Transcript for 412 - Day of the Colossus
Day of the Colossus
Written By: Tim Hedrick
Directed By: Ian Graham
Storyboard By: Chris Palmer, William Ruzicka, Steve Ahn, Chuck Drost, Johane Matte, Carli Squitieri
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Psycho Silver

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Kuvira's Gambit".]

Shiro Shinobi: The Earth Empire has invaded the United Republic! After Kuvira demonstrated the power of her spirit energy weapon, President Raiko surrendered the city, but the Avatar refused to give up without a fight. Korra held Baatar Jr. hostage, hoping to force Kuvira to back down, but the plan failed, and she fired on Team Avatar's hideout. Can anything or anyone stop Kuvira and her mecha-giant?

Act I

(Fade in to the smoking rubble of the destroyed Future Industries factory. Pan right and the area starts to rumble. A large piece of the building rises and we see Bolin lifting it from below, grunting as his friends and allies run out from under.)

Bolin: (grunting) Go ahead. Take your time. Just bending a giant wall. Man, we got a lot of people here. Is that everybody?

(Bumi and Suyin are seen carrying an unconscious Baatar Jr. out, and once everyone is safe Bolin quickly drops the wall and runs out of the way as it falls. Cut to Tenzin jumping up onto the balcony of a skyscraper and then looking out over the bay. Pan right to see the Colossus crossing the bay, while Kuvira's troops cross over on the bridge beside it. Cut to a closer shot from the side of the mechas walking over the bridge with the Colossus in the background. Cut to a close up of Tenzin looking worried and gasping before running back. Cut to an overhead shot of Korra and her friends in the wreckage of the building as Tenzin lands in the middle of the group.)

Tenzin: Kuvira's heading our way with a platoon of mecha-suits.
Asami: What should we do?
Bolin: This is my hometown, and I hate to say it, but there's no use risking all our lives to fight that giant thing. Let her take the city for now. We'll think of some way to come back and beat her.
Mako: What about all the people who haven't been evacuated yet? If Kuvira finds out Wu is with them, she might fire that spirit cannon at him and take them all out.
Korra: I couldn't stop Kuvira from taking Zaofu. I'm not letting her conquer Republic City. The World isn't safe as long as she has that weapon.
Lin: I agree. (everyone looks to the side and we cut to Lin standing on top of the rubble) We take down that giant today.
Korra: Lin!
Lin: Glad to see you all made it out. You had me worried.
Varrick: Well, you benders are gonna have to fight her alone. She just blew up our factory with all our hummingbird suits.
Asami: Not all of them. There are the prototypes back at my office. If we can get those ready to fly, we'll at least be able to offer a little air support.
Korra: Su, you take Baatar Jr. and the rest of the wounded back to Asami's office. Get those suits working as soon as you can. The rest of us will just have to face Kuvira on our own.

(Cut to the train station where the evacuees talk in worried, hushed tones as the ground shakes and debris falls from the ceiling. Cut to a close up of Pema's foot as she steps on top of a bench, then cut to her as she stands above the crows and calls to them.)

Pema: Everyone, please settle down. The trains should be returning to pick us up soon.
Evacuee: Tell that mecha-jerk to settle down. She's the one blowing up the whole city!
Conductor: (steps up next to Pema) I hate to be the bearer of more bad news, but I just heard on the radio that Kuvira's army has destroyed the train tracks. We're not getting out of the city by rail.
Tu: (gets on the bench, squishing Pema between him and the conductor) Everyone, I was just up on the observation deck and saw a bunch of mecha-suit soldiers heading this way!
Evacuee: Oh, great! The giant one wasn't enough? It's over! We're all gonna get blown to bits!
Wu: (also gets on bench from the other side, almost knocking Tu off, making him swing his arms around to regain balance) Listen, everyone. I can get us out of here if you just sit tight. Can you step off the bench, please? It's a little crowded up here.
Conductor: (steps off) Sure. I'm only the conductor. No one needs me on the bench.
Wu: Just stay calm. I'll be right back. Come on!

(Wu begins to walk away with Tu when the evacuee stops him, almost making him and Tu fall.)

Evacuee: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you going?
Wu: I'm going to get some help. You think you can handle this unruly mob for a little while?
Pema: I raised Meelo. I can handle anything.

(Cut to a city street and tilt down to see Korra and her friends turning a corner and running down it. Cut to the inside of a paint shop and looking out its display window as they run past. Meelo stops and looks in the shop.)

Meelo: A paint store? That's it!

(Cut to the store's door as Meelo blasts it off its hinges with a gust of air. Cut to Lin.)

Lin: What are you doing, Meelo?
Meelo: I just got an idea how to beat the giant! Now everyone, grab some paint and find me some balloons!

(Cut to a wide shot of buildings and tilt up to the Colossus walking through them. Cut to a medium close shot of Kuvira with a very stern expression. Cut to a low angle shot of a rooftop as an airbender runs across it. The feet of another airbender enters close to the camera. Several airbenders jump off and begin to glide. The camera pans around and below them and zooms out from Opal, along with Ikki, Jinora, Bumi, Meelo, Tenzin, Kai, and Ryu, all carrying balloons full of paint tied to them on belts. Cut to the perspective of a soldier looking through binoculars at the approaching airbenders, then cut to a shot of him and Kuvira in the Colossus control room.)

Helmsman: Airbenders approaching.
Kuvira: I see them.

(Kuvira enters a stance and begins to bend the levers in front of her. Cut to behind the airbenders as the Colossus in front of them turns towards them. Cut to Kuvira as she swings her arm back then forward, holding it out in front of her and using her bending to make the Colossus aim its spirit cannon at the airbenders. Cut to Kuvira's perspective as she looks out the window and at the airbenders, her hand held open in front of her as the cannon aims. Cut to a close up of Kuvira as she makes a fist and the cannon fires. The airbenders bank to their right, but Kai and Ryu are knocked out of the air. Cut to a wide shot of the cannon firing, and pan left to show it blasting through the side of a building. The building explodes and its top goes sliding off.

Cut to Kai helping Ryu up onto a building ledge as the other airbenders run on the rooftops and fly towards the Colossus in the background. Cut to a shot of the airbenders surrounding the Colossus and gliding up towards its head. Cut to a shot of the Colossus' hand then to a low angle shot as it slowly swipes at the airbenders, making them scatter around it. The camera tilts down to Lin looking up. Cut to a high angle shot of Lin, Wei, Wing, Bolin, and Mako as they watch nervously with two large spools of cable. Cut to a close up of Meelo gliding. He dodges around the Colossus' hand and begins to run down its arm. Meelo airbends the paint balloons around him.)

Meelo: Bombs away!

(Meelo jumps and flings the balloons at the windows of the Colossus' "face". They splatter against the glass and cover the middle part with purple paint. Cut to Tenzin and Jinora as they fly around the side and throw their balloons at the windows. Cut to a high angle shot and zoom out as the rest of the airbenders begin to cover the windows with paint. We see Korra land on top of a building in front of the Colossus, and we cut to a low angle shot of her. Cut to a shot of the Colossus as it tries to swipe at the airbenders. Cut to a shot of Kuvira from the back as the windows in front of her are completely covered in paint.)

Kuvira: Clear the glass.

(Cut to a shot of the Colossus' head as jets of water from its frame spray against the glass and wash away the paint. Cut to Tenzin landing on the side of a building, sliding over the tiles and into a medium close shot.)

Tenzin: Now!

(Cut to Lin swinging on her cable and then landing on the Colossus' foot. She attempts to bend its joint but nothing happens.)

Lin: The joints are platinum, too! We can't metalbend any of it!

(Cut to a shot of Bolin standing between the large spools of cable as Lin, Wei, and Wing jump off from the Colossus' feet in the background. Bolin runs forward and begins to bend.)

Bolin: You're about to get the World's largest hot-foot, metal lady!

(Bolin propels himself up from a stone pillar, doing a roll in the air, and as he lands, he spins around on his knees and bends lava at the Colossus' foot. The lava passes under it, and then Bolin widens the lava stream. The foot quickly sinks in and the Colossus stumbles off balance. Cut to Kuvira as she grunts when the Colossus tilts to the side with a jolt. Cut to Wei and Wing bending the cable spools around the Colossus' legs, twining them together in the middle. The camera quickly zooms out as Bolin calls up to Korra.)

Bolin: Hit it now!

(Cut to a close up of Korra and zoom out as she goes into the Avatar State and begins to bend the air around her. Cut to behind Korra as she faces the Colossus and readies her attack. Korra then throws a large gust of wind which strikes the Colossus in the chest. Cut to the rest of the airbenders doing the same from the rooftops. The Colossus begins to lean back, and the camera tilts down to its feet as it is forced to take a step back. Cut to Kuvira as she stays balanced and bends the track balls to keep the Colossus steady. Kuvira thrusts her arm forward and swings it to the side, causing the Clossus to fire its cannon and sweep the blast horizontally. Cut to Korra rolling back and under the cannon fire, and she looks back to see the energy cut through the tops of more skyscrapers in the background, resulting in a line of enormous explosions. Cut to the airbenders as they continue to press their attack. Cut to Korra as she looks back at the Colossus. She spins around and bends the air into another powerful gust of wind, pushing the Colossus back and causing it to grab hold of a building. Cut to Kuvira keeping her balance.)

Kuvira: Ugh!

(Kuvira steps back, and we cut to a shot of the Colossus' left foot stepping back and slamming into the street, kicking up more debris, the cables around its legs breaking. Cut to an over the shoulder shot of Korra looking at the Colossus as it stands back upright. Cut to Kuvira's point of view as she looks at Korra and the airbenders through the window, and the Colossus aims its cannon at the airbenders below Korra. Cut to an interior shot of the cannon loading a new round of spirit vine. Cut to a close up of Kuvira holding her hand out and then clenching her fist. The Colossus fires the cannon, and the airbenders scatter as the blast strikes the side of the building they were standing on. The explosion sends them flying and screaming, and the cannon fire begins to move up towards Korra. Korra leaps into the air, boosting herself with a whirlwind, but she is not fast enough and the explosion knocks her out of the air.)

Korra: Ugh, ahh!

(Cut to a wide shot of the Colossus tilting its cannon fire upward, and the buildings it struck exploding, leaving large fires and smoke in its wake. Cut to Korra falling to the street below. She grabs onto the side of a building and uses earthbending to slide down it and slow her descent. She hops off from a ledge and uses a gust of air to cushion her fall when she reaches the ground and rolls.)

Korra: Uh! Ah! Oof!

(Korra lands on her side and slowly pushes herself up. She looks behind her and we cut to a high angle shot of the rest of the airbenders on the ground, some unconsious, some wounded, but all alive. Korra runs to Tenzin, while Bolin, Mako, and Lin come running from a nearby building. Cut to Bolin running up to an unconscious Opal.)

Bolin: Opal!

(Bolin kneels beside Opal and cradles her in his amrs. She opens her eyes, but the booming and metal creaking sound of the Colossus walking towards them is heard. Cut to a wide shot of everyone looking through the fire and tilt up as the Colossus walks close and turns towards them. Cut to Korra helping an airbender woman up.)

Korra: Everyone, retreat. Take the wounded back to Asami's office.

(Korra carries the woman over her shoulders. Bolin carries the injured Opal in his arms and Mako helps another airbender woman as they make their retreat.)

Lin: I'll meet you there. I'm going to see if I can find help.

(Cut to a wide shot with the Colossus' cannon in the foreground as the camera focuses on Korra and her friends far below on the street. The cannon powers up and fires on them. Cut to everyone turning around a corner and just narrowly avoid the cannon fire and the resulting explosion, smoke billowing past them and into the camera. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Fade into an establishing shot of Future Industries Tower. Cut to Asami's workshop on the top floor where we see Asami and Zhu Li inside one of the hummingbird suits, while Varrick stands on some scaffolding and tightens something in the suit with a wrench. Cut to a close up of Varrick as he closes the hatch.)

Varrick: All right. let's fire it up again.

(Varrick tosses his wrench in the air and catches it. Asami pushes some buttons on the control panel and the hummingbird suit's windows close. Asami flicks a switch and the hum of the suit powering up is heard. The wings unfold and begin to beat rapidly. The suit starts to lift off the floor and hover. It begins to wobble, and mechanical whining sounds are heard.)

Asami: I can't stabilize it! I thought you fixed the hydraulics!
Varrick: I did! Twist harder!

(The suit begins to fly out of control and more mechanical grinding is heard.)

Asami: Ah-ah-oh!

(The suit crashes into stacks of cardbord boxes, and Varrick rushes over to it, visibly worried as Asami and Zhu Li exit the suit. Daw then enters the room.)

Daw: I hope you have something in here that can take out a platoon of mecha-suits. Kuvira's troops are headed this way!
Varrick: I know how to take down some mecha-suits, and it just might take down that giant, too! Asami, disconnect anything electrical in here until we get back. Zhu Li, let's go.

(Varrick and Zhu Li exit the room in a hurry. Cut to a shot of Suyin looking down at them through a window from an observation room above. She hears Baatar Jr. stir behind her, and she walks over to him lying down on a cot, sitting in a fold out chair next to him.)

Baatar Jr.: Where am I? Mom?
Su: Just rest, son. I'm here.
Baatar Jr.: Mom, I'm so sorry. I betrayed you- the whole family. I gave my life to Kuvira, and she just fired that weapon at me. How could she do that?
Su: I don't know, sweetie. She's a complicated person.
Baatar Jr.: Wing and Wei will never forgive me. And Opal...
Su: Yeah, they might take some time to come around, (takes Baatar's hand) but we'll work through it- as a family.

(Baatar Jr. looks up at Suyin. Cut to an overhead shot of the roof of the building. Several large spools of cable are strewn about, the cables connected to a radio tower. The camera tilts up as Varrick climbs it, with Zhu Li behind him carrying a cable spool on her back and letting the cable hang below.)

Zhu Li: Do you think this plan will actually work, Sir?
Varrick: I know I can stop the mecha-suits with an electromagnetic pulse, so it stands to reason that I can stop a giant mecha-suit with a giant electromagnetic pulse. (Varrick keeps climbing. Cut to a close up of some small cables as Varrick cuts them with cable cutters. Cut to a wide shot of him and Zhu Li on the tower's balcony.) Zhu Li, I've been thinking.
Zhu Li: You're always thinking, sir.
Varrick: Yes, but lately, I've been thinking about you. I know we might not make it out of this mess, and I feel like there are some things I should tell you.
Zhu Li: (smiles, hopeful) There are?
Varrick: I remember when I was a boy, I had an ostrich-horse. Named her Mrs. Beaks. (Zhu Li's smile drops) I grew up on a farm. Did I ever tell you that, Zhu Li? This was before the circus people took me away. Anyway, I loved old Mrs. Beaks, but I took her for granted.

(The sound of the Colossus' footsteps is heard and Zhu Li looks behind Varrick.)

Zhu Li: You'll have to finish your story later. Kuvira's troops are in range. (cut to the wide shot and pan right to show the Colossus walking down the street towards the building. Cut to a close up of a switch held by Zhu Li) Okay. I hope this works.

(Zhu Li turns on the switch. Cut to a low angle shot of Varrick looking up at the top of the tower as it lights up. Varrick ducks and covers his ears as it crackles and makes a high pitched buzz. Cut to an overhead shot of the radio tower as the electromagnetic wave spreads with a thunderclap. Cut to the marching mechas down below as they all topple, gears grinding and metal clanking as they fall.)

Varrick: Yes! Dead in their tracks! (the camera tilts up to show the Colossus still walking) Oh, rats. She's still coming. Zhu Li, do the thing!
Zhu Li: I'm afraid there are no more things to do.

(Cut to the inside of the Colossus control room.)

Kuvira: What was that?
Helmsman: An electromagnetic pulse. It shut down the mecha-suits, but our power source is fine.
Kuvira: Locate the source of the pulse. That must be where Varrick is. Third and Fourth mech platoons, move in and continue the sweep. Capture anyone left in this city.

(Cut to the estblishing shot of Future Industries Tower, then to the interior where Korra and her allies have gathered. Baatar Jr. sits in a chair in the middle.)

Bolin: Varrick, how come your electro-thingy shut down the small mecha-suits but not the big one?
Baatar Jr.: Because it's powered with spirit vine energy. I'm sorry. I wish I could help you, but it's unstoppable.
Hiroshi: It's not.

(Cut to Hiroshi as he enters the room.)

Asami: Dad?
Lin: I got him out of jail to help. I figured we need all the geniuses we can get our hands on right now. If the prison's still standing after all this is over, we can throw him back in.
Hiroshi: I know what you all must think of me, but I love Republic City, and I would do anything to save her.
Korra: You think you know how to defeat this thing?
Hiroshi: You must act like an infection: break the skin and attack the vital organs. Disconnect the heart and the brain and this beast cannot live.
Korra: But how are we supposed to get inside?
Hiroshi: Future Industries has plasma says for cutting platinum. If we had one on the mecha-suit...
Asami: But the saws are way too big. We'd never get the suits off the ground.
Hiroshi: I think I can add an electrical element to the welding torch on your suit and convert it into a plasma saw. Then we'll just have to land on the giant and cut open a hole big enough for someone to get in.
Asami: Like a metal mosquito.
Varrick: You know what happens to mosquitoes that land on me? I squash 'em!
Korra: We'll have to attack in a swarm to try to keep you guys safe in the hummingbird suits. It looks like they're our only hope.

(Cut to a panning shot of the evacuees sitting in the train station looking bored and irritated as they listen to Pema singing.)

Pema: Oh, first he ate the fruit, then he ate the leaves, hungry little lemur ate up all my trees. Okay. Great job, everybody. Who's got another song for us?
Evacuee: We can't just sit around here singing old airbender songs until we're all captured or worse.
Pema: Should we play the button game? Who has a button?

(Everyone glares at Pema, then the sound of rumbling alerts them, and we cut to Wu and Tu riding into the train station on badgermoles. The badgermoles stop in front of the evacuees and sniff them.)

Pema: Where did these badgermoles come from?
Wu: The zoo! Mako always hated my singing, but they love it!
Evacuee: Well, (scoffs) what are we supposed to do with badgermoles?!
Wu: They're the best earthbenders around! We can use them to tunnel out of the city without Kuvira's troops spotting us!
Evacuee: Are you sure this is the best plan? (a shot from the Colossus' cannon is seen through the window in the background, and everyone screams at the resulting explosion outside) Let's follow the moles!

Wu: (singing) Badgermoles, digging holes, under Republic City. Got to run away from Kuvira today, although I do still think she's pretty.

(The badgermoles start earthbending a tunnel into the floor and enter it. Cut to a wide establishing shot of the city. There are several very large fires and huge plumes of smoke billowing into the air. Cut to a shot of Kuvira from behind as she metalbends one of the track balls and makes the Colossus'head turn. A helmsman in his chair slides along the outside of the room.)

Kuvira: Mech platoons, report.
Third Platoon Captain: Third platoon. No sign of anyone so far.
Fourth Platoon Captain: Fourth platoon. En route to train station.

(Cut to the helmsman's point of view as he looks through a periscope and zooms in on Future Industries Tower.)

Helmsman: I think we found the source of the electromagnetic pulse: Future Industries Tower.
Kuvira: That's the place.

(Cut to Asami's workshop as Asami, Hiroshi, Varrick, and Zhu Li work on welding the hummingbird suits, wearing welding masks. Cut to a shot of everyone else waiting nervously as Daw enters the room.)

Daw: Kuvira is headed our way.
Korra: How long will it take to get the plasma saws ready?
Asami: Just a few more minutes.
Korra: Get out there as soon as you can.
Baatar Jr.: If you do manage to get inside, find the engine room. There are two emergency levers. If you switch them off at the same time, you'll cut the power.
Korra: Thanks. We may not be able to beat that thing, but we can slow it down. Let's go!

(Cut to a wide shot of the Colossus walking through the city. Cut to a closer shot of the Colossus walking around a street corner and zoom out to reveal Korra, Mako, Bolin, Lin, Suyin, Wei, and Wing facing it down and entering their bending stances. Cut to commercial.)


(Fade in to a shot of Kuvira from the side. Cut to a panning right shot of Korra and her friends readying themselves. Everyone runs forward while Korra airbends a whirlwind beneath her and ascends. Korra hovers on the whirlwind and flies towards the Colossus low to the ground. Korra throws her arms to the side and enters the Avatar State while the Colossus aims its cannon at her and fires. Korra quickly turns around and avoids the attack as the cannon blast destroys the street. Korra goes around a street corner as the cannon fire leaves an explosion in its wake. She lands and earthbends several slabs of the street before using firebending to rocket herself up.

Korra lands on a rooftop and flings the large slabs at the Colossus. They strike the Colossus in the head and chest and it raises an arm to shield itself. Cut to airbender jumping off a roof and gliding at the Colossus. It swipes its hand at them, distrating it as Korra hits it with another slab. Korra bends more slabs from the rooftop to throw at the Colossus, but it aims at Korra and begins to charge the cannon. Cut to a shot looking up as the airbenders fly in a circle downward, creating a whirlwind which strikes the Colossus' cannon and knocks its arm down.

The cannon fires at the street below, and the Colossus stumbles back into a building. Cut to Kuvira wincing and then looking out the window. She sees the airbenders flying past and her gaze follows them until she sees Meelo plastering his face against the window, his breath fogging the glass as he gives an unnerving and weird expression. Kuvira is surprised a moment before she takes control of the Colossus and brings its hand up at Meelo, but Meelo jumps out of the way and the Colossus' hand smacks into its face. As Meelo glides away, the Colossus aims its cannon at him and fires. Meelo moves out of the way, but Jinora is in the cannon's line of fire. She looks to see the blast coming at her, but Tenzin catches her and pulls her away.)

Tenzin: Jinora!

(Tenzin and Jinora are grazed by the blast and are knocked out of the air. Ikki and Meelo jump from a building and glide after them. Ikki catches Jinora and lands on the side of the building, and she looks down to see Meelo catch Tenzin. Meelo struggles to stop their fall before they hit the ground.)

Meelo: (grunting) Whoa! (Meelo thrusts his feet down and shoots a gust of air from them, cushioning their fall before they hit the ground.) Ooh!

(Meelo checks on Tenzin, who opens his eyes just in time to see the Colossus' shadowing them as it steps over them. Cut to Bolin on a rooftop earthbending. He thrusts his fists forward and does a hammer fist to the side. Cut to behind Bolin and we see the skyscraper in front of him being diagonally cut in two, right in the middle, by his earthbending. Bolin, Lin, and Suyin then begin to push the entire top half of the skyscraper over, struggling with all their strength.)

Bolin: Rah!

(Cut to Kuvira as she looks to the side and gasps. The camera pulls back past the window to show it being shadowed. Cut to the top half of the skyscraper falling ontop of the Colossus and pushing it into another building, Kuvira struggling to keep it upright. The buildings collapse around it, and dust and debris obscure the area. Lin and Suyin swing down to the street with Bolin where Korra, Wei, and Wing are as they stare into the dust and wait. Cut to a shot of the Colossus' hand amongst the rubble as all is quiet, until its fingers flex and it begins to rise. Cut to a shot of the Colossus rising out of the rubble, then dissolve into a close up of Kuvira looking dishelved but smirking confidently. Cut to Korra and her allies as they look up, shocked and worried. The scene then cuts to Wu and a badgermole in the tunnel beneath the train station as they continue digging. Wu begins to sing, and it cuts to show the evacuees watching, some covering their ears.)

Wu: (singing) Oh, Yin. You're the sweetest evacuee I've ever known and I just want to thank you for being so kind when I was living in your home.

(We see Yin smile warmly and placing a hand over her heart, but then the evacuees hear a soldier behind them. It is a sergeant in a mecha suit, along with two other mecha soldiers.)

Earth Empire Sergeant: Halt. Turn around slowly, and please, stop that singing. You are all Earth Empire prisoners. Come with us and no one will get hurt.
Wu: (steps in front of the evacuees and throws his arms to the side) You don't need these people. They're just innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, but I'm Prince Wu, rightful leader of the Earth Kingdom. Take me to Kuvira. I've got business with her.
Tu: No! Don't do it, Wu!
Wu: I have to. But before I go, I'd like to sing you a song. (singing) If you don't respect the broach, you don't respect me. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You're no better than a roach but I'm royalty. (as Wu distracts everyone, the badgermoles burrow into opposite tunnels and out of the area) I got my badgermoles with me!
Earth Empire Sergeant: Actually, your song is so bad, your badgermoles deserted you.
Wu: (singing) You don't know what you're talking about.

(The earth starts to rumble, and the soldiers look around worriedly before the badgermoles burrow out from the tunnel walls and smash into the mecha suits under them. Wu smiles when he see the mechas broken under the badermoles and he does a happy twirl.)

Wu: (singing) Oh, badgermoles I love ya, I love ya. I want to, I want to pet your snouts. (pets the badermoles snout and then gets on its back) Ha-ha!

(The evacuees cheer with Wu. The scene cuts to a close up of a plasma saw cutting through a platinum plate. Cut to a wider shot to show Hiroshi inside the hummingbird suit as it cuts through the plate, Asami standing beside him. The plasma saw cuts through the plate and half of it falls to the floor, the cut edge glowing hot.)

Asami: If we stop that mecha-giant, it will all be because of you.
Hiroshi: You're the one who designed these incredible suits. (puts his hand on hers and smiles) It's great to be working together again.
Asami: (smiles back) I love you, Dad.
Hiroshi: I love you, too.

(Asami and Hiroshi get back to work on the suit as the camera pans left to Zhu Li zipping up her pilot suit as Varrick walks up behind her, hands behind his back.)

Varrick: Zhu Li?
Zhu Li: (turns, her hair whipping in slow motion) Yes?
Varrick: (gulps) I have something I need to attach before we take off.
Zhu Li: Attach to what?
Varrick: (reveals a purple box and opens it to reveal a jade ring) I need to attach this ring to your finger. (kneels in front of Zhu Li) Zhu Li Moon, will you do the thing for the rest of our lives?
Zhu Li: (pauses a monent, then smiles) Yes.
Varrick: Yes!

(Cut to a close up of Varrick sliding the ring over Zhu Li's finger. They then kiss passionately.)

Varrick: Now, let's go attach these barely-functional rust buckets to a giant killer smashing machine!

(The camera zooms out as Varrick points one finger upward and reveals him holding Zhu Li up with one arm.)

Zhu Li: It's exactly how I always pictured our engagement.

(Cut to an overhead shot of the Colossus as it aims its cannon and fires through more buildings. Cut to Wei and Wing swinging from a rooftop and to either side of a building next to the Colossus. They use their earthbending to begin cutting the building in half while they swing around it, but the Colossus fires its cannon at them and knocks them out of the air. Lin and Suyin swing down after them. Lin catches Wei and Wing, and Suyin earthbends two slabs above them as they land to shield them from the falling rubble. Cut to the Colossus swiping at airbenders flying around it, and then zoom out to show Korra in the foreground. Cut to a close shot of Korra as she hears a humming sound and turns to see two hummingbird suits flying towards her, one piloted by Varrick and Zhu Li, and the other by Asami and Hiroshi. Cut to Kuvira as she looks and sees the suits flying towards her and the Colossus. She bends the metal track ball and makes the Colossus aim its cannon at the hummingbird suits. The suits split up and avoid the cannon fire. The one piloted by Varrick and Zhu Li maneuvers around to the Colossus' back.)

Varrick: Aim for that spot in the middle of the back, the one I can never reach.
Zhu Li: Got it.

(Zhu Li flies the suit towards the Colossus' back and lands on it. Cut to a close up of the suit's feet clmping down onto the metal, then cut to Varrick and tilt down to his controls as he begins to work the plasma saw. Cut to a shot of the outside of the suit as its plasma saw move and begin to cut. Cut to a shot showing the Colossus reaching around to its back, then cut to Varrick as he looks up and sees its giant metal hand coming toward them.)

Varrick: Whaa! Let's get out of here.

(Zhu Li gets them away in time just as the metal hand slams into the spot they were just on.)

Varrick: Wow! I wish I had that kind of flexibility.

(We see Asami and Hiroshi's suit fly around the Colossus and then land in its thigh, Hiroshi controlling the plasma saws as they begin to cut through. The Colossus goes to smack them away, but Asami gets them away in time. Cut to a low, wide shot of the Colossus swiping at the suits, Korra in the foreground. Cut to an overhead shot of Korra watching. She then turns around, and we cut to a tilting up shot of her in the foregound as the camera focuses on a river in the background flowing under bridges in the city. Cut back to Korra's front as she runs for the river. Cut to the hummingbird suits as they continue to fly around the Colossus. It still swipes at them wildly, but cannot hit them. Cut to a wide shot of the Colossus punching the side of a building, and zoom out to show the bridges over the river and Korra running across one. Cut to a high angle shot of the Colossus and we see it walking closer to the river. Cut to Korra as she begins to waterbend and sends a huge wave of water from the river at the Colossus. Korra freezes the water around it, trapping the metal giant as it fires its cannon upward. The cannon fire clips the wing of Varrick and Zhu Li's suit. Cut to the inside, and we see flashing red light and hear a warning buzzer.)

Zhu Li: Hang on!

(Cut to a close up of Zhu Li pulling a small cover open and flipping two ejector switches. Cut to outside the suit as we see the back of it pop off, followed by Varrick and Zhu Li being ejected.)

Varrick: Ahhh!

(Cut to a low angle shot as we see Varrick's and Zhu Li's parachutes deploy and the hummingbird suit crashes into a building with a large explosion. Cut to a close up of Korra as she waterbends more ice onto the Colossus' cannon arm. Cut to a shot from inside Asami's cockpit looking out through her windshield as she flies the suit towards an exposed part of the Colossus' thigh. She lands it and Hiroshi begins cutting. Cut to Kuvira.)

Kuvira: I need more power! They're cutting in! More power!

(Cut to a low angle shot of the Colossus as we see the ice around its arm begin to break, a high pitch mechanical whine heard as it struggles to break free. Cut to a close up of the plasma saw slowly cutting through the metal, then to Hiroshi. Cut to a shot of ice around the Colossus' shoulder breaking and zoom out to show Asami in the cockpit looking at it.)

Asami: We need to get out of here.
Hiroshi: Almost there.

(Asami gasps as a chunk of ice falls on the windshield. She looks up to see more ice breaking away from the Colossus.)

Asami: We have to go now!
Hiroshi: Almost there. Almost there!

(The plasma saws are almost done cutting through. Cut to a close up of the Colossus' shoulder as it finally bursts free from the ice, and zoom out to show the point of view is through Asami's windshield.)

Asami: Dad! Now!
Hiroshi: Good-bye, Asami. I love you.

(Hiroshi flips the ejection switch cover, and then flips the switch to Asami's ejector. The scene goes into slow motion as we cut to a close up of Asami's shocked expression just as she is launched backward and out of the hummingbird suit.)

Asami: Dad!

(Cut to a shot from the side of Asami being propelled out of the suit just a mere moment before the Colossus' hand smashes it and Hiroshi. Cut to a shot of Asami floating in her parchute, reaching out with a look of shock, horror, and dismay. Cut to a close up of the Colossus' hand as we see smoke rising from between its fingers. The hand lifts, and the crushed remains of the hummgingbird suit falls to the ground below and reveals the hole Hiroshi sacrificed himself to cut. Cut to Korra, Mako, Bolin, Lin, and Suyin as they look on with sadness.)

Korra: Hiroshi's plan worked. There's our opening.

(Korra and her allies launch themselves up at the Colossus, Korra using airbending, Mako using fire jets, and Lin and Suyin swinging on their cables, Lin carrying Bolin up. They land on the leg and run towards th hole. Cut to Kuvira, who wears an expression of panic and desperation. She metalbends to bring the Colossus' hand down on Korra and her friends. The heroes look up to see the giant metal hand coming down on them, but Korra waterbends a pillar of ice up to stop it. The hand is halted a moment, but breaks through some of the ice. Cut to Kuvira as she thrusts her palm down, and the Colossus pushes through the ice. Korra and her friends make it into the hole just before the hand slams down, and we cut to a wide shot of the Colossus in the ice, the metal slamming of its hand echoing. Cut to a shot of the hand lifting and revealing Korra and her friends safely inside the hole, looking out. Cut to a close up of Korra looking determined.)

[End Credits]

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