Transcript for 410 - Operation Beifong
Operation Beifong
Written By: Tim Hedrick
Directed By: Melchior Zwyer
Storyboard By: Sol Choi, Elsa Garagarza, Shaun O'Neil, Owen Sullivan
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Psycho Silver

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "The Battle of Zaofu" and "Beyond the Wilds".]

Shiro Shinobi: After Kuvira harvested spirit vines from The Swamp, the vines in Republic City reacted by abducting people. Korra saved everyone, but all is not well. Varrick and Bolin returned to warn everyone about Kuvira's spirit vine super weapon. Now Raiko wants to mount a defense against the Earth Empire. Meanwhile, Bolin, Opal, and Lin are on a mission to rescue su beifong and her family, who are being held captive by Kuvira.

Act I

(Episode opens up to an aerial view of Zaofu, now with its domes removed. Camera pans left to Opal's bison landing atop a mountain close to the city. Switch to a slight frontal shot of the bison with mucus dripping from its nostrils as everyone disembarks from the beast. Opal pets her bison affectionately.)

Bolin: (excitedly) All right, let's do this. (cut to a close up of Bolin and Opal as the latter looks at him with a weird expression) Saving the Bei Fongs and saving our love (Opal crosses her arms) because I vow to repair the rift that has grown betwixt us (Lin walks towards them) and make us whole again!
Lin: (places a hand on Bolin's chest and pushes him backwards) You, zip it now. (Bolin appears upset as Lin continues to walk forward) I had enough of your babble on the ride in.
Bolin: (nods) Yes, Ma'am.

(Opal gives her boyfriend a sly look.

Cut to a close up of one of the domes. Camera pulls back to the trio stopping at their vantage point on the mountain.)

Opal: Kuvira tore down all the domes. (everyone kneels down to avoid being spotted) Why would she do that?

(Lin takes out something from her belt and places it against her eye. Cut to a frontal shot of Lin looking through a spyglass.)

Lin: She's got a whole battalion of troops stationed there. (switch to a shot of the trio's backs) There's no way we'll be able to spot anything useful from here. We'll have to go in for a closer look.
Toph: (off-screen) Don't bother. (everyone turns around and camera cuts to Toph walking out of the shade beneath the trees, out into the open) All the prisoners have been moved.
Lin: (cut to Lin as she stands up, looking bewildered) Uh, hey, Chief.
Toph: (return back to a frontal shot of Toph) Hey, Chief.

(Switch to a full profile shot of the scene as Opal runs forward and throws her arms around Toph.)

Opal: Grandma Toph!
Toph: (fondly) You were only up to my waist the last time we were together.

(Cut to a shot of Bolin as he begins to squee.)

Bolin: (places both hands on his cheeks as he fanboys over Toph) Oh, man! (laughs as he moves his legs up and down on the spot) Oh, I can't! (waves his hand around as Lin facepalms) This can't be happening!
Toph: (cut to a close up of Toph and Opal as the former raises an eyebrow) What? Do you have to pee (Opal chuckles) or something?
Bolin: (return back to a close up of Bolin) No, well, now maybe. (gestures his arms towards Toph) You're my hero! My name is Bolin. I'm dating your granddaughter, (switch to a full shot of the scene as everyone glances at Bolin) I mean, kind of. (places a hand on the back of his head sheepishly) I may have screwed that up, but that's why I'm here, (gestures his arms out towards Toph again) and you're my hero! Oh, I said that. Can I have a hug too?
Toph: What's up with him?
Lin: He's an actor. So you already checked (Bolin's expression turns to disappointment as his request for a hug is rejected) the city for Su? (frowns a bit) How did you know she was captured?
Toph: I've been living in The Swamp and keeping watch on Zaofu through the vines.
Bolin: (surprised) Sure, okay, makes sense.
Toph: By the time I got here, they were gone. I snooped around town and heard that they were taken away to some nearby prison camp.
Opal: (frowns at Bolin) Where would that be?

(Return back to a close up of Bolin as he looks down, ashamed.)

Bolin: There's a factory and reeducation facility not too far away.

(Cut back to Toph and her granddaughter.)

Toph: How do you know that?
Opal: Bolin used to work for Kuvira.
Toph: How did you end up dating the kind of dipstick (switch back to a full shot of the scene) who works for Kuvira?
Bolin: (points a finger up in the air) Used to!
Lin: (walks away) It's not his silver tongue, (Toph turns and walks away as well) I can tell you that. (Opal starts to walk away too)
Bolin: (rushes up to Opal as he follows the women) Please tell me this attitude isn't hereditary.

(Cut to a close up of Opal's bison as it grunts. Opal and Toph walk up to it and the bison licks Opal affectionately.)

Opal: Grandma, this is Juicy.
Toph: (cut to a close up of Toph who reacts with disgust) And I thought Appa was smelly. Why would you choose this leaky, nasty thing?

(Return back to the previous shot as Opal speaks affectionately.)

Opal: You don't choose your bison. (Juicy nudges Opal playfully) He chooses you. And once he chooses you, (Opal pets Juicy) you can't change. Believe me. I checked.

(Location changes to a shot of City Hall.)

Raiko: (off-screen) The borders are secure, and troops are guarding the rail lines into the city. (cut to a shot of Raiko seated at his desk, in between Asami and Varrick) So, what have you two geniuses come up with to fend off Kuvira?

(Cut to a frontal shot of Mako, Korra, Varrick, Asami, and Tenzin standing in front of Raiko's desk. Asami gleefully unfolds a blueprint to reveal the schematics of a flying mecha-suit.)

Varrick: (enthusiastically waves his arms towards the blueprint) It's a flying mecha-suit! (Asami quickly ducks behind the blueprint to avoid getting hit by Varrick's hands) Asami got the idea (Varrick begins to gesture to Raiko and Asami cautiously stands up from behind the blueprint) from watching dragonfly-hummingbirds. You can take off straight up, (Asami smiles) fly in any direction.
Raiko: (leans forward) Where does the spirit ray come out?

(Switch to profile shots of Asami, Varrick, Korra, and Mako as they frown.)

Varrick: It doesn't have a spirit ray. (raises a finger in the air) I'm telling you what I told Kuvira: That technology should not (waves his arms in a 'no' gesture) be used.
Raiko: (cut to Raiko as he slams his hands on the table and stands up angrily) It's already being used by Kuvira! I need spirit vine weapons, (Switch to a shot of Raiko's finger pointing down on the table as Korra raises an eyebrow. In the background, we can see Wu standing behind the Avatar.) and I need them now!

Korra: (firmly) No. It was Kuvira's harvesting of the vines in The Swamp that caused the Republic City vines to go crazy and grab all those people.
Raiko: (cut to Raiko as he raises an eyebrow) You're supposed to be the bridge between the two Worlds. Why can't you harvest the vines?
Korra: (switch to a close up of Korra) I won't do that, but maybe since the spirits love Republic Ccity so much, I can convince them to help us defend it somehow.
Raiko: (return back to Raiko as he gives a slight nod) Hmm...

(Cut to a full shot of everyone standing in front of Raiko.)

Wu: Okay, (Korra and Varrick step aside to allow Wu to take a step forward) maybe while the (gestures to Varrick and Asami) weapon geniuses and (turns to Korra) the spirit bridge (Korra frowns at the term) are getting ready for battle, (places his hands on his chest) we should be evacuating the ordinary citizens so that if Kuvira attacks, they won't be hurt.
Raiko: (cut to a close up of Raiko who is slightly surprised) That's actually a good idea. (points to the prince) Prince Wu, you work with the police to coordinate getting people out of the city. (switch to a slight overhead shot of the president's office) Now everyone get to it. I want daily updates.

(Everyone except Varrick clasps their hands in front of them and bows to the president. Varrick looks around at their postures and proceeds to bow as well.

Location changes to the outside of the president's office as Tenzin walks off-screen while Asami and Varrick walk side by side along the corridor before heading off-screen as well. Wu and Mako walk out the doors of the office.)

Mako: Nice job in there. (stops and turns around to face Wu) I'm proud of you. You're starting to act like the kind of King I'd like to work for.
Wu: Thanks. (switch to a close up of Wu as he raises a hand up by the side of his mouth in an attempt to whisper to Mako) And if Korra buys this "Man of the People" thing, (looks down the corridor) I still might get to date her.
Mako: (cut to a frontal shot of Mako as his expression changes to disappointment) You always have to ruin it.
Wu: (switch to profile shots of the two) What? Come on! Why do you think guys do anything great? To pick up girls. Every work of art, every song, (Mako looks disgusted) every city evacuation. All for the ladies. (Wu turns away from Mako and walk down the corridor)

(Location changes to a factory on a barren land. Camera zooms in on what appears to be an enormous tank gun above the rail tracks.)

Baatar Jr.: (off-screen) All right, everybody, let's test the power core. (cut to the testing area behind the gun with Baatar Jr. supervising a couple of scientists who take notes, two mechatanks on the loading track, and Zhu Li at the controls) I want everything in order (one of the mechatanks picks up an spirit vine capsule from the shelf behind him and walks towards the loading track while the other mechatank stands by) for the full demonstration for Kuvira tomorrow. (cut to a close up of Baatar Jr. in deep concentration) Load the energy capsule.

(Cut to a profile shot of the mechatanks lowering the energy capsule onto the loading track and pushing it into the main body of the gun. Switch to an over the shoulder shot from behind Zhu Li glancing down at Baatar Jr.)

Baatar Jr.: Zhu Li, initialize phase one.

(Zhu Li rests her hand on a red lever and camera cuts to a frontal shot of the assistant as she pushes the lever upwards. It clicks into place and camera focuses on the vine within the energy capsule as it now glows purple. Cut to a frontal shot of the gun as a purple energy beam glows from within the barrel. Cut to Baatar Jr. as he smiles. Switch to a shot of various meters on the control panel as all the needle dials rapidly move towards the right, indicating an overload. Alarms start blaring. Cut to a shot of Baatar Jr. with Zhu Li in the background.)

Zhu Li: There's a problem with the condenser. It's backing up.
Baatar Jr.: Shut it down.

(Switch to Zhu Li's hand as she pulls the lever down but the dials on the meters continue to stay in the red region. A red button, presumably the override switch, continues to glow and pulse red.)

Zhu Li: I can't. The override isn't working. (switch to a back view shot of Zhu Li with Baatar Jr. in the background looking frightened) Everyone needs to evacuate. (turns around with alarm) This thing is going to blow!
Baatar Jr.: (cut to a close up of Baatar Jr. as he rushes forward with panic) Everyone get out! (switch to a shot of the scientists and mechatanks jumping over a railing to escape) Now!

(Switch to the inside of a panel full of circuits and wiring. The door opens up to reveal Baatar Jr. reaching into the circuitry with Zhu Li in the background.)

Zhu Li: Come on, Baatar! It's too late!

(Baatar Jr. strains as he grabs something off-screen. Cut to the energy capsule as it glares brightly purple but the glow slowly dissipates and the vine shrinks to more than half of its original thickness. Cut to Baatar Jr. kneeling on the ground as he pulls out a bunch of circuitry and glances into the power box. Switch to a close up of the inventor as he look around and his eyes widen. Camera then zooms in on a broken channeling ring inside the power box. Camera fades to Baatar Jr. holding the channeling ring in his hand.)

Baatar Jr.: (angered) This channeling ring was cracked. That's what caused the reaction to overload. (switch to an overhead shot of Baatar Jr. standing on top of a platform and addressing the soldiers below) Now we're taking this whole thing apart tonight and checking everything. Nothing is too small. (return back to a shot of Baatar Jr. as his eyebrows continue to furrow in anger) This has to be ready by tomorrow.

(Scene changes to Juicy flying behind the cover of a mountain ridge with the factory in the background. Switch to a shot of Juicy's saddle.)

Bolin: (turns his head to Toph and Lin) So how long has it been since you two have seen each other?

(Camera switches to a close up of mother and daughter as Lin crosses her arms and looks down.)

Toph: (smiles) Little while now. Couple of years.
Lin: (glances at her mother, offended) Try twenty.
Toph: Ah, time flies when you get to be my age. I'm surprised you came to save Su. I thought you guys didn't get along.
Lin: Su and I finally worked out our old grievances.
Toph: Good, (wraps her arms behind her head and leans against the supplies in the saddle) glad we can put all that behind us.
Lin: (cut to a close up of Lin as she appears disgruntled) Right. "We."

(Scene changes to Juicy landing on the ground behind a few columns of rock.)

Bolin: Okay, (camera pans left to the factory in the background) there's the factory.

(Switch to an overhead shot of Lin and Bolin dashing out of cover behind some crates and running forward. Cut to a metal wall as it gets bent open by Toph. Switch to the outside of the building as everyone quietly runs into the opening. The wall is then bent back into place and a patroling mechatank walks by a second later. Cut to the inside of the building as everyone ducks behind some crates and looks around. Opal and Bolin advance forward and hide behind a shelf.)

Bolin: (the couple are shell shocked) Whoa, (camera pans right to reveal the spirit gun) that's one big... (switch to an overhead shot of the massive weapon) thing.

(Cut back to the quartet as Toph slams her foot on the ground and the camera changes to black and white as shockwaves radiate from Toph's foot. Return to a close up of Toph with her eyes closed as color returns back to the screen.)

Toph: I think I know where they are. (Lin glances at her mother) Feel that cavern a few stories down? (stands up and opens her eyes) It seems empty, (looks at the ground) but it's guarded by an awful lot of mech.

(Lin slams her foot on the ground and the screen changes to the black and white seismic sense again.)

Lin: Right. Why would you need soldiers guarding an empty cavern? (Lin stands up and the color returns back to normal) They must have them in some kind of suspended prison, so they can't use their earthbending.

(The metallic doors open off-screen, catching their attention. Cut to a shot of the green doors of the garage as it slides open and sunlight pours in. Camera pulls back to reveal Bolin.)

Bolin: (whispers) Someone's coming. Hide!

(Cut to the crack in between the doors to reveal Kuvira and a couple of mechs. The doors fully slide open and we cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Episode returns to a shot of the spirit gun and camera pans down to Kuvira standing in front of it with her hands behind her back.)

Baatar Jr.: (off-screen, walking with his crew towards his fiancee) I didn't expect you until tomorrow.
Kuvira: (switch to an overhead shot of Kuvira admiring the weapon) I just wanted to check in to make sure everything was on track. It looks wonderful.
Baatar Jr.: We've had a few minor malfunctions, (switch to a shot of Kuvira's back as she turns around with a slight frown on her face) but we should be ready for the test tomorrow.
Kuvira: (to Zhu Li) You've been working on this the entire time, Zhu Li. (glares at the assistant) What do you think the problem is?
Zhu Li: (cut to a close up of Zhu Li as she raises an eyebrow and glances down) It's a very complex machine. (looks to the side) There are bound to be (glances to Kuvira) some bugs to work out.
Kuvira: (cut to a close up of Kuvira as she continues to intimidate Zhu Li) But you're doing everything you can to fix those, correct?

(Camera changes angles to the Bei Fongs and Bolin hiding behind a stack of crates and eavesdropping on the conversation.)

Zhu Li: Of course, (bows) Your Eminence.
Toph: (cut to a frontal shot of Toph as she whispers) She's lying. (Bolin smiles with glee behind Toph)

(Switch to a shot of Kuvira addressing Baatar Jr. and the scientific crew.)

Kuvira: Tell the troops and factory workers to attend tomorrow's demonstration. (cut to an overhead shot of the gun as Kuvira turns around to admire it) I want them all to witness this incredible new weapon in action.

(Return back to Toph and the others as they leave. Scene changes to a shot of the factory in the distance. Camera pulls back to reveal Bolin peeking his head over a rocky outcrop and looking at it.)

Opal: (off-screen) We should be thinking of a way to take out Kuvira while we have the chance.
Bolin: (turns around and slides down) Or at least destroy the cannon. (switch to a shot of the bottom of the outcrop as Bolin's legs slide into view and he runs towards the Bei Fongs) If she takes that to Republic City, it could obliterate everything.

(Camera focuses on the Bei Fongs as Bolin comes into view.)

Toph: I didn't come to fight with Kuvira or destroy a cannon. I'm here to save my family. (furrows her brows) It will take (swipes her hand to the side) everything we have just to get out alive.
Bolin: (cut to a shot of Bolin with a hand on his chin) Hmm. Kuvira wants every single one of her people to see the weapon test tomorrow, so the factory will be mostly empty then. That's our best chance (looks to Opal) to sneak in and (looks to Lin) free Su without being spotted.
Opal: (smiles) Good thinking, Bolin.
Bolin: Thanks. (rubs his head) I kind of have a headache now.

(Location changes to an overhead shot of Korra walking through the Spirit Wilds of Republic City. Switch to a frontal shot of her with a tunnel behind her and there is a little yellow spirit perched on top of the tunnel. Korra turns around and sees the spirit. Cut to an overhead shot of the scene as Korra waves at the spirit.)

Korra: (calls out) Excuse me, spirit? Can I talk to- (the yellow spirit fades away) and you're gone. (Korra turns around and we switch to an over the shoulder shot from behind Korra as she glances at five other spirits flying away from her and dissipating) Just like all the other spirits. (has a sudden realization) They're abandoning the city.

(Scene changes to night time and the Bei Fongs have made camp. They sit on small rocky columns around a brewing tea pot as they eat noodles from a box.)

Bolin: So let me ask you about metalbending. Su tried to teach me, but I couldn't get the hang of it.

(Switch to a slight close up of Lin stirring her noodles as her niece and Bolin listen to Toph in the background.)

Toph: I used to have an academy to train metalbending. Even blockheads like you can figure it out with the right instruction.
Lin: (mutters under her breath) Yeah, (Opal and Bolin turn their attention to Lin) you're a real sensitive instructor.
Bolin: I did learn how to lavabend.
Toph: (cut to a close up of Toph who doubts Bolin slightly) Really? It's a very rare ability. (smiles wryly) Maybe you do have some talent.
Bolin: (switch to a shot of the trio as Bolin squees) I can't believe you think I'm talented. (hyperventilates and fans himself) That means so much to me coming from my hero.
Lin: (change to an over the shoulder shot from behind Lin as she mutters sarcastically) Yeah, she's real encouraging.
Toph: (return back to the trio) Hey, I'm blind, not deaf.
Bolin: So here's something I've always been curious about. Who's Lin's Dad?

(Cut to Lin as she turns around abruptly and glares at Bolin. Switch to a shot of Bolin and the others as he cringes.)

Toph: He was a guy named Kanto. (picks up her noodle with a chopstick) Nice man, but it didn't really work (waves the chopstick) out between us.
Bolin: (cut to a close up of Bolin as awkward silence ensues and he glances up) And... Okay.

(Switch to a shot of the four of them with mother and daughter seated on opposite sides while Opal and Bolin awkwardly sit between them.)

Toph: Lin, I can feel your enraged breathing from here. (Lin's body tenses up) Just say what you have to say, and let's get it over with. (Lin turns her head to her mother)
Lin: (switch to a close up of Lin as she glances upwards angrily) Just get it over with? (returns her gaze to Toph) Yeah, let's not linger on the fact that I grew up without a Dad. No need to get all touchy-feely about it. Just one of those things, right?
Toph: (return back to Toph) Hey, I forgave you for all your garbage a long time ago, and Su and I worked things out. (Switch to a shot of Opal and Bolin as they watch Toph talk. Bolin quietly brings the noodles into his mouth and chews.) You're the only one who wants to hold on to this family drama nonsense for the rest of your life. (Bolin picks up more noodles with his chopsticks)
Lin: (off-screen) Forgave me (Opal and Bolin turn their heads to Lin) for what? (Bolin continues to eat) And not knowing my Dad is nonsense to you? (Bolin heaps up more noodles into his mouth) It was pretty important to me. (cut to a close up of an enraged Lin) And until now, you would never (frowns) even discuss it. You know, after Su and I patched things up, (gazes up) I thought, (angles her head to Toph) "Maybe I should try to reach out to Mom." (cut to a close up of Toph who listens with her head down) But now that we're together again, I remember why we stopped talking. You make me furious, (return back to a shot of Lin) and you don't even know why. And when I tell you, you don't care. (switch to a profile shot of Toph as she listens sadly) Once we save Su, you and I are finished.
Toph: (closes her eyes and sighs through her nose) If that's your decision and it makes you happy, then fine.

(Cut to a full shot of the camp as Lin crosses her arms while Bolin continues to eat more of his food.

Scene changes to a shot of the wheels underneath the cannon looking at the doors as they fully slide open to reveal day time. The wheels start to move down the track and we switch to an overhead shot as the cannon is slowly rolled out into the open. Change to a shot of a couple of scientists on the ground looking up at the weapon. On top of the cannon, Kuvira, Baatar Jr., and Zhu Li stand near the controls. Cut to Opal landing on a roof top nearby with a radio in hand.)

Opal: (brings the radio up to her ear and whispers) The test is about to start. They're going to blow up that empty town (camera pans up to reveal the town in the distance) we flew over yesterday. You're clear to go.

(Cut to Lin, Toph, and Bolin standing around a hole in the ground with a bunch of subdued metalbenders off to the side. Bolin has a radio on his waist and metalbending cables strapped across his body.)

Lin: Copy that. We're going in.

(Lin jumps into the hole first, followed by Toph and then Bolin. Location changes to a green-lit cavern wall and part of the wall gets pulled inwards like a set of doors. The opening reveals that it was Toph who earthbent the "doors" as Bolin and Lin stand beside her. Switch to an overshot of a wooden cage suspended over an abyss. Change to a back view shot of the trio.)

Toph: (whispers) The guards are on the other side of that door. (cut to a close up of Su in the cage as she hears her mother's voice and she sees Toph in the cavern wall) We'll have to be quiet.

(Switch to a frontal shot of Su as she nudges her husband's shoulder and Baatar Sr. and the others look overjoyed.)

Lin: (off-screen and whispering) Shoot me over to the cage, and I can swing them back (return back to a shot of the rescue party) on my cable. (turns to Bolin) Bolin, you'll have to catch them since Mom won't be able to see them. (Bolin nods and we cut to a frontal shot of Lin as she kneels on the ground with one knee) Ready?

(Toph takes a few steps to the side and stands in line with Bolin. Both earthbenders slam their legs down and propel Lin forward with a huge column of earth. Cut to a panshot of the cavern as Lin sails through the air. Cut to the top of the wooden cage as Lin lands on it roughly and the cage swings around violently. Switch to a shot within the cage as everyone gasps and loses their balance from the sudden impact.

Cut to a guard opening a door on the other side and he glares at the swaying cage. Switch to a close up of the guard's face as he scrutinizes the cage and camera focuses on the enclosure which slowly sways back to its original position. Return back to a profile shot of the guard as he looks to the side suspiciously but finding nothing wrong, he shrugs and walks off, slamming the door shut behind him.

Camera cuts to Lin hidden on top of the cage and it switches to a close up of her face as she appears to think of a strategy. Return back to a shot of the wall as Toph bends part of it open again. Change to a shot inside the cage as Su and her twin sons glance down at Toph. Off-screen, the sound of metallic slicing is heard and part of the wooden roof falls down behind Su. Camera pans across the whole family as they look up at the hole in the roof and we switch to a shot of Lin looking down at them.)

Lin: (whispers) We'll get you out one at a time. (her metallic blade retracts back into her armor) Come on.

(Camera angle focuses on the bottom of the cage and soon after, two figures seemingly fall out of it but Lin quickly metalbends a cable from her right arm around Wei's waist while she stays suspended from the cage with a spool of cable from her left arm. Lin swings her nephew towards the hole in the wall of the cavern and we cut to Bolin as he catches Wei in his arms.)

Bolin: I got you!

(Bolin slides backwards and camera cuts to his feet to show him bracing himself with earthbending. Switch to a frontal shot of Bolin as he stops sliding backwards and Wei pats Bolin playfully on the cheek.

Scene changes to Kuvira's army gathered by the side of the spirit cannon as Kuvira addresses them from the top of the weapon.)

Kuvira: Congratulations on all of your hard work. (cut to a close up of Kuvira) This weapon is proof that the Earth Empire is the strongest nation in the World. And believe me, (smiles) this is only the beginning!

(Switch to a full shot of Kuvira as the crowd cheers below. Kuvira turns around to address Baatar Jr. who is smirking at her.)

Kuvira: Fire the weapon.

(Baatar Jr. slides the lever up and camera focuses on the vine that glows purple within the energy capsule. Cut to a shot of Kuvira, Baatar Jr. and Zhu Li as they look on. Suddenly, an alarm starts beeping and Baatar Jr. doesn't look pleased. The machine whines loudly and the trio quickly glance to the machinery.)

Kuvira: What's wrong?

(The camera changes to the pitch black insides of the machine.)

Baatar Jr.: (off-screen) Probably something minor. (opens the hood as smoke quickly drifts out) I should be able to find the problem.

(The beeping stops and Baatar Jr. widens his eyes upon inspection.)

Baatar Jr.: The distributor pin is gone. (switch to a shot of Baatar Jr. standing up and wiping his hands on a cloth while his fiancee and Zhu Li look on in the background) I swear I locked it in place yesterday. (places his hands on his hips) There's no way it could have just fallen out. (glances to Kuvira)
Kuvira: And this could cause the entire weapon to fail?
Baatar Jr.: It could cause it to explode.

(Camera focuses on Kuvira and Zhu Li as the former becomes suspicious and turns around to confront the latter. Zhu Li widens her eyes in surprise. Switch to a profile shot of the two as Kuvira storms up to Zhu Li who backs up against the control panel.)

Kuvira: What do you know about this?
Zhu Li: Nothing.

(Cut to Kuvira who stares down at Zhu Li's uniform in concentration. Switch to a shot of Kuvira's hand as she metalbends a distributor pin from beneath Zhu Li's cloak. The music turns dark as Zhu Li eyes the pin. Cut to a close up of Kuvira as she examines the pin and allows it to spin above her palm.)

Kuvira: (frowns at Zhu Li) You swore your loyalty to me, and I gave you a chance at greatness. (grabs the pin as she turns furious) This is how you repay me?

(Switch to a close up of Zhu Li as she is at first fearful but then glares at Kuvira defiantly.)

Zhu Li: You're a monster. I regret nothing. (Kuvira grabs Zhu Li by the shoulder and tosses her to Baatar Jr.)
Kuvira: Chain her up (switch to a full shot of the scene as Baatar Jr. catches and steadies Zhu Li) in the target town. She can see how the weapon works (cut to Opal observing everything from her vantage point) up close and personal.
Opal: (switch to a frontal shot of Opal as her expression changes to worry) Oh, no.

(Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to a shot of the wooden cage suspended in the cavern. Cut to the inside of the cage as Baatar Sr. cowers in the corner and grabs onto the bars of the cage. Su and Lin stand in front of him.)

Su: (reassuringly) Sweetie, it'll be fine. (places a hand on her sister's shoulder) Lin won't drop you, and Bolin will catch you.
Baatar Sr.: (cut to a close up of Baatar Sr. breaking out into cold sweat with his eyes wide in fear) No, no. Just go. Just leave me. (closes his eyes) I'll stay here.

(Switch to a shot of the sisters as they glance at each other and Su shrugs.)

Lin: (apologetic) Sorry, but I have to do this.

(Lin bends a cable out from her armor and camera cuts to Baatar Sr. as the cable wraps around his ankle. The next shot shows a close up of Baatar Sr. upside down and swinging in the air as he screams.)

Baatar Sr.: Aah! (switch to a full shot of the inventor as Lin lets go of the cable and he flips circles in the air) Whoa!!!

(Cut to the guard post on the other side of the cavern as the guard hears the scream and opens the door.)

Guard: (widens his eyes) Huh?

(The guard slams his hand against a red button on the side of the door and the alarms start blaring. A mechatank quickly appears behind him. The permieter around the door swings open to allow the mechatank to fully pass through. Cut to Su as she observes the situation from the wooden cage. Cut to Bolin with a disoriented Baatar Sr. in his arms as the rest of the Bei Fongs grow worried that their cover has been blown.

Scene quickly changes to Kuvira who is surprised by the alarm and she quickly turns around to address her men.)

Kuvira: The prison. Get there now. (a soldier and two mechatanks turn around to head to the prison)
Baatar Jr.: (switch to a shot of Baatar Jr. and his fiancee) Should we postpone the test?
Kuvira: I didn't come all this way to stop now. (turns around to face her fiance) Fire when ready. I want to see that town destroyed.

(Return back to the cavern as the mech unleashes a torrent of fire from its arm. Camera changes to a full shot of the cavern as the flames trajectory seeming reach the suspended cage. Cut to the sisters atop of the cage and Lin cuts half of the suspension ropeswith her cables. Time slows down as the fire heads toward the siblings and Lin pushes Su down, narrowing avoiding the attack. Switch to a full shot of the cage as it swings backwards and the fire passes above them harmlessly. Cut to the rest of the Bei Fongs waiting inside the secret hole in the wall and both sisters leap off the cage and into the hiding spot. The wooden cage falls and crumbles into the abyss off-screen. Su quickly embraces her mother and Lin smiles. In the background, Baatar Sr. looks at his wife and mother-in-law and his hair is all messed up from the wind earlier. Cut to Bolin as he smiles.)

Bolin: (into the radio) We got 'em! We're coming out.

(Location changes to a sinkhole forming beside a building. Lin, Bolin, and Su cautiously peek their heads out. Cut to a close up of Su as she climbs out of the hole and she looks to the sky with a smile. Switch to a shot of Opal flying towards her parents and family who are all kneeling on the ground to stay out of sight. She lands on the ground softly and closes the wings of her suit before picking up a bison whistle from her belt and blowing into it. Cut to Juicy hidden between a couple of rocky outcrops and it lifts its head up with a grunt. Return back to Opal.)

Opal: (ecstatic) Mom! Dad!

(Switch to a full shot of the entire family as Opal runs towards her parents and hugs them.)

Opal: (to Bolin) Thank you.

(Cut to a close up of Bolin as he nods with a smile. The cables strapped across his body earlier have been given to the twins who are in the background, watching out for any enemies.)

Lin: (camera pans to the left) Let's move.
Opal: (switch to a view of Opal and her parents) Kuvira caught Zhu Li and (furrows her brows) threw her in the town.
Bolin: (cut to Bolin who raises an eyebrow) What? No, I have (stands up and camera changes to a full shot of the scene) to go save her.
Lin: (glances up to Bolin) You can't go in there, kid. It's suicide. Kuvira's onto us.
Bolin: We've been through too much together. I can't leave her. Toph, you said Zhu Li was lying about fixing the cannon. She must have been trying to stop it.
Toph: For all you know, she could just have been covering her butt because she made a mistake.
Bolin: No. Zhu Li doesn't make mistakes. You guys leave. If we make it out, we'll get to the city somehow. (runs off)
Opal: Bolin, no!

(Switch to a shot of Juicy flying towards the alley they're hiding out in. Opal propels herself onto Juicy's head with airbending.)

Opal: You guys get out of here. I have to go with Bolin.

(Juicy flies off and camera cuts to Su shielding her face from the wind while her mother and sister appear unfazed.)

Su: Could be our best chance to stop Kuvira.
Lin: Maybe take out (Toph pushes herself off the ground to stand) that weapon.
Wing: (in the background) We can't let Opal be the coolest.
Toph: If you all want to get yourselves captured again or worse, that's your business. I'm through. (her daughters stand up)
Su: (rests a hand on Toph's shoulder) Watch out for Baatar Sr. and Huan.

(Su, Lin, and the twins run off, leaving Baatar Sr., Huan, and Toph behind.)

Baatar Sr.: (glances to Toph) So how have you been, Mother?
Toph: I told you never to call me that. (Baatar Sr. looks down dejectedly)

(Location changes to a back view shot of Korra meditating in the meditation pavilion on Air Temple Island. Cut to a close up of Korra's face with her eyes closed, deep in concentration. The background behind her changes as she meditates into the Spirit World. She opens her eyes and camera focuses on the Tree of Time with various spirits gathered around it. Korra stands up.)

Korra: Spirits, this is the Avatar. (switch to a frontal shot of her as she glances backwards to talk to the Fruit Hog who wakes up along with the other spirits) Please listen to me. (more spirits start appearing around her) Since I opened the portals, spirits and humans have lived happily together in Republic City. It's all I could have hoped for. (camera pans across a myriad of spirits seen in Wan's time, including the Carrot Spirit) I know you felt the effects of Kuvira cutting down spirit vines. But now isn't the time for you to flee the city. (return back to Korra as she speaks earnestly) It's time for you to help me save it from Kuvira, (a couple of jellyfish-like spirits appear behind her) who was perverting spirit power (an eel-dragon spirit glides down from the Tree of Time and heads towards Korra) to use as a weapon against other humans.
Spirit One: (the eel-dragon spirit speaks) We don't get (Korra widens her eyes and turns around) involved with human wars.
Korra: Spirits worked with Unalaq.
Spirit One: He was misusing (the spirit glides around the Avatar) Vaatu's power during Harmonic Convergence to force spirits to fight you. Is that what you want?
Korra: No, but as the Avatar, I'm hoping that you will come to my aid to save (smiles hopefully) the New World we all share.

(Cut to a shot of Spirit One with the rest of the spirits behind it.)

Spirit One: What you want is exactly what Kuvira wants: To use spirits as a weapon in a human war. (slowly fades away) The answer is no.
Korra: (dashes forward towards the spirits) Wait! (the other spirits begin to dissipate) Please, listen. If spirits and humans are gonna live together, (desperately) we have to work with each other.

(The last batch of spirits on the ground disappear and Korra stands up with a sigh and gazes up. Switch to a shot of the branches of the Tree of Time as the spirits lingering on it disappears as well.

Location changes to factory with the spirit cannon. Camera changes to the top of the barrel of thespirit gun as it lowers itself and sets its aim on the abandoned town in the distance. The barrel clangs into place and camera cuts to Baatar Jr., Kuvira, and a scientist. Baatar Jr. pushes the lever while the scientist pulls one down in the background. Baatar Jr. then brings a pair of binoculars up to his eyes. Cut to his point of view looking through the lens as he glances through the town and then fixes his gaze on the ground where Zhu Li is tied up. Off to the side, Opal and Bolin slide off Juicy to rescue Zhu Li.)

Baatar Jr.: (softly) Opal? (return back to a shot of the launch platform) No! (turns around to face Kuvira) We have to stop the test.

(View changes to the end of the gun as purple spirit energy slowly slides down the barrel. Cut to the ground as a snake of earth roughly collides against the platform and the cannon, making the people on the platform lose their balance. Switch to a full shot of the cannon as it teeters on its side and the spirit energy shoots out from the barrel. Cut to the abandoned town as the spirit ray blasts a hole in the mountain behind the town, creating lots of smoke and dust. Cut to a close up of Opal, Bolin, and Zhu Li as Bolin gasps with fear.)

Opal: (awestruck) Whoa...

(Cut to a far, wide shot of a massive, burning, smoking hole left in the mountain behind the abandoned town, the beam having drilled straight through it. Switch to a shot of Kuvira looking angry as she turns to look at the Beifongs hurling rocks at her soldiers. Cut to Lin as she dodges a boulder thrown at her and smashes another with her forearm, then bends up a square stone to block another rock and kicks it forward. She weaves to the side and bends a large boulder up from the ground. Su does a spinning jump kick that sends said boulder flying. She dodges and shields herself with a large stone and throws it forward.

Some of Kuvira's soldiers are knocked away by the attacks, while one bends up a stone barrier. Cut to Wei and Wing as they work together to fling a massive boulder at the soldiers. They yell and scatter as the rock comes crashing down and shatters into pieces. Su and her sons create a tall rock barrier to shield them and Lin from the soldiers' metal and rock attacks. Cut to a close up of Su as she peeks around the edge of the barrier at Kuvira standing by the cannon. Su frowns and runs off. Cut to Kuvira as she begins to walk down the steps from the cannon. She stops when she suspects something, and turns around in time to see Su vaulting up from the other side of the cannon, kicking a rock down at her.

Kuvira dodges out of the way, and Su bends the metal from the steps at her. Kuvira deflects the attacks and flings her own metal bands back at Su. Su pulls a plating from the side of the machinery and spins it round, using it as a shield. Su puts her back to the plating and thrusts her elbows back, bending the metal into armor around her back and legs. Su turns and bends a metal plate under her to spring board her over Kuvira. The two throw small metal strips at each other and deflect them in turn, sparks flying as the metal ricochets off the surrounding machinery.

Su rips part of the railing off and turns it into a makeshift staff, spinning it around to deflect Kuvira's attacks. She drops the rail and then bends a large, heavy cart of supplies at Kuvira from the side. Kuvira blocks it and grunts as she is pushed back, skidding over the floor and creating sparks under her feet. She then lifts the cart over her head and flings it off the cannon and to the ground below. Kuvira dodges in time as Su presses the attack. Kuvira then bends her arm bands into a multisectioned blade on her wrist. Kuvira springboards off a metal plate and lunges at Su. Su cartwheels out of the way of Kuvira's slashing attack, and leans back to avoid the followup aimed at her head. Su then avoids a stab at her face, and turns to grab Kuvira's arm and throw Kuvira over her shoulder and over the rail. Kuvira catches onto the rail, bending her blade into a hook, and swings back around to kick Su. Su groans in pain and rolls over the floor, avoiding two metal strips thown at her.

Su and Kuvira both get to their feet, and Kuvira bends a cable, catching Su's wrist and throwing her to the floor. Kuvira then bends the floor under Su to bounce her into the side of the machine, before swinging her arms to the side and flinging Su off the cannon and to the ground below. Su rolls on the ground, then looks up to see soldiers surround her. The soldiers are then sent flying upward when Wei lands between them and Su and bends pillars of stone up from under them. Su and Wei hold onto each other as he launches them up on a stone pillar, and we see Lin and Wing behind a circular stone barrier, still fighting other soldiers. Wei shoots a hip mounted cable at them, and Wing throws out his own cable. The two cables wrap around each other, and Wing pulls Su and Wei in and to the safety of their barrier as Lin closes it behind them.

Cut to a wide overhead shot of them inside the circular barrier as it is pelted by rocks from the soldiers. Cut to Lin and Wing putting their back to the barrier just before they're surprised by a rock breaking through it. The Bei Fongs ready themselves as their barrier starts to crumble, and they face Kuvira's soldiers and mechs. Cut to an overhead shot as Kuvira's forces surround the family. Cut to a close up of Lin as she grits her teeth, nervous but determined. Her expression turns to one of surprise as the ground starts to shake. She looks behind and the soldiers and mechs are knocked over by a wave of earth. Cut to an overhead shot as the earth wave knocks over all the soldiers and mech, but avoids the Bei Fongs. Cut to soldiers being flung against the side of the cannon by the wave, and tilt up to Kuvira looking down from the railing. Change to a close up of Kuvira as she looks up, the camera then cuts to everyone looking behind to see Toph in a bending stance, with Baatar Sr. and Huan behind her, and Opal landing with Bolin and Zhu Li on Juicy behind them. Cut to a close up of Toph as she points at Kuvira.)

Toph: You give metalbenders a bad name!

(Switch to a close up of Kuvira and camera zooms in as she glares silently and watches as they leave. Cut to an over the shoulder shot with Kuvira in the foreground. Her forces are sprawled over the ground, the mechs getting up as the heroes ride away on Juicy. Cut to a shot from Juicy's saddle as Zhu Li and Bolin look back down at the cannon, then cut to a close up of Zhu Li looking concerned while Bolin and the others behind her are out of focus.

Location changes to a shot of the Bei Fong family safely within the confines of a bamboo forest. )

Su: Thanks for coming to save us, Mom.
Lin: (smiles) Yeah, thanks, Chief. (glances to the side uncomfortably) I'm sorry for what I said last night. I was just... you know.
Toph: (cut to a close up of Toph as she smiles softly) Look, I know I wasn't a great mother, but one way or another, I ended up with two great kids. Good enough to risk my bony old butt for, anyway. (softens her expression) If you can just find some way not to hate me, maybe that's enough, at least for me.

(Switch to a full shot of Su, Lin, Toph, and Opal as Lin steps towards her mother to give her a hug from the side. Su and Opal smile.)

Lin: Me too.
Bolin: (walks into frame) You know, I never had any family (leans against Toph's back and the old woman looks offended) except for my brother (reaches for Lin's shoulder and gives both metalbenders a one armed hug from the side) until a few years ago, and reuniting (Toph and Lin scowl) with them made me realize how special it is-
Toph: Argh, (steps out of the hug) enough. (Bolin's and Lin's cheeks collide against each other) Enjoy the ride (Lin shoves Bolin off of her) back to the city with the gum flapper here.
Opal: Aren't you coming back to Republic City with us, Grandma?
Toph: (smiles) No, my fighting days are over. (switch to a back view shot of Toph as she turns around sadly) Don't tell Korra, but my back is killing me now. This is why you didn't see Katara messing with that Civil War nonsense. (return back to a frontal shot of Toph as she grins) At some point, you gotta leave it to the kids. (walks off-screen)
Zhu Li: (off-screen) I want to thank you (camera pans to the right as Bolin and Opal glance at Zhu Li) for coming back to save me. And don't be too hard on Bolin for working with Kuvira. His heart was in the right place.

(Cut to a close up of Opal and Bolin as Opal taps her fingers up Bolin's shoulder.)

Opal: I think Bolin (leans towards her boyfriend slyly) has worked his way out of the polar bear-doghouse. (rests her hands on his shoulders as she tip toes and kisses his cheek)
Bolin: (grins widely) Yes! (fist pumps) Ha-ha!

(Switch to a shot of Bolin, Opal, and Zhu Li.)

Zhu Li: (turns serious) We should get going. I'm afraid I have bad news (Bolin's and Opal's expressions change to worry) to deliver to Republic City. (cut to a close up of Zhu Li) Kuvira is going to attack in two weeks.

(Camera focuses on Su, Lin, Bolin, and Opal as their facial expressions changes to surprise.)

[End Credits]

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