Transcript for 409 - Beyond the Wilds
Beyond the Wilds
Written By: Joshua Hamilton
Directed By: Ian Graham
Storyboard By: Chris Palmer, William Ruzika, Steve Ahn, Johane Matte, Carli Squitieri
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Korra Alone", "The Battle of Zaofu", and "Reunion".]

Shiro Shinobi: Korra is safely back in Republic City, but Bolin and Varrick are still on the lam. Weeks ago, Korra removed the remaining poison from her body, but the memory of Zaheer's attack still torments her. And after being defeated by Kuvira, she questions if she will ever fully recover. Meanwhile, Kuvira has been secretly harvesting spirit vines from The Swamp. But how close is she to completing her spirit energy weapon?

Act I

(Episode opens up to a shot of the Spirit Wilds of Republic City. Camera pans down to small tourist group gathered around Ryu past the entrance gate of the tourist attraction. There are various people either taking pictures or buying tickets.)

Ryu: Everyone, Mom, can we stay together, please? The tour's about to begin.

(Camera zooms in on Ryu in his new airbender suit and his parents. Ryu now sports dyed blonde hair.)

Ryu's Mom: (to a couple of tourists standing off to the side) That's my boy- Ryu. He used to live in the basement, but then he got airbending, and (places a hand on her son's shoulder) he's been doing important (a camera flash goes off in the foreground) Air Nation stuff all over the World. (chuckles) His father and I are here visiting him, (Ryu is checking through his cue cards) and we're just having the best time in the big city. (places both hands on her son's arm) We're so proud, (to her husband) right, honey?
Ryu's Dad: (shrugs) At least he has a job now.
Ryu: (shrugs off his mother's hands) Mom, Dad, I'm trying to work.

(Scene changes to the ruined buildings of the city that is now overrun by vines. The tourists stop to take pictures in front of a vine covered structure.)

Ryu: (reading off the cards in a bored manner) Fun fact, everyone: All these vines were created by UnaVaatu when he battled Giant Spirit Korra (gestures to the area behind him) for the fate of the World. (he looks a little annoyed that no one is paying attention to him)

(Cut to Ryu's point of view looking at the tourists as one of them turns around to address him.)

Tourist #1: (with dull enthusiasm) Excuse me. Are we in the Spirit World right now?
Ryu: (cut to a close up of Ryu as he sighs) No.
Tourist #1: (walks into frame as he takes pictures of the ground) Is the Spirit World in the ground below us? (the flashes of his camera goes off a couple more times)
Ryu: No, can I just get through my cards?
Ryu's Mom: (enters the frame) Oh, honey, don't get flustered.
Ryu: I'm not!
Tourist #1: (looks up from his camera with eyes wide open) Uh, why is that vine coming toward us?

(Switch to a view from behind the trio as we see a vine slithering in their direction. A scare cord plays and we cut to a frontal shot of them as the vine gets closer. The rest of the tourists turn their attention to the vine and continue to take pictures.)

Ryu: (panicks slightly) Uh, (flips through his cue cards) I don't see anything about that on the cards.

(Cut to a profile shot of the scene as the tourist bends down to pick up a branch.)

Tourist #1: I'm gonna poke it (runs off-screen) with a stick.
Ryu: (exasperated) No! why would you do that?

(Switch to a shot of tourist #1 as he pokes the vine a couple of times and the vine reacts by knocking the stick out of his grasp.)

Tourist #1: (shrieks) Ah! (the vine wraps around the tourist's waist and lifts him off the ground) Ooh! Oh! (the vine pulls him higher into the air and the tourist's hat falls off his head) Oh!

(Return back to Ryu with a protective hand raised behind him.)

Ryu: Everyone back! (discards his cards and runs off-screen)
Ryu's Mom: This tour is exciting!

(Switch back to the tourist in the vine's hold as Ryu does an airbending "slice" but his attack collides against the vine without doing any damage. Cut back to the tourists as they continue to take pictures but unbeknownst to them, the vines quickly sneak in from the sides and wrap around their torsos, lifting them off the ground.)

Ryu's Mom: (oblivious to everything that is occurring behind her) Isn't he the best airbender (turns around) ever- (a vine wraps around her calf and lifts her upside down) Ahh!

(Cut to Ryu who turns around to see his mother get grabbed but he too, gets swaddled by another vine. Tourist #1 drops his camera and it crashes on the ground, shattering the flash bulb and bits of the camera's metallic body.

Location changes to Korra seated on the steps in front of a building on Air Temple Island. She casually earthbends little columns of earth up and down from the ground and Naga chases after them like "whack a mole". Switch to a view from behind Korra's back as Opal walks towards them. Cut to a close up of Korra's face as she looks worried. Switch to a shot of Opal with her arms crossed and pouting sadly. Korra enters the frame.)

Korra: Everything okay?
Opal: (looks to the side) No. Kuvira has my family, (waves an arm out irritably) and no one seems to care but me.
Korra: (rests a hand on Opal's shoulder) We all care. Don't worry. We'll get them back safely.

(Camera abruptly cuts to the sky as Jinora flies down towards them and does a somersault, landing on the ground. She closes the wings on her suit as she runs towards the older girls.)

Jinora: Guys, there you are! I just felt a weird surge of spiritual energy coming from the Spirit Wilds. (cut to a close up of Korra and Opal as they look concerned) Something's wrong. (Korra frowns worriedly)

(Location changes to the Spirit Wilds and we can see a foot entering the frame, walking around.)

Opal: (off-screen) Are you sure you felt a disturbance? (cut to a shot of Opal searching through the area while Jinora searches the ruins in the background) Maybe you just had some bad food for breakfast.
Jinora: I'm telling you. I felt it. Maybe something happened to Ryu's tour group. (takes a few steps forward) We should've run into them by now.
Korra: (enters the frame and stands beside Opal) Yeah, but it's Ryu. They might be at the mall for all we know.
Jinora: Korra, (both girls turn towards her) can't you feel how strange the energy is?
Korra: (turns away) No, but... (cut to a close up of Korra looking down at a vine) Maybe I can get a reading.

(Korra closes her eyes and lays a hand on the vine which glows golden from her touch. Cut to her point of view as she travels down the vines and when we reach the end of the tunnel, Korra sees a vision of Kuvira's mechatanks standing on the roots of the Banyan Tree Grove and two of the tanks are pulling on a canister with a vine already encased inside. View pans across two mechatanks sawing through the roots of the tree but the root reacts by wrapping its vine around one of the tanks, swinging it around. A couple of cables are bent off-screen, surrounding the vine and the camera pans to a mechatank leaning backwards as it tugs on the cables. The vision changes to another mechatank sawing through another vine. Return back to Korra as she gasps and quickly removes her hand from the vine.)

Opal: Korra, (grabs Korra's arm) what is it? Are you okay?
Korra: (turns around) It was Kuvira. I saw her taking vines from The Swamp. It must be affecting our Spirit Wilds. (to Jinora) I bet that's what you were sensing, Jinora.
Jinora: (concerned) Why is she taking vines?
Korra: (frowns) Whatever the reason, I'm sure it's not good.
Opal: We have to tell Raiko. This might help him convince the other leaders to finally take her down.
Jinora: I'll keep looking for Ryu and the others.

(Cut to an overhead shot of the girls as they go their separate ways.

Scene changes to a shot of a vine-covered City Hall.)

Raiko: (off-screen) I say we deal with this Kuvira situation immediately.

(Cut to the inside of City Hall with the Fire Lord, Raiko, Tenzin, and Wu seated around the council table. Mako, Lin, and Raiko's bodyguards keep watch.)

Wu: Yes! Agreed! And I know just how to get rid of her: (cut to a frontal shot of an enthusiastic Wu) We tell her she won an all-expense-paid vacation to a tropical island. Then when she gets there, we reveal it was a trap- the island's a prison! Boom! Got her!

(Cut to Tenzin as he raises an eyebrow. Return back to a profile shot of Wu.)

Wu: Or, (chuckles) okay, uh, I'm just spitballing here. (to Raiko who rests his chin on his hands, deep in thought) We march in with an army of highly trained badgermoles!

(He looks towards the camera as he blinks his eyes excitedly. Cut to a close up of the Fire Lord as she narrows her eyes at the prince. Return back to a shot of Wu.)

Wu: Do we know if Kuvira has any allergies?
Raiko: (rests his hands on the table) Look, I think we all know what must be done. We take the fight to her.
Tenzin: (cut to a close up of Tenzin as he speaks) I don't believe attacking is the right move, since she hasn't done anything aggressive toward the United Republic.
Lin: Not yet. (camera pans up and left to Lin) But Kuvira can't be trusted. She told us that she was going to turn over power, and she didn't. I'm with Raiko. (switch to a full shot of the table) I say we go on the offensive and start by retaking Zaofu.

(The doors unlock and open off-screen.)

Korra: (enters the frame) President Raiko, (cut to a close up of Korra with Opal behind her) I'm sorry to interrupt, but- (pauses in her steps, confused) what's going on here?

(Switch to a shot of Wu as he leans back in his chair suavely.)

Wu: Oh, hey, Avatar Korra. (stretches his fingers) Just kickin' it World leader style, trying to figure out what to do about Kuvira. For the record, I told Raiko (camera pans right to Raiko) he should've invited you.
Korra: (cut to Korra as she looks visibly annoyed) You invited him but not me?
Tenzin: (switch to a close up of Tenzin as he calms her down) Please, Korra, it's not personal. We just thought perhaps we called you back into action a little too soon.
Korra: (return back to Korra who is still irked) Again- (stretches an arm out towards Wu) him, not me?
Raiko: (cut to Raiko as he stands up) Korra, we're in the middle of a meeting, and we can't have people just barge in whenever they want!
Bolin: (off-screen) Guys! (switch to Bolin and Varrick running into City Hall) Oh, perfect! You're all here!

(Bolin drops his hands on his knees and pants before giving a sheepish wave. Cut to a Korra, Mako, and Opal.)

Mako and Opal: (simulataneously) Bolin? (Korra grins widely)

(Switch back to Raiko as he doesn't look pleased.)

Raiko: What are you doing here?! Guards, (footsteps are heard off-screen) remove these traitors!

(Cut back to Bolin and Varrick as they get restrained by the guards.)

Bolin: No! We escaped Kuvira's army! We're back on your side now! (cut to a close up of Bolin's face as he hollers while he gets dragged away) We have top secret information for you!

(Camera cuts to Tenzin and Wu who are surprised by the revelation. Camera pans right to Raiko and he gives a nod. Switch back to Bolin and Varrick as the guards release them.)

Varrick: (pats the dust off his uniform) Okay, I guess we should have opened with that line.
Bolin: Listen to me. Kuvira is making this thing that goes... (imitates explosion and yells) I don't know how it works, but it has this... (warbling)
Varrick: (steps forward and rests a hand on Bolin's shoulder) It's a super weapon! Like a regular weapon, only super!

(Switch to a profile shot of Varrick with Mako, Korra, and Opal off to the side.)

Korra: (frowns) And let me guess. It has something to do with spirit vines.
Varrick: Yes! How did you know?
Korra: (to the council) I saw a vision of her taking spirit vines from The Swamp.
Varrick: (camera changes to a slight aerial shot of the scene) If she figures out how to harness their power, we are all doomed.
Raiko: She might use the weapon to attack Republic City. The only way to protect ourselves (points a finger down on the table) is with a preemptive strike.
Tenzin: My airbenders won't be part of an unprovoked attack.
Fire Lord Izumi: (stands up) Neither will (cut to a close up of the Fire Lord as she speaks coolly) the Fire Nation.

(Camera cuts to a full shot of the table.)

Raiko: But, Fire Lord Izumi, Kuvira is a threat to the World. She has to be stopped!
Fire Lord Izumi: (cut back to Izumi as she talks calmly) The Fire Nation has spent too much (closes her eyes) of its history fighting nonsense wars, (opens her eyes and glares at Raiko) and I refuse to drag my nation into another one (furrows her brows) unless there's no other choice. (return back to a full shot of the table) If you attack Kuvira, you'll do it without my army.
Raiko: (adjusts his glasses) Fine. I'll hold off any plans of attack. We'll go on the defensive and fortify security on the borders.
Fire Lord Izumi: (return back to Izumi) In that, (smiles softly) you'll have my help.

(Scene changes to the outside of City Hall as Opal leaves through the doors. Bolin runs out and quickly catches up to her.)

Bolin: Opal, wait! (stops in front of Opal and she looks down angrily) Please, I just want to say that I'm sorry for everything.
Opal: (crosses her arms) I'm glad you're okay, but it's a little late for sorry.
Opal: I know, I know. (cut to a frontal shot of Bolin as he shoots his mouth off) I didn't listen to you, and I sided with Kuvira, and I helped her take over the Earth Kingdom and topple your home and get your Mom captured (switch to a shot of Opal who looks irked) and your brothers and your Dad... (return back to a shot of Bolin) Wow, that does sound really bad when I say it out loud like that. But I'm gonna make it up to you.

(Cut to a full shot of the duo as Lin walks up to them.)

Lin: Pardon me, lovebirds, but I need a word with Opal. (Opal walks off and Bolin starts to follow but Lin raises a hand up to stop him) Privately. (walks off with her niece)

(Switch to Opal and her aunt walking up to a pillar.)

Lin: I'm sorry, kid, but Raiko couldn't convince the other leaders to attack Kuvira.
Opal: (worriedly) So our family...
Lin: Looks like we're going to have to save them ourselves.
Opal: Don't you think some other people would agree to go with us?
Lin: (cut to a close up of Lin as she turns serious) This is an unsanctioned and dangerous mission into enemy territory. We can't ask other people to risk their necks for our family. If we want to break them out, we'll have to do it alone.

(Camera pans left to reveal Bolin leaning against a pillar a few columns away. Mako and Korra walk up to him.)

Mako: Bolin, I'm so glad you're back. (cut to a close up of the trio) I was worried about you. (Mako gives Bolin a hug)
Korra: We all were. (all three of them share a group hug)
Bolin: (pulls away after a moment and looks down sadly) Thanks, guys. Mako, I'm so sorry about the way we left things. (sighs) I'm such an idiot. You tried to warn me about Kuvira, and I ran off anyway, like an idiot. You were right, and I'm just an idiot. I hope that I'll be able to earn your trust again.
Korra: If anyone has lost people's trust, (gestures to herself) it's me. Ever since Kuvira kicked my butt, no one even wants me around.
Mako: (rests a hand on Korra's shoulder) We want you around. (removes his hand from Korra's shoulder and gestures to his brother) And, Bolin, you're not an idiot. (switch to an overhead shot of the scene) You were just doing what you thought was right.
Bolin: (touched) Aw, I love you guys. And I really want to hug again.

(Bolin walks towards his brother and friend and all three of them embrace once more.

Scene changes to Jinora walking around the Spirit Wilds. She comes across a fallen, broken camera on the ground and picks it up, investigating the object. As she does so, a vine slithers in the background, catching her attention. She puts the camera down and airbends herself off the ground before the vine manages to grab her. Jinora lands on top of a roof but the vine creeps up the building and attempts to swipe her.

The young master runs forward and opens the wings of her glider suit and flies off the roof, narrowly escaping a couple more vines that violently slam against the roof. The vine chases after her and we cut to a frontal shot of Jinora as she flies closer to the ground to avoid more of the vine's onslaught. Cut to a close up of Jinora as she looks up and gasps.)

Jinora: (ducks to avoid a vine) Agh!

(Switch to full shot of Jinora descending down to the ground at a fast pace but she opens up the wings of her glider suit to propel herself back up before flying off-screen. Three tendrils of vines chase after her and coil around her legs.)

Jinora: Ugh! (the vines pull her away) Ahh!

(Cut to a shot of Jinora being flung around by the vines and brought to the ground as more vines encase her.)

Jinora: Argh!

(The young master closes her eyes and meditates. The camera zooms in on her face and the camera flashes white to a shot of Korra and Mako standing in front of City Hall. Jinora's blue apparition in front of them, startling Mako. Switch to a shot from behind the couple's backs looking up at Jinora.)

Jinora: Korra! The vines! They're taking me! (curls her body) Help!

(Cut to a close up of Korra and Mako who are shocked by the news and they look at each other to think of a plan. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to the entrance gate of the Spirit Wilds as tourists climb onboard a tram that would take them away. Near the entrance, a small cordon is set up by the police and camera cuts to a close up of Lin addressing her colleagues.)

Lin: Get everyone out of here! Put up a perimeter. (one group of policemen leave) Cancel all tours. (Korra and Mako run up to Lin) Somebody get ahold of Tenzin. (the rest of the policemen disperse)
Korra: We got to get in there and find Jinora.
Lin: I don't think anyone should be going in there right now.
Korra: I know I'm not the old Avatar I used to be, but I can do this.

(Lin thinks about Korra's request with her hands on her hips before a vine shoots out from the Wilds, past the entrance and snaring itself on the light cable dangling from the entrance. It pulls the lights down before slamming itself against a building. Cut to the trio as Lin looks at Korra, concerned.)

Lin: Be careful.

(Location changes to the inside of the now visibly darkened Spirit Wilds. Korra and Mako cautiously tred on the vines on the ground.)

Korra: Jinora!
Mako: Hello? Anyone?

(Switch to a frontal shot of the two as a creaking noise is heard off-screen.)

Mako: (looks to the side) Wait. (Korra looks in the same direction as Mako) Do you hear that?

(Switch to a view inside a building, looking out of the window where the duo are standing as they cautiously stare at the window panes. Return back to the outside as the panes shatter and a vine shoots out to attack the pair. Mako firebends while Korra does a spinning kick, sending a blast of airbending at the vines. A vine grabs Mako by the waist and hauls him back. Korra quickly cuts him free with firebending and he falls to the ground. The Avatar quickly runs off with her friend in tow as the vines continuously reaches out for them.)

Korra: Come on!

(Cut to the inside of an abandoned building as a hole is earthbent in the wall. Korra quickly runs in while Mako stays at the opening, firing off two attacks at the vines. He slowly retreats backwards as the vines start to come in. Korra quickly earthbends a wall to seal the hole. Switch to a back view shot of the two in their bending postures and Mako relaxes, glancing at something glowing behind them.)

Mako: Korra, look. (Korra turns around and widens her eyes. Cut to cluster of green, luminescent pods hanging from the ceiling.) What are those?

(Both of them walk forward and investigate. Switch to an aerial view of Korra looking up at the pods and we can see human silhouettes encased in them. The floor beneath the pods is wet and the duo stop in their tracks. The Avatar looks down and we switch to a profile shot of her as she rests a hand on a pod which becomes translucent, revealing Jinora's sleeping form within. Korra widens her eyes with realization.)

Korra: It's Jinora and the rest of them. Their spirits are trapped in the Spirit World.
Mako: (bends a fire dagger in his palm) Let's get them out.
Korra: (rests a hand on Mako's shoulder) Don't! (Mako stops firebending) You'll provoke the vines. (glances back at Jinora's pod) Let me try.

(Mako takes a few steps back and mystical music begins to play. Switch to a back view shot of the two as Korra uses the water on the floor and waterbends a double helix around the pods, attempting to do the spirit purification technique. The helixes glow golden and the camera focuses on the opaque pod of Jinora. Nothing is happening. Return to the back view shot of the pair as Korra's arms shake from the strain. Cut to a frontal shot of Korra with her eyes closed, deep in concentration. She struggles for a few seconds before opening her eyes and dropping her hands, allowing the water to crash back onto the floor.)

Korra: (grunts) They won't open. Maybe if I meditate into the Spirit World, I can free them.

(Switch to a frontal shot of the couple as Mako watches Korra take a seat in the lotus position on the floor. Camera quickly zooms in on Korra's face and the screen flashes white before zooming out. Korra has her eyes closed but she is now standing in the canyon where she fought Zaheer. Cut to a profile shot of Korra as she opens her eyes and looks around.)

Korra: Wait... This isn't the Spirit World.

(A gust of air catches her attention, blowing her hair around and she turns back. Camera pans up to reveal Zaheer floating in the air.)

Korra: (off-screen) Zaheer! No!

(Zaheer bends two gusts of air at Korra who brings up her arms to shield herself from the attack. She is knocked backwards and rolls along the top of the cliff. Korra stops at the cliff and she stands up, punching her arms forward with a firebending attack but she drops her arm, clutching it with pain and falling to the knees.)

Zaheer: (cut to a close up Zaheer from her memory) You can't fight me and the poison.

(Cut back to Korra as she looks up with despair.)

Korra: No, I got it out.
Zaheer: (return back to Zaheer taunting her in the air) You'll never get it out!

(Zaheer airbends again and we return back to Korra as his attack encircles her and it begins to suffocate her. Korra gasps and we return back to the present as she inhales sharply and slumps forward with perspiration dotting her arms and head.)

Mako: (alarmed) Korra! (runs forward and rests his hands on his friend's shoulders) What's wrong?
Korra: (switch to a profile shot of Korra's face as she pants) It's Zaheer.
Mako: (cut to Mako as he looks confused) What are you talking about?
Korra: He's been haunting me (sits up) ever since I fought him. I can't get any peace. (switch to a back view shot of the two) It's like he's blocking me (Mako stands up and holds Korra's hand as he helps to pull her up) from meditating into the Spirit World. (they release their hands after both of them are standing up straight)
Mako: (supportive) I'm here for you. What do you need?

(Scene changes to Mako, Korra, and Tenzin outside at the entrance gate of the Spirit Wilds. The airbending master is pinching his nose bridge.)

Korra: I want to face Zaheer.
Tenzin: Korra, he's too dangerous. Even when he's locked up, he can't be trusted.
Korra: (cut to a frontal shot of Korra as she turns serious) I need to if I want to save Jinora and the others; there's no other way.
Tenzin: (switch to a shot of Tenzin) There is another way. I'm calling your father. He can lead an expedition into the Spirit World from the Southern Portal.
Korra: (return back to Korra as her expression turns downcast) You've lost faith in me too, haven't you? (looks down) No one thinks I'm capable of anything anymore.
Tenzin: (off-screen) It's not that at all.
Korra: (pleads softly) I know I can do this.

(Switch to a profile shot of the scene.)

Tenzin: I'm just so worried for Jinora. I can't imagine if something happened to you too.
Korra: (takes a step forward and rests a hand on Tenzin's arm) Tenzin, please... I'll be okay.
Tenzin: (turns his head to the side and speaks with his eyes closed) Zaheer's imprisoned (looks at Korra in the eye) deep in the mountains outside the city. I'll call Raiko and get the clearance.
Korra: (embraces her mentor) Thank you.

(Location changes to an aerial shot of Air Temple Island. Cut to Bolin walking down a pathway surrounded by trees and greenery. He now sports a jacket based off The Rocketeer and he wears his hair without any gel.)

Bolin: Pab-pabs, (switch to a view from the ground looking up at Bolin) where are you?

(Pabu appears with a squeak, on a branch in a tree above him. Bolin turns around and Pabu chitters excitedly. Switch to a profile shot of Bolin with his arms wide open as the fire ferret jumps off the branch and lands in Bolin's arms.)

Bolin: Pabu! (hugs his pet and spins in a circle as he laughs) Oh, I missed you so much! (holds Pabu out in front of him) So I don't know if you've heard, but Opal's kind of mad at me. (Pabu squeaks) I was hoping you could help me win her back.

(Cut to a close up of Pabu as he chitters. Return back to Bolin as he looks delighted.)

Bolin: Awesome! Yes, I have an idea.

(Scene changes to Opal reading a book on the steps of a building. Pabu enters the frame and trots towards her. The fire ferret is sporting a pink ribbon around his neck. Cut to a close up of Opal as Pabu runs around Opal before stopping in front of her and stands up with its paws on her knees.)

Opal: Hello, Pabu. (the fire ferret chitters some more) Well, it's good to see you too. (cut to her point of view as she pulls off a small roll of paper from the ribbon) What do you got there?

(Cut to a close up of Opal's face as she unrolls the parchment and reads it quickly, alarm forming on her face.

Scene changes to Opal running down a pathway with Pabu in tow and she stops, looking around. Switch to a shot of Bolin pouring a cup of tea on top of a small hill with a picnic basket and woven container of steamed buns beside him. Cut to a close up of Bolin as he looks up at Opal with a smile.)

Bolin: Opal, you made it.

(Switch to a profile shot of the scene as Opal and Pabu walk up to Bolin.)

Opal: What's this?
Bolin: A picnic, just for the two of us. Well, three of us. (Pabu scampers onto Bolin's shoulder) Sorry, Pabs.
Opal: (waves the small sheet of parchment in her hand) So this note Pabu brought me saying you broke both of your legs was just a ruse?
Bolin: (cut to a frontal shot of Bolin as he reacts sheepishly) Maybe... But now that you're here, don't you want to just sit back, relax, (picks up the basket of steamed buns) try some of my homemade steam buns- (Pabu picks up a steam bun with his paws) Pema's recipe- (puts down the basket) and watch Pabu (holds Pabu out in front of him) do some of his World famous backflips (flips Pabu in the air) for entertainment? (catches Pabu and the steam bun falls back into Pabu's grasp) Ha-ha!

(The fire ferret chitters happily and we switch to a shot of Opal who doesn't look amused.)

Opal: (sarcastically) Oh, steam buns- my favorite. This will totally make me forget that you worked for Kuvira, the person who captured my family and is probably torturing them right now. (cut to a close up of Bolin with nervous sweat dotting his forehead) So, yeah, let's just sit down (cut back to Opal as she becomes furious) and have a great picnic because we're so in love! (turns away and takes a few steps forward before turning back) I'm sorry you had to see that, Pabu.

(Switch to a shot of Bolin looking down sadly as his pet takes a few bites from the steamed bun.

Location changes to a shot of City Hall.)

Raiko: (off-screen) Thank you both for coming.

(Cut to the inside of Raiko's office as he address Asami and Varrick, who is now wearing his old Water Tribe clothes.)

Varrick: It's nice to be welcomed back with open arms.
Raiko: (cut to a close up of Raiko as he adjusts his glasses) Actually, I brought you here out of necessity. It's no secret I never liked you, (switch to Raiko's point of view as he looks at the two inventors and we can see Asami doesn't look too pleased) especially after you tried to have me kidnapped.
Varrick: Allegedly.
Asami: (scoffs) Right. (irritably turns towards Varrick) Everything you do is "allegedly", like when you took over my company and bombed the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center?
Varrick: I own that building! A man has the right (rubs his fingers) to blow up his own property!
Raiko: (return back to Raiko with a hand raised up like a "stop signal") Right now, I need you to put aside your differences. If Kuvira really is creating a super weapon, (cut to a profile shot of the Varrick and Asami) we're going to need the two brightest minds in the city working together to stop it.
Varrick: (turns to Asami) What do you say, Asami? (switch to a frontal shot of the two as Varrick extends a hand out) Partners again?

(Asami stares at his hand and closes her eyes to think for a split second before returning the handshake.)

Asami: Fine. I'll help. (twists Varrick's hand backwards) But don't even think (adds pressure on Varrick's wrist and the man breaks out in pain and cold sweat) about double-crossing me again.
Varrick: Ow... (nods) Uh-huh.

(Location changes to a scenic shot of a mountain ridge with Republic City in the background. Camera pans down to a structure built into the mountain. Cut to a close up back view shot of Mako and Korra as they look at the entrance doors of the prison open up. Two White Lotus sentries stand guard at their positions. Cut to a close up of Korra looking up at the tall, imposing structure as the wind blows her hair around. Switch to a profile shot of Mako as she looks at Korra with concern.)

Mako: Are you sure you're ready for this?
Korra: (cut to a close up of Korra's determined face) Yes. I think if I see Zaheer chained up, (looks down) I'll finally realize that he's not a threat anymore.

(Switch to an overhead shot of the two as they walk forward. Scene changes to Korra inside the elevator with Mako and a White Lotus guard in tow. The elevator comes to a stop and the doors slide open to reveal two more sentries standing at their positions outside a metal gate. Everyone gets off the elevator. switch to a shot of the two sentries as they bend their knees and pull their arms back. The gears start ratcheting and the chains begin to clank as the gate slowly slides upwards. Cut to the other side of the gate to reveal a frontal shot of the five of them. The gate clangs into place and the sentries stop bending.)

Guard: Approach the wall.

(Switch to a back view shot of Korra and Mako. The latter is about to take a step forward but Korra turns towards him.)

Korra: No. (Mako frowns slightly) I need to do this alone.

(Korra heads towards the wall and the gears and chains start working again. Switch to a shot of Mako appearing concerned while the sentry beside him looks on as the gate is slowly lowered back down to the floor. Cut to a frontal shot of Korra as the gate clangs shut behind her and she narrows her eyes with determination.

Switch to a shot of Korra's feet as the metal gate in front of her creaks up and opens to reveal a cavern filled with green crystals. Cut to the other side of the gate as the camera slowly pulls back and the gate slides into place, fully revealing Korra. When the camera pulls back enough, we see chain links suspended in the air.

Cut to a shot of a disheveled Zaheer in a brown robe, seated in the lotus position in the air with fetters on each limb.)

Zaheer: (speaks calmly with his eyes closed) I figured you would show up sooner or later.

(Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode opens up to an overhead shot of Zaheer's prison cell.)

Zaheer: So... You must really be in trouble if you came all the way down here to see me.
Korra: (cut to a close up of Korra as she speaks with tranquil fury and steadfast determination) I came here to look you in the eye and tell you that you have no power over me. I will no longer be scared of you.

(Switch to a shot of Zaheer as he opens his eyes and suddenly dashes forward with a growl. Cut to Korra as she reacts with fear and a small stream of tears spill into the air. Return back to Zaheer as he continues to move forward but is restrained by the chains and can go no further. Korra is still on the edge and takes a step back.)

Zaheer: (laughs heartily) I guess it didn't work. (cut to Zaheer as he looks at the Avatar with a menacing grin) You still seem scared.

(Change to an over the shoulder view from behind Zaheer as Korra backs away fearfully.)

Korra: This was a mistake. (turns away)
Zaheer: (stands up straight) I know why you're here. (Korra stops in her tracks)
Korra: You don't know anything about me!
Zaheer: (cut to a frontal shot of Zaheer's face as he cocks his head to the side) You can't go into the Spirit World. (Switch to the back of Korra's head as she turns to the side to look at Zaheer. Cut to a profile shot of the confrontation.) I spend most of my time in the Spirit World, (Korra turns around to face Zaheer again) and it's well-known that the Avatar's Spirit hasn't been there for a few years.
Korra: You can meditate into the Spirit World from here? (glances around the cell) Doesn't feel very spiritually charged.
Zaheer: This is your problem. Republic City is flowing with spiritual energy, and you can't even tap into it.
Korra: (cut to Korra who is angered) No, my problem is (points an accusatory finger at Zaheer) you. You poisoned (her arm shakes) me! (throws her hand down) You ruined me! (cut to Zaheer as he listens passively) People used to think I was unstoppable, but now they don't think I'm capable of anything!
Zaheer: Blaming me is a crutch to make you feel better, (turns away from the Avatar) but it's not helping you recover.

(Return back to a profile shot of Korra.)

Korra: (voice shaking slightly) I thought seeing you face-to-face would put an end to all of this, (looks down dejectedly) but maybe it's time I realize I'll never be the same.
Zaheer: (cut to a frontal shot of Zaheer with Korra behind him) Neither of us are the same as before. I learned to fly, (looks down as his fettered wrists) but now I'm bound in chains. You have all the power in the World and the freedom to use it, but you choose to hold yourself down.
Korra: I'm not holding myself down, but my powers have limits.
Zaheer: (turns around) You're wrong. That poison should've killed you, but you (furrows his brows) were able to fight it off. You think your power has limits; I say it's limitless.
Korra: (cut to a close up of Korra as she glances down dismissively) Whatever. Before, you were always talking about chaos and freedom. Then you took out the Earth Queen and created the worst dictator the Earth Kingdom has ever seen. Thanks for that.

(Switch to a close up of Zaheer as he widens his eyes and his expression changes to surprise.)

Zaheer: (glances down thoughtfully) I've heard rumors about her, but I didn't know she achieved so much power. She needs to be stopped.

(Return back to a profile shot of the scene.)

Korra: Well, I can't stop her unless I get over this block.
Zaheer: I think I can help. (switch to a close up of Zaheer) Let me lead you into the Spirit World.
Korra: (change to a shot of Korra's face which still has cold sweat on it) No way. (looks to the side) I can't trust you.
Zaheer: (camera returns back to Zaheer) Maybe not. But if you had any other options, you wouldn't be here now, would you? (return back to the previous shot of Korra) We may have been enemies once, but for now, our interests align. (Korra widens her eyes with realization)

(Cut back to a profile shot of the area and Zaheer returns back to his lotus position in mid-air. Cut to Korra as she looks down.)

Korra: I've come this far. What have I got to lose?

(Korra sits down in the lotus position inhales sharply. Return back to the profile shot of the two of them.)

Zaheer: Focus on the sound of my voice, and clear your mind.

(The prison cell background changes to the blue and green tinged spiritual plane. The background then changes to a frontal shot of Korra cringing from the memory. The flashback of Zaheer attempting to suffocate Korra plays out on the screen. In the foreground, faded profile shots of Korra and Zaheer appear on both sides of the screen. Korra grunts in fear and pain.)

Zaheer: Let it play out.
Korra: (trembles) I can't!

(The memory turns into the giant swirling tornado Jinora and the other airbenders created.)

Zaheer: You can. (Korra's eyebrows continue to quiver in fear and she clenches her jaw) Accept what happened to you. Don't fear what might have been.
Korra: I have no control!

(Korra and Zaheer both fade away from the screen and the memory turns into Korra falling down the eye of the tornado, screaming.)

Zaheer: (off-screen in an ethereal voice) Don't be afraid. Hold on.

(Korra makes contact with the ground and seemingly passes through it. The ground shatters and turns into various spirits and camera pans down to reveal Korra seated in the lotus position in the Spirit World meadow with its gingko-like trees behind her.)

Korra: (opens her eyes) I made it... (looks around and we switch to a profile shot of Zaheer standing in front of Korra, but unshackled) And you led me here. (pushes herself off the ground) Do you know where Jinora and the others are?
Zaheer: (cut to a close up of Zaheer) No, but you do. (his apparition fades away)

(Korra's body and eyes glow blue with the Avatar Spirit and Raava's symbol shines on Korra's torso.)

Korra: (looks down at her heart with glee) Raava, I missed you. Where have you been?
Raava: (from within Korra) I have always been inside of you.
Korra: Can you help me find Jinora?

(The wind whistles and Korra is quickly transported through the lush green landscape, past a barren land, until she reaches a dark forest which has a green sphere containing all the suspended souls of the people who got taken from the Spirit Wilds in Republic City. )

Korra: (off-screen) How do I release their spirits?

(Cut to a shot of Korra standing in front of the sphere.)

Raava: You must bend the energy within.
Korra: (looks down at her hands) But I'm powerless in the Spirit World.
Raava: No, you're most powerful here. (switch to a close up of Korra) In the Spirit World, you're connected to all the spiritual energy.

(Korra walks forward and camera changes to a scenic shot of the sphere. Cut to Korra's hand touching the sphere and its surface glows translucent. Cut to a close up of Korra with her eyes closed in concentration. She then opens her eyes and they glow with the Avatar State. Return back to a shot of the sphere as it slowly glows golden from the bottom up, making the sphere opaque. When the glow reaches the top, the sphere dissipates into shiny green particles. Cut to a shot of Ryu's spirit as the sphere disintegrates. Switch to a full shot of the sphere as the souls gradually float up towards the sky. The camera changes to an overhead shot of all the souls making their way home.

Camera flashes white and we cut back to the pods in the Spirit Wilds. The pods melt away to reveal Ryu's mother and Tourist #1. More pods around them slowly disintegrate. Cut to Jinora's pod as it opens up to reveal herself covered in green slime. She opens her eyes and takes a deep breath. Camera pans up to Ryu's pod as it fully melts away.)

Ryu: (groans as he wakes up) Uh... I feel all spirity.

(Scene changes to the vines outside the entrance gate of the Spirit Wilds and they are pushed apart like a curtain by Ryu and Jinora. Jinora rushes forward happily.)

Jinora: (gasps) Dad!

(Cut to Lin and Tenzin outside the entrance as the latter catches his daughter who jumps into his arms. Tenzin twirls his oldest child around in a circle before gently setting her down on the ground. Cut to a close up of Tenzin and Jinora.)

Tenzin: I'm so glad you're safe. What happened? How did you get out?
Jinora: Korra saved us.

(Jinora smiles at her father and Tenzin returns the gesture with a soft smile of his own.

Scene changes to Mako and Korra walking out of Zaheer's mountain prison.)

Mako: So... How are you doing?
Korra: (softly) I feel whole again. I feel good. (stops walking)
Mako: Do you think you're finally able to forget about (cut to a close up of the duo as the doors to the prison slowly close behind them) what Zaheer did to you?
Korra: No. (turns around to face Mako) But I am finally able to accept what happened, (smiles at Mako) and I think that's gonna make me stronger.

(Location changes to Lin and Opal loading up supplies on Opal's air bison on Air Temple Island. Bolin runs into the frame and we cut to a frontal shot of Opal with Bolin behind her.)

Bolin: Where are you going?
Opal: (angles her head towards Bolin) We've got some family business (turns away) to take care of.
Bolin: (with his hands clasped together) All right, listen, before you go, I just want to tell you that I understand how you feel. I know there's nothing I could do or no big gesture that can make up for all my mistakes, (switch to the back of Opal's head as she reacts to his words by glancing down) but that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop trying to win you (Opal glances to Bolin sadly) back, because... (cut to a close up of Bolin as he speaks sincerely) I love you.
Opal: (return back to a shot of Opal with a faint blush staining her cheeks and she looks away from Bolin) Thanks for saying all of that. (switch to a shot of Opal with Bolin behind her and the earthbender turns to walk away) You know, (Bolin stops in his tracks) there is one thing you could do to win me back.
Bolin: (enthusiastically) What is it? Yes, I'll do anything!

(Cut to a full shot of the scene as Lin watches her niece and Bolin from the saddle.)

Opal: Come on a secret mission with us.
Bolin: Where to?
Opal: Zaofu. (cut back to Opal as she speaks seriously) We're going to rescue my family.

(The camera focuses on Bolin now who is at first surprised but his expression changes to stoic determination.)

[End Credits]

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