Transcript for 411 - Kuvira's Gambit
Kuvira's Gambit
Written By: Joshua Hamilton
Directed By: Colin Heck
Storyboard By: Eugene Lee, Hyun Joo Song, Natasha Wicked, Olga Ulanova
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcriber: Icy_Ashford

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Operation Beifong".]

Shiro Shinobi: Bolin, Opal, and Lin rescued the Bei Fongs and Zhu Li from Kuvira. Now they're racing to Republic City to alert everyone about the Earth Empire's imminent attack. Meanwhile, Korra and Team Avatar have been preparing for just such an event. Prince Wu is leading an evacuation effort while Asami and Varrick are creating flying mecha-suits. But with Kuvira planning to strike in only two weeks, will they be ready in time?

Act I

(Episode opens to a shot of Zaofu in the day. Switch to a shot of the main square as Kuvira's army stands in front of the steps of Zaofu's city hall.)

Kuvira: (making a speech at the podium) Today we stand on the precipice of history. For the past three years, we've fought (switch to a shot of the backs of the soldiers as they watch Kuvira speak) side by side to unite the Earth Empire and we've proven that no one can stand in our way. (cut to a close up of Kuvira with the reunification map behind her) Not even the Avatar. But our mission is not yet complete. (scene changes to two soldiers in a tent listening to Kuvira on the radio) There is a grave injustice that must be corrected. As you all know, after the hundred year war, Avatar Aang, (scene changes to another campsite with three soldiers listening to Kuvira on their radio) along with Fire Lord Zuko stole Earth Empire land and formed the United Republic. (cut back to an unoccupied Republic City on the map behind Kuvira) This land belongs to the people of the Earth Empire (camera pulls back to completely reveal Kuvira's face) and it's time to take it back. Republic City will be ours!

(Cut to a shot of the backs of the soldiers as they stand at attention in unison.)

Earth Empire Army: (cheers) All hail The Great Uniter!

(Kuvira and Baatar Jr. turn around and head inside city hall. Cut to close up profile shots of the couple.)

Kuvira: (smiles at Baatar Jr.) Are you ready to show the World (Baatar Jr. stops and look at his fiancee) what a true super power looks like? (stops as well and faces her fiance)
Baatar Jr.: (cut to a full body shot of the two facing each other) Yes. I'm honored to march into the city by your side. (the couple grasps their hands together) I love you, Kuvira.
Kuvira: I never could've done this without your help. After we claim victory, we can finally get married (steps closer to Baatar Jr. and embraces him) and rule our Empire together.

(Switch to a close up of a blissful Kuvira and she closes her eyes, safe in Baatar Jr's arms.

Location changes to a shot of City Hall in Republic City. Cut to the inside of President Raiko's office with Tenzin, Mako, Korra, Prince Wu, and Raiko seated around a coffee table.)

Korra: How's the evacuation coming?
Wu: Could be better. (cut to a close up of Wu as he reads off a piece of parchment) At this point we've evacuated almost... eighteen families.
Korra: (change to a shot of Korra and Wu) Only eighteen? (furrows her brows worriedly) There are millions of people in this city!
Wu: I said it could be better.
Mako: (switch to a close up of Mako) The problem is it's a voluntary evacuation and there aren't many volunteers. (blinks) They just don't feel like they're in any immediate danger.

(The door to Raiko's office suddenly opens off-screen, catching Mako's attention.)

Bolin: (off-screen) Guys! (switch to a shot of the doorway as Bolin enters with Su and Zhu Li in tow) Good! (pushes the door further open) You're all here.

(Return back to a shot of the coffee table as everyone glances at the intrusion.)

Raiko: (stands up) What's with you interrupting my important meetings all the time? (Su enters the frame)
Korra: (stands) Su! (cut to a close up of Korra's face as she appears baffled) What are you- (her expression changes to sheer relief and she walks off-screen) you're okay! (switch to a shot of the matriach and the Avatar as they hug while the others watch them in the background) I'm so sorry about Zaofu. (pulls away from the hug) How did you escape? (Bolin and Lin enter the frame)
Bolin: (drapes an arm over Su's shoulder) Opal, Bei Fong, and I rescued everyone but we had a run in with Kuvira. (turns his head to Raiko) We saw her super spirit weapon up close. Like, really close. Way too close.

(Cut to a close up of Tenzin who looks concerned.)

Tenzin: Is she going to use it against Republic City?

(Switch to a full shot of the room as Zhu Li speaks and everyone looks at her.)

Zhu Li: Yes. I found out she's going to attack in two weeks.
Bolin: Oh! And Zhu Li is on our side now. Actually, she never really switched sides. And I'm just gonna let her explain the whole thing, Zhu Li?
Zhu Li: (cut to a close up of Zhu Li as she speaks calmly) I pretended to be loyal to Kuvira so I could sabotage her weapon. (looks to the side) It didn't work, (glances back to the President) but I did overhear her plans to attack.

(Cut back to a shot of the office.)

Raiko: (angered) I knew she wouldn't stop at Zaofu!
Lin: (places a hand on her hip) My guess is, she's coming by rail. It's the only way she can transport that weapon.
Korra: Then we'll cut the rail lines.
Raiko: (cut to a close up of Raiko) I agree. But let's get as many citizens evacuated before we do. (turns his head to Mako) Put out the announcement. (camera changes angles to a shot of the people around the coffee table) The evacuation is now mandatory.
Mako: (stands) We're on it.
Korra: (cut to a close up of Korra) Don't worry, Mr. President. I won't let Kuvira take our city.

(Location changes to a Future Industries factory by a river and we can hear drilling and welding sounds taking place off-screen. Cut to a nut being mechanically fitted into a socket and camera changes to a big industrial hammer pushing in a series of large nails. Cut to a man wearing a safety mask as he welds a metallic object with a blowtorch. Cut to Varrick overseeing everything on a platform above the production line as workers scurry about on the ground carrying ladders and assorted equipment.)

Varrick: Weld hotter! Tighten tighter! (cut to an aerial view of the inside of the factory to reveal many employees working on a group of hummingbird suits) The President said we only have two weeks to get these hummingbirds humming!

(Cut to a close up of Varrick as he closes his eyes, puts his hands behind his ears, and hums to himself. Bolin enters through the open door behind him.)

Bolin: Varrick, good, (Varrick turns around) you're here. Can I talk to you for a minute?
Varrick: (switch to a shot of Varrick leaning against the railing behind him) What is it? I'm busy inspiring my workers.
Bolin: (cut back to Bolin) Well, I went to Zaofu and saved Su and her family... And guess who else we found... (gestures to the door excitedly) Ha!

(Zhu Li enters through the door with her hands clasped in front of her. She doesn't wear her usual blue colored assistant's outfit and instead, wears Earth Kingdom colored clothes.)

Varrick: (cut to Varrick as he reacts with surprise and he speaks softly) Zhu Li.
Bolin: (return back to Bolin and Zhu Li as they both smile) Now, isn't there something you wanted to say to her? Hmm?

(Switch to full body profile shots of the scene.)

Zhu Li: (takes a step forward) Please, let me go first. (looks down) I know I said a lot of terrible things about you in front of Kuvira, (cut to a close up of Zhu Li as she glances up at Varrick) but I need you to know, (rests a hand on her chest) I didn't mean one word. (speaks earnestly) When you were being taken away, I thought my only chance to save you was to join her. (cut to Varrick as he listens) But everyday I hoped for the chance to see you again (Varrick's expression changes to sadness) and tell you the truth. (return back to Zhu Li as she looks at her boss bashfully) Varrick, you mean the World to me, and I'm sorry if I hurt you in any way.
Varrick: (cut back to Varrick as he speaks gently) Don't be so hard (raises his arm) on yourself.

(Sweet music plays and camera cuts back to a hopeful Zhu Li as Varrick's hand appears to be reaching for Zhu Li's face. The music comes to an abrupt end as Varrick claps Zhu Li's shoulder.)

Varrick: Apology accepted! (Zhu Li appears disappointed and we cut to profile shots of the two) Now be a good assistant and (he turns around to face the production line and Zhu Li clenches her fists with anger) man the assembly line!
Zhu Li: (grabs Varrick's shoulder and spins him around roughly) No! I am not your assistant anymore! (cut to a close up of Zhu Li as she closes in on Varrick and points a finger towards him and the inventor slinks down to the floor slightly) If you want me around, (switch to a shot of Varrick as he looks at her, wide-eyed) you need to start treating me like an equal.

(Return back to a full shot of the scene to reveal Varrick's body bent backward while Zhu Li towers over him on her tip toes. Zhu Li turns around and storms off. Bolin glances to Varrick disappointedly and the inventor stands up, giving the young earthbender a shrug and a sound of indifference. Bolin smacks his forehead, frustrated.

Scene changes to a hand pulling a wire jack from a slot of the switchboard in the radio room within the Republic City Police Department. The hand moves to the right and pushes the jack another slot. It gives a small beep when it connects with the slot.)

Radio Operator: (off-screen) We're patched in on the emergency broadcast line. (switch to a back view shot of the radio operator, Mako, Lin, and Wu as the operator instructors Mako) You're going out to every radio in the city.
Mako: (speaks into the microphone) Attention citizens of Republic City, this is not a test. (cut to a close up of Mako as he holds the microphone close to his mouth while he reads off a handbook in front of him) An attack on our city is imminent. President Raiko has ordered a mandatory evacuation for all citizens. Please find your evacuation handbooks (flips a page in the book) and turn to sub-section one (a phone rings and a panel on the switchboard lights up) dash two six. (more calls come in and there are more lights on the switchboard) There you will find (switch to a full shot of the radio room as the other operators pick up the calls) initial instructions for your area. (the phones start ringing like crazy) For example, if you live in Northwest-Vector-One, report to your primary meeting location (Lin glances around the now noisy room) which would be at the Eastern entrance of the Southern Water Tribe Library. (cut to a close up of Lin and Wu as the Chief glances around worriedly) There, you will choose a leader as specified in section one dash two eight. (Lin places a hand on her forehead as the ringing doesn't stop)
Radio Operator: (off-screen) Uh, Chief, (return back to a shot of all four of them in front of the switchboard) we're getting confused calls from all over the city. I think Mako's starting a panic.
Mako: (to Lin) What's confusing? I'm giving very specific instructions.
Lin: Great, this is just what we need.
Wu: I got this.

(Mako places the microphone on the table and vacates his seat while Wu takes over and we switch to a close up of Wu as he speaks reassuringly into the microphone.)

Wu: Hello, everyone. This is Prince Wu. Now I know you're all a little scared. (places a hand on his chest) Believe me, I know what it's like to be afraid. I used to not be able to go to the bathroom by myself. (places his hands on the table) But if we let that fear control us, (location changes to the speakers above a street in Republic City as the citizens glance up at them) none of us will ever be able to go to the bathroom, and then we all lose. (location changes to the old woman that assisted Korra in the very first episode, listening to a radio in front of the audio shop with her fellow neighbors) But the people of Republic City aren't losers, we're winners! (the old lady and her companions smile) Winners that are going to get out of this city (location changes to the Wolfbats slurping up their noodles halfway in Narook's noodle restaurant as they listen to the radio) in a calm and orderly fashion. (cut back to Wu as he speaks hopefully) So I want you to grab your family, grab your neighbor, (location changes to Gommu gnawing on a meat skewer in Avatar Korra Park as he listens to the radio) grab that guy down the street (a patroling cop sneaks up on Gommu) you don't know very well (Gommu stands up and throws his meat skewer into the river) and head to the nearest (Gommu grabs the cop's hand and runs off-screen with him) bus, train, or ferry station. (return back to a shot of Wu) We're going to get you out of here, safe and sound.

(Cut to Lin and Mako as they listen to Wu with subdued expression on their faces and they glance at the switchboard. Camera focuses on the switchboard as calls stop coming in and the lights on the board rapidly disappear. There is silence once more. Switch to a shot of Lin, Mako, and Wu as they smile with pride.)

Lin: Good job, kid. You might not make such a bad king (Mako rests a hand on Wu's shoulder) after all.

(Location changes to Tenzin opening a door to one of the rooms in Air Temple Island.)

Tenzin: Rohan's with the acolytes. They have the boat ready to leave. (camera pulls back to reveal an empty luggage on the floor as Pema and their three oldest children casually waiting around the room) Why aren't you all packed yet?
Pema: (cut to a close up of Pema as she smiles) The kids and I have been talking and we decided we wanna stay. This is our city, and it's going to need all the help it can get.

(Switch to a full shot of the family as Tenzin walks towards them. Meelo stands on the chair heroically with his arms akimbo.)

Meelo: Yeah! Only a coward flees his fate.
Tenzin: (the family does a group hug) Thank you. (pulls away and addresses Pema) I'm sure Prince Wu could use your help with the evacuation. (turns to his children) And you three can help the other airbenders keep an eye on the Earth Empire troops from above.
Meelo: (switch to a shot of Jinora and Meelo as he raises his arm) Kuvira is gonna rue the day she messed with (thumps his chest) Meelo! (Jinora doesn't look amused by that statement)

(Scene changes to a still image of the citizens leaving their vehicles behind and stepping into the Republic City Central Station as a United Forces airship hovers above the train station to provide security. Camera changes to a still image of a crowded platform as the citizens line up in an orderly fashion to board the trains leaving the city. Camera pans to an image of Wu guiding the citizens towards the train while Pema rests a hand on a young girl's shoulder reassuringly.

Location changes to the United Forces navy making their way towards the city. Camera pans up to showcase a fleet of airships flying above them. Camera angle changes to a scenic shot of Republic City at night as the navy and air force make their way into Yue Bay. Cut to a shot of General Iroh on the deck of his airship as he surveys the city. Switch to an overhead shot as the military force pulls into the bay. Camera fades to day time and naval ships are scattered around the bay while airships congregate around the heart of the city.

Scene changes to a man talking to the owners of the audio shop in the day and there is a truck pulled up in front of the shop. The scene fades to night to reveal the shops with their shutters down. Scene changes to a shot of another street at sunset as a stray newspaper is strewn about in the wind. Cut to a shot of the United Forces mechatanks rolling along the grass plains outside the city. Camera angle changes to the United Forces standing in formation behind a line of barbed barricades with the city behind them at sunset.

Location switches to a shot of the tower on Air Temple Island and camera pans up to the top of the tower.)

Raiko: (off-screen) I still don't like having to abandon my office and the city.

(Cut to Raiko at the top floor with Lin and Tenzin at his side.)

Lin: Air Temple Island is the ideal location for your base of operations. And you'll be safe here.
Korra: (off-screen) There's something we need to discuss with you.

(Everyone turns around as Team Avatar ascends the stairs leading to the top floor.)

Tenzin: What is it?
Korra: (switch to a full shot of the room as the team walks up to older adults) The four of us have been talking and... we want to take out Kuvira's spirit weapon before it gets too close to the city.
Tenzin: That sounds like a risk we don't need to take. The evacuation is on schedule and General Iroh is getting his army in place.
Korra: I know Iroh can go toe to toe with Kuvira's army, but that weapon-
Bolin: (interrupts) It's too powerful! It can destroy the city!
Mako: We can't let it get to our doorstep.
Korra: We'll sneak behind enemy lines and disable the weapon.
Asami: If it works, it'll even the playing field.
Tenzin: But if you get caught...
Korra: It's worth the risk.
Raiko: I agree, and it might be our only shot at preventing an all out war. (nods) Good luck.
Korra: (cut to a close up of a determined Korra) We'll head out tonight.

(Location changes to a shot of a United Forces guard outpost at night. Cut to someone's point of view looking through the sights of a pair of binoculars, out to the misty plains surrounding the station. Shadows of mechatanks can be seen in the background. Cut to a pair of guards standing at the edge of the wall with a guard tower behind them.)

Guard: There's something out there. (his colleague brings the binoculars up to his eyes)

(Switch to a shot of Kuvira's mechs and tanks making their way to the outpost.)

Guard: (off-screen) It's Kuvira's army! (return back to a shot of the two guards) They're a week early! Get the commander immediately, (a thunderous thud is heard off-screen) and radio Republic City!

(The second guard turns around but is interrupted by the sound of another thud as it grows louder. The second guard quickly turns back and gasps. His companion gasps as well. Return back to a shot of the mechs and tanks as another thud is heard and behind them, there is a huge and imposing set of mecha legs. Camera pans up to reveal the full height of Kuvira's new weapon, the mecha giant. Mechanized whirring is heard as the giant raises its right arm and the spirit cannon slides up into place. Soon after, a ray of purple spirit beam can be seen glowing within the barrel of the cannon. Cut back to the guards with binoculars in their hands and they are stunned to silence at what they're seeing.

Cut to a shot of the mecha giant in the distance as it charges up the spirit energy in the cannon and fires the spirit ray. Switch to a scenic shot of the guard outpost as the spirit ray collides with it, destroying the station as it erupts in flames, smoke, and rubble. The fireball gradually dissipates but the outpost still remains smoking. Switch to a shot of the burning remains of the outpost in the foreground with the rest of Kuvira's army in the background. The mecha giant whirrs again and the arm with the spirit cannon is brought back down to its side.

Cut to commercial break)

Act II

(Episode returns to Korra's air bison flying in between some mountain ridges. Cut to the saddle where Asami and Mako are looking down for any traces of Kuvira while Bolin is looking through a spyglass, into the distance. Bolin glances right and left before stopping.)

Bolin: (gasps, catching Asami's and Mako's attention) Guys, I see something. (takes the spyglass off his eyes and points down) Down there!

(The camera pans across the empty mountain ridges and suddenly cuts to a troop of tanks rolling into the landscape.)

Asami: (off-screen) Is that...?
Korra: (off-screen) Kuvira. (cut back to Team Avatar on the air bison) She's already crossed into United Republic territory. She's a week early.
Mako: This doesn't make sense. (everyone looks at Mako) There aren't any train tracks this way. (glances to Bolin) How are they transporting that super weapon of theirs?

(A loud thump off-screen catches their attention. Switch to a canopy of trees as the thunderous thump is heard off-screen again and the camera shakes. The sound of mechanized whirring is heard and the head of the mecha giant comes into view, above the trees. The mecha giant continues to walk forward and the birds quickly fly out from the trees to flee. Switch to a slight aerial shot of the mecha giant coming into Team Avatar's view.)

Asami: Apparently on a giant mecha-suit!

(Cut to the ground as Kuvira's tanks lead the way while the flat legs of the mecha giant continue to stomp on the ground to move forward. Camera pans up to reveal a fleet of airships in the sky shadowing the giant. Cut back to the shadow as everyone looks at Kuvira's new weapon with flabbergasted expressions.)

Mako: Did you know Kuvira (turns to his brother) was building that thing?
Bolin: (sarcastically) Oh, did I forget to mention it? No! Of course I didn't know!

(Cut to the inside of the head of the mecha giant which functions as a cockpit. Kuvira is standing in the middle, on a platform with a controls in front of her. Two metalbenders sit at their on control panels, in a circle around The Great Uniter.)

Helmsman: (turns to Kuvira) There's a flying bison up ahead.
Kuvira: (cut to a close up of Kuvira) The Avatar...

(Kuvira gets into a bending stance and camera cuts to a lever that is pulled back. Switch to the feet of the mecha giant on the outside as it stops and turns to the side with silghtly bended knees. Return back to the cockpit to reveal Kuvira in the same stance. She metalbends trackballs mounted on pedestals of different heights around the platform and the cockpit rotates until Team Avatar is within the target sight of the cockpit. Switch to a profile shot of Kuvira as she raises her arms up and camera cuts to the right arm on the outside as the spirit cannon slides into place.

Switch to an aerial shot of Team Avatar as the mecha giant starts charging up the spirit cannon. Cut to a close up frontal shot of the team as the cannon flares up bright purple, casting its glow on the entire team. Bolin's jaw drops and he breaks out into cold sweat. )

Bolin: (panics) I know what happens next! (to Korra) We gotta get outta here now! (urgently) Now!

(Korra tugs on the reins and steers the bison away. Cut to the mecha giant as it fires its weapon and camera quickly cuts to Korra's bison as it swerves to the side, narrowly missing the beam of spirit energy. The bison is knocked off course from the sheer force and everyone screams. Cut to a close up of the team as they close their eyes and hang on for dear life. Switch to a shot of the mountain ridges nearby as the bison barrels down to the earth and it makes a quick flip to right itself up before it collides with the ground.

Cut back to Kuvira as she swings her arms around and camera cuts to the outside as the mecha giant turns its body and fires off another beam of spirit energy. Switch to a mountain ridge as the air bison flies behind it for cover and the beam collides against the ridge, blowing it to smithereens. Switch to an overhead shot of Kuvira's army with the smoking mountain ridge in the distance. Return to Kuvira in the cockpit with her hair in slight disarray.)

Baatar Jr.: (off-screen, over the radio) Should we go after them? (Kuvira stands up straight) They're going to warn Republic City.
Kuvira: (smiles) Let them. (cut to a close up profile shot of Kuvira as she gloats) No one can stop us.

(Location changes to an overhead shot of Air Temple Island and Korra's air bison enters the frame and flies towards the people below. Cut to back view shots of Raiko, Lin, Su, Wing, Wei, Tenzin, and Pema as they run towards the bison which lands on the ground. Switch to a profile shot of Tenzin, Raiko, and a concerned Pema.)

Tenzin: Korra, are you all right? (Korra enters the frame and runs up to her teacher) Why are you back so soon?
Korra: It's Kuvira. (Bolin and Mako enter the frame) Our intel was wrong. She must've known Zhu Li had the information.
Raiko: (cut to a close up of Raiko as he frowns) What are you trying to say?
Korra: (switch to a shot of Team Avatar) Kuvira's army is only a few hours away.
Tenzin: (cut to Tenzin who is alarmed) No, they can't be... we're not ready.
Korra: (return back to a shot of the team) And that spirit weapon of hers is attached to a giant mecha-suit. It's over twenty-five stories tall!

(Cut to Lin, Raiko, and Tenzin.)

Raiko: (turns to Lin) Get General Iroh on the line and tell him the attack is happening today. We need to lock down this city. (Lin rushes off)
Tenzin: (camera pans right as Tenzin turns to his wife) Pema, find Wu and get the remaining citizens to safety immediately! (Pema nods) We can't have innocent lives (Pema turns and leaves) in jeopardy.

(Switch to a full shot of the remaining people.)

Bolin: What should we do?
Asami: Let's go to my factory. Maybe we can get a few of those hummingbird suits up and running.

(Cut to Su and her twin sons as they stand proudly behind their mother.)

Su: (takes a step forward) We're coming with you.

(Switch to a shot of Korra, Bolin, and Asami as the latter nods at Su's request.)

Korra: I'll head to the front lines and help General Iroh.

(Scene changes to an overhead shot of Yue Bay and Republic City as the United Forces airships move out. Cut to one of the buildings in Republic City with an airbender on the rooftop. Another airbender propels himself up to the roof to join his colleague. The camera slowly pans up to the taller buildings to reveal more airbenders stationed on the rooftops. Cut to Kai, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Tenzin, Bumi, and another adult maleairbender as they gaze into the distance with tense expressions on their faces. Switch to a slight overhead shot of the city to reveal the airbenders looking at the grasslands outside the metropolis. Camera cuts to a still image of Wu guiding citizens in the Central Train Station. The camera then cuts to a still image of Pema calling out to the citizens to board the train as Wu ushers everyone in the background.

Location changes to Raiko's temporary office on Air Temple Island with Lin and a couple of metalbender cops by his side. Cut to a frontal shot of Raiko and Lin as they gaze out the window. Scene switches to the United Forces troops standing in formation behind the barbed barricades outside the city. Camera pans to a couple of United Forces soldiers, General Iroh, and Korra with her glider staff. A thud is heard off-screen. Camera angle changes to a slight aerial shot above the United Forces looking out to the mountains in the distance as another metallic thud is heard.

The camera zooms in on a mountain as the head of the mecha giant makes its appearance. It continues to walk forward and clears the mountain, making loud thunderous thumps as it goes. The mecha giant turns towards the city and trudges forward. Cut to a close up of Kuvira in the cockpit. Cut back to an overhead shot of the city as the airbenders watch Kuvira and her army confront the United Forces. Switch to a frontal shot of Tenzin, Bumi and the other male adult airbender who all look on with cold steely determination while Tenzin's children and Kai are stunned by the appearance the mecha giant.

Cut to Raiko and Lin as the sounds of the mecha giant's thuds are still heard off-screen. Switch to an overhead shot of the United Forces as the giant stops in front of the barricade. Cut to a full body shot of the giant as it towers over the soldiers below. Cut to profile shots of Korra and General Iroh as the Avatar glares at the giant with a frown while Iroh looks worried and has a cold sweat dotting the side of his face. Switch to a full aerial shot of the United Forces and Kuvira's army staring at each other across the barbed barricades.

Scene changes to Raiko's hand adjusting the dial on a radio. Switch to a full shot of him standing by his desk as he speaks into the microphone with Lin standing guard beside him.)

Raiko: Kuvira this is President Raiko. I order you to stand down. (cut to a close up of the president) Turn your army around and leave.
Kuvira: (switch to Kuvira in the cockpit as she furrows her brows angrily) You're in no position to give orders.
Raiko: (off-screen over the radio) Stand down or we will attack. (Kuvira closes her eyes)
Kuvira: (raises an eyebrow) I don't think you understand the power (opens her eyes as she boasts) I possess. (cut to Korra and Iroh in a tent listening over the radio with worried expressions on their faces) Let me make it clear.

(Cut to a loading mechanism inside Kuvira's mecha giant as it slots in a capsule of spirit vine into the cannon. Switch to a shot of the giant's right arm as it raises and the camera follows the motions of the colossal mech. The spirit cannon slides into place and glows brightly before firing. Cut to an overhead shot of the city as the spirit beam sails over the top of the buildings and strikes a United Forces ship in Yue Bay. Switch to a close up of the ship as it bursts into flames. Return back to the giant's right arm as it fires and swings its arm in a small arc. Cut to two more United Forces ships in Yue Bay as they get hit by the beam and they too, explode and burst into flames.

Location changes to Bolin, Mako, Asami, Zhu Li, and Varrick inside the Future Industries Factory as they look out the window with the giant mech in the distance. The spirit cannon fires again and takes out two more ships in the harbor, causing the factory to tremble a bit. Cut to a profile shot of Varrick as he balls his fists.)

Varrick: (opens him palms towards the carnage) This is exactly why I didn't want to build that weapon!

(Cut to Iroh and Korra who glances at the smoke in the background. Switch to a shot of the United Forces on the ground glancing up at the colossal mech as it points the spirit cannon down at them. Camera pans across the United Forces soldiers who are in defensive stances but a couple of them loosen their posture and stand up as they gaze at the weapon in fear. The camera cuts to Korra and Iroh as they await Kuvira's next move.

The scene changes to the burning wreckage of the United Forces ships in the harbor as they slowly sink. Cut to a close up of the roof of the ship as its occupants quickly climb on top to escape the sinking. Two airbenders carry a soldier between them and airbend themselves away to bring the injured soldier to safety. Cut to the windows of Raiko's temporary office as it looks out into the bay. Camera pull back to reveal Raiko looking at the damage.)

General Iroh: (off-screen, over the radio) Mr. President, (cut to a close up of Raiko as he clenches his jaw with fear and his eyebrow twitches nervously) do I have your order to engage?
Kuvira: (off-screen, over the radio) You have three seconds (Raiko looks down) or I wipe out your army.

(Raiko closes his eyes and camera cuts to the microphone on the table as he grabs it. Switch to a shot of Raiko as he addresses Lin.)

Raiko: I have no choice.
Kuvira: (over the radio again) Time's up.
Raiko: Stop. (cut to a close up of a defeated Raiko) We surrender. (closes his eyes sadly) Republic City is yours.

(Cut to Kuvira in the cockpit in a stance for firing the canon. She stands up upon hearing Raiko's words.)

Kuvira: Good. (cut to a close up of the dictator) Turn your army and the Avatar over to me and give Baatar your location. (cut to Iroh and Korra looking rather angered) He'll present you with our terms. (Iroh slams the microphone back onto the radio with an angry growl.)
Korra: I'm not surrendering!
General Iroh: Get back to the city before she sees you. (cut to a close up of Korra as she nods and turns away) And Korra, (Korra stops and turns back. Camera cuts back to Iroh.) find a way to beat that thing.
Korra: (return back to a shot of Korra) I will.

(Cut to the United Forces tents outside as Korra looks up and runs off speedily to avoid getting caught.

Scene changes to Kuvira in the cockpit.)

Baatar Jr.: (off-screen, over the radio) We've done it Kuvira. (cut to Baatar Jr. speaking into the radio in his airship with a female pilot steering the ship in the background) And I just got word that President Raiko is on Air Temple Island. I'm heading there now.

(Location changes to the inside of Asami's factory with the hummingbird suits all lined up on one side with the rest of Team Avatar, Su and her twins, the airbenders, and a couple of injured United Forces on the other. Cut to a close up of Zhu Li writing something on a clipboard while Varrick thinks with a hand on his chin. The remaining trio of Team Avatar all look worried. The door opens to reveal Korra and everyone glances towards her.)

Korra: (solmenly) Raiko surrendered. (cut to a close up of Korra as she turns serious) It's down to us now.
Bolin: (cut to Korra's three friends as Bolin panics slightly) How are we supposed to fight an entire army, a mecha-giant, and that crazy weapon?
Asami: We can't fight it, but maybe we can cripple it. (turns her head to Zhu Li) Zhu Li, when you were spying on Kuvira, (switch to an overhead shot of everyone participating in the conversation) did you learn anything about that metal monster?
Zhu Li: (switch to a shot of Zhu Li, Varrick, and Bumi) I had no idea they were even building it.
Varrick: Guess Baatar Jr. is a better inventor than I thought. (points a finger out and frowns) Don't tell him I said that.

(Cut to Korra who is deep in thought with the airbenders in the background.)

Korra: (gasps) That's it! Baatar Jr. built it- he'll know how to take it down. I say we capture him and get him to talk.
Tenzin: Hmm... (Korra glances at her mentor)
Korra: (switch to a frontal shot of Korra with Su and her sons in the background) I know it's a long shot, but it's the only chance we have and if we don't-
Tenzin: (interrupts off-screen) Korra. (switch to a shot of Tenzin and the airbenders) I'm in.
Korra: (cut to Korra as she smiles) We'll need a stealth team of airbenders to get in and out of Baatar's airship unnoticed. Tenzin, Bumi, Jinora, Kai- let's get moving.

(Switch to a shot of the airbenders as Ikki frowns that she is not included on the mission and Meelo glances around sadly.)

Meelo: What about me?

(Switch to an over the shoulder shot from behind Meelo looking at Korra who pacifies him.)

Korra: Sorry buddy, but this mission counts on everyone being as silent as possible. And your farts are just too much of a wild card.
Meelo: (switch to a frontal shot of Meelo as he protests) I can be quiet! (the boy suddenly farts and he blushes) Okay. Point taken.

(Location changes to Baatar Jr's airship sailing through the skies of Republic City. Cut to an overhead shot of the airship as an air bison slowly pulls in above the airship using the clouds as cover. Switch to the stealth team kneeling down in the saddle.)

Korra: Is everyone ready?

(The airbenders nod and Korra opens her glider and jumps off the saddle. Kai dives after Korra with Jinora following after him. Switch to an aerial shot of the airship as Korra and the airbenders fly into frame and head towards the airship. Cut to a frontal shot of Korra as she lands on the airship and closes her glider. Kai and Jinora land softly soon after with Bumi and Tenzin landing a second later. Cut to Korra as she walk up to a hatch and lays down her glider. She gets into the horse stance and metalbends the hatch open with a creak. Korra silently gestures to the others to move in. Tenzin jumps into the hatch first followed by Bumi and then Korra. Cut to the inside of the hatch looking up as all three of them land silently. Switch to a shot of Jinora and Kai outside the hatch as they stand guard.

Location changes to one of Kuvira's soldiers walking down a corridor. Cut to a profile shot of him as he walks past a doorway. A second later, Korra quietly clears the doorway and steps into the corridor with her fist raised as she checks if the coast is clear. Seeing that no one is around, she points two fingers forward and quickly moves off-screen with Tenzin and Bumi following the Avatar. The two older men check their surroundings as they advance. Switch to a shot of an empty hallway as all three of them press their backs against the wall when they come to a stop at the bend of the corridor. Korra then runs around the corner with the brothers following after her closer.

Cut to a hand punching numbers on an electronic keypad as the lights on the keypad turn green and buzz. Switch to a set of doors sliding open and Baatar Jr. steps into the room with Korra peeking her head around the corner behind him. Korra follows after Baatar Jr. and metalbends the doors open as they begin to slide close. Baatar Jr. is heard exclaiming off-screen and Bumi and his brother quickly rush into the room. Muffled struggling sounds are heard soon after.

Switch to the window of the airship as Baatar Jr. is slammed into the window pane with a white gag around his mouth. He struggles in his captor's hold and we cut to a full shot of Baatar Jr's office. Tenzin and Korra hold him in place while Bumi drapes a sack over the inventor. Cut to Jinora and Kai outside as Baatar Jr's sack is airbent out of the hatch and the young teens catch him. The inventor is still heard struggling within the sack and Tenzin climbs out of the hatch.

Cut to an aerial shot of Republic City as the airbenders open the wings of their glider suits and fly back down. Tenzin and Bumi hold the sack between them and Baatar Jr. gives a muffled yell from the sudden increase in speed. Korra flies after the airbenders with her air glider. Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to a shot of Asami's factory. Cut to a harried Baatar Jr. tied against a chair. Korra's arm enters the frame and pulls his gag down.)

Baatar Jr.: (grunts) You've made a terrible mistake. (switch to a shot from behind Baatar Jr. with Mako, Su, Wing, Wei, Opal, Tenzin, Korra, Bumi, Varrick, and Zhu Li all glaring at him in the warehouse section of the factory) Once Kuvira finds out I'm missing, you're all done for.
Korra: That's why before she finds out, you're going to tell us how to stop that mecha-giant, or else...
Baatar Jr.: (cut to a frontal shot of Baatar Jr. as he speaks haughtily) Or else what?

(Switch to Korra as her eyes flash white in the Avatar State and she storms off-screen. Switch to a full shot of the warehouse to reveal even more airbenders watching the scene. Korra walks up to the inventor and picks up the rope securing Baatar Jr. to the chair with one hand. Cut to Baatar Jr. who is at first fearful but his expression relaxes.)

Baatar Jr.: You won't hurt me. I know an empty threat when I see one.

(Camera cuts to Korra in the Avatar State and the glow slowly diminishes. Korra lets out a frustrated groan and we return back to a full shot of the warehouse as Korra drops the chair back down on the ground with a thud and Baatar Jr. groans from the impact.)

Baatar Jr.: Was this you best idea? (chuckles and camera cuts to a close up of the inventor as he gloats) You've lost, only you haven't accepted it yet.

(Switch to a close up of Korra as she glares at Baatar Jr. Su walks to Korra with a motherly expression on her face.)

Su: Let me talk to him. (Korra steps backwards and Su walks off-screen to her son)

(Location changes to Baatar Jr's airship pulling into the tower on Air Temple Island. Cut to back view shots of Raiko, Lin, and the policemen in Raiko's temporary office with the floor to ceiling windows of the room open. The airship slowly lowers itself into view and camera cuts to Raiko and Lin who has her arms crossed. Switch to a shot of two soldiers inside the airship as the door slides open and a ramp slides out from beneath the doors towards the President. The soldiers step onto the ramp and camera switches to a full shot of the scene as the ramp lowers the soldiers to Raiko. Switch to a shot of the bottom of the ramp making contact with the tower. Tense drum music plays as it cuts to Lin and Raiko who wait patiently.

Switch to a back view shot of the Chief and the President glancing at the two soldiers who stand at attention. When Baatar Jr. doesn't show up a split second later, the soldiers look back, glance at each other, before standing at attention. Switch to a full shot of the ramp from the side as a male pilot runs down the ramp towards the soldiers. Switch to a close up of three military personnel as they whisper with Lin and Raiko looking on in the background.)

Soldier #1: Are you sure?
Soldier #2: (crosses his arms) Check the engine room.
Raiko: What's going on? Is everything all right?
Pilot: (to Raiko) Just a minute, Sir. (continues to whisper to his comrades) I'm telling you, I looked everywhere.
Lin: (cut to a close up of Lin and Raiko as the Chief yells) All right, (points to the soldiers) enough whispering!
Raiko: I'm ready to discuss the terms of the surrender with Baatar Jr. Where is he?
Pilot: (off-screen) Uh... (switch back to the trio of soldiers as they are confused) I'm not really sure.

(Return back to Lin and Raiko as they glance to each other.

Scene changes to a shot from the window outside the warehouse section of the Future Industries factory looking in at Su and Baatar Jr.)

Su: Baatar... (gets down on one knee in front of her son)
Baatar Jr.: If you think I'm going to spill all my secrets to you, Mother, you're sadly mistaken.
Su: (cut to a close up of Su) Why are you doing this? I know you set out to help better the World (glances to the side) but this is madness!
Baatar Jr.: (switch to a close up of Baatar Jr. as he reacts passively) It's madness to let others take what's yours and accept it blindly. (glares at his mother) The United Republic belongs to us. And we're taking it back.
Su: (cut to profile shots of mother and son) But at what cost? How many people have to lose their lives before Kuvira is satisfied?
Baatar Jr.: (the rope gives slightly as the inventor leans down towards Su) It doesn't have to cost any lives if you would all just surrender. (softens his expression) All that Kuvira and I want is a united Earth Empire.
Su: (switch to a close up of Su as she looks down sadly) I don't know what I did to hurt you, but whatever it was, (glances up at her eldest son) I'm sorry. When you left Zaofu, it broke my heart. (cut to a shot of Opal and the twins as the former looks sympathetic while the brothers still look irked) And our family has never been the same since. (return back to Su as she implores her son) Please, Baatar. Stop all of this and come home. (cut to a close up of Baatar Jr. as he looks to the side) We want you back with us.
Baatar Jr.: (glares at Su) Kuvira is my family now.

(Cut to Su as tears well up in her eyes and she looks down, letting them flow freely. Switch to profile shots of Korra and Tenzin.)

Korra: (to her teacher) We're going about this all wrong. (walks forward and exchanges places with Su who stands beside Tenzin with her arms crossed) You're right, I'm not going to physically hurt you if you don't talk. (smirks) But there is something I can do that will be even more painful. (switch to a close up of Korra and Baatar Jr. as the Avatar leans down towards the inventor) I will take away the one thing you care for the most- Kuvira.
Baatar Jr.: (cut to the inventor as he reacts with surprise) What do you mean?
Korra: (cut to Korra) Kuvira might win. (look to the side) She might chase us out of the city. (look back at Baatar Jr.) But you won't be around to enjoy the victory. (switch to a shot of Baatar Jr. as he listens with a frown) Because wherever I run, I'll take you. (cut to a close up of Korra with a no-nonsense expression) I'm going to make it my life's mission (blinks) to never let you see the one you love again. (switch to a full shot of Korra and Baatar Jr. as the Avatar stands up straight) Is taking the city worth losing Kuvira forever?
Baatar Jr.: (leans forward slightly) You can't.
Korra: (crosses her arms) I will. Unless you convince Kuvira to back off. You two will still have the Earth Empire, just leave the United Republic alone. (camera changes to a close up of Baatar Jr. as he is taken aback)

(Return back to a shot of Baatar Jr's lackeys standing on the ramp as they look at each other. Cut to a close up of Lin and Raiko as the latter glances at his watch impatiently. Switch to a back view shot of the Chief and the President looking at the three soldiers on the ramp. A female pilot walks up to the ramp with a radio in hand.)

Female Pilot: It's Kuvira. She wants to talk to Baatar. What should I tell her?

(The soldiers glance at Raiko and we cut to Lin and Raiko)

Raiko: (irritated) For goodness sake, (walks forward with a hand raised in the air) give me that radio. Let me talk to her.

(Switch to a shot of the ramp as the female soldier runs down it, towards the President. Cut to Raiko's outstretched hand as the radio is passed to him and camera pans left as he places the radio on his ear.)

Raiko: Kuvira, this is Raiko. What kind of game are you playing? (narrows his eyes) You told me you would send Baatar over with your terms, and then he doesn't show.
Kuvira: (off-screen, over the radio) What do you mean he didn't show?

(Cut to a shot of all four of Kuvira's soldiers standing at attention on the ramp.)

Raiko: According to your people, he's not on the airship.
Kuvira: (cut to Kuvira inside the mecha giant's cockpit) If he's not on the airship then where is he?
Baatar Jr.: (off-screen over a radio transmission) Kuvira, it's Baatar. (Kuvira reacts with surprise and the location changes to the warehouse where Korra has a radio pressed up against Baatar Jr's ear) I've been captured. My airship was ambushed and I was taken by force. Korra refuses to release me unless we back down and leave the city.
Kuvira: (return back to Kuvira as she glances down as the radio) Are you injured?
Baatar Jr.: (off-screen, over the radio) I'm fine.
Kuvira: Is the Avatar there with you now?
Baatar Jr.: (off-screen) Yes. Everyone is here.

(Kuvira raises two fingers and bends them down. Switch to a shot of Kuvira's control panel as one of the levers is switched off, cutting off the microphone on her side. Cut to a full body shot of Kuvira.)

Kuvira: Find out (camera pulls back to a metalbender seated by the controls at the side) where that radio signal's coming from.
Baatar Jr.: (over the radio) Listen to me. (cut to Baatar Jr. in the warehouse looking weary) If you try to take Republic City, the Avatar will never let me see you again and I refuse to live that way. (return back to Kuvira in the cockpit) Forget the United Republic. We have our Empire. (Kuvira gazes down sadly) We have each other. (return back to Baatar Jr.) Let's go back home and get married. (smiles wistfully) The only thing that matters is that we're together for the rest of our lives.

(Cut to the helmsman in the cockpit with Kuvira in the background.)

Helmsman: We've identified their position. (Kuvira flicks the switch to the microphone back on)
Kuvira: (cut to a close up of Kuvira with a sorrowful expression) You're right, this city isn't worth sacrificing our life together. (Kuvira closes her eyes and they tremble. Camera switches to a back view shot of her as she gazes at Republic City) I love you, Baatar.

(Scene changes back to the factory with Baatar Jr. standing up as Korra loosens the ropes around him.)

Korra: As soon as we work out terms with Kuvira, we'll let you out of here.

(Camera zooms in on Mako leaning against the window as he looks out. The mecha giant raises its arm in the background. Cut to a close up of the giant's right arm as the spirit cannon slides into place. Switch to a shot of Mako with the others in the background.)

Mako: Guys! (everyone glances at him) She must have our location! (takes a step backwards and points out the window) She's pointing that weapon right at us.

(Cut to Bolin and Baatar Jr. as the former reacts fearfully with cold sweat dotting his face.)

Baatar Jr.: (shocked) No, she wouldn't-!

(Switch to the barrel of the spirit cannon as it charges up with the spirit energy ray. Cut to the back of Korra's head as everyone stands rooted to the spot, dumbfounded.)

Korra: Everyone out! Now. (turns around to address the rest of the people in the warehouse) Now!

(Cut to the mecha giant as the ray shoots out from the cannon, firing down onto Yue Bay, destroying a bridge in the process. Cut to the hummingbird suits in the factory as the area gets blown up. Cut to a shot of Korra and the others running away from the window as the area behind them explodes and they all scream. Switch to a full shot of the factory as it gets blasted into chunks. Camera changes to a shot of Air Temple Island with the smoking factory in the background.

Cut to a profile shot of Raiko looking through a pair of binoculars while Lin and a cop stand near him in the background. The cop looks dismayed.)

Raiko: (grief-stricken) No!
Lin: (points to the cop) Keep the President safe. (the lawman turns serious and nods) I'm going to check for survivors.

(Lin jumps off the tower and shoots out her cables off-screen. Switch to a shot of Republic City with the mecha giant in the background and billowing smoke in the foreground. The mech lowers its right arm and we cut to a sorrowful Kuvira with her head angled to the side, eyes closed. She exhales loudly before turning her head back to the screen. Lifting her head up, she opens her eyes with steely resolve.)

[End Credits]

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