Transcript for 413 - The Last Stand
The Last Stand
Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino
Directed By: Melchior Zwyer
Storyboard By: Elsa Garagarza, Shaun O'Neil, Owen Sullivan
Animation By: Studio Mir
Transcribers: Icy_Ashford, Psycho Silver

[Previously on "The Legend of Korra" sequence, including clips from "Day of the Colossus".]

Shiro Shinobi: Republic City is a war zone! While Prince Wu lead the remaining citizens to safety, Team Avatar battled Kuvira's giant mech. But no amount of bending could bring it down. In a last ditch effort, Asami and her father outfitted the hummingbird suits with platinum cutters. Hiroshi helped Team Avatar infiltrate the mecha giant but he paid the ultimate price! Is victory within reach for our heroes?

Act I

(Fade in to a wide shot of the Colossus covered in ice from the last episode. Cut to a closer shot of its head, then zoom in and dissolve to a zooming in shot of Kuvira in a stance. She stands up straight, then swings her arms to one side. Cut to the Colossus smashing the ice on its other arm, then breaking ice around its waist. Kuvira puts her hand forward, and we dissolve to a matching shot of the Colossus' hand reaching out and grabbing hold of a building. It grips the building's roof, crushing it as the Colossus pulls itself forward and breaks free from the ice. Cut to the Colossus' control room where a red warning light blinks.)

Kuvira: Initiate lockdown. Find the Avatar and whoever else is with her.

(Cut to a shot of the hole in the Colossus' thigh as we see a red warning light glow from it. Cut to its inside where Korra and her allies are.)

Korra: We need to move fast. Su, Lin, climb up to the arm and try to disable that weapon. Mako, Bolin, get to the engine and see if you can power this thing down. I'm going after Kuvira.
Su: Are you sure? When you fought Kuvira before...
Korra: I know. She almost destroyed me. Not this time.

(Cut to a tilting up shot of everyone climbing ladders up the interior of the Colossus' leg, Lin and Su quickly moving ahead of everyone by pulling thelmselves up with their cables. Cut to the heart of the Colossus and tilt down to high angle shot of the large bundle of spirit vines powering it, electricity surging towards two electrodes above it while two guards stand at opposite monitoring stations. Cut to a low angle shot of a hatch on the floor as Bolin cuts through it from below using a lava shuriken like a buzzsaw. He opens the hatch and climbs out with Mako behind him.)

Mako: I'm going for that lever. You get the other one.

(Mako and Bolin go towards each side of the engine room, Bolin taking his lava shuriken. The guard quickly spots Mako.)

Guard: Hey!

(The guard throws metal strips from his uniform at Mako, who ducks to the side and punches blasts of fire at him. The guard ducks the first and metalbends his strips to shield himself from the second, but staggers back.)

Guard: Ooh!

(The guard quickly turns and shoots his strips at Mako. A strip knocks Mako's hand away just as he firebends, and the fire hits the spirit vines, causing a violent reaction as electricity surges, a bolt hitting the wall and causing an explosion that knicks Mako into a large pipe. Mako readies himself, then looks behind to see Bolin battling the other guard. Bolin takes cover behind a different pipe as sharp metal strips embed themselves into it. Mako ducks as the guard he battles throws strips at him, and they lodge themselves into the pipe. Mako dodges more attacks as he jumps at the wall, kicks off it, and kicks a blast of fire at the guard, who once again shields himself. Mako presses the attack, kicking an arc of fire, weaving around more strips, and following up with a punch an an uppercut.

Cut to Lin and Suyin pulling themselves up on the cables and landing on a walkway to a small tunnel. They go in, and we cut to a low angle shot of the other side showing large gears turning. Above we see the two sisters emerge from the tunnel and look down. Cut to a closer shot of them as metal strips are flung towards their heads, just missing as they lodge into the metal above them. Lin and Su avoid more of them, then look down to see a lone guard throwing out more attacks. Lin metalbends a panel from the wall to use as a shield.)

Lin: I'll deal with this guy. Disable the weapon!

(Lin throws the shield to the sides and jumps down to the walkway below to engage the guard. She extends blades from the sleeves on her uniform and deflects more attacks as she moves in. Lin shoots her cable at the guard, but he propels himself using the metal floor like a springboard. He bends a metal hatch above Lin to come crashing down on her, but she rolls out of the way. The guard throws the hatch at Lin and she kicks it away. Cut to Lin as she comes to the mechanism which loads spirit vine rounds into the cannon. Su begins to bend, and yanks down the chain of spirit vine canisters down, breaking them off and making them fall against the gear below. Cut to an overhead shot as Su watches the canisters fall into the darkness below. There's a short pause before an explosion of spirit vine energy erupts and races upward. Suyin quickly runs and jumps out of the way back into the tunnel, covering her head. She looks back once the explosion passes, then looks back down and smiles as Lin jumps up next to her after taking care of the guard. Lin looks down, then smiles at Su.)

Lin: Nice work.
Su: The outside may be platinum, but we can do a lot of damage in here.

(Lin and Su quickly get to work demolishing the rest of the cannon arm. Cut to the control room as a helmsman turns to Kuvira.)

Helmsman: The weapon's loading mechanism has malfunctioned. We're unable to fire.
Kuvira: It's no malfunction. I can feel someone metalbending inside the arm.

(Kuvira begins to metalbend, and the camera pulls out to show the Colossus attempting to swing its rm forward, but it hangs limply.)

Kuvira: I lost the connection. The weapon's useless now.

(Kuvira bends again, and then Colossus grabs its cannon arm with the other, then Kuvira bends again and rips the arm off. Cut to Lin and Suyin as they are knocked around inside the arm, and we see it detach from the Colossus' shoulder behind them. Lin bends metal around them both to brace them and keep them from falling out. The Colossus flings its arm and it goes flying before smashing into a building. We see the cannon break off and land within the forest of the city's spirit wilds. Cut to a shot of the dismembered robotic arm and tilt down to the opening where it was attached to the shoulder. Cut to Lin and Suyin unconscious and strapped to the inside as dust falls around them.)

(Cut to Kuvira's back. A clanging sound makes Kuvira turn, and we tilt down to a hatch on the floor below as Korra begins punching through it. The heavy hatch finally breaks off and flies over Kuvira's head just before Korra jumps out on jets of fire and quickly takes out the helmsmen with a double kick that sends blasts of fire at both of them. Korra lands in the middle of the room and punches a fire blast at Kuvira. Kuvira dodges it and another, then bends the large black track balls into a liquid form which she flings at Korra. Korra bends the liquid metal around her like water and then throws it back at Kuvira, solidyfying it and smashing it into Kuvira's side.

Kuvira grunts as she is knocked away and collides with the control panel. Kuvira quickly gets back up and rushes at Korra, performing a jumping kick that Korra ducks under. Kuvira flings metal strips at her which Korra avoids before Kuvira kicks one of the track ball holders at her. Korra deflects it with airbending and smashes it into the control panel behind her, then follows it up with a fire blast at Kuvira. Kuvira jumps over it, and as she lands she causes the platform they're standing on to tilt off balance.

Korra yells as it throws her into the air and she hits the ceiling above, creating a large dent in it. Kuvira bends metal around Korra's waist to trap her there and Korra gasps. Kuvira proceeds to drag Korra around the ceiling before slamming her into the control panel, breaking it further. Korra pulls herself up, then ducks as Kuvira throws one of the metal chunks made from the track balls at her. Korra looks up to see Kuvira making three metal chunks float around her. Kuvira frowns, then yells as she throws them at the camera.

Cut to the engine room where Mako and Bolin exchange blows with the guards. Mako falls on his side and the guard attempts to slam a metal sheet down on him with an axe kick. Mako rolls out of the way and ducks under a second attack. Mako then grabs the nearby railing and kicks both legs out, sending a blast of fire at the guard and knocking him back into the control station. Mako then runs forward and tosses the guard over his shoulder and onto the floor to knock him out, then runs over and grabs the lever next to the control station.)

Mako: I'm ready!
Bolin: Be with you in one second! Kind of busy!

(Bolin hides behind a large pipe, readying his lava shuriken as the guard throws metal strips at him. The guard hides behind the control panel, and Bolin throws his lava shuriken. The glowing hot lava projectile curves through the air and strikes a valve on a pipe on the other side, causing steam to shoot out. The guard quickly gets out of the steam and then looks up as Bolin rushes him and strikes the guard with a shoulder charge. The guard goes flying and hits the pipe behind, knocking him out.)

Bolin: Okay! Ready now!

(Bolin runs to the other lever and grabs it. The screen splits to show both Mako and Bolin at the ready.)

Mako: One. Two. Three!

(Mako and Bolin both pull the levers at roughly the same time. Cut to a high angle shot of the spirit vines as they continue to surge with energy.)

Mako: Nothing's happening.
Bolin: Kuvira must have done some override thing and taken control!
Mako: (runs over to Bolin) There's got to be some other way to shut down power from here.

(Bolin looks at the control panel in front of him and nervously hovers his finger over the buttons.)

Bolin: Um...
Mako: Come on. You spent all that time working with Varrick and Baatar Jr. Didn't any of their genius rub off on you?
Bolin: Look, the only thing I know about these vines is that if you mess around with them too much, they explode.

(Mako turns to the spirit vines. Cut to a shot of the vines, tilt up, and the camera focuses on the electricity running from the vines to the nodes above. Cut back to Mako as he comes to a realization.)

Mako: Get those engineers out of here. I have an idea.
Bolin: Want to fill me in?
Mako: I'm gonna zap these vines with some electricity.
Bolin: Let's back it up, okay? I said that will make the vines explode.
Mako: Exactly. This is our only way of shutting this thing down. I can handle it.
Bolin: (grabs Mako's shoulder as he turns) No, you can't. This isn't the time to prove how awesome you are. I already know how awesome you are. You're awesome.
Mako: I don't have time to argue! I'm doing this, so get out of here.
Bolin: (looks down a brief moment) Okay. But for the record, I do not approve. Just get out as soon as you can. (holds his hand up) Promise?
Mako: Promise.

(Mako grabs Bolin's hand in his, and they pull themselves together for a hug.)

Bolin: I love you.
Mako: I love you, too. Now go!

(Bolin runs off as Mako faces the spirit vines, and the camera tilts up from him to the electricity. Cut to Mako as he takes his lightning bending stance. Cut to Bolin as he carries the unconscious guards to the hatch. He stops a moment to look at Mako as his brother begins to move his arms and bend lightning. Bolin then goes down the hatch.

Mako then shoots the lightning at the vines, and the electricity surges, striking the surroundings and creating explosions. Mako holds his stance as the lightning runs through his arms and fingertips. The energy surges up into the nodes hanging above and makes them explode. Mako is knocked back into the wall, but he holds his stance. Mako looks up and sees spirit energy gathering at the ceiling. The spirit vines begin to glow brightly from the inside. Cut to Mako as his sleeve is torn to shreds by the energy and his arm is burned. He winces and grunts, then slowly begins to walk towards the hatch. Before he gets there, a surge of lightning from the vines strikes Mako in the stomach and he falls over, unconscious, his head in the hatch opening. The electricity continues to surge, building up to an explosion. Cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(Fade in to a high angle shot of the Colossus. Through the windows we can see blasts of fire. Cut to Korra as she stumbles back and punches out a blast of fire. She ducks under a liquid metal projectile and then shifts to avoid a metal whip. Korra shoots a gust of wind at Kuvira, then kicks a blast of fire. Kuvira dodges both, and begins to fling more liquid metal at Korra from the three orbs floating around her. She turns two of them into shields to protect herself from more of Korra's fire blasts. Korra then jumps and spins through the air before doing a drop kick that shoots out a large blast of wind. Kuvira tries to shield it, but is knocked away and collides with the window grates, falling to the control panel. Korra ducks under part of the panel Kuvira throws at her as she dashes in. Korra jumps at Kuvira, grabbing her arm and neck and wrapping her legs around Kuvira's chest before twisting and throwing Kuvira to the floor. Kuvira bounces and lands with a thud before Korra bends the floor under her and propels Kuvira up. Korra jumps after her, and the scene goes into slow motion as Korra readies an attack and Kuvira looks at her with shock and distress. Korra hits Kuvira with a blast of air, but at the same time Kuvira throws a metal plate at her. Both of them go flying in opposite directions and slam into the floor and ceiling respectively.

Cut to a close up Mako unconscious at the engine room hatch, looking up at him as his head and arm hang limply. In the ceiling above we see the spirit energy growing and becoming more violent. The camera zooms out as Bolin climbs the ladder and pulls Mako over his shoulder. Bolin jumps down to the floor below with Mako and runs down the stairs as electricity surges around them, streams of light breaking through the ceiling, and begins to destroy the inside of the Colossus. As Bolin begins to slide down a ladder with Mako, it breaks from the wall due to an explosion.

Cut back to Korra and Kuvira as they are about to trade blows once more, but they are knocked off balance by the explosion from below, and the light around them turns purple. Cut to a low angle shot of the Colossus as beams of purple light starts to shine from inside its chest, more and more pouring out. A beam hits the camera and almost blinds it with light for a moment, before the entire area suddenly becomes darker. Electricity surges from the Colossus for a second before a purple, circular wave of energy emenates from the Colossus, followed by a huge energy explosion from its center, the top half of the Colossus blown off with a roar of spirit energy. The top of the Colossus hits a building and begins to fall to the ground. Its other arm flies off, and the legs topple and begin to explode. Cut to Korra and Kuvira as they hold on to the railings as debris flies around them. The Colossus' top half slides down the side of the building and lands with a huge crash, the dust clouding the camera's vision.)

Cut to an overhead shot of the dust clearing around it. Cut to a shot of Mako and Bolin laying unconscious inside the wreckage of the machine. Cut to a shot of the Colossus as its front window is pushes open, knocking aside some rocks. Cut to a shot of Korra pulling Kuvira out of the wreckage, Kuvira's arm over Korra's shoulder. Korra lays Kuvira down on the ground before sighing and sitting on a nearby rock.)

Korra: It's over. You're gonna call off your army and surrender to President Raiko. (Kuvira looks at Korra, frowns angrily, and bends a large rock at her) Then you and- uh!

(Korra holds her arms up to shield herself, but is knocked away by the attack. She goes rolling down the hill of debris, groaning in pain as she looks up to see Kuvira limping off into the spirit wilds.)

Korra: Stop!

(Korra gets up to go after her. Cut to Kuvira, her hair undone and messy, panting as she holds her side and leans against a tree. She grunts and stumbles to her knees, but gets up and continues limping through the foliage covered ruins of the city. Cut to a side shot of Kuvira passing behind a tree before stopping to lean against it and catch her breath. She looks behind when she hears Korra.)

Korra: Kuvira! Give up!
Kuvira: (quietly) Never.

(Kuvira moves forward. Cut to a shot of Kuvira's front as she pushes away a curtain of vines. She gasps as she looks up and sees what was behind them. Cut to a wide overhead shot of Korra walking down the vine covered, ruined street, passing by the tall trees as rose colored light passes through the canonpy above to a spot on the ground in front of her.)

Korra: Please, stop this madness! It has to end now!
Kuvira: (off-screen) If you really want to end it, then come and get me!

(Korra runs in the direction of Kuvira's voice. She passes under a large root and pushes through some bushes, then stops and gasps when she sees what's in front of her. Cut to and quickly zoom out from a low angle shot of the spirit cannon as it hangs from thick vines above and points its barrel straight at Korra. Cut to a close up of Kuvira on the controls of the cannon with her hand on the lever.)

Kuvira: Now it's over.
Korra: (switch to Korra as she raises a hand out in alarm) Don't!

(Return back to Kuvira as she slides the lever down and the camera pans down the length of the weapon until it reaches the end of the barrel which glows purple with spirit vine energy. Cut to Korra as time slows down and she attempts to move away. Switch to a full view of the scene as the cannon fires and Korra manages to jump out of the way in the nick of time. Cut back to a slight close up of Korra as rolls along the ground from the impact and skids to the roots of a nearby tree. Korra looks up and slowly pushes herself off the ground. Switch to a shot from behind Korra as the cannon continues to fire the spirit ray, creating more firey dust.

Cut to Kuvira's back view as she looks down at the still powered spirit ray. The vines arround the cannon start to glow purple, catching her attention. Cut to a full shot of the cannon as the ray starts to fire with great intensity as more vines supporting the weapon glow purple. The spirit ray creates enough force that it swings the cannon upwards. Cut to an overhead shot of the Spirit Wilds as the ray shoots out from the canopy and slices the top of a building. The ray moves in an arc and destroys more surrounding buildings as well.

Return back to a full shot of the cannon as its continues to buzz with energy but it sways out of control. Kuvira hangs on to the side as the cannon swings forward. Cut to Korra on the ground.)

Korra: Shut it down!

(Switch to Kuvira as she pulls the lever back but nothing happens.)

Kuvira: I can't! (the cannon sways violently, causing Kuvira to lose her grip) Ah!

(Kuvira falls to the ground and rolls across the surface, grunting from each toss. Cut to a close up of Kuvira's face as she slowly pushes herself off the ground. She looks at the cannon off-screen and gasps, eyes wide in fear. Switch to the barrel of the cannon as it swings towards Kuvira. Korra suddenly enters the frame and stands in front of the dictator. Cut to a frontal shot of Korra as she brings her arms in close. The camera zooms in on her face and her eyes glow white in the Avatar State as she pushes her hands out.

Cut to a full shot of Korra bending the energy of the spirit ray, creating a protective dome around herself and Kuvira. The ray hits against the dome but doesn't harm its occupants. Cut to close up back view shots of Kuvira on the ground looking up at Korra. Switch to a close up of Kuvira appearing both fearful and in awe. Camera pans to Korra with her jaw clenched, in the Avatar State as she still holds her hands up to bend the spirit energy. Return back to a far back view shot of the two as the dome suddenly increases in size and expands out, towards the camera. The intensity of the spirit ray turns the screen blindingly white.

Cut to an aerial view of Republic City as a purple explosion occurs with a roaring boom, spreading shockwaves out. The purple dome is now a gargantuan size with three concentric white rings of varying sizes floating above it. The shockwaves dissipate but the dome continues to grow. The rings above the dome disappear and the purple hue glows into an intense white glare.

Switch to a shot of the shell of the Colossus on the ground as the dome expands towards it, engulfing it with debris. Cut to the Air Kids on the street with Jinora supporting Tenzin's weight. Seeing the purple dome head towards them, they quickly run off-screen for cover. Cut to the family entering the lobby of an apartment building and they huddle in the corner near the mail boxes. Tenzin quickly hugs his children close to him and they all bend down with their heads bowed protectively. Smoke rushes past the street outside and fills the entire lobby, shrouding them entirely.

Cut to Asami running out of from an alley onto the street as the purple glow heads towards her. She stops in her tracks and is surprised by what she's seeing. Switch to the stairs of an underground entrance looking out to the street as Asami quickly ducks into it, bending down with her hands around her head. She closes her eyes tight and the smoke covers the whole street and enters the tunnel, enveloping the inventor.

Return back to an overhead shot of Republic City as the dome expands out a little more until it stops. Cut to an alley looking out at the main street as the smog continues to rush forward before stopping. Suddenly, all the smog is rapidly pulled back to its source. Cut to an overhead shot of the dome as it shrinks, collecting all the smoke with it. The purple glow is gone and we see a golden ball of light in the middle of the Spirit Wilds. A split second later, a golden light shoots out to the sky, creating a third Spirit Portal in the heart of Republic City. A helix of orange and green rays entwine around each other within the golden light.

Camera cuts to Kuvira's troops looking at the portal beam making its way to the heavens. Return back to a shot of the spirit portal as the camera follows the golden ray up to the clouds which are bathed in a golden glow. Heartwarming, spiritual music plays. Cut back to the portal on the ground, now situated in the middle of a gaping vine crater of what was once the lush Spirits Wilds. The orange and green rays continously rotate around each other within the golden light. Broken remains of the spirit ray cannon can be seen laying in the crater.

Cut to an escape hatch of the remnant of the Colossus opening to reveal Bolin supporting Mako who has a nasty burn on his left arm. Bolin glances off-screen and gasps.)

Bolin: Look!

(Mako glances at the portal in a slight daze. Switch to back view shots of the brothers admiring the new Spirit Portal in the background. Cut to Meelo, Ikki, Jinora, and Tenzin as they walk towards the edge of the crater.)

Tenzin: (cut to a close up of Tenzin as he looks on in awe) A new spirit portal.

(Camera fades to the mecha-suits of Kuvira's army running and clanking their cumbersome legs along the edge of the crater. )

Mecha-Suit #1: Spread out and find Kuvira.

(The mecha-suits start to enter the crater. Switch to a view inside the crater with Su and Lin looking at Kuvira's army sliding into the crater far in the background while Varrick and Zhu Li glance around. Cut to Asami, Tenzin, Bolin, and Mako surveying the vines outside the cockpit of the downed Colossus. Ikki flies into the frame in her glider suit. Tense music plays and Meelo lands on top of the cockpit.)

Mako: Korra!

(Sad string music plays and we cut to the inside of the cockpit looking up as Jinora leaps onto the platform where Kuvira controlled her weapon. Mako enters the frame, grabbing a ladder for support, and looks up at the young master airbender. Cut to a close up of Jinora's face as she shakes her head. Cut to a close up of Mako as his expression turns into worry. Mako glances back and camera pans right to Tenzin behind the young detective.)

Mako: Tenzin, there's no sign of her. (Asami can be seen walking towards them in the background)
Tenzin: Keep looking. (turns towards the portal and calls out) Korra? (cut to an overhead shot of the Spirit Portal) Korra!

(Tenzin's desperate yell echoes around the crater. Cut to commercial break.)


(Episode returns to a shot of Korra in the spiritual plane, glowing blue, and with her eyes closed. She opens her eyes soon after, and blinks a few times to adjust to her surroundings. Cut to a full body shot of Korra floating in the spiritual plane, facing a reflection of her that glows purple. The two Korras stare at each other but they are divided by a line of sparkling blue energy which surrounds blue Korra. Cut to a close up of purple Korra as her face ripples like the surface of the water to reveal an unconscious Kuvira.

Return to Korra as she glances at the dictator in silence, a little surprised. The background changes to darkness and the glowing colors dissipate, returning both women back to their original hue. Korra looks around as she descends. Switch to a full body shot of them in the Spirit World with the new Spirit Portal beside them as they are gently lowered to the ground. They touch the red-purple grass plain beneath them and Kuvira grunts, slumping forward but Korra quickly catches her and lowers Kuvira to the ground. Around them, there are thick brown tree trunks and blue-green icy mountain ridges in the background.

Cut to a close up of Korra craddling Kuvira as the latter opens her eyes and blinks, still a little disoriented. Kuvira looks up at Korra and gasps, pushing the Avatar away and flees. Switch to a full shot of the two as Korra falls down onto the grass while Kuvira stumbles a few steps forward before stopping to observe her surroundings.)

Kuvira: What happened? Are we... dead?
Korra: (stands up) No. We're okay, (Kuvira relaxes her posture) but we're in the Spirit World. (raises her palms out) All the energy from your weapon tore open a new portal (gazes at the plains) and blasted us in here.
Kuvira: (cut to a close up of Kuvira clutching her injured abdomen as she looks down) Why would you save my life? (looks up at Korra in disbelief) After everything I did to you.
Korra: (switch to Korra as she glances down) I guess... (looks at the dictator) I see a lot of myself in you.

(Camera angle cuts to a profile shot of Kuvira who is at first surprised but then becomes offended.)

Kuvira: We are nothing alike.
Korra: (switch a profile shot of Korra as she speaks softly) Yes, we are. We're both fierce and determined to succeed, sometimes without thinking things through.

(Cut to a full body shot of Kuvira in the background as she glances down with Korra's lower body in the foreground.)

Kuvira: This wasn't how (sinks down to the ground with a small thump) I wanted things to end. If you had all just surrendered, none of this would've happened.
Korra: (walks towards Kuvira) You brought this on yourself. (cut to a close up of Korra's face) Messing with the spirit vines, acting like a dictator over your people- you had to know what you were doing wasn't right.
Kuvira: (cut to an annoyed Kuvira) I was trying to help my people. Su turned her back on the Earth Kingdom, you were gone. I had to do something.

(Switch to an over the shoulder shot from behind Korra looking at Kuvira.)

Korra: (empathetic) I think I get it now.
Kuvira: (glances away) You don't understand anything about me.
Korra: (frowns) I do. (looks down) Su told me how she took you in when you were younger. (glances to the side as Kuvira appears visibly annoyed) It must have been so hard being an orphan.

(Kuvira turns her head to Korra and camera switches to a full shot of the scene as Kuvira swipes an arm to the side angrily.)

Kuvira: Don't pretend you know what it felt like. The Avatar is adored by millions! (voice shakes slightly) I was cast aside by my own parents, like I meant nothing to them! (cut to a close up of Kuvira) How could I just stand by and watch the same thing (looks down as tears well up in her eyes) happen to my nation when (closes her eyes as droplets of tears fall) it needed someone to guide it?
Korra: (off-screen) You wanted to create (Kuvira opens her eyes) a place where you and your people would never be vulnerable (Kuvira looks back at the Avatar again) again. (cut to an understanding Korra) I may not have been an orphan, but believe me, I understand what it feels like to be afraid. (Korra begins to sit down and camera returns to a full shot of the two as she lowers herself down on the grass) After I was poisoned, I would've done anything to feel in control.

(Cut to a close up of Kuvira as she blinks, a little confused but also touched.

Location changes to an overhead shot of the Spirit Portal in Republic City. Cut to a close up of the portal and the camera slowly pulls back as waves of spirits come out of the portal and back into Republic City. Everyone looks on in awe. Cut to the edge of the crater as the spirits appear along the perimeter. Return back to Meelo, Ikki, and everyone else gazing at the spirits in wonder. Switch to a close up of Tenzin and Asami.)

Tenzin: The spirits (Asami turns her head towards the portal) have returned.

(Two golden silhouettes are seen within the portal and Tenzin turns around as well. Camera cuts to a close up of the portal and Korra and Kuvira step out of it. Kuvira has an arm over Korra's shoulder as the Avatar supports the injured dictator.)

Asami: (off-screen) And so has Korra!

(Camera quickly pans to two mecha-suits turning around to face the portal. Camera cuts to Asami and Tenzin walking towards Korra and Kuvira.)

Bolin: (runs into frame excitedly) Ha-ha! (jumps for joy) You're okay!

(Jinora and Mako enter the frame as well. Cut to Korra and Kuvira as the Avatar gives Bolin a smile while Kuvira continues to glance down. Suddenly, mecha-suits run up to the portal and surround them with their arms raised. Switch to an overhead shot of the mecha-suits surrounding the civilians in a tense stand off.)

Earth Empire Captain: Release Kuvira, or we will attack.

(Cut back to Korra and Kuvira as the former gently brings the injured dictator's arm over her head and letting it hang down.)

Kuvira: (steps forward) Stand down. This battle is over. (switch to a back view shot of Korra's friends as they look at Kuvira) I owe the Avatar my life. Her power is beyond anything I could ever hope to achieve. (cut to a profile shot of Kuvira with a stern Su in the background) I'll accept whatever punishment (glances down) the World sees fit. (closes her eyes)

(Switch to a shot of the mecha-suits as they lower their arms and look at each other. Cut to a close up of Kuvira's gloved hands as her wrists get handcuffed. Camera pans out to reveal Lin clicking the handcuff into place and placing a hand on Kuvira's back. Kuvira glances to Su who is to her left.)

Kuvira: And Su, (the matriach looks at her former protege) I'm sorry for all the anguish I've caused you and your family. (Kuvira glances down and walks forward with Lin who leads her away)
Su: (follows after Lin and Kuvira) You're going to answer for everything you've done.

(The Bei Fong sisters and Kuvira walk off-screen, leaving Team Avatar, Varrick, Zhu Li, Tenzin, and the Air Kids behind. Asami rests a hand on Korra's shoulder and Korra turns back with a smile. The children smile up at their big "sister" as well. Bolin claps Korra's shoulders.)

Bolin: Ha-ha!

(One by one, the airbender children hug Korra's waist. Switch to an overhead shot of the crater as Kuvira and the mecha-suits walk off with Lin and Su in tow. The rest of the civilians give Korra and group hug. Off to the side, dragonfly-bunny spirits, including Bum-Ju, fly around the portal. Camera pans out to a full overhead shot of the crater and the portal.)

Bolin: (narrating, off-screen) And though the battle took a severe toll on our beloved city, out of the destruction, love did bloom. (camera fades in to Bolin dressed in a formal outfit with a blue backdrop and fake snow falling around him) So that is why, dearest friends and family, (Camera pulls out to reveal Varrick and Zhu Li in their wedding outfits, facing each other with smiles on their faces. Zhu Li is not wearing her glasses.) we gather today to celebrate the wondrous (camera pulls out fully to show the couple with their hands clasped together) and at times inexplicable bond (Switch to a full shot of the ceremony on Air Temple Island as the audience are seated on chairs draped with blue cloth while they are surrounded by backdrops of snowy mountains. Golden lanterns hang above the audience and two helpers dressed in Nuktuk costumes shower fake snow on the wedding couple atop their ladders.) between Sir Varrick (the cameraman near the couple angles his camera to the audience) and the Lady Zhu Li!

(Cut to a close up of the cameraman as Varrick frowns in the back.)

Varrick: (whispers) Hey, pal. (the cameraman is a little startled) Camera on me. This is my big day!

(The cameraman quickly turns the camera back on the wedding couple. Varrick nods to Bolin and the young man clasps his hands gleefully.)

Bolin: True love (Camera pans to the audience with President Raiko, Buttercup Raiko, and Ginger in the first row. Wu, Mako, Asami, Korra, Opal are seated in the second row. In the third row sits Meelo who is snoozing, followed by Ikki, Jinora, Pema, Tenzin, and Lin. Everyone is in formal wear.) is a fickle creature, difficult to find, nearly impossible to tame, but (cut to Varrick looking at his bride lovingly) Varrick and Zhu Li have proven that even the longest of long shots (Varrick raises a questionable eyebrow at Bolin) can have a chance at happiness (switch to a shot of Zhu Li smiling back at her groom) together. (cut to a shot of the couple and Bolin) Now for the vows!

(Pabu, dressed in a formal outfit, jumps onto Bolin's shoulder with a chirp, causing Varrick and Zhu Li to look at the cute creature. Cut to a close up of Bolin as he removes a small scroll tied to the bottom of the fire ferret's chin.)

Bolin: Thank you, Master Pabu. (reads the vows with a smile) Do you, Sir Iknik (switch to an over the shoulder view from behind Bolin looking at a happy Varrick) Blackstone Varrick of the Southern Water Tribe, (Varrick looks at his wife-to-be and wiggles his eyebrows suggestively)glances down at the vows) Will you promise to treat her not as your assistant but as your honored (glances up at Varrick) and cherished partner?
Varrick: (cut to a close up of Varrick as he beams with sheer happiness) You're darn tootin' I do!
Bolin: (return back to the previous shot as Bolin looks over to Zhu Li) And do you, Zhu Li, take Varrick to be your lawfully wedded husband? Do you promise to care for him in sickness and in health, (reads through the vows) and- (cut to a close up of Bolin as he reads the words with a frown) and also scrub his calluses on a bi-weekly basis, (raises an eyebrow) which isn't really that much to ask- (crumples the paper in his hand and scolds Varrick) Okay, I'm not reading all this.
Zhu Li: (softly) I do take Varrick, (both men look at the bride with a smile and camera cuts to a close up of a radiant Zhu Li) calluses and all.

(Switch to a close up of Bolin and the Varrick couple take a step towards each other, entering the frame.)

Bolin: You may now (switch to a full shot of the couple as Bolin steps to the side) do the thing.

(Zhu Li dips her new husband, surprising him.)

Varrick: Oh!

(Zhu Li and Varrick kiss. Varrick stands up again and the couple hold hands as they look towards the audience. The wedding guests erupt into cheers and whistles. Camera pans to the second and third rows to reveal Tonraq seated next to Opal and Su seated next to her sister. They are all applauding politely. Cut to a close up of Varrick and Zhu Li as the former starts whimpering, tears forming in his eyes. Zhu Li glances at her husband with concern and Varrick starts sobbing.)

Zhu Li: Are you all right?
Varrick: You just make me (rests his head against his wife's and Zhu Li smiles) so dang happy. (Varrick cries and tears flow down his cheeks)

(The audience continue to clap and Varrick wipes away his tears before reaching into his pocket to pull out a remote. Both he and Zhu Li press the red button on the device and we cut to a shot of Air Temple Island in the evening as a stream of light whistles and shoots up to the sky before popping into a colorful fireworks display.

The scene fades to evening and the guests have adjourned to the reception nearby the Bagua circle. Jazz music starts to play. Cut to the back of Tahno's head as he sways his body to the music before swinging around to face the audience, playing his trombone with great enthusiasm. Camera pulls out to a full view of the band on the stage. From left to right, Hasook plays the clarinet, Lu plays the erhu, Gang is on the ruan, Tahno is in the middle playing his trombone, one Wolfbat plays a single drum and a set of cymbals, a second Wolfbat plays trumpet, and finally, the council page plays the sousaphone.

The camera pulls back some more to reveal the dance floor as the wedding couple waltz into screen. Ikki tugs on Huan's hand and drags him to the dance floor, jumping on the spot excitedly while Huan stands still and looks to the side. Cut to an overhead shot of the dance floor to reveal Opal pulling Bolin onto it for a dance. Camera pans to the side to reveal the guest tables as everyone is enjoying themselves.

Cut to Lin with her arms crossed as a waiter dressed as Nuktuk walks towards her with a platter of kebabs. The Chief takes a skewer, looking indifferent. A messy Rohan with a stained mouth and hands runs into the frame, laughing with glee. Pema chases after him and picks him up by the waist, carrying him off-screen. In the background stands Mako, who has an arm in the sling, and Prince Wu.)

Mako: (to Wu) My cousin told me how level-headed you were during the whole evacuation. (raises an arm out) I got to admit, I'm impressed. I think you're gonna make a great leader, (points sternly at Wu) but that doesn't mean I'm gonna set you up with Korra, (puts his hand down) so don't ask.
Wu: (cut to a close up of the prince as he smiles) That's okay, Mako. Sometimes, a good evacuation is its own reward.
Korra: (off-screen) Good to see you, (both guys turn their heads towards the Avatar) Prince Wu- (switch to a shot of all three of them as Korra walks up to the men) or should I say King Wu? (points to Wu) You ready to get back to Ba Sing Se and finally take the throne?
Wu: (switch to a close up of Wu as he rubs the back of his head nervously) Yeah... about that. (glances up with a wistful smile) I was actually thinking of stepping down as King (makes eye contact with the rest) and getting rid of the monarchy altogether.
Mako: (camera focuses on Korra and Mako as they look surprised) Are you joking?
Wu: (return back to Wu as he speaks earnestly) For once, I'm not. Now, I know what you're gonna say: (looks to the side) I'm being lazy, (places a hand on his chest) I'm afraid of responsibility, I'm putting my singing career before my people, but it's none of those things. (glances back at Korra and Mako) I really think the Earth Kingdom would be better off if the states were independent and had elected leaders like the United Republic.

(Cut to Korra and Mako as the former smiles while the latter looks skeptical.)

Mako: That's actually pretty wise (smiles) and mature of you.
Korra: I think it's a great idea. The Earth Kingdom should evolve, and I'll do everything in my power to help you make that happen.

(Switch to a shot of all three of them.)

Wu: (places a finger on his forehead) Looking forward to working (points to Korra) with you, (arms akimbo) but for now, the dance floor calls! (the prince slowly plods off-screen as the Avatar and her friend look on)
Korra: (looks a little guilty before glancing to Mako) How's the arm?
Mako: (smiles at Korra) Much better.
Korra: (cut to a close up of Korra looking worried) The words "thank you" don't feel big enough for what you did, (smiles) but I honestly don't know what else to say.
Mako: (switch to a close up profile shot of Mako) You don't need to say anything. (gazes down) I want you to know (glances back to Korra) I'll follow you into battle no matter how crazy things get. (smiles) I've got your back (cut to a close up of Korra who is a little lost for words) and I always will. (Korra breaks into a smile and heartwarming, wistful music plays)

(Scene changes to the beam of the spirit portal in the sky and the camera pans down to the entrance gates of Air Temple Island. Korra is leaning against the gate with her back towards the audience while Naga rests on the ground near her. Cut to a profile shot of Korra lost in thought as she gazes at the spirit portal in the distance. Tenzin enters the frame and stands beside his student.)

Tenzin: I spoke to President Raiko. (Korra turns her head towards her teacher) Tomorrow, he's announcing a plan to expand the city rather than rebuild downtown.
Korra: (turns back to the spirit portal) I bet Aang never could've imagined (switch to a shot of the remains of Republic City covered in vines with the golden spirit portal in the middle of it) there'd be a spirit portal right in the heart of Republic City.
Tenzin: (off-screen) Korra, (return back to a shot of master and student as Tenzin reassures Korra) you've transformed the World more in a few years (Korra looks down sadly) than most Avatars did during their lifetimes.
Korra: (cut to a close up left profile shot of Korra as she furrows her brows) But I feel like I've only (looks at her teacher) just begun. (glances to the side uncertainly) There's so much more I want to learn and do.

(Switch to a close up of a smiling Tenzin.)

Tenzin: You don't know how happy I am to hear you so full of hope again.

(Cut to frontal shots of the two with the now empty ceremonial hall behind them.)

Korra: It's been a bit of a bumpy ride, huh?
Tenzin: (grins) I've come to realize (folds his hands behind his back) life is one big 'bumpy' ride.
Korra: (cut to a close up of Korra as she smiles before gazing down in thought) I know I was in a pretty dark place after I was poisoned, (glances up at Tenzin) but I finally understand why I had to go through all that. (looks forward morosely) I needed to understand what true suffering was so I could become more compassionate to others, (returns her gaze back to her teacher) even to people like Kuvira.

(Cut to Tenzin who is still smiling and he rests a hand on Korra's shoulder reassuringly. Switch to a close up of Korra as she smiles again and lays a hand over Tenzin's. Footsteps are heard off-screen.)

Asami: (off-screen) Excuse me, Tenzin. (switch to a full shot of master and student as Asami walks towards them worriedly) Varrick is looking for you. (uneasily) Something about wanting to borrow a glider suit to fly off the tower?

(Switch to a frontal shot of Tenzin as his expression changes to alarm.)

Tenzin: That doesn't seem (runs off) like a good idea! (Asami and Korra have amused smiles as they watch the airbending master rush off)
Korra: (to Asami) Want to sit with me for a minute? I'm not ready to get back to the party just yet.

(Cut to a close up of Asami as she smiles and walks forward. Switch to a view of the top of the steps as both ladies sit down. Korra crosses her arms and appears uncomfortable while Asami gazes at the spirit portal with a smile.)

Korra: I don't think I ever really apologized.
Asami: (looks to Korra curiously) For what?
Korra: (switch to a left profile shot of Korra as she turns to her friend guiltily) For being gone all that time. For not coming back sooner.

(Switch to a shot of Asami as she grows concerned.)

Asami: You don't need to apologize for anything. (Korra looks up to her friend who gives her a reassuring smile) I'm just so happy you're here now. (looks back at the portal sadly) I don't think I could have handled losing you (hunches slightly and crosses her arms) and my father in the same day. (Asami closes her eyes as tears well up in them)
Korra: (cut to Korra who is alarmed) I am so sorry about what happened. (Asami wipes away her tears as Korra embraces her friend.)
Asami: Thank you. (cut to a close up of Asami as she returns the hug) I'm just glad I was able to forgive him.

(Switch to a full shot of the girls as they drop their arms.)

Korra: So what now? Back to the dance floor?
Asami: (look at her feet) I'm kind of all danced out. (looks up to the spirit portal in the distance) Honestly, after everything that's happened the past few months, I could use a vacation. (an idea strikes Korra and camera cuts to a close up profile shots of the duo)
Korra: Let's do it. (looks to Asami excitedly) Let's go on a vacation, just the two of us, anywhere you want.
Asami: (cut to a close up of Asami as she looks surprised) Really? (glances down in thought) Okay. (looks up at Korra) I've always wanted to see what the Spirit World's like.

(Cut to a view from behind the girls with the spirit portal in the distance. They lean back against the stairs and look at the portal.)

Korra: Sounds perfect.

(Camera slowly pans up to the spirit beam in the sky.

Scene fades to an overhead shot of the Republic City portal as both friends walk towards it. A melodious tune plays as the episode slowly comes to an end. Camera changes angles to focus on an eel-spirit floating around the portal. The camera slowly pans down to reveal Korra and Asami in their usual outfits and they each sport a camping knapsack. Various spirits gather around the portal as they continue to walk. Switch to profile shots of the girls as they look a little uncertain. Korra then turns to her friend with a smile and Asami looks back to Korra with a smile of her own.

Cut to the base of the portal as both friends hold hands and walk into the beam. They turn to face each other with hopeful smiles as they begin their adventure into the Spirit World. Both of them slowly disappear into the portal and the camera pans up to eye of the portal as it is positioned in the middle of the green and orange helixes. Chinese words for "The End" float into frame and the final note of the song plays, signaling the end of "The Legend of Korra".)

[End Credits]

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