screen) The World's most evil villains realize that with Korra out of the way, the time is right to try (the flashback suddenly changes to Bolin flexing his muscles as Nuktuk) to take out Bolin. (a shot of the Evil Unalaq's fortress as seen in the mover from "The Sting" is shown) So the worst of the worst team up. They're led by (a shot of Zaheer flying in "Venom of the Red Lotus" is played on the screen) Zaheer- Leader of Red Lotus and Master of the Skies! (the memories begin to show Korra and Zaheer fighting in "Enter the Void" and "Venom of the Red Lotus") A flying chaotic chaos machine! He's joined by (a flashback of Vaatu flying out of The Tree of Time in "Harmonic Convergence" is shown) Vaatu- The ultimate force of pure spirit evil in the universe! The biggest, meanest, scariest kite that ever flew!

(Scenes of Vaatu avoiding Korra's elemental attacks from "Darkness Falls" plays on screen.)

Bolin: (narrates off-screen in disbelief) Wait, Zaheer didn't team up with Vaatu. How would that even happen?
Varrick: How do you think?

(A shot of The Tree of Time is shown and we can hear a phone ringing. Cut to a close up of Vaatu imprisoned inside the tree and he is now holding a candlestick telephone with his spirity tendrils. The receiver is held near the top of his head while the transmitter is held towards his "eye".)

Vaatu: Hello?
Zaheer: (off-screen, over the phone) Hey, it's Zaheer.
Vaatu: Oh, hey, Zaheer.

(The screen splits into two to reveal a shot of Zaheer talking on the radio in the Northern Air Temple from "Enter the Void". The animation of his mouth is slightly different from the actual episode as he appears to smiling and chuckling.)

Zaheer: Glad I caught you at home. (laughs)
Vaatu: Uh-huh. Very funny. Like I can leave this stupid tree.
Zaheer: Hold on. Let me conference in-

(A flashback of Amon appearing on stage in "The Revelation" is shown.)

Varrick: (narrates off-screen) Amon! The reanimated zombie body (the memory suddenly changes to Amon bloodbending Korra and Mako in "Endgame") of the bloodbending leader of the equalists!

(The screen suddenly returns to the conference call and the screen splits into three as Amon enters the frame. They are using an image of Amon talking into the microphone on stage from "The Revelation" episode.)

Amon: Hey, guys, I'm totally in for taking out Bolin. He's way too powerful and awesome. But can we please not include-

(The screen suddenly splits into four as a black and white image of Evil Unalaq from the Nuktuk mover enters the frame, turning around to face the audience and talking into a phone's receiver.)

Evil Unalaq: Not include who, Amon?
Varrick: (continues to narrate off-screen) The Evil Unalaq! The diabolical but incredibly boring and unpopular sorcerer from the North, who's listening in on the other line!
Evil Unalaq: (the camera zooms in on Evil Unalaq) I've spent my life trying to defeat Nuktuk, I mean, Bolin, and I know just where to find him- with all the beautiful ladies.

(The flashback of Ginger enthusiastically kissing Bolin in front of the cameras in "Night of a Thousand Stars" is played on screen.)

Varrick: (narrates off-screen) Yes, Bolin had a reputation as the World's greatest (the flashback changes to Eska kissing Bolin in "Darkness Falls") ladies' man.
Bolin: (comments off-screen) Ooh, now the story's getting interesting.
Varrick: (continues to narrate as a shot of Eska and Bolin meeting for the first time in "Rebel Spirit" is shown) After leaving the beautiful but emotionally unstable Water Tribe princess (a shot of Eska angrily chasing after Varrick's boat in "Civil Wars, Part 2" plays on the screen) at the altar, he met (the memory changes to Bolin meeting Opal in "The Metal Clan") a fetching airbender, the heir to a vast Earth Kingdom fortune.

(An lovesick emoji bubble of Bolin appears in the bottom right corner of the screen.)

Bolin: Opal, so smart and caring. So pretty to smell... (a flashback of Opal pushing Bolin away in "After All These Years" plays as Bolin's emoji starts bawling tearfully) And she'll probably never talk to me again because I'm so stupid! Stupid! So, so, so stupid!

(Varrick's emoji pops up beside Bolin and he glares at Bolin's emoji.)

Varrick: Pull it together, you leaky lug. (return back to the present as Varrick gets all excited) But the darkest moment is always right before the dawn. For at his lowest point, Bolin sought advice from the man who started it all, the wisest of the wise- (screen flashes white to a memory of Varrick talking to Bolin in the beginning of "Peacekeepers") me! For some of my signature sage advice! (the flashback changes to Varrick hanging upside down during his idea storm in "Peacekeepers") Nuktuk, I mean, Bolin, there's only one thing for you to do (switch to a close up of Varrick's reddened face as his mouth opens and closes in sync to Varrick's current narration) if you want to save the Avatar and defeat the Fearsome Foursome. (the flashback pauses and Varrick's emoji pops up in the bottom right corner) I'm not really sure if I like "fearsome." I mean, Evil Square might be better. Whatever. (the emoji disappears and Varrick continues his narration) You have to assemble the fightingest airbender army of all time! (a memory of the new airbenders going through the obstacle course in "Original Airbenders" plays on the screen) But it turns out the airbender recruits are a sorry lot, so Bolin brings them to a secret mountaintop training facility where he teaches them the ancient art of dodging fruit and balancing on sticks! Meanwhile, back with Zombie Amon...

(Screen changes to a three-way split screen conference call between Amon, Vaatu, and Zaheer.)

Amon: Okay, guys, I think we finally ditched him.
Evil Unalaq: (slides into frame) Ha ha. Very funny. I'm still on the line. So about that evil plan to destroy Nuktuk... (the frames of Zaheer, Vaatu, and Amon quickly slide off-screen, leaving Evil Unalaq alone on his throne with his bodyguards by his side) Hello? Anyone there? Guys! (we hear a dial tone beeping)

(A memory of Opal and Bo‌lin talking to each other at night in "The Metal Clan" is shown.)

Varrick: (narrates off-screen) And with danger closing in, Opal realizes how much she loves Bolin and forgives him for whatever stuff he was talking about earlier (a scene of Bolin hugging Opal's shoulder from "Old Wounds" plays) which will probably not be in the final cut of the mover anyway.
Bolin: (commenting off-screen) She does?
All on boat: (gushing off-screen) Aww.
Varrick: (continues narrating off-screen) And she kisses Bolin, magically passing on the airbender power of flight!

(Return back to the present where we see Varrick in a smooching pose while Bolin, who is seated on a crate, looks on with disbelief in the background.)

Bolin: Okay, that part seems a little unbelievable.
Varrick: This is no time for thinking, kid. (opens his arms wide and faces the audience) We're heading into the big finale! (a memory of the new airbenders standing up after listening to Bumi's encouraging speech in "Original Airbenders" is shown) Bolin gathers his airbender army to fight alongside (clips from Nuktuk, Hero of the South is shown) Rotan and Juji against the Terror Square! (Varrick's emoji pops in the top left corner) Maybe that's the name of the bad guys- Terror Square. What about Legion of Darkness? Well, we'll put a focus group on it. (the flashback of Jinora and the other airbenders creating a tornado in "Venom of the Red Lotus" plays) Bolin teaches the airbenders to create a giant tornado. (a shot of Nuktuk being carried by a giant bird is shown) Then he flies around in the sky, (a memory of Zaheer being sucked into the tornado in the Book 3 finale plays) pushes Zaheer into it, turning him into wind forever! (more clips of Nuktuk are shown) But Bolin doesn't realize that the universal interplanetary (a scene of the planets aligning from "Harmonic Convergence" is shown) combination zero hour- talk about a ticking clock- is almost upon him! (a clip of Juji firing lasers from his eyes plays on the screen) And when Juji shoots his laser eyes at the Evil Unalaq, (flashback to Unalaq watching Vaatu being set free in "Harmonic Convergence") the beams accidentally fly into the magic spirit doorway! They bounce off Vaatu, setting him free, and hit Bolin, (a shot of Giant Korra standing up in Yue Bay from "Light in the Dark" is played but this time, Korra's face is replaced with Bolin's mug) turning him into a giant! (the memory of Vaatu flying towards Unalaq and merging with him in "Darkness Falls" is shown) But when Vaatu is set free, the Evil Unalaq, who has always been an annoyingly clingy person, is so close to Vaatu that they combine into one (a shot of UnaVaatu growing in size in "Darkness Falls" plays on the screen) horrifying monster! (the memory of Giant Korra and UnaVaatu duking it out in Yue Bay is played on the screen) Giant Bolin and the Evil UnaVaatu fight toe-to-toe, zapping each other with their laser beams as they stomp around Republic City. (the memory of UnaVaatu encasing Giant Korra in the spirit cleansing helix is shown) It looks like the Evil UnaVaatu might win, but thankfully, (in the flashback, Jinora starts to descend towards the giants in a ball of light)Bolin's spiritual mojo (the memory cuts to Jinora who now has neon purple and green colored butterfly wings on her back) is so strong that he attracts the Queen of the Fairies! (Jinora opens her arms and the light spreads) With her help, (a shot of Giant Korra doing the spiritual cleanse on UnaVaatu is shown and he slowly disappears into particles of light) Bolin turns UnaVaatu into magic dust and sprays him into the sky. And that's where the stars come from. (a memory of the dragon-bird saving Korra from "A New Spiritual Age" is shown but this time, the dragon-bird has Bolin's face) Oh, yeah, and he turns into a dragon, and he goes into the Spirit World and saves the Avatar. (return back to the present with Varrick standing triumphantly on the deck) The end!

(Cut to Baraz and Ahnah smiling fondly. A hand enters the frame, clapping. Camera pans across the prisoners as they applaud. Switch to an overhead shot of the deck as all the prisoners stand up, giving Varrick a standing ovation.)

Bolin: (in disbelief) Wait. (takes a step forward) You like that? (cut to a frontal shot of Bolin as he continues to react doubtfully) It didn't make any sense! (the prisoners' moods are ruined and they lower their hands) What about zombie Amon? What happened to him, huh? (paces about the deck) And-and-and-and stars are magic fairy dust? (walks forward and grabs Baraz's shirt) Are you guys crazy? (sticks his head towards Ahnah) Are you crazy?
Baraz: It's just a mover. (Bolin lets go of Baraz) Don't overthink it. It's like a ride.
Varrick: (appears behind Bolin with his arms wide open) Never let the truth (drapes an arm on Bolin's shoulder) get in the way of a good story, kid.

(Varrick smiles at the actor while Bolin frowns as the Nuktuk theme song is played in the background.)

[End Credits]

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